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Killboy OP
Wait, what?
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South Africa: Of bikes and buck fighting.

A good mate of mine (Herbach) and I have the knack of getting into some weird situations. Here is the latest. (I've popped back to SA to help my mum move after her divorce)

Yesterday started fairly normally, besides for Bin Laden headlines, and off I went for a bit of a breakfast run and mess about. I got to Herbach’s place, kitted up, and we took a ride towards Harties, and headed to a check out a property he is interested in.

This is the one spot, and us messing about.

We then moved down the valley to check another spot. Ditching the bikes, we walked through the veld to look for a borehole that’s supposed to be there. We came across 3 buck in the bush, and thought that was pretty cool. They were about 50 meters from us, and one didn’t look to disturbed. He started to come up, and get closer and closer, casually eating and scratching himself on foliage. We were down wind, so I thought he cant see/smell us (I know nothing about Buck). We thought that was pretty cool, and were amazed when he passed not 4 meters from us, and then stood and ate some grass.

And it just kept getting weirder; he then came right up to us. We started petting him like a dog, and I even scratched behind his ears. Uuuum, this was a little creepy, but hey, if not, why not?

After a while, we decide to carry on our mission of finding the borehole. The buck follows us like a dog would. Weird, but anyway. We find the borehole, and its missing its cover. So, after checking it out, we decide to put a big rock over the whole to cover it. Herbach lifts this massive rock, and put it on top.

.....Big mistake. The buck starts going mental. Starts jumping around, bucking its head & horns, and then attacks the rock. The thing must weight 25kgs easy, but it picked the rock up fork-lift style with its horns, and threw the rock into the air and away. Shesh, we were impressed. However, in hindsight, we should have started running, cause it started chasing us......

I can confirm that a buck is well quicker than two idiots in motorcycle boots. Herbach was first up, and grabbed the buck by the horns (aaah what a cliché thing to say). I am at this point having a good laugh. It is a relatively small buck, and it doesn't "look" too “tough”. I thought it would stop. It starts pushing and thrashing, trying to stab with its horns, and rams constantly. Holding the horns, Herbach was able to push back, and keep it at bay. He yelled for a stick, and I start searching, but there is not much in the way of usable stick weapons around. Herbach is tiring, and I get a little branch - handing it to Herbach he laughs at it. Letting go of the buck, and trying to "sho" him with the stick, but the buck is having none of it, and charges again. Herbach says it’s my turn.

I hop in, eager for some of this hilarity, and fend off the charge by grabbing the horns. My goodness, this things strong. He starts bulldozing me a bit, till I really push back. He is obviously learning what works, and then starts pulling backward. Thing is, you cant just leave him, once he is free, he will charge, and have the upper hand again. So, I hold on, as he pulls me backwards, and just as he has my nearly off balance, he goes into a crouch, and then pushes from low - with enough force to nearly lift my fat ass frame clear off the ground.

Okay, this is not so funny anymore. But what the hell do we do? At some point, I took Herbach's backpack off, and said to get a photo or something, who in their right mind would believe a little Bless Buck would attack us? We decide to start heading back towards the motorbikes, as perhaps getting to them and starting one would be enough to startle it. I start to head up the road to the bikes, and this is when this video was taken.

Crazy buck Fighting

Thing is - you start to tire - quickly. Halfway up the path, my arms are starting to fail. It just won’t let up. We really are running out of options. In hindsight, we were still being "nice" to it. I start to tell Herbach I can’t take much more, and he says he'll take over, and I must run to fetch the bike. As I push back and let go, Herbach steps in to take over, but the buck gets a charge in. Herbach can be thankful he is wearing big chunky MX boots with massive shin protection. However, one horn gets around, and stabbing up at the back of Herbach's leg. This started to really scare me, but Herbach gets control, and then I start running. It was actually a hell of a distance to the bikes. We would never have made it on foot fighting the damn buck all the way there. Running in bike boots, hot and tired as hell, through the bush, is something I never really want to do again.

As I get to the bike, I'm left with the choice. Herbach's Baja 250, or the 620 KTM. The KTM is a lot louder and more intimidating, but has one problem - Kick Start. If anyone has ever had a big thumper, they'll understand. There was just no way I was in any condition to attempt to kickstart duckface. So I hop on the 250, electric start, and I'm off to help out my friend. As I come up through the bush, I get a bit of a fight. Herbach is down. As I get closer, I see he is okay, but he is holding the bucks head firmly on the ground, and its a little more submissive. As I get there, he releases the buck, and I ride straight at it, hooting and revving. It looks a little confused, but actually resumes attack at Herbach. After repeating this, its clear the bike doesn't really bother him, although he doesn't attack it, but goes around and resumes combat.

I guess this point Herbach decided enough is enough. Grabbing a small rock, when it came at him, Herbach smacked him on the side of the head. Two or three times, and the buck finally pulled back. It seemed to have had enough, and then ducked into the bush, leaving two absolutely exhausted guys panting and sweating.

It took a few minutes for us to regain strength and get our breaths back, but it was some fairly mixed emotion: we were laughing, but it was scary. We headed for Nikita's on the main road, and dug into one or seven beers or so, sort of calm the nerves. Another mate who lives in the area arrives, and said there is a buck in the area known for attacking people. Apparently we not the first.

What a weird buck.

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His mudda was a mudda!
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nice. but given the chance, there would have been some extra meat for the table if i was around...self-defense and all
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Oh!? That is deep.
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Haha, I can appreciate the predicament, trying not to hurt the buck but not get fucked up while you're at it. Wonder what set him off?
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That is funny! You guys really do tend to get yourselves into some strange situations!
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