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ktm's "the tourist"
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thanks for the update.

i enjoy reading your and ev's adventure.

bet staying in motels, $$$- it adds up.
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Originally Posted by NSFW View Post
thanks for the update.

i enjoy reading your and ev's adventure.

bet staying in motels, $$$- it adds up.

Yeah it certainly does add up and everyone was telling can get roadside hotels for 40 odd bucks, well I'm still to find any of them.
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We rode through the plains of Nebraska dodging storms all the way we were lucky again, all around us there were monster storms. We were riding along and then I saw a sign to Sidney and as we rode past the turn off I thought I really should go and stay there since it's where I'm from originally but the stupid gps with no maps in it but the basic world map had me going up the other way. We rode a little bit further up about 10 km and I thought stuff it I'm going to see where that turn off to Sidney actually goes and I'm glad I did because the maps with me pro app on the phone showed that Sidney was a shortcut over to where we were planning to get so we turned around and headed for Sidney. It was only another hour or so ride and by this time it was getting a bit late so I thought stuff it let's stay here tonight I will see if I can get a local boy's discount.

We got a hotel and spent the night there and had a nice chinese dinner in one of the local restaurants gotta love the american chinese food and Ev enjoyed it as well. The guy working there and paet owner was Indian so the concverstion quickly turned to cricket being in the backwoods of Nebraska I think he enjoyed talkign cricket as much as i did so we had a nice chat.

We had a decent night sleep and when we got up, again and all the other bikes and cars where gone out of the car park, so there was my bike looking all lonely and sad so it was time to get on her and get going.
We were heading up to Mount Rushmore right straight through Nebraska, it's certainly farm land up here field as far as you can see but still really pretty, rolling green hills not just flat. A few hours of riding and we stopped for petrol and a break and obviously we were getting into the territory of Sturgis, there was quite a few bikes on the road.

We stopped for a quick break for petrol and a drink but were soon back on the road for another few hours before stopping again, this time was time for something to eat. We stopped in this little town for subway to grab a bike to eat and realised we were riding along the Oregon Trail.

It's a nice little community again, we parked next to one of the nice cop cars they have over here, I'm not sure how good the bmw would go against one of these things, they're top speed must be pretty handy and I'm sure that get's tested out here on some of these straight country roads in the middle of nowhere.

Had a chat to a few of the locals they were really friendly again these small communities are really nice though everywhere in America we have been they've been really nice and friendly, the hospitality we've been shown everywhere we've been has been great.

Back on the road again heading directly north and I saw a turn off to Wounded Knee which is where one of the American Indian's massacres took place which was basicly the end of the American Indian wars. I thought that would be interesting to see so turned off the highway and headed down that road the sign pointed to. We rode for about 15 miles about 25 km or so I had no idea where it was there was no signs other than the one we saw on the highway so I thought I'd stop and ask. We saw a big casino obviously one of those casinos the Indians are allowed to have on their land now. We went in and asked how far to Wounded Knee. The girl said that she lives near it and it's over an hour away and I thought oh well it was totally in the opposite direction from the way we were actually heading so we gave it a miss I will come back to that another time.

We went back to the highway and headed north again and rode for another couple of hours and ended up in Hot Springs South Dakota at the southern end of the Black Hills National Park. We went and had a look around and found the Mammoth Museum but as we were still in our gear and the bike was still fully packed we thought we'd go find somewhere to sleep tonight and some back later and have a look.

Down the road we rode into the motel 6 it was a little bit expensive cause it's still in the holiday season and with Sturgis on up the road but it was going to be the cheapest one out of the hotels that are around here. We booked in unpacked the bike and had a rest for a little while then headed up to the Mammoth Museum.

This place was a classic it was only found in the 70s by a guy who was making a housing division and his bulldozers uncovered one of the reamins and he had the good sense to stop working immidately and have it investigated and this is what they found it really is incredible. I think Anderson was his name, google it. He ended up giving the land back to the local community at the price he paid for it and now they've created this.

They have a group of 30 odd students come in every year and uncover more and this is been going on for years. They work for 3 weeks and then it takes them the rest of the year to sort through what they have found and what it all means so you could come every year and see something different that they've uncovered. It makes you think how many of these things just got built over or distroyed as we developed away.

It reminded me of a story I heard on the news recently about in Peru I think it was the same thing was happening for a shopping mall but this time they didn't stop work and they bulldozed and distroyed some site thousands of years old and there was a big out cry about it, as there shoud be. We did a tour around the museum with a guide which was really interesting both Ev and I really enjoyed it, it was amazing. If you're coming past this way it's definitely worth a visit.

By this time it was 8.30 at night so we headed back to the hotel and met a really nice group of bikers from St Louis who offered us a drink so that was u for the next few hours. We hang around having a drink and I was talking to Ben one of the guys and telling him how hard it is to read the maps in the tank bag while I'm riding and it's funny how I twist aside and Ev look pat me to read the map while we're riding along. He said I've just got the thing for you and walked to his room and came back with a clear pair of glasses that had 90 percent normal lenses but on the bottom had a little section where you could read, they're cool they will come in handy. It was really nice of him he said he had two pairs but still always nice to receive a gift from a stranger and another of those cases just a small stuff that people along the way offering you help gifts or even simple advice that make your journey all that more interesting.

We said our goodbyes to Lee and Penny, Bob and Maura, Frank and Ben as they will be up well and surely before us heading back to St Louis.

