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Thanx for sharing Jim. Your ride report title caught my eye, and I enjoyed it all.

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Thanks for helping burn a rainy day on Vancouver Island
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Originally Posted by Hanzo View Post
Thanx for sharing Jim. Your ride report title caught my eye, and I enjoyed it all.

My pleasure bro and lot's more to come!
Gonna work on it late 2nite and on the plane 2mro..... I snuck home for the weekend for our 23rd...
redpillar"Thanks for helping burn a rainy day on Vancouver Island "
Any time maaan!
Heck burning anything within 500miles of Vansterdam is usually a good thing

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Talking Let's go up to Elk City to get Ellen resituated and do some 4wheel'n

Ellen waynes girlfriends mom has been stay'n in town with them all winter now the Doc and snow levels have given her the go ahead to move back to her cabin. While we get her cozy Friday afternoon we'll rip around a bit , go to the VFW and come home in the midday Saturday. Waynes gotta go to the Tri-Ciyies to see Sena Saturday too, she's work'n at Hanford for a few months.
Roll'n up the Southfork Clearwater

I spot an Eagle fish'n across the river...

The higher we get the whiter it gets

Aaah she's home when we arrive it's softly snowing and won't stop all the next week... Just BEAUTIFUL!!!

He's hunting again... Wayne has pointed out that Mick and I ARE BOTH bird dogs....this would explaain my never ending wandering aaand sniffing all the pretty girls lol!

The cabin looking accross the American river

As I'm running around with Mick I notice some oil where Ellen was parked....hmmmm didn't she jut have Jiffy lube change it yesterday??? Maybe they didn't tighten the filter?

Nope Wayne walks in after backing the Suzuk into the garage... they didn't TIGHTEN the plug

Video we took to show the oil change folks as proof vv

A day or so later when I got back to Lewiston, I stopped by and dug up her paperwork and showed the manager the video... He was very sorry. I told him we figured it had juuust finally dropped out on the dirt road from Elk City and that they probably wouldnt be replacing the engine sooo that was good! She'd only need her oil change fee, the 5 quarts she had provided and the 5 quarts we put in at Elk City refunded.... Later that week Ellen told us that they'd refunded the oil change fee, the first 5 qts she had provided...buuut NOT THE 5 QTS we put in up in the garage...Hmmm REALLY??? because we didn't keep the reciept!!!

Hmmm I thot and think that was preetttty cheapskate of them CONSIDERING the mistake could have beeen much worse. Anyway live and learn she lucked out too! I think I'll stop in and have a little talk when I get back up to Lewiston in about 1800mi LOL! We alway's do our own work and this points out why, if you have to have someone else do work onyour kit then make sure you know and trust them.....

Time to wheel a bit, the 'ol 2-stroke 350cc 3wheeler IS A BEAST!

Snow's a bit deep for a 2wheel drive but he goes everywhere the 4x4 Can-am I'm on does. After 2day my back is DEFFINATELY a bit tender it's been 10 day's since surgery...

Smoke, drink, eat, sleep and back to Town in the Morning

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Talking Back into the CJ for another run up Joseph creek into Oregon

The day dawns bright and clear again and It's time to load up Mick and Head upsteam...

aaah a typical day on the river...

Another shot of the Earl Ranch I linked to a bit earlier in the RR

Then I notice a guy down on Joseph creek where I'd seen the Weir a couple weeks ago...

