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Old 06-01-2009, 03:05 PM   #16
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Great RR and Great photos ! Your killing me with the beautiful scenery !
I would love to tour the UK but I'm not sure if I could get used to diving on the "wrong" side of the road ! Looking forward to more pictures and text. Be safe and enjoy !
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Now, if I could just put off procrastinating
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Old 06-02-2009, 02:49 PM   #17
Korben OP
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Day 2

What an amazing day. Got up and had a massive cooked breakfast which kept me going until the evening. Nothing like a full English to keep you going.... Or should that be a full Welsh? The lovely Hannah (The lady who runs the B&B) kept me topped up with coffee and orange juice as well.

The view out the window was not too bad either. I could get used to this very quickly.

Headed out around 9am following a route one of my friends off another forum who lives locally had recommended. Basically it headed down a few of Wales Valleyís then over the highest road around Snowdonia and into Bangor (A small sea port town), then out and back to where I am staying.
The route was fantastic. Awesome roads and the scenery was just mind blowing. Without a doubt the most stunning place I have ever seen.
Again, I donít feel my pictures give a true aspect of how amazing this place is.

Stopped at a few places and managed to grab some photoís. The mountains ahead in the morning mist teasing me.

I needed fuel (For the bike and myself). I stopped and fuelled up (both of us) and managed to get a picture of this old Honda Goldwing complete with side car and trailer. I was hoping to follow him, but he headed off in the other direction with a friendly wave to me.

More of those mountains.

I got over the mountain section and couldnít get any of the photoís I really wanted. I was a little annoyed, but carried onto Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysilio gogogoch. To be honest I just wanted a photo of my bike under a sign....

I headed out of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysilio gogogoch towards Bangor where I was going to have a quick break.

I found the car park and pulled up to the barrier. Only £1 to park for the whole day. Very very cheap for this country, so I started sifting through my pocket for a pound. As I looked up I saw a woman waving at me. The gestured me to simply ride round the barrier. I pulled up and she informed me that bikers donít pay. If you are ever in the area then use this place. Itís right down by the pier.

I had a wander down the pier and grabbed a drink and a chocolate bar.

Got fairly close to this fella.

Then a bit too close....

Donít know why, but at the end of the pier this really caught my attention.

Looking back towards land

I walked back to the bike and was just getting kitted back up before heading off when an elderly couple pulled up in a car next to me. The lady was disabled and used a walking frame permanently. She jokingly turned round to me and ďIím having one of them nextĒ, gesturing towards my bike. Her Husband turned round and had a good laugh and said, ďyeah 20 years ago maybeĒ.

We stood and chatted for a while. They had lost a Son while he was out on his motorbike. He had been riding in a group when the rider at the front had lost control while braking. Although upset about it they seemed to suggest that he had died doing something he loved. I showed them the gear that can be worn nowadays (There son had died over 30 years ago) to help protect us (I wear a back protector, chest protector, gloves with full knuckle protection, and CE Approved boots). They were very impressed.

The man (Alan) had been a rider in his younger days. He told me about 4 bikes he had owned and ridden and my complete lack of knowledge of bikes anything older than about 1998, I canít remember a single one he said. She had ridden once in a side car but after seeing the spinning wheels of cars about 2 foot from her head she had ridden on the back with her husband ever since. He said at one point when she was in the side car he had felt a sharp pain in his side which was when she reached out of the side car, and punched him in the ribs to get him to slow down.

They wished me well and went for a wander along the pier. I tooled up and set off again.

I was heading back to my accommodation for the day when I decided to head off to Bala where I had been yesterday. I found a tiny road which led me right to it.

When I arrived I settled down under a tree with an icecream and a drink (Iím 33 and that still makes me happy!!!)

A bird trotted over to say hello.

A fellow Hornet rider. Proper Hornet Yellow as well...

The weather was very hot. Due to already having a mild form of skin cancer a few years ago I basically have to cover myself in suncream and still hide in the shade as much as possible.... Thatís why I look like Mr Paleskin. In winter I actually go slightly see through!!

As I walked over to grab something from my bike I found a fellow biker looking over my machine. I said hello and he pointed at my rear facing bullet camera and asked what it was. I showed him the system and he was very interested. He owned a CBR XX Blackbird which is actually a bike I hope to own one day. He loves it. Unfortunately this was the best photo I could get of him. Quality is poor as itís off my ancient mobile phone.

I headed off myself and decided I would run through the run I had done earlier and get the photoís I wanted this time.

This was in a cafe car park halfway up Snowdonia.

Looking through the Valley

Small Bridge (Only photo I could get)

The flowers attracted me so I wandered over. I wasnít sure what it was, but someone had made the effort. This was in the basin off the Valley

I headed back home stopping only to pick up a Pizza for the evening. I was very tired and must admit my concentration failed me a couple of times. My limits were almost reached getting back to the B&B.

