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Old 03-18-2012, 08:49 PM   #1
Reidy008 OP
I,m in if we go fast
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Joined: Jan 2010
Location: Peoria, AZ
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The stupid things I do when my friends can't ride.

Well sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip, that started on an Africa Twin and end in a recsue trip....

I called a few of my riding buddies and let them know I was going to do an easy big bike ride but alas none were available to join me. I had a great plan and in Arizona you never have to worry about the weather..... or do you

I rode across town and fueled up at the end of Shea Blvd before I started north. The forecast was for rain most of the day and snow in the high elevations but I have a heated vest and heated grips and quite enjoy riding in the elements so no worries.

Here is the first pic of the day... cloud covering a low mountain and dang it's cold.

As I headed north it would appear the chances for snow had been better than I first thought, in the distance I could see a fun trip starting to form.

As I continued to climb the snow was getting harder..

and harder

and these guys were wondering what the hell I was doing...

I stopped to get a good pic of the deeper snow and forgot to check the GPS to see where my turn off was...

I jumped back on the bike and headed down the road the whole time wondering when I would see the sign I was looking for to point me toward Mt Ord. When I reached Hwy 188 it was pretty clear I had passed it so I turned around and headed back to look for it... when I found it at the top of the pass I realised... it was 20 feet behind the point I stopped at.

What a dumbass... but the snow plow guys got a good kick out of seeing me back at the same place and wondered what I was doing... I told them about the ride challenge I was doing and one of them was nice enough to tell me I had bigger balls than him to ride up into the snow... funny thing was at this point they were pretty cold and hidding.

I took the trail up toward Mt Ord. The snow was about 6 to 8 inches deep and I stopped about 50 yards off the Hwy to ask a guy in a pickup truck that was parked on the trail if he knew how deep the snow was up top. He told me a four wheel drive had headed up that way but he turned around just pass the first turn when he started slipping.

Now at this point I thought to myself.... self that snow looks pretty fresh so I think there should be pretty good traction. Lets give it a try. After a little while of creeping up the hill I ran across a man and his sun having a snowball fight

I stopped and asked them if they knew how far it was to the top and the man told me he stopped here because he didn't want to get stuck where he couldn't turn around as the snow was getting deeper. I tried to continue up the hill passed the corals where he was parked...

But at this point the big twin was out of traction verses weight and I was forced to turn around...

I know.... most of you are saying what a pussy this guy is but I did my best. I retruned slowly down the mountain to the Hwy and got a pic for the challenge hoping maybe I did enough to prove I got this far.

So with that part of my trip behind me I headed toward Pumpkin Center to get some gas and decide if I wanted to try for my next point of interest. After consulting with the two older guys running Butchers Hook I decide I would run A Cross road to get in some dirt... or mud I guess I should say.

Here is where the real fun begins..... I cross the water crossing and follow Bar X to get to A Cross and it would appear the road is quite slippery in spots but nothing the Africa Twin can't handle yet. I am cruising along no worries when I notice the road changes from a nice tan sandy colour to a red clay. Now things begin to become interesting...

I start down the first good hill and the bike is stuggling to handle the mud and the tires are balling it up pretty badly. I am running full knobbies so I think I should be ok.... wrong

This mud is like nothing I have seen and it is caking up something fierce... I try running a little faster hoping it will fling it off and clear up the tread but instead it completely locks up the front wheel and down we go...

Laughing at myself for being a dumbass I grab a pic and pick up the bike... it's pretty heavy by the way.

I take a look at the mud on the front wheel and it confirms my thoughts... I am a dumbass. Take a look at how the mud has started removing the front fender..

So being the smart guy I am I figure if I remove the fender that mud should fly right off..

Looks pretty doesn't it....

So after removing the fender in the rain I am all set to handle this mud. It is now decision time.... do I turn around and head back the mile in this mud and get back to more travable roads or push on and see if it gets better.... what do you guys think I did

Thats right I pushed on.... and the climb up the next hill out of this valley was brutal. I road the twin as hard as I could and was about 20 yards short of the top of the hill when the the big twin stopped turning the rear wheel and tossed up the white flag.

