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blaster11 OP
Where to go......
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Joined: May 2008
Location: Southern Maryland
Oddometer: 7,157
SoMD Adventure Riders Continental Divide ride 2012 (planning phase)

Start point: Maryland
Time frame: 29 June - 22 July
Duration: 3 weeks (24 days)
Total mileage (approx): 8600 miles door to door
Direction: South (Mexico border) to North, (Canadian border) maybe a bit further(Banff).
Accommodations: Probably a bit of camping and a bit of hotel, guesstimate about every 3 days hitting a hotel to freshen up.
Participants: 6
How to get to the start: Riding!

Actual trip information
Departure date/time: June 29 @0900 hrs
Meeting/departure location: Wawa in Dahlgren VA.

1. Blaster11: R1200GSA Riding out
2. Dorito: F798GS (Twin) Riding out
3. EOD3MC: 990 Adventure Riding out
4. Joints4sale: R1200 GSA Riding out
5. RFlagg42: F800GS Riding out
6. Lakota: F800GS Riding out

Plan as of 12 May 2012

Planning meetings
December 10th, Fredericksburg, VA
Panera Bread
1760 Carl D. Silver Parkway
Fredericksburg, VA 22404
(540) 785-3411 - Phone

January 14th, Baltimore/Annapolis area
Panera Bread
3931 Town Center Boulevard
Bowie, MD 20716

February 5th
Panera Bread
1760 Carl D. Silver Parkway
Fredericksburg, VA 22404
(540) 785-3411 - Phone

0900 start time
March 10th
Panera bread
3 Shining Willow Way
La Plata, MD 20646
(301) 934-8204 - Phone
0900 start time

April 14th
May 12th
Panera bread
3 Shining Willow Way
La Plata, MD 20646
(301) 934-8204 - Phone
0900 start time

And the Last one June 9th
Panera bread
3 Shining Willow Way
La Plata, MD 20646
(301) 934-8204 - Phone

0900 start time
Length of meeting: 2 hours or until we are done or ready to ride
Locations: TBD

Colorado Mountain pass information:

Rawhyde physical fitness link:

Ride reports:

A little motivation from Cannonshots ride report, Banff.

A little extra motivation.

Aspen Alley, Wyoming

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blaster11 OP
Where to go......
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Joined: May 2008
Location: Southern Maryland
Oddometer: 7,157
Trip cost

Gas: Based on 8600 miles @ $3.50 per gallon average
40 MPG: $752
45 MPG: $668
50 MPG: $602
55 MPG: $547
60 MPG: $501

Lodging: $50.00 average per night
5 nights: $250.00
10 nights:$500.00
15 nights: $750.00

Food: Lets just say $25.00 per day, it may be more or less depending on what you carry and your eating habits.
14 days: $350.00
21 days: $525.00

Trip total cost: (too many combination's but you get the idea)
Total 14 day trip: Gas $752.00 + 7 nights (50%) of hotel $350.00 + Food $350.00 = $1452.00
Total 21 day trip: Gas $752.00 + 10 nights (47%) of hotel $500.00 + Food $525.00 = $1777.00

Gas: If you can't go 240 miles fully loaded on a tank you may want look at ways to carry additional fuel. This should leave us a bit of a safety margin. Apparently there are a few spots where you have to go 225 miles or so before fill up!
Riding gear (weather): wide swings in temperature and conditions, choose wisely!
Tires: Personal choice but a knobby would probably be a reasonable choice, something like a TKC.
Maintenance: Make sure all your checks and services are up to date, we are talking about a 8000+ mile trip.
Credit card/ATM: Call your bank and let them know you will be out of the local area with lots of gas charges (may save you/us some problems)
Spare key (mandatory)
Gas can
First Aid kit (mandatory)
Maps and/or GPS
Bug spray and/or bug net
Medication: Please bring what you need plus a little extra just in case something happens
Cell phone (?)
Satellite phone (?)
Calling card (?)
Flashlight/headlamp with spare batteries
SPOT satellite tracker (optional), I will have mine.
Something to clean helmet visor/windscreen
Tire repair (tools to remove wheel, spoons, patches, plugs, tubes, bead breaker, compressor/CO2 cartridges, etc)

Make your own packing list:
Additional U build it checklists:
Emergency medical form: (Mandatory for everyone)

Monitor Fire Activity here:
Wunderground Map
USA Forest ServiceGoogle Maps

blaster11 screwed with this post 06-27-2012 at 05:46 PM Reason: Updated trip costs based on updated mileage
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blaster11 OP
Where to go......
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Joined: May 2008
Location: Southern Maryland
Oddometer: 7,157
Wingmates Needing Wingmates!