EDIT: Quick Video of the Valley I rode through.

It all starts again tomorrow!!!!
Those who take risks may not live long, Those who dont, dont live at all.

Tour 1. Wales:

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Old 06-04-2009, 01:10 AM   #18
Seek Truth
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Wales is a relatively quiet place it is true, but I've never seen it with not a car on the road as in your photos. I was about to encourage you to stretch your legs and get yourself over the Channel, but when the weather, the scenery, and the roads are as good as this, why bother?
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Old 06-04-2009, 02:40 AM   #19
Gnarly Adventurer
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Very scenic.

Awful lot of rocks there... looking through the pics I couldn't help thinking it'd be a bugger of a place to dig a posthole....

Thanks for taking the time.
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Old 06-04-2009, 11:26 AM   #20
Korben OP
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Location: Derbyshire, England
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Wales Day 3

Today was not so pleasant. The sun was hiding behind low cloud which covered the top of the hills.

Even though the weather had changed the temperature was still pretty good. I scoffed down another Full English for breakfast and headed out on the bike. My aim was to run ride down to the Elan Valley which boasted a large amount of Damís built in the late 1800ís and early 1900ís.

I had a route planned and set off. Little did I know what was in store for me. To begin with I soon realised my route had me heading off down Welsh roads that were... well... Welsh. Very narrow, very bumpy, very dirty, and with switchbacks and climbs I had never dealt with before. Incredible fun!! Eventually the roads widened slightly and started to steadily rise. I came round a corner, out of the treeís and the views were suddenly laid out in front of me.

After miles and miles I eventually realised I was running very low on fuel and was basically in the middle of nowhere. I came to a small village and found a petrol station.

A lovely old lady came out asking if I needed fuel. At this point I had about 8 miles left before running into trouble. Unfortunately the ďSorry, Not in UseĒ sign on the Diesel pump was a sign for all 3 pumps. The old lady explained that the station was not a flower shop. I asked if she knew where the nearest station was and she told me about one 2 miles away which was even on my intended route. Brilliant!! 7 miles later I found it. I donít think the old gal could really comprehend distance too well!!

The station was in fact just 2 pumps. One unleaded, one diesel. And for the first time in my 17 years on the road the pumps were not self service and I had to ask the owner to fill her up for me.

I headed off and found the lake I was looking for. A road ran right round the edge of the lake which I wanted to follow. At the start was a dam. 3 plaques showed the building progress through being built.

The dam was very impressive.

I started circling the lake on the bike. Stunning scenery and views.

I was unable to find the peeing man, but was impressed by the arc he was achieving...

Very peaceful

On the way out I found this memorial statue to the Great War.

At this point my so far faultless planning went completely wrong. I got lost. Completely lost. I headed out for about 20 miles along what I thought was the right road before giving in and getting the map out. I had strayed slight further west than I wanted. I figured out a route and set off. All in all this took about 2 hours out of my day.

This 120 minutes though were probably the best of the holiday. When I finally got back on track it was a good feeling that I had figured it out. I stopped off for a quick break and checked my phone. My friend Dave had text me while riding to ask if I was going to the Elan Valley. At this point I remembered he had called me and told me about a road he recommended I try. The A483. I realised my detour had taken me right to the start of a great part of it.

I set off and after a very near miss only about a mile in on a very tight corner (Braked and target fixated on the hedge I was heading towards. Snapped out of it, got off the brake and leant her in). I started to enjoy the road. Very twisty, but very open and smooth tarmac. The views were great, but this was about the road and the ride. The section I did took me about 30 minutes, but was fantastic. Below are 3 vids of this road.

I eventually came to the right place and headed off to the Elan Valley. Although I didnít realise it at the time about 200 metres from the my destination of the Elan Valley Visitors Centre I took a wrong turn again and headed out in the wrong direction.

Again not such a bad thing. Incredible views.

I got off the bike and headed down to a stream. Lots of tadpoles in rock pool.

A wind farm in the distance

This has been bugging me since Monday. RAF pilots practising over the hills and I have not been able to get a picture, but I got this one!!

Loads of Dams

Eventually I pulled in at the Visitors centre and stopped for a rest. I had not realised how much time I had spent arriving here and it was already nearly 3:30pm. This bike pulled up in the car park. I have no idea what is in.... Rear brake and chain on opposite sides to normal.

I was a little tired now and set off using a route I had planned out to get back to the B&B. Unfortunately I had totally forgotten that I had planned the long way home. I set off and soon realised, but decided to plug on.
At 5pm I arrived in Aberdyfi and was greeted with a lovely small seaside town and an incredible sea mist that was rolling in.

