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Old 08-11-2010, 04:13 PM   #16
Gimme 2 OP
wheels , with nobs
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Originally Posted by Knackers
Got to Dalhousie - Mt Dare - Kings Canyon - Mereenie Loop and into Alice, giving away fuel jerries along the way.

Then broke the chain and destroyed the rear sprocket 21 km South of Woomera/Kimba on the way back. Was going to head into the Gammon Ranges but started having problems prior to Coober Pedy. Just picked up the bike today on trailer this morning and met Rosscoact coming in to refuel a 0800. RR to follow. Going fishing now.
I said you were a SLACK Bastage for havin the chain so slack.

No case damage i hope. Bad way to finish a trip, i also did'nt end on a high..oh well That"s ridin.
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Old 08-11-2010, 08:16 PM   #17
Gimme 2 OP
wheels , with nobs
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Joined: Mar 2009
Location: still looking
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Laugh Day 7

Don't be fooled Bivvy Bags are sleep thieves!
Meeting up with Dave today , and he's got my tent .
Up early again Brekky is heated mutton slices,baked beans and toasted damper, yum.
We got away early ,decided to go to Louth the longer way along some fence lines. A bit of mud ,rutts ,unexpected wash out's Roo's ,mounds to pop off & Emu's make's for good fun riding, we finally found our way out, back on to the main vein around 8 k's from Louth.
We checked Dan's fuel and rekoned , bugger Louth we'll head for Tilpa.
Pig Trap .

Yep we runout of juice
about 3 k's from Tilpa. No worries just aswell my tanks were designed by NASA's space shuttle engineer.

We got into Tilpa had a beer and gave our coin's to the RFD's so we could add our name to the thousands who already have, with the exception of Dan's being in light's "like it should be".If you can beat the size of mine and the position, you'll need a chiropractor or be good at belaying. that was stupid.But for a good cause!
The Tilpa pub is a top aussie one , yeolde barman was about as chirpy as a Budgie in a coma i don't think the removal of light fittings had much to do with it.
Fueled up, we tore off to Wilcannia.

I love my 990, she's a desert horse, but i was about to find out, the Super Enduro make's her feel like a big old Clydesdale!
Come fly with me ...come fly.. come fly away!Dan's bike good like this but better in the DIRT!.

I could'nt help myself, within 50 meter's from the pub i was instantly up on the back wheel with a full tank and a grin larger than a Cheshire cat.I'll try not to go on here too much about the SE, but , for one absolutly not ride one if you have a adv, because you will forever be trying to find the better pionts on your bike to persude yourself that you don't need one.
The first thing you notice is it feels like a 450 up front, so slim,light and nimble.
Secondly the grunt from the carbs!
The Havok .....
I WANT ONE!! no i don't.

We took the western road to Wilcannia, less travelled by the look's.
Dan had been complaining about the wobbles on the SE, so we pulled up and set it all back to the ADV's manual at full load rating!

An instantly noticable difference was had.

the next 128k's was awesome fun ,not because of the bike i was on.
It was GRID after GRID after GRID , each one beautifully built up for perfect high speed launches followed by a soft touch down then power on to the next curve or GRID.
We'd look over at each other and rock our heads like 2 front row rockers at an ANGEL'S concert while they're banging out "Take a long line" in appreciation for the road we're lappin up.
Life is gooood!

We rock up into Wilcanniaall hyped up.
Drawn by the sound the young fella's in town happily come and talk with us about the bikes and where we're going.They love the sound and the size of em.
There looks like there's not much going on in Wilcannia, once a busy town when the Darling breathed easier i assumed, but now mostly boarded up and tortise like, even the pub shut just before we decided to have a beer at 4 50.
Darling going under the Wilcannia bridge.
The Fuel operator in Wilcannia soon bought us back down to earth. $1.58 and around the back street at the bp you can get it for 18c cheaper ,. Ripped off!.I say "We'll check from now on before we put in" "Copy That!!".

It's getting to that time were we need to make a decision on were going to camp the night,. We'd like to meet up with Dave ,have'nt been able to make contact with him yet.
We contemplate heading to BH via Menindee lake's and staying there but we bin that and follow the Sun to BHP land on 200k's of near straight tar.
We have a cold ride into Broken hill and the Sun is gone before we get there.Plus i lied,the last 10 k's of tar are gently undulating and softly flowing curves like sweet women's body. This awakes me from the numbing straightness and takes the bitterness out from the cold...just like it should.

We stop ,weigh our options of setting up in the dark or finding a hotel and getting a decent feed.The cold is creeping back in like the enevitably darkness hurrying our decision.

