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Old 07-05-2009, 10:38 AM   #16
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Great story, great attitude, GREAT everything
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Old 07-05-2009, 05:01 PM   #17
Adventure Trio OP
Joined: Oct 2005
Location: Wandering south....
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Day 3

Up early to check in with the office and Sandy to update the website and get some writing done. We let Jack sleep in as our destination was Astoria if we wanted to burn the miles and hours, or somewhere in between if we made stops along the way.

North we go......

It was a cold day of riding with the occasional few drops of rain. We pressed on through the varied scenery and did not stop except to eat lunch and get fuel.

As we approached Newport Oregon we saw signs for a state campground. Sandy was pushing to camp and Jack was looking forward to another hotel with a pool. We told him he'd meet more kids if we camped and he allowed us to pull in a check it out.

We pulled up to the Ranger kiosk and asked about available sites. The girl in the booth said there was 1 left in the entire park. Although she wasn't supposed to "hold" it for us while we checked it out, she said it would be marked sold so no one else could grab it. As we rode in we saw lots of families and kids playing (as we all remember as kids ourselves) and I joked with Jack on the autocom that "I don't see any kids to play with here". He replied with a "yeah right, let's get our spot and get set up" and that's what we did......or I should say, that is what Sandy and Jack did while I went back to pay for the site and then in to town for some food and whiskey.

Here is what I found when I returned

I had to go to 3 places to find food, beer, and whiskey for the night. I forgot how easy it is to buy alcohol in California.

Jack decided to use the guy method of determining which clothes were clean and what was dirty

The jury is still out on that one....

And then dinner

We met one of the camp hosts that rode Goldwings in a previous life. Interesting guy with lots of stories and seemed to take a liking to us. Every time he made his rounds he would stop and have another ride story that was always entertaining.

As it started to get dark we stoked the fire, roasted some marshmellows and hit the hay for some much needed rest. It rained a bit that night but let up before we left.

As we were packing up we noticed a few of the other campers nearby watching our every move. When we were done loading the bikes one of the guys came over and said "we were all betting wether or not it would all fit".

Some artwork by Jack with the bungee cords.....I was wondering where they all went

Next stop, a surprise visit to Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park for Jack.....
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Adventure Trio OP
Joined: Oct 2005
Location: Wandering south....
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Day 4

We departed the campsite by 9:30am on day 4 and headed in to town to find a breakfast spot. We couldn't pass up a place called Pig n Pancake. We pulled in to grab something that would stick to our ribs for the next few hours.

Then it was east to Corvalis Oregon to catch highway 5 north to Grand Mound Washington. Our goal was to avoid major interstate highways as this is where we don't like to be when traveling with Jack. We bit the bullet and rode the 2 hour ride hoping that the high viz gear, lights, and attentiveness would prevail. It did and we were soon rolling in to the parking lot of suburbia hell. Jack by the way did not know we were going here. We wanted to surprise him with a cool kids place that he could run it out.

What a shock to our system after being in mostly remote rural areas meeting other like minded people on similar journies. This was minivan, beat down your husband, John and Kate +8, screaming kids hell.

Jack however was speachless while watching the waterpark activities through the window. I was checking in trying not to go in to shock with all of the activity. Sandy took one look at me and knew I was in trouble. This was so far from our scene.......

Soon we were checked in to our room, I was once again in search of snacks and whiskey (a common thread in this trip). We all suited up to head down to the pool/waterpark. After 2 hours of swimming and sliding we went to dinner and then off to bed.

I convinced the hotel manager to let us park up front so our bikes were not left out in the lot. He allowed us to park on the sidewalk near the enterance to the hotel. I peeked out the window of our room around midnight to find people taking turns sitting on the metric cruiser parked next to our GS's. I was glad that we had our ugly, bug smeared, muddy bikes that no one would want to be seen sitting on.

In the morning we had the bikes loaded and almost ready to go before Jack woke up. We had a quick breakfast and bid farewell to our suburban roots. Next stop Seattle....
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Old 07-05-2009, 05:44 PM   #19
ow, my balls!
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Originally Posted by KevinMTB
Arkansas has a minimum passenger age of 8 years old for motorcycles. There may be other states as well.
Dude..... Buzzkill............ WTF? who cares.....
Riding the Americas: No Fumar Español

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Adventure Trio OP
Joined: Oct 2005
Location: Wandering south....
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Day 5

Jack helps get the last few items strapped down. He's getting pretty good at this...

Again on highway 5 to make a beeline to the city. Nothing too exciting on this part except for the teenage driver that almost ran us in to the center divider. Stay alert....

