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Old 03-21-2012, 03:51 PM   #1
trokel OP
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2012 Klr Rally - Angorichina, Flinders Ranges South Australia

I was unable to attend last years rally due to injury so I was even more keen to get there this year.
The plan was to ride to Mildura the first day and then spend 2 days after that to get to Angorichina sometime Friday. Have a look around for a day or 2 and then head home via Broken hill, Menindee etc.

View KLRR 2012 in a larger map

Day 1 - Albury To Mildura (580Kms)

With no other takers from this area I headed off by myself
I travel down to Mildura a lot so it is hard to find an interesting route but there are a couple of good dirt roads that you can take which don't really add much to the distance so that was the plan. I headed off to Corowa and from there usually take some dirt roads to Tocumwal but due to the recent rain I had to make a few detours.

After a quick stop in Tocumwal I took the lower river road though to Deniliquin which has a good dirt section as well as some nice scenery.

Then I headed out of Deni on the Wakool Rd and hit the Dirt again on Calimo Rd which would take me through to Moulamein. Once again this is a good open Dirt rd although the surface can get a bit skatey at times.

There are a couple of these old bridges along this section that are no longer in use

Just past Moulamein there is another bit of dirt that cuts accross toward Balranald but after that there aren't too many options so from then on it was sit on the highway until Mildura.
On the way I stopped for a break at Lake Benanee near Euston and tried out my little portable camera tripod for the first time.

Once in Mildura I decided to set up camp in the Buronga Riverside van park and then it was off to the shop for some supplies.

Then Enjoyed a few beers and a feed while overlooking the Murray

Bridge over the Murray River to Mildura

More to come

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trokel OP
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Day 2

Day 2 - Mildura to Angorichina ( 770Kms)

It was originally my intention to take 2 days to do this section as it was all new from then on but with my new airhawk I managed to clock up a lot more K's each day while still managing to stop at any points of interest along the way.

The day started with a short bit of hwy to Wentworth then I had 128k's of dirt on my way to Renmark

Once I hit the dirt it was like trying to wrestle a crocodile so i stopped briefly to air down the front and from then on I could cruise along at 100kph with no problems at all.

With the storms in the distance and the sun rising behind me it made for some beautiful scenery.

Along the way I passed beside Lake Victoria and stopped for a look around.

NSW / SA border This was my first time in South Australia.

Once I hit Renmark most of the roads from then on were Bitumen but I didn't mind as I had never been along them before so it was all new to me.

Had a quick look around Morgan then Headed North towards Burra. All the roads I traveled in this area had 110kph speed limits and also quite strong head winds which made the Klr struggle a bit. I spent much of the time ducked down behind the screen to reduce the drag which also helped me avoid getting covered in some of the locust swarms that I passed through.
It must always be windy in this are because after Burra I came across the biggest wind farm I have ever seen and then passed this massive blade at Mt Bryan.

Along the way I passed a number of these old ruins.

By this stage I had already clocked up a reasonable distance for the day but I still felt good and was enjoying it so I stopped for a quick beer in Carrieton and decided to push on to Hawker.

I reached Hawker at about 4.30pm and thought that it might be a good place to pull up for the day. It was still about 126kms to Angorichina so I figured that would make an easy ride for the next day with plenty of time to explore the Southern Flinders Ranges. But while I was still deciding on what to do 'Guitar Nasty' turned up and after a short discussion we decided to push on all the way.

So after a lovely ride snaking our way through the ranges and avoiding the numerous wildlife we made it too Blinman at about 6.15pm, stopped for a quick beer then took off on the dirt for the last little bit into Angorichina.

Fortunately we made it just in time to grab some supplies and a carton beer before the store closed for the night.

I'm not finished yet. The real fun starts tomorrow.

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Old 03-22-2012, 11:03 AM   #3
ADV in training
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Love your bike, man. What are those dirt bike lookin tires you have on there? Can't wait to see the rest.
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Old 03-22-2012, 12:16 PM   #4
out rider
You Go First
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Look like Dunlop 606's. Excellent tire.
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trokel OP
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Originally Posted by neo1piv014 View Post
Love your bike, man. What are those dirt bike lookin tires you have on there? Can't wait to see the rest.
As mentioned by out rider they are Dunlop D606's
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trokel OP
Beastly Adventurer
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Location: Albury Area
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Day 3 - A bit of a look around (88kms)

The plan for today was to have a good explore around the area but as it had rained all night and was still raining in the morning it made it somewhat harder to get motivated.

As it turned out a number of other Klr riders had arrived early just like us so while some of them were busy working on bikes myself and 2 others decided to put on some wet weather gear and head off to check out a scenic loop track that had been recommended to us.

