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Old 12-09-2009, 05:16 AM   #151
Rider of something
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Originally Posted by The Rider
sounds like such an awesome trip. you better marry that girl!
She's definately better than most. I think he has a keeper in her!!!
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Twilight Error
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So has anyone got anything less than superlative to say about our Canadians?
If you're all about the destination, take a fucking flight. - Frank Turner
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job3-14 OP
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Originally Posted by The Rider
sounds like such an awesome trip. you better marry that girl!
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Originally Posted by Twilight Error
So has anyone got anything less than superlative to say about our Canadians?
Bunch of marauding Icebacks streaming across the border to steal our wimmen and compromise Hockey, our national sport!

Oops, that's all wrong.

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Maine looks great, remember that shot from of a couple movies.
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Old 12-09-2009, 08:45 PM   #156
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Originally Posted by ParaMud
Maine looks great, remember that shot from of a couple movies.
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Very Nice
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Originally Posted by Vixen
nope....there are plenty of us Ontario Canuks' living in the south....and I lost my "you's guys" for "ya'll" many years ago
I'm a lot behind on this thread, but I know these two have arrived at Dan & Sara's here in Georgia. They're in good hands
Uh, no. seein as "I's born n raised in the south", let me help fix your talkin.

A proper invite over to drink some good corn squeezins would go somthin like this; "you'ins come round the back of my barn later tunite and we'll have us a snort!" And if'in yer lucky, I mite stir up a few ah them left handed home rolled smokes....
"I don't like repeat offenders, I like dead offenders.." Ted Nugent

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Old 12-10-2009, 07:31 PM   #159
job3-14 OP
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October 23, 2009

ate Month="10" Day="23" Year="2009">October 23rd, 2009ate>

For some reason I had in my mind that getting to the tip of Cape Cod would be 1 of 4 or 5 milestones on our journey. Key West would be the next followed by the Golden GateBridge maybe, then Prudhoe Bay up in Alaska, and then somewhere out east in Labrador. Today, cloudy skies with a bit of chill to add to the mix. Time to layer up and hit the road! But first…

…a quick stop to pick up some munchies for the road. Heard it from the grapevine that food could be quite expensive out on the Cape.

Stopped over at a library to warm-up. Not sure if that lady wanted her pic taken.

Cape Cod Highland Lighthouse in Truro, MA. The oldest one on the Cape built in 1797.

Another shot of the lighthouse with the both of us.

We walked out onto the edge of the bluff that looked out over the Atlantic Ocean. There was a family doing the tourist thing just like we were. There was also a sign that read “Danger: Steep sand cliff.” So what does Amanda do? She jumps down it and freaks the mom out. Tricksy Amanda jumped onto a ledge and ducked to make it look as if she went down the whole 60 feet drop. We slid down the cliff to get a better view of the ocean. Little did we know it would be a tremendous pain in the butt to get back up.

Looking over the bluff.

Amanda having a moment with the Atlantic

…I take it was a happy moment.

We made it!

Say cheese!

Trying to be artsy fartsy.

Every step we took up the cliff brought us back down a few inches because the sand was so soft. By the time I got up our quads were burning! Ohhh it’s the deep burn! Oh it’s so deep.

Looking up the sand cliff.

Looking down the sand cliff. I could barely hold the camera steady because I was breathing so heavy.

PilgrimTower in Provincetown

Originally we wanted to get out to the very tip of Cape Cod, but gosh does it ever get dark so fast at this time of year. We started walking out on West End Breakwater and about the halfway point we realized the sun was going down so we headed back inland…but not without having ourselves a little moment to celebrate.

Amanda making her way out on West End Breakwater…

…and I making my way back.

Both of us sharing the moment…

…can’t forget about the bikes.

Quick snack before heading out back to Scituate...tuna fish lunchables!

By the end of the day we were beat. We had dinner back at BlindJoeBeck and talked about our day. It’s too bad we couldn’t spend a little more time in Provincetown and make it out to the tip. Heck! Why not add another year to the trip! I wish. Tomorrow we’re heading to Jewett City, CT where there’s a little error amongst the twilights…

The Atlantic breeze.

Steeds make it to the East Coast.

