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We dropped the new Tag not to far away in Mount Holly.

I had been wanting to do this fountain for a while but it is at a busy intersection in the middle of town.

With the low traffic this day we found a great parking spot across the street.
There was the one parking spot we were in and one behind us, that's about it.
There is no parking on the other side of the street.

The fountain consists of Lions.


And Hebes, Oh My !

Hebe is the Greek Goddess of Youth.

She should be paying more attention to where she is pouring that nectar.

I wonder it that is where Huba Huba comes from ?

(Clarification: please do not take the extreme definition for that phrase. Bob Hope and Jackie Gleason used it on TV so it's not that far gone.)

This fountain replaced on that stood here from 1878 until 1920.

This one was placed here in 1988.

I wonder how the original fountain met it's demise?
A wayward truck or, fire engine ?

Actually I am not finding Miss Hebe that attractive for some reason.

Perhaps it is the disjointed hip ! ?

The building behind the fountain is part of Burlington County College. Their Mount Holly campus, which looks like a bank!

And for good reason, it use to be a bank !

There is my wife waiting patiently across the street !

When I got back over there she asked me if I had taken enough pictures ?

It is an interesting fountain.
I was trying to get good pictures with the water flowing but the sun was not cooperating !

That's my excuse, and I'm stickin' to it ! ! !

Hebe, from Wikipedia.
Daughter of Zeus and Hera who later married Hercules.

Some more information about this fountain on Waymarking.


SJT 832 Fountain For The Ages

Hebe's Fountain, Mount Holly @12

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PC-Rider OP
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That was the weekend before Hurricane Sandy visited New Jersey.

It rained a couple of days before the eye of the storm made landfall on Monday, October 29, 2012.

What I want to do here is just share some pictures and comments.
Just know this is my own point of view.
I am basically located in the center of Southern New Jersey.
It rained here all day Sunday and most of Monday, but we did not get any severe winds.

What looks like happened was the Hurricane pushed the water ahead of it and when it made
the sharp right turn into New Jersey it came at an extreme High Tide near a full moon.
That is why the shore areas of New Jersey got hit so bad with high water and waves.
The storm surge pushed the water up into New York Harbor and flooded New York City's Manhattan Island and Staten Island.

The western side of New Jersey got more wind and rain.
North Jersey got wind and rain and a lot of downed trees and power lines.
One of our riders just got his power back yesterday, that was 13 days without power !!!!!!!
And some communities are still without power.

I took some pictures off the internet.
I only do so because some of the links I use disappear after time.
I will give the links where they come from.
This will just give you a glimpse of what New Jersey went through.

This is Strathmere just after the Sandy went through.

This is the main road through town.

This is where the dunes are.
The wood railing is for a bridge going over those dunes.

Found here.

Looking at that picture just realize that my bike would have been totally covered with water.

This is the short road, Seaview Drive, that I parked on when we went onto the beach.

Found here.

Not the first time this island has been flooded.

This community is not very big.

There was a breach on this island separating Strathmere from Sea Isle City.
If it were not for the bridge over to Ocean City the people on this island would have had no way off.

Found here.

Moving North the island that Atlantic City sits on was totally covered with water.

You can see the Absecon Lighthouse in this shot.
And that wood decking with the railing on it in the center of the picture is part of the boardwalk !

Found here.

And at least the lower section of the Boardwalk was destroyed.

Found here.

I am going to post pictures here and label them later when I get time.
I need to get to bed !

This is probably the best abridged compilation of photos from many towns across New Jersey that I have seen.

Here is another good site.

This is the barometer reading at our house when Sandy's eye came over us.

The Philadelphia area had the lowest Barometric Pressure ever recorded at 940 millibars.
Ours looks like it goes down to 950 and the needle is buried.
I took that when we were without power for a total of 45 minutes.

Sandy came through October 29th and we had a Nor'easter, which brought snow, the middle of the next week.
And we still had some green leaves on the trees ! ! !

For those who do not know, a Nor'easter is a storm defined by the direction it comes from.
It is basically a storm that is too far north to form into a hurricane, but has all of the characteristics of one, but less severe.

