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Jettn Jim OP
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Thumb Dude!!!

Originally Posted by patl View Post
Good stuff, Jim!

I grew up between Noxon and Thompson Falls, near Trout Creek, and it's always fun to see the roads of home in somebody's RR. I need to get back again soon.
Thanx brotha...MAN that IS some BEAUTIFUL country WOW!!
I can't wait to ride it again ASAP!!! If I did'nt have to go south to see Klim and Happy trails when I pull outta here, I'd head out thata way fer sure!
Just AWESOME stuff and it's still stick'n with me now....
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Dude on a motorcycle
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Got you covered

Hey Jim,

My wife and I live in Santa Rosa just about 5 miles from Sebastopol. If you need anything let me know.

Great ride & story

p.s. my teacher studied under o'sensei morihei ueshiba. nice to see others know of him.

"I dodge the grave most everyday"
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el guapo nada
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Right on.....yeah I took about 1001 pictures last summer, I think most of them got into that thread! (thanks for checkin it out!)

Have a fantastic day and lookin forward to hangin out in the future at some point!

Originally Posted by Jettn Jim View Post
Thanx Bud, was check'n out some of your ride links...Kewewll stuff, pics and thot's...gotta take the time to look thru all of them
Yea man when I get out here again and over your way we gotta do some rid'n and hang a bit WoooHooo! Sooo many great roads and Sooo much time
-The Dalles is hot.
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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Talking Thanx for the anything offer!

Originally Posted by dec181966 View Post
Hey Jim,

My wife and I live in Santa Rosa just about 5 miles from Sebastopol. If you need anything let me know.

Great ride & story

p.s. my teacher studied under o'sensei morihei ueshiba. nice to see others know of him.

p.s. Man that would have been Very Very GOOD! (To study with Ueshiba) Your teacher must feel very fortunate....
Yup rolled thru Santa Rosa twice, dang I was riding around there for a couple time we'll have to ride/visit!
This will teach me to keep the RR UP TO DATE!
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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Thumb Yup Yup will do!

Originally Posted by el guapo nada View Post
Right on.....yeah I took about 1001 pictures last summer, I think most of them got into that thread! (thanks for checkin it out!)

Have a fantastic day and lookin forward to hangin out in the future at some point!
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Jettn Jim OP
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Talking Onward South..............

Thursday dawns slightly drizzly and drab...
I go to the Flying J again for some bfast and see another bike out in the's a Ducati. then I meet the owner Tom Walsh and ask if he wants to get some coffee while he warms up?
Then ask if he's hungry...he agrees and i say I'm buying...he says no so I say lets flip for it...he wins the toss and gets to buy!
He's a hardcoe skiier and is taking the bike to his son since the stance hurts him to ride it much anymore.
He's written one book "Damnyankee"

This review is from: Damnyankee: A WWII Story of Tragedy and Survival off the West of Ireland (Paperback)
"An authentic adventure tale, well told, with solid real life characters you care about. A ten member crew of Navy Airmen, the senior man all of 26 years of age, meet their new aircraft, the Damnyankee, at the Norfolk Navy Base in the late summer of 1944. As each of these young lads are portrayed we feel we know them , all anxious to join the war effort. Tasked to break in this new aircraft and become a team, these young airmen begin a journey from Norfolk to the Navy Base at Dunkeswell, England where they are to become part of Air Wing Five of the Twelfth Atlantic Fleet. Due to a variety of mechanical problems, the Damnyankee has to change course and head for Ireland. Ultimately, they wind up adrift in the Atlantic off the Irish Coast. The adventure and tragedy is the ordeal at sea and the ultimate loss of five of the crew members. The description of this ordeal was a fine example of Mr. Walsh's best writing, truly a first class craftsman.

The survival and recovery demonstrates the best of the Irish: welcoming, resourceful and charming. Thanks to this authors solid research and obvious affection for things Irish, this tale really begins some forty one years after the events and survivors seek to get the whold story.
The evidence, in addition to testimony of critical remaining eyewitnesses is thoroughly presented in photos, hotel bills, phone bills,a newspaper clipping and contemporary signed documents: all set forth along with a detailed diagram of the Damnyankee herself.

