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Old 12-21-2012, 07:10 AM   #16
Idnug OP
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Our next destination is Juigalpa, about 320 kms from Ocotal, on the Panamerican- and Rama-Highway. Juigalpa is a lively town, with very different characteristics, such as Ocotal and the other places we had visited so far. Particularly the district in direction to La Palma should be avoided by tourists. The inner city has to offer all you need. Supermarket, bakery, ice cream shop, market, etc.
Even a "launderette". The people showed us the way there, in fact the cross clothes needed a wash once again. The launderette is inside the town, along the river, and is composed with a few sink with running water ... not quite what I had imagined...
I had luck, the girls in the hotel expressed their willingness to do the laundry in the washing machine of the Hotel ;)

The planned trip to the mountainous region, the direction of La Libertad, we stop. In the mountains hanging thick, dark clouds. The air is already slightly hydrated in the lower area.

A motorcyclist stops and informs us that it's raining up there.

In direction to the Nicaragua-lake the sky looks better ...
On the track towards Hato Grande we stop here

The drive-through us is definitely too uncertain ... completely unclear how deep the water is and what condition the ground has.

Also, the driver of this truck looks very long, uncertain if he gets stuck in the puddle.

He drove. on the way back we meet him on the other side of the "water hole".

We choose the path through a pasture that is "above the water level."

About Fertiman, is a track along the river until the path is blocked by a gate. For a fixed fee you may go through the hacienda and have the opportunity to get to a beautiful swimming spot in the river.

The town of Puerto Diaz is easily accessible on a track.

Here is a bit bustle with the fishing boats and the fishermen bring really "fat" prey on land.

From here is the Volcan Concepcion to see on the island of Ometepe.

Along rivers, near Juigalpa, one can find very nice places for a break.

This river crossing is a lot worse than it looks at first glance ...

What can not be seen on the pictures: The water quality is really modest.

For the trip to the mountainous region, it is advisable to begin this in dry weather. About La Libertad, the track to Santo Domingo.

The trail to San Pedro de Lovago we can not find. So it's via La Libertad, San Pedro de Lovago, towards Santo Tomás.

In this region there are beautiful places at rivers, that are inviting to rest.

I almost think for men breaks are not really good ...
"driving over bridges is boring" *grin*

That was a bit deep ...

I have degrees really no desire for wet feet ;)

The mountain region offers many opportunities for excursions. Approximate route one of our tours: Juigalpa over Cuapa, Comalapa,



Break at the river,

Buses also have to cross the rivers ...

The way back over the Rama Highway.

Between Episode:
Somewhere between Cuapa and Comalapa comes against me a motorcycle, occupied with the driver and passenger, full packed with cans and other baggage.
As the two are encounter me, while driving, they look to me after, from not understandable reasons.
Driver and front passenger turn their head to the back. No a good idea on these impassable tracks ...
Wusti collects them on, both largely are unharmed and bike was ok.
So guys: To look after the girls only brings disaster!

Continuation follow as soon as possible
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Old 12-21-2012, 09:24 AM   #17
Gnarly Poolside Adv.
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Great Ride Report and pictures, I love all the water crossings!

Thank you for taking the time to translate and post.

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Old 12-26-2012, 03:55 AM   #18
Idnug OP
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We decided to embark the journey back to Costa Rica about the same border crossing, which we had entered. According to our reading, it is unclear whether the crossing over the river by ferry to San Carlos, for motorcycles is possible. Later we are told that for a fixed fee also motorbikes are transported on the ferry for persons ...

About Managua, Las Conchitas we reach Pochomil.
The village overlooks the sea and is heavily developed for tourism.
With many bars, restaurants and direct bus connection to Managua.

The sunsets on the beach just are fantastic ...

From here you can make excursions on the beach.

Parking at the beach... was not on purpose. I swear!

beach traffic

going for a bit of nonsense ...

Flying Gundi ;)

The trail to La Trinidad is often extremely dusty with many river crossings.

And then there are the turtles. A turtle nearly needs a whole day for scrim the eggs. The way of the Nicas to deal with it ... determined not new.
It hurts me to see it anyway ...

Turtle eggs are on the menu in the restaurants.

Burning sugarcane fields before harvest

Life on the river

Continuation follow as soon as possible
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Old 12-26-2012, 02:13 PM   #19
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Excellent ride report ! Keep posting please
-zie egret.
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Old 12-26-2012, 02:38 PM   #20
Habibi Rocks
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Excellent Ride report !!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks !!!
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Old 12-28-2012, 11:38 AM   #21
Idnug OP
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Location: Germany
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Thank you very much
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Old 12-28-2012, 11:46 AM   #22
Idnug OP
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Joined: Apr 2012
Location: Germany
Oddometer: 54
The departure from Nicaragua made from Pochomil over San Rafael, then the Panamerican Highway to the border.

