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crazybrit OP
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Location: Portland, OR
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Bend OR to CA border (via Fandango and OBDR)

Inspired by this ride report I decided to put together a longer version three day version. I invited a couple friends to tag along (inmates Remarksman and Gustavo).

This was to be the route:

The plan:

Thursday: Limited by available vacation time. Leave Portland Thursday night. Truck bikes to Bend. Leave truck at Brad21's house (thanks Brad).

Friday: ride south to Paisley Oregon via East side of East Fork Rock and Fandango. Stay at Summer Lake Hot Springs.

Saturday: ride OBDR South from Paisley to CA border via Lakeview. Return via Clover Flat to Paisley

Sunday, ride back to Bend via route West of Fandango (unknown difficulty) and from Christmas Valley make haste back to Bend via China Hat Road.

Teaser pic from day 1. Just South of Bend. 3 Sisters mountains in background.

More later.
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Mod Squad
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ADV decals, patches & flag? Here
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Farting in a Fan
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Can't wait for the pics!

Thanks for the IPA guys! And any of you other FF's are welcome to stage at my place when you head this-a way.
2k4 Wee-Strom, black, farkled, smells like bacon.
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Old 06-01-2009, 11:42 AM   #4
just passin' through
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Looking forward to hear about this one!
What's next? More action!
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Old 06-01-2009, 11:57 AM   #5
crazybrit OP
Beastly Adventurer
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Joined: Mar 2006
Location: Portland, OR
Oddometer: 8,554
Day 1, part1

I don't have any pics of unloading at Brads house. We are forever now known as the Trailer Queens. I think the others have pics.

I think we finally got going around 10.30am. Had some minor issues finding the route start on the GPS. Bit of pavement then detoured onto Frd Road (at least thats what Mapsource calls it, maybe Ford Rd?). Anyways, more of a jeep trail. Fun, some excellent banked corners with signs that people had been out after work ripping it up.

Brian (remarksman) on Frd Road:

After this we hit the red roads along the East Side of East Fork Rock. We took a detour upto the top of a small Butte and stopped for 30 mins as Brian had some issue with his DRZ. I think he has pics from this spot including one of my many issues with staying vertical while turning the bike around (29" inseam and SXC w/ stiffer springs makes for an interesting combo).

Heading South towards Crack In the Ground, both Brian and I were convinced we had flats as the bikes were moving around a lot on the soft red road surface. Neither of us did but above about 55 things would get a little too interesting.

Another looking South:

Brian approaching The Crack In The Ground:

From here we headed into Christmas Valley. It was late wasn't that hungry but we stopped for food at the restaurant. I think Gustavo has pics of this. We should be renamed from the Trailer Queens to the Food Queens.

After this we had to do a bit of hardware/auto parts shopping in Christmas Valley as Brian found that the gasket in his Clarke Tanke was cracked and without it fuel was leaking out. We found a suitable o-ring at the Auto Parts store.

By this time it's late (lunch/parts sucked up 90 mins). It's 3.30pm and Fandango awaits.

Day 1 part2 to follow after lunch.
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crazybrit OP
Beastly Adventurer
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Location: Portland, OR
Oddometer: 8,554
Day 1 part2

So we head off down the infamous Fandango Canyon.

Fairly easy terrain with nice open views.

I knew ahead of time from reading Stuart (Taco250s) RR about the cattle guard so I was ready for it when I came upon it but still managed to get a good amount of air over it.

This picture doesn't really give it justice, it's got to be a good 14" high at the crown.

Gustavo approaching:

Short video of Gustavo crossing the guard. Gustavo isn't that experienced an off-road rider. I'd expected Brian who followed would catch a lot more air over it but he said it freaked him out ... so here's Gustavo.

I'm a bit deficient on pictures after this point.

Brad had sent me the GPS tracks to Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge via Primm. I wanted to head out a little along that route but the others wanted to head for Paisley.

We got to Summer Lake Hot springs about 6 miles North of Paisley a little after 6pm. The guy running the place was a fairly laid back gentleman and he sent us over to the Homestead House which as it's name implies was an original Homestead. It had a fair bit of "character" as they say, something that wasn't universally welcomed for the accommodation of choice. Gustavo in particular wasn't at all keen on it. To be fair at $120 a night it was a bit pricey for the 3 of us though it would sleep upto 3 couples.