Turns out he's Cody Rubin of the Nez Perce Tribe and he's from Lapwai...We know a few of the same people as I hunt over thata way a bit. He's working the Fish Weir for the Triben along with some folks from Fish and Game. He's installing Pit Tags and taking scale samples, There are recievers in the creek reading information by radio Telemetry. This time of year Spring/April the fish are close to finishing spawning and the run is slowing down alot... maybe 3 a week up and 10 a week down. We talk about the Fish, the Land, Our People and The Great Spirit and all Spirits... I give wisdom based on some Masters Ive read from...Jesus, Buhhda, Ruiz, Chopra, Tolle, Endredy, Quinn... etc..... and he and I resonate our mutual understanding and Love of the Land, People and All Life itself.
He feels a real conection to the Salmonoids and nature, I tell him about a newsletter I get called the The Wild Salmon people
For the Love of Wild Salmon, Get Salmon Farms Out

British Columbians show their love for wild salmon by handing out Valentine’s to their fellow commuters and his Majesty King Harald V of Norway

Vancouver, Victoria, Nelson, Duncan BC Canada

Fishermen, First Nations, students and businesspeople are teaming up with Salmon Are Sacred and the Wilderness Committee to deliver a message to their hometowns and to the King of Norway. Dozens of people in Vancouver and Victoria are set to hit the public transit systems to hand out Valentine stickers that bear a simple message - For the Love of Wild Salmon, Get Fish Farms out. They plan on visiting the Norwegian embassy to request that Norwegian open-net salmon farms leave BC.

Many former participants of the Get Out Migration (a rally last May that saw thousands gather in Victoria to demand that open net fish farms be removed from BC waters) and the Paddle for Wild Salmon (the 100-person canoe journey down the lower Fraser River asking Justice Cohen to request fish farm disease data be released to the Inquiry into the decline of the Fraser River Sockeye) are gathering in teams to hand out Valentines to commuters.

The wild salmon people will be at some of the busiest skytrain stations in the lower mainland handing out stickers and reminding Vancouverites that they live on the edge of a wild salmon run that appears compromised by Norwegian open-net fish farms. Afterwards they will visit the Norwegian embassy to hand deliver the same message for the King of Norway. There is also an online event to email a “Valentine to King Harald V and PM Harper – for more details.

It is all about the love for this generous fish,

Alexandra Morton

We connect on many levels this afternoon as nothing but the sound of running water and natural creatures ring in our ears...
He then grabs a book he's been reading -Drummers and Dreamers- and tells me that this Great Prophet Smowhala and his nephew Puck Hyah Toot, the last prophet of the nearly extinct River People, The last Wanapums, speak of the same things.... We acknowledge that it is ALL the SAME message...
I got chills when I saw "RIVER PEOPLE" cuz that was the name Me and Terry Carlin from Deep River Ontario had decided to use to describe folks like us in July 2008 on my first cross country bike ride in almost 20yrs, Folks who realized... Pssst the path is over here.
So WOW the wisdom and connection is starting to come full circle and I am so exited since I'm ooonnly beginning to scratch the surface

I need to get Cody's email soo I can put exactly what he was saying about the tribe and their positive effect on the fish into words... seems alot of people don't understand.

As I jogged back up and around to the CJ, for the first time since the surgery full of new energy, I met Heather from near Syracuse Ny. She was also working the Weir for the Fish and Game. She had on an ADK shirt and I told her I spent alotta time there sooo the stories fly and I'm rewarded with a pretty girl Pic O the day...

Further up past Joseph creek onto Horse Creek I meet up with the Ramsden Family. This location is pure HEAVEN and it always makes my spirit soar... No electricity, no noise, no traffic just PEACE!

Mark his wife Amy and their 3 boy's Gus,Zeb and Lute. Mark was a contractor and Amy a teacher. They've deciced to home school the kids mostly and make a living running cows. It's SUPER hard work and I relate how my Bro in law Sean has done it part time for a while... Marks only had to feed Organic hay once in about 8 years atherwise all the beef is grass fed right off the Oregon hill sides STEEP HILL SIDES! We talk about Daniel Quinn and Miguel Ruiz too and I decide to use his Website to tell the story.
He offers me his high camp up top near 6,000ft if I need a place to crash while working my way torward Imnaha...Really niiice family.
About Us

We’re a small family ranch situated on the border between Washington and Oregon, with grazing land in both states.