Downtown Sidney Nebraska

Local movie theatre here in Sidney.

The country roads of Nebraska

Here's a road if I ever lose Ev I might come back and look for a replacement part.

Just a few shots from the Mamoth Museum Hot Springs South Dakota

Give the dog a bone.

The crew from St Louis.

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We got up headed over for some breakfast and hit the road towards Mount Rushmore. Along the way we came across the Crazy Horse Monument, it's a private thing and has been under construction for 65 years and it'll take them a million years with the amount of work they have to go. It's all privately funded so it's limited to how much work can actuallly be done. Fortunately for us about 10 minutes after we arrived they were blasting some of the rock so that was a bit of a sight so see. We were talking to a few guys around there was lots of bikers and no one sort of really knew how big the explosion was going to be but in the end everyone was quiet surprised by just how big it was.

There was so many bikers around we decided to give the museum a miss and hit the road towards Mount Rushmore entering the Black Hills National Park where we got to see our first buffalo. They were all over the road and in the fields they were everywhere well sort of, I'm sure notheing like they were in the old days. It must have been a sight to see herds five miles long and two miles wide trampling over the plains which they told us about back in Dodge City that it only took them 2 or 3 years to nearly wipe the whole lot of them out. I think it was Sheridan the General whose philosophy was if they got rid of the buffalo they'd get rid of the Indians at the same time.

We ended up outside Mount Rushmore but it was getting a little bit late in the afternoon so went down to check some of the campsites not far away and found one a little while later. We set up the tent the first time in a while and relaxed for the evening. The tent is great I don't know why we don't stay in it more it's probably got more to do with my laziness and after riding for the whole day the last thing I feel like doing is sticking up a tent, it's comfortable but it's obviously not as comfortable as a motel.
It was a nice day's riding today, I'd love to come here outside of the Sturgis week or holiday season cause the roads are great but the traffic is just bullshit, slow as.

Riding into Custer South Dakota.

Time for my breathing exercises

The Crazy Horse Monument South Dakota.

Eva snapping photos over my head while we were riding along, by the looks of things she's taking pictures of I'm getting the bear spray out tonight.

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We got up very early for us 7 am packed up and hit the road back up to Mount Rushmore. Mount Rushmore is pretty cool, we did the photo op thing and then hit the road north again. We were thinking of going to Sturgis and staying in one of the campsites up there but we weren't sure what the deal was but that's where we were heading anyway. We rode through Custer which was a small town but chocker block with bikes and obviuosly an off shute to Sturgis. We had heard Sturgis had got so big all the surrounding towns get real busy so we were expecting it. We had a little of a look around then headed for next stop Deadwood where Wild Bill Hickok met his end.

Wild Bill Hickok monument in Deadwood.

The main drag in Deadwood

Again if not probably more so, Deadwood was chockers with bikers, I'm over the crowds already. We got off and had a little walk around it's just madness people everywhere so we didn't stay long.

We rode up towards Sturgis it was basicly one continous line of bikes going the opposite way, thousands of them. I think Sturgis apparantly gets around 400 thousand bikers so it's understandible to see the surrounding towns so busy. We arrived in Sturgis and had a look around it just looked like one big shopping mall tents and marquees selling everything you can imagine so if you're into motorcycle market places I'm sure this is the place for you. Everyone was telling us about the naked women and all the good looking girls walking around but fair dinkum I don't think they know what good looking is around here. Even the bikini babes washing the bikes would have probably been 2's ok give them 5 just to be polite as im still in their country, but really put some clothes on tubby. It goes without saying im so slim and good looking they have to be 8 to get my attention. Maybe I've been spoilt running around Sweden Estonia Latvia and Lithuania in the last few months. Of course I wasn't looking too hard though because I have the beautiful Ev on my arm now, yeah whatever, oh shhh up Eva, oh my god she wants action again, now time to break up the bear spray. People say to me when is the end of your trip well im going to have to start answering when Ev gives me a heart attack. Thank god for bear spray.

Some of the bikes were pretty cool around here

And some of the bikers

Come on Eva the bike needs a clean if you wont do it someone has too

Meeting Terry from Penrith in Australia.

Just a small fraction of the bikes parked in town.

While we were hanging around in Sturgis met another nice Aussie couple from Penrith I'm pretty sure it was Terry and Pauline, we had a nice chat with them for a little while. They were part of a whole crew of Aussie's that had come over. We hang around for a while and decided Sturgis wasn't for us. I' m sure there's a lot of fun around here but even after the last couple of days around here and surrounding areas I'm over the crowds so we headed towards Devils Tower about an hour or so west. People have been telling us we should book ahead but everywhere we've gone the campsites were all but empty so either they've all left or they're not here and it was the case over at Devils Tower.

So we put the tent up and relaxed for a while and admired the Devils Tower. It really is incredible natural wonder, I'd much prefer to be sitting looking at this than sitting in a bar watching motorbikes go past, I hear you you tree hugging hippy. It was a really nice spot we camped at though.

We met a realy nice guy, he was on his way over to Washington to work. Mark worked for NOAH and was involved with mapping the ocean floor wwith the US goverment which sounded really interesting. He does a certain amount of time on the boat and then the next contract he gets is in an office. I'd imagine going from working on the open ocean on the Alaskan sea to a desk job in Washington would be a big addjustment. I'm sure it'd be nice to live in Washington it's certainly a younger person's city by the look of it with all the sports and games they played in the parks surrounding all the national monuments down there.

