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Old 08-25-2011, 08:54 AM   #16
wildbilly OP
I am released...
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Where is the dog?...

Oups! Another love bench?


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wildbilly OP
I am released...
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Location: Peloponese-Greece
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Day 3: Belgrade -Valjevo-Uzice-Visegrad-Sarajevo (435 km)
The day begins with a visit to the Kalemegdan castle. The view of the river is very nice and the castle well maintained. I spend there a couple of hours taking photos.

Returnig back to my hotel I took these shots, sad reminder of the past...

Leaving the town I see an amazing river beach. Next to the river everybody is in a bathing suit and on a bicycle or roller skates…

Hm, bad boy...
The road to Valjevo begins with a good part but after a while it goes up to the mountain, it is very narrow and the tarmac is destroyed. The traffic is heavy and the average speed falls dramatically. After having a break at a nice kiosk at the top and admiring nature, I continue driving towards Uzice.

On the road again...

Finally, the road is much better and the nature is very nice. Uzice seen from above seems very nice.

Space ship?

The road passes along a river and I notice some very nice train tunnels (the Mokra gora route I suppose).

Suddenly I see a very nice pedestrian bridge made of wood and steel wires. I try to pass it and I meet a local guy who is fishing on the bridge.

Continuing, the nature gets even more beautiful and I arrive to Visegrad. The town is nice with an old and famous stone bridge.

From Visegrad begins one of the most impressing routes I have ever been to. The tarmac is good, the turns are right, the road follows the wide river, the sun reflects on the water and the road passes through dark and wet tunnels every 500m. I am driving at a medium steady speed and I feel perfect.

After driving on this fantastic route, suddenly the road is diverting due to the road works and gets really narrow, dirty and dangerous. I arrive at Sarajevo just before dark.

The gps doesn´t have Bosnia and Montenegro maps, so I start searching for my hotel which I luckily find quickly.
After resting for a while, I walk to the center of the old city. The paved pedestrian roads are very nice, there are a lot of shops with bronze items and a lot of people eating at the numerous kebab restaurants. The mixture of religions and their places of worship is impressive.


I have a very nice dinner at a well known restaurant and I admire the paintings that are hanging on the walls, painted by the owner of the restaurant!

Very good food and very cheap (13 euros for soup, main meal, salad, 2 beers!)

After that I was dead body, so I started climb the hill to the hotel...Good night...

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Old 08-26-2011, 12:43 AM   #18
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subscribed, waiting forward for the rest ;)

The Greek Moto Travel Blog
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Old 08-26-2011, 12:56 AM   #19
Gnarly Adventurer
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Old 08-26-2011, 12:03 PM   #20
wildbilly OP
I am released...
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Thanks guys! For my Greek friends here is my trip at

So let's continue...

Day 4: Sarajevo-Brod-Niksic-Kotor (300 km)
The day begins with a daylight walk around the town for more photos.

Leaving town

After that and by asking around, I manage to get out of the city towards Serbian borders and Brod. The route is interesting, the road is curvy and I`m driving through very nice nature. The colors of nature turn into gold, the farmers are stacking hay and I feel very nice.

After a while, I arrive to Brod, a small village just before the Montenegrian borders. From this point on, I enter a very narrow road going to the top of a cliff, passing through numerous dark and wet tunnels and spectacular bridges. The view of the river that runs many meters beneath is very nice. I stop continuously to take pics and to activate the on-board camera.

Early afternoon I arrive at Niksic. The town is clean and nice but nothing special as far as I can see. I ask 2-3 different guys for the road to Kotor (not through Podgorica but straight south, there is a very nice new road that leads to Risan at Kotor bay). Finally I continue towards the right direction, I pass a very nice area with many small lakes, the road is curvy with good tarmac and I enjoy the ride.

Later I find the new road to Risan which is perfect for fast driving. I have fun for half an hour and then OUAOU, the Kotor bay in front of me! The view is amazing, I get some rest and I continue going down.

The Risan is a nice small town and I continue towards Kotor, around the bay. The sea is to my right, I am driving slowly and I enjoy the nature. After a while I arrive at Dobrota next to Kotor where I can not find my hotel. I telephone the hotel but the receptionist doesn´t speak English, so I am trying to communicate in my poor Serb. Luckily I understand where the hotel is and I find it right after.
Early evening I am going to the old town of Kotor. I am impressed! There are a lot of yachts, many tourists, a lot of beautiful women, the town itself is very nice.

