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Old 10-29-2011, 05:43 AM   #16
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Pics are fabulous. Who needs words with scenery like that.
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Old 10-29-2011, 06:38 AM   #17
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Great dream ride one day....but I thought you said "old guys"....everyone looks young to me
60ish Harley-Davidson Hummer-Ranger (wish I still had it)
68 Sportster- long gone
78 Yamaha DT-400 what fun
2008 KLR650
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Old 10-29-2011, 10:36 AM   #18
OnOff OP
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Obligatory old guy shot

Originally Posted by GoDoMore View Post
Great dream ride one day....but I thought you said "old guys"....everyone looks young to me
Look closely, we got old guys

Sorry Mike
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Old 10-29-2011, 10:49 AM   #19
OnOff OP
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The trip...

OK lets get started

A month or 2 before the trip was to start I caught wind of a slot opening up with some of my friends heading to Moab UT. They had a large trailer to tow a bunch of bikes and a super duty pickup to tow it. Initially they had 6 guys total which is what they figured they could take in the truck while heading west. One of the guys had to bail due to work obligations and I slid into his spot. Better still I had frequent flyer miles for a free round trip. I flew to visit a friend in Fruita Colorado, spent a day with him and he drove me to Moab where I eventually met up with the gang. I paid my portion of fuel and kicked in equal $ to have my bike hauled out there. It also left them with slightly more room in the truck. They hauled straight out and did the trip in about 38 hrs. A mattress in the back of the truck meant they could take turns driving and sleeping and it worked well.

"Skinny Jay" is THE man when it comes to planning these trips. He spent HUGE amounts of time picking routes, going over ride reports, setting up GPS tracks and routes, picking alternate routes, finding a cabin, etc. He is such a planner we got him a Junior Park Ranger badge for our trip.
We figured if we got in trouble on the trip, people would see HE was the ranger and not mess with us.

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Old 10-29-2011, 11:14 AM   #20
OnOff OP
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Day one...

Getting ahead of myself...
Day one with Frank my Colorado friend found us exploring a bit and having some fun with Franks accurate rifles. We would eventually have a look to see if any coyotes were present but none were seen. We DID see some LARGE mountain lion tracks and a smaller set as well. Frank gave me a tour of both some places in CO as well as UT. We went through Onion Creek, Fisher Valley and more scenic spots. Eventually I would also ride these areas with my MD friends.

6000 yr old petroglyphs were pretty cool. How can people even consider tagging these????

Anybody know the story on this ladder? I was on full zoom shooting across a canyon and found it CRAZY. Anybody wanna climb it to the top!

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Old 10-29-2011, 11:38 AM   #21
OnOff OP
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Almost at the cabin...

Occasional OLD coyote sign but no fresh tracks. Still a beautiful day to be out exploring. I was also given some training how to look for Native American artifacts. I was amazed at the # and types of tools/arrowheads that could be found in these areas.

Forgive me if sage and mountains are boring to the guys who LIVE there! grin as an east coaster I fell in love with the mountains, wide open spaces and lack of humans. You could drive for hours and not see another person.

Frank cookin up a breakfast on his home made gizmo grill. Great cowboy breakfast and Frank is a true gentleman. Many thanks for showing me around, making breakfast, talking to me about the history of the area, driving me to Moab on a slipping transmission and smiling the entire way. You, sir, are a great friend.

Slickrock, sure sign we are in the area of Moab!

The view from the cabin area...

An amazing place to stay and well located for our day rides around Moab. A little bit of a hike up Sand Flats Mesa but a fun ride on dirtbike. It adds about 30 mi to your daily rides but the scenery and solitude are great.

Thanks Frank, I greatly appreciate your help. We were probably both saying a prayer his jeep makes it back to CO on its slipping transmission! He made it back without problem.

Nobody at the cabin but me. Nice to have some quiet time to soak in all this beauty. Its just unbelievable. The other guys who were trailering the bikes from PA would arrive much later that evening.

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Old 10-29-2011, 03:45 PM   #22
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This is great...........but..........Ya'll are not that old.

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Old 10-29-2011, 04:56 PM   #23
OnOff OP
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Day one riding...

We had 6 riders and 7 or 8 bikes. A couple spares in case somebody trashed a bike
It turns out nobody wanted to ride the fat girl overloaded KLR so one of the smaller bikes was eventually swapped into the lineup.

The pretty road leaving the cabin and facing the La Sal mountains.

We stopped by the historic Dewey Bridge which I believe was burned down by some kid playing with matches

A suspension bridge without the bridge

On to the first trail in the Moab area. I forget the name and this is why you shouldn't wait 5 months to write up a report. The idea was to ride the easiest trails early in the week so we dont break up bikes on day one. I just followed our fearless leader Skinny Jay who had 2 GPS on his bike. The first one was used to find the second one which had the coordinates to follow.