We went for a walk and went into the local trading post had a look around and I got chatting to a local named Jim working there and he gave me some good tips on the area and also on Mexico where he lives a few months of the year. Every night at this caravan park they play Close Encounters of the Third Kind which was great to watch in the shadows of the Devils Tower where it was filmed and to top it off there was an electical storm up high just to add to the occasion. Of course I told Eva it was a true story and of course she believed me, yes Sheldon yes Sheldon yes Sheldon she said.

Ev went back to the tent to relax and I hang out with Mark for a while trying to get a photo of the Devils Tower with the lightening flashing all around it with no luck. Eventually the rain came so we called it a night, he'd be gone in the morning so we said our goodbyes and I headed back to the tent to join Eva and give her my wounderful company whether she was asleep or not. I started to talk but got no response so I did what any caring partner would do I stroked her brow gently and gave her a kiss on the cheek and whispered in her ear goodnight, hang on it went more along the lines off, hey don't you try and bung on that you're asleep with me young lady and then a tickle and she was wide awake. Let the games begin, a little bit of hanky panky in the tent, ok she wishes ive got more style than that, im more your back seat kind of guy.

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Today we got up and we headed west and just rode for the day. Pretty non eventful day on the road just killing the k's heading towards Yellowstone. I'd got talking to another biker this morning from Montana and he was telling me which way to go up to 212 and across and then to Billings and then ride the Beartooth Pass. I'd told him I want to do the Little Bighorn Battlefield and he told me that it would fit in perfectly so that's the way we headed.

The riding was nice actually, for the first time in a few days there was hardly anyone on the road again, it's just the way I like it. It was quite a few hours riding we got to the Little Bighorn Battlefield and went straight in. We bought one of the yearly passes for 80 bucks I'm not sure if it's going to save us money in the end but it's certainly would have if we'd bought it a few weeks ago with the national parks where we've had to pay upwards of 10 dollars a hit but we still got 6 weeks and with Yellowstone, Glaciar and a number of other parks we want to visit on our way back south it should work out ok if not just break even, at least we don't have to line up anymore which at a few of them like Black Hills was about a 15 minute wait.

We listened to the ranger talk which was really informative but as we started walking up to the last stand monument the storm that had been threatening was starting to close in so we we thought let's just go and have a look for somewhere to camp or get out of the rain at least and come back up. We left the park and went down and rode around for a while, this is the Crow Indian reservation so there wasn't much here, there was one hotel but I wouldn't put Eva in that, it was a pretty dingy looking place an mean dingy. We went and grabbed something to eat and waited for the storm to clear and headed back up to the battlefield.

It really is interesting it's definitely worth a visit and im glad I made a point of coming here, sadly for the Native American way of life this battle even though they won was pretty much the end of it because not long after they had the massacre of Wounded Knee and that was the end of the Indian resistance and pretty much they all moved on to reservations after that.

One of the most interesting things yesterday we'd met couple camping over at Devils Tower who had mentioned one of her relatives had fought at Little Bighorn, Bloody Knife was a scout for Custer and was killed there and was a big part of the ranger's story and had his name on the monument at Last Stand as well as where he fell with Reno a few miles away from the main Last Stand site which obviously means he was held in some kind of high regard because the only other name that had a gravestone was Custer's and a few of the other leaders of the men with the rest just being US soldier of the 7th cavalry fell here june 25 1886 or unknown soldier of the 7th Cavalry.

We spent about an hour and a half at Little Bighorn then hit the road towards Billings. It was getting late in the afternoon we just needed somewhere to rest now and it had been raining and it looked like there was more rain coming so I wasn't interested in looking for a campsite this time. We just checked in to motel 6 and relaxed for a little while. Went over for dinner and grabbed some maccers which was my first McDonalds for actually quite a while I can't even remeber the last time I had maccers, I'm slipping. Headed back to the hotel and crashed for the night.
Was another good day I really enjoyed the Little Big Horn and Custer's last stand battlesite or as the Indian's knew it the Battle of the Greasy Grass.

Stopped for petrol and some lunch and met this older guy on this classic Harley as good as any I had seen around here.

Another sign you don't see everyday.

I was surprised to see a marker for Custer as I had always believed through my reading on the Battle of the Littlr Big Horn that the Indian's had stripped and dismembered all the bodies and on one of the other information boards it said they had found skulls elsewhere so sought of confirmed my thoughts but who am I to argue with the people writing for the National Park not to mention it looks better when you have a marker to signify where Custer fell.

The site of Custer's Last Stand.

The Indian side of this battle has only been recognized since 1999 and a monument was but in 2003 to symbolize that which is quite amazing really.

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We left mid morning and headed out of town but when we saw a Walmart and needing a new computer or at least something to blog with, blogging with the galaxy it's absolutely non event, it's just painful. We still have the other computer we bought a couple of weeks ago, Eva must of broken it surely it couldn't of had anything to do with me smashing the freaking thing on the desk cause it wouldn't do what it's told. yes that's right it's all Eva's fault. If only she'd given me that massage I wouldn't have even been sitting at the computer.

Anyway, something isn't right with it, it's just the hard drive whatever it is, I will get that fixed along the line but at the moment riding so many days in a row it makes it hard to stop and put it in to get fixed. I just put it down to like getting a speeding ticket, just something you gotta pay. The good news here in Montana they don't have any tax on stuff like that so we were able to pick up a cheap computer for 200 bucks I know that's a bit stupid, now we've got 2 computers but I'll give one of them away eventually maybe in South America or then again me and Ev can just skype each other and chat on facebook and join the new age revolution of everyone sitting in a pub all on their smart phones.

