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I'm enjoying your writing my friend
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Papa Bear KLR
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OK,you are sick,twisted,fearless,maybe a little off your rocker! 60mph in snow and in the dark!Road in snow a lot when I was a kid,now the thought of doing it with my fully loaded KLR( aka Champ named after the lake monster in Lake Champlain) makes me week in the loins,and maybe a little wet too!
Now for the root of the post,more shot's of girl's,maybe go south so it is warmer and less clothes?It' snowing here in V.T.may go for a ride later just to prove to myself I am not a wimp!
Good luck with your ride!have fun,be safe,and remember
BEER IS PROOF GOD LOVES US. Benjarmin Franklin
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Awesome RR!! Love the stories and pictures!
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Originally Posted by Jettn Jim View Post

Man, I'm 63 and never got marrried my prostate would be the size of Rhode Island, if I went by those beliefs :) .
I have the same helmet you have, but yours must have a lot of space under it, you a are mad dog, rock on.
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i like your attitude. i like your philosophy. i like your sense of humor. i like your STYLE! i'm along for the ride :)
2012 VSTROM ADV 650
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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Talking Thanx for all the support guy's Im not Worthy.....

Kitesurfer, houndawgg, Skrow, Delilama, Redpillar, Rodr, Go4it....Thanx for the encouragement I'm not so sure my wifes sooo happy to see me being egged on LOL

Got up yesterday still feel'n good and went all day up down up down. In car outta car walk sit walk sit stand.... and by 8p.m. I was feeling................SORE!!! By 9 I gotta go find a place to lay down...On my FACE cos it HURTS too bad to even breathe on my back side.
I (and my poor angelic wife) were up about 8 times last night to piss and much pain I passed out in her arms while taking my 10p.m. piss. I've got a bottle of Hydro 10's to take and I hear they work GREAT!....but I don't wanna mask the pain....I wanna feel all the torment I've put my body thru all these years....well let's say I don't exactly WANNA feel it but since I've done these injuries to my body I feel I owe it the respect to feel the pain it feels.

It was a looong night glad it's past

Just a's sooo easy to get caught up in our adrenaline and energy that we forget to be present in our body as we're soaring above the clouds with our mind and ego leading the way...
No doubt for some of us it's our nature to soar. But ya gotta remember to connect with your soul and body, keep your mind in check a bit..... at least as much as you can.
As I'm shaking like a kitten laying on an Iceburg from the pain last nite....I'm brought back inside my body to reflect on all the WILD Rides it has carried me through my life.... (I'm sooo much more mello now that I can hardly relate to you what it's seen.) And I am eternally grateful to it for the strength it has shown. I realize that the Mind does'nt really pay a penalty (unless you end up paralyzed, and even then it can escape) for the...a bit to close to the edge experiences... the body is taking all the punishment. Sooo I'm not saying don't live on the edge...cos that's where I'm gonna end up walking till this ride is done, just to give thanx to your body for being the most excellent vehicle it is for this ride

Ok here are a couple ranch videos with the handheld...they're not the best ones as I havent uploaded them yet.
I'm wearing my BRIGHT RED aaarg! Moto-x helmet so that I can use the GoPro cam, It was easier working with the first few Heffers and a calf before the helmet, but I wanted to capture some film so we accepted the hassle... I looked like an Alien to those poor cows LOL!

Some regular Ranch pics...the weather hasn't produced the best photo op's soo far this trip...
After the snow

The cows haybarn

The haybail wall built Magic Bar/sleeping quarters where the Highadventure tour was created...

View from the cabin porch of Mt Bonaparte...

Full moon from the woodpile..night of the branding

The cabin...

Monk siit'n in the Bar next to the Peyote Indian....

Inside the Magic Bar

A painting by the famous Western painter, Charlie Russell....He was a friend of my Bro-in-law Seans Great Grandma Anna Guttormson who homesteaded alone near Malta MT 1916-1920, she had just come over on the boat from Norway. He (C. Russell) and friends of his we're at this actual scene as some grizzled 'Ol Cowboy's Roped this Grizzly...

Anna on her homestead 1916...Tough Woman!

My nephew Randy with his tree moss mustaches....makes us remember our creative youth eh...

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Butthead 1000
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Jim, Did not pick up on your deep spirit when we met, you are definately 1 in a million (as apposed to 1 of a million). Had to put my pet down this week, and your posts/ photos/vids, were an awsome way to ease the pain. Good to see the stainless removed. Ride on you crazy diamond.
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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Been there too my brother...