We operate with a belief that Spanish Corriente cattle can be sustainably grown in the canyons and mountains of Eastern Washington and Oregon.
We follow a traditional pastoral grazing system where riders herd cattle and monitor range country year around, sharing the natural environment with other wildlife.
How Our Animals Help The Land

Able to graze on the coarse vegetation which is passed up by elk, sheep and deer, our cattle stimulate regrowth that is then favored by those same animals.
  • Physiologically stimulate the plants growth
  • Control weed proliferation without chemical use
  • We’re able to use grazing as a tool to improve ecological conditions
  • What’s Special About Our Animals
    • Your best alternative to wild game
    • Loaded with natural minerals and vitamins
    • No antibiotics
    • No pesticides
    • No hormones
    • No animal by-products
    • Raised in a low stress, natural environment by experienced herders
    • Range free year around, enjoying clean spring water and abundant grasslands
    Grass-Fed Nutrition Compared To Grain-Fed Beef
    • Fewer calories and a lower saturated fat content
    • Beneficial Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio
    • More than three times Omega 3 fats
    • Higher levels of anti-oxidants such as beta carotene, Vitamin E and CLA
    Frequently Asked Questions about our beef

    Here are some frequently asked questions about us and our beef. For more complete information please download the complete beef FAQ here (PDF 18k):
    Is your meat federally inspected?
    No. But the family run butcher shop we use is USDA- approved.
    Is it legal to sell beef without a federal inspection?
    Yes. If we were to sell retail, we would have to go through a USDA plant. But we actually sell the animal on the hoof (live). Selling an animal on the hoof exempts you from having to get USDA inspection.
    Do you sell this way to avoid inspection?
    No. We do not sell this way to avoid inspection, but to insure quality of our product. We sell this way to avoid going retail, i.e.: to sell through a common grocery store.

    How do you price your beef?
    To sell from the ranch and not be federally inspected we must sell a live animal. Pricing is determined by the per-pound price we have set for that year, multiplied by the weight of the animal. In 2010 the price per pound is $3.80 for a whole steer, $3.95 for a half and $4.15 for a quarter. More info on beef pricing and hanging weight
    Isn’t grass-fed beef gamey tasting?
    This is a claim some people have made for this beef. Call it what you like, we simply call it flavor-we are proud of the way our beef tastes!
    Could you sell us a little bit at a time?
    We have limited freezer space and it is a lot of money to spend at one time. Because we sell beef on the hoof, as explained above, we have to sell our meat in bulk quantities.
    You mention in your brochure that you don’t use synthetic chemicals. Is this organic beef?
    Yes. We do not certify our beef, but it is as organic as it gets

Up the creek we go...

And onto the breaks about 3.5 miles further than I made it on the KLR 3 weeks ago, much less snow...

I LOVE this picture.......

Our faithful steed this day Waynes puurfectly built CJ5...

A short video of how this day felt...

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Thumb Time to go see the Shaman.....

I get feel'n pretty healthy now that it's beem 2 weeks since the plate and screws came out, I did a test ride sunday and now that it's Tuesday I gear up and head toward Sandpoint, Id.
I'm gonna be pushing it as usual to be on time soo I'm ripping prettty hard.
I say my normal prayers to the great spirit about no Tire, Mechanical, Electrical or any other bike issues. As well as No impacts with any body, thing or creature, No blown turns, No gravel patches etc... also No run ins with the Law and if I do that they'll sense my energy and we'll have Noooo confrontation
And mainly to have awareness, vision and control I'm my best tool to avoid all these pitfalls.