Today we were heading for Yellowstone riding the Beartooth Pass. It's only a few hours ride but it was always going to take a while with stopping and enjoying the views. The road itself starts off pretty flat but then once you start going up into the hills it's fantastic. I was lucky to get gaps in the traffic again so I was able to get stuck into it a little bit and enjoy the ride. As we got to the top the weather closed in, we got a little bit of rain but again the main storm seemed a few km away from us so we just got the side of it. We just certainly keep riding our luck with the weather. We got close to the Yellowstone National Park, by this time it was about 4pm and it was a bit cold and I needed fuel so we decided to stopped in Cooke City just outside of the park. We wanted to camp and put the tent up but all the campsites around here had no tents allowed because apparently last year someone got eaten by a grizzly from inside their tent so they've just canned it all which sucks, it's sort of like if someone gets attacked by a shark at the beach you don't stop people from swimming there forever but I guess maybe they're having a few more grizzlies around here who knows. There was apparently a bear across the road eating berries outside earlier this evening.

We ended up just grabbing a hotel, we were lucky enough again to get the last room which was good and by chance there was a group of about 17 aussies who had come over from Camberra and ride Harley's and go to Sturgis and now were riding down to Colorado. A lot of them I didn't see cause they had already gone to bed a 8ish I'm pretty sure it must be hard work riding everyday like they have for 3 weeks when you're not used to it, even I feel run down a little bit but I've been on the bike for a fair while now so it's probably not as exhausting for me as it is for them although sometimes I'm not so sure. I do need a bit of a break soon but with only just under 8 weeks to go on my American visa I have to keep pushing on for a little while yet I can find some nice beach in Mexico to sun myself on.

As much as I don't like making too many plans we've decided that we're going to ride up to Skagway in Alaska which is only a couple of thousand miles away, about 3200km so not that far really and then get the ferry back down to Vancouver which by all reports is really nice. It'll be good to compare that region of Alaska with the fjordal region of Norway, not to mention typing this just reminds me of how lucky I am to be doing what I am and seeing these amazing sights in some of the most beauiful parts of the world.

I've just been downstairs to rebook us in for another night, I've decided I'm having a day off to catch up on uploading the blogs, photos and relax.

The flat section heading up into the Beartooth Pass.

In the middle of nowhere in a small town I cam across a set of Rugby goal posts now that was out of place.

And now up into the hills.

And then it was down the other side, some fantastic riding.

We head into Yellowstone tomorrow not exactly sure where we are going to stay but heading towards Old Faithful Geyser, we will see how good our luck is, it goes off ever hour and a half apparently lets just give us 5 minutes to get off the bike walk over and sit down please you old geyser. Time will tell.

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The day off yesterday was great, we really needed it, we were both tired. We basicaly did nothing but relaxed all day. So we got up this morning fresh and ready to go. We packed the bike up, had a chat to the other crew that were around downstairs and hit the road into Yellowstone National Park.

The entry fee to the park was going to be 20 bucks so the anual access pass to the national parks that we bought the other day for 80 bucks will pay its way im sure. We talked to the ranger at the gate and asked about camping and he told us to go straight to the campsite and find something now but that was right up in the north east corner of the park, a long way away from where we wanted to be so we didn't take his advice, we just rode to where we wanted to go which was over near the west entrance right across the other side of park. We passed a few campsites on the way and could have got one but we just kept going. The riding was pretty nice too, slow but really scenic in the north east of the park, it really is beautiful up here.

We got to Canyon Camp and ok it's got a full sign on the campsite so that's not going to happen there so we kept going and 40 minutes later we get to where we wanted too, Norris. We pulled into the Norris campsite and it's got a full sign on as well, oh well here we go, we could be in trouble here, but we went in anyway cause it's where we wanted to be. We rode around for a little while in the campsite looking but there was no sites at all. We stopped and talked to one of the guys in there and he gave us a tip that all the campsites in the park leave a couple of sites for the hikers and the bicycle riders and that they were still free. He said that he had stayed there last night with no problems and got up early and got a regular site. We walked over and had a look and they were cool, that would do us. If any hikers or bicycle riders turn up we will just have to live on each other's doorstep for the night.

As we're walking over to pay a caravan came out so I asked them if they were checking out and they were so they gave us the number of where they've just come from so up we went and grabbed the bike, rode up to the campsite and we're in. That's good, all legal and all an no chance of a fine from ol ranger Rick and if any hikers or bicycles turn up we weren't taking their spots. Apparantly they leave those spots purpously because a lot of people hike or ride bicycles through the park and can't get there as early as people in cars. It's pretty good value 20 bucks a night, I expected a bit more than that. So we were in and set in Yellostone National Park.

We put the tent up and unpacked and relaxing and we saw another couple driving around looking for somewhere to stay too. We got on a bike to go for a ride and they were down near the entrance talking to the ranger who was probably giving them the same information he gave us pretty much you're out of luck. I pulled over next to them and told them if they want to share out campsite they're more than welcome to. We both talked to the ranger and he said it would be ok so Mike and Lianne decided to use the spot that we offered so everyone was happy. We left and went for a ride on our way down to Old Faithful.