Really a wonderful, gripping short story, barely 150 pages, that will keep you enthralled from start to finish. "

And is writing another now, he writes articles and submits photography for cycle magazines, woohoo! He LOVES the Isle of Man TT and is going over in a couple weeks. The 3rd or 4th time, he's a real character and tells me lots of stories of Northern ireland and the TT... It's a great start to the day.
I have nooo pics of him or the bike huh

I think about beelining it down I-84 since I've burnt some time...buuut again do the right thing and head for a break in the clouds to my west. I took this same route last fall, and it will give me a chance to stop in on Stephanie Barclay a friend I met when I rode thru Post on that ride.
I get to the Journey Through Time Scenic Byway and then all good roads leading to Post (the Geographic Center of Oregon...named after the post in the field outback marking the center )

A contadiction in time and space...

Check out this meandering creek!

These roads are after gett'n off 84 and onto 7 "The Sumter stage Hwy" it's a fun road...then onto 26 the John Day Hwy. In John Day get fuel then south on 395 for a couple dozen miles(this section has some gooood twisties too!) Go right onto Co Hwy 63 to Co Hwy 67 and onto the Paulina Suplee road onto the Paulina Hwy...All real fun roads, Twisty sweepers and NO traffic soo you can RIP!

I get to Post and run into the same UPS driver that I did last fall!...Must be near the same time a day...

The Post postoffice...

Behind the counter I find the Wonderful Miss Stephanie We had a really good conversation last year and so I sent her some good books which she has given to alot of others to read...she has some new stories to share and always a great smile!^)-

She fills me up with some great lunch then offers up some "Mint To Be" chocolate mint cookies....and says that their the "Best you'll ever have".....I think she may be right...YEEUUM!!

Back outside to throw for "Kenssi" her Australian sheppard mix, a frisbee fetch'n FOOL!

As I fuel up I notice the help yourself if your outta gas or diesel cans after hours and pay later, I had don't see this everywhere it's AWESOME!

After another great conversation and a hug I head 'er west again. Goodbye Stephanie and Kenssi.......... Peace to you both.

Look'n back at Post...

I cut inside and get to just below Bend before hitting Hwy 97, then stop at the River Woods country store.

As I'm eating lunch a guy rolls in ona Honda with a poochn in a chest pack...

After I ask the staff if they have a recycling container (Nope) Melanie offers to take my bottles and me home! (Haha juuuust kiiiidd'n ) just taking the bottles to put in her recycle can.

I head 'er South toward Redding Ca...

To be continued....

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Butthead 1000
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Yo Jim, Your RR continues to kicks ass. Your ability to connect with total strangers is amazing to me. The photos remind me of my only trip in that region. Camping in Hells Canyon and the ride from Enterprise, WA to Lewiston, ID being the high points. Get that engine repaired, enjoy the ride east, and if you need anything in the Central Iowa area,don't hesitate to contact me.
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Jettn Jim OP
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Thumb Smiles Smiles Smiles....

Hey Rick thanx maaan! I might as well use my small arsenal of ability eh?
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Master of Ale
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JJ --- Had a great time ripping up Joseph Creek with you last week. That 705cc kit turns the KLR from mild mannered enduro to a bike capable of riding hard and fast. A little rider skill never hurts either. You are a truely unique individual and I feel fortunate to have met you. Keep your feet on the pegs, your face in the wind and karma on your side. Look me up should you make it back to Priest Lake and we'll go hit some gnarly single track.
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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Thumb Will do Brotha!

Originally Posted by Scoutman View Post
JJ --- Had a great time ripping up Joseph Creek with you last week. That 705cc kit turns the KLR from mild mannered enduro to a bike capable of riding hard and fast. A little rider skill never hurts either. You are a truely unique individual and I feel fortunate to have met you. Keep your feet on the pegs, your face in the wind and karma on your side. Look me up should you make it back to Priest Lake and we'll go hit some gnarly single track.
Was great to meet you too my man! Glad I got to ketch up with you guys on yer way to Enterprise and that you n I could go on a little rip up Horse Creek.... Since I didn't make it to the Rally till all the rid'n was done.
Yup for sure when I roll out next year I'll hit you up and we'll ride....aaand find some COLD Beer to swill eh?
Peace and good rid'n to you...... Always!^)-
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Jettn Jim OP
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Still heading South with a plane to catch....ASAP!