Originally Posted by Butthead 1000 View Post
Jim, Did not pick up on your deep spirit when we met, you are definately 1 in a million (as apposed to 1 of a million). Had to put my pet down this week, and your posts/ photos/vids, were an awsome way to ease the pain. Good to see the stainless removed. Ride on you crazy diamond.
Rick, I hope that you are remembering all the crazy, wonderful, fun times you spent together all these months/years....and the way you shaped each others lives.
Perhaps looking forward to the next partner to share a few more years with will help us smile Thinking of the prospects.... Ride on "YOU" crazy diamond!^)-

And I've gotta say a BIG THANX to this site ADV RIDER for letting me share my thots and Spirit with fellow women and men riders from around the world.... If I can lend some happiness to others and perhaps help someone break free from an old thot pattern that brought misery, then Yeeeea Cool Beans.

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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Heading for Red Lodge and the Beartooth.......

So the next day finds me heading for Red Lodge and a peek at the Beartooth. Still overcast on an otherwise beautiful route...

I meet Brad at Powersports Tech. who reminds me of how heavy the snows have been and that there's no goin' over the Pass mang! And there's a storm coming 2nite 12"-18' OR SO...Shoot

We also discuss the Snowmo brand wars etc... I decide that I've never seen the BT Hwy in the winter sooo I'll just ride up to the gate and take a pic or two
As I roll thru Red lodge I see this KLR with some alum boxes and a pellican next to the Yodeler.

The local vibe as I'm roll'n thru

Then it's up 212 to the gate... again soo dang overcast that pics aren't look'n so good, but the good feeling and beauty is still as real in person

As I'm just finishing up an hour of stuudding the rear knob when pastor Goetz and his wife pull up....he Questions my intentions Then I tell him I'm all good with the great spirit, cousin wind, brother water etc... he say's I should be sure and know the Trifecta.... I assure him I do, then they drive down the mtn.
A bit later they come roll'n back up and give me their phone number and take Sherris (While making me promise to call them when I'm over the top or back here) and then offer me a place to stay 2nite near Gardner...That was REAL nice and I much appreciate it!!!

I think I posted these vids earlier but for any newcomers...

Ok having had that FUUUN I head the back way on rt 78 till I find a GREAT ranch dirt road (dang forget the name) and rip hard for a 600lb bike yeehaa! a while till popping out on Nye road just west of Fishtail and The Cowboy Dinner club where I wandered in a couple yrs ago to a GOOOD meal and friendly owner Jackie Walker who's son used to coach Basket ball camps back in Pa.

This afternoon it's Brenda the Cute barkeep and two other ladies who giggle at my energy and comments/remarks
Brenda and Desiree'

After a killer steak and beer...hey when in rome...I head'r north then west to Livingston for a snooze.

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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Thumb Hmmmmm Cooke City still awaits.........

So I find the Best Western -the most expensive stay so far- then get a good buffet, beer, Lotsa water ALWAY'S still my fav beverage by far And get to park Des' in a garage woohoo isn't she feel'n special... Tho the distance detachment makes it hard to walk away from her....
The next morn'n I find that the BMW is still there on my left and the ONLY other car in the whole dang garage is parked into my space so close I had to squeeze to open my sidebox! Say what...

I was check'n my ego and try'n not to take it prsonal... cuz he/she obviously didn't have a clue how I felt about my/OUR space
So when I saw the dude at the public computer I let him know I had moved my bike cuz I didn't trust him to not knock her over when he backed out...I wasn't mean just firm that he oughtta think just a tad more when he does things... So with that off my chest I meet a family while eating b-fast (with a cute daughter I might add) that are going to Cooke City and I tell 'em of my previous p.m.'s attempt from the east side. I'm head'n n.west twd Lincoln but wooooould like to get there afterall and with their information, I decide to take the CC detour again today, I head south twd Gardner and into Yellowstone and then east twd Cooke City. Glad I met that Family, as I ride out of the lot I see them loading up and tell them Thanx for the direction they've given me

Nobody at the park gate sooo free entry WooooHooo then it's light rain and sleet turning into light snow about the time I hit Cooke City.
A few of these guy's as I roll thru the park, got some good GoPro but I guess it'll have to wait till the end of thr RR till I get it figured out. Not much for picture op's sorry...

