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Old 08-15-2011, 10:01 PM   #61
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Originally Posted by MasterMarine View Post
Day 5

B-24 Bomber Crash Site I finally found it!!!

Here is the view approaching it.

We took a lot of pictures. It was a beautiful day and a humbling place to visit. I was kind of caught up in emotion as I was thinking a lot of one of my friends who had been killed on October 26 of 2009 while flying a Chinook for the 160th SOAR in Afghanistan. The thing that I kept thinking about was how there were pieces of this plane and its occupants spread out all over the place right here on this mountainside in Oregon and how there is a similar crash site somewhere in Afghanistan where a MH-47 and the 10 soldiers’ remains were scattered in a similar fashion. It was pretty heavy. I wonder if someday I will be able to visit the crash site in Afghanistan?

I had brought a flag up with me and I put it on one of the engines.

I reminded my friend, Niall that I was thinking of him. I think he was happy to hear that the man he hunted for so long had been dispatched. Many years ago, when I was living in AZ, Niall came to visit me and showed me a site called It is a site that “is dedicated to the soldiers and families of the United States Army's Aviation Branch who have paid the ultimate price for freedom and liberties enjoyed today by all Americans.” It is ironic that in the early days after the crash, I rediscovered the site with his name on it.

Enough of that! Here are pictures of the B-24 crash site. It is a photogenic place.

Final shot of the site. Time to get going.

More fun starts tomorrow!
Good Night!
Pleased you placed a new flag on the engine, that is a hallowed place. Grateful you didn't share the location since people seem to be stealing pieces from this historic site.

Thank you for reminiscing of tour friend Niall, and reminding us of the heavy price our men and women in the armed forces pay to defend the freedoms we so enjoy.
Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. Henry Ford
"R" Death Valley trip

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MasterMarine OP
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Thank you for the comments on the flag. I saw the original flag was pretty beat up in some of the latest pictures of the crash site when I was researching the ride so I brought up a replacement. I did not expect it t last very long as it is not the best quality flag. It does look nice up there.

I just realized I forgot to post up the overall 4 day loop map picture so here it is.

I had mentioned that I was going trail riding at Gifford Pinchot National Forest last weekend. We had a good time up there for the most part. Unfortunately, Chuck hurt his foot pretty badly while on a ride the last day. He was riding on a trail going across a hill and a rock sticking out of the side of the trail smashed and twisted his left foot over the footpeg. I was riding in front of him on the trail. Once I returned, it was obvious he was in extreme pain. He was still sitting on his bike leaned up against the hill. He did not even look up when I pulled up. We got him down to his truck and then the other rider he had carpooled with took him home and to the hospital. I found out later that he had broken (actually it sounds like he pulverized them) 4 bones deep inside his foot and had suffered a dislocation. He is waiting for the swelling to go down and then it will probably be time for some surgeries. Anyway, I thought this was relevant to our little story we have going on here since he was one of the key participants. Sorry, no pics since I have figured out that I do not ever take any pictures trail riding and have stopped dragging along a camera.

Maybe Chuck will post up some more pictures since he has so much unexpected free time from work??
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Old 08-17-2011, 08:20 PM   #63
MasterMarine OP
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The long day to Black Rock Lake

Day 6

DJ to Black Rock Desert to DJ

Today we had a long day in store for us. In the end, it was a 300 mile day. Here is the map of where we rode:

We left halfway early and took the familiar pavement toward the road to Bog Hot. We bailed off the pavement and climbed a nice grade up to a road paralleling Thousand Creek Gorge. It was a fun climb! We went over to the lookout and peered over into the abyss.

A long way down!

Chuck’s pics of the gorge.

Just south of the gorge.

We passed this hot spring.

We rode a bunch of really cool gravel roads.

The views were fantastic!

More cool roads!

We then rode on some even cooler 2 track kind of roads. We headed down a rough seldom used 2 track near Coyote Spring. It was a good time riding down it. We saw wild horses. We saw this.

A locked and posted gate! Lame!

We were unhappy. The road was only blocked by the ranch for a short distance. We could see the gate on the other side. We tried to ride around but could not find a way so we back tracked.

The plan was to ride down High Rock Canyon. Somewhere during the reroute, I messed up and we ended up going thru another way that was further south. There were a lot of great roads the way we went but it does not look like it is as beautiful as High Rock Canyon.

Fast roads! (Chuck’s pic)

Here is a nice looking dilapidated shack. I think this is from before we went the wrong way.

Inside of the shack (Chuck’s pic)

We ended up on a big gravel road that turned out to be a blast. That was where I realized that I had made a mistake in the navigation. Oh well! The gravel road was a lot of fun. There was no traffic and we just hauled! We saw some more wild horses. The views were stellar. It was a lot of fun. We found the point where High Rock Canyon met our gravel superhighway. From there we headed toward Gerlach. There was some more of that oppressive pavement close to Gerlach. We were low on gas and hungry so we stopped in Gerlach. The local police followed us through town to the gas station and then over to Bruno’s for lunch. He was gone when we came out of Bruno’s. From there we headed for the playa. I had been waiting to see this stuff for many years. I had heard about Burning Man quite some time ago and was really interested in seeing where it happened.

