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Old 04-05-2013, 12:22 PM   #1
Sleddog OP
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Minnesota Group (SD & IL Too) Go to Mexico!

I started this RR on the GLMC Garage site

But, have been asked to Post here on ADV also to give more exposure to traveling in Mexico! So, you can follow along on either site.

A ride into Copper Canyon is much more than "Just going to Mexico"

Good Friends

Great Cerveza (Beer)

Beautiful Scenery

More Cerveza

(re-watch the above video)

Wonderful Food

Courteous/Caring locals

Cultural Experiences

All of this is what makes Mexico a great adventure! Plus, Mexico is our neighbor & everyone should get to know their neighbors, right!

The trip planning got serious after the new year. Some of us met at the Motorcycle Show in Minneapolis & discussed dates. A note was sent out via the DSAdventure list. When all was said & done six of us would be making the trip this year. Dave (Minnesota)
Paul (Minnesota) Adam (Minnesota) Bob (Illinois) Tom (Minnesota) Jack (South Dakota) We would all meet in Presidio, TX & ride into Mexico together, for a week. Dave, Paul & Adam would head home while Tom, Bob & I would venture on another week. All, except Adam, were veterans of the Canyons with numerous trips to our credit.

Tom, Bob & I met in Des Moines. Unloaded from our vehicles & reloaded onto Bob's New Trailer. Notice the LOBO Emblem on Bobs Impala!

Tom, riding a KTM 640 Adventure, Bob on a Suzuki DR350 & me on a KLR 650

The trip down was pretty uneventful. We switched drivers every 3 hours or so & drove straight through from DM to Presidio in about 21 hours.

We decided to go to the Border & take care of our paperwork. Vehicle permits, tourist visa's etc. Hopefully, to save time on Sunday when the others would be crossing too. I already had purchased my vehicle permit online & had it in hand. They were very busy & we managed to kill about 2 1/2 hours getting everything done but, Bob & I couldn't pay for our Visa's because "The System is not working" We were told we could pay at any Bank, just do so before crossing back.

Sunday morning all six of us crossed in about 30 minutes! Bob & I even got to pay for our Visa's!

Here at the border is the cleanest the bikes will be

Crossing the Rio Grande

Our Friend's Arturo & Nico live in Chihuahua City. They both have ridden with the group on numerous occasions. This year Arturo had prior commitments & couldn't join us. We were to meet them in Aldama for lunch. Nico would joing the group on Monday morning in Cuauhtémoc.

Our first stop after crossing the border is at an overlook, just a mile or so before we go through a traditional paperwork inspection area.

We meet Arturo & Nico at a Pemex outside Aldama & decide to go to a restaurant in Chihuahua for lunch. I spotted this on the way to the bathroom! Notice the shift lever......

After lunch we headed for our destination for the night, the Victoria Hotel in Cuauhtémoc. This town is big enough it even has a Sam's Club! Going through town, Pauls bike started to puke antifreeze in a steady stream onto the road. He stopped to let it cool down. Later he rode to the motel & put some water in & went for a spin. Everything seemed ok & he went to the auto parts store & bought a gallon of antifreeze & strapped it to the back of the bike, with some of Bob's extra tarp straps! Later that night we had a good meal across the street from the Hotel.

Mileage total today 232

Tomorrow we finally get on some Dirt..............

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Sleddog OP
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Bob wrote daily notes highlighting each days activities. Photo's for this ride report are supplied by Bob, Tom & myself.

While waiting for Nico to arrive from Chihuahua, the six of us headed over for breakfast at the same restaurant we had been at the night before.

At 10:00 AM we headed out. Our destination was Bahuichivo via pavement & finally some gravel

Soon after getting on the gravel Bob, Nico & I stopped to let some air out of the tires.

Bob & I like riding at the back of the pack. I have tracks of our routes so can usually find our way if we get separated from the rest of the group. We're old guys & need to stop a lot!

This guy is getting his field ready for Spring planting!

Bob discussing with Adam the benefits of letting some air out.

There is no need to replace signs....just paint over them. Paul demonstrating "Old Guy" stance

Almost all towns have a square that is the hub of activity. Sisoguichi is no exception. We stopped for a break & something to snack on. People watching is a fun part of the trip.

I carry little gifts to give to the kids. Candy, Matchbox cars, balloons, stickers, hacky sacks, etc.

This little girl had a brand new Pink bicycle & pink purse to match! She put her stickers in her purse!

Native Tarahumara people still wear traditional clothes with bright colors. I handed out some candy & asked if I could take a "foto" you can see not all were too thrilled....

Divisadero is a small tourist stop west of Creel. The train going from Creel to El Furete stops here. There are many vendors selling everything from T-Shirts to handmade trinkets. We're lucky the train isn't here, it's not very crowded & we can to do some shopping & grab a bite to eat from one of the food vendors.

They do the cooking on the top of 55 gallon barrels, with a wood fire.

Looking down Vendor Row

This young lady was the cashier for her mom.

