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Old 07-05-2011, 08:53 AM   #211
soph9 OP
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Day 6 Toad River to Watson Lake 325 KM

Last night was let’s see…..FREEZING! It got down to 4 degrees Celsius over night and the two of us did the best we could to try and stay warm in our 3 season sleeping bags and tent. But HOLY it was cold. Neither one of us got that much sleep. Cheryl said she slept the best from about 0530 – 0730. I was out wondering about watching the beavers dive for food and some gosling family. The family camping next to us last night were from Florida and never camped before. They were using an electric pump to pump up all their sleeping gear and their tent ended up looking and I am sure feeling like a palace. They were too funny.
This next picture is for our friends Brad & Teri. If you are reading this…this one is for you.

Our traveling mascots!
The lodge opened at 0630 so I went in for coffee while Cheryl slept and did some internet stuff. Had a decent breakfast at the lodge and then put air in our tires

and once again headed out on the road towards Liard Hot Springs and then Watson Lake. To be honest today was a bit uneventful in some ways. the ride to Laird Hot Springs and Muncho Lake was awesome. lot’s of twisties and the scenery once again did not disappoint. We saw a ton a wildlife today, 9 black bears, another brown or grizzly and bison.

These guys are HUGE and look even bigger when you are on a bike.

We try and give the animals their space and just stop for a second. Most people seem to do the same. Pretty cool at some points of the ride to see something around each bend. Doesn’t make for scary riding just makes you more aware. Having the two of us is better than 2 eyes. we help point out what the other might not see just to be safe.
Oh, we are able to talk for those who do not know that. We are using a Cardo G4 intercom set up and this allows for rider to rider chat, Bluetooth music via our iPhones and some other little fun stuff that we are not using on this trip like receiving phone calls. Cheryl and I feel this is a must have for trips together and is a vital part of our set up.
We rode by Mucho Lake. This place is surreal and beautiful. The lake is turquoise in colour and there is a ton of wild life around this area.

I like my cloud pictures!

The view around this large lake

She is giving me that look of “Let’s go”. So we did. Riding to Laird Hot Springs was again full of views and nice roads. We did not actually go into the HotSprings even though many said we should. We did however put our feet in the very hot water. A woman there told us it pours in at 53 degrees Celsius. After dipping our feet they felt “fluffy”. Perhaps we should have dove right in with our gear on. I bet we would feel a lot cleaner now.

fish that love the warm water

some ducks that love the warm water too. Good food nutrients in there. Apparently moose like it there to but we did not see any.

that face….what a cute one!

Walking back to our bikes on the Hot springs board walk!

Needless to say we looked out of place.

I bet the Liard Springs are vey tranquil place for many except today there were 2 weed wackers going nuts and were very annoyingly loud.
We finally made it into the Yukon but then briefly were back in BC and then really back into the Yukon the second time around.

And the ride from Laird to Watson Lake may have been consider a little boring if it were not the animals all along the way. Some hills but the road pretty straight and turned into a bit a real highway. Still not many ADV bikers we have run into. We did see 2 KTM’s from the States at Toad River but other than that, mostly Harley’s, Goldwings and street bikes.

we are really dirty now, the bikes our gear etc. No sign of doing laundry anytime soon even though we have the option tonight. Just do not have enough steam to do laundry. A lot of your time on these trips is setting up camp, checking over the bikes, planning for the next day, checking out the weather, BLOGGING and then trying to fit meals in as well. Not complaining but this is what it is all about. There really isn’t too much free time even though we are getting better at setting and breaking down camp.
In Watson Lake there is the famous sign forest. we will go back in the morning before leaving Watson Lake to check them out more thoroughly and got more of the history. here is one picture we got before heading to camp.

we are Campground Service we think it is called. Decent, they have WIFI at least.

Stays light up here forever so we have to use our buffs and eye shades to block out the light to sleep. It is 9:30 PM right now and we should be sleeping and wearing headlamps but nope, i am up and Cheryl is pre-packing for tomorrow.
Tomorrow is a BIG day for us in the ADV world. We are venturing into an area with little facilities and people. have to make sure we have a good food supply and plan on camping out no matter rain or shine. Should be doing some off road as well. More about that later.
So end to day 6 and again so far so good. We are feeling pretty fortunate to be able to get away from work for so long to go on a ride that many but few have done, if that makes sense. Not sure when we will have WIFI next but we have been surprised before. So we will say later until the next update.
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Old 07-05-2011, 10:26 AM   #212
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Great job reporting & showing pictures of the terrain & wildlife!
Your fuel mileage figures approximately 38.46 US MPG, at that rate your using approximately 4.52 US Gallons per 290KM (174 Miles US), and the fuel tank is rated at 19 Litre (approximately 4.9 gallon US).
While in Whitehorse, YT you could have the mechanic at the Honda Auto/Motorcycle Dealer help with
checking the chain adjustment & alignment, as well as looking at the brake pads & rotor in search of the source of rear wheel noise.
Have fun & safe ride!
Originally Posted by soph9 View Post
Having issues logging into the forum via my laptop and even have an update to post.