We stopped off at quite a few little stops on the way, it's interesting. There's a lot of traffic, just so many people around. I blew past a few of them and when I got an open road I slowed up a bit and just enjoyed the ride, there's just something different about riding or driving when you have nothing in front of you, you can sort of relax a little bit more, I'm guessing everyone is the same when it comes to that kind of thing, I hate sitting in traffic.

We got to Old Faithful and my timing was off cause as we were pulling in the old geyser was going off so my predition of being 5 minutes to walk over and sit down yesterday was out, it's all Eva's fault damn her I wanna coffee ha ha anyway, no dramas, we certainly had plenty of things to do around there to kill 90 minutes. We got something to eat, walk through the education center, walked over to the geyser. We met a nice couple, the girl from London, the guy from Canada so I had a nice chat with them for a while. Another family next to us on our right, an American bloke with his Philipino wife and kids, he joined in our conversation so we were chatting away and I mentioned that it's due for an erruption old Yellowstone cause it's 60 thousand years overdue of whatever it is and the older bloke said oh I don't believe in that I'm a creationist, the Earth was only formed 6 000 years ago. I felt like saying fuck off mate but being the polite gentelman that I am I just chuckled under my breath and looked at Ev and just gave her the raised eyebrow look, and this bloke is a teacher really how do they let people like that in any school seriously, I hope there's no creationists reading my blog out there but everyone to their own I suppose but come on give it a break 6000 years and we just magically appeared, it'd be like me waking up tomorrow and looking like Brat Pitt hang on I already do shhh up Ev. Oh my god Ev's reading my blog over my shoulder now, get the bear spray out back back girl back, see how unrealistic it is.

Anyway, Old Faithful was pretty amazing. It went up pretty high but all the old crew that were there, they've said they've been here 20 30 years ago said it wasn't as big as they remebered it. My argument to one crew was see everyone comes with their parents and when you're a kid these things always look bigger but now when they've brought their kids it's not as big as they remember, pretty normal really.

We left Old Faithful and as the rain started which was cool it wasn't hard rain so we just kept going. We've decided we're gona go the full loop which was going to take us a fair few hours. They haven't got many animals here unless you're into bison buffalo whatever they want to call them. I saw a sign later that 80 percent of the elk population in Yellowsone had gone where the hell they've gone to I don't know, that's what the sign said, I'll have to google it, maybe they wondered across the borders of the park and get caught in the cross fire of all the hunters sitting on the other side of the imaginary line of where they're protected and as soon as they take one step out of that booom they're on someone's wall.

We saw some really nice sites, the Mud Volcano, The Dragon's Mouth, The Grand Falls, The Yellowstone Grand Canyon, there really is some beautiful sites around here in this area. Probably my pick of the lot would be the Upper Falls of the Yellowstones Grand Canyon and Inspiration Point, they were really impressive and definitely worth a look when you come into the park. As we're walking out of the Inspiration Point a guy stopped in his car and said is it worth going and having a look and as I was trailing behind Ev it remined me of that old lady in New Zealand so I straight away came up with No, nothing spectacular, then just cracked up laughing to myself and then just said No mate, it's beautiful, amazing well worth a look.

We jumped back on the bike and rode again, it was getting late in the afternoon by now, about 7pm, we've been riding all day so I was getting pretty tired. The animals were starting making appearance later in the day and we saw a lot of bisons and a few elks and at one point the buffalo were just all over the road which was cool. We rode past a couple and you could have run your hand down their back or at the very least give them a slap on the ass and shout giddy up boy but they really are a law under themselved those things. At one point there was a cop car on the road, lights are flashing, sirens are blaring and these buffalos didn't give a rat's ass, they weren't going anywhere. In the end the cop just gave up and drove off and I went past them without any problem.

We stopped for dinner at Canyon Camp, had a nice chat with an older couple on a harley riding around, they've probably did pretty much what we've done today, the full loop around the park so we shared our experiences of the day for a little while and we jumped back on our bikes and hit the road. We got back in the campsite and had a chat to Mike and Lianne and then we went for a walk down to the creek which was down on the bottom of the campsite.

On the way back up as it got dark we bumped into another bloke Marty chatting about motorbikes, it was great, he'd ridien to South America so got some great tips on getting the bike from Equador to Florida, we'll work that out but, that's not till next year that trip, it was still great to get information on different areas and his experiences of them. We chatted for quite a while and we were joined by a local Montana resident but from Russia originally so we all had a nice chat. We said our goodbyes all shook hands, I actually shook the Ruskie guys hand and shook Marty's hand and the local Rusky went to shake my hand again and I noticed I left him hanging there, you know you do that sometimes, I turned to Marty just as he put his hand out again, I'm pretty sure I shook his hand out in the first place, he probably thinks that Australians are rude now, everyone was shaking hands back and forwards I was so tired maybe I just was rude, I don't know, I'm pretty sure I shook his hand at least once, maybe then again I was shaking Eva's hand.

Headed back up to the camp, Mike and Lianne had left a note on the bike cause they were getting ready to head for bed saying thank you for letting them camp so it was nice to catch up with them before they crashed. Me and Ev hit the sack I used a bit of bear spray on her to give me some peace and quiet so I could blog.

The road in from the north east entrance after riding the beartooth pass the other day was really nice.

Getting my ugly mug in a photo as Old faithful dies down.

They should call this geyser ol burning eyes

The view from Inspiration Point here in Yellowstone.

The Upper Falls in the Yellowstone Grand Canyon

Looking back to the Norris campsite on our walk in the late afternoon.

