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Old 02-14-2011, 01:47 PM   #46
the venturer
Beastly Adventurer
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You guys have engraved ''Ankara-Turkey'' in the Alps. Check this out:
More snow pics Andi and Özge.
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asphaltmueller OP
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would have loved to see you, Doug, so frankly, I would have wondered, given your programme; you move a lot, man

In the morning we woke up, fired the gas heater a while before moving out of the sleeping bag and then the search for a bottle of water not frozen began. Brushing teeth with icecold water, then the coleman fired up without problems. Espresso, and life on that friday began.

According to the official report (to be linked later ) the morning temperature was - 17 C.
We spent part of the morning by arranging our tent and borrowing some tentnails from others, as the woodscrews I had bought in Ankara proved not able to enter in the frozen gravel under the snow. Ive got lent a dozen different ones and ankered the tent well enough for a storm.

Morning scenes everywhere

Bernd, me and Olli - a builder, a fed, a lawyer, but basically you can find any profession here, with a slight preference for mechanics in the wider sense

People were coming in, and soon it was noon and we went for the lunch sortie. Özge didn't want to take part because he feared for his clutch which had suffered during the ascent the night before, but I found him a place in Falks sidecar, which he quite enjoyed.

The trip was not far, maybe 20 kms with only 4 kms of Asphalt inbetween, so we could leave on the chains if riding prudently.

The village of Hohentauern

During this trip, maybe on the asphalt, the uncut superfluos parts of my chain became loose and shredded my rear fender, causing me to loose my license plate, which was duly picked up by the "ragpickers" (Lumpensammler - the one who brings up the rear)

The Berger-Hube Inn in the Trieben valley, the goal of the lunch sortie

next part coming soon
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asphaltmueller OP
nomad acc. § 2(3)AVV
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at the meeting, friday and saturday

Some time after lunch we started a leisurely ride back.
This time I was already more confident and used 2nd gear quite a few times on the ride up.
I was glad I had put the 15 Sprocket for my first try, now with some experience I think I could handle it with the 19 without major problems. Riding up in daylight helped, too.
Up in the parking new friends had arrived, like the team from Vienna with Koarl, Albert and his Indian Bullet hack and Christoph the "oilfinger" on his indestructible MZ 150. That guy knows how to ride.

Later was the sled race. 2009 I had won, but this time I came in 2nd from behind, as it was unfortunately more a sled pull than a sled race -the snow was to soft and some gravel was on the surface - by far not enough to give grip to a bike but enough to slow a sled at critical moments.

Photo by Jules

The evening we spent once again mainly in the Hüttn. There was much less activity on the place at night than in 2009 - I think the cold wind was a major factor. I regreted not having brought the charcoal grill - I have a nice light one, which I brought from Turkey but had left at Dads garage.
But before going to the Hüttn, I had tried out the Samowar - a disaster.
I had wanted to make an exhaust or chimney out of car exhaust pipe, but Birol had said that a 7cm diameter was not available. I rather believe he doesn't like the exhaust maker.

Anyway, he had organised us a good piece of heating duct from a VW Beetle - which started to emit stinking smoke and turn brown as soon as the heat grew in the Samowar. I quickly grabed a bottle of non-frozen water and put out the fire, the whole tent full of biting smoke.

our Samowar in the foreground (next day)

Now we had to rely on the gas heater and we were a bit afraid of running out of gas. Also if it get's really cold, the gas might not work anymore. In the end it was alright, we had a little bit left - because the bottle had been filled at a car station in Ankara with 7 instead of 4 liters volume. There are highly unofficial adapters to fill car LPG into those bottles.
We spent a nice night with the friends in the Hüttn and some more time around the firedrum at the tentplace before going to sleep.

Özge had met Koarl 6 years before, when both participated in some Jawa-Jubilee meeting in the UK; they had contacted through the Jawa Club Vienna and rode part of the way together. And so Koarl had given me Özges Coordinations before I went to Ankara. That was many many beers ago.

This night was colder than the first one and I felt sometimes a little cold in my sleeping bag. At least I had prepared an empty bottle so that I would not have to get out of the tent in case of ....
We woke to a cold and clear morning, - 18 C.

preparing coffee water - photos from Wolfgang

How many pieces of milk ?

later we found out theyr secret- electrical heating blankets powered by a car batterie

I had to decide if I would participate in the big sortie, but finally decided against it. Koarl had meant that I shouldn't stress my sprocket more than necesarry, and Özge would stay at the tentplace anyway to work with Koarl on the Jawa, clutch and brakes. So we would spent a hopefully stressless sunny day with the friends on this wonderfull place inbetween the mountains.