We get them quite often.
Bu quite often I mean we get at least one a year.
This one was weird because we got mostly snow.
Some places up to 6 inches, as you will see in some of the pictures.

This is Point Pleasant Beach

Our church sent out a team of 10 guys who went to help out families in Point Pleasant Beach for a week.
This is what they had to deal with.

They set up a camp with an affiliate church there.

10 guys stayed in that camper for a week !

The white one.
It is big, but not 10 GUYS big.
They managed.

The trailer in the foreground is a BBQ Pit, a Large Grill with a Smoker on the back.

A group of us went up on Saturday to cook a decent meal for those serving up here and to also share with those who live here.

That is two full racks of chicken.
I think they cooked four racks like this.

The church had other volunteers, totaling 60 people on Saturday, and sent them out in 5 teams.

We cooked the chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage and kielbasa.
Along with drinks, chips, and everything else to go along with that.
And everything was donated by local businesses in the Vineland area.


Some of the pictures here are from our church workers and some are mine.
After cooking and cleaning up a little bit my wife and I took a ride to see if we could help any at the houses.

This is what we saw.

The roof in the front yard of this house I have no idea where it came from.
It did not come from any of the houses nearby !

This one house we were helping out at is typical of what everyone is dealing with at the Jersey Shore from top to bottom.

The water was two feet up above this deck.

And thus destroying anything on the first floor.

This gentleman had two antique cars in his garage.

Not sure where that roof, or deck, came from.
That is our pastor on the left talking to a home owner.

Planes and helicopters were flying around all day.

At the end of the road you can see the pile of sand they put up all along the beach.
I am not sure when they put that up.

We went down on our way to another home and checked out the beach while we were there.

There was sand everywhere of course, but the closer to the beach you got the deeper it was.

Here we are shoveling the sand away so people can get into their homes.

The picture below I took in January of 2011 when I was down here looking at the
Amityville Horror Movie Church in Point Pleasant Beach that I posted on page 55.
This is the dunes, like the ones in Strathmere, that they build along the Jersey Shore to keep the water out of the towns.
Of course with the extreme conditions of a hurricane they were not sufficient to keep back that much water.

When I saw the below picture on our church site I was shocked.

I had taken a picture of this same building in 2011 !

Heading back to camp we drove on the northern most road along the Manasquan River.
The local pastors wife said there were boats stranded all along this road after the water receded.
There was still one left on the beach across the river.

I guess Hurricane Sandy did not read the sign when she went through !

As we were preparing to leave Point Pleasant a motorhome and another truck with a big camper pulled up at the camp we were at.

They are also affiliated with our church, which is a Calvary Chapel, and they had driven three days from Washington State just to help out those in need here in New Jersey.

Our church has sent teams to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Fires in Southern California, the Eathquake in Haiti, the shooting at Virginia Tech and many other places over the years.
It is nice to see that people are coming to help us out during our crisis.

Kind of makes me ashamed to go home and go back to work.

That was my experience.
Not much for sure.
People are hurting all over the state.

It will be a long time before there is any sense of normalcy again, especially along the shore lines on both sides of our state.

While looking for pictures to post I happened to see the Binghamton Ferryboat that we visited on our last Bruce Run.
It was in bad shape then.
This will just hasten it's demise.

From here.


Point Pleasant Beach at Boardwalk @12

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Glad you're alright and were untouched by Sandy...very sad to see the places i used to frequent in the Seaside Hgts...which was a 45 min ride on backroads from Robbinsville...barely recognizable...i wonder if people will turn a blind eye to mother nature and once again set themselves up for a repeat disaster at some future point in time...
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PC-Rider OP
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Thank you Ben.

I had wanted to stop at Seaside Heights on my way home but on our way up listening to the radio we heard
they were busing home and business owners onto the island and only for certain streets each day.
And they could only visit their homes for four hours ! ! !

So of course we did not stop there.
After seeing Point Pleasant Beach I understood why.

You just can not imagine the impact from the pictures.
Yes, they look bad, but being there gives you a whole new scope on the damage.

Here is a picture of the rollercoaster in the ocean.
Other pictures on the link.

