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Old 05-05-2011, 09:33 PM   #1
UncleMike OP
How'd that happen?
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Joined: Sep 2009
Location: Colorado - Highlands Ranch
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I had an affair and I just need to tell someone

I had an affair, and I just need to tell someone.

It all actually started right here on the ADVRider site. Around July or August of 2009 I happened upon it while searching the internet for places to ride and adventures to be had. I got to reading the ride reports and checking out all the pictures of awesome places to go. I got drawn in as I’m sure so many others have in the same way. It started innocent enough, with the “Ride Reports”. Then it advanced into “Day Trippin’”. I was hooked. I wasn’t long before I ventured into the more “hardcore” area and was searching in the “Regional Forums”. I felt a little guilty, but I told myself I wasn’t doing anything wrong. My wife wasn’t suspicious at this point, she had no idea what was going on as I kept it very quiet. It was in “Regional Forums“ where I first saw ”them”. The sisters. They were beautiful. Pictures and pictures of them on the same mountain trails and roads that I know so well. The taller one is quite alluring mind you, but she wasn’t for me. She was too much. But the shorter one, hmmm, when I saw her, I knew I was in trouble. In the back of my mind I knew I wanted this one. I’m not the “love at first sight” kind of person, and this wasn’t the case here either. It was more like a wondering, an intrigue that would grow intensely in a short amount of time. The thought in the back of mind worked its way around the logic, through the conviction of what is right and wrong and into my everyday contemplation. I thought about her constantly, laying awake at night thinking about the possibilities. What would it be like? Would it be worth it? Would it last? As those first short days passed I became more and more obsessed with finding out the answers. So I worked up the nerve and reached out to her online. It was there where we started our relationship as is often the case in these matters anymore. I found out all I could about her, her likes, dislikes, favorite colors, places to ride, etc. She even revealed her measurements. Oh man!
She was in Kansas City and I was in Denver. I was going crazy. It got to the point that I couldn’t resist anymore and finally made arrangements to meet. Set the place, the time, and bought my airline ticket to arrive the next Saturday morning at 10:07AM. Since we met here on the ADVRider web site where BMW’s seem to be the order of the day, I decided that a good meeting place would be the Engle Motors BMW dealership. Done.
The rest of that week passed by oh so slowly. I could hardly concentrate at work and I was certainly elsewhere while at home. My emotions were running in all different directions. Anxiousness would give way to reflection on the future. Pangs of guilt to that of scheming selfishness. And the trepidation, yes, that little warning light going off in the dark recesses of my mind. I ignore it.
That Friday evening my wife commented that I was “somewhere else”. “It’s nothing”, I assure her. By now though,,,,, she knows……
Of course she knows, she encouraged me to buy it!

Truly though, this was by some definitions an “affair”. If you care to check in, I’ll be posting the ride home from Kansas City, MO and the first day home next. Then shortly thereafter a few rides in Colorado, Utah and California. By the end I hope to have managed a descent first ride report, shared a few things that I learned about 800 twin BMW and conveyed a little more on what I mean by “affair”.
Thanks for reading!
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Old 05-05-2011, 09:47 PM   #2
Cynical Idealist
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Location: Utah
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Kinda works that way.....

now get on it
Day Trippin'- Endless Utah
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Old 05-05-2011, 10:13 PM   #3
Deseret Rider
Gnarly Adventurer
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Joined: Mar 2008
Location: East Central Utah (Deseret)
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KC to Denver?

That shouldn't take long on that long legged traveling machine. She will occupy you completely and you won't want to stop to take any pictures---which is alright---what is there to see between KC and Denver anyway? Ha Ha

Will look forward to your narrative though-----
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Old 05-06-2011, 04:15 AM   #4
High Plains Drifter
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Joined: Nov 2009
Location: Edmonton, Alberta
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The helmet and glasses shield your shame - the look of a guy who doesn't want to be identified. Your wife will join in at times and make it a threesome?
I'd rather be dragging a club than clubbing in drag.
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Old 05-06-2011, 05:59 AM   #5
Danger: Keep Back 500 Ft.
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Location: Carlisle Pennsylvania USA
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It's a he, not a she. Hope it works out anyway.

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Old 05-06-2011, 06:58 AM   #6
Gnarly Adventurer
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Location: Canada
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Great intro. That's a nice bike, well appointed.

And welcome to the BMW club. Hold on to your wallet.

British Columbia, Canada

"How hard can it be?"
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Old 05-06-2011, 07:01 AM   #7
Joined: Apr 2009
Location: Steamboat Springs, CO
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Originally Posted by FredRydr View Post
It's a he, not a she. Hope it works out anyway.



