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Old 07-08-2013, 03:32 PM   #241
Beastly Adventurer
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Dooood. That's just fucked up. Pass on condolences to Wayne.

I don't have to agree with you to like you or respect you. -Anthony Bourdain
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Kitty Boy
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Oh no!!! That's awful!! I don't understand how someone could be so hateful to a defenseless animal. I just don't understand it.

RIP Mick.

Sorry for your and Wayne's loss.
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The Filthy Nomad
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What a bitch...
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Thinking good thoughts for you and Mick man!
If you can't fix it with a hammer, you've got an electrical problem!
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Old 07-08-2013, 06:37 PM   #245
Safety third
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I know there is a special place for people like at least I hope sorry man.
Our famous last words "It doesn't look too bad".

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Old 07-08-2013, 07:49 PM   #246
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That's just messed up JJ. You can tell that Mick had a sweet calm spirit. I have no words that can help you on this................just a great loss.
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The Sandsman cometh and so he goeth too.......
Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just shoot you.
I got a real good feeling something bad is about to happen,
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Old 07-09-2013, 05:40 AM   #247
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Reading about Mick is so sad, what a great dog. I'm enraged to read about what was done to him.

What was done to Mick is a crime in certain states.

Very sorry for your loss.
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Old 07-09-2013, 06:51 AM   #248
Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Cry Thank you all..................

Feike, Cynthia, Alex, Tim, Puckinet, Sandsman and motogrizzo... Thank you very much for your thoughts.
Yes it's amazing what suffering a person will choose to go through in this short experience we call life, and Sena is choosing alot of it.
Wayne had convinced himself for over a week that it was a pure accident, drunken stupidness.... he was sandblasting and Sena went to shut all the windows in the truck, when she opened the driver door Mick had jumped in thinking he was going for a ride:), she went to the house for the keys (electric windows) and came back out. He now remembers hearing her saying "get out of the truck, geeet out of the truck" and stopped working to listen.... he expected to have to go out and get him out himself, or maybe hear him yelp as she may grab him by the collar (drinking since early a.m.) to drag him out.

When he heard the door shut he figured Mick had jumped out..... and went back to sandblasting.
So convinced of that, it was the last place he looked for the little guy after he got done working

Had she just said to herself, ok stay in there then and shut the door..... walked away sat down and went back to drinking?
Of course we'll never really know what was running through her mind at that moment, only that Mick has in some way given his life so Wayne would finally see the person he was living with. And now has been himself been set free of her:/

Crazy turn of events....

This winter we'll go out into the fields with two new Brittany pups overlooking the Plains and one of the mighty rivers, perhaps the Clearwater.

We'll squat down and take Mick's ashes from the container....

and we'll return him to the Four Winds..... where he can once again run and play freely, soaring up down, and over the hills as his little heart desires.

Godspeed little brother godspeed... I owe you VERY MUCH of the awareness I have learned in my own short life!
A last few pics of him as he loved to be.... I had went back out to Idaho and Waynes this past January (the last I posted on the Ride Report) to do some hunting with my little buddy. I had an urge to go West and be with Mick! Maybe the universe had gently whispered to me?

Ready for more after the first hunt of the afternoon...

Those loving eyes of his speaking directly from the soul after a great day in the fields....

Wayne and Mick pondering life, or just embracing the moment... I'd say the latter.

Aaaah this life is sooo much fun....

Ready to go some more brother Jim?....

OK if I gotta sit over here by myself, I'm gonna see all I can...

(From HAT Tour 2011)
Aaah sunshine in my face.... and my two best friends, Wayne and Jim in the Baja bug... Life IS Goooood!!!

Resting after his/our last hunt....


And the last two pictures of Mick as I was driving away in Febuary.... As if the Universe has whispered to him too, yet he better than I understood its breath, he seemed to know we would never see each other again...

He sooo didn't want me to leave... and I sooo didn't want to leave him!!!
Well little one we shall see each other again... just in different forms. Perhaps I'll still be in this body and you'll be in another... a new puppy? A bird? a flower? I'll have to keep my eyes and soul open to spot you...

I LOVE and MISS YOU goodbye for now.

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Old 07-09-2013, 09:30 AM   #249
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Thanks for the update JJ although a bit of a sad one. The second pic and the last one say sooo many words. Hopefully you and Wayne can find some peace in the memories and pics you have. RIP Mick

(I hope she receives every ounce of hell she deserves. That woman has no soul.)
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Old 07-09-2013, 09:36 AM   #250
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Awww, my eyes are a little moist.

It's infuriating how preventable his death was. Her negative energy will probably attract more of the same, so it's a self-correcting problem in the long run, but poor Mick got caught up in her wake. So sad.

RIP Mick, and good luck to both you and Wayne with your healing.
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Old 07-09-2013, 12:23 PM   #251
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Old 07-09-2013, 06:19 PM   #252
one man wolfpack
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Damn dude, that is terrible. Mick was a good dog, no doubt about that! Breaks my heart.

Passed through Worthington Minnesota where Collarbone and I met you at the Super Ocho. Had to take a look and see if the KLR was parked there! Sorry about the loss of your buddy, hope things are going well for ya.
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Old 07-10-2013, 07:25 PM   #253
Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Thanx again for all your thoughts guys... and Fayela...

