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Old 04-19-2011, 04:20 AM   #226
Bike Addict
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we plan on taking the Skagway ferry to Prince Rupert...2.5 days I believe....I figured after 2 days or so I would see enough of the inside passage and be ready to ride home to Maple Ridge, BC....looking forward to it...and thanks for your great RR.
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Old 04-19-2011, 05:20 PM   #227
Beastly Adventurer
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Old is not necessarily old

Lives take different turns for different people.
After my wife and I got married, and before we 'settled down', we flew to Germany, bought a VW camper van, and lived it in for the next 18 months - 9 in Europe and 9 back in the States. A part of my life that I'll never regret. Then we had kids; other folks have made appropriate comments about that. Though that did not lock us in our house, for the next 20 years my motorcycling dropped to maybe 5% of what it had been before. Your focus changes. On the other hand, some people strap their kids on their backs and backpack the world. It is all your own personal journey - one that (if things are as they appear) we only get to do once. So enjoy yours.

Originally Posted by jglow View Post
Anyhow, it seemed as though every person, or couple on a motorcycle , or even traveling period, that we met were older (or German). I don't mean "older" as a gentle way of saying they were old, I just mean you know, older than us. Nikki is mid 20's, I am upper 20's. Just about everyone else we met was older. Why? Do you have to reach a certain age before you appreciate life, natural beauty. Or is it a money issue? Are we just weird ? Not that age is an issue to us. I think Nikki and I would both rather converse and hang out with these above mentioned "older" folks. We ourselves, live the life of "older" folks. We are quiet, go to sleep early, and treat our pet dog like a human child. Eh, I guess it's just different strokes for different folks, right Willis?

My bike: Yellow '05 1200GS - on the Spotwalla ADV location page as CJ3.
My solo trips: 2014 Natl Park triangle, SF-Colorado-SF 2011 and 2013, SF-LA loop, Pinnacles and Carmel Valley loop
With Ol'Badger:
And remember: Beauty is in the behind of the holder.
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Old 04-19-2011, 09:33 PM   #228
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Originally Posted by presto88
Jordan - thanks again for this great report!

You mention several times about the mosquitoes being a bit of a problem. Did you use any type of repellent? Any details would be appreciated.

I have found that any repellent with DEET in it works great. While up there on my KLR I kept a small bottle of 98% DEET in my tank bag. I would just squirt a few shots on my hands and wipe it on my forehead, shoulders, sides and legs and the mosquitoes would never come closer than 12 to 18 inches. You can use a big bottle of 10% DEET or a small bottle of 98% DEET. It does not matter what the brand is. It is the DEET in the bottle that does the trick.
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Old 04-20-2011, 05:53 AM   #229
jglow OP
Two wheeled traveler
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Bellingham, WA to Kalaloch, WA

Day 27 - June 26, 2010
Mileage Today: 245
Total Trip Mileage: 7,061

We were up with the sun, anxious to get off of the boat.

We got into port, and ready to unload by about 7:30am or so. The off loading was a pretty hectic time. They don't let you down to the parking area until about 10 mins. before they start the off load. Not a problem if you are in a car and you can just throw your stuff in the back, but remember, we are defying the laws of physics with how we have attached things to our bikes - this stuff takes time.

(Notice the aura that surrounds Brad. )

Shortly after this pic, they started offloading from our line. There was some sort of issue where Brad apparently (allegedly) tried to run over one of the traffic attendants . I think that GS is ready to run! Anyhow, some choice words and suggestions were exchanged between the two, and it seemed to be the proper ending for our time on the boat.

We stopped for gas, and waived good-bye to our new friends. Then it was back on the road.

What are all the strange things on the road? It had been quite some time since we had experienced more than one car pass us within 5 miles.

We are headed out to the Olympic National Park, but to get there, we have to get on another ferry to cross some body of water, and dump us off in Port Townsend.

(Jeez, I am starting to look a bit frazzled)

Back on the road, heading West.

This was the first time either of us had been up to this area, and it did not disappoint!

The sun had come out, and it was turning into a fantastic day.

I was demonstrating the current state of my equilibrium, which had been more than slightly disturbed from be a float at sea...

And a little diversion to see something that I didn't even know existed in the area:

A rainforest? Really? I thought you need an equator for that, or something...

Oh yeah, forgot to mention the phobia of the creepy/crawlys .

Big trees:

And lazy creeks:

Heading back out to find our camp tonight...

We didn’t make very many reservations on this trip at campgrounds, as we didn’t want to feel like we “had” to make to a certain point on a certain day. However, we knew we would be in Washington today because of the ferry, and we knew we could easily make the miles. Plus the fact that we wanted ocean side camping on a Friday night in the summer made it pretty necessary to have a site reserved.

Good thing…

We setup camp.

I flame-seared (burned) our sausage for dinner.

And we had a race out to touch the Pacific Ocean.