While I am happy to maintain a post of folks looking for wingmates to help others, I am unable to accommodate additional folks on our actual journey. Either PM me, or post it on the thread, and I will bring the info into this post. Here's some basic info that might help folks sort out possibilities:

Name (screen name fine)
2.) Steed of choice for trip
3.) Tires you plan to use (really just curious)
4.) Do you have any helmet communications gear (FRS, SCALA, etc.)
5.) Preferred lodging (camping, hotels, don't care, or would like some combination of camping/lodging)
6.) Maximum length of trip you can do (14 days, 21 days, or unlimited time)
7.) Preferred dates for trip (15 September - 02 August as an example)

1. GeckoRider (Curtis), F800GS,TKC80, No coms, could pick up a radio, Mixed camping, cheap hotel to clean up/dry off. Probably 3 days camping at least, Flexible time about 3-4 weeks, Late June, early July

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blaster11 OP
Where to go......
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Joined: May 2008
Location: Southern Maryland
Oddometer: 7,157
We will be starting near the Mexico border. I am also attaching BigDogs GPX file...thanks!

Idaho/Montana section

Wyoming section

Colorado section

New Mexico

Attached Files
File Type: gpx BigDogs CD Ride.gpx (1.21 MB, 308 views)

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blaster11 OP
Where to go......
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Joined: May 2008
Location: Southern Maryland
Oddometer: 7,157
So I just updated my Campwhere app on my iPod and it looks like they have added a few should come in handy on the trip, lots of information.
Here is a link if you want to check it out.

Here is a short description:
Campwhere helps you locate and reserve public campgrounds all over the US and Canada. Find the amenities you want, view reliable maps, pull up directions, and get a reservation phone number, all in one app.

Campwhere provides detailed information on over 10,000 public campgrounds in the United States and Canada. These include all car-accessible US and Canadian National Parks, National Forests, Corps of Engineers, TVA, BLM, State Parks, State Forests, State Recreation Areas, Canadian Provincial Parks, County and City campgrounds. Campwhere operates on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Much useful information is accessible even without an Internet connection.

All campgrounds are accurately mapped, providing reliable latitude/longitude and coordinate-based road directions. Campwhere is integrated with the Navigon iPhone App for off-line routing. Most campgrounds have details such as phone numbers, RV hookups, reservations, current and forecasted weather, elevation and more. Web links and phone numbers are provided for further information.

Well over half of all public campgrounds DO NOT accept reservations – Campwhere is the only app that tells you which do and which don’t and provides a reservation phone number and direct link to the appropriate reservation web site.
Campwhere does not include privately owned campgrounds.

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blaster11 OP
Where to go......
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Joined: May 2008
Location: Southern Maryland
Oddometer: 7,157
Tentative Lodging/Campsites

Mon: 2-Jul-12
Albuquerque, NM
Residence Inn Albuquerque North
4331 The Lane at 25 N.E. Albuquerque, NM 87109 1-505-761-0200
$81 (Gov Rate)
Yes-Canx NLT 1600 on 6/3
Walking distance to dealership

Tue: 3-Jul-12

Deming, NM
La Quinta Inn & SuitesDeming
4300 East Pine StDeming, NM 880301-575-546-0600
$60 (Gov rate)
yes-Canx NLT 1800 6/4

Wed: 4-Jul-12
20 miles south of Grant, New Mexico
El Malpais National Monument
N34.99641 W108.09319 (west side)N34.83782 W107.91338 (east side)
Free, need pass
West side PrimitiveEast side/RT53 Vault tolietsThe National Park Service also allows primitive camping, but a free permit is required. This can be obtained at El Malpais Information Center on NM 53.

