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Old 10-07-2011, 09:53 PM   #31
swamp OP
U lie&yo'breff stank
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Joined: Feb 2007
Location: lower appalachia, Alabama
Oddometer: 1,899
Wink The Quest for Entelecheia: Day 5 Nevada

Day Five: Nevada Desert, Mountains, Canyons, Beauty and Oddness.
Im going to show you some pictures that will make you think of Nevada in a different way. It really is a beautiful state. The only way you can see it in this way is to follow creek beds, canyons, sand and rocks... so here we go.

I reluctantly get out of the hammock around 7:00. I Feel well rested.
its cold. Last night Dark blue clouds rolled in and dropped sleet and rain.
Heavy gusts of wind for about 3 hours then everything died. silence .. except for the coyotes.

I cook up a cup of Oats, pack up my camp, apply my athletes foot cream, body armor and enduro boots.

The extra weight of the MSR Fuel Bottle in my backpack has to go. its bothering me.
so i dump the contents of the bottle into the gas tank.

Today i will be going up mountains ,down mountains, through long stretches of desert wilderness, washes, and canyons. I dont have a stopping point / destination. Ill stop when i run out of energy and patience.

first on my list was to leave the ghosted mining town of Union in my dust...

I ride through Union Canyon.
Large, plastic like bushes. i love that green color. the yellows are nice too. some of these bushes / plants smell like wet dogs. some have a repulsive sweet smell that makes me gag.

the canyon pass trail is filled with deep sand and at times turns into a creek bed filled with rocks. its a fun , interesting ride.

I come to a section that opens up. there i find this old car filled with bullet holes. how it arrived here i can only imagine. i like to think of a couple good ol' boys were out high on 'shine and believing each other's lies one night. the passenger talks the driver into taking his car into the canyon. later .. the driver feels like an idiot and is pissed off at the passenger for daring him.

the Canyon trail spills out right onto the Yomba Shoshone Native American Reservation.

Im heading far into the desert after this point so i need to get as much gas as possible now.
I see 3 tanks lifted into the air on stilts. After doing a ride by i see the first one reads "off road diesel ". the second one reads "diesel" and the third one reads... "diesel".

there is a large metal building. white. rounded on top.
guy inside dicking with a trailer tongue. trying to dig the jammed latch out or something.

me: "hey man, do you know where i can buy some unleaded gas ?"
man: "see that building over there that looks like a gymnasium ?
they can help you there"

so i ride over to the building. go in.

big fucking Native guy. probably 6ft 6" 300lbs. has a tiny child voice.
telling the lady behind the counter that he lost all his money last week and needs a job breaking rocks , anythings yadda yadda
they both look at me.

me: "do you have any unleaded gasoline ?"
lady: "yea i can help you with that"

back to the 3 large, lifted tanks.

we go to the one in the middle.

me: "my bike cant run on diesel ma'am"
lady: "oh this is an old Indian trick. we write "diesel" on all the tanks so that nobody steels our unleaded at night. only we know which one has unleaded. this one is unleaded".

hmm. neat trick.
fill up. fill out the ladys log book with my name address and phone number.

Head out:

at this point im still on the Yomba Shoshone Tribe's Land.
I meet a white truck going the opposite direction.
3 guys get out in "advantage" camo with guns... then turn and start
hiking up the mountain to do some hunting.

can you see their truck from here ?

Im pretty sure this place was not meant to be disturbed.
so I didnt go investigate. I think it is a tomb or ritual cave.

Nearing Ophir Summit.

for the next few hours i will be riding through the Arc Dome Wilderness area

now, its time to go over the top of the mountain then ride it down into the
canyon below i wonder whats down there ?

On the way down i find this bush full of berries. they smell poisonous so i dont eat them. im interested in them because these do not grow in alabama... in fact. nearly all the plants around me do not grow in alabama.