I near Klamath Lake as the sun begins to set...after choosing the BETTER/FUNNER twistier roads earlier today...I'll have to ride through the night to make the plane.

As I roll through Dorris I see signs for the border checkpoint...I'm not carrying any fresh fruit or vegatables, buuut I'm not feel'n like chatting ooor opening my gear up tonight sooo I take a dirt detour around and catch Hwy 97 on down a bit further...

Desiree', Me and Mt Hebron...

Yup I'm in NorCal...

I stop at a Country Pride for chow south of Reading and meet PGOD (Pretty Girl Of the Day) Heidi....youv'e just gotta feeel warm inside when a pretty girl shines her smile on you :^)-

As I'm eating I strike up a conversation with Daniel of the Bit River Tribe. This is Daniel and his Nephew Cody...

There are a 11 Bands within the tribe and it now encompasses around 100 sq miles.. We taked of the Sacred Salmon and it's tributaries past and present...blocked migration routes....about the Great Spirit and how everywhere the Oral traditions are the same from tribe to tribe wheter it's Oklahoma Cherokee or Southwestern Navaho or Northwestern Nez Perce etc.... The Messages are the Same...and how OUR Culture has forgotten the TRUTH, and how our schools teach stories that are mostly lies or to say it lighter... we are kidding ourselves....who discovered this or that....
As Daniel Quinn called it.... "The Great Forgetting"
This is a good time for Great talk for a weary rider late in the night..."Food for the Soul as I take in food for the Body"

I get to Jessica's about 5:30am where I'll store some gear before leaving Desiree' at the Airport...This is her bike "DR. Reefie Z" a DR400 in the drive.

I rush to reorganize my gear then talk for a half hour about people and relaionships... then I realize I GOTTA GO!!! Maaan I'm gonna be cutting it CLOSE! I manage a few pics as I race to Sacremento. It's 110miles and takes 2hrs 10min.... I make it in 1hr 40mins!!! I lane split at stops on the fly and use the shoulder to pass too! I use my turn signals and wave at everyone... trying to keep the peace with them all amd so that they hopefully don't take it personal that I'm getting ahead of them... for all anyone knows my wife's in labor, or there's a loved one on their deathbed?
None the less some of them do take it personal and swerve to try and block me...LOL oooh boy... now I'LL try not to take them personally! I'm in a rush because if I miss this flight I will miss getting home ad suprising Sherri before the clock strikes "Midnight" on our anniversary sooo ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM...

Nothing great since iIdidn't have my tank bag to stick the camera to aaand I was doing WARP 10+

I get to the airport just barely 10mins before zero and then am by a fellow passenger and his wife thaaat the flight is in an hour!? Whaat ooooh boy my baaad... I coulda taken it just a leeeetle bit slower...Hmmmmmm well I'm here in time and no one got hurt, that's all that counts.
I meet Louis cleaning the restroom and he tells me he rides too, so I tell him about the people trying to block me on the way here. He get's somber and tells me that last year on the way to a show in San Francisco his best friend Marcelino and he were moving through traffic and a car put the block on them too.... when Marcelino swerved out and around it... An 18 Wheeler inadvertently ran over him ............. oooooh boy now we're both teared up and I give him a BIG hug ... it's taken all of a year for Louis to let go of the anger toward the driver and alot of cages in general. It's been tough for him and still taking along time to heal.
There is a Plaque in Memory of Marcelino at the Airport office... I could'nt find it in my rush, so that I could post a picture here for all to remember.
If anyone lives near the Sacremento Int Airport (SMF) and could take that pic and PM or email me I'd appreciate it, and then post it in this report. Thanx Jim

I make it to Charlotte N. Carolina and start picking up a weird vibe plus alot of HUMIDITY....
Wendy pics me up in Pa and I suprise Sherri... all according to plan....but the lackluster energy I'm feeling from the people (and obviously coming out of me) I see on crowded streets takes it's toll on me! :( It seems like I'm looking into aalot of black soul less eyes...
I've been riding and living in sparce population areas with less human static to block out the earths energy...and my soul still feels like it's out West sooo I'm kinda incomplete in this short term visit... Sad but true I'm not ready to be back here yet though my Angel of a wife is here...that seems to be little comfort.
I deffinately still need to tune on this adjustment part of my life....
To show you how out of touch I was.... I didn't get a single picture from home, not of pretty Wendy picking me up from the airport, not of any friends and family... aaaand especially saaad none of my BEAUTIFUL wife Sherri...
Well lessons to learn.... at least I'm aware of my faults and can/WILL make some adjustments to my engine.

