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Old 07-26-2009, 03:08 AM   #1
Gimme 2 OP
wheels , with nobs
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Joined: Mar 2009
Location: still looking
Oddometer: 2,173
Thumb Beef Jerky Buttocks, Perth to NSW.

G,day all , this'll be my first ride report, as always i have'nt taken as many piccys as i would've liked for reasons to be explained later on .Main targets on this trip include Gunnbarrel Finke Desert race and the Simpson Desert.

I leaft Perth on the 1 june 09 around birds fart, had a coffee with my beloved brother Henk and he wished me a safe trip, i was stoked to be on the bike and on my way,
first to Freo , fill up the hungry tanks id just fitted on the weekend along with some hd springs up front then it's off to the Outback but not before a pie at the Bindoon bakery.

Red dirt roads for as far as your eyes allow, were nice and moist after a wet night out side of sandstone, mmmm Sandstone , i was asked if i would like to be in their calender from the bar maida nude calender i wish i had of made time to put the helmet on the helmet, funny. it's not often that happens. Not often at all.

above Day two and i came to Carnegie station cattle farm, heaps of water makes mustering a challenge , they use two little choppers and about 5/6 bikes to pick up the straggelers, now that job would be a hell of a lotta fun for a while. the beemer club had just been out here from perth and about the night before me ... there was an odd number of empty chardonnay bottles there and the only t shirts leaft where small & med they musta had a ball by the sounds, 74 or so of them, just missed em.

below.... Dawn day three, the Gunbarrel bekons as the gods prepare a beautiful day for me, just tops.

Below i think this is Len Beadells truck he's the man who shot the lines for this road with a theodolite, giving it it's name, gotta love the humour.. below that one.. SNAPPO!! this is one of five trailers which i saw leaft fo dead on the gunbarrel, trailers not recommended, i suppose it's a little testament as to how harsh the ruts can be on a 4by4 and trailer.
i found it a GREAT ride, off the seat most of the way and the concentration was not diluted much, there are some abrupt hard rock faces to deal with here and there and plenty of rutts ,rocks, dust and desolation, if thats even a word?

All in all , a good days ride

left. the Aborigines love their Aussie rules, this was on the gunbarrel, should'a bought that ball with me , just a few kicks and then leave the ball for the next person.

Below, nearly there Warburton that is, with heaps of fuel in the tanks, and the Scorpians have done a good job, the front a little doughy in the soft sand but they got the job done.

Hope your enjoying the photos, more to come later cheers.

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Old 07-26-2009, 03:10 AM   #2
Studly Adventurer
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Joined: Jan 2008
Location: Eildon, Victoria, Australia
Oddometer: 774
Don't think I'll ever get sick of seing the Aussie desert. Bring it on!!!
The best currency in the world is a smile
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Old 07-26-2009, 10:16 AM   #3
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Joined: Aug 2008
Location: Berkshire, UK
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Great trip and some awesome photos there! Please keep them coming.

Warmed my heart to see Wiluna and the Gunbarrel. I once drove (4 wheels, for my sins ) the tracks from Plutonic to Wiluna, and on down to Kal. Simply beautiful part of the world - and I grew up on the southern edge of Perth, so I'm no stranger to the beauty of the place.
The greater the difficulty, the more the glory in surmounting it. --Epicurus
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Old 07-26-2009, 11:42 PM   #4
Gimme 2 OP
wheels , with nobs
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Joined: Mar 2009
Location: still looking
Oddometer: 2,173
Off to Warburton.

this was the kitchen in the warburton camp ground and it was tops fridge stove and a buink, i was quiet happy to sleep by my bike outside but after the third offer to "park yer bike in the shed mate ,cause yer fuel is what they want" i said stuff it im in the mess.
Day 4 next morning at sunrise i was off again, Best part of the day ....

Docker river is a special place. the casurina trees are the biggest ive seen like some thing out of the jurrassic.

Giles weather station,and the grader responsible for the Gunnbarrel...Sweeet the tyres look as though theve been attacted by a pack of sabre tooth tigers


Beaurepairs? who are they?

It took a bit of work to get her up this boondie infested hill, but it's worth the extra effort for a veiw like no one else has got.
The awesome Olgas, west of the rock.

Completely untouched for God knows how long.
Below Commonly reffered to by Geos as Bendusrimus configuration

I would've loved to stay atop that hill that night, but i'm glad i pushed on cause i know with Finke race on and tomorrow being friday my tyers were going to be a little concern of mine.
Curtain Springs is a must to stop in at, make sure your not hung over cause you'll be double that in the morning, free camping and good cheap amenities and Peter Severin is a real Aussie classic. that's mt Conner in the distance part of their property and one of the three tors , the other two being the beautiful Olgas and the Iconic Ayers rock, mt conner is a horizontal Ayers rock if you like with it's layers laying parrelel to the horizon.

