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Old 07-25-2011, 06:39 PM   #16
Old_Lion OP
Crotchety Biker
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Location: Whiskey Pint, NY
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NY City Motorcycle Show


Motorcycles inspire works of art

I admire the skill and the dedication of the builders of these machines.
A few miles from my home resides a custom builder who keeps a few in a very large living room.
The bikes demand more space than large paintings on a wall but they surely are worth a look.

The feminine dimension of MC Shows warrants a few pics.

The picture below was taken out of focus.
I was shooting a larger scene and noticed that this lovely assumed a pose.
Took several pictures of her and judging by her smile I seemed to have made her day.
I thought that she looked just as lovely out of focus.
It preserves her privacy.
She inspires me to take out canvas, brushes and paint.

When every bike around you is larger and more powerful how does that make a little Vino feel?

Whenever the Hells Angels are present

I amble over to ask about the well being of Sonny Barger.
This gentleman informed me that he is still kicking.
They thaw out when I tell them that I always remember his birthday
because he is four years and four days younger than me.

Can-Am display by Bombardier RP attracted many.

The RT with a trailer in tow.

One sample from the Triumph exhibition.

I keep thinking that I really should own a TW200 to run around on locally.
DenniSMC confided that he misses the one he sold.

Article in the NY Times

"Honeste vivere, alterum non laedere, suum cuique tribuere"

Plug and Plug.

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Old_Lion OP
Crotchety Biker
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Location: Whiskey Pint, NY
Oddometer: 3,520
The Weather Looked Good


This morning the weather looked perfect for a ride.
So I decided to visit a friend who owns a very large dairy farm near Oriskany Falls, NY.
Starting at Whitney Point, NY I rode up Rt 26 to Oriskany Falls.

The first leg

Took some pictures on the way.
Rural upstate New York's scenery is enchanting.
Looking north towards Georgetown along SR 26.

Paid a brief visit at the farm, took a picture

and went on to Oneida guided by GPS.

The GPS is nearly always sending me down challenging roads and through small villlages I never knew existed.
This time was no different.
I am happy I traded my Ninja for a dual sport. The DR650SE has surely expanded my world.

While checking out a Suzuki dealer in Oneida the sky in the west darkened ominously.
Thinking that I could outrun this by going East and then at some point turning south I got going.
After a few miles the rain started, at that time I passed a car wash with 4 bays. Whoa, turn and find shelter in the car wash.
It is not likely that anyone will enter this car wash during a thunderstorm. It provided fine shelter.

I ate my high fiber sandwich, banana and peach.
Called the missus for a reading of the local weather radar at

When the rain turned into a very light drizzle I rode west, then south on Rt 46, W on Rt 20, at Cazenovia Rt 13 south.
After Cazenovia the sun came out to aid in drying my gear.
Approaching Cortland the sky darkened again.
I did a very fast ride home on SR 11 south.

The skies opened up with a deluge a few minutes after I arrived home. 160 miles.

"Honeste vivere, alterum non laedere, suum cuique tribuere"

Plug and Plug.

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Old_Lion OP
Crotchety Biker
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Location: Whiskey Pint, NY
Oddometer: 3,520
Looking at New York State Dirty Little Tag

The Tag for the New York's Dirty Little Tag-O-Rama
had been placed at a very inaccessible location.
I don't do TOR but curiosity got the best of me so I decided to take a look.

The Tag has been placed in Genegantslet State Forest.


I went to Waldron Road off Bottle Hill Rd in the Town of Smithville first to investigate the faint trail I had seen on Google Maps.

That turned out to be a super hero track.

Then back to Whitling Road. Took this picture at the intersection of Raymond Decker Road.

Here I remembered that a stream crossed this road farther down according the G Maps.
Also I had seen no sign for Sirianni Lane.
Back on Bottle Hill going East.
Is this it?

It can't be. Turn around again.
This has to be it.
But it looks like a private drive.

The size of the steel pole makes me think it can't be the entry to a public access road.
Let's walk up to this building on the left.

Now a picture of the sign.

It occurs to me that I may have an answer as to why Conibear comes up with these out of the way tags.
So back to Smithville Flats and up Collyer Road.
It is a gradual climb and I come to a four way intersection.
There is a sign.

I park the bike and take off helmet and coat.
This views going back down Collyer Road.

Camera in hand I proceed to walk up Sirianni Lane.

Here is water.
This does not look too bad.

There is more beyond this section.

And more around the curve

There is more beyond this.

A four wheel vehicle got stuck here too.

This has to be the end of the watery challenge.
The trail rises.

I head back to my bike.

It turned out to be a pleasant day trip.

"Honeste vivere, alterum non laedere, suum cuique tribuere"

Plug and Plug.