Glad to say that about a week later my head was back on straight (the longest funk in a Looooong time!) and Sherri and I are Hunky Dory again as usual... Whew this feels betta!!
Catch you on the flight back out..... JJ

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Jettn Jim OP
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Landing back out West... Maan I don't ever wanna have to fly A G A I N!

On the flight back West I thinking about things and my feelings..I write this note on the plane. "I really enjoyed my girls company and visiting friends and family/Dad....but I'm really longing for the open spaces of the West.....this has went on since I left there at age 17-1/2...I'm more comfortable now accepting that this "is what it is" and my happiness is truly insided me.... like the little girl Anne Frank had held onto during her 2 year hiding and eventual betrayal to the Nazi's. She found out alot about herself and looked inside for her happiness.... SMART GIRL!"
"But though I find myself in a better place of inner peace.... I still struggle to fully meld into The/Our Culture, which I know in my Core is going 180degrees away from Nature/ The Great Spirit... and in it's fullest form....ITSELF!"

I meet this cool dude on the plane who left Sacremento to fly to Maine to meet up and maybe marry an old girlfriend... he sold almost everything and was low on cash... (it didn't work out so he's fly'n back home) I bought him drinks ther whole way back and he in tiurn gave me this cool money clip he made... For the life of me I can't find the note with his name:(..... wait I think I put it in my phone?.......... Yup haha he's Jeff Carr a GREAT GUY here's his pic and the clip!^)- I neeed to call him abnd see how he's doin'......

Sooo as I'm look'n out the window of the plane.... I see about 8-12 faces in the clouds. The configuration changes as the plane moves around and past... and reconfigure again.....I think I should write a book called "Faces in the Clouds...What we can Learn from the Clouds"
Then as we bank hard right I see in a different cloud formation...4 Eskimo or Siberian Indians....hunched forward leaning against the brutal wind, arms held near a shoulder holding the packs loaded on their backs....Heading back Home....I get CHILLS and am Amazed at the Truth's I see in the Clouds....
I can't take a picture because the moment seems waay to sacred... I'm tearing up now as I type this remembering their determined posture....

I remember back in 1999-2000 when after selling my Race car to Sam Lamanna and then crew chief/tuning the car for him on our way to a National we were heading west to Michigan I looked up at the Clouds and at that point realized that my Mother, her Mother, everyone and everything that had ever lived on this planet was in those clouds.... whether it's a tree, goat, daisy or a human.... it's made up mostly of water and ALOT of energy...the water of course still containing it...(about 60% for us folks on average the blood being 92% ) So after anything passes on and dries up the/our moisture evaporates back up into the atmosphere and becomes rain-snow-gaciers-rivers etc.... the next time you look up into the falling rain remember it's life/love falling on your face...:)

Anyway now that I'm back to the airport and all systems are in check.... the helmet is still upright and not full of water. I ride toward Sebastopol to regear and explore the area on our bikes...WooooHooo
We walk up town for some's Jess...

This poor guy was explaining.."I'm not crazy...I just have a hard time communicating with people" maan i have felt it too my brother....and I HOPE they even HALFWAY atleast understand you my brother...

Her mom used to come here as a teenage girl...

In the East West diner restroom I spot this..

We meet Herbie..he has an idea to build a fifthwheel trailer for his bike instead of his side mount, which doesn't turn very well...

Jess wants to show me a street of metal schulptures.. Coooowel! The Artist Patrick Amiot lives on Florence ave. too and fits the schulpture to the neighbors houses as well as his own...

2 pretty girls at once woohoo!)

From Alice in wonderland...there are a couple with this theme...

This one lights up at night looking like movement...

Don't know if he did this one?

Then we go to Jess's work an Organic market...

She introduces me to Malcom a great homeless dude who's quite a Poet... also a few of his friends... I was moved and to show that you get what you put out....I give them everything in my pocket about $90-(thank you Sherri for spread'n the love thru me )'cept I keep $3- for coffee later. We have a good conversation and I try to shed some positive light on them.