The studs kept me on my toes carving thru the park at 50-60 since they were in the outermost edges of the Karroo, in case I needed to air down for traction...I didn't and I still rode pretttty agressive anyhow

Some GoPro Video with a dirty lense arrrrg vvv

Lotsa snow and rain...

My destination...lunch and a beer---w/ lotsa water---

I rode in here a couple yrs ago on a whim and found a Beautiful girl from Slovenia with that~not from here accent~who married a Freestyle Snowmobile dude. We had such a good convo that I sat out at the Hostess desk and ate my lunch while we talked instead of sitting in the dining room. I'll chk for the old pic in my phone hmmm...

On this trip its Billy and Joseph Freeman (whata last name huh!!)that become the reasons for the journey... Billy here.

It starts after Billy sees some of my stickers and figures I must be cool...He says "you wouldn't have a roach by chance" A suttle way to get to the point eh.. I give him some of my medicine and then we start to B.S. It ends up that he works there doin snow removal and maintenance since last Nov. 10th It's an El nina year so he came to shovel and hopes the surf gets good by May. (can't remember but I'm think'n El nina not soo good for surfing) He has been working about 5-6months a yr near national parks in the winter then rides a Greyhound to Mexico to surf all summer come May! I like this guy'e styleHe worked up at cold foot a couple winters ago on the Dalton and I tell of my stay there last Sept. and if the Manager guy is the same etc...He tell tales of patching BIG rig tires and special tools and tips in the COLD. Had one blow a bead pretty bad and figured that was enough. Doesn't own a rig or much else... CAN YOU SAY FREEDOM! But would like to get a new little Susuki in Mex that he say's is only $1500... I tell him he can get a used bike of many sizes for about the same but he is feeling the little Mex Susook.
He tells me a Noob to surfing, the best breaks and to go to Nexpa and ask for Chao he'll rent me a hut for $100 a month tell him Billy sent ya... It's bout 10mi north of town... Awesome Joseph is the cook/chef (the Soup was/is the best of the trip so far)and after sharing my medicine with Billy and him, offers me the last sticker in existence from a printing a couple yrs ago (he lives there for a while now) Billy gives me two Fat Tires for the road too as his gift... I'm honored

Not most peoples optimum conditions...but ya gotta admit I've got the road aaaall to ma self...

[COLOR=mediumturquoise]The ride out is pretty un picturesque too, but the riding is challenging with the slush, snow and ALOTTA sand further twd Gardner. So I enjoy the ride part of the ride!
When I get to Gardner to fuel up I'm feeling SUPER high on energy from Billy and Joe So when I go into the station and ask Miranda how her day is... she responds GREAT and YOU!!!

She has the best energy of anyone so far on the trip and that say's alot... well Cody had a glow in his eye too didn't he!
She moved down from Coeur d' Alene and likes the laid back vibe here, and the down to earth people. She is going to school to become a teacher, and said she wasn't good but enjoyed some snowmobiling with her dad sometimes.
In the parking lot Tim "Turbo" Johnston struck up conversation... He's a videographer who went to Costa Rica for 3 months to film aaaaaand stayed for 15yrs!!!! LOL my kinda guy! He also had GREAT energy...what a day! He said he was interested in my kind of story and to email him...just found his card and note sooo I'm going to in just a sec. heres his link.

Then back thru livingston and twd Lincoln via side roads I spend an hour or more try'n to take a dirt cut off onto 89 n. east of Livingston and bang out some more hard miles... After end up on a private ranch and deadend at a fence accross the old road my gps showed I'm forced to back track...

I had some good pics from that road but cant find them now...
It finally starts to clear near White Sulfur Springs near the intersection of 89 and 12

I ride off onto the sun till I hit Townsend. I'm gett'n hungry and see a busy Bar on the corner of Rt 12-287 but for some reason I'm not feeling the vibe.... or wanting to entertain the locals this time....don't know maybe I sense that It'll be more of a fighting energy if I enter, than what I've had all day so I go on down the road...
At the end of town the Sun is super low and bright and I figure it's best if I chill out and eat now instead of fighting the Sun. I'll rest up and Blaze twd Lincoln after dark.
So I spin back figuring who nows what and see the Cowboy Coffee and Steak House on my left...Don't know how I missed it before??? But that'll be puuurfect!!
I meet Lynne Marie Hankel who w/her husband Tim own the place. She is Very intentive, smiling and energetic as we discuss our culture, white lies, religion, life, love dreams and reality. My notes say I saw an old book... The bussiness Guide by J.L Nichols and to get it...
Then it's off again twd Helena

