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Old 07-11-2011, 02:28 PM   #286
Ron from BC
Beastly Adventurer
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Location: Vancouver Island
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I'm not taking sides on either the Tiger 800 or the 650GS as I've never owned either but would it not be more fair to put the 800GS along side instead. I'm aware of the similar engines of the 650/800 twins but .......

Still enjoying the great pics ladies!

Leslie: Spoke to Robert and he's putting a Scout 150 aside for me to pick up when I pass through Blaine next week Interested in putting it along side the 140 I have on now.
'02 BMW R1150 GSA
'06 Kawasaki KL250H Super Sherpa
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Old 07-11-2011, 05:36 PM   #287
Gnarly Adventurer
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Since they are on XC's it would be more fair to compare to the 800 but they own 650's so that's what were gonna get. A lot of 650 owners are curious though, I for one am curious to see what they have to say. I doubt there are many riders at this point with the amount of time/miles on both bikes.

Hope all is well w/ the trip!!
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Old 07-11-2011, 07:14 PM   #288
slowbike smallpenis
Tester of Tooheys Old
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Location: just above Tasmania
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Great report and ride - well done.

Just a bit of a question - You had the vibration problem and didn't pick up that the wheel alignment was incorrect - how often are you checking your chain and doing your adjustments?

If it was the alignment to the degree of discomfort and noises made that there will be damage to the chain and sprockets
Illusion is the first of all pleasures
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Old 07-11-2011, 08:00 PM   #289
soph9 OP
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Location: Maple Ridge, BC Canada
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Respect The Dempster ! 492 KM (Arctic Circle to Dawson City)

July 9 2011

Budgets? When we set out of a trip like this money is always on our minds. We always think we will save with lodging and food. In reality what happens when traveling on a motorcycle it goes something like this….you ride up the Dempster and are exhausted and hungry. You see a sign that says Oasis and it has a roof. Right away out comes the wallet and a key is handed to us for a warm dry room with a comfy bed and a shower. Out of pocket there goes an easy $152. It is that easy to over spend the nightly budgeted money for lodging. Not a bad thing just reality.
We woke up to this

The pancakes were ridiculously LARGE and Cheryl barely made a dent.

Then we decided that right after breakfast we would head right to the Arctic Circle from Eagle Plains Lodge. It was only 37 KM away one way so off we went and were glad we did!

See the dark clouds, that is in the direction for Inuvik, NWT. The weather predicted for that area was rain for the next few days. We are confident that our decision NOT to go to Inuvik was the right one. How do we know this? Because we rode in pouring rain all the way out on the Dempster.

We were told this is an Arctic squirrel or something like that.

Cheryl adoring this little entertaining fella at the Circle.

Cheryl is such a monkey and climb anything like she was a kid. Then there is me…clumsy old lady.

Oh how the skies would turn on us in only a matter of a few hours from the time we took this picture.

On the Dempster there are many many trucks hauling loads for road construction. They also haul ass when they pass you and have no mercy spraying you with rocks, dust, mud or anything else the Dempster hides. Cheryl and I pulled over for this trucker as we try to do in most case and prepare to duck and cover ourselves but something happened that we never had happen before. The trucker also slowed down to a stop.

I was going to take his picture with camera in hand but he had a message. It went something like this. “Listen you need to be careful out here. Promise me you will take it slow. Promise? A biker died on this road yesterday. It was a sad day for the Dempster. It is so greasy all the way down and you need to promise me you will take it slow.” I said, “yes sir we will I promise.” He said “be safe and remember what I told you, SLOW.”

Yep, that is reality. The Dempster is the most beautiful road we have ever seen but when the weather turns it become slick, slippery even to walk on. So, we took it slow from about 40 KM out of Eagle Plains all the way to the bottom about 368 KM of painfully slow, standing on the pegs riding. We did not want to get hurt nor dump the bikes.
We left Eagle Plains at 10 am and the weather looked like this.