He/she/it probably does some things your wife won't do!
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Old 05-06-2011, 08:02 AM   #8
Studly Adventurer
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Nope. That's a she. And she has a niiiice rack!
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UncleMike OP
How'd that happen?
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Joined: Sep 2009
Location: Colorado - Highlands Ranch
Oddometer: 61
Sorry Mods

Sorry you had to move this. I did read the rules for the Day Trippin and since I was going to continue this thread with my subsequent rides I thought it fit. My apologies. Keep up the good work!
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Old 05-06-2011, 09:51 AM   #10
UncleMike OP
How'd that happen?
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Joined: Sep 2009
Location: Colorado - Highlands Ranch
Oddometer: 61
The ride home

The transaction at Engle Motors was easy. They picked me up from the airport. Lent me an allen wrench to install my throttle control device. The paperwork was done quickly and I was out the door. Good business.
I’ve driven across Kansas more times than I can remember. Many at night, (on purpose). That’s were the drive home from KC, MO would take me. But hey, I’m on a new bike, (new to me) and I’m not pressed for time. I don’t have to worry about break in as the first owner put 4200 miles on it and traded it in on a road bike. So I can crank it up a bit. There was a nice older gentleman at the dealer who asked me where I was going. I told him Denver. He says “By god, don’t take I-70 the whole way! Way better to take the smaller roads.” He advises 24 and 18. I decide to listen to the voice of wisdom.
At Lawrence I turn to the north on 24 and along about the little town of Perry I find a BBQ place. In true ADV Rider fashion I pull out my camera to take a picture of the place with my bike in front and then of the meal that is about to be consumed. I’m an Adventurer now, I have a BMW and I’m going to do this right. Only n00bs forget the food shots! I snap the first picture and “error: internal memory full”. I forgot the memory card. Dang n00b! Sorry, no BBQ shot.

After lunch I head west on 24 looking for any place that I might find a SD card. I make all the way to Topeka and hit a traffic jam. Construction! Hmmm, Denver is not the only place that has road construction every where I want to go. The quick way out of this is south back to I-70. I take it. Sorry hwy 24, sorry 18, it’s super slab time. I found a Walmart in Topeka and got an SD card and then filled the tank at the gas station in the outer parking lot.

Then across the great expanse that is Kansas! I hadn’t figured out the left-hand-picture-taking-while-driving trick at this point so I only get a few photos of places that I stop at.
The novelty of the new bike is present and is evident once again as I look at the dozens of photos of the bike from different angles taken out on the plains of Kansas. I’ll share only a few so no one gets a finger sprang from scrolling down so fast.

I actually enjoyed the trip across Kansas this time. I wonder if I’m maturing or if it’s the new bike. Yeah, it’s the bike. I hadn’t test rode any BMW before sending the dealer the money for this bike. I wanted it, plain and simple. It seemed to offer so many possibilities. I did read up about them a lot right here and other places as much as I could. I read all the badness and recall info and felt a little paranoid, but none the less determined. I asked the dealer about the radiator hoses and if they’d been replace due to the recall. “What recall?” they say. I guess not all were aware yet. OK, I’ll keep an eye on it until I get it to the shop in Denver. After I got on I-70 I could start to take real notice of the bikes features and ride. The console is weird, but I can get used to that. The urine sample cup on the right side of the handle bar is annoying, but no big deal. It rides well on the highway at speed. Gearing is pretty good, except that without the full computer I do check for that extra gear once in a while. It isn’t long at all before I’m having to adjust my junk from time to time. I was hoping all the recall hype and about the seat being uncomfortable might be exaggerated. Nope, the seat sucks. I now check the radiator hose. “Is that hose bulging just a bit?” Naw..

After the sunset pictures I start to look for a hotel and roll into some small town a bit more that ½ way through Kansas. It was getting dark and I was tired. I had to get up awfully early that morning to catch the flight out. I ate dinner at Applebees, a couple of beers and I’m out!

The next morning I look out the window of the hotel, fog and rain! Cool! I actually like fog. We don’t get too much of it in Colorado so it’s sort of fun for me. I can’t drive through fog without thinking of when I had my paper route back in Hunstville, AL as a teen. Often times I’d ride my 69 Honda CB350 on the route between 5:30 and 6:30 AM and come back soaked without a drop of rain having fallen.
Anyway, I find another reason to appreciate the touring shield on the bike. Keeps some of the moisture off. It’s a little chilly so I click on the heated grips for the first time. Oooooooh, this is NICE!. I could get used to this.

Time for a break and what do you know! BMWs are good for going to Starbucks! Ok, now, where did you say the mall was?

The sun breaks through and welcomes us back to Colorado!

I’m still enjoying the trip so much that I decide to take the smaller, slower road between Limon and Castle Rock, 86. First, the train has to get out of the way.