Last year STRich had an encounter with this rock! Daggy pays tribute to it....

We arrive at the Hotel El Indio, in Bahuichivo about 6:00 PM. They ask if we would like a Bar-b-que! Sure, why not? They start a fire in the parking lot. We give them some peso's & they bring back some "meat" & a grill.....then, disappear! We thought they would be cooking for us. Hey, we got 7 guys, a grill, meat & Beer, we can do this.

No need to thaw it's thin enough it'll cook right up!

Can someone name the "Cut" this is?

Like all food in Mexico, served with a tortilla!

Everyone enjoyed the feast! Campfire, food, Beer & good friends! We were enjoying our time in Mexico!

The view from the campfire.

Our track for the day. Elevation was approx. 6500' most of the day, & a little cool.

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Sleddog OP
Studly Adventurer
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Oddometer: 572
The next morning we have breakfast & discuss the days ride to our destination, Urique, at the bottom of Urique Canyon.

There is some bike maintenance, & laundry being done in the parking lot of the Hotel.

We're a little slow getting off this morning. One of the group isn't feeling too well & doesn't know if he'll be riding. After a bit he decides he feeling well enough that he should try. We're on the road by 12:00 PM.

The road to Cerocahui takes us about an hour & has wonderful views

We make a quick stop to view the old Mission, near the Town Square

If I remember correctly, the Mission was built in the 1700's. The detail & craftsmanship is incredible

I sat down on a bench & this little girl came & sat next to me.

We headed up a few switchbacks to an overlook of the town of Cerocahui.

Looking over the edge at the town.

And off into the horizon

Burro's are around every corner, sometimes in the middle of the road. Lots of Bonus opportunities

Before heading down the switchbacks into Urique Canyon we stop at another overlook. A good view of Urique & where we will be traveling to.

There's no need for Caution signs here! Just find something to put out on the road & paint the warning "Caution Men Working"

Shortly after leaving the Overlook Nico's front tire went flat. I came around the corner & Daggy, Bob were already in the process of getting it fixed. I continued on to let the others know what was going on. Everyone was in Urique by 5:00 PM.

Our Hotel had a wood fired hot water heater! Anyway you can get hot water in Mexico is good.

We ate & drank dinner at a Hotel down the street from ours. They have a deck over looking the River. Food was very good!

And of course Cerveza! By the Cuguama

Adam & David joined us, for dinner. They're riding Mexico for 3 months!

Urique is the home of the annual Ultra Marathon. A 50 mile footrace on the trails & roads throughout the canyon. This year there were over 600 participants, from around the World, that came to compete against the Native Raramuri People.

Read more here
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Sleddog OP
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Our tracks from Bahuichivo to Urique. Altitude ranged from about 2000 ft to 7500 ft.

When leaving Urique toward Batopilas there is a large river crossing, sometimes when the flow is high it's difficult to cross.

A few weeks before we left, our friend Charlie sent a video of the race. He had noticed a bridge that the runners were going across & wasn't able to locate it on Google earth. He asked if anyone had an idea where it was located. A bridge could make it much easier to cross the river. I took a picture of the video & showed it to our Innkeeper & asked where it was. He said it was just a few kms North of town, toward Guadulupe, a small village that had just got electricity 6 months ago. He said "It's beautiful, you must ride up there" So, the next morning we rode up to see the bridge & the town of Guadulupe.

This picture from the video

Our views

We stopped for something to snack on & look around.

I gave these boys some balloons etc. Everyone seemed happy, with the exception of the one that got the Pink balloon!

The Cross at the top of the Church

More stickers

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Gnarly Poolside Adv.
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Looks like a great trip!

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Keep it coming ! You're doing fine.
I got tired of being here, so now I'm there
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Originally Posted by poolman View Post
Looks like a great trip!

Great trip indeed! Keep it up man!!
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Having a Nice Time
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Nice trip! The pictures are great.
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Difficult but useful
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Where is copper canyon? Across the border from Texas somewhere?

Nice report.
Originally posted by burgerking So?
Holland is about the most expensive country in Europe when it comes to bikes and fuel..Stop whining and go riding It's just money and you only live once...
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Just Stroming along
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Cool keep it comming, did you get any pictures of that sleeping guy, we all almost ran over?
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Sleddog OP
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Thanks for following along & the Comments
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Sleddog OP
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We went back to Urique & finished packing our bikes & started the ride to Batopilas.

A little South of Urique we must cross the river & start the climb up. The crossing is always interesting. It's wide, intimidating, sometimes deep, big rocks. After crossing without falling down there is always a big sigh of relief (for me anyway!)

Paul, showing how it's done

Tom, got off the line a bit & hit one of the bigger rocks. But didn't go down.

By next year we'll be able to cross without needing to empty our boots!

Like so many of the places we ride in the Canyons, they're building roads & bridges!

We all made it across without mishaps. Now onto what's referred to as the "New" road to Batopilas.