Now this may sound a bit funny to you.... but in the last two years I've been pulled over 7-8 times on the bike and haven't been written up once! Zero-Nada. Passed two Officers going the same way... (I was on a tight schedule and the bike flows ya know) and spent a couple hours talking about all sorts a stuff not the least of being offroad bikes, Jeeps and pulling together as a people. Native cop's, locals, sherrifs and staties.
The 2years before I got into this good energy place I got written 3 times on the bike and 3 in the Van... AAAnd your reading from a guy who has paid... (with the help of his Wonderful wife I must add)(this doesn't include childhood) Over $60,000 in fines and legal fees in his CRAZY fast paced life! WHOA
It took me A Loooong time to realize FORCE begats RESISTANCE and you get what you put out there
Now anyone who knows me knows I am, always have been, and ALWAYS will be a fun loving and help ANYONE ANYTIME guy. But I always had a poblem with bullies and mans overbearing unneccasary laws.... so I fought them all the way.
Now I try to feel the pain that someone may be feeling that causes them to act out in a rude, disrespectful or negative way and to understand them... then try to help a bit. It's a LOT harder than it was to just say EXCUSE me.... what did you just say??? Then turn the mirror back on them Pow. But it's the right way to live... just like you'd wanna raise a child or animal... with love and understanding. No judgement and no taking it personal.
Try it sometime.........

Okay enough of that back to the report
The clouds hanging low look awesome this morning...notice the plane just starting across the top.

I stop at theBigBear Ridge Community center to put on the Balaclava and change gloves... it's in the 30's all the way to Sandpoint aleeetle damp chill in the air

I always like this round barn when I pass it, I need to stop and ask about it one a these times.

I get to Berta's, and after I tell her it was a Brisk and Exhilarating ride, that I averaged about 60mph over 200miles on the twisty back way of Hwy 3 and up the East side of Coure d' Alene. Taking some of the 25mph turns at 50mph and all the others at 45! On 2000mi old knobbies LOL (hey man those 606's really do work goood)
We spend an hour and a half or so and she finds in me the same daredevil energies that another friend healer has in the past. She pray's to the 4 Winds the Raven and many Spirits including Mother Earth to help this Brother to rid himself of these harmful spirit/energies and to fill the now empty space with Mother Earths love. Some of us are air or flying around energy people, some are really grounded... you want to be BALANCED in both elements. I've been workingn on that for a while now and the main focus for the rest of the trip (along with helping others to find inner happiness and to just have fun) is to get in touch with the Mother.... Get connected again. I'm an air fly'n around high energy type if ya havn't noticed

One thing that stands out and that I wanna add is that Berta Kuhnel's (of Balanced Horizons) Native style of Shamanism is verrry close to the style of another healer I know, Janice Betz of (Healthy Journey) Who uses a strictly Christian style...
Though both are viewed by some to be very different they both connect to the Great Spirit and are effective in finding and curing the very same things... I have witnessed many miracles by Janice and used to buck her Christian way's, I now accept them even though I choose to use a broader spectrum of Spirits and Masters .
As Morihei Ueshiba said in one of his Quotes in the book "THE ART OF PEACE" ...
Each and every master, regardless of the era or the place, heard the call and attained harmony with heaven and earth. There are many paths to the top of Mount Fuji, but there is only one summit - love.
The Art of Peace I practice has room for each of the world's eight million gods, and I cooperate with them all. The God of Peace is very great and enjoins all that is divine and enlightened in every land.
I could go on and on... but just google His name and Quotes or PM me and I'll send you his book "THE ART OF PEACE" goood stuff!
Especially for a Warrior
Ok, one more and probably my favorite...
Study how water flows in a valley stream, smoothly and freely between the rocks. Also learn from holy books and wise people. Everything - even mountains, rivers, plants and trees - should be your teacher.