It is impossible to comprehend how big it is! I took this picture from the spot on my GPS marked Black Rock City

Dr. Dan posing

All of us were in one spot for a moment.

Playa picture overload!

We rode the playa for 30 miles and then jumped off it. I had seen an interesting looking road going up from Soldier Meadow’s Road so we took it. We were pretty hot by this time and the road was rocky so it was grueling. It did have some nice views!

Every time I stopped and waited for Chuck and Dan to catch up, I expected them to get off their bikes and try to punch me for dragging them up this road. It was pretty long, rocky, steep and quite a workout. At some point, one of my fork seals started leaking. Maybe it was here?

We kept climbing… (Chuck is in this picture somewhere!)

It was very cool!

I waited for Chuck and Dan for a while. Here they come!

Looking back on where we had come from. It was pretty hot and we were all very tired by this point.

The road ahead once it flattened out. The sun was starting to sink quickly.

We still had quite a few miles to go to get to DJ and the safety of Room 2.

We found some very silty roads heading back toward Soldier Meadows. There were more wild horses! They were quick and no pictures.

We crossed the reservation. Here is the sign.

We were starting to wonder if we would make it back before midnight. I thought we would but who knows. More fantastic back roads but at high speed!

Are we there yet??

We hit the highway across from the road to Bog Hot at sunset.

Where we had come from.

Next we headed for DJ, a shower, another burger, and a nice bed to sleep on.

Once we parked, I took a look at the fork leak. I noticed another oil leak coming from my engine. Uh oh! It looked like it was coming out from the countershaft sprocket area. I decided to get up early in the morning and take a look at it.

While we were hanging out enjoying the desert evening, we noticed Bobby was working on the lock on Room 1. While I was chatting with Bobby at some point that evening, I told him that it was Chuck’s birthday the next day. He told me he was heading to town (Winnemucca I think) to buy some stock for the store and asked if he should get a cake. I thought that sounded like a fantastic idea. He said he would be back on Saturday evening. Maria (Bobby’s wife) told us she had a bike that was not working and asked if we could look at it for her. I told her I would take a look at it the next day after we got back from our ride.

Long day! Now time for bed.

Good Night!!

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Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. Henry Ford
"R" Death Valley trip

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MasterMarine OP
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North to Fields and hopefully to the Steens

Day 7

Today would be our last day of riding. That is if my bike was in condition to run. It was leaking oil from one of the forks and from somewhere under the engine.
I woke up early thinking about how I better get the bike sorted out and went into the sunshine to try to figure out why my engine had oil leaking out of it and to see how bad my fork was leaking.

I took off the chain and removed the countershaft sprocket. I tried to get the bushing off of the shaft so I could clean it up. I could not get that out. I wiped everything off that I could see and put it back together. I topped off the oil and fired it up. I had an extra pint of oil on the bike so I figured I would start riding and if it was pouring oil out on my foot, then I would go back to DJ.

Here is where we went.

We loaded up and headed out back down the highway toward the Bog. We rode past the Bog Hot on the dirt road and headed up north toward Fields. It was a beautiful morning with the occasional spring running across the road. I had a surprise from one when it was a bit bigger or deeper or wetter than I expected and it got me pretty wet. The conditions were perfect!

Headed north.(Chuck’s pic)

Here they come!

We continued on over the pass and back down to the pavement. The pass was very pretty.

Going up.

At the top. (Chuck’s pic)

From the top.

Dan with Chuck in the distance.

More views from the top.

Neat looking rocks on the pass.

We headed north to Fields and gassed up.

We had to go in and get breakfast and a shake. One of my goals for the trip was to have a shake at Fields. I had a Triple-C (Chocolate, Caramel, and Coffee) after a recommendation from our server and it was damn good.

I talked a bit with Sandy about going up to the Steens and she told me the gates were closed at either end of the loop and it was snowed in. She gave us a recommendation for a route back down toward DJ. She was another one of the fantastic people we met on our trip.

I wanted to go to the Alvord Hot Springs so I headed in that direction. When we got there, we found one of the pools was empty and the man eating flies were out so we did not soak but instead headed back down toward Fields. What fantastic scenery!

Alvord (not so) Dry Lakebed (Chuck’s pic)

Sandy had us go west from Fields on the pavement and then turn south at the point where the pavement headed to the north. We followed that road south for quite a ways.

Ripping across a wide valley. (Chuck’s pic)

We then turned onto a 2-track that took us up over some hills.

Views from the top.

Chuck enjoying his birthday!

Bikes on the hill.

Captain Chuck!

Moss on the rocks.

Another shot of the view.


And then down into an area with some cool rocks.

Trippy rocks!

Headed down the trail.

More rock pics.

Bikes and rocks.

The road wound down thru the rocks and past some springs.

We continued to the south on the same road. We saw a hill in the distance and wondered if we would be climbing it.

Of course we would!

Here comes Chuck!