I roll into the night and take some video with the handheld trying to show the Hid lowbeam and the Halogen highbeam comparo's but don't think they show up well...I'm flicking between Hi-Low back and forth for 35sec's north of Avon on rt141

After MORE rain and temps near freezing I enjoy Rt200 east till I... roll into Lincoln Yeehaa first place on the right is a bar/resturaunt next to a Motel...I'll take it!
It's the Wheel Inn how fitting for a rider coming in outta the cold sleet...
Brenna is on deck as the Barkeep/cook and I oblige her to be busy if she wants too

Her buddy took our pics...she had a cool sweatshirt on that looked all worker-girl till the pics then went kinda pretty girl on us Buuuut still all good! aaand whata Buuuutt!^)-
Her parents own the place and she has two daughters Kylee and Makena 2&5 The 5yr is big helper girl now and little Kylee a little devil suddenly.
Here's her w/her sis the next Morning at B-fast forget her name and baaad lighting sorry...

As she's making me dinner I go next door to the Three Bears Motel and meet Kevin and Louanne Minear... I don't know how I don't have their picture! I get lost for about an hour and Brenna worries what to do with my gear that's still sitting w/my food LOL??

Kev and Louanne just bought this Motel last summer or a two ago. They moved from West Virginia and all the family thot it'd be REAL hard for them to give up their farm 30+yrs of Kevin's and her Hadr work and move. She's an original McCoy from the stories we heard as kids! AAAAND they're REAL for them to pull up and go was huge! Her family still calls to figure out what to do for Holidays etc... Anyway they cater to travelers, workers, fisherman, CDT trail hikers and bikers, riders like us and soo on. He would like to help me work on using his place for transport and lodging if/when I ever get this guiding thing I've been tossing around off the ground. A link
We has another 2hrs conversation the next morning... great people and if your ever in the area I highly encourage you to stop in and rest while you say high Next time I'm in town I'm goin' Fly fish'n with Kevin
I had to leave a note considering how at home they made me feel

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man!! I am going to Lincoln!!
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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Talking Pic of Pop "Jack" on his 'ol YZ at the Bowls...

Originally Posted by Buell78753 View Post
Dude, I like your style! Livin large and taking the time to hear people's stories. Life is what you make it, and your squeezing every drop out! Your parents are tres' cool, any pics from the old days of your dad racing his Maico?

Ride on dude!

Here's that pic of Dad rid'n at the 'ol Brewster Bowls where we used to practice and learn all the finer points of moto-X. It had 2 full tracks, quite a few hillclimbs, a deep old creek that was like a skate bowl to weave up and down the walls...and other play types take your pic Whata place to play...It was like kinda like being 20yrs ahead of Pastrana'a freestyle compound.
It's blurry cuz Sherri took a phone pic of the old film....Just look at the smile on his face and you can tell he's having a BLAST!!!
Love ya Dad...thanx for the Best childhood a kid could EVER have!

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Jettn Jim OP
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Originally Posted by redpillar View Post
man!! I am going to Lincoln!!
Uh huh a couple cute sisters in need of a good man...sound like a job for you?
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Not likey
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Jettn Jim OP
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Thumb Lets get on into idaho...

So i get up MUCH later than I'd hoped after work'n on the RR till late, then I BS with Kevin and Louanne again 2 more hrs.
When I get into the Wheel Brenna bust my ass "I told you you would still be here for the burger" Damn I was hop'n for an early start and eggs last night....but looks like I'm eat'n the famous Wheel Burger as she predicted
So after some pics with her sis I load up and get pointed West.

I don't take many pics for some reason??? I've been this route probably 20 times soo I dunno if that's why or things wern't so picturess.
Was rolling pretty hot thru Missoula as I always seem to do after coming across hwy 200 all exited as I get close to hwy12 and the Lochsa... Standing up and weaving thru traffic making good time... When just as I'm about to clear town a Sherrif pulls up in the center lane at a light and says "You keep weaving in and out and WE'RE gonna have a problem!!!" I take off my shades so I can make eye contact, show respect and say "Noooo Problemo thanx for the heads up!" I'm think'n aaaah good to be in a cool town in a cool state....Most places I woulda got written! Montana has always been good to me and my hyper nature
So I cruise easy till just cresting Lolo Pass, then I wick it up and turn on the GoPro to get some fast cornering action on the SANDY road after some recent snow.

