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stollenvernichter OP
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Crossing France to conquer Africa/Marocco, but ultimately could improve my Spanish

Over the years, the white spots on the map of Europe gone away. It is time to change the continent. Africa is closest to Europe and can be reached on its own axis. Without big problems, Morocco smiles at me, politically relatively stable, moderate Muslims, good infrastructure.

Nevertheless, plenty of secluded areas, lots of gravel, slopes Dakar proven, high mountains, great scenery and, when required, a shovel sand. However, my motto is to look at more beautiful with sand and dunes, but not touch as possible, even witrh a heavy loaded bike..

No matter the plan is, three weeks paid recreation, as much as possible in Morocco.

Oh, yes, the plan.

Book car train Dusseldorf Narbonne, book ferry Sete Nador, Morocco, the return trip is planned flexible.

And already the first point is deleted, too expensive. Then wag rather in 2 ½ days by Fronkroich.

The second point is simple and 140 EUR still affordable. The ferry leaves, alas, in Sete at 21.00 clock and reaches Nador or Melilla at 10.00 clock on the next day. Perfect.

Point three is not particularly difficult in the network there are relatively many GPS maps, tracks and other information.

Speaking of GPS maps. The most well-known topo map I could not install on the Montana. Installation in Base Camp was not a problem. If one has an executable *. Img file of Topo , that works on the Montana!, bring it on. Because the topo map from Garmin is crap, OSM is quite useful.

In an analogous form, I was very pleased with the book "Marrakech and the wide South" by Edith Kohlbach.

Funnily enough, the title was something unlike my tour, but I did not know so when buying.

The last point, well, dear tour diary .............................

Good preparation is everything, most of the time .......

The vehicle: KTM 690 R, almost standard.


American end

LED indicators

Trailtech lights

The mask fits almost perfectly with the R, only the speedometer. must be placed about 3 cm higher.

Power Parts silencer

Equipped to Travel with:

Additional tanks from the island

A bench in the neighborhood of

for the luggage, the good Wolfman

Touratech pannier racks and GPS Holder

The luggage bags would fit also without a carrier, but since when are therefore 690 tank and tail in personal union, a gain is not wrong. The rear connecting bracket I have, however, omitted because the "soft bags" do not weigh much and the bow looks easy schaize.

Why no aluminum case? Wider, heavier, larger, expensive. Just in case the "soft bags" are just not as resistant to abrasion, but also give no dents.

It is aborted me a front mounting bolt of the tank. Appears to be a known predetermined breaking point.

This helps:


The IT department provides a Garmin Montana, garnished on a Dell tablet.

The optical department provides a Sony NEX 5 with a large pipe.

The Camping Department

QUECHUA A man tent from Decathlon, small, cheap and good.
Thermarest, not the smallest, but with enough comfort.
Lightweight sleeping bag by Salewa
Comfort pillow by Karrimor

The cooking department

Transformer mini gas cooker
Luxury titanium pot
Lightweight Cutlery

Here we go.

1. Tag Bonn-Joinville

The commute was never so useful as it is today. Against 14 clock I leave the holy place, and put myself on the road. A short stop at the big blue C is necessary because it make my headphones and the USB socket at home cozy. The Eifel is traversed swiftly, one knows, and the passage through Luxembourg is hardly noticeable. Entry into Fronkroich runs without any problems and started the Lorraine departments are plenty of crosses, preferably in a straight line and on smaller roads. This increases the driving fun on photo stops but is largely dispensed with, which make the cut broken.

At the end of the day, a temple on a hill in Montsec excited my attention. Although It's a bit too late, but that looks interesting. It turns out that here no strange Frenchman has worshiped his Greek ancestors, but the men across the Atlantic have set this monument, one of eleven.

A memorial of World War 1. Relatively interesting, but who want to learn more hard facts about the 1st WW, should go the few kilometers towards Verdun.
Shortly after that I want to lay my head in Joinville, had a choice between, let's put it gently, hovel and the Hotel Le Soleil d'Or I opt for gold. In itself, not a bad decision, the owner is Flame, no French of distress and the KTM hangs around in the garage. A restaurant is in the house, but tonight I like a lot and cheap. Therefore, I dock the local pizzeria. Good decision, even with live music and a Chan ...., er, singer. But cheap, not in France.. Well fed I commute back to the hotel and ..........