Found here.

A picture of the pier.
Other pictures you do not usually see of other amusements and businesses close to the Casino Pier on the link.

Found here.

It is said they found one of the amusement cars from this pier 8 miles away ! ! !

It looks like the Muffler Man survived this one !

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Boy am I a slackard !

The last time we were out riding, for fun anyway, was December 8th.
Three weeks ago.
I did not realize it had been that long.

A lot has gone on in that time of course.
I had not ridden for at least a month before this while dealing with some Blood Pressure and Intestinal issues.
Also in that time our son and his wife moved to New York State.
And Christmas was in there somewhere too and all the preparations for that of course.

I did feel good enough to ride on a nice Saturday though before the rush started.

First stop.

The Tag was the Fire Tower in Bass River, which is at the Maintenance Yard for that forest area.

It is a nice ride out there.

I had never stopped to read the other signs here before.

I found the name humerous of course !

The Loblolly is an actual type of pine tree which likes acidic clay soil.
I don't know about the clay part, but the sandy soil around is very acidic.
There is some clay in there in spots too below the surface.

These were planted in 1908 according to the sign, and part of keeping the forest a forest !

The Bass River Fire Tower is one of many in New Jersey that watches over the Pine Barrens.
It was built in 1937 in a reported 11 days !
Takes longer than that to get a permit today !
The elevation at the base is said to be 47 feet above sea level. The tower is 80 feet tall.
You don't get very high down here of course. The highest point in the Pine Barrens is Apple Pie Hill,
which also has a fire tower, which I posted on page 1. That is 208 feet high at the base, and that
is an actual hill. This area at Bass is relatively flat and is closer to the ocean.

More information on the Bass River Fire Tower can be found here at the State of New Jersey Forest Fire Service website.


1829 Fire Watch at Bass River

Bass River Fire Tower @12

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PC-Rider OP
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On our way out of the forest I was glad to see someone was clearing the roads of these moving targets ! ! !

I did expect to see some guy coming out in green tights for some reason!

Pretty nice for New Jersey Deer.

Both of those hunting clubs are on the same road as the Fire Tower.

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We headed north for the Southern Tag and finally found it.

The area is still busy while trying to recuperate from Hurricane Sandy.
And these fine soldiers are helping out with that effort.

I had a hard time locating this because I kept finding this in Morristown, NJ which is out of the South Jersey Tag-O-Rama range.
I finally found this part of it in Toms River.

The 3rd Battalion, 112th Field Artillery has its headquarters in Morristown,
Morris County, New Jersey. The primary weapon system is the M109A5
(155mm) self-propelled howitzer. The battalion has five subordinate units
(called batteries) located in Morristown, Toms River, and Lawrenceville
with fire support detachments located in Morristown and Cherry Hill.

Found here.

They are doing a fine job.
Thank you.


SJT 838 NG 3-112th FA

New Jersey National Guard Armory 3-112th FA of Toms River @12

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Getting hungry out here riding around.
We were looking for a place to eat and one of the soldiers came out to see if we were OK.
We told him we were looking for a nice place to eat and he told us of a Diner not too far away.
When we left I must not have remembered his directions correctly, but we finally found the place.

It was a typical diner.
Not bad.

Would have looked better at night with the neon lit up !
But I was getting worn out already.
And we still had to drop two Tags.
My plans to go to Trenton were nixed and we did something local.

They were ready for Christmas.

Crystal Diner does not have a website.
I did find their menu on-line though.

So I guess diners in New Jersey do not need websites !

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The diner was not far from where our church had been doing relief work for Hurricane Sandy victims.

People were, and are still, dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in these areas.
I decided I wanted to Tag something to show this part of our New Jersey history.
We are always looking for the old places where history took place, and I figured this is current
history being written today, so why not record it in this game while it is happening?

The church we were helping out in Point Pleasant Beach had a new Command Center they had set up so we decided to use that.

The Tag is really the building behind the sign.
Rockn' Joe

This gentleman offered the use of his building to the church to work out of.
His business was basically destroyed.