Roger on Lucy, Robert in the background; due to health problems by cage; good you came, mate

Achim "dirtyhands" (he's a chimneysweeper) on the "Fighting Wiener" MZ 150; the Guzzi wasn't fit

Uwe and "engineer" Alex on the "KNEPTA" , official Tow and Rescue Unit

Justus and his Aprilia

Koarl checked the Jawa and decided, that the clutch was basically OK; considering the separation issue at least.- and found out that the wrong brake pads had been ordered. That was about the moment when the idea to ride back via Koarls place near Vienna and through Hungary was born. It would cost us a day, but we actually had 2 spare days.
It was a quick decision.

Replacing the brake light switch

We had lunch in the Hüttn again, as somebody wanted to warm up a bit.

Later in the afternoon we made traditional turkish tea for the folks. We had brought all the equipment like the double kettle (?) and even the traditional small glasses with us. It was quite a sucess.

The evening we spent like the last one -why change good habits -

exellent food, good drink and good comrades in the Hüttn and a drink or 2 around the firedrum before hitting the sack.

Richard NL and the scotsmen, photo by Jules

Olli contemplating; Photo by Jules

Albert and Uwe

repairs on the drivetrain & tire

the night was to be a bit less cold and sleep was exellent

look in tomorrow again
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Gnarly Adventurer
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Originally Posted by asphaltmueller View Post
I call this Photo "Spirit of TT"; made by Richard NL in 2009, Achim and Thoeny on "Mrs Lehmann"
You are part of this spirit Andi.

Thanks for your report. Makes it easier fo me this year.
Remember when SEX was safe and MOTORCYCLES were dangerous ...
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Old 02-15-2011, 12:40 PM   #50
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Excellent ride report Asphaltmueller ! Thank you for taking me back in the days when my MZ RT 125 3 gang/speed was my trustworthy pony .
Can't say the same about the bloody Simson Sport 425 which gave me more trouble than joy . I was lucky to have a friend who fixed it up for me on a daily basis .
Mads Mikkelsen - '' I'm a beer man. I tried to drink whiskey and Scotch but I don't get it. It smells like a girl who didn't shower and just splashed a lot of perfume on . ''
Jack FM - '' Vampires , what a pain in the neck ! ''
Unknown - '' I've learned to give away not because I have too much but because I know how is to have nothing . ''
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Old 02-16-2011, 03:08 AM   #51
Wannabee adventurer
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Originally Posted by moderen View Post
We had so much fun
An epic ride indeed! Now who says adventure rides can be offroad only?
You have proven otherwise!

Q: I call you 'Mehmet' in my emails, in this report you're called Ozgen. Which should it be?

cheers, Wim
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Old 02-16-2011, 03:12 AM   #52
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Originally Posted by wimj View Post
An epic ride indeed! Now who says adventure rides can be offroad only?
You have proven otherwise!

Q: I call you 'Mehmet' in my emails, in this report you're called Ozgen. Which should it be?

cheers, Wim
Thanks Wim
i use both of them
Mehmet Ozge
which one easy for you :)
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Old 02-16-2011, 03:59 AM   #53
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Awesome ride report, reminds me of my two-stroke (Yamaha).

My old man rode Java's for years and loved them, He bought and sold 7 of them during his riding stint, and my parents even went for their honeymoon on the bike.

Those old Java's are real workhorses and many are still running around in India.
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Old 02-16-2011, 04:00 AM   #54
I used to be SCRay
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Fantastic read! Really enjoying it. Inspiring stuff.
rayb Crash Dummy (no testing involved)
Australian RD/RZ Owners Register
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Old 02-16-2011, 04:31 AM   #55
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-18 Celsius!

That's just silly.

RallyRAIDio on Twitter
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asphaltmueller OP
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to Vienna

The next morning we woke up a bit late; a few guys had actually already parted.

This day our way would lead us only to my parents, 90 kms away, to clean up and relax; so no stress to leave.

Anyway I'm not known to be someone to leave a meeting or festival amongst the first.

The packing and saying goodbye was spread out until noon, then only the central comitee and those travelling with it stayed and we went on our way, too.

about to attach the plate with wire

A few photos more from the meeting

Uwe loading the KNEPTA

Falk was cleaning out plates and lights at the gasstation in Trieben.

This time we took the highway only for the first 30 kms, then went of and on a beautiful sunny day over the Phyrn-Pass and followed the federal road through the valleys until my parents house.
Unfortunately no photos were made.
At home I was changing back my front sprocket to the 19 teeth, including using a new chain. Özge thought his front wheel bearings were gone, but Dad pronounced them good after cleaning and repacking them with grease.

Dad also made me a new rear mudguard and license plate holder out of aluminium, much better than the original one ever was.

Then the evening had already arrived and after some good Mama food, we just went to bed, exhausted from the meeting.
The next day we packed a bit quickly and made way for Vienna. Koarrl is living just to the west in the village of Purkersdorf.