Just some of the many nice views overlooking the grasslands here in Yellowstone.

Just bubbling away behind me just your regular live volcano

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We decided since we rode most of the park yesterday and it's getting later in the season that we were going to get out of here today so we packed up and hit the road. It was actually 1pm by the time we left, we had a massive sleep in, we were both exhausted. Eva didn't sleep well cause it was bloody freezing last night and I must admit it was cold although I was still only in a t-shirt on so for me it wasn't that bad but the poor sweet little angel with two pairs of socks on her gloves and all the warm gear and still shivering away beside me. If I wasn't locked away in my cocoon of a sleeping bag I'd warm her up but rolld over and went back to snoring my head off without a care in the world.

The ride out of the park was about 30 miles. We stopped at the Mammoth Hot Springs and had a coffee and something to eat. Had a chat with a couple of other bikers, got back on the road north, finally, we will get there eventually. We were going to stop at Bozemen but when I saw Logan, was one of the next town, I started thinking about the little Loges back at home so I thought I'd go and stay there. We got there and there was nothing, no hotels, no nothing so we just kept going to the next town which was Three Forks so we pulled in, checked out a few hotels in the township, they were really expensive actually. You're talking a smallish town, and I mean small, the main street wouldn't have been 150 metres long but one hotel wanted about 120 bucks and the other hotel wanted 160 dollars plus tax, you're friggin joking, they'd want to leave a little gold nuggets in your room for that price, you're seriously talking rural Montata but I guess if they get away with it they can charge you that but not this little black duck, I'll go and camp before I pay that much in a rural town.

We started heading back out of town, got on the highway and I saw another hotel so I thought I'm going to check this one and if it's not, there's a campsite not far up the road according to the sign, ok this one is reasonably priced, 60 odd bucks, it looks like there's a pretty good storm browing out there, it will be nice to have a bit of comfort, I wonder if the bear spray will set the fire alarm off. I came up with a new invention this afternoon sitting on my phone on facebook and instead of having a camera in the back of the phone when someone says get of facebook you can just hit the button in the side of the phone and it gives then a little bit of a hit of a bear spray, that should give you some peace and quiet for a while.
It was a nice short visit in Yellowstone but it is really busy and pretty much the restrictions they put on you there with all the atractions that you're not even allowed to leave the wooden pathway that they've created made the general tourism part of it all a bit ho hum. I'm sure if you went hiking and got lost in the hills it might be ok but I'm not going hiking, I'll leave that to the hippies, I want to ride my bike.

We saw lots of bison a few elk but not much else, I asked ranger rick where is the best place to see the bears and he said they move them to the higher elevations in the summer so they dont hassle the people, I guess its better than them harrassing some human then having to be put down for it which would be the case. The other thing I asked him about was where were all the birds, there defiantly seemed to be a lack of them maybe its the gases in the air I dont know he couldnt shed any light on it, im guessing it was something he hadnt thought about or not noticed with the way he repsonded with a yeah im not sure. Im no bird lover but I only saw a few little birds, one duck yeah thats right one lonely duck and an opsrey way down in a nest in one of the valleys so its hardly bird watchers paradise. It is a live volcanic area so im sure that has alot to do with it not to mention drop down for a little drink in one of the ponds and get scalded to death.

We walked over to the local bakery for dinner tonight and no joke ive seen some fatties going at the food in my time but saw two women in this restaurant going hell for leather no joke. Look im no slim pickens either bit seriously these woman were huge and had about 3 orders of meals each, ive seen this sort of thing on tv but this was the first time id seen it in the flesh the napkins tucked into their tops so spillage wasnt an issue and away they went. I was just sitting there in amazement watching them go from basket of food to basket of food sandwich to sandwich hoofing it down only stopping to wipe their chin with the napkin, it ws friggin disgusting but mesmerizing at the same time. I sat there watching them thinking how do they do it iv jsut had a ham and chees sandwich and a coke and im full they have 4 each with soups etc and as im watchign the waitress brings out another basket with another full sandwhich in it, I wanted to stay and watch but I was starting to feel ill watching it so we left, what was going through my mind wasnt just where do they put it but how do they pay for it, it was like the scene out of Monty Python the Meaning of Life wasnt hanging around for the chucking episode and them exploding in rural Montana ahahahah

Didn't get to Belgrade on my euro trip thought about it but nahhh not today.

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We just had a pretty non eventful day today other than the beautiful scenery of northern Montana, we covered 500 km on what was a nice day to ride, a ride I expected to take only 4 hours ended up taking all day and we were both exhausted by the time we arrived in West Glaciar at the start of the Going to the Sun Road. The riding today was on pretty good roads through a lot of fields, hills and some very scenic creeks and rivers.
We arrived at Glaciar NP and went into the park to see if we can get some camping but the ranger at the gate said that everything was full. Not to worry, we turned around and just went back, there was a heap of hotels and camping areas right at the entrance, Ev was exhausted as much as I was today so we thought stuff it let's just go to a hotel so that's exactly what we did. We found a hotel that looked a bit more down scale than others backing on that it would be cheaper and it was a little bit but by this time I didnt really care what they were charging. If they had a room we was getting it.

We checked in, pulled up at the room, walked in both of us laid down and pretty much within 10 minutes we were both out like a light. I guess it had something to do with the heat maybe, it was nearly 30 degrees or 90 whatever you want to call it in the states so it was warmish. All in all a nice day. Tomorrow we head into the Glaciar National Park to go and ride the Going to the Sun Road and the Logan Pass, I'm sure I'll be thinking of the little kid at home as I ride over that pass, my little Logie bear.

