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Old 05-21-2011, 10:49 PM   #151
Observant as never
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Finally had a chance to use it on a longer trip. Most happy with how the engine works, not too crazy about the after taste- don't know whether this is common in all hydration packs or not, I only used bottles and variations on the same topic, no bladders/engines.

What I really loved was having the engine in the tank bag and on top of it a DSLR. The cushioning was perfect and there were no wear marks on the engine...

It's funny how it makes it easier to hydrate dogs, no more bowl to worry about...

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Old 05-22-2011, 04:12 PM   #152
Older Than Dirt!
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I am sold... gonna place my order after I get a couple questions answered... saw the product at a neighbors and instantly sold..

Pat in NH
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Old 05-23-2011, 06:06 AM   #153
Ravening for delight
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I've finally got an actual report on this thing, as I wore it to the Eastern Rendezvous.

First, I saw a comment about the taste. I had no issues with the taste of the water. I did run the bladder through the dishwasher before using it, maybe that is why.

Second: The bulb. I thought I had lost the bulb on the highway, but when I disrobed in North Carolina it fell out of my jacket. Fortunately for me it had merely disconnected. There's no real accommodation for the bulb in a Rally 2 Pro jacket, so I just sling the line over my shoulder and have the bulb sitting between my chest and the jacket.

Third: The water tube. No real problem, but I would not mind an option for a longer tube, as my jacket has a routing system that wants the thing to be about three feet long. Maybe I can plumb something in from my Cambelbak.

Fourth: In use. Love it, love it, love it. I did some reasonably difficult rides over the course of a warm weekend, and having the easy hydration was absolutely brilliant. I think I may have sold a few units for you guys, too.
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Old 05-25-2011, 08:57 AM   #154
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Perhaps I missed it but will there be offerings in other colors? Hm like say Orange or just the citrus color across the entire range?
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Old 05-25-2011, 12:10 PM   #155
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Entire Range

Click Here to see the Entire Range currently offered. Scroll down a bit to see the packs...

Blue, Black, Citrus, Camo...

Have a great day!
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Old 05-25-2011, 02:29 PM   #156
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Received my 2l engine today. Very nice quality. Reasonably quick shipping to western Canada. I've been trying it out in multiple backpacks and tank bags this i really have to pee!

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Old 05-27-2011, 07:04 AM   #157
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Just ordered mine. Thank you to ADV and Geigerrig for the promo and great product.

Will install the 2 litre engine in my Scorpion Commander jacket and let you know how it goes.
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Old 05-27-2011, 09:01 AM   #158
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I promised GB that I would do a post about my experience with Geigerrig. I'm a little late but have some time to write up my thoughts.

I took advantage of the ADVRider deal that Geigerrig has so graciously given us. With that, I placed two orders late last month. The first order was for a 3L engine. I placed this order on a Sunday. The engine shipped out Monday morning and it was at my door Wednesday afternoon. The filter shipped Monday and was at the door Friday. As far as I'm concerned both the shipping and delivery time is outstanding. There are more and more vendors that say they ship the same day but shipping a package and delivery time is could be a week or more apart. Not with Geigerrig. I was extremely pleased with the to-door shipping time on both of my orders.

I wasn't sure what to expect with the air bulb at first but after filling the engine with water and playing around inflating and deflating it's a really simple but very effective idea. I think it's great. The air and water have their own separate chambers. This is great since you can have the engine in any direction and as long as there is enough pressure in the air chamber you will get a steady stream of water without sucking. Another good thing is you don't have to use the air hose or bulb if you don't want to. Just disconnect it and the engine becomes a standard water bladder.

My next order was for a 2L engine and a Rig 1200 in Camo which ships with a 3L engine. It was ordered Friday, shipped Friday, and was at the door Monday afternoon. Yeah... I call this crazy fast delivery. The filter arrived Wednesday. For backpacks I already use the Camelbak Behemoth and Eagle Industries Assault Pack and was looking for something a little smaller for casual bicycle rides or day hiking. At first I thought the 1200 was too small but after using it for various runs and bicycle rides I can only say that this is a perfect pack and exactly the size I was looking for. The zipper action was a little stiff to begin with but after a few times using the pack they loosened up and perform great. Even when running with a full 3L engine the pack is very stable and comfortable. Overall the Rig 1200 is an excellent pack.