2. Jour Joinville-Condat

The petit-déjeuner rocks, the bill not, as approximately 80 EUR with the dejeuner. No matter this is holiday. But from now on the overnight expenses fell.

On the road again, in Burgundy, I asked a few curious residents for directions.

but could give no clear information.

Somewhere in the middle of France, a fine vehicle with a nice paintjob.

Motorcycling in the Auvergne, drive like a God in France. A damn lovely spot.

Been slept in Condat, in the Massif Central, Lac Des Moines hotel

3. Jour Condat-Sete

In the early morning dew I switch from the district Puy de Dome to Chantal, thank God, the landscape remains the same.

About mostly deserted country roads, I follow the Geepeeess to the vicinity of Mende, where suspicious arrows would lead me astray.

Clearly, at the wrong time with the wrong vehicle at the right place. In a week there is again the most beautiful three days on Enduro world wide

I joined it twice, very fine:

at the chapel in the background

I hollow me quickly the blessing

for the rest of the way.

From Mende it is virtually a stone's throw to Sete. Once through the Cevennes, then it is Mediterranean and you're in the Mediterranean. Small shock at the dinky ferry port, but the rusty part because the water is only the "Registration Building." It is empty so embarking is very relaxed, the ferry has 8 floors is virtually a small cruise ship.

It is clearly off-season, plenty of space and you can relax on the sleeping chairs, using camping equipment, set up a cozy night.

4. Jour Sete Nador

Spending a day on the ferry is not as exciting. The Moroccan customs is on board and the formalities are carried out during the ride. Does not sound bad, stupid is just that only a tax collector sitting there, who must check in about 300 people. But then, this already leads to some tension when the lunch break will kick and another 50 Moroccans incl me are in a row. But even that was somehow regulated. But do not want to know what it looks like with a full house.

The rest of the day, beaten to death by good conversation with a German couple from Lake Constance, who want to travel with an old BMW GS 3 weeks Morocco. And one more tip. Take away food , the food on board is not so appealing. The Moroccans seem to know, prepare the tagine on the deck itself.

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stollenvernichter OP
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5. Jour Nador Maatarka

The morning comes, the African continent is in sight, if one can see throough the thick layer of clouds. No sun? Also disembarkation's quick, entry passes quick , thanks to the selfless helpers quick and easy. Ok, the helpers were not entirely selfless and filling in the "Vehicle arc" is easy. A quick greeting to the couple from Lake Constance and I find myself out of Europe.

Two things are to do, change money in Nador and take out liability insurance for the KTM. I had taken 500 EUR in colorful bucks because cash smiles and plastic money laughs at you. Anyway, the Exchange was not a problem, if one considers the Oriental opening times of banks.

Although the friendly man from the Zurich Insurance insures no Motos, but he knows a colleague who does that. Quite easy to find, set approximate waypoint on GPS, is called Atlanta and lives in a blue house. After half an hour the simple search and exploration half Nador, I am back in Zurich. Compassion is Arabian tradition and so I soon follow the SUV of nice representative. Not 5 minutes later I'm standing in front of a green, nameless house. How could I have overlooked the merely? Insure is not a problem as an old acquaintance, would have seen me driving three times by. Humorous and friendly nature, these Moroccans.

That did cost a little time and therefore I cancel the planned exploration of the coastal mountains from and choose the exit road to the south. Still, it looks pretty un-African, good asphalt and dark clouds. After turning on a small side road, bouncing off the GPS indicator back and forth and tried to vote map and reality. No matter, the main road goes south.

It is mountainous, sunny and clear photogenic.

Water is in the area always an issue.

And where is a ravine, water is dammed, it is colorful and there are wild animals.

Shortly after the dam it is concluded with asphalt and it will be gravel

First it looks almost like in Tuscany , then no more.

Hours later, what does the gas? Fill me, fill me not?. Well, a lone strip of asphalt cuts through the desert, next gas station is located 50 km to the east. Better safe than sorry, here comes no AMA.