After approximately 45 minutes of dry weather riding, we encountered THIS, and it pretty much lasted for 4 hours. It was grueling, exhausting riding but what an experience!

The pictures just don’t explain what the conditions were like on this infamous road. Suffice to say there were a few HOLY SH*T moments!

Trying to stay positive and in good spirits despite the conditions.

Poor dirty bike!

Clouds, clouds and MORE clouds! We could see what looked like clearing off in the distance, but we could never seem to catch it!

Sustenance! We managed to find a wee pocket of road where it was NOT raining so we could get a snack in, however the dry spell only lasted about 10 minutes, before catching up to us yet again.

Oh look, more grey skies and slimy road.

Caked on good!

It would be an amazing view if that darn fog wasn’t in the way!

This is John from Kamloops, BC. We ran into him at one of the rest stops on the Dempster and he was pedaling his way all the way up to Inuvik! We stopped and chatted with him for a few moments and he informed us that he had managed to ride almost 40 kilometers that morning and had not been rained on once!

Well, I don’t know if he has some sort of invisible rain deflecting force field around him, but about 3 minutes after leaving John, we got NAILED with the most incredible thunder, lightening and rain storm I have ever seen and it was where John had just ridden from!

This stuff on our bikes is like cement. No kidding. Even a pressure washer can’t get this crap off.

Poor bikes. I feel for the chains and the brake pads. Doing the best we can to keep the chains with some lube on them and as for the brakes, good news we hardly use them we went so slowly as promised to our trucker friend.

At this point we are only about 60 KM to pavement. And to be honest at this point we were very happy to know that something hard was only a few KM away.

Getting nicer out but a little too late for us and the bikes. You think Cheryl was happy or what?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….the end of our Respect the Dempster ride. Glad we did it? Yep. Would we do it again? I think only if the weather GODS promised to be nicer to us and the road. This is the most beautiful road to ride in dry conditions with views to die for but add water and you could literally die trying. Not being overly dramatic either. We respected the Dempster and did not dump the bikes once and came out in one piece.

In the next picture are our new buddies who we have run into a few times between Dawson City and the Dempster.

They survived the ride out the same day we did. John who rides a KTM rode out with no forks seals, his wife Christine wiped out near Fort McPherson in a plume of dust at a road construction project on her KLR. She got right up and rode off back to Eagle Plains. They all aborted the trip to Inuvik. Smart move. The there is Scott, Christine’s brother who is on his BMW 1200GSA he just got for his ride cross country from Ontario to meet his brother in law and sister for their lifetime trip. Great folks and great company! Hope you all made out OK in Whitehorse. They all had a drink from their Dempster flasks.

Got back to Dawson City what a safe haven, washed to bikes, got a hotel room at the Downtown Hotel where Motoquest was there with a tour. Had a bite to eat, drank beer and then went to bed. Leslie got drunk off of 3 beers.

Our buddies again.

Oh yeah and this is the sour toe Cheryl had a drink with the other night. She got a certificate…how gross eh?

And we will close this post with my most favorite pictures of the TIGERS YET!

Remember if you are ever riding up this way the Dempster can be done if you respect the road and it’s multiple personalities. We glad we did!

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soph9 OP
Bike Addict
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Originally Posted by dsrydr View Post
Since they are on XC's it would be more fair to compare to the 800 but they own 650's so that's what were gonna get. A lot of 650 owners are curious though, I for one am curious to see what they have to say. I doubt there are many riders at this point with the amount of time/miles on both bikes.

Hope all is well w/ the trip!!
We have taken the 800GS out..we know how the bikes compare and in the end to be honest the Tiger is sort of in a league of it's own according to our opinion. Still working on this "review". We just got into Fairbanks and need to shower!
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Old 07-11-2011, 08:11 PM   #291
soph9 OP
Bike Addict
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Location: Maple Ridge, BC Canada
Oddometer: 2,396
On Top of the World - 171 KM (Dawson City to Chicken, AK)

July 10th 2011

What better way to start the day off with a tiny little ferry ride from Dawson City to the other side of the Yukon. This ferry seems to be a vital mode of transportation for anyone wanting to head to the Top of The World “Highway” to Chicken, Tok and then back to the Alaska Highway.

