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Originally Posted by LittleWan

Hiya, Tweetie. Again, we are so envious of you and Geek! Hope I did justice to your spectacular backyard - here's to the San Juans!

Wow... Did you ever! You got amazing shots! And your photo segment of Black Bear really makes me want ride it (and have someone ride my bike down those steps so I don't fall into the abyss).
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LittleWan OP
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Originally Posted by KTMSER
I generally do not comment on ride reports but I have to here.
Hi KTMSER! Thank you so much. I feel very privileged to have your comment! Hey, BigWan remembers meeting you briefly at DV Daze VIII - he came home lusting over your badass bike!

Originally Posted by EnderTheX
haha! Did I say "black bear" I meant Intensive Care Bear!
Uh huh. Okay, Oliver - we all know why you picked that clip (you like nurses, eh? )
Originally Posted by tweetie
Wow... Did you ever!
Yay! who could you get to ride your bike down Black Bear? Tell Geek to bring his hiking shoes!

Day 29 continued...

Well, we got a little lost in Paradox Valley, but we finally entered the Manti-La Sal Forest.

We came across a campground with a lake. It looked nice, but it was closed for construction.

The clouds were catching up to us...

After Colorado, it was weird to have the roads all to ourselves.

We didn't really see anyone in the La Sal Mountains.

Except for some cows. And deer.

We stopped here for a granola bar and some water.
The sun came out briefly and I snapped a couple quick photos.

I’m amazed that this one turned out!
Here it is, straight out of the camera. Bzzzzzzz!
(that nonsensical clip is mostly for my sister)

Just around the corner, we ran into this...closed road!

The road we were supposed to take was now marked as “Private Property - no public access.”
Normally, we’d be tempted to take a peek, but it didn’t feel right.
The road looked unused, and maybe barricaded further up.
With the storm clouds right on our heels, we couldn’t afford to screw around and get lost.

We re-routed.

At least these roads were nice and fast.

Woo hoo! It was starting to look like Utah!

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Have to say it again,

Awesome RR and the two of you doing Black Bear is amazing.

I just have to go back and do MORE!!
No, I don't know where that road goes, let's find out!
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Dark Happens
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Originally Posted by LittleWan

I wish I got a better photo of these colorful houses!

I imagine they are multi-million dollar cottages.
Multi-million dollar leaning house of Telluride You should've had Matt try to fix it.

--Joe ....................................

We can't crash an infinite amount of times, so you better learn from every one! (by ARZ)
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LittleWan OP
You can do it!
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Originally Posted by joefromsf
Multi-million dollar leaning house of Telluride You should've had Matt try to fix it.
Hey Joe!
Oh my god! How did you know??
He tried...

Oh man, 1993 was a bad hair year...

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Old 10-18-2010, 10:15 AM   #651
LittleWan OP
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hi redog!

Day 29 concluded...(finally!)

We got to the point where Norm started to direct us to the highway.
What the hell? Last year we entered Moab via the dirt.

I had seen a sign for Geyser Pass.
Hey, that sounds familiar - we took that on the TAT!

We had a choice to make - it was 13 miles to Moab, via the highway.
Or, we could turn and go back into the forest and try and find our way to Geyser Pass.
Norm said it was something like 45 miles to get to Moab via the dirt.
We didn’t have our TAT maps or rollcharts and the GPS tracks weren’t loaded, either.
We’d be wing-dinging it.
It was 5pm and the storm that had been chasing us all day was coming...

What should we do?

Well, duh, it was a no-brainer. <----

I said, “I’d really rather enter Moab through the dirt - it’s so much nicer.”
Matt laughed, “And that’s why I love you!”
So, we turned and went back into the forest.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Make dumbasses your favorite!

We blithely followed the road, trying to find the signs for Geyser Pass...

Things were okay at first, then Norm had us turn off from the main road, onto a smaller one.
Then a smaller one.
Then we hit a dead end.