The jam at the counter for people-bordercrossing we can abbreviate using a tug and a few additional dollars to the border guards.

Our last stop is the place Samara, Costa Rica, on the Nicoya Peninsula. Since our last visit here a lot has changed ... the village is in the meantime extremely developed touristy and really "expensive" has become. I miss the natural flair of Central America ...

On the beaches of the tourist frequented places it's forbidden to drive a motorcycle on the beach. There is even police control.

In addition to the beach and sea Samara is still a nice starting point for day trips.

Um ... a "piece of France" we had as well

One possibility is the track towards Nosara, where there are many opportunities for further trip to the high altitude inland or seaside.

And then we still see some: monkeys.
Actually a whole pride of monkeys! By driving, you can discover sometimes on the run from the noise of the engines. One local resident has pointed us in passing on the "Mongo" in the grove behind the beach.

Other excursions are possible over Belén, then the track about Virginia to higher regions. There are a variety of tracks with many river crossings and trial passages. The journey lead us back towards Nosara, back to Samara.

Another way about Belén track to S. Miguel, Estrada about Isita and the round course back to Samara.

This meeting, in such a short distance, with a rather unhandy reptile is premiere for us.

Another nice round course is via Caimitalito, Guastomal, Vista al Mar, on the highest point of the Nicoya Peninsula, at 983 m. About Limonal it goes back to Samara ...

With signpost ;o)

Or ust a day at the beach…

... before the return trip to San Jose, where we have to separate us from the motobikes, after around 3.200 kms on-road and about 1.350 kms off-road. At this point we would like to thank very much the Wild-Riders for the two motorcycles that were completely great. At Wildrider we're exchange some information about Nicaragua, particularly with the Nicaragua expert Morton.
... and again I will not shake the feeling that we are the "Wild Rider" - guys will see again ...
Also not feel that Nicaragua has remained somewhat guilty to us...

There follow some more summary information and impressions.

Continuation follow as soon as possible
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Old 12-28-2012, 11:17 PM   #23
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Thanks for the wonderful photos of the backroads of Nicaragua and CR.
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Old 12-29-2012, 03:14 PM   #24
Using Occam's Razor
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Really nice ride report....thank you for taking the time.
Citizens are asleep, and the media plays a bedtime story.
Costa Rica, Two Up:
A Weekend Bagel Tour:
WR's in NH and Maine:
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Gnarly Adventurer
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great ride report, we don't get to see enough local reports from central America. I especially like that the riding was all dirt trails.
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Old 01-04-2013, 10:25 AM   #26
Idnug OP
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Location: Germany
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Thank you!
I'm very pleased if you like to read it and hope there are some useful informations for your next "may be" trip :o)

Idnug screwed with this post 01-04-2013 at 02:57 PM
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Old 01-04-2013, 02:59 PM   #27
Idnug OP
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Joined: Apr 2012
Location: Germany
Oddometer: 54

Motorcycle Rental in Costa Rica / exit to Nicaragua
For proves leasers of motorbikes at “Wild Rider” (infos under the owners Thomas and Thorsten offered us to arrange the departure for the rented motorbikes to Nicaragua or Panama.
The costs for the departure of the motorbikes including the documents - all done by “Wild Rider” - are 60 US-$ per Motorbike, the caution money at departure from Costa Rica is 1200 US-$ instead of 700 US-$.

Flight to Costa Rica
With Condor from Frankfurt, about Domenicanische Republic, directly to San Jose / Costa Rica. Overnight at hotel Cacts, info at
Overnight reservation was prompted by Wild Rider.

Accommodations in Nicaragua

Hospedaje Lidia
Double room, shared bath / toilet. Very basic double room 18 US-$ per night, Towels. Guarded parking for 1 US-$ per motorcycle.

La Boquita
Hotel Suleyka
Simple double room, private bathroom (toilet without water, you had to always approach hauling in buckets extra) with fan, towels inclusive, 20 US-$ per night, (price must be negotiated). Parking in the yard.

Casa Ivana
Double room with private bath and fan 9 US-$ per night, towels inclusive. Motorcycles may park in the entrance hall.

Hostel Rancho Esperanza
Shared rooms 7 US-$ per night, per person. No towels or something else. Parking on the premises.

Hotel Apante
Pleasant double room with private bath, TV with fan 12 US-$ per night, including towels and super good coffee. Very friendly atmosphere. Parking in the courtyard.

Hotel Apante
Pleasant double room with private bath, TV with fan 12 US-$ per night, including towels. Very friendly and familiar atmosphere. Parking in the yard.

