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Charlyno OP
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Location: Palermo - Italy
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Belgium - Sweden 2009 - Report Pics Video


Moto used: BMW R 1200 GS

Departure: July 31, 2009

Arrival: August 23, 2009

Stages: Palermo-Genoa (by ship)-Como-Winthertur-Strasbourg-Torgny-Orval-Bouillon-Han Sur Lesse Lavaux-Sainte-Anne-Dinant-Namur Villers la Ville-Nivelles-Mons-Tournai-Ypres-Bruges-Ostend - Ghent-Brussels-Waterloo Sullivan-Dusseldorf-Hamburg-Copenhagen-Malmö-Travemünde-Hollvicken (by ship)-Hamburg-Verona (by train)-Folgaria-Riva del Garda Lago di Ledro-Lake Hydro-Step Cross-Domain Breno -Lovere-Lago D'Iseo-Leffe-Dinners-Bergamo-Genoa-Palermo (via ship)

Nations visit: Italy-Switzerland-Belgium-Netherlands-Germany-Denmark-Sweden

Km covered: 3,600

July 31 the day of departure finally arrived. Everything is ready we can do is with my wife Laura bring us to the port where the ship will depart at 21.00 for Genoa. When boarding the meeting with his friends unless they, too, and Mary on the same ship and also on their bike but direct to Spain. At 21.00 o'clock the ship leaves the port of Palermo and is just now starting this new adventure on the road.

01 August (200km) After a hearty breakfast, the morning spent happily together. We also know with some fancy riding their Harley riders headed for Normandy (photo DSC 1-9). Finally disembark in Genoa at 17.00 the weather is good. The last farewells and then head directly to Lake Como where we come in the evening and where we booked a room at the B & B La Chicken ( in a charming villa about 3 km from the lake. After a quick shower we head into the center where there is waiting for Mark too motorcyclist. We know only via the web and this is an opportunity to be able to know. After a good dinner, the ever walk on the shore of the lake between chatter and laughter (photo DSC 11-17) I take this opportunity to thank the company and had available to us. E 'already late and it is time to go to bed, so after accompanying us home until we say goodbye promising myself maybe meet again on earth sicula.

02 August (280 km) had breakfast at 08.30 we are in motion directly in Switzerland. The forecast is not good and in fact, not long after we are forced to put the rain. The intention was to move from Passo del S. Gottardo, but under the torrential downpour is not advisable. A long line of cars waiting to cross the tunnel. Fortunately in motion decouple from the line, even if the rain on his part makes it particularly difficult to see and slows the pace considerably. Finally in the afternoon we reach Winthertur in Switzerland, guest of Salvino and his wife Maria. We met in Sicily during a tour of Salvino, with whom we had heard for some tips on routes to do. The reception is spectacular. Had a shower and place your luggage, fortunately the weather begins to improve and the sun peeps through the clouds. Salvino and his wife decided to take us to see a wonderful place just 15 km from the city. These are the Rhine Falls (photo DSC 22-80) on the homonymous river. An exceptional place. A long waterfall of 150 meters and just after, right in the middle of the river, two large rocks, almost forming an island on which you can climb through a small boat. The roar of the water is deafening, the vegetation thick and everywhere you can admire the local fauna. After a lovely walk along the banks of the river, we sit down for a good coffee on the bar in front of the waterfall. Mary returned home starts in the kitchen, preparing a dinner with the flakes, made with local produce mouth-watering (photo DSC 87-90)! The evening passes peacefully between chatter and laughter and a good beer.