We thought we saw some bike tracks cutting across a field.
Not a great idea, but Norm seemed to show a road on the other side.
The grass was way overgrown, full of rocks and stumps.
Oooh. I had a bad feeling about it.
We were almost across when...


something smashed my leg -I must have yelped, because Matt immediately asked if I was okay.
I thought it was another rock, but it turned out to be a metal pole that was sticking out of the ground.

What the hell? I’m just glad it didn’t hurt the bike or rip our side bags!

BigWan felt so awful about it.
He still regrets smashing my left ankle on a rock last year...
But this wasn’t nearly as bad.
Last year, for a few minutes I had thought my ankle might have been broken.
This year, I knew it would just be a bruise and some swelling.
No biggie.

Still, I was not looking forward to going back across the field...
(I totally forgot about taking a photo of the metal pole, until it was too late).

(go ahead and let that play, if you can. It adds to the experience )
As we were going back across the field, it started to rain. Hard.
We could hear thunder booming in the distance.
double shit.

Everything just went to hell after that.

We were trying to get to the other side of the mountain, which meant heading up to the summit.
Over 10,000 feet.
During a storm.

We couldn't help but think of the motorcyclist who had recently been killed by lightning.
Everyone in Colorado had been talking about it.

We tried so many trails, trying to get onto Geyser Pass.
They always deteriorated into narrow, rocky, sketchy nothings.

This was one of the best trails.
I managed to squeeze in one photo during a break in the rain.
(You guys, I’m SO sorry I didn’t spring for the waterproof/dustproof camera this year!)

The roads were getting wetter and wetter.
Shiny and slick.
With flowing rivulets.

Finally, we made our way to a main road that had promise.

Oh, did I mention the deer?
Yeah, there were a lot of them out.
I got some photos, earlier, before it started to rain.

They were twins, if you draw a line between the fawn's ear and the upper left hand corner,
you can see its sibling (in the background) standing along that line.

BigWan had to lock up the brakes a bunch of times for the deer.
He said there was no way we were going to be able to stop -
locking up the brakes was mostly as a warning to the deer...

Letting them know we were coming, and that they’d better get out of the way!

They were so freaking scary.

But, so was the storm.

We were racing down the roads, trying to get down from the mountain.
The rain got heavier and heavier, until it turned to hail.

F**king marvelous.
Our face shields were completely fogged up.
The hail was stinging our eyes.
Matt told me to keep mine down, to stay dry, but I couldn’t.
Unless I’m taking photos, I always watch the road.
I want to see what’s going to kill us.

Matt was flying.
He said he couldn’t see a thing,
but all he cared about was getting us off this freaking mountain.

Holy shit, the thunder was right over our heads!
It sounded like an F-18!

Matt went faster.


sliding sliding sliding...

F**k, that was close.

It was pouring. We were soaked. And cold.
It may have been August but it’s chilly at 10,000 feet.
BigWan said he had so much water in his boots, he could feel it sloshing inside as he made each turn.

We were blindly blasting down the roads as they got muddier and muddier...
Oh god, this is going to be bad.

And then, all of a sudden, we both saw it at the same time.
“Hey! there’s that campground!”

It was the camping spot we had stopped at last year.

(look how sunny it had been!)

That meant we were back on the TAT!

We didn’t take the turn that would have taken us through Cougar Canyon and past Slick Rock.
We just wanted to get into Moab.

As we dropped down towards town, it warmed up quickly.
But, we could see that the dark storm clouds were still following us and now, the lightning bolts were springing to life.

BigWan was pissed and pretty upset about the whole thing.
We had been 13 f**king miles from the highway!

I was still glad we had gone through the forest.
No, really, I was.

It was a crazy end to one of our best riding days, ever!
We had woken up in Lake City, met the guys from Minnesota, had spectacular riding all through the passes...
We made it down Black Bear, we rode through the Manti-La Sal forest,
we had all kinds of weather - sun, rain, hail - all across the spectrum...

I got tons of great photos.

And, now, having been lost, scared (terrified, really) and a little bit hurt (my ankle was throbbing), it FINALLY felt like we were back on the TAT!

My journal for that day says, “It’s nice to feel ALIVE.”

We got a motel room and unloaded our stuff.
As soon as the last bag made it into the room,
the heavens opened up and dumped everywhere.