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Old_Lion OP
Crotchety Biker
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Joined: Jan 2007
Location: Whiskey Pint, NY
Oddometer: 3,520
Fort Henry - Kingston, Ontario - July 22-23, 2011

Friday Afternoon, July 22, 2011.

3:30 p.m. Ryan arrived from PA on his BMW.
4:30 p.m. We are leaving for Wellesley Island State Park.

At the I-81 Adams, NY exit we stop for gas.
Shortly after we arrive at Wellesley Island State Park.
A few days earlier we had called but the Park Office folks indicated that
we did not need reservations because they would have tent sites available.
Upon arrival we were given a map to explore some sites and we selected
site # 23.
Tents were pitched (2 tents per site allowed).
By 9:00 p.m. the area had fallen silent.
Somewhat unusual but most of the other campers were parents with
small children.

We sat around and talked till 11 p.m.
Plenty of mosquitos but we were protected by

A 3 oz. spritz bottle Ryan had brought along.
Sprayed on the shoulders and shirt arms.
Not even a mosquito in the tent after suspending the shirt from
the top of the tent (Eureka Zeus Exo 2)

The next morning we headed for the border-crossing and rode to
Fort Henry in Kingston, Ontario. via the 1000 Islands Parkway.

A few blocks before the entrance to Fort Henry we stopped for breakfast
at a McD.

After paying our parking fee we sauntered towards the entrance of the fort.

Looking across the water toward Kingston, ON.

Behind us the walls of the fort beyond the dry ditch.

After paying the entrance fee, approx. Can$15.00, we pass the sentry.

All uniformed personel are volunteers who display an amazing and strict adherence to military disciplinary codes.

Plenty of tourists in the advanced battery area.

Out in the St Lawrence Seaway the "Wolfe Island Ferry" plies the waters.

Map of Fort Henry

Sign explaining the history.

Entrance to the parade grounds.

Military precision on display (not my picture)

The day is hot and we climb the steps to the top of the ramparts to view
the firing of a cannon aimed at the seaway.
Due to the bright sun and the limited viewing angle I am unable to get a decent enough picture of the firing.
The procedures leading up to the firing are impressive.

The cannon.

After the firing I can capture the volunteers marching/descending the steps.

Viewing the living quarters, kitchens etc.

We have decided to return via the ferries to Cape Vincent NY on the US mainland.
Route via the ferries:

The wait for the ferries is not too long.
Ferry unloading. Last out a team of horses hitched to buggy.

Wolfe Island Ferry runs every hour from Kingston.
Motorcycles are boarded first.
Our bikes down on the deck. Plenty of bicycles too.

Loading continues.

Just about loaded. Plenty of pedestrians who visited Kingston but have left their vehicles at Wolfe Island.

Sailing for Wolfe Island passing Fort Henry

At Wolfe Island we are let off after a few cars and we cross the island for about 7 miles to the Cape Vincent Ferry.
This ferry is much smaller but departs every 30 minutes.
The Wolfe Island ferry was free but it costs $7.00 for this one.

Cape Vincent Dock beckons

Cape Vincent - Customs in small building in the center

We are getting a very friendly welcome.
Great to be back in the USA even though we barely left.
Initially we were thinking of returning to Wellesley Island for another night of camping.

It is too hot and we head for Watertown and home.
At 6:30 p.m. I arrive back home.
Ryan continued on I-81 and sent me a private message around 10 pm.
A short and fast trip.
Memorable nevertheless.


Fort Henry:
"Honeste vivere, alterum non laedere, suum cuique tribuere"

Plug and Plug.

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We don't
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Nice thread, George. The New England pictures bring back some good memories.

If you don't mind I'll throw in some pictures of the Kingston trip.

Since I had to be at work 4 hours early on Friday I figured there was a chance of getting out early if everything went well. I packed up on Thursday and rode the bike to work Friday morning. We had a good day and I was walking through the gate at 12:30.

It was going to be interstate pretty much the whole way so I headed north and sat back for a few hours of this

before stopping at a beautiful little spot tucked away in the hills of Upstate New York.

After a great late lunch of salads and fresh fruit served up by one of the nicest people I could possibly hope to meet it was time to go. George, please thank Jessica again for me. It was a beautiful afternoon on the Old Lion farm.

After lunch it was time for a few more hours on the interstate.
This time with a slight change in the scenery.

There were two things I wanted to do on this trip. One was to check out the Thousand Islands area as I had never been there before and two was to see Fort Henry. I first heard of the Fort a couple of years ago and after seeing some picture and doing a little reading it was stuck in the back of my head. I'm not sure why but sometimes that just happens.

I don't remember if this is the bridge on to Wellesley Island or off to the Canadian side. I'm sure George knows.

One thing I do know is they are not yet in compliance with the new cfc rules

and the Thousand Islands Region is worth the trip.

