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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Thumb Wooop Wooop gooood stuff!!!

Haha I knew there was some good stuff hiding in those couple days ya spent on the Isle....
Keep it coming!
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I'm enjoying this very much...
Please stop tipping over.
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The Filthy Nomad
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Fortunately I was alright, which was kind of amazing considering I was only wearing jeans. I must have tucked in tight because I didn't pick up a scratch, just a slight scuff on the leather shoulder patch. I doubled back as the dust cleared to snap the posted photos before righting the bike, donning my overpants, and continuing on my way.

I made it back to the main highway by mid afternoon and stopped at the first little shop I could find where I scored some iced coffee and a sandwich. Out front, and alongside a trailer, a local artisan had set up a tent and was doing wood carvings. A true master of his craft, I had a hard time wrapping my head how he was able to maintain such detail in a wood carving. I didn't hang around too long, though I had plenty of questions to ask the carver. Instead, I shot a few pics before hitting the road again, eager to make the ferry back to the mainland before services stopped for the evening.

I didn't make it much further up the road before I had to pull over once again. Aside from the old machinery, there was a building that really caught my eye. This little roadside cafe was constructed entirely out of old steel cable, wrapped, stacked, and welded into the building you see before you. The battered lettering on the roof called it the "Cable House"... creative.

I eyed the clock and tried calculating how far I had to go. There didn't seem to be any easy way back to the mainland without returning all the way back to Nanaimo, and that alone was a decent chunk of slab. I quickly became aware that my ignorance of this area was killing any chance I had for planning ahead, so I was just going to wing it. My map showed a ferry crossing in Courtenay, so that would be my next target.

I hit the ferry landing within the hour and slammed a redbull while I waited for it to empty of passengers before jumping on board, myself. This would be a short jaunt across the strait and over to Powel River. I railed the next 15 miles down in no time and made it to the next ferry crossing in Saltery bay. The loading area was empty save for a few cars and so I picked the ticket man's brain a bit. There was no way I would make the third ferry before they shut down for the evening. The sun had long since vanished behind the overcast skies and would be below the horizon before I knew it. This was a long ride, too, which meant my night was far from over. Once I accepted the situation I was fine, and simply sprawled out on the nearest picnic table to read. An hour on the ferry left me alone in the dark in Earl's cove. It was dark, and I just wanted to move on. So I did. I slept that night next to my bike on the other side of a locked gate within some park designated for Mountain Bikes, just outside of Langdale and around the corner from the final ferry crossing.

The first load up on the ferry the next morning was happening fairly early, so I made sure to be there with plenty of time left. I exchanged stories as I waited to load, and continued sharing as the ferry wove through the islands. Keats, Gambler, Bowen, Then Bowyer before landing in horseshoe bay. By now the clouds were hanging low and a light drizzle had picked up. I knew I didn't want to go through Vancouver so I simply went north along the first highway, 99. Squamish, then Whistler, Pemberton, and Lilloet. There was a mudslide just north of the city that threatened to stop me where I stood, but a false sense of confidence in my overweight dirt bike urged me onward despite the construction workers insistence.

As I approached Cache Creek the skies cleared up. I'm not sure what drives the weather around here, whether the clouds were contained within the hills or if there was just some wicked current coming through, but the change made all the difference in the world. Coming into town, I saw a few Harley's off to the side of the road, one of which was being stripped down. I pulled in and inquired as to what the problem was and if I could be of any help. My experience with the Harley crowd dictated that I be cautious and respectful as I know they can be a bit over protective of their bikes. I provided what I could, some tools and a voltage meter I think, then wandered off to grab a sandwich. By the time I returned they had concluded that the alternator (or equivalent) had failed and they were sorting out options. The rider seemed kinda miffed that he was going to have to miss work to stay in this remote town until a part could be found. He had unplugged most of his electrical stuff and the bike battery had gotten him this far, but would go no further. I suggested just grabbing a car battery at the junk yard up the road and running a lead to his battery with it. Surely that would provide enough power to get him back to Vancouver without messing with his schedule too much. I had done this myself just the previous year and got quite far with my KLR. He scoffed at this and in the end we would push him down the street to a local Motel. Oh well.

It was mid afternoon by now, and I was quickly approaching my goal. I was heading for Salmon Arm to visit Peter and Judy, the couple that I had helped out alongside the road a few days back down in Washington. After our little powow, repair, and testing back on highway 20 Peter had given me his card and invited me to his place should I ever be in the area. "We have a little place up there on the lake for travelers such as yourself. Stop on by and we'll even feed ya." Sure thing. I imagined he had a quaint little cottage or some such with a big yard I could pitch my tent. Boy was I wrong.

