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pozer OP
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pozer J. Counts Mex-Can 2014 Second Half

Sorry again for taking so long to get this report started. You can find all my excuses for this delay at the end of the first half ride report. If you haven't already looked at the report you may want to before taking off on the 2nd half of the same tour.

This adventure begins exactly where the last one ended, at the Holiday Inn Ex. in Fallon Nv.
Before I get started, I'd like to explain to some of you who were hoping to read about the extended version. The part of the adventure where I was going to ride from our destination at the Canadian border south on the Great Western Trail back to Colorado then east to Kansas following the AMA Trail.
Well here's how it went; One day shortly after the first half ride I was thinking about hiking up near Kirkwood Ca. near Tahoe. Well the hike that I thought would be maybe 6 hrs. turned into a 13 hr. survival man's hike. Being alone and not showing up after dark with no cell or satellite reception; well my wife started calling in the troops and when I did finally make it back she made me promise not to ride the extended part of the trip solo. Long story short, no one volunteered to join me so I flew home with the rest of the crew.

Like I said the story resumes in Fallon Nv.I'm thinking most if not all of the original group was going to show up for the 2nd half but to my surprise I only recognize 3. Jerry; my riding partner from the first half and the McCarell brothers, Chris and Jeff.

Still being brothers...

The rest of the troop I've never met before and as we get acquainted at the riders meeting it seems everybody is already grouped up.
I thought I might be pairing up with the McCarell brothers when Jerry volunteers to hang out with me. I though he might be bringing his son to ride along with him so when he shows up without him and wanted to ride with me I was all over it cause we had such a fun time on the first half together.

So, for the second half I thought it might be more fun to ride my KTM since it ran so flawlessly for me in Baja; instead of the heavier Husky. It proved to be a good choice once again, however I did start off with a little embarrassment. As we were prepping for the ride the McCarell bros. notice the new oil cooler I mounted to my bike. When they inquired if I had done a pre-ride to confirm my mechanical qualifications upon installation I was quick to inform them of my superior mechanical status.
So when my chain fell off a half mile into our 1800 mi journey everybody had a good laugh. At least Chris and Jeff laughed; Jerry just kind of rolled his eyes and wandered what kind of ride this might turn out to be if it was beginning like this.

So much for my mechanical status.
Here is Jerry just after rolling his eyes and shaking his head. At least he stopped and helped me regroup. 20 minutes later and we're rollin down the road again.

And before you know it we're of that silly pavement(not soon enough). Headin north across Nv.

It's all pretty much wide open in Nevada...

Jerry and I are 20 minutes behind everyone else so catching up takes a while.

Plus with me stopping and snapping pictures all the time sometimes we never do catch up.

Long lonely stretches...

Finally though, we round a corner to find Jeff and Chris target shooting while some of the others look on.

Jerry and I have to check it out..

Chris and Jeff invite me over to try it out and since i'd never shot a 22 before I was all over it. Missed that shot up car every time; I swear I was aiming right at it!

Jeff gives me a quick lesson on how not to handle a fire arm, then lets me loose.

I was pretty pathetic. But we all had a good laugh.

We have a long way to go so we get after it.

Some of these places I couldn't begin to tell you where they are except to say it's north of Fallon. Nv.

Day one comes to a close.
This is considered day 6 of our Mex-Can adventure. 150 miles total
Fallon - Sutcliffe=67 mi.
Sutcliffe-Gerlach=83 Mi.

Fallon-Parran-Old Wildhorse Pass-Kodak-Lovelock-Nightingale-Empire-Gerlach
Final dest. Bruno's Motel Gerlach Nv.

To be continued (soon)

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pozer OP
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Looks like day 2 starts with pavement....

So I snap a few pictures as we head up the Hwy.

Then we come to the entrance of "Burning Man" so we pull over and take a look around. A little further up the dry lake bed and we pass right by all the early arrivals. In a week or so this place is going to be crawling with campers.

Jerry and I stop and regroup; look around for a moment and take in the surroundings.

At the other end of the lake we come to some hot springs but it's a little too hot to take a dip today.

Like I said before; WIDE OPEN!

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pozer OP
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For most of the first couple of days it seems like Jerry and I are on this ride alone; we seldom see the rest of the riders. Dust never seems to be much of an issue.

Then we meet up with some of the guys just before Soldier Meadow Ranch that we visited for a little snack.

