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Nikolay OP
Joined: Feb 2010
Location: Moscow
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Barak kerek-Altay trip!Russia!

And so, ladies and gentlemen forum users begin perhaps secretly report on the visit to the Republic of Altai.
Start. Even in the winter developed the various routes to travel far and interesting. Karelia is broken off, Astrakhan, too-all the work, care .....
Bumping of posts on the message Transalpovodov crank (aka Vadim Borodero) ifotki his last trip to Lake Baikal and the Altai. The guys just went out to Altay and ofigeli from what you see ....
The question was rebrom.Ya quit his job, (oh how I spent the nerves), made the bike NOW, changed the stars, back pad, handed everything.
Met with the guys discuss the approximate route and who takes what and who is responsible for what. I lay on the tool and first aid kit. I collect first-aid kit wife thanks to her great-it was all in all accidents, ranging from cuts and finishing with a snake bite.
Home is scheduled for June 30. Ingredients: I'm on the DL650, Vadim with his wife Natalia on HONDA VARADERO, Andrew on BMW R1200GS ADVENTURE.
I decided not to hang side bags all stirred in the cases and the passenger seat. 29 charges, things are not linked to, thermos not fit, running shoes forgotten, another bag from the top of my luggage later dubbed COLLECTIVE FARMS STYLE-side but Cabarita staff, and all the others were with side coffer.
June 30 start with Noginsk, stopped to refuel in the body-jim-jams, strangely, like the first time in dalnoboy, okay have to go ..... no need to even the toilet (sorry for details) in the bushes, so like met-food, leisurely , set on a long journey.
He came first to the meeting place in Bronnitsy first. Belatedly catching up all the rest. At the direction of Moscow is going to flow thick-but we in the opposite direction. After discussing the motion put forward a strategy for the M5 towards Samara.

Playing with vans and cars colliding on a narrow road in obgonyalki reached Samara. Overnight at Aunt Vadim, thanks to her very much for your hospitality and delicious dinner. Bottle of this "Zhigulevsky and sleep. The next day he decided to zatusit Grushevsky festival of art song, which was held in Togliatti in those days. We were invited there for a very interesting person and move (in a good way) mototurist Sergei Bakhmetiev. Surprised very friendly atmosphere fest. A few scenes where they play music in different directions-from the camp fire to rock and roll. and all this surrounded by the Zhiguli Mountains!

Wizard style "Riding on Bakhmetevsky"-Serge and his "Africa".

Rolls. The next day plan to get to Beloretsk, where we are also waiting for other relatives Vadim of it! Going through the Republic of Bashkortostan-road enduro for normal, around-pumping stations to pump oil. Our group has attracted considerable interest, but not always interested learned what they wanted. Since we rode Andrei-man-diplomat! We stopped to eat, suitable Truckers to him and only wanted to open his mouth so as to harbor the standard questions, and he is in his 6 "How much is your van eating? How many speeds? And how many will be without refueling?" Drove in a shock around and retreated ....

unusual cafe.

In Ufa began beautiful and not bend the serpentine Southern Urals. Smells evening forest, clean air, beauty.

By evening we had reached Beloretsk, where we met up and spent a summer residence, which was already preparing dinner and was heated up bath! Nizkin greetings and many thanks to people who have shelter.
We fed the hen!

Heartily sat after the bath-house and sleep!
A nice morning in the mountains, breakfast and Kerek, Barack Kazakhstan is waiting for us!
The timetable is gradually becoming more and more tourists are beginning to live adventure!

The border of the Trinity without problems and hemorrhoids! Come on Russian, on the attentions 0-caught by the radar! While one politsiyasy (so called road servant in Kazakhstan) communicates with Andrei, I make gifts to the second pre-stockpiled two keychain with flashlight for 20 rubles removed at once all the questions! Kazakhs love gifts! At the same time learn all the nuances of the SDA. Restrictions on the highway 110 for all, naselenkah 60, do not ignore the stop signs for them too fine! Around the steppes from horizon to horizon, on the street 31 but no steam room in Moscow, communications sites and very expensive, way normal!

We reached the Kostanai, selimsya a hotel, goes to 250 USD per person! By the way beer Kostanay "is nothing, though his cooking there, too Efes!

The next day, going to Kazakhstan, the road variable, then the asphalt, the asphalt after the bombing, the hard-packed primer!

At Crossroads!

Slipped Kokshetau, lunch-dinner and then 350 km six-lane highway to Astana! Neither the cops nor naselenki, minimum machine-only excellent asphalt and steppe-even boring! As soon as the evening cool opustila at the steppe-appeared last component of happiness which lacked flavor-steppe! It's just a space! going and you can not breathe smells of herbs !!!!!
Were settled prior to Astana in the hotel. We sat in a cafe nearby. That evening, there still were celebrating a wedding, but all the cultural and not a single oblique view, all greeted by the protection office to correct ugliness!

In the morning decided to ride to Astana, buy magnets, as without them. Been caught the day before the holiday, with President Nazarbayev's birthday and he is retiring. In the town of preparation, a lot of police. The very same city just a space! Clean streets, wide avenues, the competent organization of movement, the building at all unrealistic to Moscow, I will tell you the village! That's what oil!
We stopped to shop for souvenirs, car rides smestnymi numbers out-talking guy who? where? asked to wait 10 minutes and left. He returned with a bottle of brandy with the words "good luck with the road, we'll come to the Altai-drink!" There is now Kazakh hospitality!
At positions in Kazakhstan, all right, just stop asking where? Where? and wished a happy journey! But before the Kazakh Astana on duty politsiyasy ran out of the box and to Andryukha with the words "Lift up front, lift up front!" Here's how!
further way lay through Pavlodar on the border with Russia. For the Greeks met with Astana in Africa have already returned from Mongolia, traveling on through Kazakhstan to the south, Uzbekistan, etc. home. Drank some water (thanks to mum for the thermos, pour cold water or tea and she was such a day and still!), Communicated, correct route. The boys wanted to go through Kyrgyzstan and did not know what's going on lately. Not surprisingly, we are going all week and did not know where that happens.