03 August (494 km) Today we transfer to long leg up in Belgium. Just woken up not believe our eyes! A table with all the banned delicacies of this world, there's no B & B that takes! Un'abbondantissima after breakfast and after receiving some sandwiches for the trip, we prepare for the long walk to Belgium. I would warmly ringranziare Salvino and Mary for their amazing hospitality and for letting us spend a beautiful day in their company. One last photo to remember under the house (photo DSC 92) and then off on the road. The weather has returned to worsen and the rain will make us the company for nearly 300 km! During the day we take a short detour to enter the city of Strasbourg, just for a photo in front of the palace headquarters of the Council of Europe (DSC picture 93-99). In the evening just at sunset at last we reach Torgny (photo DSC 101-141), a small town located in a bucolic environment extraordinary. Is the most southern village of Belgium. Find place in the magnificent accommodations at "The Escofiette" tel. 063577170 rue dell'Escofiette n.7. The last room available in this old mansion, former retiree young girls. The sky finally opened up completely and a magnificent sunset lights up the ancient limestone houses, taking on shades golden honey color. Took a nice shower, I take the opportunity to walk on the village square and between the old mansions. Silence and tranquility are here at home. The fatigue is beginning to be felt and it is time to go to bed, tomorrow finally begins the tour on the road in Belgium.

04 August (170 km) just got up and went downstairs for breakfast was a real delight to see that table full of culinary goodness! Homemade jams, cheeses, cold meats, croissants and more mouth-watering el'immancabile baguette mileage! (Photo DSC 142) After eating the impossible and loaded the luggage for our first visit. The day is beautiful, clear sky, beautiful sunshine and a temperature of 22 degrees, what to ask for more! We come to Orval (Photo DSC 143-183) to visit one of the most beautiful abbeys in the country. Founded in the eleventh century. Is characterized by the coexistence between the new church founded in 1926 and the old one of extraordinary beauty. After the visit depart towards the city of Boullion. Few kilometers and the front brake began to give me problems on the brakes. I am in French territory and exactly DOUZY so as not to risk call for service BMW. Within 40 minutes elapsed between the other at lunch at the restaurant Le Pachon (excellent food at a good price) on the national highway, the tow truck arrives on time. Getting the bike (Photo DSC 186) leads me to the nearby town of Charleville Mezieres in the first authorized BMW center .. but this is closed for holidays. After a series of contacts between the BMW and the Help Center we arrive at a new mechanic, but the problem not the slightest! So glad the one hand but with some uncertainty on the other hand we share towards our goal. I wanted to highlight the excellent service Bmw assistance, which has called more than once to make sure that everything proceeded well. However, the problem was and made the bike is currently in for service for the change in security for both front discs warped! Shortly after the late afternoon we reach Boullion (Photo DSC 195-240). Here where the river forms a major bottleneck Semois rises one of the most impressive fortresses in Europe. The castle belonged to the last heir, Geoffrey (.. one of Bouillon) in 1096 before leaving for the crusades to conquer Jerusalem, was sold to the principles of Liege. Represents one of the most exceptional heritage and yet unique to its location. It's already 17:30 closing time of the castle, but fortunately I ask the guard if you can come and surprise gives us half an hour, just time for a visit! The sun is low and the main tower a magnificent view over the town and throughout the surrounding territory. Shooting the bike come down to the village for the night. We choose the best hotel Relais Godefroy, quai de la Tannarie 5 - Tel 061,464,204 right on the river bank. The place is a wonderful tranquility. Take a shower and have dinner at a place near the hotel. Then to digest a long walk on both banks of the river, very romantic place for travelers with their companion!