Morihei Ueshiba
植芝 盛平 Ueshiba Morihei

Morihei Ueshiba

BornDecember 14, 1883(1883-12-14)
Tanabe, Wakayama, Japan

DiedApril 26, 1969(1969-04-26) (aged 85)
Iwama, Ibaraki, Japan
of hepatocellular carcinoma

Nationality Japanese
StyleFounder of Aikido

The real birth of Aikido came as the result of three instances of spiritual awakening that Ueshiba experienced. The first happened in 1925, after Ueshiba had defeated a naval officer's bokken (wooden katana) attacks unarmed and without hurting the officer. Ueshiba then walked to his garden and had a spiritual awakening.
"...I felt the universe suddenly quake, and that a golden spirit sprang up from the ground, veiled my body, and changed my body into a golden one. At the same time my body became light. I was able to understand the whispering of the birds, and was clearly aware of the mind of God, the creator of the universe. At that moment I was enlightened: the source of budo is God's love - the spirit of loving protection for all beings... Budo is not the felling of an opponent by force; nor is it a tool to lead the world to destruction with arms. True Budo is to accept the spirit of the universe, keep the peace of the world, correctly produce, protect and cultivate all beings in nature"

His second experience occurred in 1940 when,
"Around 2am as I was performing misogi, I suddenly forgot all the martial techniques I had ever learned. The techniques of my teachers appeared completely new. Now they were vehicles for the cultivation of life, knowledge, and virtue, not devices to throw people with."[citation needed]
His third experience was in 1942 during the worst fighting of WWII, Ueshiba had a vision of the "Great Spirit of Peace".[2]
"The Way of the Warrior has been misunderstood. It is not a means to kill and destroy others. Those who seek to compete and better one another are making a terrible mistake. To smash, injure, or destroy is the worst thing a human being can do. The real Way of a Warrior is to prevent such slaughter - it is the Art of Peace, the power of love."[citation needed]

Lake Pend Oreille looks like it has Tidal flats this morning

I'm feeling grounded and sense I should pull over

I pick up a spirit rock and then am drawn to the only litter in sight down over an embankment, I put it in a small baggie (I always carry a couple don't you?) and bungie net it on the bike then roll East ...

I'm look'n for Murray Idaho via Montana since I met Ashley back in Grand Coulee. Here's her home town think I'll cross the bridge

It overlooks the Cabinet Gorge Resevoir and also the Noxon Resevoir on the Clark Fork...the largest river by volume in Montana, it drains an extensive region of the Rockies into the Columbia River watershead.
I turn off Hwy 200 just before Thompsons Falls and head toward Murray Idaho tho the sign say's the road is closed 16miles ahead... hmmmm really again....
Just starting to see alotta deer and elk thru here

I get to mile marker 16 and see this...

Its been augered and plowed soo I think I'll see how far I can go???
Short vid vvv

2 miles to mile 18 thats how far LOL...

Turns out it was preettty slippery the last mile, had to air down again. The harder stuff down around the bend in the shade was better but the slushy stuff with packed ice under was well.....Whoooie! Right before I stopped the bike, we did a couple 90deg turns in about 8ft WHOA again!

Prospect creek road just down the Mountain from Thompsons pass

And the video vvv from the end of the road

Ooookay I think I saw a Roadhouse back the road a piece I think I'll head that way....
to be continued....

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Talking Finding the Sourdough Village

So I slip slide backdown Prospect Creek on past the Grader and then see probably 40 Mulies and 40 Elk in the 8 mi or so till I come to a small gathering of buildings known as Sourdough Village.
I pull into the parking lot and a slightly drunk woman on the porch Wahoooo's my arrival, and a nice bearded guy welcomes me to the Wild Coyote Saloon. Turns out he's Wayne the owner...

The inside and the Happy/Drunk woman

The whole inside is local rough sawn wood with natural twisty post's

Buncha diamonds the length of the floor

Wayne and some of the woodwork

His Beautiful wife Karen and Sexy future daughter in law Ellie She stuck in my mind for quite a while

Ellie made me a Sundance Kid w/Turkey....probably the best sandwich I've ever had!!! Their food is all Organic and simply fricken DELICIOUS!
Here's the Sandwich menu...

Waynes younger brother gave the small community it's name of Sourdough Village...