Down into the canyon i discover some old buildings. I imagine one is an old church. one looks like it may have been a saloon and then there are a few tiny homes.

deep in a desert canyon: Arc Dome Wilderness NV

out of the canyon now.
I stop for lunch (Cliff "builders" peanut butter flavor protein bar)

This is the view from where Im standing

As you can see. if you try to cross nevada in the dirt (which im trying) you must go through large sections of desert, then hit a mountain , find a way over or through the mountain, then go through the desert. .. repeat repeat repeat. its really cool riding.

so i head through the desert. feeling good about well... everything.

every moto-trip ive been on there is a day where the switch gets thrown and i become the trip. the anxiety disappears. its "the fall in".
today was the day of "the fall in".

after riding for a while i came to a small town.

when you are in a desert.. you buy gas when you can get it. even if you dont need it. never say: "well ... ive got half a tank.. im ok". no , fill that fucker up god damn it because if you dont you Will run out.

so, i come to this small town.
sign reads "carvers, gas.." hell .. you read it :

the first step to the door reads "Badass"

I walk inside

now. ive come to yet another mountain range.
have to try to either go over them or through them.
i first try to go over them.

find a trail that leads into a valley.

i come upon a man a woman a teenage girl and a teenage boy.
they are in the valley cutting down scrubby trees that look like overgrown
juniper for firewood.

me " do you know if this trail will take me over the mountain "
man: " not sure, we dont go back there"

me : "ok thanks !"

so i ride to the top of the mountain. lots of creek beds, uphill switchbacks rocks and more rocks.

i find a giant solar panel connected to some kind of antennae.

i go over the summit and start trying to get down in the valley.
I find this stuff:

the path closes out. everything is covered in that juniper desert tree gnarly weed. so i get off the bike and start hiking around. scouting for a way down.

i spot this old mine

video of me scouting around for a possible pass through..and talking to myself :

ah.. shit. i cant get through. pisses me off. spent all that time finding a way around those fences and following dead ends ... just to get to this ULTIMATE dead end. meh. i ride back down. meet the woodcutters again. "you guys know about that old mine thats on the other side of the mountain, just past the summit ?" them: "nah, .. there is an old mine back there ?"

so i go back out, then ride to the next valley over. maybe i can pass through these mountains instead of trying to go Over them.. jeez (Glad i got gas even though i didnt need it ).

this time i made it through. ha haaa!

and what was on the other side of the mountains ? you guessed it.
more desert. loooong stretch of desert. deep sand. absolutely beautiful landscapes. ooey gooey eyeballs. ooey gooey eyeballs.

most of Nevada is "open range", no fences. the cattle , horses just roam free.

this is a heard of wild mustangs. not sure if you can see how long their hair is. but man, they were awesome. just running around free in a painted dream world.

well .. then what? you say.
well then if i wanted to continue East (which i did want to) i had to cross another set of mountains. (at this point the novelty was wearing off quickly)

so i headed into the canyon to try to pass through the mountains.

at this point i was nearly at reserve, AND on my way to blaze blindly into another canyon to "make a pass".. lol at making a pass. so i was slightly er.. apprehensive. yes. just slightly

copied directly from my ride journal:
"something about Nevada that makes the mind drift toward the stars. so much contrast from the desert the mountains and the sky. so much empty space filled with distance that is unoccupied by humans and void of water."

so i get back into this canyon.. like deep deep into the In-zone of this mo'fo.

i start weaving through these trees. the trees keep getting tighter. then i start seeing these mine shafts. i nearly rode right into this one.

the trees close in too much. i start to worry too much about my gas and the decreasing amount of daylight. the shadows were getting pretty long at this point.

these next few pictures is what i had ridden myself into. this is what i was surrounded by:

so i aborted and followed my tracks out of the desert forest ( desert forest?)

i hit a highway hoping that when i ran out of gas a car would help me out.

at this point it was dark and i was CERTAIN i was going to run out of gas.

getting cold. loud god damn wind noise. had to change from mirror goggles to clear safety glasses. wind going directly into my tear ducts. irritated. .. i had run out of patience but not gas.

i run a "natural" tank so i can see exactly how much gas i have. i couldnt stop looking at it.

then i see a town coming up that wasnt even on my GPS unit



looks like a bar.