Crossing into Canada was not bad but the traffic heading to the U.S. side was backed up for a long ways. I wasn't looking forward to sitting in that.

George wanted some breakfast and I was overdue for a cup of coffee so we were looking for a McD's when we got to Kingston. We rode past it so we turned around and went past it again. Fortunately Canada has these little motorcycle only roads that helps the confused find their destination.

George has already covered the Fort Henry visit but I'll add this

and say that when we first arrived I thought it was a mistake. It was a too touristy with the gift shops and the snack bar. Immediately after walking in I thought about leaving. I'm glad I didn't. Once you get away from the tour guides and start looking around it is a very interesting place. It provides a unique glimpse into that period of time and a great view of the city and seaway. The other thing that has to be said is the staff is amazing. Their professionalism was remarkable. Every one of them, regardless of their job, knew the history of the fort and could answer any questions. The drill and ceremony displayed was better than most military units I have seen and on top of it all most of them were college aged kids working a summer job.

Leaving there we went to the ferry where we waited about an hour before boarding. We debated leaving and heading north to a land crossing until one of the staff informed us that it was free and motorcycles go to the front of the line. IN!

Does anybody, besides me, see the man in the bushes?

It was about 12 miles to the ferry leaving Wolfe Island and back into the U.S. The island is sparsely populated, flat and dotted with old farms. It reminds me of somewhere I have been but I can't place it. Suffice it to say that it's one of those scenes that is appealing to a tourist on a summer's day but you can see that at one time it was populated by people that worked hard and suffered to make a place for themselves.

The ferry had laughing from the time it was spotted heading to the dock. It's small. Probably holds1 0 cars on a normal trip but coming and going it didn't look normal. Coming in to the dock it had a large RV loaded sideways so it could fit on the boat. The crew left a side ramp down so it would fit. Looked pretty odd coming in.

After we loaded a truck towing a camper came on board.

I couldn't figure out how they were going to get this thing to fit.

The answer was simple. They didn't.

I told the guy that was driving that he was a braver man than me taking that on this ferry. He said it was his first time there and he had no idea the boat was so small. He and his wife looked a little concerned. Backing it off the boat was a bit of a trick as well.

That's about all I have. From there we headed south and to home.

George, it was great to ride with you again. See you soon, my friend.
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Old_Lion OP
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We visited Matewan, WV on May 1st, 2015
The entrance to the town is off Rt 1056 after entering West Virginia from Kentucky through the flood wall
by turning right. We held to the right heading for the flood wall.

Looking back in the direction we entered Matewan.

Panning camera to the right.

Looking down on street where exiting traffic exits the town coming toward the viewer. Right hand turn.

Ahead is the ticket office for the Hatfield McCoy trail system.
Beyond the office is a patch of grass in front of the fence and gate to the BYOB campground.

Facing the patch of grass and the fence to the west of the campground. Pavilion in the background. Cars and trailers parked on campground.

The gate to the campground.

Looking back at the ticket office.

Looking at Matewan's back side from the campground entrance near the flood wall.
The entrance to Wingo's Bar and Grill is the yellow door below the ivy.

Campground Entrance by floodwall.

Another angle viewing the campground. Zooming in on the pavilion.

Lower end of the campground along the back street.
Traffic is one way exiting by way of this street going left in this picture. Tractor trailers delivering merchandise are challenged.

Entering Wingo's Bar and Grill

At the counter Kathy Hatfield McCoy is in charge.

Preparation of food in full view.

At the end of the bar is the door to the Boys Room.

Looking through the window out on the other street parallel to the back street along the campground.
Seems there is a barbecue place across the street. It was once a funeral parlor. The preparation room
is now a kitchen.

Could not resist "framing" the local LEO. BTW there is a law on the books prohibiting open containers.

Entrance door to bar and kitchen from the front street.

Seating in front of the kitchen bar. Boys and Ladies Rooms in rear.

Additional dining facilities

Open air terrace of Wingo's Bar and Grill facing the campground.

From the corner of the terrace next to the steps is a walkway to the main street

Steps from the terrace lead to ...?

After lunch (BTW very good) we exit from the terrace onto the street alongside the campground. A group of trail riders is heading out.
We head straight across the campground for the flood wall door.

Directly beyond the door are steps leading to a dock.
Providing an opportunity to go fishing.

Flood wall gate on Rt 1056 in the back ground.

Looking the other direction.


Don McCoy. Can't meet a nicer guy.

Close-up of Pavilion

Close-up of the surface. Well drained.

Leaving Matewan via the back street with at the end the tight corner.

Can't pass without a second look.


Ride the byways of West Virginia.
"Honeste vivere, alterum non laedere, suum cuique tribuere"

Plug and Plug.

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