$hit!!!... I didn't know it but my camera was set to only record 10second clips at this point... He really has a way with his delivery....
I took a couple but alas this is all that's left...VIDEOVVV

An Adam and Eve with the serpent in the Garden carving we found walking back home...

A Buddhist temple...I'd like to see the inside of.

Then off to the Coast for some Ocean energy... to be continued.

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Jettn Jim OP
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Head'n to the Big Water.....

We ride toward Bodega Bay...Her mom's 'ol school house.

And the 'ol school from Alfred Hitchcocks "The Birds"

Chill time at the beach...

You can see a face right center of pic...

Some underwater pics in a tide pool..

These started getting me wet...

These next two are the same wave, it soaked me and blew my oakley's off... i didn't notice till I started climbing back up the cliff, Luckily I found them in a tide pool..


The lava seemed to be moaning as it cooled....

Easter Island looking Stone Sentenel....

55 second video vvvv

2 min videovvv

Goin for Bfast at the East West Cafe...I didn't notice another metal schulpture in front of the bike shop...Cooool!

Was a goood day to soak it all in.....

Then I head for Yosemite to meet up with Jenny and Christine...

Went looking for food in Moccasin, but none to be had...

And I'm glad cause at the top of a nice twisty grade (take your pic there's an old and a new one) i find Priest Station

And see this as I walk in...

Since Jen and I have climbed a bit (Pico de Orizaba 2008 and a 110mph windy Mt Washington the same year) I ask about all the gear....
Elevation: 18,491 feet (5,636 meters)
Location: East central Mexico
First Ascent: First known ascent by William Raynolds and G. Maynard (US soldiers) in 1848. Probably climbed earlier by locals.
Fast Facts:
  • Orizaba is also called by its Aztec name Citlaltepetl, which means “Star Mountain.” It’s also called Volcan Pico de Orizaba, meaning “Volcano Peak of Orizaba."
  • Orizaba is the third highest mountain in North America, with only Denali (Mt. McKinley) in Alaska and Mount Logan in Canada being higher.
  • Orizaba is the highest peak in the world between 10 and 20 degrees north latitude and the highest volcano in North America.
  • The name Orizaba comes from a nearby town and the valley south of the peak. Orizaba is a bastardized Spanish word from the Aztecan name Ahuilizapa (pronounced wil-lis--pan), which translates to “Place of the Playing Water.”
  • Orizaba is located 120 miles east of Mexico City on the border of the Mexican states Puebla and Vera Cruz.
  • Orizaba is a huge dormant volcano that last erupted between 1545 and 1566.
  • The volcano formed in three stages in the Pleistocene Epoch over a million years ago.
  • Orizaba is visible on a clear day from the Gulf of Mexico and the city of Veracruz over 60 miles to the east.
  • Orizaba is relatively easy to climb, but requires competence with an ice axe, crampons, and rope. The climb crosses snowfields and a small glacier. The high altitude can also affect climbers. The traverse along the crater rim to its high point summit is potentially dangerous—a slip leads either into the crater or down the steep-sided volcano.

The guy working there says his brother climbs and that's how come there is climbing memorabilia all over...
After downplaying it for a long turns out he's Steve Anker Conrads brother...

I buy a book by Conrad and David Roberts called "The Lost Explorer: Finding Mallory on Mt. Everest. And ask Steve to sign it....Cooool!
Conrad was a key member of a search expedition and the one who spotted Legendary British climber George Mallory's body.

Ascents and expeditions of noteAnker has also climbed notable routes in Yosemite Valley (California), Zion National Park (Utah), Baffin Island (Canada), and the Ellsworth Mountains in Antarctica.
The Anker family owns the place and alot of the surrounding mountains I'm told....They have AWESOME organic fare and pretty girl Melissa brings it out to me:) Thank you maam!

I meet Tom who just got into riding bikes and has the bike in the opening pic... real nice guy! He lives just down the road.

Back on the road ...

Tourist head'n for the park...