Hospedaje El Nuevo Milenio
Simple double room with private bath, TV with fan 12 US-$ per night, including towels. Very friendly and familiar atmosphere. Parking in the entrance hall.

Hotel Alta Mar
Pleasant double room with private bath, TV with fan 15 US-$ per night, including towels and super good coffee. Very friendly atmosphere.
Parking on the hotel terrain.

Exit and entry Costa Rica/Nicaragua
It is important that the formalities are for exit or entry into the country, handled correctly. Missing registration papers, insurance certificates and entries in the passport can lead to huge problems. For exit or entry Costa Rica, only the border crossings in Bena Blanca and San Carlos comes in question.

Procedure border station people leaving Costa Rica:
- Visit the office for people-leaving Costa Rica
- The people-leaving from Costa Rica is to registered in the passport by a stamp.

Procedure border station vehicle leaving Costa Rica:
- The office for vehicle leaving Costa Rica is to visit
- The registration papers and proof of insurance have to be submitted
- Submission of the passport driver
- Submission of the original "government letter" for vehicle leaving to Nicaragua
- The original "government letter" for vehicle leaving to Nicaragua is let to stamp
- Submission of the "letter of authorization" from Wild Rider for the vehicle departure to Nicaragua
- Submit copies of:
passport, "government letter" and the "authorization letter" by Wild Rider

Duration 1 hour.

Procedure border station people travel to Nicaragua:
- Visit the office for people-entry Nicaragua
- The people-entry to Nicaragua is to registered in the passport by a stamp.

Procedure border station vehicle-entry to Nicaragua:
- Obtain the authorization certificate for the vehicle disinfection
- Perform the vehicle disinfection for 3 US-$
- Completing an insurance for Nicaragua for 12 US-$

IMPORTANT: The original of this policy is to take with and must present on request.

- Visit office for vehicle-entry to Nicaragua
- Submission of
- Passport
- Vehicle registration
- "Authorization letter" from Wild Rider for the vehicle-transfer and entry to Nicaragua
- The "government letter" that was stamped in Costa Rica, for vehicle-entry to Nicaragua
- On the basis of this documents another "document" is issued and delivered

IMPORTANT: This document must be presented to the exit from the border area to Nicaragua on the road carried with and presented on request be.

- Tugs at most US-$ 10 reward.

Outside help (a tug) is recommended for travel to Nicaragua. It is allowed to bring the required copies. Make lack copies and completion of the insurance for the vehicle without "tug" is somewhat difficult.

At exit from the border area to Nicaragua
- Presentation of the "document", which was issued by the office to exit vehicle
- Payment of U.S. $ 1 for "security check" of persons

Duration about 3 hours.

Procedure border station people leaving Nicaragua:
- Payment of US-$ 2 for "security check" of persons on entry to the border area to Costa Rica
- Visit the office for people leaving Nicaragua
- The people-exit from Nicaragua is to registered in the passport by a stamp

Procedure border station vehicle leaving Nicaragua:
- Visti the office for "vehicles"
- Submission of the registration papers and the insurance policy issued was in Nicaragua
- Let sign the insurance policy of Nicaragua

A tug is not really needed if you do, pay max. 10 US-$. Additional costs for abbreviation of persons entering: Payment to the border guard 20 US-$.

At exit from the border area to Costa Rica
- It's to give up the signed insurance policy of Nicaragua

Duration about 1 ½ hours.

Procedure border station people travel to Costa Rica:
- Visit the office for people travelling to Costa Rica
- The people-entry to Costa Rica is to registered in the passport by a stamp
- May be copy of the return air tickets

Procedure border station vehicle-entry to Costa Rica:
- Perform the vehicle disinfection (was free for us)
- Visit the office for vehicle-entry to Costa Rica
- Submission of
- Vehicle documents and proof of insurance
- "Authorization letter" of Wild Rider for vehicle transfer
- The stamped "government letter" for vehicle leaving Nicaragua
- Therefore a "document" is issued and delivered

IMPORTANT: This document must be submitted for the exit from the border area to Costa Rica.

Duration about 1 hour.

Flora in Nicaragua
Nicaragua has nowhere near the lush vegetation of Costa Rica. Outside the mountain areas the landscape is dominated by grazing land and plantations.

Roads and connections
The main highway in Nicaragua is the Panamericana Highway. To the east coast is it the Rama Highway. There are countless smaller roads, tracks and pathes in the various regions. A lot of them go into impassable regions and end as impasse. In the impassable regions the tracks are, especially for enduro and cross driver, an almost inexhaustible, partially very challenging terrain.

Road and traffic rules
Nicaragua also has its own rules on the road. Like in Costa Rica, here is the law of the "strongest." However, the traffic here behaves very "left-wing" to let the slow road users, on the right side of the road, allow enough space. Speed controls, there are probably not yet ... not yet. 80 kmh is the top speed generally.