There were huge bolts of lightning, lighting up the sky;
and such booming thunder, the walls actually shook.


Whew. Matt thinks that top speed was in the dirt, running down the mountain.
I can’t believe we didn’t crash today.

The television was bleating flash flood warnings all night.
Hmm. So much for good riding in Moab...

(so we thought...)

LittleWan screwed with this post 01-05-2011 at 02:34 PM Reason: fix a broken link. It's a shitty replacement, though :(
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WOW! Loving it!
Especially since my b.f. and I were in Co last week of Sept...but he's an old fut (so am I, but WTF!) and he didn't want to go an extra 50 miles (ok, and three extra days!) to take the scenic route! We were really just visiting friends. All paved, my Harley and his old Wing are not too good on rocks!

Warning!.. US 285 in eastern Co is just. as. freakin. boring. as US 187 in Texas! Flat. flat. very. very .flat....

And no...never too many piccys in your RR's!!
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Old 10-18-2010, 04:02 PM   #653
LittleWan OP
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Hi Mary! haha, gotta get off that slab if you don't want boring!
I know, I know. Just teasing!

Day 30: 8/5/10 Moab, UT. Lay Day. about 90 miles

It rained hard most of the night.
We had planned on doing the White Rim Trail today, but we decided to wait one more day and let it dry out a little.

BigWan had ordered tires to be shipped to Moab, but there was some kind of problem and only one had arrived.
The other would get here tomorrow.
So, it looked like we were stuck staying an extra day, anyway.

We toyed with the idea of doing some extracurricular activities.
Last year, we had gone to Slick Rock and played on the trails - both the bicycle one (by accident) and the ATV one.

But, after yesterday, we decided not to do anything stupid -
we were just going to chill out and take it easy.
Maybe do some laundry, run some errands.
Rest up and relax.

BigWan did some routing in the GPS, and I got caught up in my journal.

Pretty soon it was lunchtime, so we hopped on the bike.
As we were riding down Main St., some ORANGE caught my eye...
Hey, is that the Minnesota guys??

Sure enough, it was!

Victor and the boys were at the gas station - just coming in from Monticello.
(oh, I think I spelled that wrong yesterday. Hmm. too lazy to change it, but it’s Monticello, UT)

Hey Guys!
BigWan and I invited ourselves to lunch, I think.
They were going to Milt’s for burgers. Sounds good.

Here's Matt, telling them about yesterday’s ride through the forest...

Left to right: Matt, Victor, Paul, Sev, Kevin, Gus, Marty.

Matt and I talked them into a sample of Canyonlands.
We thought they might enjoy the Potash/Long Canyon loop we did last year.

Luckily, BigWan and I are in the habit of ATGATT, so we were ready to hit the road.

All I had to do was stop and get some batteries for the camera.

Heading over to Gemini Bridges.

It was so dusty, I was worried about trying to get action shots.
BigWan suggested that we go on ahead and find a nice spot to snap some photos of the guys.

Mostly, I think Matt just wanted a chance to zoom around without the luggage.
He was feeling so free and unemcumbered!
I remember thinking it would be really embarrassing to wreck in front of all these people.
But, then again, there would be someone to call 911...

This was a nice spot.

Hey, Victor!

Hey, Marty!

We let them go on ahead...
I took a few more snapshots...

And then it was a wabbit hunt.

Hey, Paul!

Hey, Sev!

BigWan really outdid himself today...
I think I actually screamed on this section (and I never scream).

Hey, Gus!

Gemini Bridges.
I don’t think we stopped here last time, we just blew past.

So, it turns out that Kevin’s ankle was still hurting.
He was nervous about a reinjury in the dirt, so he decided to meet the guys at the Canyonlands visitor’s center.
We were sorry to miss him, but it was probably the wise choice.

Waiting to turn on Hwy 313.

Unfortunately, this is what we found when we got to Long Canyon.
The trail was washed out.

Huge Bummer!