August 5 (113 km) At 0800 we are already in the street. Even the sun, have a wonderful day. We take the opportunity to do some photos in the river (photo DCS 232-240). We drive through stunning scenery and wonderful roads (motorways will resume only in Brussels ..) to Han Sur Lesse to visit the famous caves of Belgium (photo DSC 241-370). Discovered in 1914 by four boys, are much sought after as a tourist destination. A tram takes you up the entrance to the ancient caves from which there are guided tours in several languages. The internal path along the spectacular rooms, tunnels, underground lakes is approximately 3 km. From the room to wind the dome 65 meters high and 150 long, the minaret of a huge stalagmite and finally the so-called Trophy, a huge concretion from the circumference of 20 meters! Attention out of the cave ... a big bang you will literally blow up! Valli understand the Belgians! After an hour break at a bar in the country to recover a bit 'of the long walk, we take the bike to visit a beautiful medieval castle in the vicinity of four hundred to Lavaux Sainte Anne (photo DSC 372-409). All surrounded by a moat and a well-kept garden, contains numerous historical relics and beautiful and somewhat quaint rooms, including a living room with chairs and tables made entirely of deer antlers. We leave to the beautiful town of Dinant, birthplace of Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone (photo DSC 412-461) that is characterized by the fact that extend throughout the length. The bell onion college, the fortress and its blue roof, are one of the most famous images of Wallonia. Parked the bike in front of the Cathedral, we begin our tour from here. The interior is wonderful with a glass of the highest in Europe. Built on the remains of a Romanesque church, the curious onion dome dates back to 1566. The church is located just below the rocky parades through a funicular leading to the Citadel, where is the fort. An interesting guided tour takes us in different multilingual halls of the fortress and then reach the large terrace where you can enjoy an incredible show the whole valley. We leave to arrive in the evening in the lovely town of Namur. We find the place (.. good indication of the Routard Guide) at the hotel "Les Tanneurs de Namur" - 13 rue de Tanneries in the center of town with parking close to the bike. The evening is beautiful, so we decide to eat at one of the restaurants on the Place du Marche aux Leguemes, the heart of the city. After a good meal and a good local beer we need a digestive stroll along the river, where you can admire a beautiful night view of the Citadel (photo DSC 471). The fatigue you feel, so we decide to return to the hotel, tomorrow we have time to visit the town.

Aug 6 (km 102) Again the sun! The Belgium one of the wettest countries in Europe we are doing a great gift! Before leaving, leave your luggage at the hotel and we take a tour of the city of Namur (photo DSC 472-498) in particular the old town. Then he resumed the bike going up on the ancient citadel from which you can admire a beautiful view. We leave making a little detour to the tiny but well-known as Villers La Ville, famous for its magnificent Gothic Abbey or better for the evocative ruins of the same (photo DSC 503-524). We park the bike and paid the entrance fee, included in the price of which is an excellent audio guide, we follow the history of the abbey and the explanation of individual spaces. Founded in the twelfth century. became the largest built in the country. Too bad that over the centuries has suffered a slow decline up to be used as a quarry. However the place apart from being very suggestive, is striking for its architecture and harmony of different styles. After the visit, we share to Nivelles, where we're going to have lunch specials attracted to a place, "Tarte diot to" a sort of half-baked pizza cheese and spinach and the rest with sliced onions and herbs. In particular, the guide talks about the restaurant Au Duc de Brabant - Chaussà de Bruxelles 102 where it says that it is particularly good. The starboard side could only be the best. Here is served with a special trappiste the Jean Nivelles. The union between the two flavors is simply idyllic! (photo DSC 525-526). After lunch we reach the main square to visit the Collegiate Church of Saint Gertrude founded in 650 and rebuilt after the terrible bombing of the Second World War. (photo DSC 527-538). We leave to the beautiful city of Mons (photo DSC 540-602). The tourism office gives us a list of hotels where to stay. We choose the Infotel - Rue d'Havre 32 tel. 003265401830-65356224. Good solution, especially ample free parking and just 150 meters from the main square with its beautiful town hall of the fifteenth century. Let's use light to a tour of the city and in particular the fantastic cathedral of Sainte Waudru. Work began in 1450. The interior is majestic 110 meters long and 34 high with 29 well-chapels, rich in works of art of exceptional manufacturing, in short, a true masterpiece (photo DSC 607-615). After dinner we spend the rest of the evening to wander around the square between a beer and the next.