He's past away now along with Waynes older brother too, Waynes an old biker with ALOTTA stories to tell...and tell some of them he did....I'm sworn to secrecy on most though.
His dad started errecting the building years go and he and the family continued to build on it. They've been the owners for 5yrs now and opened it for business 1 yr ago...He say's "they didn't set out to Create a Roadhouse , it just chose them to manage it!" It's a Magic building trust me, and if your ever in the area stop in and share in their warmth and great food. By the way these roads are some of the finest riding you'll find anywhere, just keep head'n west into Murray and on down the Old River road....B E A U T I F U L !

On the way back down to Hwy 200 I must've seen another 100 Elk! Maan had to be careful...Fresh dinner walking around everywhere.
I'm tired and at the Juncion of 200 and 471 sets the Riverfront Motel...IMPECCABLY CLEAN stands out on their bussiness cards

I meet Mollie as I check in running on 3hrs sleep after a long couple days I'm high on lack of sleep

She and husband Curtis just left Kansas last April and bought this little jewel...

They were Kansas farmers (she also cut hair) when a family member (also motel owners) told them to get out here and buy this place! It had just went up for sale at a fraction of the market they jumped in and bought it in April and opened for business on May 5th! they don't mess around!
Nice folks they had never met got behind them to make it all work out, otherwise they couldn't have afforded it....just goes to show that when you put out good vibes they bounce aroung a bit and come back
Desiree' resting up before taking the long way to Murray...

Across the Clark Fork and into Thompsons falls

This whole area gave me a REALLY GOOD feeling and ALL the people were super friendly! Game rich Mtns and valleys and fish rich waters abound...not to mention the eye candy all around you...

Down the road a piece I rolled thru Paradise..."heck I've been here mosta the trip havn't I" I think to myself. I spy a glass blowing shop and spin around

Incense holders, ash trays, glass rings, pipes etc...lotsa neat glass ware... I pick up a pipe for a friend, and keep head'n south east twd Hwy 135 Quinns Canyon road (I have to take a pic cause it's my nieces name too) and the St Regis-Paradise scenic Byway.

Quinns Hot Springs is just off to the East... but I'm in a rush to get to Murray and then Spokane to get the 18 staples outta my back at 3pm so onward I go...Onto I-90 till I hit Wallace then up onto 9 mile creek road to the Old river road and Prichard creek road #9

As I'm zipping around the sand covered twisties of 9 Mile Creek (from the recent snows) I'm pushing it way hard again....almost scrap'n pegs and due to the sand praaaaabably shouldn't have been. I slide out on a right hander, the bike goes left then right and I manage to save her...then like a fool I gas it as to say to the Gods...that's right I'm good, I'm cooool... sooooo then she kicks out again left right.... I'm down with my left foot pinned under the bike! Nice goin' dude...the Doc would be prouid of ya 2weeks outta surgery. Cocky fooooowell. So I shut off the fuel and fight a while to get my leg freed. I do and go a bit SLOWER for the remainder of the road. My left big toe is HURT'N and shifting will be tender for several weeks to come. Lesson learned, not too biga price to pay for a bit of a lesson...thank you Great Spirit.

Finally into Murray Id

And the Sprag pole Bar and Museum

I've gotta pick up Soiled Doves since it was the story of a Brothel owner that brought me to this town...And the Murray gold rush pamphlet too

Ya ever se a Budweiser Neon advertising a Museum???

My pics don't do the Museum justice I was running within minutes of being late getting to Spokane... so I'll have to come back another day and spend a couple hours looking thru it's expansive collection. The pics only show about 1%

A Caliope from N. Tonawanda NY

Room after room of artifacts constantly being added to.

Back on the road west....

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I like your style. I have not enjoyed a RR this much since the Sly on 2 report.

You and I are like minded my friend.
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Over to N Central Washington one last time...