Thu: 5-Jul-12
Elk Creek, CO
Spectacle Lake
N37.16752 W106.43829
BathroomsOn fly fishing river

Fri: 6-Jul-12
Brekenridge, CO
Camp Selkirk
N39.37251 W105.95138

Sat: 7-Jul-12
Saratoga, WY

Sun: 8-Jul-12
Pinedale, WY
Freemont lake camping
N42.94659 W109.79101
Drinking WaterVault toiletsOn Lake

Mon: 9-Jul-12
Signal Mountain

Tue: 10-Jul-12
Gravelly Range
N44.80069 W111.91562

Wed: 11-Jul-12
Camp Elk Park
N46.17082 W112.35168

Thu: 12-Jul-12
Seeley Lake
N47.19169 W113.51778

Fri: 13-Jul-12
Camp Rock Lake
N48.82264 W115.00969

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blaster11 OP
Where to go......
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Joined: May 2008
Location: Southern Maryland
Oddometer: 7,157

This is where I will show the gear I am taking: bike gear, riding gear, clothes, camping gear, tools, electronics, and miscellaneous stuff which takes up space.
Bike gear
Tank bag: Wolfman
Luggage: BMW Adventure bags and Aerostich waterproof bags

Riding gear
Helmet: Shoei - Hornet Dual sport
Jacket: Aerostich Darien without armor (doubles as rain gear)
Armor: Bohn Crusader heavy-duty armored shirt
Pants: Aerostich Darien with knee and hip pads (doubles as rain gear)
Boots: Sidi Adventure rain
Rain gloves:

Under pants: LD comfort riding shorts (x2)
Moisture wicking shirts (x2)
Riding socks (x2)
Lightweight hiking pants which double as shorts
Wool long sleeve shirt for cold days/sleeping

Camping gear
Tent: MSR??
Sleeping bag:
Cot: Luxurylite
Cook stove: MSR??

Tire spoons (x3)
12v electric air pump
Stock hand pump under seat
Tire gauge
Tire plug kit with spares
Dual sport portable jack stand (no center stand on bike)

Camera: Olympus Stylus1030 SW (waterproof/shockproof)
GPS: Zumo 550
Communications: Scala G4 (modified for ear plugs)
SPOT satellite tracker with extra batteries
Laptop for trip updates

Miscellaneous stuff
First aid kit
Cleaning kit for windscreen/helmet/goggles
Powdered drink mixes (Gatorade/Kool Aid)
Baby wipes
Trail mix and jerky for a quick snack
Headlamp with spare batteries
Charger/s for electronics

blaster11 screwed with this post 06-09-2012 at 07:59 AM Reason: updated list
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blaster11 OP
Where to go......
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Joined: May 2008
Location: Southern Maryland
Oddometer: 7,157
Meeting minutes from 5 Feb 2012
Planning meeting
Date: 5 Feb
Time: 08:30
Location: Fredericksburg, VA
Panera Bread

--Michub has thrown his name in the hat, and will be going.
--Mid winter bike upgrades are progressing. Some of us took "upgrade" to imply total disassembly There is great enthusiasm though all around!
--There is a desire to maximize camping while on the CDR itself. The first night will be primitive (no facilities). For the most part all other nights, are at improved sites most of which will also have water. Some even full-service pay showers. Please check post #6. Hotel reservations can be canx in most cases until day of check-in.
--Only two stretches have been ear-marked as long runs for anybody not on a GSA. Those occur on Day 1 of the trail between Silver City, NM and Grants. Distance is estimated around 245 miles. Your options are to carry gas or to divert 20 miles off trail and pick of gas west of Pie Town (Quemado)
The second questionable distance occurs Abiquiu, NM and Rio Grande, CO (Day 2 of trail). Approx distance 175 miles. Gas is also avail approx 20 miles off trail (about 1/2 through in Chama)
Gas is not anticipated as any issue after those days.
--Sticker quantity was confirmed at 100 total.
--Jax stated the cutoff date for his item is 15 March. Please don't delay. If you missed the meeting, please PM Jax for the requirements.
--The next meeting (10 Mar) will be back in So Md. Place TBD. Please bring your first aid kit to show to others. Also, please bring your GPS unit if you think you will need help loading files so we can see what needs to happen.

--Open actions as follows:

1) Michub needs to submit his contact info and bike list
2) Need to GPX file the suggested route home . J4S has posted a suggested route on the google docs page
3) Need to ensure that the Cannonshot files are small enough by day etc to fit on the GPS. I will check the files for Zumo 550/650 users. Others (e.g. Delorme) users will need to do this themselves as I understand they don't load GPX files.
4) Dana/Jax need to identify ship to points in ABQ, NM and also MT for tire shipments
5) Looking for a location for April meeting. Would like to have everyone bring their packout so we can all look at the stuff folks are bringing.