After food intake for man and machine I went back to cornering. Slowly it becomes very clear why in all guide books there is no information about this area . Plane said, there's nothing there..

Except for a few Berber huts or tents and dry watercourses. If it has rained, however, this nasty traps able to maintain a KTMdriver for unsuspecting, such as Quicksand.

It helps only to descend as quickly as possible and to make really loud with the right. Then consequences for the appearance of the vehicle.

The day passed and I'll find a nice quiet spot for the night at Maartaka

After the sluggish start, the first day has met all expectations, endless slopes, a little thrill and a cozy desert camp. A little music to the ears of the vast starry sky and a typical local mint tea ringing in the night. Although, in the desert it is quiet, very quiet.

6. Jour Maatarka-Erfoud

The morning dawns. The breakfast falls somewhat spartan, tea with biscuits. Today, there is another Walk in the footsteps of the Dakar, the slope of Maartaka after Bouchaouene is announced.

But even here the progress is marching on and a new route is plowed into the desert ground, because the asphalt will follow soon.

The first signs of civilization show

The man and machine are in Talsint to supply with fuel. However, only the machine is still indulged in a lavage. Had it significantly more necessary than man.

But they looked like new again, dressed up for the chic surroundings.

The slope after Tazzouquert should offer no great surprises, vast, endless plain, surrounded by a few mesas. Although, the first surprise was that I, despite the clear route, wanted to take a look at my GPS. However, the gaze met only the empty slot. Mmhh, now that was something stupid would be an expensive loss and without fast navigation makes the traveling only half as much fun. Rely on that luck is with the stupid i reversed and went to the slopes. And ten minutes I see the Montana front of two small jump hills, what a coincidence, lie on the road in front. Although Says nothing and has gotten a few scratches, but can be revived by a few power surges from the onboard electrical system. Note to self. From now on, instead of disengage engage .

Second surprise is a small mountain pass

The departure would not have been as fun with a thick BeEmDoubleU.

Something tired, I decide in Tazzouquert to reach Erfoud on asphalt. Good choice in Qued Guir is still plenty of water.

High pleasant place for a long break.

At Oued Ziz

I reach Erfoud and steer the restaurant Dakar for a hearty supper.

Good choice, the owner speaks a little German, organized itself offroad tours and gives me a few tips for the onward journey. Advises me not to ride alone the 200 km long runway to Zadora. Is a shame, but somehow sounds reasonable.

Will spent the night at the campsite Chez Karla

The sanitary facilities are ok, power for the electronic helpers is available and free WiFi is also available. What more could you want? The campsite offered Offroad tours, a 2-day tour to me with support vehicle. I politely declined, the price quoted was completely inflated, negotiating price up.

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stollenvernichter OP
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7. Jour Erfoud-Merzouga

In the morning culture called. The German artist Hanns Jörg Voth has built northwest of Erfoud three "building art" in the desert, wich are only accessible offroad.

More info:

In other parts of the world you'd at least put up a sign. Not in Morocco. Without the coordinates to the initial no one would hardly find the right slope.

The staircase

The spiral

The city

Enough culture, were on the way back a few alternative routes to Erfoud were tried, then embark on a circumnavigation of the Erg Chebbi.

Always in the shadow of the dunes, ok, shadow, there was notreally.

Mmhh, slightly milled sounds do not belong to the normal sound of the KTM, one should continue. Look, look, the porter got rid of his two bottom screws and the holder is milled from the chain, not good. I stripped a screw from the opposites and go on.

In an old mining town rooms are still available,

and in the southern part you drive more on Mars

In Merzouga Auberge Lac Sahara

to stay.

Accommodation was ok, shower main thing, though it was apparently the most dangerous occupation for me. Wet feet German and Moroccan tiles have a very low coefficient of adhesion.

dunes Impressions

The evening was very enjoyable. Thanks to four Americans on Morocco Tour, three bottles of Moroccan wine and delicious food.