Waiting only took about 10 mins. This is their fancy ramp made of the same crap they use for their roads. JK. It’s all good.

We were first to board among big gigantic motorhomes.

While crossing thought I would show my burnt finger and how I am really trying to keep it clean to avoid infection.

Nice burn I got but it looks worse then it is. That is old second skin on there just dirty. Oh yeah I am supposed to be keeping it clean.

Getting off the other side. Just want to make note here. We have videos to post but never have we had enough wifi power to load them up. I am falling behind but one day will get my act together and get some up soon I hope.

We saw this sign over and over and over again. Thank the weather Lords that we actually had a nice day to ride this beautiful road and it only rained on us when we hit Chicken. Yeah us!

Those are clouds among the hills, mountains and valleys. This road is absolutely dead gorgeous and actually really fun to ride. However, once again if it were raining on us like the Dempster I would imagine this would be a very long 171 KM.

We have been off pavement more than we have ever have in our ADV riding “careers”. Seriously we are doing really well and have become much better riders since June 30th when we left.

Views and more views. I could have taken a million pictures today but I hope the next few you get the idea of what you could see if you came up here or what we just saw.

Just goes on and on.

Some pavement

Not sure what we could say about these pictures so I will keep my mouth shut.

OK this picture above is just an amazing view of what this road is all about. Being on Top of the World.

we did not take this road today.

Some daily cloud pictures. I am sure by now you know I have a thing with clouds. The dark one’s hit us in Chicken of course.

lot’s of pot holes up here and what I would call decent jumps for motorcycles. I almost bit the dirt when a big heave came up on me when I was not paying attention. Cheryl said I looked as though I was going down but didn’t.

This snow looked like foam

One more about today, was the first day we actually felt some heat from the sun.

And look here we made it to ALASKA! The most northern border crossing. It has a population of 2.

Waiting our turn. We were not sure how this crossing would go. we have Ontario plates, no insurance in our name really, BC license etc…but went smoothly because Cheryl did the talking and not me. Cheryl says I say too much to border guards and confuse them.

we came across this little tiny miner hang out that had gas, beverages, out houses that were very smelly and real hippy dippy dudes who said they were miners running the “store”

Inside the store

Doug, Shel, Brad & Teri this is for you!

I guess when you live in a place where there is really nothing to do you shoot up cars.

Smelly out house and she is not faking the look.

On the way down close to Chicken we got to see this

How awesome to be so close

what a beauty!

Then around the bend, we were here….CHICKEN, Alaska!

Our traveling buddies!

The rain came soon after but only lasted about 20 mins.

So we got a bite to eat and then headed to set up camp.

I feel sort of rich since this is the first time we are dipping into our US cash. Won’t last long I know. Hey, here are some facts about Alaska for the more rural area. No income tax, no property tax, no sales tax. There are over 600,00 residents in Alaska.

Pretty flowers all over this place

cute campground with nice smelling out houses! Chicken Creek Outpost! The owner rocks too. Come to think of it I do not know if we got his name.

Great little campground if you are ever in Chicken.

The Dredge! There is gold here we think! That is what we have been told.

Tons of barn swallow nests living on the Dredge. very cool and lot’s of babies being fed.

Getting to the end of this report. We are both pretty eat, me especially since I have been getting about 4 hours sleep a night. So, last few pics and we will be off to Fairbanks in the morning.

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Old 07-11-2011, 08:20 PM   #292
I just....don't know
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Dunno know HOW I didn't catch this report before, but I am so IN for the rest!

