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Old 02-12-2010, 08:26 AM   #796
Movin' on up
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It was 14 dollars.
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Beastly Adventurer
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Not sure why I torture myself everyday by reading this thread. I am sitting here in my office wishing I was in Mexico. The really sad part is I even felt the sadness of your trip ending. I guess that just means you have been writing a great ride report.

Glad the truck was still there. Wish you guys would finish this so the torture can stop.
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Old 02-12-2010, 09:40 AM   #799
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Originally Posted by Bendejo
It was 14 dollars.
Did you Gordy him down?
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Charla OP
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Originally Posted by Bendejo
It was 14 dollars.

Pics added to previous post.
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Charla OP
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This is the point in the story where most people will say "Then we loaded the bikes and drove home the end." but Ben and I still have something to look forward too.

We loaded the bikes up and packed our gear then we swung through town to grab some lunch and change our pesos back to dollars. Camping on the beach really helped keep costs down so we had a bunch of money left over.

Travelling down highway 8 we were stopped by a Border Patrol checkpoint. The officer looked at the bikes and asked if we had been at the sand dunes. Ben replied that we had just come back from Mexico.

"Oh yeah? How long were you there?"

"Two weeks, but we didn't bring any Mexicans back with us I promise."

The agent laughed and told us to have a nice day as I sat staring at Ben with my mouth agape.

"I can't believe you said that to him! Judging by those dogs they had sniffing around I'm pretty sure they weren't looking for Mexicans."

We drove through Arizona and Ben decided since we had so much time that he wanted to take a more scenic route home. Were approaching Globe as the sun went down and we were trying to decide if we were going to stop in Globe or try to make it to Showlow. Ben absolutely hates driving at night and to make matters worse the road to Globe was a tight twisty 2 lane that snaked through a canyon. After the long day we'd had Ben was completely fried by the time we got to Globe so we decided to stop there. Our decision was confirmed when Ben talked to a local to ask about the road to Showlow. She said it had quite a few 1st gear switchbacks and usually took her an hour and a half to drive.

We found a room for cheap and went to grab some dinner. When we got back we started looking at the room a little closer and were getting more and more sketched out, the place was a dump. This was by far the worst room that we had stayed in and at one point Ben and I looked at each other and discussed if we wanted to bail or not. I said "I do, but it's almost like admitting defeat." We decided to stick it out, got a few hours of shut eye and then high tailed it out of there in early the next morning.

Our next destination was back to Gordy and Debbie's house.
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Old 02-12-2010, 10:07 AM   #802
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What a vacation!
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Charla OP
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The whole day I was trying to phone Gordy to tell him we were on the way but there is no cell reception apparently anywhere except in major cities and along interstates in Arizona and New Mexico.

I was finally able to reach Gordy when we were about an hour away to let him know we would be there in an hour. Sorry about that Gordy.

A couple of days before we had started the trip Gordy went on a bike selling spree and listed his trials bike for sale. Ben has been dreaming about trials bikes for a while now and since Gordy was practically giving his away it was a deal I couldn't pass up. I called dibs on the bike within minutes of his post.

Now it was time to pick up the new toy.

Gordy and Deb got home shortly after we arrived and it was time to play. Ben had decided it would probably be wise not to ride it during our first visit and risk an injury before the trip but now he was ready to give it a try.

Gordy whipped out a super geeky trials helmet and it was off to the practice section in the back yard.

Even though it was early we decided to stay the night so we could hang out with our friends some more. Debbie stuffed us full of good food and then we all sat around the fireplace while Debbie played with her new 12 string guitar that her friend Locke (?) had just brought over. Debbie and Locke played guitar and sang while we all enjoyed the music.

It was a wonderful evening that was every bit as enjoyable as any of the nights we spent in Baja.

The next morning we loaded up the bikes, ate blueberry pancakes and went home. The End.

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Charla OP
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Duke's turn.
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Good stuff but I don't want this report to end!
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kinda slow
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Originally Posted by cRAsH
Did you Gordy him down?

JJnG!! That was mean!!