After passing a few cars and going maybe 40 miles I pull over aaand....the Battery is dead on the GPro Aaah man not again, oh no biggie, maybe I'll slow down a bit if I'm not on camera........Nope not happening! It's too fun a road to just cruise down, especially without great lighting for pics.
Though the sky IS niice it's getting late and not to photogenic...

I'll share two stories here... If I were home I'd have pics to add from my PC...SORRY The most recent fall 2007: I'm in my van a 4x4 ford E350 TD (my work and play rig) and I've been fighting steering gremlins the whole way across country. At this point I've adjusted the Toe a half dozen's now Toe'd out 'bout an 1/8th" like a sled/snowmobile (instead of the normal Toe-In you always run in a car/truck) and I've unhooked the steering stabilizer. Hey it's not normal but it's working...
I got to Yellowstone and forgot it just closed so no route 89 up thru Gardner...and I don't wanna back'nt there an 'ol dirt road around here somewhere I can cut across into Idaho? Yup just south of the gate head west thru a small housing/camp area...and bang your wheeling twd Ashton Idaho. It was muddy with some snow and ice so I locked em in and WoooHoooo great ride!
Fast fwd I've been on a rampage to get to Lewiston by midnight and it's gett'n dark by now (near Ashton) so I cut down 20 to 33 and across to 93 in Arco then peg it at about 99mph (Max speed in the Van due to limiter) to Challis and Salmon then finally slow near Hamilton and into Lolo (Gotta add I was scanning the road for Deer and Elk like a Cylon warrior, hey I maay be craaazy but I'm not stupid)...Lotsa LEO in this area I fuel up in Lolo and head for Lewiston...I stop again in Kamiah to top off and/or just SLOW DOWN. It's been 142 Miles since Lolo and it's taken me....

Just twooo hrs...that's a 71mph rolling average on one of the twistiest roads in Idaho! Max speed limit 50mph and littered with 25-35mph turns. DANG man you gotta CHILL out now! I've got some cell phone video on a card at home I'll add at the end of the RR. Needless to say I was buckled up and had my right arm locked onto the passenger arm rest to keep me steady and was using both lanes of course...Nice thing about night can off yer lights for a second every now and again to check for oncoming traffic!
The Van would settle into the turn with a little body roll then hold an amazing line around each curve. I was amazed at it's handling, 33x12.50's and lifted 4" it still handled like it was on rails. Those heavy motorhome front coils and extra leafs in the rear really worked. Cudo's to Quigley for making a killer 4x4 van conversion!!!

The sound I heard was waaaaaaaaa (engine and tire hum) then wiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrt (tire squeel) then wuummp wuummp wuummp wuuuummmmp (the new rumble strips they had just put in the center of the road) every turn as I crossed the center each time all the way to lowell where the Lochsa meets the Selway and begins the Clearwater. After that it flattens out a bit and gets a bit less snaky...also more LEO from there to Kamiah around Orifino on to Lewiston. I pulled into Waynes driveway about 12:00am. I'll havta look at my notes to see how long it was from Rexburg to Lewiston...not long at all! It was a wiiiild ride I'll tell ya.

I've yet had weather/road the conditions to try'n beat or even match that time on the Concours or the KLR... Plus I've mellowed alot since then
If you've ridden the road you know what it mighta been like. aand maybe you've got a faster story to tell about it?? If soo I'm all ears Okay enough reminiscing for a minute......Okay I really meant a second.....