Now to go back a few pages and catch up......
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Old 07-11-2011, 10:13 PM   #293
soph9 OP
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Short random videos - More will be added

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Duc Gal
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Hey There. When moving to AK (via car) from San Francisco in 1983 my friend and I camped at Muncho Lake in a tent. The air was thick black with mosquitos and you couldn't help but inhale them; it was really disgusting. I have since lived in Anchorage, been a rider myself since 2005, and have been following your trip reports with much interest in and marvel at what you're doing. Not sure when you plan to hit Anchorage (I know you still have some traveling further north to do), but if you'd like a couple of pointers about Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula, just ask. For the best pizza and beer in the world you should not miss Moose's Tooth. The ride between Anchorage and Homer is spectacular. There are a few boring places along the way, but you'll love it for the most part. Homer is artsy fartsy, hippy dippy cool. If you get a chance on your way back down from Fairbanks, the town of Talkeetna, where the Denali climbers typically start from, is a fun little side trip, but it is 1/2 day or so in and out if you plan to eat lunch or something there.

PM me or just ask here if I can assist further with Anchorage stuff as you draw closer to town.

Cheers, and keep riding safe.

2006 Ducati Multistrada
2008 Triumph Scrambler

Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field. I'll meet you there. Rumi
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Old 07-11-2011, 11:38 PM   #295
Gnarly Adventurer
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Hi Ladies,
I see you're having fun. Keep safe, soap and water the best to clean that burn. If you need a skin graft maybe the sour toe could spare some? Sucks about the rider killed, that always sucks. How are the K60's (Scouts) going? Are you fiddling with tire pressures? I'll be off to Kelowna Thursday for a funeral, hope to get up the KVR and Chute Lake Resort for some apple pie! My K60's are still 90% with 6000km on them of mixed riding. Robert at MTR is great I picked up a new rear Scout in a 150 size just in case I cannot get one later. I like them, still have a new pair of TKC's in the shed, I may have to sell them.

Ride safe have fun

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Old 07-11-2011, 11:56 PM   #296
girls wanna have fun
opaque_machete's Avatar
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Gals, I'm glad to see you are having fun. Get some rest Leslie and have a safe trip in the morning. Cheryl looks comfortable and happy up there on that sign giving that "squirrel" a good show. Keep the pics coming! Love them.
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Two Wheel
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Great report. Have fun and be safe.
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Fart Letter
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Klim Traverse suits

Noticed you ladies are wearing the KLIM traverse suit.

I just got back from a trip similar to yours and wore the the same suit.

We rode in so much rain and the goretex really did it's job.

How did like your traverse gear ?????

2008 Yamaha WR250R/2006 KTM 450EXC/2014 KTM690/2013 Husky 650 TR650
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soph9 OP
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Traverse gets THUMBS up

Originally Posted by View Post
Noticed you ladies are wearing the KLIM traverse suit.

I just got back from a trip similar to yours and wore the the same suit.

We rode in so much rain and the goretex really did it's job.

How did like your traverse gear ?????

Just the fact we have not had to pull over and put liners in throughout all the sudden and not so sudden down pours has been GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love the suit. Just need to get it cleaned. Still covered in dust and dust can clog the waterproof properties from what we understand about Gore Tex. But all in all this has been one hell of a comfortable water proof suit.

Looking forward to the Latitude because we want more pockets...that is the only issue with this suit we have. Even yesterday on 30 degrees the venting worked well and if I needed a blast of air I just stood up. The vents seem to be placed for the upright rider for the most part.
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Old 07-12-2011, 08:01 AM   #300
Liebchen & Izzy
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Wicked If your in wasilla

I love you r.r. So far. If you need to stop in wasilla I have a big yard for your tent and a washermacine or if you need help just ask we have a good network up here in AK. Another really great detour is to take hatcher pass road on your way to Anchorage. It would start in willow the way you are travaling in think. And add about an hour and a half to the drive to Anchorage.
Liebchen & Izzy
Ridin' Alaska
BMW F650GS Twin & 1200 GS(sold)now a 990ADV :)
There are no bad roads... just bad bikes.
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