I think that might be.... Steve, Gary and Dave or TC ?
Feel free to correct me through email and I'll edit as needed.

Looks like J. Counts beat us to the ranch. He says "the coffee is on".

Inside they're waiting for us with brownies as well. We have our fill and soon everybody is showing up want'n they're share.

I take a look around before heading out.

Through the ranch; couple of gates and soon things open up again.

Just taking in more scenery...

Some proud land owner recently had his property fenced. The road went right through it too. Must have been all of 2 acres. So we do what the sign tells us and go around. Kinda weird.

And finally; it's time for some remote lunch.

The only shade in 50 miles...

Moving on after a quick bite, things turn green for a bout a minute. More wild horses to irritate.

This must be Basin Cabin.

Then we're off into the open and over some hills. I was making pretty good time when all of a sudden my rear end started sliding out from underneath me. I was a little slow on the corrective steering so I ended up on the ground facing the opposite direction . All piled up in a heap of rocks.... or at least it felt like it.

Nobody's hurt so I pick myself up and limp down the trail...

We come to this little lake in the middle of nowhere.

There was only one other person there and he was tending a herd of cattle.

We saw quite a bit of wildlife on this adventure.

Jerry stops to take it all in, i join him.

Jerry and I took turns with gate duty... There were lots of those.

The final stretch into Denio for the night.

Deluxe accommodations

Here it might be appropriate to introduce Jerry's wife, Leslie.
Normally wives can be kinda seem out of place among a bunch of old dirt bikers but Leslie fit right in. She was always a lot of fun and right where you needed her when it counted most. She has an extensive history of racing around in the desert. Leslie loved to joke around and Jerry was always prankin someone so between the two of them it was quite a show.

A little maintenance before supper and that wraps up another great day.

Dat 7= 165 Mi.

Gerlach- Soldier Mdw. Ranch.-Basin Camp-Pearl Camp-Onion Lake- Denio

Final destination: Denio Inn

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The Cripple Maker
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I've been waiting for the second half.
Lookin good!
Keep it coming.
our other Ride Reports

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pozer OP
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OK; a few more shots around Denio Jntn. and day 8 is on it's way.

A short stretch of pavement then we're into the dirt heading over to a WWII plane crash sight to pay our respects.

If you look VERY closely you can see Jerry coming up the trail behind me.

Soon we're arriving at our morning destination.

Jerry, Jeff and Chris take a moment

We see Phil and Mel on our way off the hill.

Heading on down the road we come to Fields where lunch is served.

It was here that we learn that there are 2 options going forward; The long scenic route or a quicker shorter way. I know which way I'd rather go but Counts is suggesting we play it safe and take the shorter way because fuel is an issue taking the long way.
My good buddy Jerry says he'll tag along with me if I carry some extra fuel so I strap on a gallon to my rear fender and head out.

I made it about 35 miles before I realized my gas reserves had spilled all over the highway. So I pull over and drag Jerry and Phil to the shoulder with me. I explain to Jerry that it looks like I'm going to have to turn around and go back to the lunch stop for more gas then just take the shorter way to our next stop...... Just then guess who pulls up... Oh yea Leslie to the rescue. She say Dave; our support crew chief is only minutes up the road headed this way with lots of extra gas. HALLA!...We can keep going and make it with plenty of gas.

Finally we come to the scenic part of the "long way round"; up and over a series of canyons and a mountain range... Had to look around once we got to the top.

Lots of good pictures up here...

Lots of good pictures up here...

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pozer OP
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Time to head on down to the valley; a couple of diversions and we really fall behind time wise... but we're having a great time.

A few more gates.. gotta keep those cows in check.

And we finally make our way into Juntura...

Where Leslie walking up the road waiting for her man to show up; and just before dark he does.

Jerry picks her up and rides her back to the lodge.

More trail maintenance to get ready for tomorrow.

Here Johnny lends Stefano(lovingly referred to as "Italian Stallion") a little moral support during tire changing duties.

Another wonderful day on a dirt bike comes to a close, a quick shower and a little dinner and we'll do it again in the morning.

Final destination: The Oasis Motel

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Baja Ho
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Thanks for posting, great report.
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pozer OP
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The next day we're all up early again. I went for a short walk while the others had breakfast. Interesting little place. Lots of ranchers and hunters.

Fresh oil, an air filter skin and a quick check of that pesky chain link and I'm good to go.

Here is the fine dining establishment; best milkshakes ever!