As it would appear, Peter was doing quite well for himself. He owned a fair number of buildings in town, a health spa, as well as a natural spring in the hills with some unique properties that he bottled and sold. I was introduced to his beautiful family, given a salmon dinner, and a bed with the biggest down comforter I've ever seen. It. Was. Awesome. We just kind of hung out for the evening, exchanging stories and whatnot. What a great group of people.

The next morning Peter hopped on his BMW, fresh rubber installed, and showed me around town a bit. I got to see a few of his businesses, some of the larger homes that his son was building, and made a stop at the local auto parts place where I snugged up a few important bolts that mysteriously kept coming loose on me. More on this to come. After that, Peter led me along some pretty cool back country roads on my way out of town. The sky was clear and you couldn't possibly ask for better riding conditions.

Cock your head to the side and just go with it...

We parted ways not far out of town and I continued south, following Peter's suggestion. His route took me down along Okanagan lake along the western side, which was fairly quiet and rural. Very twisty with minimal traffic. Down through Kelowna, Peachland, and Summerland. I stopped along the shore for a quick breakfast and entertained a few locals with tales of travels past and just your regular biker BS. I left with a full belly and a few freshly rolled doobies. You've gotta love Canadian hospitality.

I took this pano while riding. Eat it.

I continued down 97 down into Oliver. As I came out of the valley the temperature seemed to skyrocket and the roads were clogged with traffic. I was fuming and just wanted out. I yelled at traffic and shook my fist at civilians before I had had enough. I went east, any road that went east, I took it. I needed out of here. This road wound into the mountains and up into the tree line where I dodged large chunks of dried mud and bark from a recent logging operation. I pulled off towards the summit where there happened to be a warming cabin and a large sign with a crudely painted map. I was on Baldy Mountain, apparently some sort of ski resort. I had reached the end of my rope and just needed to mellow out for a bit. I shed my riding gear and donned my headphones as I sparked up and sprawled out on one of the benches in the cabin. I slept for a couple of hours.

I took to highway three as the sun began to settle. My best guess would place the time at roughly three or four in the afternoon, but I couldn't be sure. I dropped off the mountain and continued East on highway 3, stopping for fuel just outside of Midway. There was a border crossing here, one that seemed fairly remote and less popular, which I find very appealing. I had missed my opportunity to cross by an hour, unfortunately, and was left with no other choice but to continue on highway 3.

I finally made my crossing just outside of Grand Forks, but not before being hassled by a border guard. This kind of thing happens when you have a machete strapped to your tank and look like a character out of some Mad Max flick. I touched base with Jim and agreed to meet him at Palmer lake, not far from his sister's farm. Looking at the map it became apparent that i had gone far too east when I was still in Canada, but I took this as an opportunity to get lost and find some interesting places. South on 21, then west on the first road I came across led me through the mountains along some very rural roads. One step above gravel kind of rural. I passed through old mining cabins and long dissolved towns. I think I'm falling for the great Pacific Northwest.

I would cross 97 at Oroville just before nightfall, and wound up into Palmer Lake as the sun was setting. I made a loop of quiet community but found no sign of Jim. With no cell service up here, my options were limited. I pulled over on a small bridge crossing a large creek that emptied into the lake. In the dark, moonless night, I sat with my feet dangling just above the water and ate my gas station burrito and jug of milk, wondering what to do next. In the end I would continue south then back up to Oroville again before I made contact with Jim. He was waiting for me at the junction, a gas station I had JUST passed some miles back. With a heavy sigh, I turned around and headed south once again. Just before Tonasket I ran into some wildlife you don't see all that often. An owl stood just off of the center of the highway, enjoying a meal of his own no doubt. I took to the shoulder as I watched the creature look up and around. Suddenly its wings opened up, the tips of which seemed to brush the white line on either side of the road. Wow..... and then we made contact. My windshield bent in, the bird tumbled into my shoulder taking my hand off the bars in a split second. I swerved a bit, regained my composure, and continued on my way.

I pulled into town once again and was greeted with my good buddy, Jim. He was chatting with a large local man and watching the mayfly orgy go down. I joined in just as the local rolled up his sleeve to show off some scars earned on his own adventures. "I had a stick go in right here, it cut me all up. Right there... well, there's not much of a scar now. But it was huge." I got a laugh out of this, but didn't say much more. I'm not about to start comparing scars. We returned to the farm well after dark, Jim took it easy the entire time as he was still nursing an injured Desiree. No wheelies, no jumps, no rooster tails. It was weird.

