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Kitty Boy
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Hey JJ!! I finally got caught up reading your report. Excellent stuff! I can hear your voice telling the story as I read it... You have a way with words and pics!!

Glad your get off wasn't any worse. Hope you get Des fixed up soon.

I can't wait for the next chapter!


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Jettn Jim OP
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Wink Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...............

Originally Posted by Motomedic View Post
And using the default settings, we're on page 14....
DAMN Feike... I hadn't even noticed!!!

Originally Posted by Parepin View Post

I remember getting the text that day. Something along the lines of "Dood, Des and I just took a hell of a trip. Slid right off a 50ft cliff." I remember nodding a bit, and thinking 'Yeah... that sounds about right'.
Yo whataya mean sounds about right?!?!?!
Anyway please tell us about your side trip up to Tofino... I see Janis lying in the road??? People in front of a lodge? And a beautiful Panoramic of a Bay. Surely somethiiiings fun must have happened!

Originally Posted by Ladybug0048 View Post
Ah Jim, I hate seeing that you and Des went sliding down such a beautiful road. I'm glad the two of you came out of it OK.

On a brighter note it makes me smile that you take time to enjoy the flowers along the way. I'm always amazed how such delicate beautiful flowers grow in some very rugged places. It reminds me that just because someone/thing looks delicate and beautiful they still have plenty of stregnth inside them.

Your photo here sums it up pretty well.

Keep riding and stop sliding.
Thanx LB... I try my best to notice all the puuurrty flowers I can along the waaaaay! And I there's still 14,000mi of ride to goo yet, sooo we shall see if we just ride and no slide!

Originally Posted by woodsatyr View Post
Hey JJ!! I finally got caught up reading your report. Excellent stuff! I can hear your voice telling the story as I read it... You have a way with words and pics!!

Glad your get off wasn't any worse. Hope you get Des fixed up soon.

I can't wait for the next chapter!


Hey Cyn... hahahah . Me toooooo, all things considered and as uuusual, it was alllll goooood! Not as painful as yours.... Hope your all 100% NOW!
Thanx for the kind words sister, gonna get back to posting now..................... lotsa BEAUTIFUL photos and adventures to share!!! Afteraaaall I'm stuck with the filthy Nomad for the better part of the next month!

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Jettn Jim OP
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Yup Gene's glad to see me.. he is a lonely bachelor afte all (girls PM me for his contact info , he's now living out in the country east of Spokane) He had sold me his old Concours in 2008 which started me back on my Motocycle Adventures again after ???? toooo long a layoff! Or you could say.. it was just time to ride again... yup that's more like it.
THANK YOU GENE!!! He's got himself aaall cleaned up and feeling goood, had a surgery so he's no longer in constant pain, NICE!
He's riding again and now has an 1100 Virago...

After Bfast he tells me he just put on some new rubber and that it has had been having some shake unstability for him. He's wondering about the tires??? I notice the front does have a center groove, which can give you some funny stuff on bridges, grates and tar snakes, but I don't think that's it. He has tightened up the headset a bit but she's still shaking!?! I get out the tools and we snug 'er up a bit more and then I blast off for a 100mph test along the reservoir... she still wobbles a bit over 80mph.
So we then go into the suspension, I tell him about the rake and sag and we go firmer then softer on the rear shocks... with more highspeed testing. I try to induce head shake on a set of S turns doing about 85-90mph.. I take some tools and after about 4 passes she's as stable as she can be.
That done I tell him I gotta go... still lots to do before the next Rally. WestFest in Co. Al and I are planning to hit it and then the RMAR in Silverton the next weekend. We both had allota bike work to do.. and now I have more.
This little run up north and onto VanIsle has been the longest brake between Rally's since I sped off across the states back in May.......... even Alex has been feeling rushed a bit, I must say it has been cramping my style a bit, and of course his too! But I chose to do it sooo shut up and get going eh.

Not many pics today..
I for some reason head back north and just meander around...

Chief Joe and the hometown one last time...

The Okanogan...

Before long it's getting onto dark and Al txt's saying he's coming over the North Cascades. So we'll meet up at the Junction once again and crash at Sean and Tash's place... one last stay in the MB.

As I head up Hwy 97 the Cascades and the Sky are looking beeaauutiful....