The next Lochsa road story began in Sept. 2002or2003? not sure which one...once again I was rolling down the Lochsa chasing the sunset as I always do it seems. Taking picture after picture as I negotiate turn after turn nwhile pulling a 21ft alum boat...I even had to change film at one point while at the wheel (Old 35mm film ya know, done that alot...including on the bike crossing Canada, must say the Digital saves me from that now LOL) to try'n keep up with the sunset pics. As I round a left hander I feel CRRRRRUUUUNNNNNCCCCH, CRACK, WOMPF, POW, SLAM, BANG! I'm doin about 60mph and things are REALLY gett'n torn up back there!
Ah shit I'm gonna loose the entire rig into the side of the mountain........ As I was taking pics I ran too wide off the shoulder (about 24"worth if that) and the trailer got sucked into the ditch full of boulders from slides(about 2'-3'ft deep ) and was try'n to pull the whole van in too!
I kept calm dropped the camera as I pulled it Sloooowly back onto the road, I see the trailer bouncing about 3'-4'ft into the air behind me as it's hitting BIG rocks and slides. I went about 300yds and pulled off onto the left side at a corner pull out (how convenient) about mile marker 132 or so. As I walk back I remember the trailer fight'n me a bit as I was slow'n down and when I look at the trailer I see....(this is where the pics from home would help/inhance the story) The boat is sitting sideways on the trailer...the right/passenger side bunks are both GONE, the rear pass wheel and tire are gone, (it's a tandem axle) the front pass tire is cut open and flat buuut the wheel is ok, the pas inner fender is gone, the boat is sitting on bent angle iron steel where the bunks used to be. The transom straps are both tore in two as well.
I walk back (I think in one trip) and get all my stuff from the ditch, time to start repairs.
My buddy Nick had given me a lantern hanger that fit's into a boat cleat... at the time I thot Hmmmm probably never use it buuut it IS a gift... So I dig it out, hang the lantern by the starboard transom fire it up and get to work.
First I use the Yamaha outbourds hydrolic tilt with the Skeg digginto the dirt, along with the Vans bottle jack between the trailer and the hull, to lift the boat up so I can half ass slide the bunks back under the boat. Then pull the front wheel with the cut sidewall and put the good tire from the wheel that got blown off (broke the spindle right off the axle destroyed the wheel too) onto the good wheel.
Had no tire tools but used some long standard screwdrivers and some of my pry bars to change it by hand (I always pack a full top Craftsman tool box off my roll away when I use the Van...) no wonder the KLR is loaded soo dang heavy! that habit won't die lol.(it had been alooong time since I spooned a tire...let alone a radial trailer tire) It wasn't too baaad tho. All this started right around sundown on about the 23rd of Sept. Maybe would take till about 1:30am to finish.
Next up install the spare hub (yup pack those too ) good thing it was the rear hub and not the front Disc brake hub.
Ooookay spare tire/wheel on...check, good tire onto good wheel...check but not aired up yet, spare spindle/hub on...check, bunks under boat and strapped down with spare straps....check, inner fender layed in boat...check, now just gotta air up the tire I swapped out. No prob I've gotta 12v compressor....wait It ain't work'n...I pull it apart clean and oil i...t yada yada yada still no worky Okay think.... I'd been repeating this same routine all night.. sit down, think, puff, think some more... and repeat McGyver'n is ma specialty... good ideas kept coming. This lack of air was driv'n me CRAAZY I'd gotten through all the other obsticles and now lack of air was gonna stop me in my tracks???

In this stretch of road you've got about a 200yd range to reach somebody and try as I might I could'nt get a trucks attention (I knew there was a chance of gett'n some compressed air from one) about a half dozen might have passed in 6hrs.. A minivan pulled up just after it all happened near sundown and I gave them Waynes # to call hoping he'd bring reinfircement (he never got the call So I realize there will be Noooo outside help this night and puff again and think.... and think a little more....

I've got it! I'll use the big 'ol van spare to air up the trailer tire...haaahaaheeeheee. Another gift as I was gett'n ready to leave Pa was a set of stainless valve caps, one with a core removal end...don't ask me how I did'nt normally carry one with all the stuff I pack?, but this was another Godsend... I cut off the air hose from the 12v commpressor, pull the valve core outta the spare and slip the hose on and whooompfff I got some air
This is my best McGyvering job to date... after 7hrs I'm back on the road..I only roll down to near Lowell and pass out in the backa the van...I AM BEAT!
The next morning I met the old owners of the store/station, gave them some medicine too, and when I topped off the trailer tire it had 20psi in it from the van spare... I was impressed with the outcome
Just shows that when you can connect to a higher energy, alotta wisdom/good ideas will poor in and....(some puff puff pass doesn't hurt either ) ANYTHING is possible
After reaching Waynes we welded, bent, replaced and fixed up the trailer good. Thanx 'ol buddy! Waynes helped me too fix a rig many times when I show up... 2yrs ago we repaired and repainted the Concours. Last yr his shop was Holy ground as I swapped out KLR get the point... A VERY GOOD friend to have in a VERY nice area.

Every since that trip I never turn down a gift before or DURI NG a trip, I pack it on the bike or in the van,,,~a pc of redwood tree~(yup hauled this gift across the country once LOL) a hand winding mini-light~air guages~multi tools~'s a sign I'm supposed to notice....and it's happened more than once

Ok I'm not the best story teller...but if you could hear it in person (or be there at the scene) to read my energy you'da dug the night too. WoooHooo success in the face of a small leeeetle challenge.

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