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Old 04-16-2010, 10:11 PM   #106
ShooterDave OP
Joined: May 2009
Location: Caliscrewitself
Oddometer: 1,381
Well ill have some pics up tomorrow. Just wanted to check in, let everyone know I'm not dead. I'm staying tonight at Cigar Mike's house. He and his family are great. They have made me feel very welcome, and they fed me too. Tomorrow Mike is going to upgrade my center stand. When he is doing that I will be updating this ride report. Man do I have a funny story.

The launch I believe is around May 15th.
My Lower 48+ ride on my XR650L -

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Old 04-17-2010, 11:20 AM   #107
ShooterDave OP
Joined: May 2009
Location: Caliscrewitself
Oddometer: 1,381
Well it was quite nice to stay at Berg’s place for a while, but I wanted to get going. I packed everything up and check the weather report. Snow??? Crap!!!! So I got snowed in for the day. O well, I basically just hung around the shop for the day. I got to do something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. I spend about an hour and a half building a family of snow people. There wasn’t too much good snow to use that’s why it took so long. I then mounted my trusty steed and went to plow them down.

So that night was just another night of hanging around. I went to bed around 11pm I believe, then got up around 8. Promptly got ready and headed out. I was going to take the northern path up into Casper, but at decided to go the southern route. So I headed along the 191 down into Rock Springs. Man it was a long flat stretch of highway. I pulled over to take a few shots and have some breakfast.

I rode into Rock Springs and got some gas and more food. I then saw on my map the Dinosaur National Monument. So I decide to go see it. I had heard great things of it, and had always wanted to stop by. I was told by Berg that there as a great dirt road out of Rock Springs that I should take that goes thru Irish Canyon. The route was the 430 down to the 318. It is asphalt until it hits Colorado; it turns to dirt, then back to asphalt at the 318. I took me forever to find the stupid 430. For some reason my GPS went kinda fritzy in this area. Eventually I found it and went on my way. I rode thru the desert for quite some time. It was a nice peaceful ride. I have the whole Chronicles of Narnia radio theatre on my Ipod, so I’ve been listening to that on this trip. I’m almost done with it; I only have 1 more book to listen to. I eventually hit the border of Wyoming and Colorado. Berg was right sure enough it change to dirt right there. Oddly enough there was no welcome to Colorado sign, but going the other way there was a welcome to Wyoming sign. All that there was in my direction was a “Now leaving Wyoming” sign.

The road was a nice gravel road, and I was able to hit 70 mph on it. The land was an open range so I had to watch out for animals. I came over a mound and found a silly little cow calf on the left side of the road. Now I’ve always read and heard to slow down when an animal is on the road. So I slowed down to about 40 mph. Ha, ha not slow enough. As I approached this animal it proceeded to dart from the left side of the road all the way across to the right side of the road and off. I had to slam on my brakes and come to an almost complete stop to keep from hitting it. Garrrrrrr, you stupid animal. Really it was mostly my fault. I should of gone by at a much slower speed. I’ll remember that for next time, which won’t be long. The ride thru the canyon was quite nice, I ran into many animals along the way.

I kept riding along and the valley turned into a nice canyon. I saw a lot more animals once I came out of the canyon. Eventually I hit the 318. It was getting dark and I knew I had to find a place to stay for the night. I saw a sign that said something about a park in the westward direction, so I headed that way. When I got to the entrance it was just a nature preserve. I thought for a minute and remembered that I passed some trailers a few miles back. Maybe they would know of a place to stay. I got to the trailers, and by now its was almost pitch dark. “knock, knock” nothing… “knock, knock” nothing. There was lights and I could hear someone moving around. “knock, knock”… Finally a man answered the door. He introduced himself as Ryan and said he had been taking a shower and didn’t hear me. I asked him where a good place for lodging would be. We talked for a few minutes and he said that if I wanted to I could stay in the shed around back. It was insulated and pretty clean. Turns out that the land belonged to the BLM. He said I could of stayed in the heated office, but he didn’t want to get in trouble if anyone came by. So I rolled my bike to the shed and went in. It was completely empty and had a loft in the far end. I thru my sleeping bag on it and went to sleep. When I awoke the next morning there was frost all over Lady Thumper. I packed up and left at about 8am.

I didn’t get a shot of the place although I wish I did. So here is a google map shot of it.

I went across the street and down a dirt road for about 6 miles until I got to a campground next to the Gates of Lodore. There was one guy camping there so I just rolled past and went to the trail head. The Gates of Lodore is the river entrance to the north of Dinosaur National Monument. The trail was about .5 miles long until it ended at a cliff. The hike was beautiful and wildlife could be heard all over the place.

This is the view coming back to Lady Thumper.