We are just starting to get into greener territory.

The road out of town follows the river north. Very pretty area.

We don't get very far before coming to this reservoir; The route continues north but I have to ride across the dam and get a better picture. I'm always wandering off the path just to see what's around the other corner.

As I'm mucking around with this dam everyone rolls on by. Eventually Jerry and I start chasing dust. It doesn't take long before I go down on the slippery gravel road. It's all good and I jump back on to shake off the pain when I notice my brush guard has come out of my handle bar end. A few minutes later and when the pain has subsided a little I pull over to make the necessary repairs.

Here Dave and Mell pull over to see if all is good. Dave is riding "SWEEP" so they hang out till I pack everything back up and head up the road.

Eventually we catch up to most everyone at a fire lookout.

This is where I finally get a chance to take some pictures of some of the other riders.
From the left>(this is just a guess) Gary, Dave, T.C., Jeff and Mitchell (father and son).

As Stefano and Phil wrap up their tour of the fire lookout.
Jerry and I visit the and talk to the person manning the watch. He's keeping an eye on a local fire. We can see the smoke from where we are and we're headed in that direction.

There is Commander Dave; hangin out at the Y to help very body who goes up to the lookout come back and go down the right trail.

The forest service cut a swath through the forest to stop an approaching fire. Here Jerry and I use it for a neat little up hill adventure.

Here I see some kind of receiver perched on the top to the right... looks interesting so one more side trip won't hurt.

Besides you never know, I might get a great shot from there.

That was interesting... we head on down the hill.

And before we know it we're rollin into Halfway.

A little more maintenance and some good food.....



Jeff and Mitchell,

And there's Mitchell again,

And T.C. (name corrections welcome),

And a few shots around the area...

Dinner and the day is done...

Day 9 comes to a close=226 Mi.
Juntura-Beulah-Austin Junction-Durkee-Richland-Halfway
Final destination: The Halfway Motel

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Nice pics and trip.
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pozer OP
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OK... Day 10 starts off to a really strange start; Jerry and I plan on getting gas at the next gas stop just 20 miles up the road so that we have more than enough to get us where we're going plus all my side trips.

We pull into this really nice place but the pumps are locked up. The lady in charge makes her way out to greet us. She looks pleasant enough; she asks if we're some of "Jerry's boys". When we get through explaining how we are in the company of the said mentioned she begins this long "strongly emotional" story about The "said mentioned and his crew" 6 or 8 years ago; something about a guy with a broken leg and her having to babysit him... blah, blah, blah, I couldn't keep up with her rant. Anyway she tells us to pound dirt and get out of here.

Jerry and I just look at each other and say... "WOW! Where did all of that come from? Man this lady is upset!"
She storms back into the station leaving her husband hang in out by the porch sweeping or something.
Jerry says to me in a loud voice," Jeez Bob we've traveled over a 1000 mile and seen lots of different people but this is the first rude person we've come across.
Well Mr. husband herd all that and makes tracks into the station to report it all to the Mrs.
A few minutes later she in our face again but this time with a little better composure. She tries to explain her emotions but she's still got no gas.
I figure I'd better say something to help reconcile the issue because obviously the two of us are the only ones here to help defend "Jerry abad his crew". Everybody else gassed up at Halfway.
So I follow the little lady back into the station who is now a little settled down.
I proceed to apologize for whatever may have occurred all those years ago and how badly I felt for her and I think I may have bought a snack or something when she says, "How much gas do you two need?" When I explains to her we only needed a gallon each, she tells her helper to fetch the gas cans and "GIVE" each of us a gallon. We were so grateful for the peace offering but I don't think she was totally forgiving, If I were Jerry, I don't know if I'd want to stop there.
Anyway we head on up the road, shaking our heads and rollin our eyes, just sayin, "WOW!"

There is Phil, Mel and Stefano.
We tell them all about our little gas adventure.

Heading up the road we finally come to the end of the pavement.
It's a good thing.

I figure this is as good a place as any to get a few picture of the "crew".









And Gary,

A quick view of down river and Jerry up river..

We come across a lot of great stuff; people and places.

The McCarell brothers; Chris and Jeff are nowhere in sight. I missed taking their picture coming up the river road. From there they were long gone as they enjoy riding at their own pace which is usually faster than most.

Jeff has his own camera so I was counting on him, taking a few pictures during the ride and sending them over for me to include in this write up. That is if he can get Chris to stop for a minute.