i go into the bar.
me to bartender: " got any gas"
bartender: " yea we sell it out of 5 gallon cans. its $10 / gallon. gotta buy 5 gallons"
me: "sell it to me.... got any beer?"

so i sit down and have a beer and order a cheeseburger.

i see this guy keep looking at me. he is dressed different than everyone else around here. most people are dressed like truckers and farmers t-shirt , jeans , ball-caps (you know). this guy is wearing a tie. looks slightly "not right" in a shifty eyed way.

bartender brings me another beer.
"guy over there bought you this"
me: "ok"

guy comes over.

guy: "do you know where you are ?"
me : ".. uh Rachael nevada ?"
guy: " you know where you are....?"

me: "mm.. no . where are we?"
guy: "AREA 51 is a few miles down that dirt road right outside that door"
me: "what ?"

guy keeps buying me beer.
im thinking: this guy wants to get me drunk , tie me down, cover me in lotion , cut open my stomach , hook my intestines then spool them out of me onto a giant wooden thimble.

guy: how old do you think i am?
me: er. . you look about 48 or 52
guy: yea.. ive been here for a while. but i look pretty young.
im really 923 years old.
me: are you serious ? are you fucking with me?
guy: no, let me the story of how i found this place.
i was in the Arizona desert. i met an Indian Shaman who gave me an Eagle feather and told me to come HERE. I have been here ever since.


... yea hellllooooo Captain InsanO

so ,
I ended up staying in this old trailer behind the bar.
there was some big fat sweaty fucker in there on the couch.
i slept with my knife next to my pillow. I had obviously landed at the clown farm.

next time, the quest continues. ARIZONA, replacing parts and other minor adjustments


Enduro Earth

off the grid and deep in the woods

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Old 10-07-2011, 11:26 PM   #32
Mr Sleazy
Gnarly Adventurer
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Joined: Apr 2007
Location: Vancouver BC
Oddometer: 120
VERY well done, excellent choice of route, landscape, photography, top notch.

Photos below:

The first is a mining adit (horizontal entrance), with tailings spilling out of the entrance.

Next two photos show a rosehip (fruit left after the flower finishes) from a wild rose, they are edible and also make good tea.

Keep it up please~!


Im pretty sure this place was not meant to be disturbed.
so I didnt go investigate. I think it is a tomb or ritual cave.

Brian Pegg
Vancouver, BC
Husky TE510
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Old 10-08-2011, 03:21 AM   #33
Moto Psycho
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Joined: Feb 2007
Location: Far Nor-Cal
Oddometer: 98
Great RR so far swamp. Excellent pics and videos. The one with the guy in Area 51 is hillarious. What video camera do you use? Keep the RR coming. Looking forward to the next installment....
If it has t*ts or tires, you're gonna have problems....
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Old 10-08-2011, 05:09 AM   #34
Joe Shimano
Gnarly Adventurer
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Joined: Apr 2009
Location: Down to the water line
Oddometer: 370
I know who found your Eye Dropper....
2009 SUZUKI DR-Z 400S
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Old 10-08-2011, 05:28 AM   #35
Sir Crash A Lot!
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Dude this is just BAD ASS!!
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Old 10-08-2011, 05:41 AM   #36
swamp OP
U lie&yo'breff stank
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Joined: Feb 2007
Location: lower appalachia, Alabama
Oddometer: 1,899

Originally Posted by Joe Shimano View Post
I know who found your Eye Dropper....

Mr. Sleezy, Thanks for clearing that up for me. i appreciate it.
love the info about the rosehip and the mining adit.
again, thank you sir.

nice to have you along for the Ride Report

I run a Drift 170x camera. its not an HD camera. It has a remote control. It takes 2 AA batteries. i love it.
same camera i used in baja, costa rica. the only thing i dont like about it is that it makes the obstacles look puny.
Enduro Earth

off the grid and deep in the woods

swamp screwed with this post 10-08-2011 at 05:51 AM
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Old 10-08-2011, 08:52 PM   #37
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Joined: May 2007
Location: Northwest Ozarks
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Swamp --
What sprockets were you running on this trip?
-- alonzo
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Old 10-09-2011, 05:43 AM   #38
swamp OP
U lie&yo'breff stank
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Joined: Feb 2007
Location: lower appalachia, Alabama
Oddometer: 1,899

Originally Posted by alonzo View Post
Swamp --
What sprockets were you running on this trip?
-- alonzo

15 T front and 53T rear (what i use for single track riding in alabama) running 110/100 rear tires
top speed was 54mph... and thats going downhill with the motor screaming.
so my average speed was probably around 20-30mph.. maybe slower.