I was done... motor purring like a kitten and no drive to the rear wheel at all. I first thought I had cooked the clutch working it so hard up the hill as I was plowing around but I am now thinking I may have done the transmission. If not that it could be possible I stripped the output shaft as the mub had completely locked up the rear wheel. Once I get the thing stripped down I will update the thread with the problem.

So in a twist of fate I have good phione service and having talke to Brad earlier when he had offered to help if I ran into any trouble, I give him a call and he has a 4*4 pickup and will come rescue me.

I am a little concerned he will not be able to get to me due to such a poor road surface and the rain is still coming down. I take a few pics of my location...

Nice view

road where I plowed up

While I have a few hours or more to wait I start trying to get some of the mud locking up the wheels off the bike..

The mud sticks so badly to my boots I can hardly walk around let alone kneel on this stuff so I grab some sticks and a sign to help with a work station.

Pull out some of the mud on the rear wheel

And try moving the bike back a bit but I can bearly move it..

The mud has packed the chain and the sprockets so hard they can't turn. After a long time working on the bike pulling off the peices I can to try and free up the wheels so we can load it... and getting rain on and off, I see Brad's truck coming through the bottom of the valley... it is with much joy I start waving my arms and then watching as he slowly works his way up the hill... his pickup is sliding around onthis mud but he makes it up.

I have now been stuck here over three hours and have not seen a soul.... right as Brad gets out of his truck here comes a jeep behind him. I flag him down and ask if he will help us load as the two fo us can't move the bike it is so locked up. The three of us are able to lift and pull the bike into Brad's pickup... dam that things heavy. Now the rain is coming down pretty good and the only concern left is getting back out. The mud is caked up on the pickup tires but Brad works his way down the valley and out the other side and we were on our way home.

Can't say enough thank you's to Brad and his wife Joanne for coming to my rescue.... amazing people to drive out in the snow and rain and save a stupid Aussie. I know if I had of had a riding partner they would have turned my ass around way before I got into this situation... but thats why we call it adventure riding right....

We stopped at a car wash on the way to my house and tried to get the mud off but there was no getting this stuff off even with a high pressure washer...we at least got it so it would roll kind of so unloading it wasn't to bad. I know Brad and Joanne have pictures and hopefully Brad will post them up so you can see the rescue part.

Got to love this stuff.... Big Bike Friendly..... lets go ride.

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Old 03-18-2012, 09:18 PM   #2
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Nov 2011
Location: Phoenix, Az.
Oddometer: 111
I feel your pain. Rode from sheeps bridge to I17 today through snow, rain and deep gooey mud. Longest and coldest 5hrs of my life. (but still tons of fun) The mud really cakes up the rear suspension on my KLR.
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Old 03-18-2012, 09:18 PM   #3
Beastly Adventurer
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Why are we dumb?

And we need to ask ourselves, self, why did I keep going? Yep, we're dumbasses. . . some of the time! Nice story with the pictures to remind me of my mud block stop battle. But I didn't have anyone to rescue me, you got lucky, even if it was 3 hours later. Thanks for sharing.
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Old 03-18-2012, 09:33 PM   #4
mystery jig
Van Gogh's Banjo
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Insane mud! You did good.
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Old 03-18-2012, 09:33 PM   #5
Beastly Adventurer
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Location: St. George, UT
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Good mud story. Well documented with pics! Kudos to your friend on the rescue. Thanks.

RedRockRider - WR250R, TW200, Versys, Vulcan 900 LT, Zuma 125

Southwest Utah: Dual Sport Riding from St. George
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Old 03-18-2012, 09:39 PM   #6
Studly Adventurer
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Nice ride! I thought I outsmarted the weather, so I wore a mesh jacket today. Rain, hail, and snow convinced me I was an idiot. At least my pants and gloves were waterproof.
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Old 03-18-2012, 10:19 PM   #7
Beastly Adventurer
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Location: Solsberry, IN
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Mud sucks. Especially the sticky gooey kind. Last time I rode in stuff like that was about 30 years ago on a Honda trail 70 and my dad was on a trail 90. We were out miles from anywhere when we got caught by a summer monsoon. We hung out under a tree until the storm passed but upon getting back on the bikes... instant gook stopped us right there. Since there was no rescue in sight for us, we sat there with sticks, fingers, and screwdrivers until we had them bikes cleaned out enough to ride... about 100 feet, where they both promptly gooked up again. We did that 3 more times before we got back to a decent enough road to be able to head back home.

