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Rhonda be strong.
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Originally Posted by HBN View Post
Nobody was alive then!

Originally Posted by HBN View Post
She downed the beer, crushed the can against her forehead and roared off into the sunset!

I was just waiting to see who would notice that first

Congrats HBNGF!
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Live from THE Hill
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Nice mike, so now that she has her own ride she needs her own ADV name and avitar. how about beercrusher, ninjahawk, nightrider...
ADV'ing from America's fine Crapital...
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Originally Posted by hbn View Post
nobody was alive then!
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Finger Lakes Trip to NY

Lauren and I took off together for a nice vacation to northern New York on a sunny May morning. Around 7, the weather hovered in the low 70s as we merged onto 495 to escape the city. Unfortunately, two complete closures of the inner loop delayed our departure as we sat in traffic, engine off, naming all the car brands back and forth A-Z.

Once reopened, we enjoyed a brisk ride up 495 to 270 exiting in Frederick, MD and heading north along 15 toward PA. We made a side excursion to explore Cunningham Falls once more. I had made a visit in a past trip to Reading, PA but arrived before they opened.

This beautiful trout stream along the road deserved a stop to breathe in the fresh morning air and relaxation soon to come.

Obligatory AM flower shot

Say hello to my little friend

Up to Cunningham Falls, we walked around the lake and snapped a few pics

Beautiful morning for a short hike to the falls as the evening rains evaporate around us.

A little geologic information about the mountain

Very picturesque

Finally reaching the falls, the water was sort of low but at least it was flowing

Hello Mr. No Shoulders

Did I mention this beauty also enjoys taking pictures? Expect a few of hers added below

Perfect morning!!!

Very nice - almost stepped on ya!

From here we made it to the border of Pennsylvania and pulled in to a McDonalds for a quick bite to eat (her first trip ever to a McD breakfast). To my surprise, I spy an identical 2001 GS and park alongside it.

The rider was inside and also was wearing a faded red stich' which only made things even more interesting. Wonder if I'll be back here one day?

From here we made the short trip up to Gettysburg for a brief ride through the battlefield together.


"Hey hun, do you want to go climb that?"
"Sure, let me take off my gear!"

"Much better!"

Whoa check out the view to the west. That is Eisenhower's family farm!

The last time I climbed this was age 12 in Boy Scouts. Sorta neat to be back.

From here we rode west into the mountains to get lost and explore in the general direction of North. Lauren couldn't quite make out what this sign meant. I imagine they have a bit of snow up here in the winter

The sky looked quite ominous as we rolled through Carlyle but somehow we managed to stay in a pocket of sunshine. I think I'll keep her along in the future as a good luck charm.

Then we came upon this scenic covered bridge! What a pleasant surprise and great place to take a break.

A view down the river:

From here we rode across the Susquehanna to the eastern bank and explored the less traveled side of the river for the better part of an hour. Eventually we passed back over and returned to the more busy side where we spotted a drive-in movie theater deserving of some exploration.

I said a hip - a hop - a hippi - to the hippity hop - a hippit to the hop and it don't stop


Lauren took some more shots as we rode through so expect to see those too. I was too busy not crashing. I'm trying to do more of that recently. Good plan.

Now we pull the and take a stop to consult the GPS(s)

Maybe I'll just take pictures instead. Good plan.

We rode through scenic mountain roads northward until the sky became ominous ahead. This mountain view greeted us as we crested into the town of Williamsport, PA

The airport

Descending into town, we both decided this would be a neat place to spend the night as thunderstorms seemed to be all around us and the hour growing late.

"Wow that's a cool mural!", Lauren exclaimed.

"Yeah!" I said roaring past it in a blur of carelessness. I circled the town once more in search of a restaurant when I finally listened to that wise voice behind me and pulled in to investigate.

OH!!! What a great idea!

The Bullfrog Brewery was just what we needed! They had live music, great food and beer. We will certainly be staying in Williamsport tonight!

I enjoyed some kind of Beef Ale Stew while Lauren enjoyed the Philly Cheese Steak with sweet potato fries (I ate half...NOM)

While ordering, a guy walked up and introduced himself then asked what kind of bike I was riding? Turns out he is a fellow GS rider and said it was rather rare in PA to come across wandering GS riders...usually 'merican muscle and little else. We exchanged information and he was kind enough to share routes and places to visit via a late-night email later on. Thanks random GS dude! I'll fwd. this along to you

After lingering around and allowing the shower to pass, we rode aimlessly around the town forever contemplating the best place to stay. Eventually, we settled on the Holiday Inn Express just so we could later remark "I don't know but I slept at a Holiday Inn Express last night". Okay...just so "I" could later remark...have to be clear here.