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Old 04-20-2011, 08:07 AM   #230
no, no I guess not
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Originally Posted by jglow View Post
Bellingham, WA to Kalaloch, WA

Day 27 - June 26, 2010
Mileage Today: 245
Total Trip Mileage: 7,061

You gave Nikki a hard time about jumping, but it looks like she can levitate just fine
Love your pics of the road from Haines Junction to Haines, it really is a beautiful stretch of road, I was so fixed on getting to the ferry on time I didn't get any good pics. Interesting everybody has different views of the ferry ride, I enjoyed not slogging the rain for a couple days and getting warm again.
My Alaskan ride

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Old 04-20-2011, 09:42 AM   #231
No False Enthusiasm
a quiet adventurer
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One word of advice:

1. Make two copies of the photo of the two of you running to the Pacific.

2. Frame each, and exchange them with each other.

3. 35 years from now, you will understand...
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Old 04-20-2011, 12:54 PM   #232
Alcan Rider
Frozen Fossil
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Originally Posted by jglow View Post
3. Duration - we took one of the longer Ferry rides. I think 2 days would have been the ideal length of time.
Agreed. After numerous ferry trips between Haines and Prince Rupert, in '03 I decided to check out the ride all the way to Bellingham. Shortly after passing Prince Rupert I realized that I was ready to get back on the road, and was tired of riding the ferry at its blistering 16 knot pace. The Inside Passage down through the islands off the B.C. coast is beautiful in sunny weather, but so is the scenery along the Skeena River and down through the Thompson and Fraser canyons.
"I am in the prime of senility." Ben Franklin
I'm so old I remember when the gallons rose faster than the dollars on gas pumps.
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Haul Road Primer
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Old 04-20-2011, 05:08 PM   #233
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Enjoying the RR. Great pic's.
Wish I could do it someday.
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Old 04-21-2011, 06:17 AM   #234
jglow OP
Two wheeled traveler
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Kalaloch, WA to Cascade Locks, OR

Day 27 - June 26, 2010
Mileage Today: 391
Total Trip Mileage: 7,452

We had camped at Kalaloch Campground in the Olympic National Park last night. I remember it being fairly difficult to sleep last night do to the rocking/swaying sensation I was feeling. I guess this was left over from the 4 day ferry ride, but I thought after a full day back on dry land it would have been gone. Maybe listening to the waves crash last night didn't help?

It was a cloudy start this morning, which seems in line with coastal weather.

But as soon as we head inland a bit, the weather clears up nicely.

Our first destination looms on the horizon...

(Mt. St. Helens)

The 50 mile ride from the interstate into Mt. St. Helens Park is pretty gnarly. You climb up 4,000 feet in elevation on a twisty mountain road, and it isn't long before you could start to see the remnants from the eruption in 1980.

After the eruption, the above pictured river valley was filled in with debris from the collapsed peak to a depth of 600ft in some areas, totally burying the river. Over the past 30 years the river has started to cut a new path.

We reach the official entrance into the Park...

And we continued up to the observatory. The view of Mt. St. Helens from here is a familiar one - the huge crater left from the eruption.

After the eruption Mt. St. Helens had lost 1,300 feet in elevation.

Downed trees that were within the blast zone of the eruption still lay blown down in the direction of the blast:

It was a bit surreal being in that close of proximity to something that is capable of causing so much destruction. Not to mention this thing was also actively building lava domes.

If you have read this report from the beginning, you may remember that on the first stop of the first day of our trip, I dropped the bike in the parking lot of the Fried Pies place off of I-35 in Oklahoma. I assumed that was going to be pretty indicative of how the trip was going to be -- a daily ritual if you will. Anyhow, to my surprise, I hadn't dropped the bike since then, although I had plenty of close calls . Well, the streak ended today.

I asked the people next to us that were picnicking in their car if they would be so kind as to take a photo of us and capture this glorious moment. Nikki, however, didn't find this situation as amusing as I did. Apparently I was laughing too hard when the bike fell over to notice the fact the the Pannier had a strangle hold on her ankle. I was treated to the silent treatment on the way back down into town, but after the anger and pain went away, she agreed that the photo was a necessity, and we have a good laugh when we see it now.

We continued heading South, as we crossed in to Oregon.

(Pic was actually taken when we were leaving Oregon, but you get the point)

We ended up a bit East of Portland, right on the Oregon/Washington border at a campground in Cascade Locks, OR.

Under a canopy of tall trees.

In the morning we will continue our slightly inland route South toward Crater Lake, and then head back West to the Coast. You would think that after so many miles, and seeing such amazing sights, that we would be burnt out on this stuff. But the truth is, the scenery is all slightly different, and new, and amazing in it's own way that it keeps it very fresh. When Nikki and I talk about our favorite moments of the trip, a lot of them come from the next few days.

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Old 04-21-2011, 06:22 AM   #235
Christian RA40XT
Don't Panic!
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Impressive picture..especially these with the downed trees.
Did your bike also fall down in the direction of the blast?
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Old 04-21-2011, 12:20 PM   #236
jglow OP
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Originally Posted by jglow View Post

Originally Posted by Christian RA40XT View Post
Did your bike also fall down in the direction of the blast?

So maybe it wasn't my fault after all

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Old 04-22-2011, 08:37 AM   #237
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awesome. every word of it.
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Old 04-22-2011, 09:03 AM   #238
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Great ride report so far, i am enjoying it
2007 DL650 (V-Strom)
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Old 04-22-2011, 09:09 AM   #239
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Fantastic ride report and you guys seem like awesome, awesome people. I hope my ride report is as good for my big cross country trip this summer. Cheers!
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Old 04-22-2011, 02:14 PM   #240
Horizon Chaser
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Still following along with ya, Jordan.

And I'm with ya - Sly's report was epic.
Thank God for the man who put the white lines on the highway.
- Michael Stanley

- '09 FLHTCU
- '04 FJR1300
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