There have been various posts about the air bulb coming undone. When my 1200 first arrived the bulb was separated from the tube. It wasn't a big deal. I just pushed the hose back on. Over the past month with various activities I have only had the tube separate one another time. This was when I was throwing the pack around in the back seat of the car and grabbed the handle lifting it out to prepare for a bike ride. Again, not a big deal. I have not had the tube separate while the pack was actually in use so for me, so far, this has been a non-issue.

Leaking... I have three engines. I have tossed them around a fair bit with hoses attached and without. I have had zero leaks. Even when throwing three full bladders around in my assault pack, no problems at all. Impressive.

Taste... The two 3L engines I didn't even bother washing. Both had no bad taste. The 2L engine had a small taste but wasn't anything that would put one off from drinking. A simple rinse-out and the taste went away.

Cleaning... I've always used Camelbak bladders in the past which are a pain to clean. The Geigerrig bladders can be turned inside out. I was a little cautious at first thinking I would rip the bladder or damage the hose attachments. Nope. It is a lot stronger than I thought it would be. These engines are very simple to clean and dry.

I have not yet ridden with the pack on the motorcycle. I try not to have anything other than a small waist pack on when riding but could easily see this pack working very well if I needed water on my back or wanted to ditch the luggage but still needed some pockets and water on hand. It would also be good for commuting. I can easily fit a 10.1" netbook along with a full 3L engine and other small tidbits in the pack without any problems.

Overall with the warranty, customer service, and quality of the Geigerrig selection I think anyone looking into a backpack with hydration these are *the* packs to buy. Add the ADVRider promo and it's a no-brainer.

There are only three things that I think Geigerrig is missing. I would have liked to seen the 1200 come in the Citrus color. For people that will be using the 1200 pack for motorcycle use I think a hi-viz option would be greatly appreciated. Camo looks awesome but I probably would have went with Citrus if it was available at the time. I would also like to see some type of nozzle cover to prevent dirt and bug guts from getting on the drinking nozzle. Lastly, some sort of insulation on the drinking tube to help keep liquid cold.

I would like to give a big thanks to Bob Geiger and Gadget Boy! Without them I wouldn't know what "Never Suck Again" really meant.

Wanted: CRF250L or CRF1000L (time will tell)
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Old 06-07-2011, 01:57 PM   #159
mighty fine
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When I first started reading this thread I was actually looking for a water filter and it was also time to replace a small back pack. Never wanted a camelback type because of the pia factor, slimy lips , and I know I wouldn't spend the time to properly clean bladders so would end up buying new ones. $ . This set up is great. Have only had time to use it once , on a day hike. Definently worth it ! The "500" holds the 2l bladder and wallet, phone,spot, some food and a few other bits. Perfect size for my style of a day hike. Love how the time was taken to design it to work like one would do to make a specialized tool. A pleasure to use. Was suprised I really did end up drinking more water. Have yet to receive the filter but am sure it will be up to snuff and make the 2l size plenty large. No shortage of water in the B.C. mountains.
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Old 06-14-2011, 04:33 AM   #160
Mr. Fisherman
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While I have been lax about writing my full review of the 1200 Camo rig, I am taking this on an upcoming trip. I may make a big loop through the desert and look forward to not having to suck and to having the filter available should I need it.

More on this later...
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Old 06-14-2011, 06:35 AM   #161
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RIG 1600 Mini review (no moto content, yet)

I bought the Rig 1600 last week via the ADVRIDER connection. I was interested in both the engine and the day pack; the former as a stand alone unit for my other packs as well as my tank bag, the latter because I day hike almost every weekend and am looking for a day pack instead of my current Camelbak pack. This is a response to Gadgetboy’s request to post my impressions. Yet, to be fair to Geigerrig, I sent this to Bob for his response before posting them here. So below are my impressions and Bob’s comments (in red):

I've hiked with this pack for a couple of 10 mile days. Altitude 7K-9K, at 80F-85F. Below are my impressions:

  • The concept is an improvement from others that blows air directly into the water side. The pressurization performed well, maybe too well. See next comment.
  • Note that the reservoir was supposed to be 3L. I found only about 2.5L capacity. With a 10 mile hike, I needed probably 3.5L at least: for me, and my three dogs. Not a complaint, but I was surprised when I ran out. Perhaps the claim that one drinks more out of the pressurized system is true:-) I note that I might be able to jam two 3L full reservoirs in the sleeve, mmm...(NOT WITHSTANDING YOUR ISSUES AND DISCUSSION HERE. CERTAINLY FAIR, AND TAKEN WITH EARS WIDE OPEN HERE AT GEIGERRIG. SOMETHING TO CONSIDER… THIS IS PRECISELY WHY THE IN-LINE FILTER IS SO IMPORTANT… THE ABILITY TO ACCESS AND REFILL WHILE ON THE TRAIL IS IMPERATIVE AND DRAMATICALLY INCREASES YOUR RANGE AND THE VOLUME AVAILABLE FOR HYDRATION. )
Note that turning inside out is the best method. I’m a lazy ass, a spatula works great, especially in the 2% humidity NM atmosphere.
  • The drink tube can/should be at least 4" longer. I would suggest making it 6"-8" longer. Folks can always cut to their preference. I've used LONG tubes where I then loop across my chest and attach the bite-valve on the opposite shoulder strap near the top of the shoulder.(AGREED)
  • I detected an annoying squeak when hiking. I think that this might be the rubbing of the reservoir elastic pouch to the back cover. I'll insert a rag in between to see if this stops.(POSSIBLY ALLEVIATED BY FLIPPING THE RESERVOIR AROUND IN THE RESERVOIR GARAGE. CHANGE THE BLUE SIDE TO EITHER BE CLOSER TO YOUR BACK OR FURTHER FROM YOUR BACK DEPENDING ON HOW YOU CURRENTLY HAVE IT. WE HAVEN’T HEARD OF THIS ISSUE. WE’LL LOOK INTO THIS.) I’m going to try that next.
Rig 1600 Pack
  • This pack is really comfortable, especially when I use the waist belt for load bearing. The waist belt is well designed.
  • Unfortunately, the side pockets on the waist belt are rendered almost useless when the belt is cinched tight around the waist. The pockets can be used to store stuff, but one'll have a hard time retrieving them, and worse, reinserting them without first needing to loosening the belt. This becomes a PITA. If I may suggest a different option: lose the pockets, but put in horizontal belts with ladder locks at one end (probably at the pack end). That way, the owner can customize via attaching his/her own small pouches. A strip of sewn-in horizontal daisy chain would also work, but aside from folks using malice clips or people owning bags with velcro strap closures, they'll be useless.(AGREED)Later, after a lengthy conversation with Bob, I discovered the hole in the bottom of the pack that the tubing from the pressure bulb can be threaded through, with the bulb residing in one of those waist belt side pockets. Hey! That’s where the bulb will sit from now on.
  • I wish for more daisy chain or loop attachment on the shoulder straps to place my GPS pouch and attach points for a camera bag. I understand that this is a minimalist day pack. But hope springs eternal :-)(AGREED)
  • Note: When loading up the pack, it's best to insert the full water bag FIRST! The other items in the main pocket can then be inserted to nestle around the contour of the full reservoir. I discovered this while packing the first time, when the full reservoir just will not go in all the way! This brings up an interesting question as to what happens when I have to refill. I am guessing that since this is a day pack, I really don't have to unload too much in order to insert the reservoir. But it may become a tedium for some.(I’D LIKE TO DISCUSS THIS. I HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT THIS. 801-823-3336) The nature of the reservoir is such that there will be incursion of space into the main pack cavity. So it’s just a matter of judicious pack planning.
  • I like the elastic mesh cover for the bulb. Unfortunately I cannot take it off the should strap due to the triple (?) stitched ends of the strap from the ladder lock. I don't want to cut the ends just to remove the cover.(I CAN SEND YOU A VELCRO ONE THAT CAN SWITCH FROM ONE SIDE TO THE OTHER IF YOU WOULD LIKE. PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL ABOUT THIS. 801-823-3336)
  • Because of that, I cannot swap the pressure/drink sides. This is an idiosyncrasy of mine: I am so used to drinking from the left side that it was a bit awkward at first.Bob solved it for me: see his remark in the previous statement, and see statement [2] also.
  • The zippered side pockets on the pack are mostly useless to me. I suppose that I can place my Clif/Power bars there. All other items are probably too big and or require dismounting and accessing the main compartment. It would be great to have an elastic pocket to have additional water bottles. I have those on my other packs for the dogs' water supply. Alternately, if the zippers are sewn in reverse, i.e. open zipper from the top and down, then I can actually stop the zipper travel via duct tape on the side. That way, I'll have two open top pockets.
  • To once again misuse/abuse the term: I am a Luddite and have no used for any iPod on the trail. I like quiet hiking and hear bears fart in the woods. So that small pocket is lost to me. I would however like to see some daisy chain and a ice axe loop on the bottom.
  • Finally, I would like to see a bigger pack ~2200 for an overnight size. I am toying with the idea of getting a wilderness first responder certificate. If successful, I'll need a bigger pack for all the extra gewgaws. Are you planning for a bigger pack? I'd get it in a heartbeat for another reason: when my wife hikes with me, apparently the fine print on the marriage license requires that I carry her load also: extra trail mix, sweater, rain gear, etc.
I thank you for developing a big improvement over the standard Camelbak system. I am sold on the concept and will be getting one for my wife in the future. The ease of cleaning/handling is for me the major advantage. The pressurization is a nice bonus. The comments above are really personal observations and by no means am I denigrating your product. I hope that you'll receive them in that spirit.