As soon as you get past Ayers rock everything changes you start looking at your watch again and then the tourist factor here is huge, it's sucks but it's a must do. Macchu picchu is the same, if you don't go cause of the crowds you really do miss something truly Awesome.

Race motorcycles ALICE SPRINGS know their shit. i would've give all i had on me apart from fuel to take this weapon away
Below My new blackdonuts await to take me where i haven't been before.

Tip , be kind to your fitter and give him nice clean rims to work with not like this dirty mongrels below and they may just remember you .
thats all for today, my dog Max needs to play before the sun goes down , next the Finke Desert race and the Simpson, hope your liking the pics.


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Old 07-27-2009, 12:04 AM   #5
Lets Cruz
Joined: Feb 2008
Location: Geelong
Oddometer: 2,409
Great pics and report mate.Keep it coming
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Old 07-27-2009, 12:07 AM   #6
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Left blackened but none the worse for wear.
'13 Yamaha WR250R.
'09 Suzuki DR650SE.
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Old 07-27-2009, 12:44 AM   #7
All Orange :-)
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Joined: Apr 2008
Location: Northern Rivers, NSW
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great pics mate - well done
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Old 07-27-2009, 05:46 AM   #8
Beastly Adventurer
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Location: Calgary AB
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More More More !
2007 KTM 640 Adventure 'Bricktop'

----> LC4 Info Thread <----

So many places to go and see, so little it whenever you can, cause too late comes fast. - Coho

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Old 07-27-2009, 06:25 AM   #9
Gimme 2 OP
wheels , with nobs
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Joined: Mar 2009
Location: still looking
Oddometer: 2,173
Glad your enjoying the report and shots, now some more.

Ben Grabhams and Brad williscrofts bikes the nght before the show.Saturday morning i left My track side camp just outside Alice for a new one in Finke 220 k's away. On the way i had a chance to ride a lot of the track, i tried a bit of the wooped out stuff just to get a feel for the soft sand to come in the desert on monday, but the woops are real slow going on a fully loaded monster.
Finke is great when you get there, apart from the raw outback desert scenery and the bare ass town ship that is finke itself, it starts buzzing with trucks and 4 b's later in the arvo of the prologue as the riders teams begin making their way in from alice. Most of them come through Kulgera to the west as it's easier to reach that way. The riders, still in Alice, spend a lonesome nervous night before the flag drops in the morning.
Sunday morning, after a nice sleep ontop me grassy knoll belly full of lamb chops, my second set after a mystery dingo took off with my first lot which i bought from the well stocked finke genral store. I was now ready for some action, first it was the buggys ,mmm impressive but not as much as 2 wheels. I managed to get grabbo on video flying across the line first. Eight minutes before Jason Hill? and Wonka # 3 not far off.

Decent air...Awesome!!!

That night with all in, everyone went a bit wild for a while, there was a competion between these guys and the ktm crew to see who could out do eachother with the best fireworks display. But i rekon there were no losers and i had a birds eye view on my hill ,it was a cracking night.
Next morning, i woke to the whirring sound of choppers warming up ready to track the front runners on their way out of finke . I was scurying around like a luni looking for my camera , making a coffee and scoffing some breaky at the same time trying to decide where to go first . The buggies were already coming and the top dogs go first , theres only 15 or so worth running around for.Victory # 3 coming up for grabbo and #1 for ktm.
After the buggies there is a 2 hr wait until the bikes go. I packed up and headed over to the ktm camp to grab some oil to topup with, Ben Grabham was sitting composed and as cool as his blue threads, Jeff Leisk standing by beaming with pride. A very nice man, he gave me some oil shook my hand and blessed my bike for the Simpson with a step back and a cross thru the air . I was thinking please be safe fuel pump ...please. They were probly thinking, Fuck me ,all that bike and all that gear thru the desert, he's mad.
Off i went to watch the top runners leave around 11ish Am, then off to Mt DareScary, OPAL FUEL KILLS MOTOS . luckily i heard this and seen a blokes bike, same as mine at race motorcycles Knackered due to fucking opal fuel. I managed to get my hands on some premium in finke from Woody who fitted my tyers for me in Alice, and as a result only had to put a bit of the shit in at Mt Dare. I put some in at Alice on an empty tank and almost straight away the bike started to sound different. they said it was detonating ??
Anyway just good luck on my side again.
A quik chat with a mad keen biker bar man and a few beers at mt dare and i was off into my biggest challenge of the trip THE SIMPSON Alright....