Matt and some jeep guys went down to take a look.
Apparently, some guy in an Expedition (from a local tour company) had driven down the washed out trail and he was pretty stuck.
Matt’s still not sure how the guy managed to turn around and get the SUV facing uphill, but it must have been a 43-point turn or something!

The tour company owners had been alerted and were on their way.
The driver was already planning for his new job.

You can kind of see the front of the SUV down there.
Here come Matt and the jeep guys...

I was super sad. We felt really bad for leading the guys on a wild goose chase.
They were gracious as always, and said it wasn’t a problem.

Boo. It was a huge disappointment.
Here’s our video from last year, so you can see what we were missing...

I guess Victor and the boys were probably relieved.
They still had to make it out to Green River.
We were so happy to have run into them!
It was still fun to see them again and have a little ride.

Thanks again for playing with us!

Bye, Guys!

Bye, Gus!

Now, BigWan and I were on a search for Unaweep...

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This report never ceases to impress. Thank you so much!
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How cool is it to be able to see a different perspective of your best motorcycle trip to date. Thank you Kelly and Matt, wonderful to share some time with you. Had fun getting chased.

I loved this spot:

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Tn. Walrus
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Originally Posted by LittleWan

Make dumbasses your favorite!
HAHAHAHA! I am going to remember that on my days at work while dealing with the public!! I'm glad you guys are OK!!
Forever West ....Murphy says NO!

Salus Populi Est Suprema Lex.

IBA# 49285
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When Lionsroaar and I were there in Sept...

the White Rim Trail was washed out, something we really wanted to do. We didn't do it and I had a feeling we would regret it. I think we do regret it but conceded that it would be a reason to come back if we did have any regrets of not doing something. Already thinking about a weeks trip back to Colorado next year to do some more of the passes. I think Moab is on the bucket list also. For any of you FF out there thinking about something like this, Just do it!
No, I don't know where that road goes, let's find out!
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LittleWan OP
You can do it!
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Originally Posted by craftycoder
This report never ceases to impress. Thank you so much!
Thanks, craftycoder! Don't worry, I'm afraid that we peaked in the San Juans - it's all downhill hill from here...
Originally Posted by GearWhore
How cool is it to be able to see a different perspective of your best motorcycle trip to date. Thank you Kelly and Matt, wonderful to share some time with you. Had fun getting chased.
Gus!! Happy to see you! Aww, we loved riding with you and the guys - thanks for being good sports.
p.s. I like your "other interests!" does your mom read ADV??
Originally Posted by Tn. Walrus
HAHAHAHA! I am going to remember that on my days at work while dealing with the public!! I'm glad you guys are OK!!
Hi Mr. Walrus! Yeah, if you make dumbasses your favorite, then I guess every day is a good day!
Thanks, just writing that section I kept telling matt how lucky we were.
We really should have crashed on Geyser Pass. I don't know how we didn't...

Originally Posted by redog1
the White Rim Trail was washed out, something we really wanted to do. We didn't do it and I had a feeling we would regret it.
Oh, Redog - sorry you missed the White Rim Trail...
Don't worry, I took some photos for you!
You'll be totally sick of red rocks by the time I'm done.

Hi everyone - I've had a couple of PMs (that's "private messages," for the non-ADV folks) asking about "ATGATT."

Sorry, I spelled it out at one point, but that was probably 30 pages (!) ago.

All The Gear, All The Time.
It just means that we try and wear our jacket/pants/gloves/boots/helmet whenever we're on the bike.
Even when it's really hot. Even if we're just riding in town.
We've seen too many motorcycles get hit by cars, doing something as simple as pulling out of a gas station, or sitting at a stop light.
Plus, you never know when a pipe is going to jump up and smash your leg...

We're not perfect about it, but we try. Road rash hurts!
I got so used to wearing gear, I felt naked in flimsy street clothes.
Anyway, since we had all our crap on, we were ready to hit the dirt when we ran into the MN guys - we didn't have to go back to the motel.

Also - is that Canyonlands video working for you guys?
Matt came home from work and said it wouldn't play.
It works for me.

Try refreshing the page, too. That helps.
And by now, you guys know that all the WHITE parts are links, right?
Matt keeps missing them.