He's wearing high heels!
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Old 12-14-2009, 11:54 AM   #160
Green Cantern
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Hi Will & Amanda

Looks like you're almost caught up to the time you spent at my house. Too bad the visit was so short, you guys were cool.

I hope you post that picture that I took of you two in the Mohegan Sun Grand Ballroom Lobby. That one made me laugh.

Glad you are still having a good time. I'm enjoying reading the thread.

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Old 12-14-2009, 01:33 PM   #161
job3-14 OP
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Originally Posted by akarob

I hope you post that picture that I took of you two in the Mohegan Sun Grand Ballroom Lobby.

Oh you're gonna like the report in Uncasville. I'm looking forward to posting it! And of course that pic of us is going to be posted!
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Old 12-14-2009, 06:33 PM   #162
job3-14 OP
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October 24, 2009

October 24th, 2009

Weather is calling for rain. I just hope it doesn’t hit till after we get to Jewett City…wrong again. No big deal. Pulled off to the side and donned the rain gear. So far the Wally World product is holding up its end of the bargain. The leather boots get drenched, but the Seal Skinz sox keep the feet dry. Amanda on the other hand has a few leaks here and there…the one-piece rain suit seems to pool water in the navel area because the suit is just a tad too big for her. Good ol’ shopping bags seem to do the trick for keeping her feet dry. We get to Jewett City and meet Twilight Error. It wasn’t long after our introductions that we hit the road and partake in a little site seeing.

The stable at Twilight Error’s

The pets: BBC (big black cat)


Bella & Roger

Fish...they have a lot of them!

B.F. Clydes Cider Mill the last remaining steam-powered cider mill in the U.S….

…and there she is…the last of the V8 Interceptors...notice the Rotella by the chair?

Amanda showing off with her gangster pose.

There were a lot of goodies at B.F. Clydes. We sampled a few sips of various apple wine and snacked on some really good pretzels and dip. We couldn’t go empty handed so we bought a few homemade apple cinnamon doughnuts and a gallon of hard apple cider. Twilight Error bought a few bottles of apple wine as well.

When we got home, somehow the cider started flowing and in no time we were all tipsy daisy…well I don’t know about the other two, I can only speak for myself. The stuff is a bit deceiving…after two or three glasses I was flying. When ErrorWife came home the gloves came off.

Somehow we managed to get dinner ready…well kind of…and spent the night laughing and sharing stories.

Hard apple cider.

Drinking and riding don't mix.

Gin and tonic does.
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Old 12-14-2009, 11:38 PM   #163
Off Limits
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that sweet stuff will really sneak up on you thats for sure!
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Old 12-15-2009, 09:17 PM   #164
job3-14 OP
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October 25th, 2009

October 25th, 2009

Surprisingly enough we woke up fine and dandy. Today we’re going to The Submarine Force Museum in Groton, CT with TwilgihtError and ErrorWife. Not only would we see cool and interesting gadgets and war machines, the best part of it all…it was FREE! So the next time any of you riders pass through the area and you’re on a shoestring budget, it’s definitely something worth checking out.

Submarine Force Museum. The big ring represent the girth of the current submarine USS Ohio.

Submarine hatch for nuclear missiles.

This pic made me felt as if I was on one of those mech robots from the third installment of The Matrix.

Scotty! I need more power!

Peek-a-boo! I see you!

Let the bodies hit the floor…Let the bodies hit the floor…

All aboard!

That’ll make the kids all creeped out.

High-ranking officer’s quarters

Captain’s quarters

Amanda getting a kick out of opening hatches

Hey there sailor! Whatchew doin?

Originally we were going to have a picnic at a historic castle I think, but too many bridge closures had us settle for eating at a war memorial in a small town I don’t remember. After a long day, we went back to Jewett City and had dinner. ErrorWife had prepared an awesome pasta dish made with various types of cheeses. It was yummy.

Submerged in water.

Packed like sardines in a can.

Lop off my sea legs.
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Old 12-17-2009, 03:56 PM   #165
job3-14 OP
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October 26, 2009 pt.1

October 26th, 2009 pt.1

After our farewells to TwilightError and ErrorWife, we rode south…for about 10 miles to Foxwoods Casino. We had left early in the morning so we killed some time at the library near the casino. I plugged myself in to get caught up with the ride report while Amanda went out to have a cat nap out on the grass…a short while later she came in to tell me what had happened.