Nt Sa border. Oasis in the desert 23c Dahlhousie springs , you could spend some time here.

the beginning of the french line and the end of the road for my trusted Canon power shot. The sun was setting as i was on top of one of the first dunes , it was a spectacular setting. I set the bike steady and moved back to take a shot and there goes the bike , i race over an handily threw my camera under the bike compacting it into the fine sand not my best moment.
Its truly beautiful spending a night in the desert, its a must for a city dweller. Getting there on your own steam is real satisfaction again.
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Old 07-27-2009, 06:46 AM   #10
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Location: was Kununurra, now Carnarvon, Australia
Oddometer: 2,297
Great stuff Gimme
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Enroute to a PUB
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Great read so far mate .

Looking forward to reading the rest of your journey Hien.
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Gimme 2 OP
wheels , with nobs
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Location: still looking
Oddometer: 2,173
The French line.

Night 8 ,320 k's to Birdsville, it may take all day tommorrow and then some , i pondered.

It's Dark the moons coming upin an atmosphere colder than an ice queens stare it's quite.
Sounds i can hear are crackling of my fire the odd few crickets and the beginnings of my kettle boiling.
Im laying very close to my fire with the breeze brushing past my face and down to my alpine star booties. Corned beef and rice...for din din. Wow what a taste sensation,just peel the lid off and stand in a purpose built pile of coals, close enough to reach while horizontal.Feeling good after a mild day and a long dip at Dalhousie springs to refresh.

Day 9

Well my plan ( though late in the day) has payed off.
I'm sitting here on the western bank of Eyer creek. Tonight i really wish i had my camera.
The moon is just coming up on the other side, i thought for sure it was a huge fire raging on the horizon at first.
I'm sitting in a dug out bit of sand with my back against a log and my fire is a real pearla. The timber around here is SUPERB I'm sure it's fallen from the big gum to my right , it's branches protecting my bike and i like a good friend.
I can hear water rushing and see glimpses of it from the moons reflection.
I'm feeling real good that ive made it to here, i look over at my bike, smile and think what a piece of work.

It's just how you need to feel after a hard days (and a bit of night) ride,and what a slog it was at times. Dropping my bike was a major effort , a vein popping one at 300 kgs of bike to move. There was no going up after the lay down anymore. dig the rear out then swing the front around , down again, then cane it to the top of a blind drop.
When you get a bit whimpy with the last part you usally get stuck, oh and then theres the deception of the dunes. Some will look nice and even on top but go over it and the front gets buried like Inca gold.
going of the beaten track is some times better and definately faster .

I had a little problem today, my two 5l fuel tanks fell off( but not completly) without me knowing and they started to barbque on my tail pipes, so having a fall this time was a good thing as i noticed it.
They wore the webbing of my fastys thru against my custom ply luggage rack i knocked up at my bros place the day before i left.
It's anyones guess as to what might have happen if it got thru the plastic to the pipes.lucky again.

The top pic , some blokes from SA where doig the simpson in 2 cars they offer me an ice cold pilsenerand let me use their camera to take some piccys for the non beleivers. they even ran over with a shovel to help dig my bike out from China
Maybe it's not true what they say about South Aussies

The other pic is from Dannoj ride report, those are his camel backs on my tanks , beautys are'nt they. It was great to see some fellow ADV's out there and have a chinwag , thanx for the photos dannoj.

Ones things for sure with this crossing..... and that is in the beginning on the sa side it's real tuff going , soft and twisted at the top . Avrg speed 35K's . Once you get to the lake bed(name your speed) and into Qld the going gets quite easy 70/80 k's the dunes are definately more stable, i did'nt drop my bike one time in the eastern side.

Day ten.
I got up easily and took it all in , in the light of day for the first time, washed in the creek and carried my gear to the other side then rode thru after feeling out my path across.
It was a great ride along the eyre creek banks back to the main french line again . Stepping the back out every chance i could get.
under an hr and i was approaching big red ,( i guessed it was as there were a few people milling around) ahh Big red is BIG. Leading into it i hit 140 on the pegs and slowed to around 90 or 100 at the foot and kept it revving hard with out spinning too much up the biggie all the way till i was at the top and over the other side. YES ....i'd made it through the Simpson .....and it felt goooood as i punched the air with triumph and headed to Birdsville 35 k's away....
Just then my reserve light come on.

Sorry i havent got many pics , i should've had the indestructable model,

to be continued.....

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Beastly Adventurer
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Bung a link in the Aust. ride reports! I know you reference it but a direct link will get you a bigger audience... worth the bloody look to find it though!

I was just sitting here reading and thinking how good your pics were when I read the bit about you destroying your camera! I say you'll have to go back and do it all again with camera that works!

"Motorcyclist are always going to be frowned a pond..." an inmate in the AUS group

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Mod Squad
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Beautiful!! We want to see you flying your bike too!!

ADV decals, patches & flag? Here
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Gimme 2 OP
wheels , with nobs
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Location: still looking
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Originally Posted by Gadget Boy
Beautiful!! We want to see you flying your bike too!!

The wings fold out of the camel backs,glad to see you'se enjoying the pics.
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