This is the inside of the front section where customers use to come in and enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

The kitchen area is being used for storage by the church.

And in a back room we added a make-shift shower for the people who volunteer their time and stay for several days.

We had been here two weeks earlier doing that and other projects.

Outside are two trailers.

The one on the left was bought by an affiliate group that drove here from Washington STATE just to help homeowners in this area!
That has been made a command center to coordinate workers with homes that need work.
The trailer on the right belongs to a friend of mine from church.
The guys from our church stayed in that for a week and he left it up here for others to use.
He had to winterize it because it was getting cold out, and that is the reason for the make-shift shower inside the building.

Out front of the building is the pile of ruined stuff pulled out of the building.
Or I should say, another pile of ruined stuff pulled out of the building.

Which is being taken away by dump trucks.

The business next door had commodities that survived the water damage.

But life continues as it must.

Some of those National Guardsmen were just around the corner keeping out people like me and allowing in only those who need to be there.

There are many organizations out there helping as many people as they can.

Because it still is not over.
I have heard stories recently that there are people still recovering from Hurricane Katrina along the Gulf of Mexico.
And that was seven years ago.

The New Jersey Shore will never be the same.
It will be interesting to see what changes are made.
What businesses can survive this disaster, and those that unfortunately can not.

I can only hope that Rockn' Joe recovers at this location for his kind offering.


SJT 839 Rockn' Joe Recovery

Rockn' Joe Coffeehouse and Bistro, Point Pleasant Beach @12

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This was my new Tag for the Garden State Tag-O-Rama.

Yes, a pile of junk.

Those dump trucks I mentioned were taking there stuff here.
And this is not the only place they come to.

So sad to see peoples possessions in a heap of rubble !

This particular location was along Route 70 at Brick Bouldevard.

The trucks come in.

Check in.
Yes, that is a little office the drives pull up to.

And dump their loads.

I had seen this when we were her two weeks earlier.
I could have sworn it was a lot larger then.
I took this picture as we were driving by going for materials to build that shower.

I was totally wiped out at this point.
It was getting late and close to getting dark so we drove straight home in about an hour and a half.
Posted the new Tags.
And hit the hay.


1830 HS Pile

Hurricane Sandy Debris Pile @12

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We finally got a chance to see Seaside Heights for ourself.

Not that that was a good thing to look forward too!
But my curiosity was finally satisfied.

Every road to the beach was closed off, and the roads closest to this Rollercoaster at Casino Pier had police stationed at them!

We were actually behind a Police Line to see this here at Sheridan Avenue.

The police understand people want to see this so there was no police at this one road where you could see the Rollercoaster.
That was very nice of them.

But they were still watching !!!

There was a boardwalk here and now you can not even see the foundations.
This pole is part of a chair lift ride that ran right along the boardwallk on the ocean side!

Casino Pier got hit pretty bad.
One lady standing there at the beach said there were 1,000 piers beneath that rollercoaster, and all of them
had the sand washed away from around them, which lead to the pier collapsing into the Atlantic Ocean.

Across the street from the front of Casino Pier they were storing everything they salvaged off of the pier.

I remember seeing some of these when we were there about ten years ago.

Also in this fenced in area is the lone Muffler Man left at the pier.

I posted him back on page 65.
Although this guys paint scheme seems a little different now.
This was the only one there back in 2010 and it is the only one in this yard.

He did, unfortunately, loose an arm !

Well, it's not really lost.
It's just not where it is supposed to be !

They can rebuild him.
Better... Stronger... Faster !

OK, maybe not faster !

On our way back to our bike we saw someone had thrown out a monkey !

And some monkey feet !

Casino Pier posted a note on their progress so far.
It appears people are offering their time to help rebuild this nice attraction in Seaside Heights.


Rollercoaster site, Casino Pier, Seaside Heights, NJ @13

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We took back roads home and stopped at the Southern Tag.

A pavilion dedicated to the following:

I knew I should have taken pictures of the names inside.
There is nothing about this online ! Booo Hisss

I was surprised to see boats in the water.

Especially after Hurricane Sandy !

This is looking inland.
The other one was looking out toward the bay/ocean.

