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Originally Posted by FreeTheBeast View Post
My pictures are up on SmugMug.

My videos have finally been imported. I'll try to put together something out of it tomorrow. It's bedtime now.

I got a little more than my feet wet in that puddle
Front page material or what
tuck in behind me, I'll show you where to crash.
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Originally Posted by 4badboyz View Post
I got a little more than my feet wet in that puddle
Lucky you had your PFDs with you.
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Venison sausage4sale
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right on

Originally Posted by Drif10 View Post
Having talked to many of the riders, and having been on a few rides like this before, I have a small suggestion for if you do something like this again:

Everybody chips in ten bucks. Rent a cube van with a hitch. One of the guys will have a 3 rail trailer available. Get whatever friend/spouse/guy who broke his arm two weeks before the ride to drive it. All the gear goes in the cube, trailer for the rescues. Low cost, and will not only make life so much easier on the trails, it will crank up the fun factor to 11.
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Lingham Lake Tech Section (#5)

lingham lakes technical was doable with a little blood, sweat, tears, and lots of teamwork. thanks out to nolan, rich, and louie. i'm glad i decided at the last minute to "giv'r!".

by no means did we do this fast. or pretty. a loaded f800 is just too much to handle at speed (for me anyway). there was lots of paddling and i believe one minor getoff. since i was leading most of the time i didn't see if any of the other guys had one.

there was lots of this:

props to nolan for getting the ball rollin' on the walk-thrus. absolutely necessary for picking a good line and not running into any surprises. other than being deep, we found nothing that was a huge issue. the bottoms were rocky but 'good'; as good as hidden rocky bottoms can get anyway.

nolan making it look easy

rich finds a momentary respite from the water; "high ground"

lots of long water. we'd round a corner after just finishing a crossing and there was another one. nothin' to do but get off and walk it. if we drowned a bike here i believe we may have been spending the night.

the dreaded deep section

the rocky go around. i shut the bike off, snicked into first and basically waddled the bike down this. i could get at least one foot down solid on one side of the bike at all times so i tried real hard to enusre i'd fall that way!

once again, nolan makin' it look easy!

here comes rich

and the problem starts!

who can guess what mystery device is is under that tape!

i should have just cut the damn thing off and twisted the red/white together from the start as was suggested. but no, i gotta do it the hard way first.

ace mechanic! not!

is this the 'lake' or is the entire wet soggy stretch of land the 'lake' ?

king of all he surveys

this is a little overwhelming. we've been riding and wrenching on this one short piece of trail now for several hours and all you see is this never ending hydro line. exhaustion is starting to set in; i was out of water (i believe i accidentally drained my hydrapack while working on the bike; foolish move). if there was a lot more of this mistakes could have started resulting in serious issues.

i was ready for it to end. it was fun at first but after about 10-12 serious water crossings plus the broken bike, it was time to be done and head for the camp. it wasn't long after this that it opened up and flattened out. we could see clear evidence of atv traffic recently (but no roost marks from any other rider). i was having a hard time believing we were the old brave souls (fools?) that did this.

finally it went flat and muddy where it looks like the big trucks come to play and then turned into a nice 5-8km or so twisty dirt road before it rejoined the main route.
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Race for food!
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Fancy farkles n old junk.

Originally Posted by R_Lefebvre View Post
I guess that's one idea. I guess the question is, is this an Adventure Ride, or a Trail Ride? You could accomplish the same thing by just holding the event based on a single campground, which you could easily do in Ontario.

There's the Algonquin 2-day trail ride coming up in a few weeks and that's what they're doing. But this was supposed to be a test of the TCAT, not just another trail ride. If the trails were not doable with a load, it wouldn't be a test of the route.

I kinda liked the challenge of bringing all my gear, learning that I could really carry everything I needed on my bike. I think I was successful. I brought everything I needed, and almost nothing I didn't. I think the only thing I didn't use was some of my tools, my spare tube, 1 pair of underwear and socks, and my bug shirt, a bar of soap and a bit of food.
For me, A first time ride on an unfamiliar bike, loaded to the tit's with too much old junk, it was the perfect tour to figure out what I don't need, and, how I'd do it right the next time! If Im gonna do this, a better stove, and some properly mounted dry bags are all I need to have the hot setup.
What a great ride, rain and all ;)
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Not much of a writer but here are a few pics.