Good to see you made it back before nightfall. You gonna help your buddy clean his truck tomorrow?
It's not the limits of the bike... it's the limits of the rider on the bike.
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Old 03-19-2012, 06:11 AM   #8
Just Learning
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Location: North Phoenix
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Photos Coming Soon

It was one hell of a muddy hill, I am surprised that Drew made it that far especially after going down another hill almost as long and just as steep. My pickup was sliding right along but I just locked in the 4 wheel drive and crept up the hill. Joanne was a little nervous especially when the truck would start sliding. I need to get the photos loaded up and I will post them. But first, I have to go to work.
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Old 03-19-2012, 08:38 AM   #9
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Location: Arizona
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Reidy, you're nuts, but it makes for a great story!!! Thanks for taking us along.

Yep, Brad is good people! Can't wait to hear and see his side of the saga.
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Old 03-19-2012, 08:54 AM   #10
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Location: Las Vegas
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Oh what fun! You might want to check your clutch. You may have fried it. My brother was just telling me about his misadventure which was similar to yours without the rescue. It only took him 2 hours to up right his 950 (suctioned to the mud) and then ride it out. I keep telling him the big bikes don't like the mud! Glad to see you are home safe and of course, Brad is a stand up guy.
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Old 03-19-2012, 09:28 AM   #11
Wobbly Adventurer
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Originally Posted by Reidy008 View Post

I know if I had of had a riding partner they would have turned my ass around way before I got into this situation...
I reserve the right to throw this quote at you in some future situation.

Glad you got out ok, and hope the bike is easily repairable. That was some mud!

Send your cell provider a thank you note!

Kudos to Refokus for coming to the rescue.
Steve in AZ...
Time is the greatest teacher...but it kills all the students!
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Old 03-19-2012, 10:21 AM   #12
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There's a reason I don't like to ride in or just after rains around here.

I feel your pain though. Prepare to get out the toothbrushes and q-tips for cleaning!

And it doesn't get any better 2-up:

from here.
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Old 03-19-2012, 12:35 PM   #13
we build, we fight
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great stuff, reidy! that mud is definately no joke. glad everything ended up ok, and thanks for the write up.
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Old 03-19-2012, 03:40 PM   #14
Gnarly Adventurer
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OH YA that is awesome stuff, buddy!!!

Trips like that are the ones you remember the most!!!
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Old 03-19-2012, 04:01 PM   #15
Just Learning
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Location: North Phoenix
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Rescue Report

Well, here I am sitting at home enoying the day off. The weather outside is a little cool and wet so I was not planning on getting out. Then, my phone rings and when I look to see who it is I figured Drew was back early. I figured that he had enough of the wet ride and was calling it a day. But, he was stuck in the mud with a bike that didn't want to run any more. So, I loaded up the ramp, tie downs and asked Joanne is she wanted to go for a ride. We loaded up, filled the truck up and headed north to get Drew.

The drive up was actually pretty nice with some awesome views of the desert floor and the mountains, all within a few miles of one another. Here are a few shots along the way.

and the area where we were headed

A few cool pics

After turning on A-Cross and after crossing the river, this is what was standing in the middle of the road and did not want to move

With a few blast of the horn, he finally did

The rest of the family....

We continued of for about another 4 miles and the mud was heavy and slick. Going down a pretty steep hill, I put the truck in 4 high and eased our way down. Moving along, I pointed up to the top of the road and said, there's Drew.

Not there, further to the right...

We get to the top, and this is what was waiting for us, a wet Aussie........

and a muddy bike

With the help of the guy in the jeep, we manage to get his ride in to the back of the truck and strapped down. I am glad that this other guy came along, made it much easier.

Up to the ramp, and getting ready to push and pull.......

And get this rig tied down for the journey home.

and the muddy road to go down

Once in town, we found a car wash to get the big stuff off of the tires and chain, hoping that the wheels will turn coming out of the truck. Drew I think spent $10 and was able to get quite a bit of the mud off.

Well, that's it for my photos and take on this wonderful day. I hope that the bike only has a burned out cluth and not the tranny. It was a good way to spend the afternoon and I am glad that Drew had cell service to call.
"Single Trac is like Scotch, you have to aquire a taste for it!"
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