After having dinner, I find a nice cozy bar (see below the photo I took next morning) with live local music and I get drunk with my new friends (an American and a New Zealander, both yacht employees and a 60-year old Englishman travelling with his 2 daughters).

It’s already very late when I return to the hotel and I get this brilliant idea to lubricate the bike’s chain. Of course I am so wasted that I lubricate everything else but the chain…
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Old 08-26-2011, 12:06 PM   #21
wildbilly OP
I am released...
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Old 08-27-2011, 11:29 AM   #22
wildbilly OP
I am released...
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Location: Peloponese-Greece
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Day 5: Kotor-Budva-Split (340 km)
The day begins with unbearable hangover. I consume plenty of coffee and decide to take some morning photos of the old town.

It’s hot, very hot, I am dizzy so I leave early going south to see Budva. After driving for about 1h I arrive in Budva. The old town is impressive and there is a very nice big beach just before you reach town. The tiny St. Stefan island is just opposite Budva. I understand that the whole island is a big luxurious resort…

The hours pass so I must hit the road going north again. At Kotor, I use the ferry to pass to the opposite side of the bay within 5 min (the route around the bay is majestic but I don`t have the extra time needed (aprox. 1h).

I continue driving on nice tarmac, the curves are very nice and the view at the sea bellow is fantastic…I enter Croatia, the road is even better, I catch myself driving dangerously so I reduce the speed and I enjoy the route.

Melt tyre...

I pass Dubrovnik, it’s very late and I want to reach Split a.s.a.p. so I skip entering the town (I hope some other time) but I get a close look from a telescope I find at a parking area (2€ for the telescope and 1,5€ for a small bottle of water, if that`s not robbery what is?!).

Anyway I continue and I finally arrive at Podstrana, a small village close to Split (6km). The hotel is very nice and clean with a nice view to the sea. I rest for a while and then visit Split. Unfortunately I forget the money and the cards in the hotel so I have to go back and return again (damaging my nerves!)…The town is very nice, it looks like Kotor, a lot of yachts, tourists and beautiful women, loud music, night clubs, cozy bars, nice restaurants…
I am very tired though so I head back to the hotel after having a nice dinner…
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Old 08-27-2011, 12:41 PM   #23
wildbilly OP
I am released...
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Day 6: Split-Trogir-Sibenik-Zadar-Opatija
I leave Podstrana heading north and my 1st stop is at Trogir, a very nice town close to Split. Again yachts, tourists and stone walls, nice old town…

I continue driving and I arrive at Sibenik. Hm, I don`t like it very much so I don`t get off the bike and I continue towards Zadar. This is my 2nd stop as I am already very hot, hungry and thirsty. The new town outside the old town walls is very cute, I drive around and finally I get in the old town. I get some nice photos and have some rest…Soon I must leave again.

I am heading north, the road runs along the sea coast, the nature and the sea are magnificent and I am very happy driving on this perfect road with very good tarmac, nice well designed curves and with almost no traffic…

After driving for some hours I finally arrive in Opatija. I have been here once before travelling with my wife and daughter and I remember the town which is very beautiful with an air of old age, nice previous century buildings, wide promenade by the sea, restaurants, ice cream shops…

My hotel is great, I find a very nice restaurant with live jazz music and I really enjoy it!

Today there is a fest and for half an hour fireworks hit the sky. After that there’s a live and loud performance of a rock band, a lot of people dancing in the front. I blend in slurping an ice cream and the night ends perfectly!

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Old 08-29-2011, 06:06 AM   #24
Chaotic Neutral
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Good stuff, keep it coming! I have been many times over there, but it never seizes to amaze me...
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Old 08-29-2011, 08:17 AM   #25
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Old 08-29-2011, 08:54 AM   #26
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Terrific ride report and pics, WB..... gotta talk my cretin riding budies into riding this area...looks like the ride of a lifetime. Many thanks.
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wildbilly OP
I am released...
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Day 7: Opatija-Postojna-Idrija-Tolmin-Bovec-Predel Pass-Hermagor-Lienz
I wake up having a bad toothache and I feel cold! I get a rich breakfast and a lot of coffee and hit the road again towards Slovenia.