Before I know it Al rolls in and we're eating gas station burritos again and watching people flip out, annoyed over the extreme numbers of Mayfly dancing in their mating rituals under the lights... They seem to miss the lesson.

Do you know that they live only short lives... they are born, reproduce and die, sometimes in just hours, sometimes in a day, at the most... occasionally two!!!
Much like our own lives, only on what appears to us, as a larger scale... you can learn alot by studying this reality! Life in your fleshly form IS SHORT!!! You may want to do as much as you can to enjoy it!!! If you take it tooo seriously, hastily waisting your days away, working too much and act all grown up and grumpy.... you'll only short change yourself. TRUST ME on this....
Of course IT IS YOUR CHOICE... and some work IS neccesary to exist.. you MAY enjoy more or less than I or Al or anyone else enjoys... again your choice. You are afterall creating your own reality. You have a choice...

I just wanna ask you?!?!?!
Ok then either... Greeeaaat! Your free........
Or hmmm... well... whatya gonna do to change that?!?

Anyway I'm glad these Mayfly were here to remind us all of this... fun miracle we play out here on Earth.

As we enjoy our last night with the family at a MOST magical Ranch... Al builds a fire... I just kinda stay off to my self and let Alex, Tash and the kids get to know each other better...

I figure it's best if I keep my energy away and let all theirs flow together the best it can....
g'nite and peace.

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Jettn Jim OP
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Next morning we roll out, say a final goodbye and hit a Bar/Restaurant down in Tonasket ( at least I think it was Tonasket) where AL builds the mother of all BURGERS!!!

I believe it's a Grilled Cheese, Bacon Double Cheesburger.. with lettuce, tomato, onion aand pickles, with a side of fries!!! Maaaybe peanut butter too... he'll have to chime in with the details... holy shit batman!

Yes a grilled cheese sandwich on EACH side!!!

As we fuel this guy comes over to check out Janis... sporting a pretty coool bike himself. A motorized Panama Jack deal.. hmm a Hawaiian bike and sport'n a Hawaiian shirt, Al and I are gonna havta step it up!

Then we haul ass for Monks place over Coulee Dam way for a quick day of Walleye fishing.

It was about the slooowest day I've ever spent on Rufus Woods... but peaceful anyway, being out on sister water... calm and peaceful with the smell only fresh water teaming with life can give you. (sure some of you might say a litl' fishy, but hey) Al and I were waaay behind on getting any dinner in the boat, but Monk, he was on fire... well as hot as you could be during a cold bite! When ol' Al does catch his first Walleye.. Monk throws the damn thing in lickity split before we could even get a pic LOL! I think he planned this.. (he didn't but it was still funny as hell)

Monk in action...

Alex after just unhooking his 1st and only Eye....

End of another gooood day...

Then again haul ass.. this time for Waynes place in Lewiston. Grand Coulee still pouring water over the spillways.

I believe it was prettttty uuuneventful, lots of farm country.

One of the longer views... 19mi going into Wilbur.

Hmmmm a Native Warrior in full Regalia looking on?...

Down in Lind (Home of the Famous Combine crashup Derby, Combine getting it's name from its combining three separate operations, harvesting—reaping, threshing, and winnowing—into a single process) Al gets his offroad fix, jumping of the road and riding through the yard.

Sometime after darkness settles and light rain starts to fall, were coming through Pomeroy taking it easy as usual and then speeding back up until a mile or so later its back down to about 40 going through Pataha. It's during this slow down that I feel what I think is some vibration.. huh... I pull in the clutch, nope still there.. not engine related, I lean out over the front tire... uh huh. It's going down/ totally flat!.... signaling Al I pull off and get to do a late night tube swap before calling it a day. The valve stem was pulled completely out of the tube, glad it happened in a slooow zone and not doing 70 around some sweeper!

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Jettn Jim OP
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Pre Rally Maintenance...

Turns out I'd forgotten to mention that a few weeks back when we were thrash'n on the bikes for this ride, I had quick ripped out and installed a new Countershaft seal for Alex, after he went in the house for something.. needless to say I screwed it up and he had oil leaking for the past two weeks! Sorry again about that dude.

He was going to fix that and other things while here at waynes shop... me. I was gonna have to rebuild Desiree's rear subframe, fairing, racks and as it turns out.. have the radiator welded... I hadn't noticed until now that the lower mount had gotten ripped loose too. Also tear into the engine, valves, exhaust decomp spring, leakdown, install kickstarter, pull off clutch cover, chain and sprockets, oil-filter etc..... see list later in the pics!!!