Thats all I got for pics was having way to much fun riding to stop and take more.
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Mine goes to 11
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Originally Posted by loph917 View Post
lingham lakes technical was doable with a little blood, sweat, tears, and lots of teamwork. thanks out to nolan, rich, and louie. i'm glad i decided at the last minute to "giv'r!".

by no means did we do this fast. or pretty. a loaded f800 is just too much to handle at speed (for me anyway). there was lots of paddling and i believe one minor getoff. since i was leading most of the time i didn't see if any of the other guys had one.

there was lots of this:
Props to you guys for riding through there Loaded.
That was a fun trail to ride.

We weren't sure if we could make it through and turned around so not to miss the evening's festivities, steaks and beer.
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Originally Posted by tomatoe333 View Post
HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to EmBeeDee and Dresda for helping me search for a brake lever after a stupid road-side drop took it off.
And another HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to Mike650GS for giving me his spare lever later in the day!
Hey Matt, you're very welcome. Sure was glad to see MikeF650GS had one to spare!
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"The motorcycle, being poorly designed for both flight and marine operation, sustained significant external and internal damage," police noted.
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Originally Posted by loph917 View Post
lingham lakes technical was doable with a little blood, sweat, tears, and lots of teamwork. thanks out to nolan, rich, and louie. i'm glad i decided at the last minute to "giv'r!".
There are so few opportunities in todays world where a guy can really push himself and do more than he thinks he's capable of, getting through that section as a team will be one of the best memories I'll take away from this trip. I had never met Rich, louie, or loph917 (Aaron?), Before this section, but as we all drank a beer around the campsite that night, I know we'll be talking about how deep and how tired and how long that trail was for many years to come. I'm so glad you decided to "giv'r!"
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Wicked My little movie...

I had 4 hours of video footage. I created this 15 minute movie out of that. Fun, fun, fun. Man, that was a fun weekend!
Think beyond yourself.

The Hampster Ride - A mainly dirt route to ride the length of New Hampshire.
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Yep, there you go. Early June 2010:

May 28th, 2011:

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Originally Posted by FreeTheBeast View Post

I had 4 hours of video footage. I created this 15 minute movie out of that. Fun, fun, fun. Man, that was a fun weekend!

Not a whole lot of work getting done this week as the video's and pics are coming fast and furious

Kudo's for riding that loaded 12gs down that slick stuff!
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Wicked Perspective...

Originally Posted by Deadly99 View Post

Kudo's for riding that loaded 12gs down that slick stuff!
It's funny to look at an 800 and think of it as a nice (smaller) bike for these kinds of trips.
Think beyond yourself.

The Hampster Ride - A mainly dirt route to ride the length of New Hampshire.
Max the Motorcycle - children's book written by Mrs. FTB
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Laugh Tarzan's TCAT RR

Well, Here is the skinny from my Test TCAT ride:

It is going to be very light on pics so I hope you enjoy the read and get a feel for what it was like from my perspective to be a part of this test ride!

Day 1 Thursday Pub Meeting:

I Get off work around 3 to be at my house for 4 to meet up with the two inmates I offered up space in my theater room to crash before the event. Around 5pm Mark “4badboys” and Mike “ontarioGS?something” arrive. I have some tasty sausages and cold beer to welcome two people I have never met, seen, or talked to on the phone! My wife was hesitant but trusting in my gage of character for who I was going to let into our house! I think her quote was “you do some weird things in your spare time! You don’t even know these guys and they will be staying in our basement!” Mike and Mark met my wife and we both know that they were solid upstanding inmates and we had nothing to worry about! We proceed to eat, drink and get to know each other and I explain that I need to pick up a few things. We jump in my truck and I get a text from Deadly saying “coming to the Pub the guys are here!”. I stop by a farmers market and Mike and Mark pickup some fresh orgainic steaks and chicken as I had convinced them that boil bag stuff really isn’t going to cut it… but you can survive off of it.

To the pub! We get there meet up with a few tables of guys and have a few pints. I get talking with Boston Phil and he needs a grocery store so I quickly run him over to get his last few items and offer to ship one bag of excess stuff back for him to make his bike a “little” lighter. He was very happy with that. Keep in mind Phil is no small man I think he weighs around 300 and his bike is around 500 and I look at the at least 150lbs on the back of his F800 and don’t really know if a little bag of clothes is going to help to get that bike down on weight.