This was a really cool little spot. This school house is still being used as either a school or maybe a community center.

Had to get off and take a look around.

Moving on we see more "extremely wild" life and a few more side trips to explore.

Jerry hitting the throttle as we make our way through the forest.

Eventually we catch up to Mel and the gang; (Phil and Stefano).

Stefano and Phil head up the trail as Mel plays catch up.

Mel goes by and a minute Jerry shows up. He stops to talk; about that time we both hear Mel calling out for help up the trail. Turns out he had a moment of hesitation and dumped his bike over on himself. Jerry pulls him out of the wreckage and Mel proceeds to light up another smoke. We hang out with Mel till his reinforcements return to check on him. Everybody's OK, just needed to catch our breath and have a smoke of course.

Here comes the crew now... First Phil

Then Stefano; A whole lot of innocent trash talk between Jerry and Stefano right there in the middle of the forest. Seems Jerry and I were over 2 hours behind everyone else at the lunch stop so seeing these characters now put a whole new spin on the race. Lots of laughs though.

And there goes Mel...

This is my kind of riding so the pace goes up slightly.

But when I come to a stream crossing I'm thinking this might be a good place for a picture so I take a short break and wait for the others to waddle through the water.

Jerry's on my tail so it doesn't take him long..

And a few more minutes the rest of the crew shows up.


And Stefano,(AKA "Italian Stallian")

This is so classic; Here is a shot of the Italian Stallion all dressed in mud courtesy of his riding partner Phil. I remember doing the something to a guy on my Baja Adventure a few months earlier.

Another shot of Phil..

Phil took this shot of me in the same area.

I don't get in the pictures much since I'm the usually behind the camera.

More trash talk before heading up the road..

And another smoke...

Well the race is on now for sure and the last one into the lodge is going to hear about it so Jerry takes off in a cloud of dust... I follow up close behind. I found out later that following Jerry any closer than 20 feet meant the front of my bike was subject to all kinds of sand blasting and bolder throwing. The results of which eventually cost me over $1K in repair items... Who knew? But I was in the moment and having fun.

Well it was Jerry's turn to go down. But he didn't just go down oh no he had to go off the road as well. I was close enough to start snapping pictures as he disappeared into the forest trees.

He landed with his bike upside down so it took a moment to get things started again. Once he did, there was smoke spewing out of his exhaust.
Jerry bruises up his ribs pretty good but doesn't really feel the pain till later.

As we make our way closer to civilization...

A whole lot of trashy trail talk and just as many laughs later we all close out another great day in the outback.
Day 10= 231 mi. (some of the riders are very suspicious of these milage estimates Jerry is throw down)
Final destination Lewis and Clark Resort

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pozer OP
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Moving on to day11: Jeff wakes up to find a broken bolt for retaining his chain slider in place. He and his bro Chris are on it.
A little more trail maintenance and whole lot more friendly verbal abuse between fellow riders (Jerry and the Stallion) and we're almost ready to tackle another day.

Even Jerry's wife, Leslie gets a few jabs in.

Here is a shot of the three amigos Jerry ,Dave and Johnny

Rollin down the road on our way to the dirt...

Like I said ; lots of wild animals...

Here Jerry's bike took a short poop brake...

Everybody heads out after admiring the horses...
We had to take a short diversion this morning cause our dirt route went too close to an active forest fire. So an extra 20mi of pavement :(

Met this ole guy at our first gas check. He says he's been living off the back of this same motorcycle since the first Woodstalk gathering... A long time, criss crossing the country multiple times.

Chris checks everything over lone more time

Jeff is wrapping himself up from a fall he took earlier. He's hurting real good and on more pain meds than the rest of us. It doesn't slow them down much though.

Here is Johnny again; hang in out; making sure everybody comes through.
Johnny is the real "unsung Hero" of the trio. He's the only one of the three who does this as a non profit venture. He just loves being out here with his buddies.

And we got into some really neat stuff for a while.

And we catch up to the rest of the crew in the tight stuff...

Here comes Chris..

And there is Jeff...

Mell fell over or something and the man on the XR650R (Steve; I think) stopped to help him get started again... Here we're hangin out praying for the XR to start as he proceeds to kick it to death. A few minutes later the big guy fires up the Big bike and we're all on our way again.

Here is a shot of the trail looking back from where the last picture was taken...

There is Jeff again..