Still I feel pretty darn lucky considering everything....
She's sitting kinda catty wampus...

The Rad I hadn't noticed before...

Last nights tube and stem..

And the thrash begins... I hope Al will chime in and tell us what all he's having to do! I believe, fork spacers, wheel bearings, tires, shock, welding... on and on etc...

Most of the Kawi rack is gonnnne...

Looks like he knows what he's doin' don't it... LOL!

Wayne's thrashing too.... He's got this crazy, but coool idea to make a forced induction (supercharger if you will) for his Baja Bug. Using the cooling fan as the blower. He's got to cut holes and weld tubing to the airfilter housing to connect hoses to.

Inspector Mick checking our QC...

After cutting, welding and painting his housing, Wayne decides this commercial grade vac hose will do for this application...

And somewhere he finds time to sandblast and paint this new/used subframe for me. It had come from ebay, and was the worst buy I think I ever got off there:/ Looked like crap even though the seller had said otherwise. He had painted it up with silver paint making it look Kawisaki fresh in the photo's, in person.. crap. Thanx to Wayne it is cherry now!

As Janis goes back together.. Des' comes apart.

Radiator back from my buddy Greg at Brycraft all fixed up and tight...

Our cool little buddy Joey, Lisa's son. (he ain't soo little seeing how Al loaned him his XXL helmet to go riding his YZ) after he also went over it tip to tail and tuned it up for him. Kind kid this Parepin dude!

The Pelican taped up and ready for epoxy..

Wayne's finished product...

And we gotta tell ya.... IT WORKS! I can't believe no one else had thought of doing this???? I did a search... forced/ram air Volkswagen bug... nada! The Baja rips like it has never ripped before.. WOW.
Smart dude this Captain Cannabis...

I've now gotta get all the wiring, relays, ballast etc... off the back of my dash.. I had glued it fast with "The Right Stuff" and it isn't going anywhere!

I decide to use a Fillet knife and borrow Sena's little shorty to slice it off, best idea I can come up with.

Works like a charm... then drill holes for the ignition, 12v outlet, GPS, clearance the brake line area and good to go.

Bolt it on, get some more "TRS" and bolt the fairing back...

After straightening the home made extender bracket...

This was my list for five days work...

Al gets Janis all buttoned up and pushes her out... I believe he's gonna go out and party on the beach again with Lisa and the gang.

After that he's heading for WestFest down Colorado way, after a side trip to Vernal to see Ian...
I don't remember why but I still needed to stick around to do some odds and ends??? So I will catch up with him.. somewhere? WestFest? Silverton Maybe?
We shall see

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Island Hopper
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I like that your including all the bike repairs as part of this R&R, it makes it that much more entertaining, keep it coming...
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Jettn Jim OP
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Originally Posted by gunnerbuck View Post
I like that your including all the bike repairs as part of this R&R, it makes it that much more entertaining, keep it coming...
Thanx man... I like that aspect of a ride too, whether I'm on the ride or reading someone elses RR.
I thot of doing a build thread or at least a few post's at the begining to bring everyone up to speed on the way Des' got to be how she is... but somehow dropped that ball.

Peace man,

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Jettn Jim OP
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Leaving the PNW for the final time...

Pefect music for todays ride...

I have to add here since I have only touched on it a couple times... This Rally schedule has definitely been tough to keep!!! Not the actual logistics of of it or the bike maintenance... but the SCHEDULE! I realized I had chosen it... I had wanted to meet more people in the Adventure Riding community. Yet I was learning that I had over booked it, tried to flow like too many rivers... none too deep. I would learn not to do this again.

I would much rather be..... Free. er. Free 'er to just hang out here and there... stay at certain places with certain people for as long as I'd like. I kept feeling... rushed. You know the same feeling most of us get in our day to day lives if we're not careful. I'd stopped rushing around many moons ago... realizing my TIME was the most important thing to me. The time I've got to enjoy this physical realm, in this body is limited.
There's a time to push (like preparing for an adventure) but it seems the schedule was pushing, like a production line... more more more. So by the 3rd rally I'd been in essence saying to Alex.. damn man I feel like we're passing alot of open doors and windows along the way, Life opening up to greet us... and yet as you look off into the distance (like looking down at your watch) you look at it, at them, at everything and say... nope gotta get moving!?! Uuuuuuhaaaaaaaa... sigh.