Oh, and, "FYYFF!" is the old ADV greeting. I'm pretty sure it means, "F**k you, you f**king f**k!"
At least, that's what I mean when I embroider it on those mascots!

Okay, I'm working on the next post, I just got stuck.
Still trying to unstick, but I'll have something soon.

In the meantime, you can watch this random clip...
Sorry there's some Rosie O'Donnell in it.
I hate that bitch.

I'll be back soon with some moab pics!

LittleWan screwed with this post 10-19-2010 at 12:23 PM
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More Undestructable
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Thanks for the Moab pics.

I just got back from there and the KTM Adventure Rally.

We rode up the Long Valley trail, it's in good shape, and then down the Gemini Bridges road.

What a beautiful area.

Did you see any Big Buttes?

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LittleWan OP
You can do it!
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Day 30 concluded...

I don’t usually look at the Regional Forums, but while we were in Colorado, I peeked into the Rockies section on occasion to check on Hancock Pass and other potential road closures.

I just happened to see this post:
Originally Posted by unaweep
Will be camped out off Kane Creek, about 9 - 10 miles after the pavement ends - 8-2 thru 8-6 or so. FF's will be in and out. Stop by and say Hi!

Look for a KTM easy up tent next to a toy hauler and a burnt-orange Dodge.

The name sounded familiar so I asked BigWan if he knew Unaweep.
Turns out they had met in Baja, at the ADV pit for the 2006 Baja 1000, and then again at the 2007 KTM rally in Mammoth.

After leaving the MN boys in Canyonlands, we headed off to Kane Creek...

Kane Creek

Sure enough, a little ways down Kane Creek, we saw the burnt orange truck and some guys checking out the river.
BigWan pulled up, waving the salute.
After a surprised minute, they waved it back.

Unaweep sent us down to their campsite.
Yep, this is it...

Orange everywhere!

We had a nice visit with Unaweep, his brother George (not sure what George's screen name is), and friend High Water.
Originally, our plan had been to camp here, with Unaweep.
But, after getting soaked in the La Sals, we decided camping was out - we needed to dry off.
It was a good thing, too, with the torrential rains.

Unaweep said that they almost got taken out by, well, high water.
(And that’s why you want a screen name like, “Sunny Daze” or something )
BigWan and I had seen (and felt) the heavy rain, but what we missed were the flash floods.
These guys said they heard what sounded like a freight train in the distance...
it got closer...
they could hear some other funny noises...which turned out to the be rocks in front of the river, tumbling and getting pushed forward...
And then a wall of water came rushing past their campsite!

It got within 4-5 feet of Unaweep’s camper:

Holy Crap!
Remember those rock walls when we came up to the campsite?

Apparently, the water was just rushing off the top of those and pouring down into the valley. Waterfalls, everywhere.

So scary!
The canyon was a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live in it...

The guys generously offered us a couple nice cold ones and some conversation in the shade.

Topics were typical boy things: airplanes, boats, desert racing...
I guess I was lucky it wasn’t “beer, porn, and corn dogs,” right Gus? heehee.

It was a fun visit and I was glad to have met the fellas.
I made them pose for a photo before we left.
left to right: High Water, George, Unaweep.

Thanks for the hospitality!
There was such deep sand at their campground, we had a dramatic exit - matt had to pin it to get us out and we roosted around a bit.
Heh, at least I didn’t fall off!

As we were leaving, I realized the lighting was perfect.
Managed to get a couple nice ones.

I love the sky in this one...

I thought maybe we’d go to McStiff’s this year, but the guys said McStiff’s isn’t bike (motorcycle) friendly. Screw that.
On Unaweep’s recommendation, we ate at the Moab Brewery instead.
It was packed!
We enjoyed hearing so many languages - it made us feel like we were really traveling.

BigWan had the green chili burrito and a Dead Horse Ale.

I had a veggie burger and a Porcupine Pilsner.

So, since we hadn’t been planning on riding today, I don’t have a photo of Norm for you.
It was about 90 miles.

Well, hope you aren’t sick of red rocks...
Next up - the white rim trail!

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