The next day at the farm was pretty laid back. Jim wrenched and I simply lounged around. That night we had a campfire where Tash and I remained well after the kids had gone to bed, chatting about family, life, love, and all sorts of spiritual things. Good times.

Wow, I didn't mean for this post to get this big. When I jumped on here a few days ago, I thought to myself "Alright, just throw on some more pictures and elaborate a bit." I guess I hit a groove. And even this is somewhat of a slimmed down version. I'll hop back on here in a little bit and add some to what Jim has already posted, although I think he's covered it pretty good.
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The Filthy Nomad
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Originally Posted by road_apple View Post
You guys keep falling over, stop it....
Originally Posted by Ladybug0048 View Post
Ah geez, you and Janice fell down too! How I hate seeing motorcycles on their sides and I don't like seeing the riders getting hurt either....
Originally Posted by swissarmybike View Post
...Please stop tipping over.

It's like you don't even know me. I figure if you're not falling over every now and then, you're not pushing yourself. And if you're not pushing yourself, you're not improving yourself.

....I've been told I have a vague sense of self preservation...
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Thanks guys

thanks for both of your awesome RR's. They are the main reason I joined this site and decided to buy a KLR. If either of you find yourself(s) passing thru northern Indiana feel free to hit me up for a place to stay or warm meal (cold beers of course). Would love to get a list of the books you keep mentioning Jim.

Take care,
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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Thumb More Gooooooooood Stuufff!

Great post Alex... Yea I'd say ya got in the grooooove. I had fricken forgot you crossed on 99! One of my favorite rides . Great pics too... nice details ya picked up as ya passed by things, like that Cable Cafe
Soooo the Harley guy didn't like your battery idea eh, would'a got him back home that's fosho ?!?!?!?!? Heck if I remember right... a car battery strapped to the back seat got you Halfway down the Baja Peninsula didn't it!
And the couple who's flat ya fixed and then hung out with again... classic.

"Ya guys keep falling over stop it"


Originally Posted by Minus1 View Post
thanks for both of your awesome RR's. They are the main reason I joined this site and decided to buy a KLR. If either of you find yourself(s) passing thru northern Indiana feel free to hit me up for a place to stay or warm meal (cold beers of course). Would love to get a list of the books you keep mentioning Jim.

Take care,
Heeeey Eric,
Thanx for the props brother... People like you are why we take the time to post these adventures up! If we can inspire even one person then it's aaaaaall worth it!
Can't wait to hear a RR from you now that you've got the Adv tool- KLR:
Totally appreciate the offer for beer, rest and food too!
I can PM ya a list of stuff to read... or authors names if ya like.

Peace man,

Jettn Jim screwed with this post 04-08-2013 at 04:18 PM
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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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About 1a.m. I awake to realize that this Hammock thing.... it just ain't gonna work! The simplicity of it is nice.. I like being out in the open air too, but it kills my back! So I pull out the tent and resituate myself on the closest flat opening I can find. I'll see if Al needs a new Hammock otherwise it's off to Sal-Val with it.

When dawn finally breaks and after loading up and hitting the trail I see one grouse after the other, at least a half a dozen of them. Large Spruce Grouse... one a these days I'm gonna catch one as it flies up next to me. I've gotten reeeaaally close a couple times.

Again I'm coming into Boise from behind Bogus Basin and it is Beautiful...

One of the lodges...

Then the 16mi twist fest down into town that is named for the great Boise native and athlete...

Another quick stop at Carl's Cycle to say hi and check out the gear, grab some new KLIM gloves... then it's south by southwest toward Moab. At the next fuel stop I see this guys touring outfit, and think to myself... when are you going to get back to basics Jim?!?!?!?!???

The route has me winding along the Snake River on and off again...

I get onto the Old Oregon Wagon Trail (Old US 30) for a bit, which lands me in Glenn's Ferry where I find lunch with friendly ladies inside it's namesake bar...

Then... lotsa open road.

I get a few quick pics of a crop duster... my uncle Dugan besides being a musician down on the Rio Grande, was also a crop duster.

Damn that looked fun!!!

Then back to the miles.... funny how different towns, people and sights will bring memories flooding back into your consciousness, I'm sure many of you experience this as you ride too....
This 1967 Chevelle for instance, my buddy Jim Brannon from Milton Free water had one just like it back in high school.. aaah the life it's been, almost brings tears of joy to my eyes as I go back... way back.