So this is why I'd stayed back a few more days in Lewiston... to breath deep in the communion with Wayne, Lisa, Joey, Sena, John, Russ, Lucy the cat, the puurrty girls at the restaurants I'd been frequenting... and mostly with.. Mick. My little dog brother.. whom I feel a shared love and sense of adventure with, he and I, two bird dogs chasing and frolicking in life itself.
With that I'd like to propose a toast... to one of the most Adventurous dogs to ever grace the earth. I mean 3-days and 450mi standing on the back of a bike with me! Fearless and at the same time purely loving every moment... quite a feat.

So it's time to go.. time to head to the next Rally.
I guess before the journey get's to far south it's the time to tell of what Tasha told me of the mysterious number "14."
I told her what I had told you all... 14's EVERYWHERE (as Feike said here on ADV that part of the story landed on.. page 14, over on KLRWorld where I also post it, it landed on... page 5) and she says, Hmmmm. 14 huh... yea 1+4=5 sooo 5 is jumping out at you. She goes into the other room and brings out a book by Dan Millman. In it a modern method based system based on ancient wisdom.
From Pythagoras a mathematician, one of the founders of geometry. According to the World Book Encyclopedia "Pythagoras taught that number was the essence of all things. He mystically associated numbers with virtues, colors, and many other ideas. Pythagoras also taught that the human soul is immortal. He may have obtained his ideas during his travels to the East. He founded a school (brotherhood)."
Encyclopedia Britannica also informs us that "the Pythagorean brotherhood, although religious in nature, formulated principles that influenced the thought of Plato and Aristotle... More probably the bulk of the intellectual tradition originating with Pythoragras himself belongs to to mystical wisdom rather than to scientific scholarship."
Like other holistic thinkers, Pythagoras embraced many facets of human consciousness in the same way modern physicist now enter realms once left to mystics, philosophers, and theologians. He spoke of cycles, patterns, and waves of energy that existed long before the dawn of humanity, and how our life paths reflect great and eternal laws, whose origins and purpose remain hidden within the mystery and mechanics of existence.
Soooo in short you add up your Day/Month/Year of birth, for me 1-27-1966 -1+2+7+1+9+6+6 which equals 32.
3+2=5 again 5. So I'm a 32/5 the 5 being the more significant. And the life purpose of #5 is... drum roll: FREEDOM and Discipline.
From Dans book:
"Imagine a bird soaring high above, feeling one kind of freedom.
To experience life fully,
it must land and go through the arduous task of building a nest.
Through this discipline comes another kind of freedom,
to experience the the depths of its life.
How have you felt free,
and how have you felt trapped?
Can you apply the discipline in your life to explore the depths,
and in those depths, to find another kind of freedom?"

"Adventure is not outside:
it is within."
David Grayson

"As far as your self-control goes,
as far goes your freedom."
Maria Ebner Von Eschenbach

Hmmm... With some of this new insight into Freedom floating in my head, I head for Silverton, CO via Moab.
Weaving on the slab south to Winchester, where I turn off 95 onto the dirt to explore the Great Camas Prairie, with fields and fields of crops and old farms standing against the onslaught of the west winds. At the edge of this earth we drop down onto the Salmon River which brings life to the parched landscape, zig-zagging up and down it's breaks. Crossing here we enter the Joseph Plains where I learn and feel more about the past present and future.
Finally rolling into Riggins (the Little Salmon flows into the main branch here) where we go further up the Salmon until intersecting French Creek. Here Desiree' hauls me up the slopes and we wind our way up into the Payette National Forest, our night stay planned for Burgdorf Hotsprings and rest in a Hundred and Forty Eight year old cabin.

Down on Rocky Canyon rd I find some sweet spring water to fill up my hydro bladder with...

As I get down onto the Salmon and Coopers Ferry I see the Dig Wayne had told me about... and snap a pic back over my shoulder.

COOPERS FERRY, Idaho (AP) – Archaeological digs along the lower Salmon and North Fork Clearwater rivers are expanding what scientists know about the prehistory of the Pacific Northwest and may help revolutionize what is known about the first people to inhabit North America.
Link here:

Lots of people out enjoing their summers...