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Old 06-14-2011, 03:16 PM   #162
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Sneak preview for adv riders

GEIGERRIG Hydration Packs was selected to be featured On "World's Greatest" as "World's Greatest Hydration Pack" on ION Television. We obtained permission to provide you with a sneak preview of the segment that will air in July...

"World's Greatest!...." is a fast-paced tour around the world featuring behind-the-scenes footage and interviews of some of the most amazing and unique companies, products, people, and travel destinations the world has to offer!
The 4th season of "World's Greatest!...." is already underway and this year we're out to knock your socks off with a whole new line-up of some of the most respected and visionary people and companies that you'll ever see! From household names that you've grown up with, to family owned companies that are making a name for themselves....

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Old 06-15-2011, 08:03 AM   #163
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Thumb All In Good Taste

I also found the after taste pretty strong. I contacted the vendor and even though he was in Australia he responded within hours and a new bladder was on the way. It had the same taste so I thought it was just me. I washed it once in the dish washer and the taste remained. Even offered a few sample glasses of water that had sat in the bladder for a few hours to my brother and my wife. Both found it off putting. My solution was to turn the bladder inside out (as per the washing instructions) I then stuffed a large plastic bottle inside it so it would stand up in the machine and ran it through the dish washer 3 more times on the longest cycle. Taste is gone. Even water that has stayed in the bladder for a few days tastes great. Love the product and obviously the customer service is incredible.

Originally Posted by Ko View Post
Finally had a chance to use it on a longer trip. Most happy with how the engine works, not too crazy about the after taste- don't know whether this is common in all hydration packs or not, I only used bottles and variations on the same topic, no bladders/engines.

What I really loved was having the engine in the tank bag and on top of it a DSLR. The cushioning was perfect and there were no wear marks on the engine...

It's funny how it makes it easier to hydrate dogs, no more bowl to worry about...

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Old 06-15-2011, 05:26 PM   #164
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Will the 3L hydro pack fit into a RIG 500?
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Old 06-15-2011, 05:31 PM   #165
Namasté, bitches!
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I know of one Geigerrig user who lost the mouthpiece after an off-road get-off and was quite frustrated that their pack would be useless for the rest of their 6-week trip.

It's a nice piece of equipment, but it's probably a good idea to carry an extra mouthpiece...and any other Geigerrig-specific parts.
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