I saw some rangers as I left the campground so I pulled over and talked to them for a bit. Both ranger’s names were Dave. The younger Dave lurks around here from time to time. “Hi Dave, You need to join us inmates now.” Next stop Dinosaur National Monument. Wait got to gas up first. Correction, next stop: Maybell. Once I gassed up I headed on. Dave had told me it was an hour ride from Maybell to DNM, ok I figured I had time. All of the sudden I saw a guy sleeping on the side of the road. I pulled over and just as I was coming up on him he sat up and waved. The man was in his late 50’s I would assume. I asked if he was alright, to which he responded: “Ya, just resting. I headed towards Dinosaur National Monument. I and on the right road right?” He was so we got to talking, and turns out he is on his way to Oregon. Basically hitch hiking the whole way. I asked if he wanted any food, we were really in the middle of no where. I ended up giving him an orange, 2 apples, some peanuts, and 2 of my water bottles. I had 4 and figured I would come across water a lot easier than he would. We talked for about 30 minutes then I went on my way. Not more than 5 miles later I came over a hill and ran into this:

It was a herd of about 250 sheep all in the road. Now I remembered to slow way down. Actually I stopped to take that picture, then only went thru them in first gear. They parted the path way before I got to them so I wasn’t worried. The odd thing was that there were no humans around. This entire heard of 250+ sheep were being herded around by about 8 dogs. They were all just walking down the middle of the road on their way to who knows where. After about another 3 miles I looked at my map and the time and realized I wouldn’t have the time to go to this monument and still get to Fort Collins. I wasn’t planning on going over the pass that day, but thought I would get as close as I could. I turned around and headed off to Steamboat Springs along the 40. Got there and everything looked good so I headed off to Walden. Light and the weather looked great so I figured I go for it. What an amazing view it was going up the road to the Cameron Pass.

I finally made it over just as the sun was setting.

That night I was so tired that I just got a hotel for the night, instead of camping. I ate dinner at the Denny’s next door at around 8:30. It had been a long day for sure, and I was happy to eat a good meal. Got back to the hotel and took all my bags in. Said good night to my faithful lady and hit the hay…. “POUND, POUND, POUND”…”POUND, POUND, POUND” “This is the manager of the hotel, I demand that you answer this door. We need to get in there to clean the room. If you don’t answer the next knocking will be the sheriff.” I thought, glad that’s not my room. Took my shower loaded up the bike, and turned in my key. It turns out the room that was needed to be cleaned had some people in it that were there for 3 weeks. It had been 1.5 weeks and they hadn’t been able to clean the room yet. Well I finished up my laundry which took longer than expected. Once it was done I headed down to the Wolfman shop. I got there around 3pm or so, and they were all real nice. Eric was very appreciative of me letting them use my bike for a mock up. He gave me a nice water proof bag for my tents, and sewed up the straps for my tank bag with better straps and buckles. He is a real nice guy and so is everyone that works there.

Next stop Cigar Mikes. I took the 25 down to his place. Man I thought I left all that traffic back in California. Blah….. O well eventually I got there. Mike and his family are awesome. I got there just as they were setting up for dinner. We had this cool chicken patty with spaghetti and some bread. Man was it good. It was quite dark by the time we got done with dinner and dessert, so they let me stay the night. The next morning Mike modified my center stand. I will be road testing this new change for him.

Also somewhere in the last day Lady Thumper turned 4.

Here is how the trip looks so far.

I am using Google maps to create this.
My Lower 48+ ride on my XR650L -

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Old 04-17-2010, 11:43 AM   #108
Team Ruptured Buzzard
Stovebolt's Avatar
Joined: Mar 2006
Location: Tetons
Oddometer: 483
Snowman Slayer!


You are a force to be reckoned with on the Lady Thumper!

Rally On.....

Team Ruptured Buzzard "Never Give Up"
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Old 04-17-2010, 11:44 AM   #109
Sourjon's Avatar
Joined: Nov 2008
Location: Louisville, KY
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Endeavor to suck less--Gaspipe
I would rather be riding an imperfect bike than waiting around for perfection. --JDowns
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Old 04-17-2010, 01:39 PM   #110
FatherX's Avatar
Joined: Nov 2007
Location: NE Ohio,USA
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great balls of fire man

you ARE having the fun

I love these goofy bikes and their "let's go make coffee some place stupid, instead of, a stupid place to buy coffee" mentalities.
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Old 04-17-2010, 01:48 PM   #111
Gnarly Adventurer
Vinbowie's Avatar
Joined: Sep 2007
Location: Maryland
Oddometer: 400
You are my hero, sir.
I already love it so
I'm in.
2008 KLR rider
Lets ride !
"The poets down here don't write nuthin' at all
They just stand back and let it all be." Springsteen
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Old 04-17-2010, 02:33 PM   #112
ol dog on a stray
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Joined: Jan 2010
Location: lost on the E coast
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Here is the windscreen I put on my L. Works good on the slab. Takes alot of that blast away. Cost 2x what you have. Easy to take off.