I ride East until the road dead ends at the Pine Bar Put In, then turn back west to cross the bridge at the sight of the old Coopers Ferry.

Now goin past the dig on the other side of Rock Creek...

Entering the Joseph plains area...

This was mesmerizing and I didn't take pics... just soaked it in.

Back on the Salmon East of Riggins...

And at French creek a snack stop and some time to meditate...

Near the top of the windy ride I meet a couple of adventure's coming my way. It was a fun and steep ascent of maybe 2,500 ft if I remember right.

Aaaah feeling Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Late afternoon finds me at the Hot Springs... aaah.

Out in the parking lot I meet a fellow Enthusiast from California and we talk of roads we've shared...

I get a sweet cozy little cabin for the night, the Lewis and Clark (I believe #5 LOL) throw my gear in, oil Des's chain, get into some swim trunks and head to the old log and pebble hot pool. It's old and it's natural... hard to find now days.

Some of the Visiting Natives had brought in fresh Salmon caught in one of the many nearby creeks, Jeanette or Lake maybe, (again AMAZING to think of that journey) to barter with, for swimming in the pools. That was refreshing to see.

That's a wrap for today.. 2mro Boise, gnight.

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Jettn Jim OP
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A little bit of Heaven...

After a very good nights sleep in the ol' cabin morning dawns.... it's another perfect Idaho day, SUNNY!
I decide to head toward Yellow Pine on some NFS roads I have never ridden. Looping down into Boise via Placerville. A friend "RD" had taken off a couple days ago on his KLR from Lewiston heading that way, and I thought I might be able to run into him?

First inhabitants.. Warren, my kinda town.

Over the shoulder shot...

It's feeling like one of those days...

Ya always see signs of extreme energy/lightning while your wandering around out in the sticks...

This opening on the road became self explanatory...

I can only imagine the hustling and bustling of all the workers as the Ol' Mill ran back in it's heyday near the turn of the last Century... now just a wide spot along a little used road.

Looking down on a wonderful spot for a ranch, (guard station now) with landing strip, corrals etc... It lies where Pony Creek runs into the South Fork Salmon River, a BEAUTIFUL valley...

And at the ol' ranch... memories.

I have to stop, get on my knees and say hello... tears flow... again.

Not far below the South Fork Guard Station I turn up Elk Summit rd, where I see this cooowel spectacle...

Near the bottom of an avalanche shoot Mother Nature and the snows had formed some artwork... I like it.
It's a good sized tree and those boulders aren't light...

I marked this meadow as a future camp site...

As I near the Summit itself, near 9,000ft the trees are showing their willingness to the winds...


Must be nearing Yellow Pine...

I pull into the Silver Dollar Grill and sit down for a meal... a very puurrty girl handles all the details (cute Miss Holloway whose dad owns the place) and I take in the towns... remote.. vibe.
Something on the wall catches my eyes... a Christmas card a happy patron had sent the owners.

Low and behold it's Yellow Pine you see in the snowy Holiday aura... cool. Desiree' would be sitting out front of the second building on your left, first one is the General store. That happy patron has a story to tell.

In that card was his story... a story that hangs very close to my heart, I think you'll enjoy it.

Some of the locals tell me about the YellowPineMusicAndHarmonicaFestival that Bob had mentioned in his Christmas card... and try talking me into staying, 24th year... it's just 3 days away... it turns the town into the Harmonica Capital of the Western World! You'll have SOOO MUCH FUN! Hmmm that would be reaaally niice.. but I gotta go.. Rally to get to. (see what I mean)
I walk over to the General Store to meet the Texacana Gal Susie Matlock and experience her sunshine, then head'r south....

Trout on the menu tonight...

I pop back out into the scenic Long Valley near Cascade hoping to say high to the folks at the Cougar Mtn Lodge down in Smith's Ferry. Seeing loads of people enjoying their summer breaks with the families, I catch a short vid of a group floating by.

A few more hours exploring roads I've never ridden (WoooHooo) brings us out to Crouch, where my belly tells me it's supper time again, I find the Longhorn and it will do...

I go inside... see lots of people (a few too many) and decide to relax out in the open air of this porch.

I get lucky and draw the neatest waitress in the joint... As I'm looking out across the street I see this cool little 'Yota with an Alaskan vibe... it's hers!

