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Old 12-09-2013, 12:09 PM   #1
cwc OP
Studly Adventurer
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Mexico:We Told Them It Would Be All Freshly Paved Roads

This years ride was instigated and organized by Sleddog. He picked dates that would work for as many people as possible and participated in the route planning.

After conversations with Tury and SR we decided we should ride the Espinoza del Diablo. On the way we would ride a relatively newly paved road south of Durango to San Blas then go up to Mazatlan. On the way to Durango we would tour along the edges of the Copper and Sinforosa Canyon areas. Our return path would depend on time available.

Here is our Spot track

The roads will be good with just a few challenges. Someone rode most of them on a Wing last year. At least that’s what we told Melissa.

A participant (not to be named) suggested the title “Mexican Potholes: More fun when smoked-around with friends.” Another titled a forum entry “Ducati Rider Lied to About Road Conditions.”

Our group consists of Craig (KLR) and Linda(DR650), Jack and Marlene on a Wee Strom, Melissa (Ducati S2R 800), Debi and Bill (R12GS) and me (DR650). Bob and Susan will leave later from Illinois and meet us in Mexico on a DR650 and a DR350. We’ll pick up Tury (DR650) and Enrique (R12GS) in Chihuahua and Nico (KLR) will join us with Bob and Susan.

Here is the whole group in Mazatlan at the Roach Motel (more on that later).

Bottom to top - Marlene, Jack, Tury, Debi, Bill, Enrique, Susan, CWC, Melissa, Linda, Craig, Bob and Nico.

Everybody is a Mexico veteran in one way or another. It should be a good trip.

Photo credits - The only thing I recorded on this trip were GPS tracks. All the photos I use were lifted from Linda, Melissa, Debi and anybody else that publised on facebook or a photo sharing site.

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cwc screwed with this post 12-20-2013 at 12:59 PM Reason: photo credits
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Amateur Adventurer
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As long as you described the roads as "Mexican" you misled no one.

I'm excited to follow another Mexico RR. I'll be there in January. Headed south though.
Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Ferris Bueller
Baja 2012, my first moto tour
Oaxaca, Estados Unidos Mexicanos
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Old 12-09-2013, 05:53 PM   #3
cwc OP
Studly Adventurer
Joined: Jan 2005
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Getting to Mexico

The trip from Minnesota to Texas always has the potential for drama and this one was no different.

I’ll start with some posts our director of communications (Linda) made to a local forum.

Nov. 15

”Find My Friends” app shows Jack and Marlene with a good lead, Debi and Bill tucked in the middle. Melissa and I please Charlie by arriving on time and allowing for a departure 3 minutes ahead of schedule! We have 4 drivers and the others have two each.

The deer didn't do so well getting across the road in front of Debbie and Bill. Their trip has turned into an adventure. Oklahoma City might be the spot they start riding their motorcycle.

"The trip isn't over, it is just a different trip". CWC words of wisdom.

Nov. 16
We caught up with Jack and Marlene at their motel in Odessa. A perfect time to stretch and get breakfast after our all night drive!

The recommended place for desayunos was a perfect warm-up for Mexico. No toilet seats and paper in the basket please.

Deer slayers Debi and Bill arrived safe in Presidio about 6:25 with a little sunlight left to spare. 703 miles. Just how fast were you driving Bill?????

It never occurred to Debi and Bill that totaling their pickup should put a crimp in their trip. They got a tow to OK City and left the truck at a dealer. The bike was unscathed so after 3-4 hours of sleep they loaded it up and headed for Texas. 11½ hours and 700+ miles later they arrived in Presidio. A little tired but smiling.

Most of us got the border paperwork out of the way while waiting for Debi and Bill. Tomorrow we’ll get them done and head to Chihuahua.

DR350 It'll get you there

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Old 12-09-2013, 06:08 PM   #4
Guero con moto
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Guero from Texas
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Old 12-09-2013, 08:04 PM   #5
Gnarly Adventurer
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I've participated in 3 adventures to the Copper Canyon region. A year ago the group planned a road trip, down the Eastern side of the country, a colonial city tour. My Wife, Marlene, had never been "into" Mexico. We were on board to join them, 2-up on our Wee Strom. Things came up at work & we had to bow out

I was determined, I wanted to show Marlene Mexico. The Beautiful scenery, Gracious people, wonderful food & great roads! We were back in for a fall trip. Marlene's work schedule leaves Thanksgiving as the best time for her to take extended time off. The planning started soon after my return from the Canyon's in March.