August 7 (191 km) Today our first stop will be Tournai (620-680 photos DSC) The sky is cloudy but that sounds like rain. Once in the city parked the bike beside the majestic Cathedral of Notre Dame Unesco world heritage site. Five square towers including the highest 83 meters. The interior is huge, 130 feet in length. Built around 1200 is currently being restored. E 'was heavily damaged during World War II and the signs are still tangible. Beautiful museum inside with real masterpieces of religious art. The square the Belfry, a beautiful bell tower built in the twelfth century. tower is the oldest in Belgium. Like most of the bell tower of Belgium has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage this too. From the height of 42 meters a beautiful view of Notre Dame and the large square. After a good cup of coffee sitting comfortably on one of the bars, the sun starts peeking through the clouds and suddenly everything changes color and the square seems to be tinged with a thousand colors. A photo before leaving and then off to Ypres. Said W. Churchill "I would like to acquire the entire city of Ypres as a major downfall. For the British people, there is no place more sacred "(photo DSC 681-723) (photo DSC 743-773) martyr city during the 'Great War' of 14/18, it was here that the British with the help of Canadian and France, resisted Prussian offensive to none. The city was completely destroyed and 450,000 people died there of the British Empire. It took 40 years to rebuild the city since 1928 and remembers every day of the tragedy every night at 20 at the door of Menem, played by 4 trumpeters of silence in memory of 54,896 soldiers of the British Empire who died before August 15, 1917 whose bodies were never found (photo DSC 778-782) A ceremony to which we have participated without concealing that they failed to hold back the tears. Beautiful namely the Grote Markt square dominated by the huge Lakenshalle Gothic, the covered market of wool and the massive Belfort, the bell tower. Do not miss a visit to Flanders Fields Museum (photo DSC 724-741) which explores the new technology through the terrible years of war. Then have a stroll around the ancient ramparts of the city and finally the beautiful cathedral of San Martino. After the ceremony of silence at about 21 we put ourselves in motion to get the pearl of Belgium, the city of Bruges, whose old town was declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Before leaving view of the time tried to call some hotels for a room. After several attempts (sold out .. we knew it!) Luck is ours. A last minute cancellation allows us to find a room at the lovely Hotel Goezeput - Goezeputstraat 29 tel. 050342694, practically in the historic center five minutes from the central square and as if not enough, free motorcycle parking in our garage! Please enter the GPS coordinates on the satellite we head towards the city. After about 90 km we arrive at the destination. A quick shower and then head immediately to the Burg, the main square just a short walk. Remain speechless by the beauty of the place (DSC 783-804) Everything seems magical, almost unreal. The Belfort, the bell tower and the Stadhuis, the town hall was on all the streets. We're pretty tired, so after this fantastic welcome from this wonderful city, we decide to go to bed, tomorrow we want to devote the entire day.

Aug 8 (km 0) Today, no movement, no movement, the day we dedicate it entirely to this beautiful city (photo DSC 806-1099). Lots of monuments to see, just to name a few that deserve a visit the main square the Burg, the Stadhuis ie City Hall, with its beautiful Gothic hall, the Belfort bell tower, from which after climbing the 366 hail to his interior is boasts fantastic views over the city, the Basilica of the Precious Blood of outstanding natural beauty and many others to lose your head! Short Bruges will enchant you with its beauty, with its atmosphere. Advice, miss one of its ancient streets and canals, so aimlessly. Bruges is a city of incomparable romance, ideal for traveling as a couple. Will remain in your heart as it is left to us.