The guy at reception said that the one restaurant in town closed at either 7 or 8, he couldn't remember which and as it was now 6.30 as soon as we got out stuff inside we headed into Paisley for some food. It seemed like only 4 hours ago that we last eat, oh wait, it was. I think Gustavo has pics of the restaurant. Paisley is pretty much a 4 store town. bar (closed/forsale), mercantile, restaurant and gas station (closed on Sundays). The food was good. I ordered the fruit plate to which the waitress responded "food plate". My compatriots translated for me to which she replied, "Fruit plate? Is that on the menu"? Why yes it is. "Hmmn, noones ever asked for that before". Well they should have as it was good.

Gustavo and I went out to sample the hotsprings. I didn't take my camera as it was approaching 9pm which was the start of "clothing optional time" and I thought it a bit DOM to take it along. The indoor bathhouse was a tiny bit sketch but there was a nice small pool outside. We sat in there with a couple from Portland. It was hot, maybe 102 and as I already had a headache (flu the preceding week) 20 mins was about all I could take which was good as the skeets were coming out.

Gustavo resting in the Homestead house after the hottub.

We hit the sack shortly after.
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crazybrit OP
Beastly Adventurer
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Joined: Mar 2006
Location: Portland, OR
Oddometer: 8,554
Day 2

The next day arrived. The plan was to get breakfast in Paisley and they hit the OBDR down to the CA border stopping in Lakeview for lunch.

Gustavo had the room closest to the highway (the whole house was maybe 20 yards from Hwy 31) and didn't sleep well. His already low opinion of the accommodation takes another blow

After breakfast the first maybe 20 miles was paved two track followed by paved one track (forest service road 33).

After which it turned to gravel.

There was a short spur on the GPS OBDR log heading up towards Moss Pass which we decide to go checkout. Fairly loose gravel surface.

At this point I want to turn back and continue the main OBDR route but Gustavo decides we should just continue along the spur. He's normally the one who plans our street rides so I figured I'd humor him After a while I realize this is just going to intersect with Clover Flats which is our planned fast dirt return to Paisley from Lakeview (bypassing US395) so I force a turn around.

Good thing as it gets us off regular gravel roads and onto some more interesting stuff.

Brian and Gustavo taking a break

Lots of meadows on this part of the OBDR. Really great riding and beautiful scenery.

Old cabin

Somewhere at this point I'm feeling generous and let Gustavo go ahead with the instructions to wait at any intersection (he has no map or gps). We get to the next intersection and of course want to go left but he's nowhere to be seen Brian goes off to chase him down. I'm sitting around and the skeets are terrible so I decide to get on the bike and find a different spot to wait away from the running water. It begins to rain.

At this point we are due East of Crane Mt and the trail splits. It looks like the trail loop to the South is more interesting and it sure was.

Brian has a great pic of one stretch which was running down a long stream. My guess is that there is a big-bike and a small-bike loop and West towards Crane Mt is for the bigger bikes?

By this point we are hearing thunder and seeing lightning. Seems like an isolated thunderstorm so we decide to press on.

We rejoin a more major trail and stop at a bridge

We hit a major gravel road and the skies open.

We take a fork on the road and back onto more minor tracks. About 7000' now and closing in on the CA border.

Soil is starting to get pretty silty but the storm appears to be on the North side of us now

Immediately after we cross into CA we come upon a nice water crossing. I watched Brian cross first and it looked like the right side line was better. It wasn't. I was expecting there to be some rock on the bed but it was deep silt. Gustavo has a picture of me barely keeping the bike out of the water. Here he is coming over.

Short video of him making it look a lot easier than I did.

Shortly after we run into snow deep enough that we all have to dismount and push the bikes across.

Followed by another water crossing (no issues this time) and then we run into pretty much a dead end

At this point we are just over the CA border and still a ways north of where the other trail loop (Crane Mt) joins in. From here the trail heads due West over the ridge to US395 gaining elevation.

Looking at the maps there don't seem to be any other viable routes so we decide to turn around. So does the storm. It's now alternating hailing on us and pouring rain.