Dan's been soildering on for a few day's now, when i met him up in Brisbane he was in a bad bad way! Alcohol induced for five straight days at the Goldy, so his mind was made up a long time ago. And i was grateful.Hot shower and clean clothes and a decent nights sleep never goes stray.
So we got a room, Dan lost his wallet and a grand cash , Dave was stuck in Mildura and had a stuffed seal on the final drive , what will tomorrow hold?

Day 8 Comin.
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Old 08-14-2010, 09:49 PM   #18
Gimme 2 OP
wheels , with nobs
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Location: still looking
Oddometer: 2,129
Day 8
We went into town and had some breaky , Dave rang to say he had decided to carry on back home , i think he'd had a gutful of BMW's .
It was a shame , but notmuch could be done. So we did some shopping and headed out to Silverton to see if we could'nt cut thru Mundi Mundi station and miss some of the Barrier hwy out!
As Dan hopped on his bike out fly's a wallet from his glove. Beauty, a handshake of relief and we were off to Silverton, a movie makers mecca.

39 signed dips later S Aussies love their road sign's ,We Spoke to Peter and Patty at the art gallery they said talk to Nic the son of the station owner, and he may let ya go thru.

We covered some famous tar from Mad Max 2 the bit where Humungous ruler of the waste land get's ...wasted by the tanker to get there.

The new Mad Max 4 and 5 roads.They were scheduled to film this year but because of the rain and greenery they had put it off till next year, they've spent million's already for shed's on peoples land for storage etc.

Anyway Nic tolds us "The same thing i told the other blokes this morning ...NO " so tail between legs we dragged our sorry asses back thru Silverton into Broken Hill Jump started Dan's bike Heated grips and ignition on and onto Yunta .

Dan pointed out there was a dirt track following the rail line so we had some fun on that before it ranout , then i hit a speed bump .

You know you got no chance when the pen hit's pad even before his door slams shut.... turns out later, he let me off!

We rolled into Yunta and excitedly fuelled up for the Flinders, knowing dirt was just a k away.

It was already late ,we found a great spot just North of Yunta in a dry river bed with some beautiful hills catching the last rays of the day to the East.

Dan had his first fall in the soft river sand and he was stuck like a trapped animal. Better go and help.

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Old 08-14-2010, 10:48 PM   #19
I like stuff...
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Joined: Nov 2007
Location: In the sticks - CANOWINDRA NSW Australia
Oddometer: 588
Love these pics and the commentary - very jealous
1987 XLV750 long gone, 1994 YZF600 gone, 1999 XTZ660 Tenere gone, >> 2008 Honda Varadero - click here to see <<, 2008 Suzuki DRZ400E. Simpson Desert by DRZ, July 2012
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Old 08-14-2010, 11:15 PM   #20
Gimme 2 OP
wheels , with nobs
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Day 9

We got up to a beautiful morning , but man it was cold.

Silicon cups not recommended...for drinking coffee from anyway.
We headed to Waukaringa ruins and had a poke around,then onto Hawker but we missed the turn and ended up past Cundamona station.

Not wanting to dble back, we decided to take a track straight towards the range .

By chance we met the owner of Cundamona Station ,Jeff with a hand shake like a silverback , a true gent!

He and his help showed us the way and were plain bloody tops!

The next 5 or so hr's offroad riding with The Range in our crosshairs flanked by spectacular scenery and hardly visible tracks were sensational.

We carried on got a bit got lost and carried on some more , the hills started surrounding us and the temptation to climb one was too much!

The hills are very deceiving, Assumption of smooth green grass soon becomes rock's covered with hard little shrubs.
I went up , straight up but had to arc out at the top cause my speed was to low at the btm.
coming down was just as bad ,
I had another crack, with more revs this time but that's useless when you hit neutral so close to the top ,no choice but to lay it down.

I was having trouble lifting it , Dan started climbing the hill to help but before he scaled it i had managed to turn the front wheel around and point it down hill, just pick it up ,jump on and do my best sketchy down hill mountainbike ride to the btm, .....that was entertaining .

No damage we rode on thru to hawker and then camped just outside the town by this river bed ,Wilpena pound in the back.

Dad? and seven littly's

South Australian sunset!
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Old 08-14-2010, 11:18 PM   #21
Gimme 2 OP
wheels , with nobs
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Joined: Mar 2009
Location: still looking
Oddometer: 2,129
Originally Posted by holmesie
Love these pics and the commentary - very jealous
Thank's Holmsie, next time i'm gonna take a better camera for better quality.
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Old 08-14-2010, 11:33 PM   #22
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Location: N.E.Vic,Australia
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Thumb RR to Flinders

So far a dam great RR and great pics . We are heading that way from Yunta to Birdsville in September , have you any tips and have you got a list of what you carry as it dosen't look very much???
KTM 520 EXE.
Now the Perfect pair!!!!
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Old 08-15-2010, 01:23 AM   #23
Gimme 2 OP
wheels , with nobs
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Location: still looking
Oddometer: 2,129
A bita History.