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bring on the world!!!!
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ok, so we left the bay of LA on our way to san filipe.. to be our last day of dirt on this awesome trip.. we had to ride some pavement to get us up to mex5.. but when we were getting close to our turn to the dirt, hayduke (in the lead) slammed us all to a stop.. you shoulda seen the look on tami's face when we finally got off the road. she came pretty close to eatin it.. i think i heard something kinda mean coming outta that helmet.. but it was muffled so i figured i was just hearing things. i don't think that hayduke noticed any of that .. he was just looking at his maps and saying something like " there is a dry lakebed on the map, i know it is here somewhere?" so a little bushwacking and we came out on what is the closest to wide open racing i have ever expearienced..

tami's feelings of the detour changed dramatically once we got out on the "course"

duke and i were doing figure eights well into the tripple digits 100++

it is amazing riding like that!! things are soo slow till i would get close on the 8's and see duke and i on a dirrect path.. kinda like catching a pop fly baseball.. at one point tami said that she got stuck in the middle of one of our figure 8's and she just saw a wall of dust with clear sky in the middle.. she was pinned at about 70mph!! that was soo much fun!! but i think all the dust we created was the reason for the awful flat light conditions to come!!

ill let duke tell the rest of the day's events, i just couldn't help telling about the chapalla dry lake bed... sooooo much fun
just ride it out!
go fast and hang on tight!
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January 16th....

We were still in Bahia de Los Angeles, and the plan today was to ride to San Felipe. The morning dawned with high clouds, and it was a bit cold.

Heading out of town, passing Casa del Sol, we saw the bikes that had the whole place reserved, and a few of the riders out front. I waved and showed them my skidplate.

Running up the paved road out to MX1, then North from there was a bit chilly. It occured to me that I'd been in Baja for awhile; the bizarre vegetation and crazy moonscape around me had begun to look normal. I liked the feeling of familiarity. And the ease of the smooth pavement and long sweepers...

Click on those heated grips and roll. Content.

We were headed back the way we came... up MX1, across to Cocos, through Gonzaga to San Felipe, but on my GPS LBmaps, there was a little cuttoff across to the Chapala dry lake bed.

Alot of the roads on the LBmaps are not exactly accurate; If it shows a road, there's probably one in the vicinity somewhere, but it may not be exactly where the gps shows, so I was riding along on MX1, scanning the terrain, looking back at the gps, scanning the terrain, and..... THERE! A little faint 2 track appeared and I was off the road in an instant. What I didn't know was that Tami was following, and she looked in her mirror, looked up and I was gone! She dove off the road in a pretty bad spot, and was not too happy with me. Especially after I told her to "pay attention". I decided the best thing to do right now was to ride and let her cool off.

The two track. Kinda gray and flat light...

After awhile it opened up to this:

HOLY CRAP! I've never experienced anything like this place. Nervous at first, we just rode straight across the lakebed. We all regrouped at the other side, then I peeled off and started playing. Next thing you know, we were ripping along, the two big 950's crisscrossing, drawing huge figure 8's at 100+mph, hooting and hollering in our helmets like 8 year olds on the first day of summer vacation. I was rolling along, feeling like I'm barely moving, until I'd see Mommer crossing toward me and closing fast! 40, 70, 110- it all felt the same.... Big mile wide circles were painted on the lakebed, and the dust cloud must have been equally high. Fan-fucking-tastic!!!

(did a little one handed hand held vid)

Again, Tami had the poor little XT WFO for along time out here. 70mph was seen ( Indicated anyway. ) I think she was wishing for a little more power out there. And after this the valves were clattering again.

-more tomorrow-
"What these people need is some mental psychology."-Bonnie Abbzug

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Butler Maps
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i saws the oz profill one.
thanks joenuclear.

there wasn't any link for that one you just posted????

either way not a bad idea as i've read several reports about dirty baja fuel.

Originally Posted by Hayduke

This was posted earlier; is this what you meant?
Butler Maps - motorcycle maps for riders by riders -
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Butler Maps website:
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earthbound misfit, I
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The dry lake looks like a blast!
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