We recross the second stream crossing and push the bikes back across the short stretch of snow again

and then recross the first stream crossing (no issues this time for me).

This is where Gustavo's misery begins. I had over the boot pants. So did Brian (but they were in his luggage) and Gustavo had in the boot pants. Even though he stayed on the pegs it was deep enough that his boots were soaked.

The earlier "silty" soil had become a giant mud bath so we slowly creeped back towards the intersection. At this point Gustavo is basically bordering on hypothermia -- both he and I left our enduro jackets at home. I'm feeling pretty fine though I'm soaked.

We program the GPS to take us back to Lakeview fastest way. I'm having a blast at this point. It's pouring with rain but the traction is great and I'm blasting along the road. Gustavo is so cold he can't go over 20mph.

We eventually get back to Lakeview, debate eating but decide to press on towards Paisley. We get to the Shell station N end of town and it's totally socked in to the North and I'm starting to feel cold myself for the first time. So we decide to return to Lakeview and get food (@Jerry's diner).

We stay there for a bit over an hour and it's stopped raining and looks a bit clearer to the North. I have the bright idea of using the two bin liners I carry between my pressure suit and jersey and give Gustavo the other and then we borrow two more heavy duty ones from the waitress. Brian has a pic of me modelling the setup.

We head back. Gustavo decides to go via US395/OR31. Brian and I decide to stick to the origjnal plan/dirt and go back via Clover Flats. It was really a fun road but it was gettiing pretty dark. I plotted the route out on mapsource and it took us onto some pretty minor FS roads before turning out onto a very fast county gravel road for the last 8 miles upto Hwy31. Get back home to find Gustavo already there.

I think this pic conveys his general sense of happyness at this point

Brian and I ponder hitting the hottub but it's way past dark and we know the mosquitos are going to be out in force. We decide to get an early night and rise early for the return home.
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Gnarly Adventurer
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Getting to Christmas Valley

I see Tony has been working hard today, or is it "hardly working"?

After leaving my place at 4PM, a few delays getting Gustavo's and Tony's bikes loaded in Portland, then some pretty empty highways, we rolled into Bend around 11:30. We stayed at the Westward Ho in a somewhat funky room. I think Gustavo has a photo of the tree that grows up through the room, the hotel apparently built around it.

We didn't get an amazingly early start the next morning, but soon we had the truck and trailer parked at Brad21's place and the bikes ready to go by about 10:30. Thanks again for the parking spot, Brad!

Then it was a little bit of wandering the streets in Bend while Tony consulted his GPS. Suddenly we turn off this nicely paved road onto a jeep trail (Ford Road). We're off to a good start!

It's "big sky" country. Here comes Tony:

And Gustavo:

After a few miles of this kind of stuff, I saw a real estate "for sale" sign. I wish I'd taken a picture because I'm not sure if it was jokers planting it there, or if some of that "panoramic views" real estate is actually for sale.

Eventually we broke out of "two-track" stuff onto a major forest service road. The red gravel was so deep and soft that I saw Tony stopped checking his tires because it felt like they were flat. I knew what he was doing because I had just done the same thing myself

It's a little sad for me to see these miles and miles of deeply graveled and well-graded roads out in the middle of no-where when the county (Tillamook county) has dropped the gravel road that I live on from its maintenance list. I guess I should open up the lot across the street to logging and maybe the feds would come fix up the road like that for me and my neighbors

During one of the "stop at each intersection" stops, I checked some of the bolts that I had been working on lately and one of them seemed loose. Also, the cable ties I was using to hold in my "tool tube" were seeming not quite up to the task, so when we stopped for a few minutes at the top of a hill, the DRZ lost points for the first "mechanical". Of course, the KTM turned out to be the first bike to decide to take a "nap." I didn't get the camera out quickly enough

The GPS tracks that Tony had procured led us off the main road and onto some more jeep trails again. Here we are heading south into cattle range:


After riding up and over the low ridge that this lookout is on:

...we passed by the trailhead for Crack in the Ground. No-one felt like hiking because we haven't gotten that much riding in this year, and it was getting to be time to re-fill the hydration bladder packs.