She being Karen, she had driven the 'yota down from Homer... yup I thought it had that.. AK feel to it! lol

She lived there 15yrs... works here part of the year, then with her hubby goes to Hawaii another part to act as caretakers of an Organic Coffee farm:) Suweeeet. She tells me she plays the Jews Harp... (I'd never heard of one let alone HEARD one) then shows me... AWESOME Gal!!

With another good day in the life... in the books, I ride a few more hours of dirt, see a few deer, then grouse, and as the sun seems to fall further to the west... turn back into the forest and find a tree to test the new Hammock in.


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Originally Posted by Jettn Jim View Post
Yo whataya mean sounds about right?!?!?!
Anyway please tell us about your side trip up to Tofino... I see Janis lying in the road??? People in front of a lodge? And a beautiful Panoramic of a Bay. Surely somethiiiings fun must have happened!
You've just gotta keep me going, don'tcha? Alright, I'll add a bit.

Jim and I split off somewhere along route 19. I believe that Jim took the Nanaimo ferry over to the mainland while I continued northwest along 19. I'm sure I didn't make it very far before I caught sight of a bike on the side of the road in the southeast bound lane. With a barrier dividing the lanes, I ended up continuing on to the next exit several miles away, then doubling back again.

The bike was a black current generation KLR. The shoulder was fairly narrow, grassy, and alongside a steep ditch. I strolled up and introduced myself. I can't remember his name, naturally, but he was Canadian, about my age, and had a flat front tire. Lacking tools, his options were limited. I grabbed my tool roll, patch kit, and bike pump and handed them over. I liked this guy. He was energetic and ambitious, eager to learn the ways and full of questions. I showed him what I as carrying, and why. He did most of the work and I took a lot of satisfaction in showing him how to repair a hole without having to take the tire off. He gave me the same grin that I had when I first learned that trick. We exchanged some contact info and his buddy would later get ahold of me through ADVRider:

From TripleNickel,

Hi Alex, my name is John I'm Duane's (flat tire in parksville dude) buddy he was mentioning you were wanting to explore the island a bit. Too bad I'm not around or I'd give you a tour but I have a couple of good GPX files if you're interested I'm a techno retard and don't know how to attach them to a message but if you send me your email I'll forward them.

I'm sure you've got your homework done but feel free to pm with questions if you have any, there's lots to see on the little Island.

Later, John

Ah, so there you have it. His name was Duane. I would have never guessed that.

From there it was west on Highway 4 into Port Alberni where I hung out down by the lake and downed the remains of a flattened doobie. The shore had a few of these native sculptures as well as an entire scene carved by hand and encased in a large case. I tried to find some info on the web, but came up short. The scene with the canoe was whale hunting scene I do believe.

I continued on from there, following the rural, windy road as it navigated the mountains. This was an absolutely awesome ride and a great way to wind down. I stopped at Ucluelet for a quick meal of poutine and chatted with a few members of a local band that were hanging around out front. Apparently there was some sort of music fest going on in the woods nearby. This explained the two stoners on the other side of the glass that pointed at the Chronic Taco sticker on my bike and gave me an enthusiastic thumbs up, gravy clinging to facial hair.

I followed several dirt roads that night in an attempt to find a campsite. The logging roads around here go for miles into the mountains and just seem to fade back into the undergrowth the farther out you go. In the end I would spend the night on the shores of Kennedy Lake. The water was warm, the people even warmer, and I made sure to make a note of this place. I will return.

I went into Tofino the next morning for grub. I stopped at the local surf shop for some pictures and spent some time at Tony's pizza chatting with the Canadian pizza girl. She had a feather in her hair and a shawl around her shoulders, very cute with a great smile. She asked me about my travels, whether or not Mexico was safe, and told me some stories from her side. I gave her my contact info if she had any further questions, but never heard from her again. For some reason the only pics I took during my visit is a panorama taken at the end of the pier that, for whatever reason, refuses to stitch together. Oh well.

On the way back towards the main highway that day, I ran across an interesting scrapyard. The place was full of all sorts of weird sculptures, but what caught my eye was the giant crane turned into the arm of some long enduring partier. (

Back on the highway, it was north on 19, then west on 28. I stopped briefly to resupply and top off my oil. By the time I was back on the highway it was quickly getting dark. The road was quiet, the traffic sparse, and I was able to maintain a spirited pace as I pressed on into the wilderness. Yet another BEAUTIFUL stretch of road. It's a shame Jim wouldn't be here to enjoy the terrain. Oh well...