Day 2 Game ON!:

We wake up I give the guys a bite to eat and some coffee and we get going to Richmond to meet up with everyone. The rain starts heavy before we even get the bikes out of my garage! So I was wet my frog togs start leaking and we hit a gas stop and pull in to the arena.

Looking around at a few friendly faces I know from the past rides and some new friends I met the night before I am stoked! This is going to be amazing. At least 50 bikes from all everywhere and a wide breath of skill, age, and demeanors! Shipwreck and the Beer Godess pull in. I had told Mark and Phil I may be able to get some of the excess gear off of their bikes and have beer picked up for them. They are very happy to take me up on my connections. I make some quick intros and Naomi gets to work!

A quick blurb from FTB and Deadly and we are off!

I started the Day riding with Shipwreck, 4Badboys, Mike and Dave. We rip up the straight gravel and are on our way out of the city. It was a nice start to the day ease into the dirt nothing to crazy just a nice 40min warm up. We get to the Merrickville part of the main and it is pretty greasy. I know from previous conversations that Mike has NEVER been on anything other than dirt and paved roads. I think this is going to be fun. He is making his way through and dumps the bike. Picks it up still smiling and soildgers on. Then he sees a muddy section with puddles and decides the tracks to the right would be the best line. They were 4x4 truck tracks 1 foot deep in pure slick pudding. He gets stuck 10 feet into the 40 foot track and looks for some help. SQID8R decides he will push out mike. He is coated with 2 inches of chocolate pudding from his toes to the top of his helmet! Notice from the pic Mike is hanging his head in shame!

Pics coming soon

Then we get going again. We come up to PeteTheFarmer pissing fuel out of his NEW 990. He is on the phone with Wheelsport and from what I gathered they told him they may have not got the main line tight enough onto the throttle body’s the DAY BEFORE!!!! He does not look happy 45 minutes into a three day adventure. I’m hoping he is going to post up his RR and I’m waiting for that one!

We make it around a few riders taking there time and proceed to the next tech section after a fuel stop.At this point Chris and Rudy are so amped up! Rudy has his GoPro and Chris is telling him stay on my ass I want good video of me in this section. Nolan “dancingboy” starts in looking for a good spot to shoot some vids. And he picks the stepdown about ¾ of the way threw. What a piece of video. Amazing guy with all the photo goodies. I made the cut a few times in that vid!! Im the first bike of around the five taking the step down.

Nolans Video! TOP NOTCH Work !!!

That spot is one of my favorites. Just crack the throttle down compress and launch off the little ledge. It has to be one of the best feelings! We make it out of the Burntlands section and somehow we lost Chris, But we have Rudy? We contemplate waiting and we assume his is taking out his camera and trying to get some great shots.

A quick buzz down some gravel and onto the next one of my favorite trails in the area. This section is a double track of hard pack dirt weaving its way around, up, over and through beautiful Ontario forest! That trail ends up on a mint hydro line. I ride this line as much as I can. So I quickly make my way to the front of the pack because my XRR with no bags will not have it any other way. After we finish the first section of hydro line my front brake starts loosing pressure I have around ¼ front brakes. I test them a little and make the call that I have enough to stop…im good to go. California road is another of my weekend to do roads. Again my XRR will not be slowning down on a road I know like the back of my hand. I look back thinking hmm I know im ripping pretty good but I can only see Shipwreck after a 30 seconds or so… what happened. Well we both wait for a bit and decide to make our way back to see where Nolan and Rudy are. We come up to Rudy on the other side of a 4-5 foot ditch. Im sitting there amazed that he is not on his head. He came in to hot from a sweeping downhill left and decided the road was not challenging enough for him so he proceeds to jump his husky over the ditch and like a tent peg sticks it in the other bank. That process caused his wrist to swell and be very sore for him over the next few days.