We only had one breakdown, just after the village; when Özge was lost in the mirror and didn't reapear after my slowing down, I turned around and found him by the side of the rode trying to kickstart the bike; he took out the plug - dead. and than it dawned on him - inside his rather cramped handle bar-sleeve he had activated the kill-switch.........

It was a bit cold, but we made good progress, first on the federal road, then on the highway to circumvent some boring industrial towns which I knew were unpleasant to ride through.

We stayed on the highway to make miles, the old problem of this trip and arrived at Koarrls place at about 2pm.
After a coffee Koarrl started to dig into the Jawa, changing the clutch, the front brakepads including adjustment of those notoriously insufficient duplex drums and at last changing the Jawa clutch-halfautomat.

At my dad's house I had had a strange encounter : 85 year Old Adi, a friend of Dad, who was an oldtimer freak always, and had spent his professional life as some regional manager for Ford Traktors dropped by to admire us and we chatted, and he asked us where we are going to Vienna, if they could really do the repairs there. I answered that the nickname of the guy we were heading to was "Jawa-Koarrl" -and Adi said " heard about that guy when I had my Jawa" Don't know if I can convey what I mean, but that rather rich guy from basically another planet had heard about Koarrl in his circles. Freaked me out.

It was aso Adi's and Dads advice that I might try the rear sproket as it was instead of doing a conversion of some other sprocket - the advice proofed to be by and large correct; later more on that.

In Koarrls village we did some shopping for 2-stroke oil and bought some sort of Bandanas for our faces, which later proofed to be quite usefull. Koarrls wife made us an exellent dinner, and after retiring to his garden house, I took out a special present from my father, which he himself had received from my former school teacher - a bottle of original soviet age Vodka -

which wouldn't survive the night - the same fate happened to some wine bottles, so getting up in the morning was a bit hard.

We had breakfeast and an intensive goodby from Koarrl.

But we got under way at a normal time, around 10 am, starting out for Hungary.

asphaltmueller screwed with this post 02-16-2011 at 11:27 AM
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the venturer
Beastly Adventurer
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Hi Andi. The garage of your dad is my type; lovely atmosphere and all in a mess, but one finds everything so easily. Cheers.
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asphaltmueller OP
nomad acc. § 2(3)AVV
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this will just be a short installment - I have some job duties tonight.
And anyway the ride through Hungary wasn't that exiting, on the other hand it was quite nice riding.
We had to ride through the south of Vienna and then joined the Highway direction Eisenstadt, which wasn't especially stressfull at this time of the day. Near the Hungarian Border the federal road began, and we followed it direction Balaton -Lake. It was cold, but moreless sunny.

At this gas station in the middle of moreless nowhere a turkish transport stopped to ask the way - which we were actually able to indicate, and then his eyes popped out when he realized we were from Turkey. He "sponsored" us with some bags of pistachioes and jars of honey.

An other petrol stop in the middle of nowhere; villages and small towns were far from each other on this road.

a parking near the Balaton; a lot of places and cafes were closed, obviously relying on the tourist season.
Around the southern corner of the Belaton lake we lost a lot of time in the densly populated area, even lost the way once for half an hour, and drudged on to the croation border rather late.

When we arrived in the border town of Barcs at about 7pm , we discussed to go over the border and continue to the next town in croatia, but Mehmed was done for today,
So we cruised around that little town and in the end had to ask at the gas station for a hotel. The guy was able to show us a nearby pension, which was OK;
Later we had phantastic food in a nearby restaurant, which we again forgot to photograph.

The pension,next morning

And I started killing my rear sprocket : to get into the courtyard of the pension, I had to mount the cornerstone, which had medium hight and was straight, not flattened to the road. I did so with the rear wheel touching the stone, so no help from speed to mount it - letting the cluctch come slowly, realising that power might not be enough, and then a surprisingly non-violent sound, when the chain slipped over the sprocket.

I backed of immidiately, rolled her back and gathered a bit of momentum and with that mounted the cornerstone without trouble - Idiot me.

We slepped again pretty soon, this time also woke up pretty soon and were on our way to the gas station soon - which we wouldn't leave soon at all - more about that tomorrow, got to go to work.

Those houses look better in the night, though rural Hungary is definitely way more developed than rural Bulgaria
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asphaltmueller OP
nomad acc. § 2(3)AVV
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Well; I'm back from the cocktail of the turkish-german association for the promotion of science; nothing to report.

Justus Aprilia Pegaso

I just wanted to draw your attention to a link "Venturer" has already postet, but it deserves to be presentet more prominently :

The - absolutely exellent - official report on the 8th Tauerntreffen, by "the president". Due to the more and more international nature of the meeting this year also in english :

nice selfmade boat

look in tomorrow for Croatia and Serbia
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Old 02-17-2011, 01:14 PM   #60
Gnarly Adventurer
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That's one hell of a story, a shame that my XS didn't make it (again) this year.

Let the world change you and you can change the world - Che Guevara
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