It was dark by the time I got to gold river. I managed to hit the gas station just before they closed to top off my tank and ask around for a place to eat. A quick point of a finger led me to Pipers On the Ridge, overlooking the city. This night becomes kind of a blur. There was lots of beer, and some mighty terrible karaoke. I exchanged stories with a pair of inebriated brothers who come to this remote town once a year to fish with their dad. I may have even found some food, though I'm not sure. As the night wound down and the bar closed up, the bar tender joined me on the back deck with a few other employees for a few rounds of shots, a plate of nachos, and a doobie. An older man, had to be in his eighties and still working the Piper, kept turning to me between shots and quietly saying "I don't mean to be an asshole. I'm not trying to be an asshole." It took entirely too long before I realized that he was trying to kick me out. The bartender was pretty buzzed by this point and was trying to keep the party going, but in the end I found myself laying out my bed roll in the freshly mowed grass just behind the restaurant.

I really gotta start writing down some names to put to these stories when I tell them.

I spent the next morning nursing a hangover at the local Deli. I think more than anything I just wanted to sit out in the morning sun for a few hours, but I managed to down a few eggs and several cups of coffee. As I sat back in the plastic outdoor furniture, my head against the wall, shades down tight, just soaking in those morning rays, an older woman strolled up and commented on how my bike looked ready for anything. She looked over the stickers and asked about my travels, and I did my best to entertain with the stories behind every decal. I got her a cup of coffee and Sue joined me at the table and began telling me of her history here at Gold River. She had lost a son a few years ago, and just recently had lost her husband. She had been here at Gold River for several decades, and she enjoyed staying active in the community. She had even gotten a new car just to help transport and take care of animals at the local shelter, a car which she had painted metallic pink and covered in paw print decals. I immediately liked her and spent the better part of two hours just talking about everything and anything under the sun.

As the clock approached 11 AM, I began to gear back up and downed the rest of my coffee. Sue gave me a few pointers of places worth checking out, wished me luck, but first tried to fill my tank. I insisted it was not necessary, and gave the bike a kick. The amber colored fuel sloshed around behind the aged plastic tank, the level nowhere near the "OH SHIT!" line. With that I was down the road, passing waterfalls and gorges leading all the way back to the harbor where logs were being loaded and stacked.

From Gold River, I headed North along the logging trails for a ways. My map shows a road leading north into the mountains and dead ending, while another road comes southwest from the main highway and ends several miles away from the first road. Sue that morning insisted that they connect, and even went so far as to draw a line connecting the two roads together. I used that as a rough guideline and spent the rest of the afternoon wandering through the mountains dodging wildlife and getting hopelessly lost.

I passed black bear, dodged logging trucks, climbed a few rugged passes, and even found time to fish a fairly large stream. I had abandoned my riding pants after my dip in the glacial melt and had simply strapped them to the top of my pack. As the day wore on the riding just got better and better. The dust was low, the traffic became nonexistent, and I was fairly certain that I was probably on the right path. As I came around one sweeping left hander at a particularly spirited pace I suddenly became enveloped in dust. I realized that while I was still in the saddle with my feet on the pegs and my hands on the bars, I was also completely on my side and spinning at a pretty good speed. My shoulder rubbed the pea gravel and I was just waiting to be thrown into the ditch with the KLR on top of me. Thankfully, and somewhat miraculously, I had tracked the road despite wiping out mid turn. I hit the ground about where the picture was taken in the first photo, and ended up where the bike is.

Holy crap this turned into a huge post.

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Hit the Trail
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You guys keep falling over, stop it.

Still the best RR's from some of the prettiest parts of the country, thx.
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Ah geez, you and Janice fell down too! How I hate seeing motorcycles on their sides and I don't like seeing the riders getting hurt either.

More stories please.
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Thanks for sharing, bookmarked so I can finish reading.
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Thumb Wooop Wooop gooood stuff!!!

Haha I knew there was some good stuff hiding in those couple days ya spent on the Isle....
Keep it coming!
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I'm enjoying this very much...
Please stop tipping over.
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