Soon afterwards, we arrived in Christmas Valley. I felt like a sit-down and some AC, so we had some lunch at the lodge-like restaurant there. Good home cookin'!

When I was gassing up at the Christmas Valley station the rubber gasket in my Clarke tank broke, so after lunch we toured the hardware store and one of the auto parts stores in this small-but-spread-out town, eventually finding a giant o-ring that seemed to seal sufficiently well. I also picked up some steel hose clamps to replace the cable ties on my tool tube. My DRZ is racking up the "mechanicals".
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crazybrit OP
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Originally Posted by Remarksman
My DRZ is racking up the "mechanicals".
The KTM is usually the bike that breaks but this time both DRZs were shedding bolts left right and center. I do however have you beat Brian.

On the final day heading back to Bend just North of Christmas Valley Brian noticed I'd lost the bolt that holds the left front of my PMB rack on. I'd removed that bolt the day before the trip and obviously not torqued it down enough, either that, or the following (which I just discovered pressure washing it) caused it to fail. I think the former though At the time standing by the side of the road replacing the bolt I thought the left side fairing fit was a bit off.

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Xmas Valley to Paisley

Fandango Road has showed up in a few ride reports here on ADV. Is it in danger of becoming the Copper Canyon of Oregon? (I need to waste a couple days this summer and create a thread with all the ADV photos of that bridge in Copper Canyon).

Anyway, we came, we saw, and we raised a lot of dust.

Fandango Road winds over ridges and down valleys, dancing its way through the landscape.

Tony had marked the unusual cattle guard on his GPS. It is the bridge of this road, so we had to take some photos there.

Every good road must end. We eventually came down off the plateau and out into the flat Summer Lake valley. Tony had already passed by this road a few minutes before, but I found an antelope in the middle of the road. It was kind of a dumb one, because it turned and started running down the road. I followed it slowly and grabbed my camera and tried to catch it running with the left-handed upside-down camera technique. Unfortunately it turned off the road just before I managed all that with my glove on:

Look for the little dust trail.
P.S. Washboard, anyone?

We checked in with the hippy at Summer Lake Lodge, then zipped into Paisley for dinner. The restaurant there satisfied everyone, and the waitresses were very "down home" friendly. Here's the view from the deck of the Homestead cabin as we arrived:

And the opposing view:

The cabin was very cabin-y. Fine for what it was, but not what I expected for the price. It does have a full kitchen and three double beds, so it would be a better value for three couples.
Tony and Gustavo headed to the hot springs pool and I was going to catch up with them after replacing the cable ties holding my tool tube in place with the steel pipe clamps. They returned just as I was heading toward the pool saying the water was too hot to stay in for very long. They were right! Apparently the hot spring supplies water at 113 degrees, and it didn't feel like they had mixed it down with much, if any, cold water. I spent a few minutes soaking and watching lightning a ways off to the north as the sun set. It all seemed very relaxing after a week of stress at work, a long evening getting to Bend, and a six hour ride... unfortunately it took me a long time to fall asleep.
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Gnarly Adventurer
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Eek And in the Mechanicals Category...

Originally Posted by crazybrit
The KTM is usually the bike that breaks but this time both DRZs were shedding bolts left right and center. I do however have you beat Brian.

On the final day heading back to Bend just North of Christmas Valley Brian noticed I'd lost the bolt that holds the left front of my PMB rack on. I'd removed that bolt the day before the trip and obviously not torqued it down enough, either that, or the following (which I just discovered pressure washing it) caused it to fail. I think the former though At the time standing by the side of the road replacing the bolt I thought the left side fairing fit was a bit off.

And in the Mechanicals Category...
...the winner is:
CrazyBrit and his KTM!

Wow, that is a bummer!
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Gnarly Adventurer
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Day Ride From Paisley - Part 1 of 2

We went into Paisley and had a great breakfast at the restaurant, then headed up Mill Road past the lumber mill and up a valley. The county road portion is nicely paved, then the first several miles of the forest service main road is "one lane with turnouts" paved. There are some beautiful valley meadows up there.