Now we make our way onto the hydro line again. This is another of the favorite tracks in my opinion. Hills, rocks water and burmmed corners away I go! If anyone other than Shipwreck over the ride stayed behind me you will see that my front tire really doesn’t like getting wet! Every chance to loft over and part the puddles like Moses is taken. I get to the BIG deep “known” crossing. Me knowing this hole and me being confident due to having been threw it hundreds of times I decide to go first. Nolan looks at me and says “are you going to walk it?” I say “No ill be good!” I enter this hole from the far left side as that is my line threw most of the times. This time was different. The beavers had patched up the right to add at least 6-8 inches! I get to the middle and think…. “dam foolish man pride” “I should have walked it today” I make it through with a both feet down and a little bit of hairyness! You will see me in black on Nolan’s Vid. Then because Shipwreck and myself have this little “if you can do it I can do it” rule he jumps in as well but on the right side, not much shallower but a few inches. He makes it through as well. Nolan, well as with all the other shots, night time rides, and just being a good rider he makes it as well in true Nolan style! Dan makes it almost all the way and just grounds the plug and stops his bike.Now, we have one more bike out of our group. RUDY!!! If I would have looked closer at his bike and where it would take in water we would have sent him around. He attempts it and waters out not due to competency of riding, he is very competent, just due to his low intake he sucks in the drink and we push him out. Now we work on his bike as we are on the other side. Guys see 5 bikes and tools and assume that we all watered out. No just one of us did and in true ADV style leave no man behind we all kick in, scratch our heads and help Rudy get his bike up and going again.

Due to me having been in with my bike and out, but having to go back in to push out all the brave ADV’rs who attempted it but didn’t quite succeed. I push out a few more. One guy “no names” ends up horizontal. And I mean just his left shoulder and a mirror sticking out of the middle of this “new” beaver pond. Push him out and he has the look of despair, anger, and still a little bit of a smile. It is very weird how you can water out your bike get pissed at the fact your stopped but still be having a great time doing it. Now we have been here helping multiple bikes out and providing taunts to any babies that didn’t want to “get there bike a little wet!” and turn around. We get our 4 back up and make our way out of this “lunch” stop!

On the line again! Now im still ripping. Look back an no one! Hmm I think it was where bumblebee pitched it and wrenched his shoulder and then Dave snaps his shifter off! They both limp to the next road and we meet Deadly. They decide due to pain and broken part they will just head to camp for beers! We decide the same as now it is close to 4-430pm and I want beer!
Setup tent eat some food and the stories fly as well as the goldshloger and wiskey!

Day 3 “my day from hell!”

Day starts out great, pack up ride out. Thanks to Boston Phil I have dry gear! Thanks buddy!! We probably left the site after 20 bikes. Make our way on the main. Shipwreck and I decide we are going to be a two some and make tracks today and try not to slow down as much as yesterday. We are passing every bike we come to, and just having a great time. Hydro line road and Archol road two of my favorite twisty, turny, dirt pack, lofting front, jumping roads around. We come up to Terry and Pete. Now we have four. The four of us make our way around many of the KLR’s and my buddy Dave on his 640. Ok, now, This group of guys were traveling down this road with about 15-20 feet between them. I found it hard to get by and if someone is on your but like that you wave them on. Don’t push the next guy just pull right and wave them by. So this pack of guys we find out that one guy in the lead jams the brakes. 640 Dave jams it and stops, the guy behind him on the KLR rams Dave due to following to close. That could have been so much worse. Dave was a little bruised but no worse for wear.

Now we are at the end and ready to hit the first Lingham lake tech. Shipwreck, Boatman, and I decide to make it a threesome and head it to see really how wet lingham lake is. Three very competent riders and great guys. At this point we are told by someone who I found out later had never seen the “bypass” when you are on top of the big hill and all you can see is water and a tin shack to your right “don’t go down the hill!! Go behind the shack and the bypass will be there. It may even have markers/tape to show you’re on the right trail.” Ok boatman, shipwreck, and I hear this and make mental notes and head out on the pave to find the next Hero!

We find it. We are going fast, a few water crossings walks, no issues at all. Stop for a 5 minute break and due to the pigeon size mosquitoes we cut it to 30 second stop. We make it past one shack, two shacks, three shacks, four, look at each other and go “really?” Now we find the real deal we don’t go down the hill as directed and start looking for a trail. Boatman comes back from behind the shack and says the only trail is this little 4 wheeler trail behind the shack, “it must be it, it even has tape markings!”. Ok now at this point we are still able to attempt any obstacles and have lots of water energy and having a blast, which will change over the next 4 hours!