Dan’s turn.

This one picture of Dan that Chuck took is pretty cool. It looks like Dan is floating up the hill. I think it is because he was going so slowly in first gear!

From the hill, we headed east over to the same north – south road between Fields and Bog Hot. We continued south back to the highway and then back to DJ.

When we arrived, we saw this bike parked outside the bar.

I talked to the rider very briefly and remember that he was from Florida and he was riding a WR250 solo on the Trans America Trail. I wish I would have had time to talk to him some more but it was a pretty hectic evening. I wonder if he has a ride report on ADV? If anyone knows who he is, let me know!

This is the final shot of my GPS at the end of the ride. I have a few less miles than Chuck because he and Dan rode around looking for Dan’s missing gear.

It is amazing how many mountains we climbed on the ride. Check out this shot of my GPS.

Chuck’s GPS shot.

Here is the damage.

Broken turn signal.

Leaking fork seal. Leaking engine. Ripped coolant hose.

Wore down Dunlop 606. Only 1 week riding on it. Oh well. It was a good investment!

Here are all the rigs that we owned at that moment in one shot.

We found Maria’s CR250 and I started taking a look at it. We checked for spark, filled it up with coolant and gasoline, and tried to start it. No run. I took apart the carb and cleaned it up. I did not find much in there. Then we realized that it was too easy to turn over. I wish we would have had a compression tester. Anyway, it was easy to turn over with my hand so we decided it must have a big problem.

About this time, Chuck gets this crazy idea that he should try to buy the bike to use up in WA for a trail bike once it is fixed. I am not sure how this insane idea was planted in his mind but I think it is best to blame it on Dan!

While I was working on the bike, Dan decides to go in the room to get a beer or something. Chuck and I hear some surprised shouts and then some apologies. Dan just walked into the unlocked door of Room 1 and we are staying in Room 2. Whoops! Luckily everyone is friends at DJ!

I called Wild Bill because he knows a thing or 2 about these CR250 bikes. I let him talk to Chuck so he would have someone who might actually know what this bike is worth give him some info.

In the meantime, Maria had come by and asked if we want steaks. (Saturday is steak night!) We had forgotten that the kitchen was closing at 7 and it was coming fast. We said of course and headed into the bar. The steaks were damn good. The whole time we are waiting for Chuck to make a deal because we need to get loaded up so we can get on the road in the morning.

Finally after what seems like hours, Chuck and Maria decide to make a deal. Now we have to figure out how the hell we are going to fit 4 bikes in a trailer that barely held 3 on the way down. That took a while and Dan and I were both ready to just leave the Honda there in the parking lot. We tried loading the bikes forwards and backwards. We tried all sorts of different configurations.

Bobby showed up and he had a surprise for Chuck. We had a difficult time getting Chuck into the bar without tipping him off but finally he did come in.

Happy Birthday Chuck!! (Sorry no cake shot. I had the camera set wrong and the picture looked awful)

We went back outside, got back to work and finally got all of our crap in the trailer.

I guess it was about 1am when we finally went to bed.

Here is what we found in the trailer in the morning.

From above. (Chuck’s pic)

We put all the rest of our crap in the trailer and van, fueled up and hit the road!

It was a nice drive through some beautiful country. Eastern Oregon was very pretty. There is a lot there that we need to come back and explore!

There was a lot of snow on the pass!

We arrived at Chuck’s about 8pm.

We all unloaded quickly and headed to our homes.

Back to reality…
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just passin' through
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Beautiful ! !
What's next? More action!
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i think NV is a jewel
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Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
Originally Posted by DolphinJohn View Post
By the way, it is f*cking 3:40 something and I'm hammered and I didn't get laid so f*ck off I'm eating cheetos and posting on f*cking ADV like a f*cking a$$hole.
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Great RR!

Originally Posted by MasterMarine View Post
There is still more to come.

It will have to wait for a few days while I go trail riding. Priorities!
But how is your friends foot after the GP trip

I'm forced to live vicariously through others RR this year! Only short adventures for me.

Thanks again for the ride report!
Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. Henry Ford
"R" Death Valley trip

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MasterMarine OP
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Here is a cool thread I just found in the basement about B24 bombers like the one at the crash site we visited. I thought it might be interesting to someone who was using this thread for research. Take a look.
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What would compel someone to buy a CR in remote Nevada?

I gotta get me a DRZ next so I can tag along on a ride like this. Very excellent report/photos.
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Thanks for the write up. And great pictures. s
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Just had the privilege of camping n day riding out of Bog hot springs for 4 days. WOW sooo lucky to have such a special place to ride! Thanks for the RR!
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Thanks, MasterMarine!

Enjoyed the ride report, especially the pics of the stream crossing (with assist at end), and the bomber crash site. Nice tribute with the flag!

RedRockRider - WR250R, TW200, Versys, Vulcan 900 LT, Zuma 125

Southwest Utah: Dual Sport Riding from St. George
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free range moron
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I can't get enough of these Eastern Oregon Northern Nevada trip reports!!!! Nicely done!
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