I think most of us have been across this road since it opened two years ago. Last year, there were some challenging areas on the Bato side. I know I was looking forward to what was in store.

Just after reaching the top of the 1st climb from the river crossing, we met 5 other bikes going the opposite way. I was riding last in our group. When I met the first 2 bikes, we waved & the front rider shouted there were 3 more behind. The road is narrow, twisty & sometimes has obstacles.

It's good to know what's ahead! What they didn't tell me was, there was someone laying in the road! I came around the corner & here is a guy sprawled out with his legs into the path I was riding!

SCARED T-H-E Hell out of me!

I thought he was dead, then I saw him move a little. I didn't think of getting a picture until I was well down the road. It definitely would have been the Pic of the trip

We would hear more about the "California" group of riders as we continued!

One of the great things with traveling by Moto through Mexico is, they draw attention from locals. Wherever you stop, people are curious of where you're from, where you're going, where you've been etc.

Bob & I stop for an "Old Man" break & just as we're getting back on the bikes we hear & see two kids waving their arms, running toward us.

They get gifts from the Gringo!

She may not look excited with the Matchbox car but, I gave her the choice between the "nina" & "nino" stuff!

Even get to sit on the Moto!

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Sleddog OP
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Sometimes the obstacles are other Motos!

The new bigger, wider, going to be easier road just outside of Bato:(

I think I heard correctly, the road will be paved from La Bufa to Batopilas this year! Probably good for those that live there but will definitely change the quaint appeal for us....
Bob, Adam & I arrived in Batopilas at about 6:30 PM. A couple hours after the others.
Our Tracks for the ride from Urique-Guadulupe-Batopilas. Elevation was from a little less than 2000 ft to 6500'

Juanita's is the place to stay for us in Batopilas. She's a gracious host. Has a beautiful courtyard that's easy to relax & reflect on the journey to get there.

There are several good places to eat in town.

Seafood stuffed Trucha!

Bob doesn't leave much for the perros cruising the perimeter of the building!

Adam however, will contribute to their well being;)
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Sleddog OP
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After breakfast, Bob, Paul, Nico & I headed out on a day ride.
About a 50 mile loop going past the Batopilas airport & circling back through Satevo.
Temperatures were much nicer at 8100 ft as we rode through the piney woods. The road was much nicer/faster than I remembered the last time I made the loop.
View from the top

Nico telling us this is as close as he needs to get to the edge!

When we turned toward Satevo the road immediately got back to what I remembered! There were big washouts with narrow patches that you had to ride on, without sliding down into the crevice!

I think Paul coined the phrase "We boldly ride through the country where to locals go everyday" or something like it!
As we're coming down the gnarly two track, we hear another Moto coming up. Sure enough, it's a local on a Chinese 150 cc Street bike coming up the hill likes it no big deal! He does have emergency gear along.....a hand tire pump & machete.

The river crossing into Satevo isn't too bad either.

Satevo about 3 1/2 miles South of Batopilas. The Mission or "Lost Cathedral" is the attraction many come to see.

There is a good read about the Mission in this article.

Many who have visited the Mission have been greeted by Adaneli, Neli to the locals. Her medical condition, epilepsy, is expensive for her family to supply the needed drugs for. She is in the process of getting the needed paperwork required for her to live with a family near Toronto, Ontario. It's been an ongoing encounter for nearly two years! But hopefully will be resolved soon.

We arrived back to Bato at about 4:00 PM. A French lady (sorry I can't remember her name) stops by to visit. She's traveling by herself by hiking through Mexico! She tells us she competed & finished 6th place among the women in the Ultra Marathon! She also hiked from Urique to Bato in a day! Quite impressive.

Those of you familiar with Juanita's will appreciate the new ramp, making it much easier than the big rock needed to push your bikes up through her living room!

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Sleddog OP
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Our tracks of the Bato day ride

The one week guys were heading back toward home after breakfast. Leaving Tom, Bob & I without our Spanish interpreters! Between the three of us we would survive, plus, it adds to the adventure!
We had planned to stay another day in Batopilas. Take in the sites around town, Museum, explore the ruins across the river.

As we were walking around town, deciding what to take in first. My body decided it had acquired enough nutrition from Breakfast & I needed to get rid of it ASAP! Fortunately, we were close to the river & I hurled everything in my stomach into it....adding to another reason not to drink.....or wash clothes in the Rio Batopilas! I was S-I-C-K! And spent the rest of the day & night between the bed & bathroom! I got up a few times & tried to function but didn't last long. I felt bad that Tom & Bob were having to deal with me. I kept assuring them this would pass & we would be good to go. Then...I'd go back to the bathroom. I was determined not to hold them up more than this planned day off. The following morning Bob stuck his head out of the room, looked at me & said "Amigo, how are you?" I looked & smiled back at him & said "Good as ever, I'm hungry";) And so it was, we ate breakfast & headed out to Sinforosa Canyon. A part of the Canyon region I had never seen!
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