As I look back hindsight we had all the signs that it may not be the right one. But our instructions, the tape, the shack, the water in front all made sense at the time. We head in over some two foot boulders we were told to expect. Now we are in the forest and Shipwreck starts down this 45 degree hill back tire locking front sliding around and makes it to the bottom. I follow with boatman close behind. We continue on this crazy trail for another ½ km. and come through logs, rocks, roots and its starting to rain just because this crap isn’t quite hard enough to navigate already. Keep in mind that Shipwreck and Me are both on 650/690’s, Boat is on a power house of a 950 SE!!! This guy can ride. I don’t know how he does it but I’m thinking I don’t want to be in here even on a 125 dirt bike and boat has no issues.

We are getting tired now. Very hard slow work and my bike is bubbling due to no wind, mad clutching, and crawling speeds. We stop let our bikes cool down. I’ll just say BUGS!!!. We are about 1km into the trail now and going I don’t think this is it at all. 1 hour has gone by since the shack. Looking at the GPS we are now around 2KM from the route and too much crap to turn around and continue to plug along. Boat man looks at me and says “I don’t know if I can get back up that first hill with my 950” I agree and say I don’t know if I have it in me to make it back up that hill after turning around and going back now. We choose to continue forward with the hopes of it coming out to something! We cross multiple sections of slick mud covered in water that you can’t see the other side because it turns and continues around out of site. We come to what looks like a pretty deep mud BOG. Boatman walks it picks a line and digs a trench, just so we know where to go. I head in and dig a bigger trench almost get stuck at the end with mud now up to my rear rack, I somehow make it our under my own power. Ship gets in and I can’t remember if he needed help but we all got threw. And now we need a break. My mind at this point is running. Just to give you vision to my though process here is what is going through my head. Water, food, shelter, fire, survival! I ask the guys how much water do we have around 1 liter between us. I have one pack of energy gel and 30 chocolate covered espresso beans. We make the call not to drink anymore “just encase this gets worse and we are out here for the night”. Now we continue on a bit more over a slimy log bridge that will bite me a bit later. Up, around, down, bog, water, roots, rocks, hill climbs, just pure hell. We stop…. Now this is really shitty. Very little water totally exhausted soaked with sweat, dehydrated and looking at each other with despair. I have to say if I was stuck in the woods like this with anyone other than these other two guys I may have not been in the mood I was in. There was no bullshit, no attitude, just three good riders and one common goal, “GET the fuck out of this situation alive!!” Boat suggests we now are at the point we need to make sure we walk the rest out to where we know it gets to “somewhere” we agree and start out forward on foot. We walk for a little 10 mins and come to a canoe! At this point I’m thinking “hmmm can I canoe back to something” because riding my bike back through hell is not going to be achievable. A river in front and no way in hell of getting anywhere close to civilization with our bikes. Head back totally exhausted and very down, beat by the trail from hell to nowhere! We manage to turn our bikes around and Ship finds his smokes he though he lost. We have a smoke. Boat says he is going to start back because “BUGS!!!” and he just wants out. Now He has around 60Miles on his tank that if I remember right only gets 75 before the light comes on and ship is not much better. I have gas. Before we start back ship is in front and I’m last. I am praying out loud at this point, “Dear Lord, fill us with your strength, protect us and guide us!” Now we are heading back boatman… amazing!! All we can hear is engine still plugging.. man you can ride buddy!! I make it to the greasy log bridge now slightly up hill. Ship almost gets across and starts to almost fall. I jump off my ride and run over give him a push as the slimy logs have less traction than ice. He looks back at me and Says “you need help?” stupid man pride, over confident, idiot in me says “ no ill be ok” I try to get some momentum and just bump it up and across but my back end slides out I put my foot down it slips in the slime and I just hear “CLICK” from my right knee. Now im turtle on the ground in pain wondering how bad is it. Manage to stand up I can move my leg.. in pain but not to bad. OHH YA!! No magic button!!! Fuck. Kick it with my sore leg, every kick is making the pain worse.