August 9 (153km) After breakfast, we leave with regret this incredible city, heading towards the North Sea near the town of Ostend. Bruges about 25 km away from the sea. In short we arrive on the coast and parked the bike, we make a nice walk along the beach, up the beach (photo DSC 1118-1146) just to touch hands with the North Sea. After a coffee we head to England near the pier where a myriad of small shops, street vendors selling all sorts of crustaceans. Do not let us say a few times and so after you buy up trays and various Salsette, we sit on the waterfront will delight the palate up to burst! Today it is particularly hot, so we go at a bar for a good cold drink and digest a little 'mountain of shellfish freshly made out! We went back in motion in the direction of Brussels. On the road about 45 km the beautiful town of Ghent (photo DSC 1147-0081_1). The city exudes indescribable. The entire old town is pedestrian and our tour starts from the beautiful cathedral of St. Bavo, the pride of citizenship. Basically the interior is a veritable museum, for the remarkable number of works of art that has. In particular, the famous "Mystic Triptych of the Adoration of the Lamb." Paying a ticket inclusive of an audio guide, you can discover the incredible beauty of this work in 1432 attributed to Hubert van Eyck. From the bridge of San Michele a magnificent view on what is known around the world coma "the row of towers of Ghent. Then again the majestic castle of the Counts with its imposing walls. The day is so wonderful on the occasion to a nice boat trip through the channels of Ghent, from which you can admire the city from a different perspective. After visiting the church to move into Brussels, where we come in short. In the days before we booked a room online for three days at a great price. 67 euros with breakfast at the Hotel Le Chantecler "rue de la Grande Ile 26 - tel. Www.hotel-003225121151 nearly 300 meters from Grand Place, the heart of Brussels, with the possibility to park the bike about 400 yards from a parking fee, open 24 to 24. E 'already evening, so after a quick shower and stowed luggage, we decide to eat something quickly and immediately to direct us to the Grand Place, this Unesco. The show is awesome and the whole square and the buildings that compose it are illuminated. Just arrived, all the lights go out and start the show! A game of lights and sounds the Hotel de Ville, City Hall, whose origins date back to 1444. Virtually run out of words (photo DSC 0086-0137_1). Pleased with the amazing that we reserved the city of Brussels, back at the hotel.

August 10 (km 0) (photo DSC 0142_1-0256_1) Without breakfast we devote the entire day to visit the city of Brussels. We begin our tour of the magnificent Piazza Grande and then follow with the Cathedral and a visit to the European Parliament, it really interesting. The rest will spend the day strolling through the streets of the city. In the evening a bit 'of rain, just enough to cool the air.

August 11 (110 km) Today we will tour around the city, so the bike shooting our first goal is Waterloo (photo DSC 0260_1-280) where the morning of June 18, 1815 two great armies, the Allies, led by Arthur Wellesley Duke of Wellington, Marshal of seven armies, joined the Prussian army and the Belgian-Dutch and secondly to Napoleon, Emperor of France forever marked and changed the history of Europe. We make a combined ticket that will allow us to visit the beautiful Museum of Wellington, situated right in the house that was the general command of the duke, who, through an audio guide explains the contents of each room and the story of the battle, and then continue on Butte du Lion, a monument commemorating the battle, just on the field where the armies clashed, the panorama of the battle, a 'circular building where there is a large fresco along 110 meters wide and 12 representing the event and finally the wax museum, containing clothing, weapons and other objects of the original time. After the visit, we start in the direction of Livani (photo DSC 0281_1-0306_1) home of beer Stella Artois, and famous for its splendid hall. We arrive late afternoon and we must be content to visitors from outside the masterpieces of this lovely city. The big square one side the magnificent collegiate church of Sint Pieters whose origins date back to four hundred and amazing and magnificent town hall, the Stadhuis famous for its façade of the fifteenth century by Matheus de Layens, embellished with more than 200 stone statues of notables places in every niche, truly a unique masterpiece. We leave to come back to Brussels, not before visiting the famous Atomium (photo DSC 0308_1-0330_1) a huge molecule of iron magnified 165 billion times! Work really extravagant. Return to the hotel where we spend the last night. Unfortunately on our return, my wife receives the news of the death of his grandmother, which he kept very much, so it was decided that the next day instead of go together to Sweden, we will take a little detour to Dusseldorf in Germany where he will take a plane up in Sibiu in Romania for the funeral and reached two days later in Sweden.

August 12th (610 km) Today day long transfers. We leave early to get in quick in Dusseldorf, Germany, via Holland. Here I leave my wife, who join me in Sweden in a couple of days. Allotment in the direction of Hamburg, where I will come later in the evening at about 30 km from the city. Along the way I put in a comfortable motel, just to rest and relax a bit '. Without dinner, I go straight to bed, tomorrow I expect Sweden and especially my little Astrid, my daughter.