We got to the hotel around 2pm and were met by curious hotel employees wondering what we were up to. Not being a dick to the bellmen got us a free parking spot right up in front where the bikes could be watched 24/7. I only say that because we watched alot of folks snapping there fingers and barking orders at these guys....totally unnecessary.

We grabbed the boxes and bags off the bikes and got them to our room to relax for a bit before heading off to explore Seattle. It was Monday and Ride West BMW was closed. I checked the status of my UPS shipment from Ohlins and it was on time for Tuesday delivery.

It was nice to be off the road for a while......

The next day was spent with me shuttling the bikes back and forth to the dealer. The F650 for new tires, and mine for the new shock. Everything was installed and I was comfortably able to carry everything including the kitchen sink with my even more heavy duty setup.

I joined the rest of the trio downtown for the usual sites.

Couldn't pass this up

Then to finish up some laundry before we leave......

Day 6

We were up early to depart the city before traffic stacked up too bad. The plan was to head north on 5 and cut east to highway 9 to enter Canada at Sumas Washington.

First we had to stop at the Pike street market to get a few pics....

And to sugar up the big guy for the ride to Vancouver.....

Off to the border we go......

More later-

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Old 07-14-2009, 06:28 PM   #21
Adventure Trio OP
Joined: Oct 2005
Location: Wandering south....
Oddometer: 609
Day 7

We decided to cross in to B.C. via Sumas to avoid the trucks and other commercial traffic at the border. We rode highway 5 to Arlington and then cut east to higway 9.

It was cold and dark but it stayed dry

Some nice houses along "Big Lake"

And then to find a spot to fill up and get out of the cold

Diner theme....

For all you Loony Tunes fans, we had to stop here.

Weird thing was that we passed this town and had to make a u turn to go back. The truck that was behind us continued on. When we got back on the road we saw that the truck had been in a 4 car accident just a mile or so up the road. EMS was on scene and no one was hurt but it gave us the creeps that we would have been in front of him. ACME was meant to be....

We stopped just before the border to get our things in order.

And wake the dozing passenger......who was excited to hear that we were close to crossing.

Then hurry up and wait

This is the border agent saying "oh, no photos!" Ooops

Off with the helmets to make sure we are who our passports say we are. Not sure why I look pissed.

We were asked the usual questions from the border agent, and then a hard ass male agent came over and was digging deeper. He was curious why we had no reservations anywhere, no plan for where we were going, and did not know exactly how many days we would be there. As we pulled away we say a 12GS Adventure totally stripped of its luggage and decided we got a pretty good deal.

When we got rolling again Jack yelled in to the Autocom "Adventure Trio in Canada!"

Onward to Vancouver.......
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Old 07-14-2009, 07:13 PM   #22
Gnarly Adventurer
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Excellent, thanks for continuing! More please!
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Old 07-14-2009, 07:33 PM   #23
Adventure Trio OP
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Location: Wandering south....
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The plan was to stay in Vancouver for 2 nights. A quick iPhone search of city hotels had us once again riding in to a high rise hotel with curious onlookers as we unloaded all of our gear. Treating the doorman and hotel staff politely got us free parking in a special spot that could be watched.

After we got checked in and unpacked Jack wanted to head to the pool.

I was adamant about not packing too much and only brought my hiking boots.

The hotel didn't want any riff raff walking through the hotel with wet swimsuits. The robe and boots were much more appropriate.

Jack followed suit.....

As you can see in the background our cases have exploded their contents again.

We went to dinner and walked around a bit. The city didn't have the same feeling as Seattle so we decided then and there that one night was enough. In the morning we would be off to Vancouver island to camp and meet other travelers. We used the wifi and enjoyed our last shower for the next 4 days.

Vancouver was the loudest city even from the 9th floor. Sorry there is not more from this location. It just didn't grab us. me the tents and sleeping bags.

More later as time permits-
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Old 07-14-2009, 08:11 PM   #24
Adventure Trio OP
Joined: Oct 2005
Location: Wandering south....
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Day 8

Off to catch the ferry to Vancouver - Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay).

It was a short ride to the terminal. We paid and were told to ride to the front of the lane and wait. We met 2 other riders from Vancouver that were more than helpful with area info and general good attitude.

I was worried about the bikes on the boat ride having never ferried on 2 wheels before. Our new rider friends were more than helpful.

I thought for sure that the short side stand on my 1150 ADV was going to let me down with the load I had on the bike.