The GPS track Tony had showed a little spur leading off up toward a ridge. We thought it might go up to a lookout or a nice view. I'm pretty sure whoever recorded the waypoints must have camped at Moss Creek campground, because that's where it ended. The road was fairly curvy as it made its way up and over Moss Pass and the surface was well graded gravel, but they had used rather rounded rocks, so once you lost traction, the rocks would just roll under your tire, so rear wheel steering on corners was very unpredictable.

There were some nice views from near the top of the pass:

After going a ways down the other side of the pass, we realized it would be "too direct" of a route to Lakeview, so we returned to following the Backcountry Discovery Route. It managed to find some interesting jeep trails connecting more major Forest Service roads.

We found more beautiful meadows:

It was clear from some "evidence" scattered about that these lush green meadows are feeding lots of future hamburgers and steaks.

We eventually joined another paved Forest road, which led to a county road, which eventually led us into Lakeview. Cell service is pretty good in that area which is good, since we lost track of each other somehow in that wide-open valley. We re-connected and went to Subway in Lakeview for some lunch.
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crazybrit OP
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Day 3, Paisley back to Bend

This was IMHO the best days riding. Simply EPIC stuff. For one of us it was unfortunately pretty miserable. Sitting on the bikes that morning about to head off -- I was thumbing at the gps for a couple minutes loading the maps -- when I hear "I have an idea. lets head back on Hwy31 instead" .... and it went downhill from there.

It's 8.30am when we are moving, backtracking South 5 miles towards Paisley, past the airport before heading off on a fast gravel road towards Fandango but before reaching there it turned North paralleling Fandango to the West.

The route heading off into the distance. Awesome

Things started off as loose rock a little worse than Fandango

KTM taking in the views

Lots of elevation gains, Brian climbing up:

At this point Gustavo takes a slight detour in the soft sand. This is quite a bit steeper than it looks in the pic with rocks thrown in for good measure. I walked down and was out of breath after walking back up.

From now on it gets progressively more and more rocky alternated with sandy stretches Good for me, apparently misery for others.

At one point we run into a small cattle pen in an open area

More rocks, I think this section was a couple miles of solid rocks. I was able to motor on through most of it only occasionally standing. Brian said he had to stand and pick lines most of the time. Not sure if I'm just not as bothered by it or if the steering damper and better suspension of the KTM were the factor.

Cresting the final hill, getting close to the intersection w/ Fandango now. Looking back down into the canyon:

Finally reached the intersection w/ Fandango. Brian will know how far we did/how long it took. I wasn't really paying attention. Sitting waiting for the others to arrive at the intersection (Fandango towards Paisley leads off to the left)

Looking back up from the intersection to the final crest

At this point we are on Fandango for a while but the return route has us breaking off onto a different track into Christmas Valley than on the way out. I miss the intersection and backtrack. Find it and am heading back when Brian runs into me, Gustavo decided to head back to Christmas Valley on Fandango Road. Brian doesn't fancy this other route so we all head back down Fandango Road.

From here we blast back down Fandango to Christmas Valley in about 20 mins. Have a quick bite to eat at the gas station before heading on. Goal was to be in Bend by 2.30. Gustavo decides he is going to ride the pavement (Hwy31) back to Bend leaving Brian and I to hit the dirt. I think it's 11.30.

We head out on some cool roads zigzagging through sage brush and farm land. Only pic I have from this section is of Fork Rock. After this we end up on FS18 (China Hat Road). Last fall this was badly washboarded but they'd dumped a ton of new gravel on it. Fun upto 50mph as the bike was moving around a lot but above 55mph was just too sketch in places. Brian was having similar experiences but we made good time back to Bend. Met Gustavo at Brad's house, loaded up and headed back to PDX. Awesome riding.

Here is Fork Rock:

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wannabe adventurer
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EGGSALENTE' my friends!

Is there more? Is Gustavo still too mad to post his pics? Looks like you took the rougher version of Fandango on the return. A BDS group did that last spring and it was hated by several. Too bad on the mechanicals but that happens. Also too bad you didn't find the busted subframe before you left for home, you could've dropped in for a little weld up. I am a welder ya' know. Got all the stuff at home too.

Again, great RR!
Prov 3:5 & 6

300+ mile Paisley OR day ride
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Knees in the Breeze
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Thanks for the invite.

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