Aug 13 (km 375) without breakfast start again for Puttgarden, where he will take a short ferry that will take me in Denmark (photo DSC 0331_1-0349_1). I come quickly in the vicinity of Copenhagen, before crossing the beautiful Öresund Bridge, a true miracle of engineering that connects Denmark to Sweden (photo DSC 0372_1-0392_1). Despite the threatening weather, I avoid the rain and finally arriving in the city of Malmo, where waiting in the garden is my little Astrid (photo 0399_1 DSC-476). Spend the rest of the day with my little girl, glad to have finally come to her.

Aug 14 (km 0) A whole day playing with my little girl, with long walks in the park, in short a day from Daddy!

15-17 Agosto finally got my wife, these days we will dedicate our child, through long walks and evenings of tranquility and fun, especially for the joy of my daughter (photo DSC 478-594)

August 18th (125 km) Today is the last day for me in Sweden, tonight I will take the ship to Travemunde, Germany to begin the road back home. In the morning on the occasion to take a ride. Our first stop is about 20 km from Malmo, south to Hollvicken to visit the beautiful museum-reserve Viking Foteviken (photo 0602_1 DSC-643). The reserve includes a dozen reconstructions of houses, located on the site in 1134 took place the battle of Foteviken. The feature of this reserve is in the extraordinary fact that it is inhabited by people who live really like the Vikings! In short, a place not to be missed. After the visit, repainted the Öresund Bridge to the delight of my wife, who had never gone into motion (photo DSC 0656_1-0679_1) and arrive in Copenhagen for a quick visit and just time for a souvenir picture with the symbol city, the Little Mermaid (photo DSC 0684_1-0113-2) and then go home. In the evening at 22.00 I board for Germany, the evening is wonderful and so much nostalgia. Last photo from the deck of the ship (photo DSC 0133-2-0159_2) and then straight to bed, tomorrow starts the adventure on the road.

August 19 (km 90) to 07.00 o'clock the ship is already docked at the port of Travemünde (photo DSC 0175_1-0176_1) The landing is very fast. Just 90 km mi separate from the city of Hamburg where to 13.45 after loading the bike on the train leaving for Italy to return to the city of Verona. In brief arrival at the center. I have four hours to a turn. Park the bike next to the magnificent Rathaus (photo 0178_2 DSC-214), the town hall. And 'soon and there were few people around, so I took advantage of a good coffee for a short walk of the surroundings, until you reach the Church of St. Nicholas. Destroyed during the Second World War, is still standing and only the tower has been made of a monument against war. From the tower a good view of the city. I take the bike and walk at the Church of San Michele (photo DSC 0215_1-0240_1), the largest Protestant baroque church in northern Germany. From its tower, you can realize the conformation of the city and especially its huge port. I move from church to the park adjacent to dine quietly under the shade of a tree. Finished, I go to Altona train station (photo DSC 0241_2-0247_2) here wait to load the bike on the train and travel to Verona, a good solution to avoid the monotony of German motorways and to save time, especially fatigue (http: / / / site / dbautozug / en / start.html) Lots of riders waiting for the same train, coming from different parts of Europe, some people back from vacation but whoever is starting. Immediately as often happens among riders, one begins to talk. Boarded the train, spend the evening happily chatting with two nice pairs of Padua and Bergamo, Stephanie and Albert and Henry and Clare (photo DSC 0248_1-0249_2) and thank you warmly for the wonderful company throughout the journey back, and for turning the monotony of traveling by train, in a fun-filled voyage.