Once we rode off the ferry we were in search for a place to camp. We headed towards Sooke (Sookie for you True Blood fans)

We weren't sure what we were going to find but knew there were some provincial campgrounds if we headed north. As we pulled in to the then closed visitors center, we saw a sign for Sooke River Campground.

Although this was a privately owned campground we were tired and tried to get a site. The owner said they were booked for the weekend as there was a bluegrass festival planned. She said we could camp in the corner of the property if we planned to leave early the next morning. We agreed and off we went to set up camp. We were also told that there may be live music being played throughout the campground because the musicians were arriving. Uh, OK.....that'll work.

I set off to grab some food and whiskey while Sandy and Jack started to set up camp.

Dinner is served....

And beverages......the common theme

It's hard to get used to the late sunlight. (I know it's not Alaska, but c'mon)

We cleaned up after dinner and went for a walk.

We ran in to these folks......

This guy was a famous "flat picker" and took an interest in Jack taking an interest.

Jack being a drummer and playing around with his guitar at home thought this was pretty cool......I must admit, so did I

We stayed and watched these guys play until after 11pm. We were fading from a long day and decided it was time to hit the hay.

Apparently the empty bottle of Jack Daniels was consumed mostly by me. Not a problem except for the 22oz beer I drank too........the next morning was rough. It took an hour to be ready to be ready.....oooohhhhhfff

Nuff said......more later-
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Great to see travel with the whole family. We all should be so lucky.

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Old 07-15-2009, 01:28 PM   #26
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Great RR. Subscribed.
Keep it coming and be safe

Dum spiro spero

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Old 07-21-2009, 07:09 PM   #27
Adventure Trio OP
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Day 9

As I said before it took a while to get road ready. I headed up to one of the provincial campgrounds to find a spot for the next few days as the place in Sooke was booked with the Bluegrass festival.

I came upon French Beach provincial park.

Immediately we found the giant banana slugs. WTF??

We had supplies for the next few days and decided it was a good idea to make one Jesse bag the "fridge" and the other the "pantry".

Better take these off the bike in case a bear comes. We don't need him taking the whole bike over while he tries for the food.

Can't pass up the "Oh Canada chips".....

Then dinner ala Jet Boil

Yes, shrimp and wife rocks!!

And Jack is is ready to gobble it up

The next day Jack made some friends. They decided to make a fort in a rotted out log.........not realizing some bees made it their home.
I heard the scream of horror as he ran back to camp screaming, bees! bees!
By the time he got back to camp they had stung him twice.

And the final result.....

He was getting drowsy and I was concerned that it was allergy related. I set off to call a friend who was a nurse on my satellite phone. As I was leaving Sandy asked for the first aid kit that contained the epi pens, just in case. As I was putting on my helmet I heard "the fu&^**g needle is in my thumb!! I looked over to see the epi pen flying through the air and blood all over her hand. First things first, lets get a photo. (again, she is a trooper) she stops to show it off....

I asked that she didn't mess with the remaining pen in the first aid kit.

Off I went to call our friend who advised my of the facts and all was good with Jack. 20 minutes later he was back to hanging out with his new friends.

Then off to bed after a long day of adventure....

The swelling went down for the time being, but was back in full force the next morning. He was all better within 48 hours. The concern was an allergic reaction as we both have family with such a condition.

The next morning wasn't too bad

Departure from Vancouver island the next day. More to come......


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Old 10-15-2009, 08:14 PM   #28
Adventure Trio OP
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Day 10

Wow.....3 months have passed and I never finished this report. A PM from a fellow inmate prompted me to get my act together.

We rode from our campsite at French Beach in to Victoria to catch the COHO ferry. We had enough time to grab lunch and poke around for a bit.

We paid and made our way to the front of the line......I could get used to this.

We met up with some other riders, one returning from a 3 month trip to Alaska and a Canadian heading out on a 3 week ride around the US.

Here's our ride....

Nervously preparing the bikes for voyage....

Jack holding court with the guys. Telling tales of many miles and adventure.

Still upright....whew!

We're fast approaching Port Angeles. More photos to follow. I promise to finish this before the week ends.....
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Old 10-16-2009, 03:20 PM   #29
Smells güt!
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awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!! glad you guys are having fun. Looks like its been a fantastic trip so far!
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Old 10-16-2009, 03:26 PM   #30
Adventure Trio OP
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Location: Wandering south....
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Thanks for the reply. This trip has been over for a while. I am finally getting the report finished. It sucks how life gets in the way of exploring.

More to come later tonight.

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