I finally get to Camp4 and meet up with Jen and Christine, Tina has been freaked out by the Bears and sleeping with a knife! I said "Hey noe I don't think I wanna sleep with a paranoid chick with a knife in her hand!! hahaha it's sooo niice to see My goodest buddy Jenny again and Christine tooo. Her pretty little face and Tush doesn't hurt either LOL...Cheers to my sisters
Jenny smiling!) and her girl Christine (in a rare moment she isn't smiling)

Beers around the fire in camp4...

Christine hook'n us up with some chow...

Here she is smiling.... bada bing

We have lotsa cute neighbors doin their yoga preparing to climb...

I meet Paul from search and Rescue, he just got a KLR. He rode a bullet in India so he thinks he's ready for the states now...

Then Ben Dyson also on a KLR. from the Cumbria Lake District in the UK
"A predominantly rural county, Cumbria is home to the Lake District National Park, considered one of the most beautiful areas of the United Kingdom. The area has provided inspiration for generations of British and foreign artists, writers and musicians, including Beatrix Potter and William Wordsworth. Much of the county is mountainous, with the highest point of the county (and of England) being Scafell Pike."
He flew to BC bought the KLR and is now riding to S. America...WoooHoooo

Were load'n up for Sequoia, I'll catch them down the road tonight...

Good eats at Bear Mtn. Pizza Sqauw valley...

After eating I tell the girls that I'm running back to Fresno to hunt up a new rear sprocket... It IS TOAST!
I google Wilsons and Justin say's they don't have one in stock..."yup I figured"...Buuut he can have one in an hour!!! YeeeHaaa I'll be right down! Turns out that Western Powersports wharehouse is just minutes away...

PGOD Jennifer...

Then to a Wally for oil and a 5qt bucket to do an oil change, both sprockets (I'm carrying a 15T) and a chain swap (I'm carrying a spare too) After 15,000mi the chain is whooped! The rear sprocket only has 2,000 on it and is a JT (mistake at the shop I wanted a Sunstar!!)The Sunstar lasted 13,000miles. Front Sunstar get's swapped too after 15,000mi.
My work station...

I've gotta make an aluminum breaker bar to save weight...

JT after just 2,000miles

15,000mi on old PBI left, new Sunstar on the right...

On into the night to meet the girls....

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Jettn Jim OP
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Thumb On to Sequoia to meet the giiirls....

The girls went through the park last night sooo I'll go through on my way north after breakfast...
At breakfast Dianna is our waitress at Country Waffle in Visalia....

Her mom's a full blood Cherokee from Oklahoma/Tennessee and owns 3 Honkytonks around LA. Diannas been working the resuraunts since kindergarten, and tells her mom "Why you act'n like a Cowboy, when you know your an Indian...!"
Due to some funny circumstances Jenny neeeds a lift sooo we load her gear up on Desiree'....WOW now that Cogent shock is gett'n a WORKOUT!

In search of the many goood turns climbing into the park...the weather's overcast so I don't take many pics, tho I video alot of the turn action on the GP... film at eleven...

I see a sign for the Montecito Sequoia Lodge and decide to stop. I've been hauling ass since it's not a graeat pic day.... sooo slowing down will be good for me.

I meet Greg Nuckolls he's been at the lodge 9yrs(AKA Triggerfish on the forums) He's a KLR guy too and has hosted KLR rides and stuff at the Lodge.
Here he is with PGOD Mindy who's been here since May 1st and worked here back in '07

A few pics of to try to show the Lodges history...

Here's the Link...

I meet this family from San Diego who really inspires me....
Their love and positiveness is unwavering Father Rick, Mother Norie and Matt and Ethan Thompson. They have lotsa relatives where I've been hang'n out in Lewiston and know the area. They brighten my day and after meeting them the Sun pops out and the whole day changes.... Thank you folks.


I turn off the main Generals hwy and take some TWISTY back roads toward Sqaw Valley like Dunlap, Ruth Hill, and others... this is a hidden gem of AWESOME RIDING! I get to miss rocks, sand, and cattle too...a nice mix to keep me on my toes. I'd say if your in the area you NEED to go East by slightly South and explore some of these roads! WOW whata bunch a FUN...reminds me of eastern Tenn/ western N. Carolina a bit... WoooHooo!)

Some one handed Olympus Video till I get the Gopro going... you know the storyVVV

Back for some more pizza and a beer...