I stopped and took a break. It was an incredibly peaceful place. Eventually I realised I needed to get back and set off. I arrived back at about 7:30pm. Bad car drivers are like Vampires in Wales... They only come out when it started to get late.

Well thatís me done. Back home tomorrow and a new front tyre for the bike.
Those who take risks may not live long, Those who dont, dont live at all.

Tour 1. Wales:

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Old 06-04-2009, 11:43 AM   #21
Gnarly Adventurer
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Location: Princeton, NJ
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Brilliant pictures, makes me homesick for the Glens of Antrim and Donegal. One only needs a bike, a bag for a few pair of M&S undies and a fry every morning for a great vacation.
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Old 06-04-2009, 12:07 PM   #22
Korben OP
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I woke up this morning after an incredibly good nights sleep. Starting packing all my stuff together after a shower and went for my last cooked breakfast (Back on the diet from tomorrow).
After breakfast I decided to walk up the large hill next to the Ponderosa Cafe and grabbed a couple of photoís. The building is the Ponderosa Cafe.

The views were awesome. I wandered back down and finished packing.
I managed to snap a picture of the B&B owners dog. She was an old girl, but very friendly.

I headed off and was running well on time. I headed across into England and was enjoying the roads when I came across probably one of the funniest signs ever!!!

I followed the signs and came across this

The site was now a public display. I wandered inside for a few pictures.

I had no idea what this was for....

The cockpit section of a F4 Phantom II

I finally arrived home, dropped off all my luggage and headed straight out again. Got myself a new front tyre, went for a quick run to put it through a heat cycle then came home.

Itís been an awesome tour and I didnít want it to end. I would be there still if I didnít have other commitments. At the moment my plans are to go to Scotland next year as my next holiday. I think I will have to go somewhere else before then though. My plans for my next bike may well change and be something more suitable for touring.... We will see what the future brings.
Those who take risks may not live long, Those who dont, dont live at all.

Tour 1. Wales:

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Old 06-04-2009, 12:34 PM   #23
Gnarly Adventurer
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The best pics from that area, that I have seen.
Thomas Sells
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Old 06-04-2009, 03:20 PM   #24
Fountain of useless info
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Where can I get swirly license plates like those??

Thanks for the great report, next time I'm in the UK I'll get out of London and see the beautiful countryside.
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Old 06-04-2009, 03:27 PM   #25
Studly Adventurer
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Those are some excellent photos, post more of those. That is, assuming you don't go away for a long long time for having violated the national secrets act.
MZ 1000 touring model, nice looking bike. I understand they are not making them anymore.
A bike can have chain or belit or shaft on either side. Also Harley uses chains and belts, and BMW chains, belts, and shaft drive.
So I think the rule with bikes is ... anything goes.
But definitely post some more from your travels.
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Old 06-04-2009, 03:33 PM   #26
Studly Adventurer
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Swirly plates. I didn't even see that Condi, good eye. I guess that's a good device for the ticket cameras.
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Old 06-05-2009, 01:33 AM   #27
Korben OP
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Thanks all... The swirly plates have kept me safe so far!!

I will have a sift through my pictures and see if anything is worth posting up. I also need to get my hands on some freebie photo stitch software. Can anyone recommend any?


Those who take risks may not live long, Those who dont, dont live at all.

Tour 1. Wales:
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Old 06-05-2009, 03:44 PM   #28
Korben OP
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A few more photo's from my tour.

Today has been the first full day since I returned and things seem to be moving in strange direction.

Currently my plans are either Scotland on my own, Wales but further south, The Isle Of Man (Not TT time) or Ireland.

My parents will be visiting America next year. They have invited me and suggested I hire I bike for a week and meet up with them after. To be honest it sounds like a great idea. They are considering flying into Canada then driving down to New England (Their favourite destination). I thought I would do the same, but on a bike.

Currently my finance's might be the only problem I have. Nearly 3 weeks in Canada and America might not be possible... Guess only time will tell.

Anyway, to the pictures!!!

This first one is a picture my friend Dave took off me on his camera. I only got my hands on it today. Love this picture!!

Thanks for looking everyone!!
Those who take risks may not live long, Those who dont, dont live at all.

Tour 1. Wales:

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Old 06-09-2009, 05:35 AM   #29
I'm a Yorkshireman thanoz
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Great pics and RR
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Old 06-09-2009, 02:32 PM   #30
Korben OP
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Location: Derbyshire, England
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Cheers DeeGee!!

Few more photo's... These are stitched..

Not brilliant, although I love the first one!!

Also please check out:

for vids from my trip and a few others. Still have gigs of raw video to upload, but not enough time to edit it at the moment.... It will happen though.
Those who take risks may not live long, Those who dont, dont live at all.

Tour 1. Wales:

Korben screwed with this post 01-02-2010 at 03:49 PM
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