His brother Chris pulls over on the trail and I'm thinking it's time for a snack but they have other ideas and soon we're shooting up the make shift bulls eye we make. Everybody gets a turn. I think I am especially entertaining cause I know absolutely nothing about firearms.

After this last shot it was still mid day but something strange happened to my riding partner Jerry. I don't know what it was but he switched from cruise mode to race(and I'm not stopping again till I cross the finish)mode. I was playing catch up the rest of the day. This is probably where I bent and broke my front rim. No problem; the head light and blinkers are already toast.

I was really relieved to find out later that there were no injuries that day cause there was a hole lot that could have gone wrong due to a large group of "Adventure" type bikes headed up the same trail we were headed down.

When I show up at the Lochsa Lodge, Leslie and Johnny are hangin out.

Leslie says "what's up" and I proceed to tell her all about Jerry's mission. I say "I think your husband was trying to make a point today".

She says,"what do you mean"?
"I mean he was a non stop machine all afternoon.
She just smiles; like she's herd that before.

But Jerry shows up a minute later and so Leslie says "what's up Jerry Bob says he didn't get much camera action this afternoon"?

Jerry says," I was just through stopping". We all laugh cause that's just what we do best together.

We arrive at our final destination a little earlier than the rest of the crew so I have time to clean up, look around and catch up on some reading.

Soon the rest of the crew stars rolling in.

Jerry and Leslie are feeling hungry but it doesn't look like the rest of the mob is going to be ready for supper for quite some time so I offer to join them for Leslie's favorite; Rib Eye!

Outside though The Stallion is busy trashing out Jerry's bike. And so the adventure continues...

Another wonderful day (rib eye included) comes to an end.
Day11=189 Mi.
Kamiah-Kooskia-Lowell-Cayuse Junction-Powell
Final destination; Lochsa Lodge

To be continued... ASAP

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pozer OP
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DAY 12 begins with a whole lot of heavy rain. So much so that everybody is taking extra time just relaxing in the Lodge at breakfast. Eventually though the decision has to be made; embrace the rain and stay the course or find a shorter path to our destination.
But wouldn't you know it; just we we finish up our gearing up to head out, the rain decides to subside... at least for a while. So everyone make a run for it. And everyone chooses to stay the course and see what happens...

Before we get rolling though, Jerry turns to me and says, "Bob, I don't know what pace you're riding today but as for me I'm just going to cruise and enjoy the scenery for the last 2 days. My ribs are really soar today. Stop every 20 miles or so we can both regroup." Well that sounds a whole lot better than racing through these rocks so I'm all good with that plan. I'm thinking; "oh good, more time for pictures."

A little ways down the trail...

It's obvious to me we are backtracking 10-15 miles of yesterdays ride but it take on a new perspective since we're going the opposite direction.

We eventually get to this point in our ride so I stop and regroup.
I ask Jerry if he recognizes where he is.
Jerry say," no, should I?".
At that point I explain that he doesn't recognize where he is because he was going so fast that everything in his view outside of the rock in front of him was just a blur. (He had his tunnel vision tuned to channel "finish line".)
He just looks at me like I'm making this stuff up.

Found a good spot to take a few picture of the crew going by.

Brother Jeff,

Then we come to this little obstacle. Thought it would be interesting to see how everyone reacts. So I hang out to see what happens...

By the way, the rain has blown over for now and has left the forest in perfect riding conditions. It seemed like a lot back at the lodge but now the ground has absorbed most of it and left nothing but perfect traction.

Some make it look easy.... while others aren't so sure.. some are more suspicious than others when a camera is involved. Could be a trap!

Moving on the sky clears up for a while..

Then we come to a creek; it's a good place for a snack and pack away our jackets.

And then we snooped around this stream; it was next to a remote air strip.

it was interesting to see a landing strip so far off the beaten path.

Then I go on a little 15 minute side trip up a trail. I was hoping it would wind its way back to the route but it took me further in the opposite direction so I back track and take up where we left off.

We cross a few more streams...

Before coming to this log jam. From here we had to back track a half mile or so and with the help of our GPS units we were able to tie in our own short loop back to the opposite side and continue the course.
We were told later that most everyone else abandoned the course route and opted for the pavement. :(

And just after the gas-lunch stop it started to rain again so on go the garbage bags.

Here is another shot of Jerry just cruising down the trail taking in the scenery...

The rest of the afternoon is just about perfect..

Hey we found Phil and Stefano again!