Right across the street from Captain's Inn of Forked River.

Looks nice.
And fellow riders report that it is a nice place to go.

Captain's Inn

They bought the pavilion from the township and it is now part of their property.


SJT 841 North Dock

North Dock Pavilion at Captain's Inn @13

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We dropped the new Tag at a place we had eaten breakfast last year.
And it was very good !

Biscuits and Gravey, southern style.

Over Half Eaten, SORRY !

It is not very big inside, but that is part of it's charm.

They server Breakfast and Lunch only.

I like the sign for some reason.

We pass this going to church and about a month ago this stuffed
Bowling Pin showed up hanging in a tree across the street !

I found it interesting.

Don't ask me why !

It just hangs there and spins around slowly in the wind with
that big smile on it's face no matter what is going on around it.

Rodio's Kitchen, Folsom, NJ
Listed in Hammonton, which is probably it's mailing address.


SJT 842 Rassell Up Some Grup

Rodio's Kitchen @13

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Decided to look at some motorcycles today.

Not really in the market right now, but interesting to look.

Their lineup here at Fast by Ferracci is mostly Ducati.

They also sell Agusta, Moto Guzzi, Husqvarna and scooters.

I don't think I would know what to do with one of these !

Moto Guzzis are what I came to look at.

I was looking to see if they had a California in stock to look at, but they did not have one.

The above is the Griso.
This is a V7 Classic.
Looks pretty nice.

A V7 Racer with a red frame.

Or I could fly on a Fly Scooter !

The outside of the building is not much to look at.
This is where you go in on the side.

But what is important is on the inside of course !
These are all Ducatis.

Do Ducatis need service ?

I got Moto Guzzi brochures from the last two years.
They did not have the 2013's yet.

That was my trip for today.

Fast by Ferracci in Willow Grove, PA.


PA, Willow Grove, Fast by Ferrucci @13

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Finally got out to do some riding today.
Some riding to see some interesting stuff anyway !

I have been looking for this underground house that I read about for several years now.
I went for the Southern Tag today and by chance I was lead right to it.

This was the Southern Tag.

The building here was built and used by Malcolm B. Wells as his studio.
Malcolm Wells was an Architect who was an early advocate of underground houses.

He was not pushing for house caves, but houses placed into the landscape yet
providing needed light for those who live in the house.

Mr. Wells build this studio along a nice two lane road with a view of the river.
The government came along and widened the road to six lanes !
Needless to say, most of his front yard wound up under pavement.

Hence, his wife, painted this nice quote on their front wall along the road !

It says:
"If we are not careful we shall leave our children a legacy of billion dollar
roads leading nowhere except to other congested places like those they
left behind" Omar Bradley.

Omar Nelson Bradley (February 12, 1893 April 8, 1981) was a senior
U.S. Army field commander in North Africa and Europe during World War II,
and a General of the Army in the United States Army." Wikipedia
He attained to the rank of Five Star General in 1950.
Why she quoted this I do not know, but it sure fit the Wells' situation.

This is a busy area.

And Yes, I road my bike through that !

This building is unique, but it is not technically an underground house, as you can see.

It is interesting though.

I walked up the short side street to get some pictures of the back side.

I see this interesting depression with a roadway going around it.

I did not really notice what was off to the left here.

Just looked like some interesting landscaping.

I head back to my bike and one of the workers from the Studio building came out and asked if I was looking for the underground house.

I said I had been looking for it for several years now, but this is not it is it?

He said No, it is up the end of the street.

The short one I had been down.

How many houses do you see in this picture?

Yeah, me too.


He told me that was the underground house at the end.
It is a business now, and if anyone is there they will give you a tour.

So I walk down and lo and behold.

That landscaping is what turned out to be the roof of the house I had been looking for ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Malcom B. Wells
6 Dale Avenue
Cherry Hill, NJ

Note the Rope Handrail !

I finally see the courtyard below.

This is the roof of the house I had been looking for !

It did not look like anyone was here so I decided to look around.
The other gentleman said it would be OK.

An interesting bench. The style of an ecentric of the 1970's.

I walk down the stairs and the courtyard is very narrow.