At Rupa I enter this beautiful country! I love Slovenia very much, I have been here many times because my wife is Slovene, but so far I haven’t gone to the mountains…
The nature is magnificent, I pass Postojna (I have visited the Postojna Jama before, a very impressive underground cave) and I arrive at Idrija.

Nice stop for refilling body fluids...

The nature is great and I am enjoying driving on that road! Great tarmac and curves!

I pass the Predel Pass and descent towards Italy and Treviso.

After a while I enter Austria and I pass Hermagor driving on a very nice road (not so good though as the Croatian and Slovenian tarmac) heading towards Lienz.

I arrive at Lienz late afternoon and tour the city to take some photos. Lienz is a nice small town with a cute city center.

A lot of power...

There is a live traditional band dressed in traditional clothes, singing on a stage and after that marching down the high street, so I hang around for a while.

Soon I get disappointed because as soon as the performance is over, the city is deserted! Nobody’s outside! I find a pizza place to fill my stomach and later I get on the bike to return to the hotel…Hm, but for my bad luck, I’ve left my GPS at the hotel and I don`t remember neither the name of the hotel nor its address, so I wander around for about half an hour without finding it!
I am very tired, a little tipsy but I remember that I left a list with the hotels at my place back in Greece. I ring my wife at 1.30 a.m., I wake her up, she finds the list and she gives me the name of the hotel…I find a very polite female cab driver and she leads me to my hotel. I crush on the bed dead tired…This was a lesson for me so as in the future not to forget maps or GPS or hotel names…
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Old 08-30-2011, 11:46 AM   #28
wildbilly OP
I am released...
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Day 8: Lienz-Grossglockner-Zell am See-Gerlos pass-Innsbruck
Today is a great day! The weather is great, my mood is perfect, I say hello to my new friend and I hit the road heading towards Grossglockner!

I am enthusiastic that I am going to ride that route!

I approach the tolls and suddenly I see a group of 8 bikers with Greek plates on their bikes! Wow, I am happy meeting these guys, we say a few words, we pay 19 expensive € and we start ascending.

The nature and the view are great!!!

The road leads to a vast parking space where every type of motorcycle is parked.

When we take off our helmets and gather all together to get properly acquainted, surprise surprise! One of the Greek bikers is an old friend of mine whom I haven´t see for 15 years. We are very happy, we remember the old times (playing music in the same band and getting drunk in rock bars) while admiring the glacier!

Some of my new Greek friends..

My old friend Alexis...

After shopping some souvenirs we start to descent the mountain making a promise to come back!

You can see everu type of wheels on that mountains...

Next stop is the Edelweiss Peak where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the area. Very impressive indeed. It has got a biker´s nest on the observation tower. The altitude is about 2.500 m and I see many cyclists of all age ascending with their bicycles! Very impressive indeed!

Next stop is at Zell am See. The lake is wonderful and I get some rest at a nice lakeside café. People are laying next to the lake harvesting the sun. Some others are sailing in small boats and the scenery is tranquil and clean!

Anyway I go on because there are still many km to cover. I pass Gerlos pass enjoying the nice tarmac but I am in a hurry because it’s getting late and the hotel`s reception in Innsbruck closes at 7 p.m.

I arrive at Innsbruck around 8 p.m. and I find everything closed. Anxious I search for an entrance and I find a paper stuck on a door saying that the key for my room is hidden behind a cactus pot next to the entrance! Searching for the key hundreds of cactus thorns got stuck on my hand! Auch!
After that everything is easy, I rest a bit and get out for a walk around the town. Innsbruck is a very nice city, the center though closes at 11 p.m. so I must be in a hurry if I want to have some dinner. After satisfying my stomach I wander around the city center and I take some photos.

It is obvious that the quality of life here is high, everybody drives a bicycle, the car traffic is low, there are bicycle lanes off course and everything is clean and tidy. Now I must sleep though, tomorrow is going to be a long day…

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The rest is cool !

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Great Pictures!

Hey Wild Billy, thanks for the great pictures man! Very nice trip, very nice indeed! Very cool to meet Greek guys, especially cool that one of them is an old friend!

"From the point of ignition to the final drive
The point of the journey is not to arrive."

Neil Peart
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