We use Thermarest pads and they rock. For our stove we have a good supply of white gas but the stove also takes reg gas too. The gel seats have been awesome so far and no pain or pressure points after 3000km. We love that.

We have hit wicked head winds and the bikes are only getting around 290km out of take. Barely 6L per 100 K. We need better than that for today even though we are bringing extra gas. Will be interesting to see if we can make it to Ross River with the fuel we have.
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Old 07-05-2011, 11:14 AM   #213
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ADV and AUT Spec.

Hello "Grrrls",

I have to pipe in today as I read your post and admire the Adventure Ride that I dream of. But, then I notice the cause and feel compelled to post.

My daughter Logan is 14 and just today 7/5/11 started at a new school specializing in the treatment of kids in "The Spectrum". Logan has been in the public school system for 7 years and we finally had enough and decided for outplacement. The district said no, we said OK, and went and retained a very good attorney specializing in this very thing. We won after a fight from September to May. So today begins a new day and ADVENTURE for my Logan. We're excited.

Thank you for promoting the disease and ride safe. I'm following the thread and the Blog.

'73 R60/5, '83 R100, '93 R100GSPD, 2010 KLR 650
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Old 07-05-2011, 12:25 PM   #214
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Originally Posted by skysailor View Post
My thoughts. Folks tend to run chains way too tight. I like to run on the loose end of spec. Better on the sprockets.
I agree.

The longer the swingarm the more slack needed. So long as the chain isn't jumping teeth or chewing up adjacent items, it's good.

Originally Posted by skysailor
Bizarre that the problem is the same on both bikes.
Not if the same tech did the service on both bikes.

I'm starting to wonder if the chains were adjusted with the bikes on the centerstands. They need to be adjusted with the bike under load.
'09 Triumph Tiger1050
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Old 07-05-2011, 12:42 PM   #215
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Triumph's chain tightness spec on my Tiger is too tight. When they look too loose, they are about right.
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Old 07-05-2011, 08:51 PM   #216
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agreed, my speed triple likes it a bit sloppy. really hope its something that simple for you ladies
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One more vote for an over-tight chain. The 1050's are like that too and have excessive vibration when underway if the chain is too tight.
Tiger 1050, Bonneville, Brutale

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Old 07-06-2011, 06:35 PM   #218
soph9 OP
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We will check the chain

Could be the chain. We are in Dawson City for 2 nights. we will have a look tomorrow but it didn't seem too tight as of yesterday...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Bikes are doing better since we adjusted the pre-load but still make that stupid noise.
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Old 07-06-2011, 07:10 PM   #219
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My wife and I were stuck there for three days a few years ago waiting for the fires to subside so we could continue on over to Chicken. They never did so we ended up coming all the way back down and around. I say "stuck" but that's not how it felt. There was always something to do. Neat place. If you're just walking around town you should take a look at the cabins of Robert Service and Jack London. There were presentations at both that were worth seeing.

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Old 07-07-2011, 01:49 AM   #220
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Thumb Triumph Tiger 800 Thread

Hi Ladies , found this thread on your Triumph Tiger . These guys may be able to help with setup and any problems .
Thanks Tezza
KTM 520 EXE.
Now the Perfect pair!!!!
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Old 07-07-2011, 06:58 AM   #221
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Hi Cheryl and Leslie, nice to meet you briefly yesterday afternoon. Cool bikes!

Wow, do the weather reports mean anything around here - every day they change to rain and it's pouring rain this morning. I miss those hot springs now!
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Old 07-07-2011, 07:05 AM   #222
soph9 OP
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Originally Posted by Cowtowner View Post
Hi Cheryl and Leslie, nice to meet you briefly yesterday afternoon. Cool bikes!

Wow, do the weather reports mean anything around here - every day they change to rain and it's pouring rain this morning. I miss those hot springs now!

good luck with the Dempster if you are going? This weather sux up here but it is all part of the adventure as they would say. Nice to meet you guys too. Nice to meet ADV riders in general. We are having a rest day today hoping for better weather tomorrow for our trip up to Inuvik. Now, if I could get this WIFI to upload at least my post from yesterday I did all would be great. Might have to venture out in the rain to get to that Internet Cafe on Front street.
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Old 07-07-2011, 07:34 AM   #223
soph9 OP
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Robert Campbell Highway Day - 368.6 KM

Watson Lake to Ross River

(All pictures on any of the posts can be clicked on for larger sizes)

July 5th 2011

Got a late start today because we have been a little cold at night with the temperatures almost reaching freezing. Although we have a lot of clothing to try to bulk up and stay warm, we are still finding it hard to actually be warm. In any case, we finally got ready to leave around 11 after eating at camp and repacking everything.
Bad picture, we are very tired here but who cares, still a picture of the 2 of us!