Finally the day arrived when we would be on the road. It may be close to Thanksgiving but, I felt it was the night before Christmas I was excited to be on the road. We left Sioux Falls Thursday night about 5:00 PM. The trip down, for us, was pretty uneventful. Biggest thing was trying to find a Waffle House for breakfast Friday morning.

Penny's Diner would have to do.....

We were keeping track of each other by texting & watching our "Find my Friends" app on our iPhones. Bill & Debi were behind us near Norman, OK. We got word they had hit a deer but, were ok & would be heading the rest of the way on their bike.

Marlene & I stopped for the night in Odessa, TX. The next morning Linda text us & said they were just a few miles away & asked if we wanted to meet for Breakfast.

After Breakfast we all headed to Presidio, TX where we would unload & cross the border.

Craig starting to unload, DR650, Ducati, KLR...There's another DR in the van!

Quite the assortment of tie downs!

After unloading we head over to the border & take care of our paper work....vehicle importation & travel visa's.

The girls are discussing Melissa's new "friend" she met at the Aduana

The group just before leaving Sunday morning from Presidio. We would add others along the way.

We were officially on the Tour now!

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Old 12-10-2013, 06:34 AM   #6
Jedi Loser
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I am overcome with joy at seeing you. However, that is a sausage in my pocket.
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Old 12-10-2013, 06:41 AM   #7
Beastly Adventurer
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Hey Gravy, pass the popcorn. This should be good!
Wisconsin Rustic Road Century
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Old 12-10-2013, 06:44 AM   #8
El Gran Payaso
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Dim the lights and strike up the band....I'm in my seat
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Old 12-10-2013, 09:04 AM   #9
cwc OP
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Onward to Chihuahua

The trip was pretty normal. No problem at either checkpoint.

Tracks and elevations.

Nov 17 From Linda

Bill and Debi only had one glitch getting across the border. Just where was the VIN number on their 05 oil head GS? It was hidden above their fuel tank and below their tank bag harness. The officials spent some time looking for it.

It is fall here in Mexico. Dropping into Coyame, the golden leaves sparkled in the sun. Brunch was the usual struggle with trying to remember your Spanish.

Arturo graciously invited us to meet his family and have a late lunch.

He met us at the Maria Delores with his friends Marco and Enrique. They were there just to see the show! A couple of taxi's and Arturo's car whisked us off to his home.

We were warmly greeted by most of Arturo's family with the exception of his youngest daughter who was away for the weekend. Grateful were the English speakers that his kids could speak English to us. The grand kids found our attempts to speak Spanish entertaining!

Arturo's wife had a massive stroke 9 years ago. Griselda is bedridden and cannot speak but understands both English and Spanish. We had a chance to spend time with her as a group. Jack and Marlene brought her a cross of Black Hills gold. She isn't able to express emotion with her facial muscles but started to cry when they gave it to her. She had been a general physician.

We were all touched by the love and care the family provides. In the states she would be in a nursing home.

Pepe, a dear friend of Arturo's catered a fabulous dinner of huge pork shanks. There was more than enough alcohol to drown a rat! Nicco and his wife joined us.

It was a fabulous night getting to know his kids and grand kids. Thank you Arturo and family!

Missing from this photo was his youngest daughter, and his daughter Brenda who had to return to call as a pediatrician.

I'd previously met some of Tury's family. I think he invited the whole group so his family wouldn't think all gringo motorcyclists were like me. It was great to start our trip by meeting such an outstanding family.

DR350 It'll get you there

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Old 12-10-2013, 11:01 AM   #10
Beastly Adventurer
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Sorry to hear about the totaled vehicle, glad no one was hurt and everything worked out in the end.

Much more serious than the usual running out of gas...
2008 KTM 990 Adv & 2007 KTM 640 Adv
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Old 12-10-2013, 11:22 AM   #11
Gnarly Adventurer
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After driving nearly 1500 miles it's nice to be welcomed to Mexico

About 25 miles after crossing the border we stop at a familiar lookout. Fresh Paint & no graffiti

We find out from these ladies the monument has been painted for the upcoming celebration of the start of the Revolution. They are there waiting for a 100 riders on horseback that are on their way to Ojinaga for the celebration.