While sitting in the shop I see two cute girls who are wearing shoulder ribbons from a rodeo and another cutey too.. As I glance at them another girl who we are conditioned as a society to not see as so cute.... is glancing at me...And I must rethink myselfa and this whole pretty girl thing...
How shallow I feel and my mirror starts to Shatter...i'm being torn again between my old lifes walk and my new path....
Out in the parking lot I meet Natalia (one of the 3 pretty gilrs from inside) and I tell her the thots I had inside, pretty girls, love etc... she's a kindred spirit and has read alot of the same books and was raised in Washington too.... Anyway...

Back on the road...

Time to call it a night... 2mro it's on back to Sebastopol...

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Talking Back to finding some TWISTIES above the Bay....

I gladly leave the HEAT Fresno valley and head Northwest torward San Francisco...I take the more back roads including some dirt to Los Banos and across San Louis Resevoir twd Santa Cruz and some more intercoastal mtn riding. Somewhere outside of Hollister I spot some squigles on the GPS and hit them up, Salinas rd patchy but for a DS it's FUN! :)
I came upon a group of 2 cruisers with 4 Vespas and kindly made my way past...their just not as fast on the bumpy surface as me...

Santa Cruz beach fun........

Then up 1 to the Bay... Windsurfers...WoooHoooo

Windsurfing video vvv


As I roll through Half Moon Bay I see a guy and his son playing in the back yard... I gotta turn around and check this out! Turns out he's Joseph age 30yrs and his boy jack age 4yrs... I thot it was so cool to see a dad that made shields and spears to play with his boy!!!

Across the Golden Gate VideoVVV Sorry about the wind noise...

Then as I fuel up near Novato on the 101 I see a TWISTY road back behind me! It's Lucas Valley Rd and I highly recomend it!!!^)-
Angling North and West...Perfect... Let's GO! It's a snaky road w/ pullouts that 40% of the people actually use:) the rest I pass as usual..I've been hungry since before SanFran and pulled over to peek a few times... Glad I didn't because after Lucas Valley Rd I See thr Rancho Nicasio...An old Marin county Landmark reborn.

I hear live music from the lot and walk in to find EXCELLENT food, a lively atmosphere, an open truss ceiling w/ Elk, Caribou, Bear, Water Buffalo and more on the walls. The service is excellent too!)
SCORE! funny how if you kinda wait... good things you'll find and or they'll find you!)

Intro Videovvv

Small Fire Dept....

The Band is Calafia For a $10-tip in their jar, handed to their pretty helpers I get a pair of Cd's Kooooowel! I add another 10- for good measure... the more you give the more you get...aaaah the day feels good.

Then it's back on the road...

The Peace Bell at a church just off the PCHwy where the point Reyes Petaluma road meets it...

Peace Bell Video vvv

Then I spy Dillon Beach and go looking for coffee...more good turns, just off Tomales Bay...they're closing but hook me up to thaw a's in the low 30's.... again.

I get back to Sebastopol and tell jess about the roads and the Rancho Nicasio, and that we should go back 2mro for lunch:)
First a night out...

These night time construction girls let jess up on the loader...

Ok we survived that!^)- let's ride....

At the Rancho we meet this dude...Daanng forget his name sorry buddy:(....he rides 'ol schoolstuff
Cool 'ol school T-shirt

Then to Nicks cove on Tomales Bay for some oysters and more!

Dave hooks us up with Organic local foods and wine. He is super knowledgeable about food and not sooo much:) Turns out THIS IS THE PLACE BBQ oysters were invented! They have their own farm and Dave say's the Bay is one of the most Pristine Oyster Bays in the WORLD... Kewel we'll eat some pleeeaase.
Nick originally owned it then Ruthy and Al then Pat Kuleto got it 4yrs ago and stuffe ALOTTA $$$ into it...

It's more high society than I'm used to but we fit right in...haha
There are alotta people from Quebec filming a Bombardier Spyder commercial with the road blocked off on and off.

Still the prices were fair for a couple of motorcycle vagabonds sooo we enjoyed...

Another shack out on the Bay...

End of a Great coupla days......I'm gonna REALLY miss Jessica....she's deffinately a sista from another mother....the last 2 weeks have been super therapeutic and my SOUL feels refreshed again....Thank you my Sister I owe you big... and thank you mother earth and brother ocean for all the therapy you freely give to us all!

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