At about midnight, enjoyed some fantastic starry sky, tomorrow I'll do photos, I thought every night and never did, and then into the tent. Unfortunately, it started promptly at twelve to squirm violently squirm. This meant virtually to sleep in the sand storm. Side effect was that the tent was charged by the friction of the sand. Any contact with the tent wall led to funny, blue discharges.

8. Jour Merzouga Tamellalt (Dades valley)

The blue night followed by a dune morning with an extensive breakfast.

and a visit to the local dealer, looking for two new screws.

Special 2 screws M10 were fished from the bags.

A german speaking visitors offered me 3 camels for the KTM, but what I gratefully declined. He could understand because the way to Cologne would still take two month by camel.

Go west by road, again a little culture.

The asphalt runway was not much traveled,

The route to Tinerhir, but somehow the way lost in this stone desert.

After Tinerhir

Is it not far to the Todra Gorge.

Quite nice and for a tourist magnet surprisingly little traffic. Sometime in the middle, you can spend the night in a spacious left-hander, is scheduled for the next time. http://www.aubergelefestival-todrago...m/?page_id=157

In Tamattouchte the branch direction Dades valley is hard to miss, because now milled to a wide track.

What begins only a bit naff, becoming the actual highlight of the day.

Endless, it goes through several small valleys

until the Dades Gorge was reached.

The fuel level drops with the sun and it is time to look for a place to stay. Thanks to low season you are free to choose. The hotel Kasba Ait Arbi won, small, but nice.

With secure property for the KTM

and rider

The innkeeper was very nice, no complains about the food and room.

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Great RR + pics.

I really enjoy reading about travels in that part of the world.

Looking forward to more.


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Africa, Africa
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Great photos, keep them coming. :)
2012 KTM 690 R
2010 KTM 990 R (Sold)

2008 N.Z.Yamaha Safari:
2007 N.Z.Adventures Safari:
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Crazy Canuck
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Great photos and commentary. I love Morocco ride reports.

I'm not lost for I know where I am. But however, where I am may be lost.
-- Winnie the Pooh
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stollenvernichter OP
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9. Jour Tamellalt (Dades valley) - Ouarzazate

Early morning breakfast place that I've earned.

Smells like holiday, quickly load up my ass and get away. The departure was delayed a bit, because I had to convince the friendly hotel owner that I was quite capable driving the three stages accident-free and the help of the two present men isn`t necessary.

Country of Knubbel

In the morning dew I miss the slopes into the rose valley and take the N 10. Bit stupid, because the next town hosts the Rose Festival, too much traffic. The result, somewhat unorthodox driving style, misled the Moroccan traffic policemen to cheer whistles.

Just back quickly in the mountains.

In the village school is out, the guys want to be clapped, a clear improvement to throw stones. Schools out, so does the the asphalt, for a long time.

a very long time

A dream of a slope with views of the High Atlas.

Plate tectonics at work

It remains colorful

High Noon, in Toundoute is a break with tea and some sweets. Nerves food for the after unsuccessful search for the planned re-entry.

Old colorful rally arrows along the way entice to take a detour.

Get out of the Qued, get in the Qued,

The Rally route winds always parallel to the High Atlas, fine by her.

Detour, what a detour?

The last few miles to Ouarzazate on asphalt. In a small refreshment stop I put my glasses on the pack, which I am, however, only remember when my eyeballs are complaining about the unusual wind. Unfortunately then the glasses had not quite as lucky as the GPS. Although she was found again, though deprived of their optical function completely. So the "good" glasses just have to survive the rest of the trip.

In Quarzazate I really wanted to stay with the well-known Dutch, but unfortunately he was not there. By the way, pretty hard to find, is a small alley in a "block".

But the campsite Palmeria is very close.

Small area, sanitary facilities are ok, you can take a shower with warm water. The owner is very friendly little chat with .......... exactly mint tea. Who has no tent, sleep like a Berber.

Conveniently, the restaurant is just a few steps away from the tent, and we have a little more time, attracted to the adjoining garden with a beautiful hammock. A few seconds later, plink, what plink?, and the hammock was gone. Well, the soil was sandy. Somehow the breaks are more dangerous than the rest of the trip. After delicious food, a tired body is quickly promoted into the tent.