We left Angorichina on the main dirt road and headed for Parachilna before turning off onto a smaller track.

With the overnight rain the usually dry creeks were now beginning to have a bit of water flowing which made the ride a bit more interesting.

I didn't really know where we were going as the other guys had the map but apparently we were heading to some ruins.

The further we went the rougher and more slippery the track became. It proved to be quite unpredictable at times because one minute you would be on a firm rocky surface and then all of a sudden it would be really greasy clay.
We also were constantly riding through creeks and in some cases the creek bed was the track. We would have to ride along the creek for a reasonable distance keeping an eye out for where the track exited again. This made for some very interesting riding.

This is just one of many creek beds that we went through. Fortunately this one was dry.

Due to poor signposting and the fact that we didn't have a proper map we were beginning to question if we were on the right track but eventually we came across a sign similar to this one.

This one was actually at the end of the track where we came out but basically said the same thing.

At this point the track really turned interesting but before too long we had made it to the ruins.

As you can see the mist began to roll in and conditions began to get wetter. Shortly after that I was caught out when I snagged my rear wheel in a greasy rut and came to rest on my side. Fortunately no damage or injuries so with a bit of help from the others we were off again.

Eventually we came out on a major dirt road that was extremely slippery at first but then changed to hard packed gravel so we opened the bikes up and headed back into Blinman to have lunch at the pub.

By the afternoon the weather had cleared and some of the other guys had gone for a ride into the pub at Parachilna.

View from outside the Dorm

As for me I decided to take it easy for a while and get ready for the evenings events.
That evening thanks to the guy at the tourist village we all jumped on his bus and traveled into the Blinman Pub for their pizza night and a few beers of course

And that capped off another excellent day
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trokel OP
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Day 4 - Angorichina to Silverton ( 600Kms)

At first I wasn't sure whether to hang around for another day but seeing as Guitar Nasty had to get home and the stuff I wanted to look at was on the way I thought I would get going as well. So the plan was to check out Brachina and Bunyeroo Gorge and then head for Peterborough which is where we would part company and I would head towards Broken Hill.
So before we left everyone lined the bikes up outside the Dorm we were staying in to get a few photos.

Then we headed off.
It was a magnificent area to tour around. The photo's don't do it justice.

Scenery around Brachina Gorge

After Brachina Gorge we doubled back and headed through Bunyeroo Gorge before rising up onto ridge and back to the Bitumen heading for Hawker.

(more of day4 still to come)
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Great Pics & Report Troy
We'll be up there around the end of April for the Classic!
Conman62 in the "other world"
The beatings will continue untill morale improves!
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trokel OP
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Day 4 continued

After Hawker there were a couple of dirt roads that I could have taken to get me to Yunta but as we had spent a bit of time looking around the Flinders I opted for the Bitumen in order to give myself the best chance of making it to Broken Hill that day.

Border Gate at Cockburn

I made it to Broken Hill about 6pm and decided to head out to Silverton to camp for the night as a number of people had mentioned it was worth a visit plus I wanted to check out the Mad Max Interceptor replica.

Looking down the street in front of the pub

I stopped for a quick beer at the pub then headed to the Campground to set up.

River Crossing near Penrose Park Reserve

Day 5 - Silverton To Albury ( 880klms)

My intention for the next couple of days was to head to Menindee and Ivanhoe to have a look around but due to the rain and floods all the roads I wanted to do were closed so there wasn't much choice but to take the bitumen through to Wentworth and head for Albury. As mentioned earlier I travel that way a lot so with nothing much that I wanted to look at in that area I decided to see if I could make it home in a day. I left Silverton just after Sunrise and made it to Albury at 7pm that night.

Even though I had pushed myself to travel that far in a day on roads that are somewhat boring I still found it to be an enjoyable day. And with the sun setting behind me it made the landscape that I have seen many times all that more interesting.

So there it is my trip to the KLRR 2012 I had a great time and got to meet some great blokes . I wonder where it will be next year.
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Semi-reformed Tsotsi
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Thank you for taking us along. Great report!
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What was wrong with those E07s Troy? They still had heaps or tread last time I saw them

Nice writeup. I'm back there next month for the Classic with, among others, Frank on his KLR whch should have its YZ450 forks and YZ85 Ohlins rear end finished by then. Should be interesting. Hopefully we can get up through Dangalli and back via the Corner. Might pm you about some route options along the river to Hay.

shed time IS quality time
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good stuff!
i must not post hairy buttocks
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I love Down Under ride reports! Beautiful pictures of beautiful country. What's up with all the rain you've been getting this year? Good or bad? Thanks for posting.
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Totally excellent ride report very jealous
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