Enduro Earth

off the grid and deep in the woods
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Old 10-09-2011, 06:08 AM   #39
Beastly Adventurer
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Location: alabama
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great pics man, and quick thinking on the helmet cam... better duplicate your youtube account before some civil rights folk say you've violated an alien and demand take down lol
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Old 10-10-2011, 05:20 PM   #40
Throttle Jockey™
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Dude, after doing 600+ miles on the XT225 this weekend I thought about you.. I think you have picked the perfect bike for your ride. You are the man with one lean mean machine!
Learn to ride. Ride to learn.
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swamp OP
U lie&yo'breff stank
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Location: lower appalachia, Alabama
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Wink The Quest for Entelecheia

Tuesday 9/13/2011

I wake up really early. I feel dirty from sleeping in the bed. it had sweat stains
on the sheets.

these were the pictures that hung on the walls of the room

It was pretty chilly when i walked outside. I think it was around 7:00

My front sprocket was wearing out. big pile of metal shavings beneath it.
"hell yea, im going to wear this bitch out ". something satisfying about that.

I head out.

Something white catches my eye off to the right.
Strange because there was a whole lot of nothing and then this white thing. hard to miss. I walk up to it . its bullet-proof .. however its not redneck proof.

im thinking: " hey, thats that secret drop box thing from those alien movies and conspiracy shows ". ...

so i ride that bitch..

the natives had erected a silver ET.
it didnt have balls or a penis so it must have been a statue of a female ET.

I arrive at the "knotty Pine" . a breakfast joint in the town of Calliente NV.
Old town that sprung up around a Rail Road station a long time ago.

Women here like to wear 80's perms 1/2 blonde half brown , stone washed jeans , leopard print, silk shirts that tie in front. Red lips red nails ... you know the "lot lizard " look.

but god damn it, they sure know how to make a coma inducing breakfast.
And THAT my friends.. is sexy

3 pancakes
2 eggs over easy
2 sausage patties
hash browns

This breakfast surely would have killed a lesser man...
such as a Frail, Aids Ridden, African child

filled their crapper up to the rim then hit the road feeling , healthy ?

Echo Canyon "state recreation area "

Riding through the desert then into a small shrubby tree wooded canyon area . i miss a turn and ride at least 30 minutes in the wrong direction fun riding though. the whole time being rained on. not heavy just persistent. some rattling sound driving me crazy.

pretty through here. lots of trails branching off.

Piece of shit TrailTech Endurance computer is falling apart. garbage . waste of money. not angry. funny they call it an "endurance computer".

I ride into the town of Modena Utah

my sprocket is making a crunching sound.. crrchik crrchik crrchik
"i wonder if this thing is ever going to give up ?"

The little town has a Post office / Gas Station that have both been abandoned.

i spend about 20 minutes looking around, taking pictures and eating a protein bar. i see no one and hear nothing. i like this town.

i ride through the town.

I see an older woman working on a big, brown old kawasaki

so i pull in to her drive way.

she lives across the street from this old place:

she had Burning Man memorabilia tied to her chain link fence and nailed to her home. i could tell she was very attractive about 30 years ago.
super nice lady.

i asked her if she had any WD40.

she spun the rear wheel while i hosed the chain down.

asked her if she had gone to Burning Man this year.
turned out that this was the first year she had missed the event.

