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BMW Dealer Ride day-Newcastle NSW

In response to an email they sent me offering their wares, I went to the local BMW pimp the other day. Brisans Motorsickles in Islington, Newcastle NSW. A very new and fine looking dealership, right in the heart of the land of junkies and prostitutes. I bet their security is good.

They had the entire test fleet on offer. I had arrived on my GS. A very windy and gusty day (gusts up to 40kts) even blew my teutonic tractor around a bit. But I got there OK.

The friendly bike shop dude got me to sign my life away that I am responsible for all the worlds woes on some disclaimer form. Yeh yeh. Just giz keys.

No Saturday morning is complete with a sausage sizzle. The Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) were doing the cook up, and I guess their intentions are noble, but the egg and bacon roll was shit.

Lots of Krauty goodness.

Nice dealer man on the left praying that all the test bikes have come back.

Riders briefed, and everything I hate about organised group rides coming to fruitition, I made for my first bike. The BMW S1000RR.

Now I haven't ridden a sports bike in many years and this was the main reason for coming. Haw Haw Haw snort Haw haw....I threw my leg over and hunched over the bike like a truck driver over a Chinese gymnast. Wow. I ranged out to the handle bars: A little different from the GS, but my body wasn't complaining. Flicked the key on and pressed the starter. It had a Remus pipe and sounded hateful. A few throttle blips send the tacho needle flicking around the dial at an alarming rate. This was going to be good. Played with more buttons and stuck the thing in Race Mode, cos, hey, why the fuck not?

Lifted my foot up to the pegs and the bike made a clunk and stalled. Sir has put his foot on the gear lever. Sir will have to bend his legs a lot further to get back to the foot pegs.

That sorted. Off we went. We had to pick through Mayfield and out past Kooragang Island. No photos for this bit as too busy riding, but I found it surprisingly comfortable on the RR. The motor, or "Physics Package" was stunning. The responsiveness to the tiniest input, in comparison to the helm orders I'm used to giving on the GS, nearly brought me undone. The Brembos do not need a handful of brake to slow you. They barely need a finger full.

I got to let it scream over the Stockton Bridge, and it cut through the cross wind easily. Not over taking the dealers lead rider was the greatest challenge (and blowing past him at half the speed of light.)

But the lack of open road and traffic I never got to really wind it out. Not that any of my ham fisted wrangling of the controls would reveal anything about the RR. Well, actually revealed that it will tolerate shit riding to a point, but stands ready to punish you in the cruellest terms.

And BMW has normal indicator switches now? Just after I got used to the old weird ones?

The test route led us back through the streets of Islington. Whilst not the most enjoyable test route, the mix of urban, open road, crappy back road and built up area gave a great representation of what the bike would be like to live with. In a 45 minute ride, anyway.

Once parked and shut down the RR, I proceeded just to say FUCK a lot, and wonder how much I could sell the children for. 193 hp? No reason to doubt that!

The second offering was the other end of the spectrum 1600cc, 6 cylinders, a million tonnes and incredibly techonogical. K1600GTL. And not much change from $40,000.

Man playing with all the pretty buttons.

Where Sir will be plonking his arse. And what a nice place to do so.

Two of the hugest exhaust pipes on the planet. The other K16 has Remus pipes on it and sounded horn.

Doulever front end. One morning, three different suspension systems: Telever (GS) Telescopic Forks (RR) and now Duolver aka Hossack (K16)

Front on, it looks very BMW-ish. Or just big tourers never look exciting.

I was quite content to play with all the pretty buttons and screens but we had to go.

Firing it up: click click Vwompf vwooooooooo.... VWOMPF! VWOMPF! vwooooooo..... as I blipped the throttle. Kinda reminded me of a gas turbine. Smooth and lovely and wonderful.

Clicking it into gear, after finding the pegs much easier than the rocket bike, I rolled forward, realising that I was on such an expensive bike and trying to remember if it was a kidney or lung the dealer was entitled to take if I wrecked the bike.

But the weight dissapeared as we got underway. I fiddled with all the buttons as we wafted along, for that is what this splendid machine does. Being towards the back of the pack this time gave me some more space.

This thing is VERY enjoyable. The huge screen went up and down as I pressed that button. I managed to put the heated grips and seat on their hottest settings and couldn't get them off again. I cranked up the stereo, but got stuck on some shit radio channel. The speakers struggled in the heavy cross winds, but the bike did not get blown around as much as expected. Clever German bastards.

The only time I noticed the weight of the bike was when we stopped to bunch up the riders again and the solid ground I thought I was putting my foot on was actually a pot hole. A slight OHFUCK was spoken.

I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of my brief time on the K16. Endless syrupy power, great handling (but I think ground clearance could bring you undone, I touched a footpeg going around a round about and I wasn't really trying).

We picked our way through the streets to the BMW bike pimps lair. A thoroughly good morning was had. A pocket full of brochures and some thank yous to the blokes at the shop. Thanks Brisans, I had beaut time.


S1000RR- It would treat me with contempt for the rest of my life if I had one. But a brutal marvel of engineering. Dunno if its any good on gravel.

K1600GTL- As big as a house, and about the same price, but sensational. The mind boggles as to where they can put that motor. Maybe a K1600R or S? I'll Probably buy one when the kids leave home.

Brisans- A bloody good bunch.

17- inch front tyres- feel like scooter wheels after riding 19 inch fronted adventure bikes for too many years.

Scenery: That blurry stuff on the side of the road.

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