One of the historical markers along the way in Montana

The little creeks and rivers were everywhere

Stopped to have a chat to another biker who took the time to point out some of the better rides to ride along the way. While we were stopped chatting to him another couple Mat and Joni turned up to have a chat as well.

This is the view we had all stopped to admire

And then we were there

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We got up fairly early checkout time was 10:30 which is better thn midday as it just makes you get up and get moving, I like to lie in bed and relax so if I dont have to move im not going to. All packed up and ready to go and I look at the map finally and realise once we do the 50 miles through Glacier Np its not far to the Canadian border. So I start thinking about my insurance which I still havent got around to getting it, its something ive taken the time to get nearly as soon as I come into a country everywhere but for some reason this time ive been a bit slack , ok today's the day there is an office back a few miles down the road so I gave them a ring they said they can knock me up a policy in 15 minutes so that is the first move today....backwards. We jumped on the bike and headed off. Eva had looked how far it was and I thought she had said 13 miles which I thought wasnt to bad but it ended up being 30 miles again one of them Polish its further than it actually is things, I guess I'll have to remind myself if Ev ever says a distance its way further than she actually says.

Oh well on the road 30 miles south it took a bit of time as we had to go through a few smaller towns where the speed limit was 25 mph so it took longer than I hope. The agency Ev had logged into the phone was still a fair ay to go when I saw one of the others I had noticed the name of so I swung off the road and in I went, It saved me some time looking for the other one and about 4 miles so all good.

The knocked me up a policy it is for a year but you can choose a quartly payment method so the you just dont renew it and it ends up costing you the 90 bucks which is ok. So im insured and if they ask for any at the border when I leave or come bck in im set.

Back on the bike we go, riding along and end up back in West Glacier and ooops sirens a blaring and the cops are pulling me over, Ok I thought I was doing just over the speed limit which I was but 67 was ok if i was in the 65 zone unfortunatly I was in a 45 zone, oooops. Oh well no big deal lets see what happnes here. Everyone had told me about the state troopers and that they dont take any crap and just fine you. Well turns out Eric is one of the nicer state troopers and when he realised I actually didnt see the sign or him sitting by the side of the road and that I was so far from home he was all cool. I mentioned the story of Bratislav the Serbian cop that wouldnt let me leave Serbia till I had drunk beer with them so maybe Eric thought well we cant have a Serbian officer making him look like a bad guy.

He had to run my plates through the system and he came back over and says well your plates dont come up on our computers, well thats great to know the system doesnt know how to compute my bike, that certainly takes a lot of pressure off knowing that if I do get pulled over again im not goign to be hit with any speed camera fines or anything else. So basically me and my bike are nobodies riding around America.

Eric turned out to be a really nice guy and let us go on our way I guess if im not coming up on any sytem what the hell ticket does he give me that I have to pay. It actually was the first time in a lon time I hadnt seen the police car sitting on the side or the road, when I do speed I usually choose to and not very often make a mistake like I did today, it probaly just had more to do with looking at the beatiful scenery.

Back into West Glacier we dicide to stop and get somethign to eat beofre hitting the park as we werent sure how far it was to food and they do say it takes 3 hours to ride that 50 miles. We were munching on our food and met and Kathy and Tony from California and had a really nice chat with them for about 15 minutes about where to ride in cali etc.

Tony and Kathy from California.

We jump back on the bike and hit the road into the park and not far into it we hit some roadworks which they had told us about. Pull up along side an another iker Richard who had an advrider sticker on hs bike, He had ridden up from Iowa I think it was about 1300 miles away and had been up here a few tmes before and enjoyed it, so was back for another weeks riding around here. We were held up for quite awhile but evetually we got the go ahead so said our goodbyes to Richard and away we went.

Richard riding in front of us before we stopped for a chat.

Richard a fellow advrider devotee

And then it was off into the hills and towards the Logan Pass.

Stopping off for a few photo ops along the way.

What are you skipping around for like you don't have a care in the world Eva anyone would think your having fun.

Oh its a hard life this travelling the world on a motorbike I wonder if there is anything to see round here, probably not.

Can you see the little beast in the background

This little billygoat gruff would be hard to spot in the snow I'm sure

The road was spectacular but it was really busy and slow going not ideal riding thats for sure but the scenary certainly made up for that. We got up to Logan Pass and had a walk around for awhile and then jumped back on the bike and headed to the north and out of the park. The second haf was definately a bit quicker than the first half but still fairly slow going.

We got to the exit of the park I was a litte tired by now and saw a camp ground but thought nah we will push on just a little bit further and see what is out side the park. We left the park and I looked at the map and saw that the border was about 40 miles up the road so thought maybe we should just get through the border today then relax and ride tomorrow, so off we go again after getting some fuel and hit the border.

We we arrive at the border and there is no US post there only for the entry and it says stop at the Canadian side so ok thats one border control taken care of. I was waiting for the Canadian border guy to ask about insurance bike papers etc and he just looks at the passports and says are you carrying alchohol guns or ciggarettes and no no no and ok welcome to Canada. Well that went down well, I was expecting anything but not as easy as that.