I stop near Vayo Volcano. sprocket is chipping teeth now. crunchy critter.
crunchy critter. i call information 1411 . looking for a yamaha dealer near St.George. I find one called Motozoo. call them and order another 15T front sprocket. It will take 2 days for the sprocket to arrive at their shop.. cool. ill just hang out in Snow Canyon for a while, do some bike maintenance and a needed re-rejet.

i ride into St. George
make a stop at the local Auto Zone to do an oil change.
then go pick up a few beers and a can of pork n beans.

I head to Snow Canyon State Park.
Find a good camp site next to the canyon wall with lots of shade.
perfect for my hammock.

I cook up the Pork n' Beans and conduct a side-by-side-taste-test-comparison between Modelo Especial and Coors while listening to Russian Circles on my phones MP3 player.

Conclusion of the Entelecheia Taste Test Comparo:

Coors is a better product and has so much more going for it than the Modelo :
1. vented wide mouth can
2. bolder thicker taste
3. a specific origin "Golden, Colorado" Modelo is simply "Hecho in Mexico"
4. Coors has Mountains on the can. Modelo has some stupid old building on their can.

Im delightfully surprised to catch a pretty good buzz off the 48oz combo.

my view of Snow Canyon State Park

by the time i had finished writing in my travel journal it was dark.

on the way back to the campsite i was dragging my feet like the cave man i am.. and happened to kick something which made a familiar "big bolt bounding across the ground " sound. i picked it up and set it on a picnic bench to examine in the morning.

_________________________________ ------ -_-_---_ ___**

Wednesday 9 /14 /2011

the next morning i woke up cooked up my special "ADV Oats"

and got to working on the bike.

copied from my travel journal "the real ride report" :

"As I sit here smoking , drinking and eating candy bars. I believe that the Great Wolf Spirit of Motorcycle Adventure made me stop in this canyon. To find this motor mount bolt and Repair the bike so that i may continue on my quest"

The bolt that i kicked across the ground last night

I cant believe it just fell out right next the bike.

its the bolt that my fucking motor hangs from

im pretty sure one of the reasons i found it was because i made this Voodoo Creeper and hung it from the tree yesterday before nightfall. I made it to keep away Skin Walkers and evil "blair witch project " demons. ..yea i know you think im a hippie or something now but.... kiss my ass it worked.

Carburetor Settings:
start of ride-no snorkel , 42.5 pilot, 130 Main

settings for Utah and Colorado
changed the main to 127.5

the carburetor bowl was filled with lots of dirty vagina. so i cleaned that out pretty good too.

ran awesome after that.

next time :
Arizona and Escalante Wilderness areas and front sprocket gets FUBARed

Swamp (DGravlee)

Enduro Earth

off the grid and deep in the woods

swamp screwed with this post 10-11-2011 at 07:04 PM
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Old 10-11-2011, 07:00 PM   #42
Joined: Sep 2006
Location: NV
Oddometer: 34
Good stuff! Your descriptions of Nevada are spot on. I've explored much of the terrain you covered! Really digging the surreal look of your photos.
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Old 10-11-2011, 07:30 PM   #43
Envoy to Strongbadia
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Location: Spokane, WA
Oddometer: 243

Great idea and very cool ride report. What effect are you using on your photos? Very well done sir.
1975 R75/6
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swamp OP
U lie&yo'breff stank
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Joined: Feb 2007
Location: lower appalachia, Alabama
Oddometer: 1,899
Originally Posted by twizzler View Post
Good stuff! Your descriptions of Nevada are spot on. I've explored much of the terrain you covered! Really digging the surreal look of your photos.

hey thanks. thats kind how i see everything.

there sure is a lot of stuff to explore in Nevada. that place creeps me out!

so rugged out there... AND NO FRIGGIN GAS ! what the hell !?

im going back during the summer to explore the northwest part of it.
Enduro Earth

off the grid and deep in the woods
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swamp OP
U lie&yo'breff stank
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Joined: Feb 2007
Location: lower appalachia, Alabama
Oddometer: 1,899
Wink The Quest for Entelecheia

A short video of some down time being had at snow canyon state park.



Enduro Earth

off the grid and deep in the woods
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