And as we roll into our destination for the night everyone is there to greet us..

Day 12 comes to very nice end... =194 Mi.
Final Destination; Wallace Inn
Powell-Cayuse Jct.-Montana- Superior-Wallace

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great report - thanks for sharing!
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pozer OP
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OK well there is one more day!
Day 13 is pretty mild; it starts out with some fire roads.
Jerry and I are over heating or something so we pull over to take a short break and get everyone on camera one last time.
There's TC ?

Then Steve or Dave?

That looks like Jeff

And there's Gary

Chris gives us a little show

Stefano has to turn around and...

Has to trade trash talk with Jerry before resuming his ride..

There goes Phil.

Mel finishes it up...

Shortly after this I zig when I should have zagged; oops there I go, motoring up the wrong trail again. I only get about 300 yards when I realize my blunder. As I return to the trail I don't see Jerry anywhere in sight.... I'm hoping he's still right behind me so I motor on up the trail.
Not too much longer and I come to an overlook where some of the others are parked. The trail takes a sharp 180 up a ridge so I'm thinking he's probably up there...
Here is a shot of Gary and Mitchell coming down the ridge as I go up looking for Jerry...

But when I get to the top there's no Jerry in sight. Well I can't waist a good photo op. so I stop and take a few pictures.

Well from here I don't see Jerry anywhere so I'm thinking he might be in front of me by now... I think I'll go back down and ask Mell if he has seen Jerry...

But Mel says he hasn't seen Jerry so I make my way over to the top of this hill to the right..

But when I get over here It's just too nice a day not to take a picture so I park again and start shooting...From where I just came from...

We'll jerry's not up here so back down I go.... but wait what's this? Is this a legal single track? Yes! but I don't see it on my GPS; I looks like it parallels the route; I'm going to have to find out, besides I think I saw some of the other riders headed this way. Looks too good to pass up!

So I'm in!

But then it gets all rocky; and on a ledge too. Ooh good thing Jerry's not here; if he fell in this stuff with his ribs all bruised up he would really be hurting.

A few minutes later and I'm catching up to Gary in the woods so out comes the camera. Maybe I can get a decent shot...

And about a mile later the trail pops out onto a fire road thats part of the GPS track.. Just the way I was hoping. There are a few of Garys' buddies there so I ask them if they had seen Jerry. And Steve or Dave tells me he's about 15 minutes ahead of me now. Well we had pre planned to regroup every 25 miles or so; so I'm thinking If everything goes according to plan Jerry should stop around then and wait a little while for someone to show up. Sure enough he does just that!
We regroup and continue our adventure...soon we come to a large river that begs for my camera

We take a few pictures; talk to the locals and have them take our picture...

Moving on I get a few shots of the landscape before coming into town for lunch.

Some of the local lawn art.

Lots of laughs and good times around the lunch table...

Moving on after lunch we cross another river;

And one more river...

Looking back at town...

And moving on up the road; everyone slows up a bit realizing that the whole Mexico to Canada Adventure is coming to a quick close. We all just want to saver the whole experience just a short while longer...

Someone wanted to saver the moment so much that he stopped and started a tire repair class right there on the side of the road.

Then before we know it; it's all over. We're at the Canadian Border crossing...

Gotta get a picture to prove we all made it safe and sound..

And there I am...

Me and my buddy Jerry...

My buddy Jeff...

Jerry and his lovely(super trooper)wife Leslie...

The three stooges...

Mel all smiles and a smoke...

TC lost his pants again...

That night at the Lodge we all enjoy the best feast ever. And the Rib Eye at this place made the Rib eye back at the last lodge taste like hamburger. Aged to perfection!

Here's a shot of Jerry and Leslie just outside the Lodge restaurant.

The next day, and we're all ready to roll; home that is; including me.

So ends another wonderful adventure on the back of a dirt bike!

Just a couple of pictures to recap...

Day 13= 237 Mi.
Final destination... Best Western, Bonners Ferry
Wallace-Noxon-Troy-Eastport-Bonners Ferry

Hope you enjoyed the show.... till next time, have a safe ride.

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Originally Posted by pozer View Post

There goes captain Dave; I think..

This is Phil (aka me).

Originally Posted by pozer View Post
But when I get to the top there's no Jerry in sight. Well I can't waist a good photo op. so I stop and take a few pictures.

93-mile lake off to the right. There is a lot of good trail like this in the panhandle.

You're doing a great job pozer.
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