I stop in Wilbur to talk fishing with Bob Calvin who I met a few years ago....he's hardcore and always good to talk hunt'n and fish'n with.
Then back to Monks place to crash for the night, his dad just passed away a couple weeks ago and his jobs been gett'n the best of him for a couple yrs now....
So we talk into the night and he's dealing with the passing of his pop pretty well and the job thing he's also getting under control! So overall his year is looking much better than the last few...his pop's not suffer'n anymore and he spoke up at work to stop from being treated like a floor matt! Lifes gett'n better for him...
Also he makes the strongest dang Expresso you ever had
So after a cup a that in the a.m. I'm of to the Healer to sooth the back a bit, get grounded, and slow down a notch.
Then to the Co-Op for wifi and some natural food

Sheila on L. Rachael and manager Alice R.

Then a dinner snack at the ranch

And deep introspection into ourselvesand into life....

Retiring to the Magic bar for some shuteye and Wally waits to fetch

My date for the night...

A super efficient stove my buddy Gene welded up for Sean in the Bar made outta big rig brake drums...burns hot and for ever...he blows a fan thru the donut to get the most of the rising heat.

when I first came up 10+ yrs ago this was on the gate

Reheat some home canned taco fixin's and head Desiree' south again, one last look around

This girl wants ta race us as we rip along her fence...

New in Nespelum

Steamboat rock on Banks Lake

On the way to the Potholes reservoir I ride along some old canal bird hunting haunts ...catch a buzz and take a few pics...I'm feel'n gooood

Gene sold me his Concours in July '08 getting me back into bikes after a loooong time away, thank you brother...

He doesn't golf but lives on a course just down the road from the state park and Mardon resort right off the water...He's an old Welder retired now, an old friend of Seans Dad and family since the 60's he's seen ALOTTA partying in his life... he's a brother from a different mother for sure.
We have dinner at Mikes and Mikes ex-wife wants to take me home with her I graciously decline and hit the hay...

Then up and off for Lewiston again

Lunch in Lind from Jim's market...

I'm taking all back roads and get goin' pretty good on this stretch of Thiel road. Although it's freshly graded from the winter I can't resist wicking it up to 70mph for the whoop de dooo roller coaster effect... WooooHooooo

After a couple miles of straight runn'n I crest this one particular hump and even though I'm on the lookout for turns it catches me by SUPRISE! On the far left you can see my track getting mighty close to the edge....The bank is about a 3ft drop and the furrows dry, hard and at an angle to my path...not a goood landing spot.

And tho this ones blurry you can see my track at the far right about a foot from the edge... normally no biggie... BUT I was doin 70mph and the rear was about bald. Man I cranked it over and the rebound tried to put me in the ditch on the other side at the bottom of the hump... eeeasy... eeeeasy... eeeasy now...

It takes about 3/8 of a mile to get stopped and go back for picks, it's that loose.
At the next intersection I take this roadsign pic aaand it's quite fitting... if I hadn't saved it it woulda been ...suck-O!

Once again I'm on my knees giving thanx for sparing my sorry butt again...
Then on and on we go...

To be continued....

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Jettn, I am hooked on your high energy! Very invigorating and insprirational to read such an intense report, full of all the best in life! I enjoy all your commentary on life that is sparked by everything you encounter on the adventure too!
Its refreshing to be reminded that we should stay in touch with our inner being, and live in the NOW!
Thanks man!
"... I lock my rear up at least once every time I throw a leg over a bike."
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Originally Posted by hvMULEwiltrvl View Post
I like your style. I have not enjoyed a RR this much since the Sly on 2 report.