Skinny Jay on his XR650L. I was also on one and I might add we had ZERO problems with OUR rides The XR650L is about a perfect bike for riding these areas. TONS of ground clearance for the rocks, lots of tractor like torque and easy to haul highway speed a hundred miles if you want to visit a distant trail far from camp.

My XR650L on the left

Patrick takin a turn on the fat girl.
He thought nobody was watching

Not really difficult terrain, just bumpy and a little slippery when stone and silt cover bedrock.

NOBODY was safe from my shutter! LOL

During the entire week I had ONE almost crash and Patrick had a camera ON ME and was filming at the time. Luckily for me, the camera was off when I biffed it. It was sort of a going real fast, come sliding to a sideways stop in the gravel and went just a LITTLE too much at the very end. hahaha Regardless, I am hoping Patrick will add some of his photos to this ride report.

Patrick staying well hydrated while riding Mike's KLR

Mike on Patricks Suzuki

Junior generally rides so fast he blasts THROUGH the rocks

In pretty short order, day one, we separated and eventually linked back up. Next time the last fast rider will wait at the next turn before the slow guys get lost

2 of the FAST riders saluting me the slower rider This universal ADV salute is a sign to go faster.

I'm lovin life...

Getting into some interesting terrain...

Its such an odd feeling for an east coaster to be able to ride for MANY miles and not see any other riders, no houses, NUTHIN. The guys out west are spoiled rotten.

Skinny Jays dual GPS XRL

I guess that was the Kokopelli trail?

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Old 10-29-2011, 05:44 PM   #24
Difficult but Useful
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Nice work!

Brings back a lot of great memories.

What camera?
"Reality is peeking through a keyhole and getting a swift kick in the nuts"
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Old 10-29-2011, 05:55 PM   #25
OnOff OP
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Canon G10

If you want to compare pix with a more recent ride report I just did with the G12, go to...
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Old 10-29-2011, 06:39 PM   #26
OnOff OP
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Next leg was heading to TOP OF THE WORLD.
A nice long trail that just keeps going UP and UP and UP!
Lots of rocks but a fun ride.

Stormtrooper Patrick was always ready to roll

Junior taking a break while we wait for other riders to catch up.

Patrick waiting for us to catch up...

Hmmm, This looks like a GREAT section to wheelie up and Patrick KNOWS how I love to wheelie Sometimes its just easier to hop just the back wheel from rock to rock without having to worry about your front wheel. I had wheelied a little before this and was about to show Patrick how to go up the last part of this on one wheel. Next thing I know he is motioning in extreme hand motions NOT to wheelie, KEEP IT DOWN, SLOW DOWN, and so OK I just went up normally and pulled next to him. UMMMM, its a REAL good thing I didnt speed past Patrick on a wheelie because this is where he was parked...

Had I flown up that rock and wheelied past him I would have discovered the fasted way off Top Of The World Trail
I have no doubt he probably saved me with his arm waving. Lesson learned, Moab has LOTS of precipitous drops and the reward for blowing many turns is often sure death. Thanks Patrick

Parachute anybody?

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Old 10-29-2011, 07:10 PM   #27
OnOff OP
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What a great place to eat lunch. We should have made a subway commercial since we ate Subway sandwiches EVERY day There was a Subway shop where we gassed up in Moab so that was breakfast and lunch every day.

HMMM my gas tank vent tube is gone...

I think Mike is ready for a nap

A video clip of the area...

Pix revealed I had my vent tube near the start of Top of the world and not later. When I got to the bottom first I was waiting for the other guys and got off my bike for a rest. Right where I stopped to rest, I looked down and there was my vent tube. What are the odds!

Its times like this you think about what happens if your clutch cable brakes...

Todd, one happy camper to be on top but we still had to go DOWN!

The wind was whippin up there!

I turned off my engine and coasted downhill to conserve gas. I think I did about the first 5 miles without any engine power. All you heard was your chain, sliding rocks and it was nice and quiet. Lots of fun.

Right here I looked down and found my vent tube that I had lost earlier in the day!

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Old 10-29-2011, 07:18 PM   #28
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I wanted a FUN to ride bike...all ego bar hopper
no chick magnet..just a fun ride...The KLR is it...enjoy it. - Cire99

Track me on my Delorme Inreach SE

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OnOff OP
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Hey PDXBrit

You are about 14 miles from my house if you are at the Inner Harbor!
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Old 10-29-2011, 07:51 PM   #30
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piss off

would have a great photo with the guy pissing while falling off the ledge.
ancient adventurer
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