“I was lying out on the grass in front of the City Hall, (which was closed on Mondays, and it was a Monday!) which was in the same parking lot so to speak, as the library, so I thought I wouldn’t be disturbed. But however that was not the case! I fell asleep on the grass right beside the stairs that lead into the City Hall because I was exhausted and the stairs provided some shade and it was early enough in the morning. Then I heard a few cars, which was normal because the Library was open, but on the other hand it was early and the Library was on the other side of the parking lot, and these cars and people seemed awfully close! I had my helmet on because it was acting like a pillow and sun protection from my face, because if you hadn’t noticed I’m a very Fair Lady, and I burn very easily! So anyway, I guess they were having elections and so there were people coming in and out of the City Hall to get campaign signs. By the time I woke up and noticed that they were walking up the stairs, and that I felt very awkward for being asleep on the grass there, it was too late to move so I just pretended I was still asleep and they left me alone. When they left I moved over to a different patch of grass that was a little farther from the City Hall and the library, but I wasn’t as close to our bikes with all our stuff on it, but I did put my head in a certain direction so I could see the bikes, and I could just wake up and look to see if anyone was bothering them. Also, I’m sure Will was keeping an eye on them from a window inside the library. So I went to sleep again. The next time I awoke it was because someone or something had hit my helmet. Now I’m normally a light sleeper, but today of all days to have a deep sleep, I was so tired that I would’ve had to be hit to wake up. Thank God I was not on the bike! (Don’t worry I wouldn’t ride in that condition Mom! She reads the thread twice a day ;) So I woke up and of course I thought Will was trying to wake me up, but he doesn’t normally do so in such an abrupt manner. So I finally (I know you’re just itching to find out what or who it was, I’m getting there.) As I was saying, so I finally woke up and looked around while I was still lying on the ground, (again expecting it to be Will,) but it was a Police Officer. He was asking me if I was ok. He said that he had been calling out to me, but I didn’t respond, so he thought I was dead! Now on a little side note, I did see a sign on the right side of the City Hall that said ‘Resident Trooper’ , but I didn’t pay it much attention because I thought to myself, (maybe I should of thought longer, but I was really tired!) If he was working there at the present time there would be a cop car, or that he’s gone for the day. But I wasn’t hurting anyone, but I guess I did give him quite a scare! I felt bad; he did actually live there, could you imagine coming home to a dead body on your front lawn? Because that’s what he thought. Anyway, this story is getting long, only because it was a crazy experience for me. He drilled me for a while, and asked me why I didn’t respond, I told him I was really tired and on a bike trip and my boyfriend was in the library on the computer catching up with family. He asked where we were from, I told him Toronto, Ontario, and we did have the correct license plate to back that up. (Unless he had never seen one before, because Canadians are a strange breed you know LOL! He could have thought that they were fake license plates and that we were on the run from the law trying to stay under the radar. But you never know what was going through his head, he thought I was dead!) Wow I just reread that last part, I do have a wild imagination, and I just made myself laugh, that’s hilarious! Anyway, he drilled me for a while and then he advised me to do what we need to do in the library and then move on. He was gone again by the time Will and I left, so we got out of there as quickly as possible so we didn’t have to see him again. What a day that was, and that was just the beginning!”

Foxwoods was quite impressive being out in the middle of nowhere. You’d be riding along and then BOOM; there it is. We were on a tight budget, but we couldn’t walk into a casino without spending a little bit of money…

Finding parking was no problem on a weekday.

One of the sculptures inside.

One of the things I noticed as soon as I stepped in was the wide variety of different ethnicities…well let me put it this way…I felt like I was in Chinatown. The Chinese sure love their gambling let me tell ya. For the most part of the trip so far we were in areas that were populated predominately by white folk. Not that there’s anything wrong with white folk, I just noticed for the first time that I blended in and Amanda stuck out like a sore thumb.

Pick a card! Any card!

The Theatre District inside Foxwoods

Come on! Big money! Big money!

Didn’t think it would move…but it did…and yep…it startled me.

After a few pulls at the slots we called it a day and headed down to Uncasville to meet AkaRob. In case you were wondering…I was up…$1…Amanda was down…$1.

Feeling out of place.

Grandma using her pension.

Do you speak engrish?
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