10. Jour Quarzazat-Taliouine

Breakfast in the secluded garden promotes the displeasure of an early riser, but I'm not here for fun. The campsite owner want`s a foreign-made Selfi, well.

The direct route to Marakkech is too much asphalt, so i take the route to Jbel Siroua direction Antiatlas. Very good decision, because in 90 percent of the day I will move on slopes. Shortly after Quarzazate it is even technically demanding.

The main road was a wide gravel road, good idea to take side slope.

A tricky descent ends in a, what? Exactly, Qued. This provides the next 5 km fist-sized pebbles, like riding on ball bearing balls, no fun.

But all balls have come to an end and I will be released from the crumpled valley in the painted dessert.

The photos didnt`t match the realitiy, the slope and the surrounding soil is alternately green and purple, very nice. If an orange colored Lizard, honestly, crosses the route, it is almost surreal.

In Anezal i rest and tried a quick chat with a few French street riders. From there, a little asphalt is announced, overlooking a few old volcanoes.

From asphalt to gravel in left direction to the cone mountains

Whether and how the track goes on, I'll find out next time.

I follow the planned route, then the asphalt will lose soon and the gravel leads me to the mountain in the countryside.

The volcanoes were at work here, is obvious.

At the cartographers from Travelmag / Travel Map Travel Map. Who called this route via the Tizi-n Melloul and Tizi-n Tieta pass a side track, really has humor. Only suitable for off-road vehicles and dirt bikes.

A little further then follows the gate to Mordor

which spits me out sometimes

No photos, because several blocks of granite, the river bed and other obstacles try to take my momentum. Lots of offroad and trail experience are here quite beneficial.

A german report by two BMW drivers, they seem not very happy.

Definitely not for "touring bikes". The further route offered enough opportunities to rejoice in a "light" moped.

Good thing it was overcast, which kept me from photo stops, otherwise I would probably never have arrived in Askaouen. New roads were built through the mountains, unfortunately dredged also my introduction to the next track.

The daylight went out so i decided to drive to Taliouine. Just before the city entrance there is the campsite Douzrou. Small square, sanitation ok, closed restaurant because of low season. Ok, tea with cookies will be fine, too tired for hot food, apropos tired .... Good night.

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stollenvernichter OP
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11. Jour-Taliouine Marrakech

Today, i pass the High Atlas to Marakkech. In Aoulouz the entry is found quickly

After the photo

was really right, unfortunately missed, but many roads lead to Marrakech.

About a nameless pass with views of the Toubkal

the direction is right, the Land Rover is a bargain.

Well, that was the last photo in Morocco, but I didn`t know.

I`m enter Marrakech. Ii is a city of millions, but the traffic is still ok.

Happy i do navigate to the nearest ATM, push the POSTBANK card, PIN, and get a message "restricted card". Then a hearty "What the fu ..". On the other ATM, same sir, same message. Free WiFi found. Bank cards with VPAY are very safe, but outside Europe they regret to give any cash from a ATM.

Well, my old brain lost the credit card PIN number, because i never use the card for cash. I think I have a problem. Going to the next hotel in the early evening traffic, annoying.

The Ibis Palmeraie Hotel seems nice. Room, no problem. Unfortunately, my credit card can`t be read. But the friendly Moroccan types the number manually. Puh, room, shower, eat, bed.

12. Jour Marrakesch-Tanger/Algeciras

So, I have 100 EUR, to Tangier there are about 600 km, the ferry costs about 50 EUR and I have sunglasses on. Go for it. This trip I have repressed mentally. Last ferry in Tanger-Med, only the high-speed ferry ride from Tangier, and reached around 1:00 clock European ground underneath my feet. The sound of the ATM was never so lovely.

The Holiday Inn Express in Campo de Gibraltar Barrios also receives nocturnal visits. Good to know.

13. Dia Algeciras Algeciras

Rain in southern Spain, good excuse for a day off at the hotel. But what to do now? Ferry to Barcelona? Nope. Crossing Spain and then the Pyrenees from west to east? Sounds good. When I reach the French border on the Mediterranean Sea, my bike and me have about 6000 km under the hood . This is worth a seat in the car train from Narbonne to Düsseldorf.