In Pavlodar not even stop-punched the city and there who are beating up cops are. As we later explained, the main drug transit point in Kazakhstan.
Ahead of the Russian Customs. Screening without bias. One and a half hours and we are in Russia.
My feelings about Kazakhstan, namely sensation, and not vpechaleniya, I take place on the inner mood-comfortable-not comfortable, and then he saw what had happened.
I was comfortable for almost the entire route for Kazakhstan, it was interesting, there were different roads, people meets with only good-it depends on the attitude with which you are going and then the outside world to you also applies. problems could be "room" in Moscow and in Kazakhstan, there are scumbags everywhere and crime. But we Kazakhstan met on home and many thanks to this country for the positive emotions and feelings!

Domchalis to Barnaul. Here bummer-company Gruzovozov not yet brought our rubber-two the parts Carr. Quarreled a bit, promise the day after tomorrow morning. Pometalis, but nothing helped. We went to Bike motorcycle club bar Chariot roads. Bar is made with taste, there is a summer terrace with good prices. Communicate with the local bikers, collect инфу the Altai region, dovovarivaemsya with my uncle, nicknamed Old about the venue TO on Motyka. All the next day rolls around Barnaul, buy more oil (thanks to Bike Land in Barnaul and its leadership for the mega discount on oil), do that. notice the gap in the bearing back a star (range 30 000 km), seeking a rare bearing at the other end of the city (thanks to the guys in this office, mud, bearing plus ", which lingered and waited for me until we wandered Andryukha) me. I notice that Kikovskie stars begin to swim.
In the morning to "Gruzovozovu. The car just unloaded, a little quarrel and rubber from us. In tire next to agree about the rental of equipment. Pit stop! I show a master class and a tire with us do not take a penny for any equipment, nor for the storage of road rubber. At the same time I healed posterior Balonne flagellum began to veer. Everything! We go to the Altai!! Gorno-Altaisk, Biysk! Shooting through the main tour. space-like our Sochi and moving in glub.Perevaly Siemienska and Chike-Taman (slops 2000 m), indescribable beauty, on a pass tasted delicious belyash with lamb!

Chike-Taman Pass

As we reach the grayness parking-fall in the hands of Big yaloman Katun, there are already waiting for the guys from Moscow. They left early on transalpe and ... Dnieper! Dinner, talk tents to sleep! By the way this tent camp site for 100 rubles per day, the day watching, sauna 350 rubles per hour in clear water! Space!
From the base we have already made forays to 400 -600 km in the Altai region. They arrived at the Kosh-Agach, tried to break up the canyon of the river Chulyshman, but there it was raining and this expedition to the elephant Mogden stretch out for two days. Around swift rivers, beautiful mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, mountain lakes. Then I will not describe the Altai is useless, just a photo to see!

We also visited the Ust-Koks, hoping to see Beluha-not-see cloudy. On the other hand visited the village of Upper Uimonen inhabited Believers, visited the Roerich Museum, and the ail-dwelling Altai, where altayka Tell us about the life and customs of the people, especially jewelry, etc. Recommend!
Ust-Cox is in the border zone with Kazakhstan, so we spent two hours on registration badge of office. The road is mainly dirt, but very hard-packed, can be rolled 100-120 provided that is not road tires, because you can get in the rain.
A few words about the population of the Altai-many people like vodka, and by evening had come in drunk, can get on the road and waving his legs, especially the need to be careful in the villages in the wilderness, and closer to the republic of Tuva. Stay drink, eat in those places where tourists stop on machines with non-local numbers, Inya, Aktaş, Ust-coke.
The next point in our journey was Teletskoye. The most optimal reach Artybasha.Vzyali excursion boat, just so you can see all the beauty of the "younger brother of Lake Baikal. 6 people came out 8600 for the day. Ibid bought cedar nut to 30 rubles a glass!
About Beauty again say this photo:

Stone woman-warrior!

Funnel. prospectively from the meteorite.

Well, then go home! Again Barnaul-pereobulis, met Scot Martin-he makes Around the World in the GS800. (He was right)

Then Novosib, Omsk Cheboksary, Nizhny Novgorod and via 3,5 days I am home. All the forces konchilis.Esche heat this ..... I want back to the Altai. Passed 11 000 km, of which primerno1000 primers, I have had at a chain and a star (I will not take Kick!). On GSe took off on dirt glamorous mudflap. All are alive and well. As long as it is!
Average gasoline consumption in the DL 5-6L, Kazakhstan was 4-5.

Ah, yes Barack kerek the Altai mean-time to go!
All Byyan! (I wish health to all!)

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Nikolay OP
Joined: Feb 2010
Location: Moscow
Oddometer: 17
Sorry for the ugly text-use translator!
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Thank you!
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Nikolay OP
Joined: Feb 2010
Location: Moscow
Oddometer: 17
all photos
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Gnarly Adventurer
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Thanks for sharing, looks like a great trip.
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Very nice sceneris and photos...
Thanks for the sharing.
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