Charm and quirks Nicaraguas
The infrastructure of Nicaragua has nowhere near the density of Costa Rica, also not Panama. Often only in larger towns can be found gas stations, banks and accommodations. In densely populated areas but are to find accommodation in quite different categories for each claim.
For longer trips to rural areas or to the east coast may be gasoline in jerrycan required. It is advantageous in an accommodation spending several nights in order from a starting point "cloverleaf", in several-day or half-day trips to explore the area. Outside the tourist centers, which are visited by international tourism, the conditions are indeed sometimes very easy, but for us considerably more attractive.
The existing "facilities" exist primarily for daily use and the, even "thin", native tourism. This applies to bars and restaurants as well as hotels and accommodations. We are always very friendly welcomed and welcomes as guests.

Eating and drinking
Bars and restaurants are everywhere. The regions near the coast offer a wide selection of fresh seafood. We have neglected every caution rule regarding food and drink. Also, fresh salads and the "Natural" drinks couldn't harm us.

The Nicas are more reluctant than the natives of Panama or Costa Rica. This type of restraint does not diminish the kindness, curiosity and willingness to help, if you are approached or even make contact with us. The people here often are characterized by business acumen or other interests. Nevertheless, we appreciate the incredible natural, honest and straightforward manner of the Nicas very.
I personally like the nature of the Nicas very ...

Us is not occurred. Crime is much lower than in Costa Rica or Panama. In rural areas, you have the feeling that there is no crime. We discover that we are increasingly careless and rare have a look on our things...

The official language is Spanish. Rarely can you meet people who speak English.

Smoking is also not in Nicaragua whole not so welcome. In enclosed buildings or restaurants and bars smoking is prohibited. Often smoking is also banned outdoors, in public places with a high volume of people. But with tourists generally is turned a blind eye ...

Nicaragua Colon is the native currency. 21 Colon=1 US $. US dollars are accepted in tourist areas for cash payments, but often with a poor exchange rate.

Price levels
Nicaragua is priced well below of Panama. For lodging and simple meals it is around 30-40% lower than Panama. Price levels for accommodation is around 40-50% lower than in Costa Rica, but simple, budget accommodation can also be found in Costa Rica and Panama.
In the coastal regions and around the touristy regions, in some nature reserves and along the great lakes, the price level is generally higher than in the interior of the land and away from tourist areas.

Travel guide
We had German language "Nicaragua / country with a heart", ISBN 978-3-89841-294-0, English "Nicaragua / lonely planet", ISBN 978-1-74104-834-6 and the English "Nicaragua / MOON", ISBN 978-1-59880-084-5. Being the most useful information for the easy way to travel are included in the Moon. The "MOON" is our constant companion and reference guide in finding accommodation, as well as general and regional information. Not to mention, the reference book "Spanish for Nicaragua" ISBN 3-89416-320-8.

Cards material
1:500 000, Mapas Na Torismo, ISBN 978-3-9811269-0-7.
This card is highly recommended because it is more accurate and places with lodging and gas stations are listed.
1:650 000, "travel know-how" in Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador ISBN 978-3-8317-7175-2

On our route are the "enduro" highlights:
- Coastal region north of Rivas.
- Highlands to Matagalpa.
- Highlands to Ocotal, also direction Honduras
- Mountainous region around Juigalpa
If our map only half way is right the track-braid in Nicaragua is nearly endless ... and the East Coast, we have not yet visited...

Nicaragua is an absolute recommendation. A paradise for enduro riders and an incredibly friendly and natural surroundings. In some regions, people are a bit cautious, also in the mountain regions. Their kindness is even more warmly if you are going close to them. Wish we could have stayed a little bit longer...

And then there was the living parasol, highland chopper, motorized vehicle family, warning triangle for breakdown van, the children, family vehicle with manual drive and the peaceful warning bikini ...

The end
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Crop Dusting Everywhere
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"Shorter of breath and one day closer to death"
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Old 08-12-2013, 12:19 PM   #29
Gnarly Adventurer
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Thank you for the super trip report

For those who now are curious to explore Nicaragua.

You can now also rent bikes directly in Nicaragua or even book a guided tour.
And if you have the time and desire you can improve your Spanish skills as well.

We have guided motorcycle tours, motorcycle rental as well as a
Spanish language school in León / Nicaragua.

We also have rooms here.

Check it out on our website.
Since there is a lot of information about Nicaragua.

We hope to see you in León.

Saludos Jürgen and Eli
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Old 09-17-2013, 07:49 PM   #30
Riding 4 Health
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great ride report and congratulations for taking the road less traveled.
Nicaragua motorcycle rental, tours and training NICAMOTO
Tent list (guest room) on ADV on HUBB
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