Gear unpacked, we returned on foot to the Bullfrog for more beers and live entertainment.

Settling in, I see a BMW pass by outside the window...NO SHIT! It is a Maccao Yellow 95' R1100RS IDENTICAL to one I recently sold. The rider had just removed his helmet out front as I came up and started jabbering on with him. I have never seen one like it and was in shock. Too cool! He later came over and chatted with Lauren and I and introduced us to a fellow cartographer in the bar. Great night out and a great relaxing end to the first day!

We awoke the following morning and enjoyed the continental breakfast to the fullest then rolled out following the suggestion from the GS rider's email. What a great route!!!

His first recommended stop was Cohick's Trading Post

While hopping off, we caught the attention of this gruff trucker who told me a bit about the joint and pointed out the cool old baths once operated out back.

I apparently don't have a pic but Lauren she will post it shortly. This beautiful house was located beside it.

The back attic entry to the trading post and a very old spider web

The Old Timer's sitting out front. That is how you know it is genuine!

Let's go inside!

They have EVERYTHING! I get my love for these old trading post from my father.

Well how do you do?

I like the "sold" tag

A back garage/barn near the property

From here we explored along Rt 973 to 44 which followed this picturesque river. I felt like I was back in WV. Swoon

Small waterfalls cascaded along the roadside as we blurred past.

Oh my! A dirt road...sorta going in the same direction as the paved road. No brainer.

SOOOOOO Worth it!

and idea of scale:

All I can say about these roads in the Susquehannock and Tioga State Forest is WOW

The following action shots are courtesy of Lauren once her camera battery died. Fortunately she was able to capture some AWESOME video from these roads.

This area is known as the PA Grand Canyon. It sure is beautiful but Grand Canyon it is not.

This one road proceeded to get more and more slippery.

I didn't want to risk any limbs on the ascent so decided to take my chances going straight. It wound up being a much faster stretch of dirt up and over a mountain towards Rt. 6

Emerging from hours of shit-eating-grins in the forest, we explored some of the surrounding farmland on our way to finding petrol.

Fueling up I saw two interesting sights.

A Live Bait vending machine:

A gorgeous MG TD

The recent flooding in this area is evident in the foreground while the antique steam locomotive sat chugging in the distance.

Getting closer to NY

I love this shot! Wide open roads and a cool breeze.

We made it!


Thank you GPS!!! More dirt roads courtesy of "Shortest Distance - Avoid Highways"

Followed by the largest Chirstmas Tree Farm I have ever seen!

Long trains abound around Corning (home of the famous Corning Glass Works)

Here we are getting closer to the Seneca Lake valley ahead

Welcoming all farm traffic...behind us.

Cruising into downtown Watkins Glen (more pics the following day)

The view alongside the Lake Rd was to-die-for

More wineries than you could shake a stick at.

Five miles from our destination, the skies opened up but we were all smiles checking in and unloading our gear. Ahhhhh time to relax.

The Belhurst Castle was absolutely picturesque but I won't bore you with "vacation" I will try not to.

Bar view on the lake after the storm

Food Porn beware!!!

BBQ Sandwich

Underwhelming sunset but what a view of Geneva, NY

Morning broke in a cloudy cover but the view was still grand.

The following day, we set out to explore the surrounding region known particularly for their climate/soil ability to grow complex white grapes for Rieslings and Gewurtzraminers.

Rolling through Geneva, NY, Lauren snapped some pictures of the town's buildings and architecture:

The wind made it a great day for sailing. I bet they are out there having a blast!

This kind man walking the lake path stopped and offered to snap our picture. Thanks walking dude.

^ This is where I hopped off the bike and scared the hell out of Lauren as she thought the whole thing would collapse and fall on top of her. I should have told her I put it on the kickstand.

Rolling on the east side of the lake wishing I had brought the GPS.

So so many vineyards:

We explored a number of them but I won't go into depth boring you with the pics. They can be found here: LINK

Grape Buds

The geology of the area lends itself to many waterfalls. It was absolutely stunning and right on the roadside!


Down we rode into Watkins Glen at the south end of the lake in search of a bite to eat.

Neat little market. Lauren said it'd be cool and it sure was a great stop!


I love old floors

Just south of Watkins Glen is another waterfall along the roadside

Back to relaxation mode.

I woke around 5:15 to enjoy the morning sunrise.

It was nothing short of spectacular.

Packing up, we had one last delicious meal and set forth back to VA. This Winery deserved a visit...I mean check that out!