ToDo list: Crossing plan, Pyrenees plan, booking train, yes, and a new rear tire.

14. Dia Algeciras-Almovar del Rio

The sun shines again in Andalusia, but the departure is delayed, since the search for a new tire was somewhat difficult. A small Cross Shop helped me, massive bars, wrong size, but at least with assembly. Should be perfect on gravel, on the road rather half throttle.

And there's gravel in Andalusia enough.

The white villages disguise themselves well.

And the asphalt is not boring.

But the Caminos are still prettier.

And some tempting targets stay on the left or on the right.

In the vicinity of Almodovar del Rio, the campsite La Brena is located by a nice lake.

Actually, a good place, but the restaurant is closed again and the showers are being renovated.

15. Dia Almovar del Rio - Albalate de Zorita

The crossing of Spain is simple, there are smaller mountain between plateaus, the plateaus are relatively barren, the Sierras are fun.

And something typical Spanish.

In Albalate de Zorita I find a small accommodation incl restaurant. Since my Spanish is pretty rusty, I do not first understand, that a room would not be a problem, but it takes half an hour to made it clean. The missunderstanding solves my tablet. In the restaurant, there were no problems of understanding, just a full belly and light head. Buenas noches.

I have unfortunately forgotten the name, but are the coordinates xy inn, Street Calle el Pasillo 7-9, 40.303199, -2.841434.
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stollenvernichter OP
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16. Dia Albalate de Zorita-Ayerbe

Today the Pyrenees should come into view.I'm going through one of the many nature parks, very nice.

At the photo break five Spaniards come over with their GasGas and stop. One speaks relatively good English and offered me a ride with them. I reject smiling, with my star cruiser against light two-stroke engine, which can only end badly. But the guys told me, offroad was no problem. Should I keep in mind.

The blue is deceptive.

It is highly imperceptibly through endless pine forests, sweater time.

As a reward the Tajo gorge follows, very nice, from the Mirdador del Tajo, more info

Also, another area for my mind.

Castile has its name for a reason.

Meanwhile, you are in Aragon, also not ugly.

And that should be the Pyrenees.

It is time to look for a campsite..

The campsite La Banera in Ayerbe is small but fine

The good thing, the restaurant is open, excellent food with reasonable price. 3 course meal with bottle of wine for 15 euros, I can not complain. I am the only guest, feeling exclusive. A German moped couples reported that they are passing Portugal,10 days in the rain. And the good weather is present since yesterday. Yet another reason not to complain.

17. Dia Ayerbe - Ayerbe

Good weather, good food, a good reason to stay to plan crossing thanks to WiFi and the sun going down various body parts.

18. Dia Ayerbe - Castejon de Sos

Interessting looks. After a few kilometers, the Mallos de Riglos.

About country roads I'm getting close.

Very close.

The Col de Pourtalet should be one of the most beautiful passes. Surrounding is certainly nice, otherwise rather for super sport bikes.

Any other questions? (Fragen means question)

Sure, where it goes to the Ordesa National Park?

The only drawback, my planned route goes right through. But in this case, the Spaniards let only pedestrian pass the National Park. Ok, not every road must be driven.

Especially when the next corner provides such views.

and leads to the Canon de Anisclo.ñón_de_Añisclo

After the gorge I discover that has adopted a screw fastening the tank. Thanks to the luggage carrier that should not be a problem.

But the subsequent rocky pass to Comarca de Sobrabe is better tackled more slowly.

Down in the valley is the village of Castejon de Sos, a good end of the day.

There are a few properties to choose from, the hotel Pirineos
seemed quite sympathetic. Good choice. In the restaurant again the usual 3 course meal in good quality with delicious white wine, this time apparently with plenty of turns. Goooood Night.
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chronically restless
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Fantastic RR! Amazing the territory you covered in three weeks!
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Gnarly Adventurer
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Thanks for taking the time to post. Looks like fun.
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stollenvernichter OP
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19. Dia Castejon de Sos - Martinet

Can days start better?