We leave the lookout & go down the hill a couple klicks & go through a checkpoint. Everyone has their paperwork in order & we're on the way.

Breakfast in Coyame

It was great to meet Tury's family. Here we're being told a little family History.

The food was wonderfully delicious & plentiful. I can't believe I did get any food pics! But we had Ice Cream for dessert, three different flavors

Tomorrow we leave Chihuahua & head West to Creel

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cwc OP
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Two Paths to Creel

These are our tracks and elevations for the day.

Paved Profile

Dirty section profile

Nov 18 from Linda

We eat breakfast at the well known "squeezed fresh orange juice" place.

Melissa totally scores with a fruit and yogurt breakfast that we all drooled over for 50 pesos

After breakfast we set out for Creel. Some of the group wanted to take the potentially more scenic unpaved route through Carichic and Sisoguichi. I explained to Melissa that while I was sure she could do it on the Ducati it might not be the most fun she ever had in her life. The two of us took the pavement through La Junta and San Juanito.

We split at Cuauhtemoc. Jack was happy when we split.

Not so happy later. I’ll let him explain.

At an intersection near La Junta we stopped for some tacos and Melissa got these guys to pose with her.

I told them she was my daughter and they were complete gentlemen.

We continued on to Creel, reserved rooms at Margarita’s for the group and then went out to Divisadero to look into the canyon while we waited for them.

DR350 It'll get you there

My Ride Reports Here
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The Walrus
Gone and back again.
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Except for the deer hit, very nice report, I'll look forward to hearing how you kept this large group together........

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Old 12-10-2013, 04:04 PM   #14
Gnarly Adventurer
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Hey Powerhouse, missed ya on this trip! Notice, we don't need Sports Illustrated to get pictures of posing military guys!

Trice & Gravy Grab some Dots too!

Walrus, Good havin ya along! It was actually better than you'd expect with such a large group. We tried splitting into two smaller groups a couple times but somehow we'd all get back together. The real trick was going through the bigger towns. Several of us had the tracks that cwc had developed. Someone would lead & there were people in the middle & end with the tracks to destinations. Somehow, we all managed to get to the correct place. Sometimes we'd all pull into a parking lot while a couple others would go scope out the destination. Other than a time or two everyone was really good at keeping the bike behind them in view; waiting to make sure they saw which direction to go.

Along the way we stop for what old men have to do. No one wanted to pose for that Picture so I'll put this one up of a couple kids that were hanging with their Mom & Dad waiting for their car to cool down

This is the real Mexico. People just going about their daily lives, doing what they need to.

On the gravel between Carichic & Sisoguichi I stopped to air down the tires on the wee. That made the ride & traction much better. Unfortunately, a few miles later the rear shock got sea sick from all the motion & puked oil all over the exhaust So now we were in pogo stick mode. We made the best of it & continued on.

I like to carry small gifts to give to the kids we meet along the way.....Matchbox Cars, Fingernail Polish, Stickers, Balloons etc. When we got to Sisoguichi we stop at a Tienda for a snack. I hand out some of the stuff, including some candy.

I gave this boy some candy & was trying to get him to tell me what you call it in Spanish....after a couple of times back & forth he looks at me & says "They're Smarties"

See that Red & Black bag on the back of the bike? It didn't work so well for two up riding! Marlene said she felt like she was falling off. (She's used to sitting on the Goldwing Barco Lounger) Craig & I swapped bags for the remainder of the trip. He had a Moto Fizz that was much better for a backrest.

We all arrive at the Hotel in Creel. Relaxing in Margarita's courtyard.

A familiar site in the evenings....Linda, typing (on her iPhone!) the daily Ride Reports to be sent back the DS Adventure group

That evening, she also sent out a note that the wee had puked it's shock. Bob & Susan hadn't left Illinois yet! Could they locate & bring one along. Could I contact a suspension company in the States & have one sent? How about someone from the DS Adventure group, could they help? Tury was still in Chihuahua maybe him? How about SR, in Durango, could he help locate something? The word was out, now wait till morning to see if something comes about for the shout out. After all we are in Mexico, how hard could it be?

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cwc OP
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Here are some random shots that Linda took of the road from Carichi to Bocoyna. I first rode this route about 10 years ago and thought I might die there. Most of it has been improved now and it seems there might be some mining activity there in the future. From the way it is being improved it looks like pavement might be in it's future.

The offending shock.


DR350 It'll get you there

My Ride Reports Here
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