We headed off into Canada and rode for awhile, the border guard had told us Calgary was 3 hours away and at the time I said well I wont be making that today but after a stop for a drink and some food I thought bugger it lets push on to there. The riding was straight boring like riding thought the plains of Kansas but we were sitting behind a car that was doing 140kmh in a 100 zome so we were making pretty good time.

In the end we arrived in Calgary and were going to stop there it looked like a nice city but I said to Ev its just another city do you want to push on to Bamff its only 130 k's further away and everyone we have met has told us we have to go there, so thats what we did fueled up again and hit the road to Bamff.

Once you get to the foothills of the mountain range its just amazing and even though it was getting late in the afternoon by now the scenery was amazing.

We Eventually arrived in Bamff not having any idea where we were going to camp or stay and it was 8:30 pm so we went down the river to relax for a minute and there standing in front of and walking off into the river is a big Elk. Welcome to Bamff.

We decided after a short ciggie elk watch break to just go back into town find a maccas and grab a hotel so jumped back on the bike and went got on the internet and found a decent hotel for 100 odd bucks. We were lucky in the end they over booked so we got a full apartment for the same price, it would of been great if we were staying a few days but we will be out of here in the morning, we still havent decide totally on Skagway or cutting across the trans canada hwy, skagway is a long way to go, a few thousand k's it will take time to get up there and back and would only leave us a month to do and see what we want to in Amercia after we get back to Vancouver.

We crashed out in a really comfortable bed which was really needed I was sore as shit my back was killing me my neck was sore but we had covered heaps of k's. So in the end, what a full day with lots of great sights and people yet again, to everyone that says state troppers arent nice guys, well Ive met one of them today Eric was great not once did i get anything but a friendly vibe from him and everything worked out ok. Ive met and had the pleasure to come acriss alot of police in my travels and all of them have been really freiendly and really welcoming. I didnt evwn have to use my old excuse when the cops asks, why were you going so fast and I answer"mate 2 weeks ago my wife ran off with a copper and when i saw the flashing lights and heard the siren I sped up because i thought you were bringing the bitch back". Thats worked a few times for me and always gets a laugh off the boys.

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I would of liked to stay here in Banff for a little while but the road north was beckoning. We tossed a coin this morning and it was tails we turn left at Jasper instead of continuing north to Skagway. We still had a few thousand k's to go and with the ferry ride and still wanting to ride the Sea to the Sky Hwy we would have had less than a month to ride to Mexico and get out of the states and see everything we want to see so I'm sort of glad we got tails. We have been riding heaps lately and it will give me a reason to come back to this art of the world now not to mention give us an extra few weeks riding down the California coast.

So the ride up the Iceland parkway didn't start to well we rode out of town and acoyote ran out in front of us and then a minute later a black bear an we missed them both wit the camera so I was sort of angry about that and was hoping another opportunity would come up in my travels but with wild animals you just never know.

From then on well for the next few minutes of me cussing and swearing the ride was absolutely amazing ill just upload a few of the photos from todays ride and you will understand what sort of day we had.

The main drag of Banff.

Our first stop on the Icefield Parkway

Oh the things I put myself through

I'm sure this is a nice little train ride through Banff NP

We turned off to go have a look at Lake Moraine and I am glad we did as it just so happened we did get to see another bear this time a few grizzlys

Lake Moraine Banff NP

After a nice stop and a chat to friendly fellow biker from Edmonton it was back on the bike and on over to Lake Louise

Then we stumbled along on this little chap sitting there eating his berries

Look out he is charging us get the gun out.... ooops no gun the bear spray oooops no bear spray the Swiss army knife oh bugger it that's in the pannier ok ill just trip Eva and run if he comes any closer, she's pretty tasty. As they say in Africa your only in s much danger as the slowest runner and by looking around at some oft he people that had gathered I was sweet, but not to sweet of course.

Back on the bike the scenery around here is simply amazing.

Everywhere you look its amazing front back and centre, Ev checking it all out.

Dead end ahead

The Icefield Hwy not a bad scenic little ride, I have to say I've been to some amazing laces and seen some beautiful sites but this stuff around here is pure artwork its like some one has painted the mountains in the background it really is absolutely amazing.

We camped in Jasper Ev was a little hesitant after seeing so many wild animals today and with the signs everywhere about bears but we were lucky the hotels in Jasper are ridiculously expensive and the cheapest we could find was 250 bucks, no thanks ill sleep in the park for that here. In the end we got the last campsite available in Japser and it only cost us 27 bucks a much better deal, in saying that I was hoping for a bed myself tonight its been a long few days riding and I'm feeling it, but oh well harden up princess.

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I wouldn't of cared if this was the only camp site in town we arent going to be staying there young Eva so get that right out of your head lol

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Great photos and storys as always,like your sence of humour.
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Seattle to ??
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Agree with you about Calgary although you blew by a complete Lancaster Bomber in Nanton south of there.

In Canada, if the hotels are too expensive, check out B&B on the side streets. In Jasper they were about 75 bucks.

Shame about Skagway but yes it is a long haul from Jasper to Whitehorse and the scenery is not that great.

Enjoy the Sea to Sky highway, consider crossing to Victoria then again to Port Angeles before riding down the Pacific coast to LA.

At the Mexican border be DAMM sure to get your passport stamped on entry. No one will offer you the service, you have to seek out the office. For Sonora (For example) though, you do not import your bike into Mexico until you leave the state. Other states may be different.

Be careful with this, some people have had to back track a 1000 miles from La Paz in the Baja because of no stamp in their passport.


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