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Old 04-17-2010, 04:28 PM   #113
Dr LC8
...soon or later
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Great great pictures and trip!

Explore Alps Off Road:
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Old 04-17-2010, 08:21 PM   #114
NE Ohio
mountainmandave's Avatar
Joined: Apr 2010
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Hey ShooterDave. It's Dave the Ranger from Lodore. Glad to meet you and I look forward to reading your updates. Stop back by sometime...
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Old 04-17-2010, 11:00 PM   #115
Cigar Mike
Too Old and Too Slow
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Great meeting you Dave

It was a real pleasure meeting Dave and it was nice that you could spend a little bit time with us. My 4 year old grandson really took a liking to Dave and was very sorry to see him go.

As loaded up as this bike is. Something is missing. We took care of that before he left.

He must have found the bed to his liking and finally got up to post his report.

I made an upgrade to his stand and it should be a good test before Dave is done with his adventure.

Of course it has to start a light rain as he got ready to head out.

And off he goes.

Dave you are always welcome here. You have an open invitation anytime you are in our neck of the woods. Hopefully we will catch up to you in NM before you head out.

Be safe on your adventure. Our prayers are with you.

Cigar Mike
When in doubt, give it Gas!
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Old 04-18-2010, 04:07 AM   #116
FatherX's Avatar
Joined: Nov 2007
Location: NE Ohio,USA
Oddometer: 5,478

the CIGAR is a righteous dude!

Roll safe brudda
I love these goofy bikes and their "let's go make coffee some place stupid, instead of, a stupid place to buy coffee" mentalities.
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Old 04-18-2010, 10:20 AM   #117
Dread Pendragon
throttle to the donk
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Originally Posted by ShooterDave
I finally reached the top of the pass after sunset. I believe the pass was at around 7200 feet.

Knowing I've become a fanatic about this stuff, my neighbor pulled me aside the other day and told me about a guy he met in Logan Canyon with a well set-up bike that was on a long journey, that was pretty cold. It had to have been you!

I talked to him again, and I think he took this picture:

Ride safe.

"Never get excited in a rally, its a race, but its never a race at that exact moment" -Quinn Cody

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Old 04-18-2010, 08:33 PM   #118
ShooterDave OP
Joined: May 2009
Location: Caliscrewitself
Oddometer: 1,381
Mike: Great picture of me leaving. I don't have many with me on the bike. Totally cool, thanks.

Dread Pendragon: Yup, that would be me. Did your neighbor make it down the slope and to his car before night fall?
My Lower 48+ ride on my XR650L -

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Old 04-18-2010, 09:13 PM   #119
ShooterDave OP
Joined: May 2009
Location: Caliscrewitself
Oddometer: 1,381
Well its only been a few days, but I thought I’d update anyways since I have the net. I didn’t really do much. I left Mike’s place in a light drizzle. By the way it was an awesome stay. Thanks so much Mike. I headed down to Colorado Springs to meet up with some of my relatives. I got to them just as they were having dinner at their granddaughter’s house. We hung out there then I followed them to their hotel. I offered to sleep in my sleeping bag on the floor, but Jim wouldn’t hear of it. So I slept in one of the beds. It was nice to get a shower and sleep in a bed. We went to church the next morning. Once we got back I loaded up and headed out. Now I really need to do an oil change so I went to the Walmart that was near their hotel. The one I went to on my Yosemite trip had some Motorcycle oil. This one… nadda. So I road over to the next nearest one. Nadda. Man that town has 3 Walmart Super Centers within 20 miles of each other. It was getting later and I was getting annoyed so I just took off. I figured that I could do it when I get down to Albuquerque New Mexico. Its only about 300 miles, she will be fine. I decided to go and see the Royal Gorge. On the way there I stopped to have dinner. While I was eating I decided to look around for motorcycle shops, so I could get oil. I found a shop up in Salida… nice. Just on a whim I decided to see if there were any ADV riders in the area via the tent space thread. Well what do you know, there is one in Salida. How cool. Off you go email. I got back to my bike and noticed a missed call. Its was him. They said I was welcome to come stay with them. So tonight I am staying at the home of Duke and Tami. It is an awesome place with a shower and bed to sleep in. The gorge costs $14 dollars to go across the bridge. Below are some pics from the bridge and of the ride to Duke’s.

White buffalo anyone???

Ok so technically the bike wasn’t allowed up at the viewing point, but there was nobody around and by golly I paid my $14 danggit.

Sunset on the way into Salida.

My trip so far.

Next stop major stop is Albuquerque New Mexico. Don’t know how long ill take to get there, but we will see….
My Lower 48+ ride on my XR650L -

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Old 04-18-2010, 09:32 PM   #120
Studly Adventurer
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And I thought the Baja 1000 looked cool.....This is great!!!
I love Jesus. Even if I don't act like it all the time.
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