Yes, with a second breakfast with a view..

Pyrenees at its finest

The city-state of Andorra is clearly the ugliest piece Pyrenees, apart from the mountains around it, but the Coll de la Botella and a KTM dealer were two reasons to move there.

The KTM dealer is found quickly, the sheared bolt unfortunately not. I leave quickly as possible the concrete jungle and head to the Sierra del Cadi.

I enter the campsite Martinet Pont d Ardaix. The usual, restaurant still closed, but everything else in function. Checked in, set up tent, body care, eating the rest of the breakfast and killing time with TOD.

I like this tablet. However, good night or not so good, the river Segre is a wild river and very noisy.

20. Dia Martinet Besalu

For nostalgic feelings, Pyrenees rally sometime before the war,

I cross the Sierra del Cadi

Sounds tempting

Modern Times

But still the old view

On the dry dock, but the sea is closer than you think.

Arizona apparently

Mmm, the Camino leads towards the east, I suppose.

And again a Mirador.

The weather is a little dark, a reason to make the curve orgy after Olot a little more quickly, but the black wall follows me, so better get out of the mountains. In Besalu the world looks friendly. At the campsite, no campnig warden, doesen`t matter, I pitch up the tent and head to the town.

A nice little village.


but with remarkable seating.

The stomach is calling for food intake. No problem, around the small market place a lot of restaurants have settled, mostly ala tourist menu. Not mine.

I highly recommend Els Fogons de Can Llaudes

Local food, nice owner, local visitors, reasonable prices.

Back to the campsite, going to sleep, somebody shaking my tent. So the gardener is also the camping warden with a kindly request to sign in.

21. Dia Besalu-Cadaques

In the shadow of the bridge I had delicious breakfast.

and then head the few kilometers to the sea. Somehow, my front tire has worn extremely unfavorable, the rear is at least only almost completely worn.

Cadaques, very touristy because of Dali, but nevertheless still nice.

Let's see what the campsite can do. Not much. I think a fine hotel would be nice.

The Sol Ixent,, situated above the village and is relatively new.

Sure, there are still free rooms, hands me a budget, almost no sea view but with a large patio. Unloaded the bike, showered and enter the pool. A little bit cold, but highly refreshing. Rest of the day fells like holiday, completely new. In the late afternoon going to the village, make little photo nonsense and want a fine dinner.

Equal and equal

Most restaurant did not look so tempting. A good reason to visit the hotel's restaurant. Good choice. The lounge with the view to the ocean looks nice, but sooner or later my bed was calling.

22. Dia Cadaques - Narbonne Plage

The Breakfast is great in every meaning and so the departure delays by many minutes.

Some wag through the coastal mountains

and after almost 80 km Narbonne Plage is reached.

The camping site Camping-soleil-mer, has been converted to Pentecostal prices. It does not matter. Last stop and again camped in the sand.

The afternoon is spent meaningfully with swimming trials in the Mediterranean and Extreme Beach Lying.

Opposite the campsite there are a few bars and restaurants. Highly recommended. Delicious Mussels in sauce Goronzola including a baguette for dunking. For dessert, an Ice cream dream. I think I've earned this.

In principle, the Adventure is now complete.

Tomorrow there is only the railway journey towards home.

23. Jour Narbonne Narbonne Plage-car train

Time until the departure is bridged with a visit to Decathlon. Cheap Functional shirts and a few flees towels are the yield.

The train station is amazingly full, the compartment isn`t, only two other moped riders from Münster. With views of Mont Ventoux I destroy dinner and a Hefeweizen.

Unfortunately the Deutsche Bahn terminated car trains because of unprofitability, so they say. Sad.

24. Day Narbonne car train-Dusseldorf-Cologne

In Dusseldorf I can drive around the announced thunderstorms and I ended up dry and unharmed at home.

Short Conclusion: Morocco, I will be back, but only with company. Tour of Spain is planned with a focus on the Caminos. There is much to discover.

Speaking of discovering. Thera are many more pictures, can be found there:

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Excellent report! Thank you! Danke! Merci! A journey, holiday, and adventure! Fantastic!
Revel in your time!
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