August 20 (km 100) At eleven o'clock we arrive at the station in Verona, here waiting for Mauritius too motorcyclist. We know only via the web, but as always happens between motorcyclists not seem right. Greeted the children on the train and unloaded the bikes, we are approaching Folgaria (photo DSC 0252_2-0292_2) Mauritius keeps me company until arrival. I recommend taking the state so as to look at the area. Do not let me say a few times so we go. Along the way a short break for coffee. In short we arrive at the destination, where to expect is the friend of a life Lello. Unloaded the bike, do a nice lunch together at the tavern of Carador based on local specialties, then give us a short walk into motion around (photo DSC 0300_1-0358_2) E 'already late afternoon, so must return to Mauritius home. I take this opportunity to thank the company and availability and for suggesting some great information on the route to go to Bergamo. The evening passes peacefully, among a binge and several glasses of good brandy! Heartfelt thanks Lello.

August 21 (km 215) Beautiful sunny day. Without breakfast leave Folgaria still dormant and headed for Riva del Garda. The route a short distance to Lake Garda and then take the SS240 to Molina di Ledro. Based on the starboard side by Marzio had a little detour to Pregasina, where there is a square with a beautiful view from the lake (photo DSC 0360_2-0366_2). Retraced my steps through the Valle di Ledro, beautiful lake and its spectacular (photo DSC 0367_2-0398_2). That brings a long history Lake Hydro (photo DSC 0402_1-0404_1), before heading for Bagolino and then point to the Passo Croce Domini (photo DSC 0407_2-0510_2) The road is beautiful and scenic surroundings. A series of curves bring me up to 2895 meters, where the refuge make a break for a sandwich and enjoy the view. I leave with regret the place and along Lake Iseo (photo DSC 0515_2-0518_1) comes to Leffe, where his friend Claudio I booked a room at the B & B La Locanda del Hawthorn "- via Monte Beio 26 tel.035727829 The place is beautiful and very cozy with a splendid view over the valley (photo DSC 0551_2-0562_2). Took a shower briefly by his wife Claudia and dinners a few kilometers. We met in May during their trip off in Sicily. I had promised that if I would find them waiting for me a huge dinner of ribs and polenta, and so it was! Waiting for supper brings me to visit the city of Clusone, famous for its ancient clock of 1583 that runs counterclockwise ( (Photo DSC 0520_1-540) Leaving the bike in their garage we visit at the home of his parents where he is waiting for his brother, who also met in May with the company. I tell you guys do not eat it, but I stress that as I ate too much and at 5 am the next day I had to take a Malox to digest! (photo 0558_1 DSC-560). I warmly thank all the family Cortinovis for the exceptional hospitality.

Aug 22 (km 220) at 9 o'clock after breakfast Claudio goes up from the hotel. Given the amount of wine drunk the night before the bike is still in the garage, so loaded the luggage, we head towards the Upper Town for a tour of the city. A real surprise, a beautiful old town (photo DSC 0563_1-0631_1), a beautiful cathedral. Here is united for a coffee Henry, the boy met on the train during the journey from Hamburg to Verona. After a short walk salute Henry riding his KTM 990 and we return to dinners. Here with Claudio and his wife, we go to Albino, at the restaurant "Osteria Bigio." And later in the day Casoncelli the Bergamo and rabbit with polenta! (photo DSC 0632_2-0636_1) Once again thank Claudio and his wife for their willingness, kindness and friendliness and for making me spend two wonderful days. With his belly still full, I prepare the bike for the trip, a last farewell to Claudio and his wife and then off to Genoa, where I will embark at 21.00 for Palermo. This leads quickly to the port where they the money, I went to the gate. At 21.00 o'clock the ship departs, the last picture of the port of Genoa and its cities (photo DSC 0648_2-0709_1). I really think that the holiday is over.

August 23 17.00 Palermo, this time the adventure on the road is finished, but already something is cooking! The next.

Thank you so much love with my wife Laura, for making me company for part of the trip and a special thought for our daughter, Astrid, to make every day of our life full of joy and happiness.


Francesco Bmw R GS 1200

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Thanks for the link to your ride and the ride report.. Looks like you had a great ride
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A lot of wonderful and impressive pics!

Thank you very much!

Best greatings from Germany
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