Day ten.
Dan wanted to see the Kanyaka homestead, which was at one time home to seventy families, so we packed up our gear ,i checked my suspension, i love my KTM's and putted off.

On the way we stopped in at some Aboriginal caves and climbed up to see the paintings and enjoyed the view from above, turn's out Dan had never seen any of these painting's.
Pretty special when you think of their age and what was around when they were painted!

We headed down south to Kanyaka and had a solitary look around, the graveyard told me a tale that it musta been extreme times back then .
Alotta death's at around 38, 40 and young babies etc, long way from medical attention back in the 1800's.

The homestead was turned over to the ghost's after the 1860's drought , i think it lasted for 3/4 years.

We took time to have some lunch and naturally our thought's went to the souls who lived and died here.

Off we went to Simmonstown . The town that never was!
Simmonstown was billed to be the next best thing and it's no wonder why, the scenery is astounding .
The reason was , the railway (probably the Ghan) was coming thru it and "you'd better show your interest". Two building's went up,a general store and a hotel remminants still standing today, both never saw a day of action as the railway was diverted for whatever reason.Bugger!

One thing you notice around these parts is the amount of river's or river beds, the crossings are covered in death cakes and sometimes with water.
From Simmonstown we did a bit of discovering, getting lost and then we headed back and down to Partacoona station where the track turned it up for us YEAH!

Lotsa gates lotsa bends undulation's and humps, whoo hoo!

This then opened up into a vast flat plain skirted by quite large mountains either side, like a great big corridor.
So naturally i had to climb one , but i got sucked into the lush green hills thing again and we went as far as we could!

We turned south into Hawker fueled up and grabbed a few supplies, then headed up towards the Flinders NP.
We found a top spot out on the Morolana track just in time to set up before dark.

The place was littered so much dry wood, we were stumbling over it. We leaned back on a nice grassy slope had a beer and ate while talking about the riding we'd had watching the full moon come up thru the trees while being kept warm and entertained by the fire! Another perfect day

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Old 08-15-2010, 02:05 AM   #24
Gimme 2 OP
wheels , with nobs
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Location: still looking
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Originally Posted by TEZZA
So far a dam great RR and great pics . We are heading that way from Yunta to Birdsville in September , have you any tips and have you got a list of what you carry as it dosen't look very much???
Glad you like it Tezza, Always workin on traveling light.

Put a front Knobby 606 or Michy desert on, i forgot again.
Tools - Levers and spare front tube ,bike specefic tools so you can pull most of it apart . cable ties by the truck load. wire , wire cutters HD. decent knife plus swiss. Decent pliers.
Tarp and rope
patches. pump, pressure gauge, Araldite fuel tank repair and metal epoxy.
spare nuts and bolts washers.
Oil of some sort, like wd 40 or mointainbike chainlube.

camp- Goose Down minus15 sleeping bag
Tent a light good one.

Plastic bags.
Pineo clean wipes are great for all sorts.Onya Dano.
Gas stove and one pan it fit's inside , Cup
Coffee lotsa f@#king coffee
Panadol etc.
Map of aus
Gps with Aus tracks
Epirb or spot.
6 liters water

Clothes on top of jacket and pants, 5 pairs of jocks and sock's
1 Long thin pants
1 thin jumper
Shorts for swimin
1 pair of gloves that fit over my mx gloves
wet weather pants.
Towel and toiletries.
Beanie hat sunscreen mozzie stuff torch.
Music is great.

Sense of humour!

It's Awesome up there mate your gonna have a ball.
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Old 08-15-2010, 02:15 AM   #25
Peter GG
Peter GG
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Location: Brisbane Australia
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Hey mate.. really enjoyed your RR and magic photos..
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Old 08-15-2010, 03:49 AM   #26
OZ Mission Master
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Great RR, love that part of Aus and cant wait to head back up that way and ride-relax
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Old 08-15-2010, 06:17 AM   #27
canned fruit
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Location: NSW South Coast Aus
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Awsome stuff, Thanks.
I know the voices arn't real, but they do have good ideas.
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Old 08-15-2010, 03:25 PM   #28
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Front page pic.
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Old 08-16-2010, 04:58 PM   #29
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good stuff!
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Old 08-16-2010, 05:43 PM   #30
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Wow, great pics.
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