I see a lizard on the wall.

A pond below.

Circular steps going off to the left.

I finally get to a spot where I can get a picture of the building underground.

The roof on top of this is what I saw from the road.

Across the courtyard is that doorway by the circular stairs.

Doesn't look like anyone lives or works here !

In the corner I am at I see these large stairs.

I walk up a couple to see what I can see.

The roof of the house I saw from the road.

And some chimneys and piping behind me.

I come back down the large stairs and I see a man standing there.
OH NO, am I in trouble ???

It is one of the workers from the business that now owns this "HOUSE".

He says, Did you come to see the underground house?

OH YEAH, I believe this is it right?

Yes, would you like a tour ?

Are you kidding me ?

I hope I didn't look too excited !

He tells me the edges of the poured roof were made using coffee cans for forms.

The pillars holding the roof up on the outside are stylish.

The actual roof is square, but the walls of the house itself are round.

He asked if I wanted to see the inside.
Now, I don't drool much, but I do have my moments.
(I know, some of you think I am crazy. That's just me ! )

There is One central Pillar holding the inside of the roof up.

Malcolm Wells' desk was in the same spot as this gentleman's.
Right next to the pillar on the left.

Every other window was a door around about half way.
The rest of the walls were underground.

I was told this was actually Malcolm Wells' Office.
His house was across the courtyard.
Down those circular stairs I had seen.

This office section had been divided into four rooms.
The office area we were in. A bathroom. A Kitchen. And another room that looked like a rest area in the pictures I have seen.
They had taken out one of the walls to make their office bigger, beings they were not living here.

The reason for all of the stuff in the courtyard was because they were doing renovations on the kitchen and bathroom.

Across the courtyard we go to the actual living quarters.

We walk through double glass doors which he said replaced the original bronze doors that hung there.

There was one big room.
Probably the living room, which did have a wood stove in it when Malcolm Wells lived here.

The floor tiling is original.

The ceiling you could tell was poured concrete.

Interesting brick pattern on the wall.
The wall arched to make a nice niche for the wood stove.

There was a room to the right, and another bathroom.
There were a couple of small closet/utility areas around, and that was about it.

There was a doorway leading out back.

You can see the shaft for the skylight in this picture as well.

On the wall on the right behind the screen is a sculpture of Malcolm Wells' face that was done by his daughter, who was an artist.

I was told that that is what Malcolm Wells looked like, except for the hat !

I said, Really, he looked like that?


There is so much to consider with an underground house like this.
Water seepage, hard to heat, moisture condensation, dampness. Kind of like living in a cave.
If it didn't have doors I am sure there would be bats in it as well !

Back out in the courtyard he showed me the outside wall of the living quarters and
said Mrs. Wells had painted a phrase on there as well, but no one knows what is was now.

Malcolm Wells had designed the Collingswood Library and these bricks are thought
to be left over from that project.

I thanked my kind impromptu tour guide for his kindness and the wonderful tour.
He says they get all kinds of people stopping by to see the place.
One guy actually came from Africa to see it !!!!!!!!!

He also said I could come back at any time.
Really ?

This is the current occupants.

They do all kids of advertising, from brochures, newsletters, mailers, web sites, branding, etc., etc.

So you would never know this was a house unless you knew it was there.

Know you know !

And a nice sunset on my way out.

About as good as you are going to get looking over the Cooper River towards Camden !

Malcolm B. Wells
A man ahead of his time.
He was pushing recycling before it became the norm.
Designing energy creative designs for buildings before conservation was the norm.
Everything you wanted to know about the man, and more !

Some interesting stories from people who worked for Mr. Wells.

A short video from above ground to the courtyard of this house on this site.

Amazingly Wikipedia does not have much on Malcolm Wells.

Pictures of the House from Red Oak Creative before renovations.
There were a lot more darker earthy colors originally.

Red Oak Creative
Very nice people to work with.


SJT 845 Roads Leading To Congested Areas

Malcolm B. Wells Studio @13
Malcolm B. Wells Underground House @13

My Thread of Where I've Been: "PC's Adventures in PIctures"
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