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Old 05-08-2013, 09:42 PM   #886
av_mech OP
Risk Taker
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Time to back it up. Waaaay up. We are gonna go back about 7 months. Wow! Has it really been that long since I've lost touch with the adv world and all of you? I guess it has. Lots has changed in my life and all for the good.

Things were on a down hill slide at work. It was simply time for me to move on. Not that I didn't love what I did. It was just typical corporate America 2012. No raise in two years. Benefits cost tripled. Passed over for promotion. A peer that I had personal conflict with became my immediate supervisor. A bigger boss I didn't respect. Think it was high time I moved on? Yeah, me too.

So I had this idea for a business. Actually courtesy of my brother showing me a totally rad store in Redmond on a past moto adventure. Boise didn't have a used outdoor gear shop. And I was gonna be the guy to do it. And do it I have.

This is about the time I stopped riding and writing. Probably September-ish. Don't let anyone tell you starting a business is easy! Lots of learning and lots of work. I don't have a degree in marketing or business. But, I have managed to get this thing off the ground and my expectations have truly been exceeded. Backcounty Pursuit is kicking ass!

Here's a few pics of what I have created.

I hate saying it this way, but it's the easiest way to describe it. We are a "used REI." Everything you will find in that type of store, you will find at Backcountry Pursuit. Only used and at way better prices. All top name brand. All great condition. This place is a blast to run.

And in this creation I had to pull on a little free family labor. You all remember my little brother Trevor right? He's Petrolburner on here. I had him come over in the end of October to help with all the final prep work for Grand Opening. Building racks, acquiring gear, cleaning, organizing, and putting all the great gear out on the floor.

Of course, he brought his moto. And of course we took a day off in the heat of battle to go ride.

Out of the city leaving all the stresses of a Grand Opening behind. It was a beautiful late October day. The air was crisp and spirits were high. The amazing thing about a moto. MOST of the time it clears your head. I can think of a few instances where being stuck in my helmet only gave me time to dwell instead of enjoy. But today was enjoy.

Out past the reservoirs to the mouth of the Middle Fork of the Boise.

Trevor and I took advantage of a low reservoir and open beach.

Fall is in the air and the trees begin their slumber.

We got to the end of Rattlesnake Canyon and I stopped to see what the possible plan might be. Trevor comes zipping by me and the single track moto sign, across the creek, up the far bank, and out of sight.

Well, I hadn't planned on doing single track today, but fuck it. Here we go!

I caught Trevor and told him if we were gonna do this, I had to lead. I had to be the one to call it off if I didn't think I get back up something or there got to be too much snow. It had snowed up high already.

Fall number 1 of the day. Hill climb. I got the bike upright, backed down the hill, and gave it a second run. Made it!

Trevor says, "I didn't think you were gonna try that again! I was getting ready to turn around!"

Me says, "Who you think you're talking to? A wussy BMW guy?"

Ok, I didn't make the crack about the BMW guys.

Look ma! No kickstand!

Yep. It snowed.

Yep. I fell down.

Yep. That's a big bike to get horsed back on the trail after the front tire goes off.

We got to the ridge and that was as far as the bikes were going. We wanted to get higher so we climbed a few hundred vertical feet to get the view. We sat and talked as brothers up there for awhile before it was time to go.

Time to go back down.

One of the gullly washes that was a challenge on the big bike.

Dontcha just wish you lived in Idaho?

So we are 100 yards from the end of 12 miles of technical single track (for big bikes anyways), and Trevor does this number.

And I couldn't put my kickstand down, so I did this. "Is that any way to treat your toys?!" Mom was always saying that to us. Maybe we don't learn so good.

That's a thumbs down in one hand and a busted shifter in the other. F-in thing broke off Trev's bike in that little fall down go boom. And it wasn't just the lever. The spline coming out of the crankcase broke. Uh oh.

 photo P1060368.jpg

 photo P1060370.jpg

"Ok, get me some metalset, a rock, and a screwdriver!"

I believe this fix is still holding to this day. Trevor correct me if I'm wrong, but did you ride the length of Baja on this field fix?

On to Prairie to get some food.

The next one is my favorite artistic picture of the trip.

Pub style dinner at a country roadside stop off the sparsely populated gravel road. They stayed open late for us. And then it was time to hit the road. We were still on the gravel and had a treacherous canyon to cross in the dark. But at least it was a full moon.

Home safe and sound after a great ride and much needed break from the madness. Only 4 days to Grand Opening.

So this is really where I fell off the riding. Early November til now. Running the biz and cradling that baby and encouraging it to grow. But rest assured I neither sitting on my ass nor working it off!

Life is a delicate balance of prioritizing. What's really important in life? Work? Play? Family and friends? It all is. But, find a balance that makes everything hunky dory. Obviously this new company is a priority. And I do work my ass off. When it's time to work. And when it's time to play, it's time to play!

I was lucky to have a couple of good friends that I actually know from the Adv community in Boise come to work for me. They wanted more hours and I needed time off. Solution? Open up seven days a week and have them work Sunday and Monday by themselves so I could go play! Open for business and I get sanity days? Sounds good to me!

How would I occupy my time in winter? Skiing. And lots of it. Since I now owned a company called Backcountry Pursuit, I'd better get in the backcountry! I took a refresher avalanche safety course and got out on the skins.

The first weekend out was great! Anthony Lakes, Oregon. Learned lots, met new friends, and skied a little. I met some people from the class on Friday night and we snow camped. Had a good fire and woke up to -5 degrees! Yipes! I was actually toasty in my down, but eventually the time came to get out. Time to move!

A few choice photos from the first weekend in the backcountry.