Cheryl trying to stay warm in the freezing morning air.

Our organized chaos in the morning. Somehow everything does end up back where it should.

Before we took off for the Campbell highway that takes us from Watson Lake to Ross River via this “dirt'” road, we needed to pack extra fuel. We have two 1 gallon rotopax containers on our bikes for the time our bikes can’t make the trip before we reach another gas station. In this case it was a good thing we had the extra gas because we would have never made it to Ross River with only our 19 litres on board.

The Robert Campbell “Highway” is 572 KM if you take it all the way to the Klondike Highway which we did. But on this day we ended at Ross River which was 374 KM give or take a few KM. The road is mainly dirt and very well groomed. Some loose gravel, larger rocks, pot holes, loose dirt and when wet some slippery areas. Having said this it is an easy road to ride for most bikes with suspension and a rider who does not worry about being alone. We saw only a handful of trucks and NO motorcycles on this road the entire time.

Very quiet and no traffic or people. Some really nice scenic views and lot’s of treed straights that shelters you from the wind. We got up to speeds up to 90 – 100 KM/hr on some sections. Averaged about 75. Our gas mileage got really good on this trip road. The Tigers seem to like speeds less than 110KM/hr in order for them to get decent mileage.
Some views and highlights from the Robert Campbell.

In the beginning of the ride the road was very dry and dusty. Cheryl rode behind me the entire way saying “way should both of us get trashed by the dust”. I felt badly she could hardly see for about the first 200 KM. After while it began to rain on us. Seems to be doing this everyday in and around mid day. Rain for a bit and then clears up.
Once the rains came Cheryl could see and I could see her behind me. Made the road even that much more enjoyable to ride. Here the bikes still look little clean.

getting dirtier. This stuff they put on this road, not sure if it is Calcium Chloride on this section but whatever it is sure loves to stick like cement to the bikes. Cheryl saying LOOK at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very dusty!

Then me, not so bad. What a I doing in this picture? Modeling?

Some info as to what these roads do for the areas

Bikes by now are just getting caked with this crap….

Some sections of the road is sort of paved. We both can not figure out why pave a few KM of road and not the rest? At times you are on and off pavement on the Campbell quite a bit and see signs like this all the time.

We both agree this was an enjoyable way to get to Ross River and really stay away from all the RV’s and tourists.

More pictures showing Cheryl’s dusty KLIM suit

we took snack and pee breaks along the way. The one time Cheryl goes to pee a truck actually passes by. Like the first one in hours. That is her face in the above picture as well as showing how dusty she is.
We had to use our extra fuel. We dumped both gallons in the tanks. Actually not a full 2 gallons had to leave some room for expansion in the containers but it gave us another 170 KM each to ride when we needed about 80 KM.

There are many spots to capture and take in the views throughout the highway.

there is a bridge in the above picture…the Yukon love these bridges with metal grates.

Notice the beautiful blue sky? This is what we headed into as we got nearer to Ross River.

The next picture was taken at the same just in the other direction and this was what we were leaving, blue sky

we arrived in Ross River to really not find a town at all. Went to the only grocery store where a bunch of kids were running it and seemed to not like the “intruders”. We just wanted to know where to camp and if we could buy beer. Well, no one knew where to camp and there was no beer in the store. Maybe Ross River is a dry town? We did not ask. Some guy while we were getting gas pointed us into the direction of the camp ground.

It’s raining on us here.

Kind of a sad little town to be honest but I bet those who live there are happy?

Once we got to the campground right outside of town, the rain stopped and the skies cleared up. Just in time for a camp fire and dinner. Funny thing is once we got the fire going, actually Cheryl, I decided I wanted to move sites because there was a nicer one across the way so we could hear the river. Cheryl literally carried over embers from the fire she worked so hard on to start another fire in the pit at the other site. I had to carry the tent I all ready set up.
here is our first site.

then the second and better site!

When we get better WIFI I will post the short video of Cheryl explaining why we are moving camp sites. Plus, the bathrooms were closer.

This was the end of day 6 and a good day it was. We are not really minding the rain because our gear is really working out great. We just hate setting up when it is raining or breaking down camp. I will try and get Day 7 up tomorrow.

This trip is turning out to be something else to be honest. The riding has been awesome, the weather up and down, the views and experience priceless.

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Ron from BC
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How's the Thermacell working out with the bugs? Great riding and writing!!

'02 BMW R1150 GSA
'06 Kawasaki KL250H Super Sherpa
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Old 07-07-2011, 08:19 AM   #225
soph9 OP
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Bugs not that bad

but the Thermacell really works with no wind. We used it at Ross River and when I shut it down it was obvious it worked!

soph9 screwed with this post 07-07-2011 at 08:45 AM
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