Boat has made it to the bottom of the big first hill. He put sticks in the one rack deep mud bog on the right side where we all came through the first time. I assumed it ment the left side was the route… no … he was trying to tell stupid me he found a go around to the right and it was easy. I head into the rack deep BOG again.up to my racks no strenghth in my right leg and trying to lift move pull my XR out. Boat comes back and says “crap… sorry bud I should have waited here and pointed you around! I tried to tell you with the sticks!” I say no problem “im the dumb one I could have looked around as the 950 had a trench around this bog I should have seen!”

Thanks Bogman and Shipwreck i could not have made it out with out you to great guys.. That is something i dont think we will ever forget!!

We get out of the BOG.

I don’t know if I have ever been this tired, thirsty, hungry, and totally down, spent, exhausted and in pain. The two other guys one 47 and one 49…. I’m 32… holy crap it is possible one of these guys could just have a heart attack and die right here if I’m feeling this bad.

We stop at the hill, plan, clean a path, and take a break… we are going to need it. Boat backs up his rocket fast, unstoppable over any terrain , almost out of gas bike. And makes his assent. He does pretty dam well and we perform a little catch and help just for the last little bit. Ship does the same a little help and he makes it up. I don’t know how anyone can ride crap like this on the seat. These two guys both don’t really stand up. I just jump up on my pegs with the last bit of energy I can muster and like a tractor make it all the way up in one shot!!! High fives … we are out of this “trail”!! WOOOHOOOO.

Now we have very little gas I think Boat said he may have 10 miles left, Ship around 25 miles and im still good for around 75miles. We need gas bad! We manage to make it to a gas station with a small stop I eat the chocolate covered beans and energy gel and im feeling better.. well at least I have a small bit of energy back. Its now 430. We spent 4 hours in that trail of two KMs and made it out to tell the story.

Back we go paved .. fast.. and cold. Head to the camp ground. Im doing well… lets just say almost as fast as my bike will let me and I see a nice deer on the side of the road. Just as I come up I see the front shoulders start moving in my direction. I GAS IT as hard as I can drop a gear and try and make it past. The deer was trying to get traction on the pavement and a miss her by 4 feet behind me. With my XR wide open the deer gets an ear piercing pounding from my exaust and starts bucking and pawing at the air.
We make it to the Campsite! I am half frozen, dead tired, hungry and thirsty. Some how I manage to be the last one around the fire with Aaron talking about .. well whatever two drunk ADV’rs talk about at 2am. Thanks to Phil and Dave “forgetting” all his gear in Johnys van I get to spend the night in the luxury of the heated Yurt!! Thanks Phil!


Up and packed the next day Knee is pretty sore and we are off two bikes in the trailer, Naomi in the back seat and Ship and I navigating the roads with the cage. We stop for Breakfast and Chris and Rudy show up just as we are finishing. If anyone got a feeling for me, or my personality, I like to joke with friends!

Lets just say Rudy’s bike got as Shipwreck Put it … some new pinstripes!! Hope you liked them Rudy? After all the tape could have been part of the survival gear “elastic bands, Tape, and Zip ties!!”

It was great to meet each and every one of you! I made lots of new friends and if anyone makes it back to my neck of the woods look me up and you have space to stay in my house. Many people, many styles, camaraderie, bench racing, and just plain FUN. I had the trip of a lifetime in my back yard due to everyone who helped set this up and everyone who participated!

Thanks everyone sincerly!!
Just trying to keep the rubber side down

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What a weekend!

The. Best. Vacation. i've ever had. Ever.

The pics and vids have pretty much all been covered, but what's a few more?

Many thanks to Shipwrek and Momma Coast Guard for taking us in on Thursday night! The bikes as well...

The Tailor of the TCAT, switching off his motor, gives me a soft-spoken "Fookin' wet, eh?"

R Lafebvre trimming his too-fat fat front tire

Many thanks to 4BadBoys for finding the cause of my brakedown.

Our favorite Campground Clerk

There's fashion statements, and then there's fashion statements.

The water got to everyone in some way or another

Great terrain!

And now a slew of water-crossing pictures...

Gorgeous country!

The poison ivy was craaaaaazy

Had a few black flies as well.

A stop for lunch. See the old ice cream truck in the background? She serves a delicious burger.

Thanks again to everyone! See you next year! (~360 days, right?)
- Jonathan
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