I make it to Windover Utah and have to pull off to catch a power nap.... I use the grass in front of a Hotel for comfort and to keep Desiree' out of harms way.

Wake back up and hit the road at sundown, passing the famous...

I get somewhere near Tooele later in the night.. see my namesake restaurant, get some chow and then bed down.

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One with Life
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Nice to see some KLR's getting some good life
Ride Our World
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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Aaah when I wake I get to rip through Middle canyon rd... many of these canyons crossing the Mtn range running North to South just West of Salt Lake are super fun riding.
This one has me at 6,633ft at the base and winding upward...

Lots of Campsites tucked back under the trees as you wind your way up...

From Desert to Green in no time...

Then the turns are just as fun going down the back side.. with enough debris and rough edges to keep it interesting.

A Flock of Turkeys hurry across just in front of me.. I catch a quick pic over the shoulder.

Then you see the HUGE Bingham Canyon Copper Mine...

Taking up nearly the whole horizon...

I near Salt Lake and am trying to find the Warp9 guys... my GPS brings me to this development???

I've had enough of the city at this point and head for the mountains southeast of town. But not before a sweet gal at a corner store points me toward a Whole foods store where I can score some Saline and a bottle to flush my sinuses. For the last couple days my heads been pounding from them and my backs been tweaked too.
I should have gotten her picture, as she SURE was a breath of fresh air in this hustle bustle city I find myself in...
Clearing town I see escape up the canyon along Soldier Creek outside of Spanish Fork.

Up top at Soldiers Summit is a little stop where you can fuel up, get coffee, tea and or snacks. I do all.. as I'm talking to the girl Skyline Drive pops up. I tell her I just passed it and have meant to ride it... buuut I'm crank'n the peddles for Moab. A moments pondering and I decide.. the Hell with this rush, can't believe I'm doin' it again. I'm going back and riding the Skyline!

Outside as I'm suit'n up, in pull a couple Harleys.... It's the Laguna Beach Boys.

Colby and David... despite the age difference their best friends and out living the Dream for themselves!^)-
They've just left Moab head'n for Idaho then Sturgis, then Milwaukee (the Harley Factory) then the famous Rt.66 back to Cali. 6-7,000mi in 22 days. Colby 20 is gonna be a teacher, David 51... I thinks just gonna be happy.

We share our commonalities, war stories, glories and then all ride off into the sunset...

It should be great timing for this Skyline ride...

As soon as I turn off I'm met by wildlife...

It's a beautiful night... soon your over 9,000ft with clouds, rain off in the distance and breaks of clear sky..

I start seeing these camps... at first I think cattle, but after a bit it becomes obvious... Sheep herders and their dogs, living out here in the open spaces.... Coooool!

I had met a British guy a bit back now living in Columbus OH, mountain biking around using his 4-wheel drive minivan to haul the bikes. I told him I would check out the route ahead and keep him posted. He was nervous about the road conditions. But first I take a break to ponder things a bit.... tons of sheep baaaing and meandering around the hillsides. He drives past and I wave... we seem to be the only "people" up here, the only critters are horses, sheep and dogs.

At times as I wind further along, (not necessarily here) the ridge will be only as wide as the road with sheer drops off either side... coool.

All the while you can gaze off across the Rockies...

I start to notice these interesting furrows carved into the hillsides...

And at once the Full Moon starts to peak out at me...... yup it's a goood night to be up here.

The approximate location of the furrows... the town of Mt Pleasant to my West, the Rolfson Reservoir to the East.

This photo doesn't do justice, but this is one of those places where the road edge drops almost straight down into this bowl... and on the other side into the furrows. Very narrow roadway.. and pretty coool.
I was wishing Alex could see this...

And yet another camp this time with a vehicle and probably people...

In this part of the trip Skyline Drive changes from a normal width, graded roadway to a 4x4 trail really, just past where it crosses hwy's 264 and 31. And this part looks to be FUN... GPS says Altitude is 10,468ft!

It has rained here today and for several before this... and as I go further the clay starts getting SLICK!

A few miles into the FUN section and after several wet and muddy pieces Des and I go down FAST and pretty hard!!! Kind of surprises me... with the already tender back and the super slick clay it is all I can do to keep footing and get her back up. She keeps sliding out from under me even with the front brake locked. The fresh knobbies are strapped up top (yup just what you don't need, weight carried high) and the warn T-63 and rear 606 are struggling in the muck.
With this realization... the road now seeming to be descending down, down, down, my back on fire and the track getting wetter and muddier I decide to... turn back:/ Yup if I get into one of these deep dips I'll be swapping tires out in a rainy night just to get back out, so it's back to Hwy 31 I go.