I get home pretty early in the afternoon, open the garage, take off the side bags, go to the bathroom, kiss the wife and tell her I’ll be back in few hours. (In that order) She say’s “go ahead”. I have a great wife!
I’m anxious to take the bike up to my favorite fishing lake only an hour or so from the house. Up a 4X4 trail. Oh yeah! This is one of the top reasons I wanted this bike. To go there. This is what I pictured in my minds eye those weeks before.

I get on the dirt road not to far from Idaho Springs and stop for a picture. I know some of you know where this is.

The first part of the road is easy grated dirt. After a bit there are some fairly bumpy stretches over rocks, but no real incline. First two things I notice on our first off road experience. 1) I can’t go slow enough in some of the rockier places to navigate precisely. And 2) the front end is banging around something fierce! I get to the place where the road splits off to the upper lakes which is steeper and a bit trickier and stop to consider what to do next.

How’s that radiator hose doing?

Uh oh, the urine sample cup is leaking. Eww.

I decide not to push it and head back down. Even in first gear and no throttle I feel as if the bike is pushing me down the hill way faster than I want to go. I read about a smaller, 15T front gear that would help with this; I’ll have to get one of those before coming back.

I get back down to Idaho Springs without incident and opt for my default ride over Squaw Pass to Evergreen.

Idaho Springs

Squaw Pass

Echo Lake

The default route takes me through Evergreen down through the canyon into Morrison, but.... Red Rocks? Sure, got to pass through there too! It's a good a time as any to get the obligitory Bike at Red Rocks pics.

I made it home again without the radiator hose exploding. I set my biometric-allen-torque wrench on “that ought to be about right” and tightened down the steering column. Figured that out researching this site. Test drive over some speed bumps not to far from the house. Good, fixed.

I gave the bike a once over and, “hey! Is that supposed to be like that?” Nope.

And this? Nope.

It’s a good thing the 6K check up is getting close.

In many affairs you don’t always take the time to fully get to know what you’re getting into. Just happens that way. (At least thats the way I understand it, Outside of the BMW I have no other experience.)
In such cases you’re bound for some disappointments. I wasn’t ignorant to this fact and I figured with so many on the ADV site running these bikes and sharing their knowledge, I could find a way to adjust or overcome any issues.

It was a great weekend. No regrets.

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Old 05-06-2011, 09:56 AM   #11
Citation Collector
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You guys are nuts. Don't forget Mother's Day on Sunday.
"An expert is someone who has made every mistake possible within a very narrow field of inquiry"
-Niels Bohr
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Stelvio Dreamer!
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Now you need to get another one to prove to "her" that it wasn't an office romance that was doomed to failure and tears with only a sad ending as a postscript, but was really intended as a very special wedding anniversary present and you really were only thinking of "her" when you hatched this scheme that would allow her to experience the thrill of riding "her" bike with you on the adventure of a lifetime that is coming up.
Cheers, Mike
Don't just look at it - Ride the bloody thing!
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Old 05-06-2011, 03:25 PM   #13
huckleberry's Avatar
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Good luck with the new mistress! intiminators will fix those forks
“An adventure is misery and discomfort, relived in the safety of reminiscence.” Marco Polo
09 F 650 GS twin
XR 400
Beta Techno

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Old 05-06-2011, 04:04 PM   #14
UncleMike OP
How'd that happen?
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Joined: Sep 2009
Location: Colorado - Highlands Ranch
Oddometer: 61
It's not over yet

Thanks for the hits guys. I hadn't realize it takes this much work putting these reports together. I appreciate all the more the ones that I've read over the past couple years. It's fun though.

Originally Posted by Mike.C View Post
Now you need to get another one to prove to "her" that it wasn't an office romance that was doomed to failure and tears with only a sad ending as a postscript, but was really intended as a very special wedding anniversary present and you really were only thinking of "her" when you hatched this scheme that would allow her to experience the thrill of riding "her" bike with you on the adventure of a lifetime that is coming up.
Hey Mike, It's a nice thought. The story isn't over yet and it does have a happy ending.

Next up is the Apex trail, Tarryal Resevior and a quick blurb about Forest Rd. 211.
Plus - "Can a F650GS twin do Engineer Pass?" and "The F650GS takes on a Sequoia."

I finally got off the fence and got my SmugMug account. Do you think I'm going stop now?
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UncleMike OP
How'd that happen?
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Location: Colorado - Highlands Ranch
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Originally Posted by huckleberry View Post
Good luck with the new mistress! intemators will fix those forks
After I tightened down the steering column the front end was fine and the suspension really was never an issue. If that is what you are referring to. I have heard / read here that the Intemators are a good product and if was a more aggressive rider I would have looked more closely at them. Thanks though.
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