Meeting minutes
Planning meeting
Date: 12 November
Time: 08:30
Location: La Plata, MD
Panera Bread

Trip dates verified as good: 30 June - 22 July

Start point agreed to: Near Mexico border

End point: A little vague right now...some Canadian border, some Banff, some most likely earlier than that, we will just need to verbalize our intentions to everyone as soon as possible.

Start of day, meaning on the road: Between NLT 0730 and 0800

- EOD3MC will be trailering with Jax
- Multiple SPOT trackers will be used for not only family situational awareness, allow other team members to catch up, but also if separated plan for rendezvous points.
- Most riders will be using some form of Communication device; Scala G4 as an example
- Most if not all riders will be using a GPS of some type.
- Need to identify drop off location for Jax's truck and trailer.
- Dana is going to work with Cannonshot's .gpx file to fine tune for our needs...probably very little needed as its already outstanding.
- Need to figure out a file format which will be useable by the guys with the DeLorme GPS's.
- Blaster is not the leader but a contributing member as everyone else.
- Erik will be bringing along his portable HotSpot, as long as he has cell service it should work really well.
- For those needing a tire change prior to starting the CD we will most likely accomplish this in Albuquerque.
- Tires as usual are very much still being discussed.
- Will most likely use Google Docs for sharing miscellaneous files and such.
- I will add a spreadsheet to Google docs which will need to be filled out by each member with personal contact information so we can better facilitate planning within the team. Like real name in case emergency responders would like to know...just kidding!
- Most plan to camp with hotels about every 3 days or so to freshen up a bit, those who camp the whole way we will work out allowing usage of showers in case none are available.
- Starting to plan for different time schedules on different days...meaning if I want to stay an extra day in a location to explore how that would effect others on the team and what responsibility does the team have to that rider. These are just some of the dynamics which are being discussed.
- Discussion on personal conditioning and what will be needed to operate at high altitude for a couple of weeks effectively.
- Erik is working some MedJet assist options
- Need to investigate if the guy who gave the first aid/CPR class at Morton's would be willing to give an actual hands on class and what the cost would be.

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blaster11 OP
Where to go......
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Joined: May 2008
Location: Southern Maryland
Oddometer: 7,157
Bike preparations

Blaster11: R1200GSA
Pre-filter for air filter: Done
Tow strap: Done
Wire power outlet plug directly to battery for air compressor use Done
Replace final drive: Done
Standard Maintenance

Dorito: F798GS
Chain guide: (BRP): In house just needs installed
Woody's wheels (spokes): Done
Adventure Cycle Map set: Done
GPS upgrade: Done
Front Springs: Done
Ricor Intiminators: Done
Sprocket/engine guard: Done
ABS Interrupt/Overide Switch/cable: Done
Standard maintenance 2 parts remain to order
Purchases Remaining:
Knob tires--Arrived
Odyssey battery--Done

EOD3MC: 990 Adventure
New Bike: Done
Upgrade footpegs: Done
Replace tires (sometime before leaving):
Install handlebar risers: Done
Fabricate fuel storage rack: Done
Validate tool kit:
Validate fuel mapping (Michub assist): Done
Throttle lock: Done

Joints4sale: R1200 GSA
Investigate/diagnose false neutral between 4th and 5th gear: Done
Upgrade seat: Done
Kruz Locker throttle lock: Done
Adventure case wired for power: Done
Rotopax mounted: Done
Purchase drybag: Done
Camera mount: Done

RFlagg42: F800GS
Metal Mule Panniers: Done
Ohlins front suspension: Done
Ohlins rear suspension: Done
Rear shock brace: Done
Sprocket/engine guard: Done
Woody's wheels: Done

Lakota: F800GS
Kruz Locker: Done
Battery: Done
Tires: (scheduled for Albuquerque)
Shocks: (investigating)
Mudsling rear splash guard:Done
Sprocket/engine guard: Done

blaster11 screwed with this post 06-09-2012 at 08:02 AM Reason: Updated list
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What will break next
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Originally Posted by blaster11 View Post
More to come later....
Is it later yet ? ? ?

I think I'm going to wear out my Goldwing's foot pegs before I wear out the tires...
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Gravel Runner
Joined: Jul 2007
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ya must want to ride the gravel road in this photo...

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No. Not "That Kind".
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Erik : IBA #40645---BMW135i FOR SALE<---CLICK
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Wheat State
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Do tell. In!
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Interested and subscribed...
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Scotty P
Funny Like a Clown
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What's going on in here......
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