The remainder of the trip was beautiful albeit mostly high-speed riding to cover the distance back to VA. We made it home before dark and unpacked before falling fast asleep. Over 1000 miles for the vacation and back to work for TWO DAYS until our next trip to NYC for Memorial Day Weekend. Those pics soon to follow!

Lost with Mike
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HBN screwed with this post 06-16-2011 at 06:13 PM
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Sweet! A new HBN stop report

Good stuff as usual man
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Come stop with US!
Lost with Mike
Only those that go would know. - WayneJ
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Skid plate tester
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HBN what DS helmet is that? I've been looking for a replacement for the old silver exo400.
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I wouldn't recommend it. It is cheap and the shape is sorta crap. My Arai is protecting a very special head at the moment (and it fits perfectly) but the RX-Q is next in her line.
Lost with Mike
Only those that go would know. - WayneJ
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Beastly Adventurer
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Nice report and photos from the both of you! Keep it coming.
2004 XR650L

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Hi everyone, it's HBNette, aka Lauren!

(Or "Beercrusher," apparently?!? Awesome.)

I was on the back BUT I kept my camera strapped to my wrist for most of our adventure up through VA, MD, PA, and to NY so I have some neat shots to share. HBN already went through the chronology of the trip, so I’ll just jump in and add my photographs.

Let’s start with the really weird road closure-induced traffic at 6:30 on a Sunday morning.

Boy oh boy. At least I got some nice ones of Mein Frau.

Now onto happier things… like freakin’ AMAZING roads.

No joke, I was really confused by this sign... HBN made me guess over and over again like I'm crazy for not knowing what a snowmobile sign is.

Some of HBN's favorite things: the GS and the twisties sign!

We had just reached a crossroads and could go either way... then HBN saw this sign and it was all over ;)

And boy was it worth it!

I enjoyed all of this immensely even though I was looking over this guy's shoulder the whole time ;)

I had never seen anything like this in my life. INCREDIBLE!

And there was obscenely green lushness everywhere!

Really truly beautiful scenery.

This is where I should warn you that I'm a "city girl," so I still get very excited every time I see trees, fields, rivers, farms, barns, and especially silos. I'll try to keep the countryside-lust to a minimum.

This is what happens to trees when you go fast ;)

I wouldn’t be HBNette without a flower shot, right?

And here are the wonderful random shots.

Is danger supposed to be scarier when it's in quotation marks?

HBN being his gangsta self...

Hi! This is what I look like when we ride.

Gettysburg observation tower

HBN saw this sign, immediately pulled over, and said "Take my picture!!!!"

Hanging out at a rundown drive-in theatre.

At the Bullfrog Brewery in Williamsport PA

Couple of nice cars in Carlisle PA

Watch out!

I don't have any pictures of NY to share. Because while we were riding on those awesome dirt roads in PA, my camera died. True story :(

So I stole HBN's really nice camera for the rest of the way, and he in turn stole my pictures for his RR. Ah, he took me to a castle. We’ll call it even. :)
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NYC Trip Report

Shortly following our trip to the NY Finger Lakes, we set forth to The Big Apple for Memorial Day for a Met's Game, visiting family and general sightseeing for this non-city boy. We departed at 7PM on a Friday with a monster storm bearing down on us.

Sitting at the traffic light by our house, it began to pour rain as the dark angry front pushed above us. The light turned green and we roared off slowly accelerating out of the storm. Winds howled whipping the bike from side to side in the lane tossing limbs and leaves across the roadway. Each stop light found us slightly ahead of the lightning strikes and terrific winds until we pulled onto 495N and remembered why the motorcycle is the most exciting method to travel between point A to B.

More to come tomorrow...
Lost with Mike
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HBN screwed with this post 06-16-2011 at 08:28 PM
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turnin gas to noise
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As always, top notch reporting and pics. Think your pics are getting better and better. Thanks for posting this stuff up HBN!!

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"If you hold a cat by the tail, you learn things you cannot learn any other way."

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You are getting the most out of that point and shoot. I appreciate the way you focus on the little things you pass along the way as opposed the obligatory "Welcome to New York" sign. It allows the reader to feel like he is along for the ride.
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I have actually transitioned over to a Cannon G9 which is on the lighter side of the more complex cameras. Nice sensor and more bells and whistles than I can shake a stick at. My trusty M893IS finally bit the dust. I'm sure it is also FULL of dust so that makes sense.

Thank you all for the nice comments!
Lost with Mike
Only those that go would know. - WayneJ
12' Ruckus, 01' R1150GS, 75' XL250
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