A snowy lunch break.


After Christmas was a trip to Peak 9220 off of highway 21 near Stanley. Best turns all year!

 photo P1060563.jpg

 photo P1060567.jpg

This is what I look like after ripping telemark turns in the backcountry all day. Happy me!

Several more trips into the backcountry. Just like being on a moto, there's something very peaceful about being alone in the wilderness with very few people near. Winter has it's own beauty, feels, smells, and experiences.

Like playing in a snowpit looking at snow stability.

And rocking beautiful tele turns that make alpine guys jealous because aren't cool enough to tele ski.

And then there's the close encounters with trees. Whew! That WAS close!

In early February it was time to get out for a ride. I think you'll remember this pic.

Not much to this ride other than it was cold, icy, and we didn't get into anything pretty. I did figure out that Hobbes doesn't like ice though!

Now we are starting to get caught up. We are up to the point where Hobbes went into the vet. But, I'm gonna hold off on that outcome and finish off winter.

Enter Tamera. Tamera is amazing. We went out on a date in the end of February and it's been on like Donky Kong since that first date.

She's got a great head on her shoulders, ambitious, intelligent, healthy, fit, successful, adventurous, and last but not least, beautiful. We click. For once I'm worried I won't be able to keep up with a girlfriend instead of the other way around.

And she's a fabulous writer. It's one of the things we've connected on. She's an endurance horse racer and keeps a blog about her racing, training, fitness, and personal musings. She's read this entire babbling string of adventures I've manged to put together and she was actually impressed! And she's also hooked on adventure riding. But, we'll get to that.

First, I taught her how to ski. We had only been seeing each other two weeks and I got the bright idea to teach her how to ski. Do you know what the internet has to say about how to teach someone to ski? Don't do it! Especially your girlfriend! Well, fuck that. This is gonna be fun!

She blew me away. Three runs total down the bunny hill and she was already doing linked skidding turns. Let's go higher I say!

She is amazing. We went every weekend together until Bogus Basin closed. And then we went to Sun Valley together. She picked it up like she was born to do it and loves it.

There was grilling and beers everyday for lunch. Did I mention she's a wonderful cook?

 photo P1060773.jpg

And that wraps up the ski season. Almost to the moto stuff I promise. But I didn't have Hobbes back yet, so we went hiking.

What is it with me and maps?

Trying to find or way through the nasty brambles and rose bushes.

It may not be the Adventures of Tyson and Hobbes, but it certainty is the Adventures of Tyson and Tamera!

Next edition includes Hobbes' status and the rides from last weekend.
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THE BACKCOUNTRY PURSUIT- Boise, Idaho's consignment specialist for ADV gear!

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Old 05-09-2013, 04:38 AM   #887
Gnarly Adventurer
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Glad to have you BACK!!! I missed the updates and glad your business is doing well.

Don't forget about us! This is the best thread on the site!
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Old 05-09-2013, 05:09 AM   #888
Rhonda be strong.
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Store looks AWESOME !
Way to go man!
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Old 05-09-2013, 06:38 AM   #889
Crop Dusting Everywhere
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Awesome as always !
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Old 05-09-2013, 08:30 AM   #890
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Glad your can do RRs again.

Great stuff as always - pics, writing and thoughts. Keep doing what you are doing! I'll get out there earlier this year so we can all go together.
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Old 05-09-2013, 08:40 AM   #891
Mostly Harmless
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Awesome job on the new business (and the new gf)!!! I'm so happy to hear things are going well!!!

Now I need to get out to Boise sometime just to see your shop.

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There will always be work, you wont always be young.
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Old 05-09-2013, 09:51 AM   #893
I ride
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Originally Posted by flyboats View Post
Great stuff as always - pics, writing and thoughts. Keep doing what you are doing! I'll get out there earlier this year so we can all go together.
swing through Western ND and I'll tag along.
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Old 05-10-2013, 08:06 AM   #894
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Originally Posted by fbj913 View Post
swing through Western ND and I'll tag along.
We should get in touch and talk about it.
'04 KTM 950 not 'S' anymore
'86 Goldwing GL 1200
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Old 05-10-2013, 09:18 AM   #895
Beastly Adventurer
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TYson, you make me wanna move to Idaho!! Awesome pics!
Drive?! Why?! Cars have too many wheels... just makes me feel... awkwardly stable... I'll ride thank you!v
Not knowing where you are going in part of the adventure! :loll
Daisy the Tiger and Frenchie
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Old 05-10-2013, 12:33 PM   #896
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Thanks for all the pics.
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Old 05-10-2013, 05:09 PM   #897
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Keep it up.....
Inconsequential Adventurer
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Old 05-16-2013, 11:13 PM   #898
av_mech OP
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Yep, trying to get caught up and falling further behind. Two awesome day rides still to write about and now I'm leaving for a 1500-2000 mile adventure with Tamara and Hobbes this weekend. Oregon and Washington coast. It's gonna be a fun weekend! Just the three of us. All loaded and ready to roll. I know I've been saying this a lot, but ride reports are a coming! Promise. But I gotta ride first. And here we go!
2011 Triumph 800 XC
2007 Honda CRF 250X
1994 Kawasaki KLX 650R

THE BACKCOUNTRY PURSUIT- Boise, Idaho's consignment specialist for ADV gear!

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Old 05-18-2013, 10:17 AM   #899
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Good to see you out there having fun. Congrats on the new store and the girlfriend.

RedRockRider - WR250R, TW200, Versys, Vulcan 900 LT, Zuma 125

Southwest Utah: Dual Sport Riding from St. George
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armchair asshole
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Interested in the resolution of your engine problems.
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