You and I are like minded my friend.
Thanx Bro, i gotta check that one out and see what it's all about!If we're like minded then I guess I like your style too!
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Originally Posted by View Post
Jettn, I am hooked on your high energy! Very invigorating and insprirational to read such an intense report, full of all the best in life! I enjoy all your commentary on life that is sparked by everything you encounter on the adventure too!
Its refreshing to be reminded that we should stay in touch with our inner being, and live in the NOW!
Thanks man!
THANK YOU! I try....for the last 7 weeks it's been pretty dang took alot outta me this past weekend flying back to Pa to suprise my Angel of a wife on our anniversary.
Gotta keep practicing not letting others negativity stick to me....been doin great thesre last few years, but gotta say yhr lack of sleep, rushing around, crowded planes and Pa energy put me to the test.... aaand I didn't exactly ace it ya know
But such is the up/down Balance of life...
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Originally Posted by Jettn Jim View Post
Gotta keep practicing not letting others negativity stick to me....been doin great thesre last few years, but gotta say yhr lack of sleep, rushing around, crowded planes and Pa energy put me to the test.... aaand I didn't exactly ace it ya know
But such is the up/down Balance of life...
Love the energy you put forth even in your writing. The world needs more of your type my friend.
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Talking I'm Humbled....

Originally Posted by dreadly View Post
Love the energy you put forth even in your writing. The world needs more of your type my friend.
Thank you I'm just glad I get the chance to share these peoples stories with all of you! They're reminders for us to reach out, touch, feel, absorb and love life in all it's manifestations...

Thanx again Much appreciated....
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Laugh A bit of an update....

Sorry I'm sooo far behind guys and gals... I'll give a quick update then continue the RR in the timeline it has occurred. I'm still on the road aaand 'Ol man winter is finally releasing his ICY grip so I'm starting to see a few bikes out and about.... I was kinda enjoying the privacy tho... Juuust kidd'n

I snuck back east to suprise my ANGELIC wife Sherri on our 23rd anniversary.... just made it in the night before. WoooHoooo
Then rode around Yosemite, Sequoia, and a buncha coastal mountain roads from San francisco to Reading while visiting some awesome girls I know... as well as Rick Mayer and his wonderful wife at their beautiful home and state of the art custom seat shop! I can attest to how comfortable they are...30,000mi in the last year on the KLR and I don't ever think about my butt!
Then up through Oregon back to Lewiston Idaho and up into Wa.
While heading up to Wa the 'ol girl Desiree' (KLR) developed a baaaad knock and screeach... So back to Lewiston to tear her down.
After contemplating my options....again... (As I did an engine swap last fall on the road too) I decided against buying another used engine and having it shipped out here... For near the same cost as buying the used/UNKNOWN engine, doin' the dew adjusting the valves, shipping, shipping another wounded engine home I can rebuild this engine so that I start fresh and know what I've got!! Aaand do a 705cc kit to boot this will loose 84+ grams of reciprocating weight giving the bearings and whole assembly a break. Aand I get some more grunt to boot... I'm pretty exited about this situation, just goes to show that there is ALWAYS a good side to ANY supposed baaad situation.

I was not feeling very exited about NOT doing it myself in the comfort of my buddies machine shop, and instead turning it over to someone else to do.... not my style...
Buuut after some advice from inmate John Wesley via Tim at Happy Trails. I called down to Carls Cycle in Boise and got Desirae in service (hey thats ma bikes name too...must be meant to be) But seriously after she hooked me up with Curtis who's their KLR guy (he has two a Motard and a dirty version) and we spoke a bit I'm SUPER CONFIDENT in their ability to do the job right! He knows his $hit and is super energetic about his job and doing serious R&D.
They're some hard core competition guys and have been at the KLR game a looong time. The owner Jack Struthers is quite famous himself in competition circles. They're not on the map with the Dualsport crowd like they are with the Sleds buuut I think this is about to change!
Their in tight with Fox Shocks and offer custom built rear shocks utilizing your core, you get custom valving, a custom spring, and a fully adjustable Fox remote reservoir!! for about $350- as well as fork kits. They can dial you in no matter the make. Also head porting, valve jobs aaaand complete 705 kits... here's a link

Here are some random pics then 2mro I'll get back to your regularly scheduled program

Desiree' with Jens extra stuff strapped on LOL!

Video of the engine rattl'n vvv

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