This pic after I backtrack about 2 miles to clear the bad spots and pull over to write a note in the dirt for the Brit, NOT to come any further.

The Sunset turns out to be magnificent...

The zoom makes it blurry, but I had to try and show you the intense reds, yellows and oranges.

As I wind down Hwy 31 (a nice twisty road in it's own right) there are numerous washouts, mud, trees and rock still littering the roadway even after it has been clearly plowed. Deep ruts on both shoulders.... now I can better understand why the slick clay up top.... whelp I'll just have to finish the Skyline another day...
A quick stop for a Gas station burrito and a few minutes professing to two pretty girls working there and I find a place to bed down. Moab can wait until tomorrow.

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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Originally Posted by Hektoglider View Post
Nice to see some KLR's getting some good life
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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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I feel like this song was written for this ride...

Next morning I find some ooooold roadway to ride on my way to Moab...
In places it's all broken up and back to dirt... empty corrals housing more ghost than horses now, many memories of travelers long past haunt me as I again gaze at... everything.

Back to back faces... or an example of our physical duality...?

Soon I'm in the warm feeling place again called Moab... Fred and I decide to go for lunch and he takes us in probably the fastest "Production Car" I've ever been in, his Vette'.

As we eat what do I see on the TV above us....? Kristin Armstrong from the winding Bogus Mtn road in Boise, back racing again after her layoff for childbirth. I thought it ironic, as I had just been thinking of her after riding her namesake road the day before yesterday.

I figure while I'm here I'll seek healing for my back and spirit... some of Wayne's girl Sena's dark energy had soaked into me and of course effected me physically as well. Since there were no Cranial Sacral types around and on short notice who I could find would be limited, I settled on a wonderful Indian acupuncturist... she connects with me, giving me a bit of advice and then this appointment got interesting in that I had never done cupping or bleeding. Also alot of needles around the eyes and ear openings, feeling like they were penetrating my ear drums.
In the end I felt much, much betta....

For dinner I find the Peace Tree where the beautiful Tayah (we met in June at the KLR gathering) was now working... (sorry, sorry, sorry no pics) we most definitely and genuinely share a bond... She is going back to school in Denver.. Psychology.. maybe Business, we exchange contacts and hug goodbye. The energy is indeed flowing in this place and good wholesome food/juice abounds, as a bonus I get some live music in the form of Elizabeth and Nick, two awesome souls traveling across country from their home country of Canada. Calling it their "Quest for the Pacific tour" :) They stop, here and there playing and earning money for the road. Goooood stuuuuff!

After their set they come over and share a meal and many good stories/vibes with me... then tied me up a new hemp bracelet, made from leftover Rastafarian looking pieces. I tipped them in kind and parted ways with all three of us the better for having met... THANK YOU!!!

And to follow up to the opening song of this post, here's another taste of their sound... it's the one I heard in the Peace Tree this night, with the main difference being Elizabeth was adding her colour and playing the Tambourine.
Pirate Soul Music.

One last night in town at the Adventure Inn where there were many other bikes parked about. Then tomorrow it's off to Silverton, Al's been upstate at West Fest and now we'll meet up at 9,300ft for this second to the last bash... WoooHooo this IS gonna be..... FUN, INTERESTING, SOMETHING ELSE.

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Where's Waldo?

Really should be "Where's Jett'n Jim?" What's up, just been a while since you checked in.
The Sandsman cometh and so he goeth too.......
Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just shoot you.
"Be kind to the Universe, and it will be kind to you"
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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Laugh Sorry Folks............

Originally Posted by sandsman View Post
Really should be "Where's Jett'n Jim?" What's up, just been a while since you checked in.
Hey Sorry maaaan:/
Been on a test ride down to Tennessee with a new engine to meet with Lyndon Poskitt (from this years Dakar) and then hosting "SuperBall" (Jessica from Sabastopol, CA in this and last years RR)
Should be back in the saddle writing this report maybe even as soon as tonight.

Al and I end up meeting in Silverton for some... WILD times!!!
Here are a few random pics from the first 2 days....

Oh maaaan not agaaaain!!!

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Wow,Parepin sure is rough on frames.He must have been one of those kids who broke everything !! LOL !!
Awsome pics by the way.
2008 KLR 705
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Originally Posted by GAS GUY View Post
....He must have been one of those kids who broke everything...
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