Thanx much you all!!! Passed on the replies to Wayne last night... had us both crying again. Good tears tho yaknow.
Nope Desiree' is still here in PA for a while longer...

Will start off as I left Moab... pretty uneventful morning. Met up With Arrowhead Fred to say goodbye and to talk a little more about the new Mikuni carb kit he was working on for the KLR. ( if any of you have KLR's and want an instanty on slide carb, no vacuum neccesary, then here is an alternative: )Then with memories of the great time at the Peace Tree last night with Elizabeth and Nick, I point her East.

The Earth seems to make herself easy to feel comfy in around these parts...

Looking back over the La Sal's...

Every color I can think of in this Valley before Naturita...

I see traces of the rains that have put out the Fires in the San Juan's (that would almost cancel out the Rally) Turns out these would be visiting us every afternoon like clockwork for the next week!

I go past the campground just before Ouray... and wonder at the conditions in which people feel comfortable... how these people can be out "Camping" when their parked right on top of one another??? To each his or her own has never rang more true.

The slanted streets of Ouray:) just before some FUN twisties between here and Silverton WOOOHOOO!!!!

Climbing the up the Million Dollar Hwy outside town...

As I had last said I was getting a bit uncomfortable hitting all the Rally's (even tho I had meant to do it) I LOVE meeting fellow riders who I have met here in the Ether of the Internet.... but was just learning that I wanted more time to chill and sloooowly move along. Well live and learn I spose.
Somewhere between Moab and the Rally I got some signal and a txt from Alex (which I have saved in my phone until getting used now in the RR) saying "This place is a fuckin zoo and the campground is a swamp!" guess I'll delete it now:)
Thaaat may have helped to sour my outlook on yet another rushed rally LOL!

I got into Silverton late, just before dark I'd say. I parked Des' and walked over to the central area where dozens if not a hundred people seemed to be partying and listening to plans for the next days ride. In my mind they sounded more like people receiving orders... (funny how our mindset / perceptions can paint a picture, mine a bit cranky at the moment) and after not findind Al milling around anywhere I decided to just get back on the bike and go find a place to camp.

I rode up Molas Pass and made camp off the road and back in the trees...

Aaaah silence.... sweet breezes whispering to me, mountains reminding me how small I am in this body, but how large I am too... in spirit.

In the morning I awaken to a Full Moon and my camp...

I suit up and decide to go down into town and see what all the fuss is about:)

I'll try to find Al and see what kind of adventures we can create!

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Old 07-10-2013, 09:01 PM   #254
Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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I had forgotten to post up this song... which as soon as I heard it 3 weeks ago, I had decided to dedicate it to Mick Here little buddy.

Down at Rally Central people are getting together in groups to ride and do their thing... I hang back and just get the feel for it. The Camp doesn't look baaaad...... AL had moved his tent up outta the lower field where the torrential rains had created the swamp and so I set mine up next to his. Then swapped out the used up 606 rear and T63 front for some fresh 606 rubber all around!

Took some weight off Des' which had her looking sexier than hell... then prepared to hit some high country with Al.
We decided to do Black Bear Pass over into Telluride, just to warm up a bit. On the way taking an old mining road off to the east of 550 to snoop around a bit.

Ooh yea...

Alex just LOVES old Mines!!! We may still return to Hyder to ride the 11mi tunnel through a mountain at the GranDuc Mine?!?!

A bit of History of the Mine and it's Avalanche that left 26 dead on feb 18th 1965:

" In 1948, Tom McQuillan and Einar Kvale located and staked the copper that Lake and McDonald had predicted. Four years later they optioned the property to Granby Mining, but it took many years for Granby's engineers and financiers to work out how to extract the ore from this most difficult of locations.

The Leduc Glacier,
as seen from the Upper Portal of the
Granduc Mine, May 1975.
This photo was taken at 4:00 AM, almost directly above where the Leduc Camp was located ten years before. The fantastic colour is accurate, not filter-enhanced.
Photo ©1975-2013 by Murray Lundberg

Finally, in 1964, it was announced that everything was in order, and work would begin at once on a development expected to cost $55,000,000. The ore, centred in what was named the Leduc ore body, would be extracted through a 11-mile-long tunnel, to be drilled from both ends. Several camps were set up, including one to house 140 people at the Leduc Glacier end of the proposed tunnel. With 4 bunkhouses, a dining hall, recreation hall, auditorium, offices and powerhouse, the workers were able to live fairly comfortably in the harshest of conditions. A large runway was constructed right on the glacier, and supplies arrived by aircraft on the few days when the weather allowed. The rest of the time, Cat trains brought everything needed by the miners. The Cat trains wound through the mountains on a circuitous, 22-mile route that crossed a 5,500-foot pass, and involved travel along several glaciers, including the massive Salmon Glacier. In September 1964, work began on the tunnel.
This area gets some of the heaviest snowfalls on earth, averaging about 800 inches each year, with the record at over 1,100 inches. To the men working at the camp, the 16 feet of snow that fell in the second week of February 1965 merely meant some extra work to keep their work areas usable. But high above the camp, incredible pressures were building as the snow deepened.
It is an eerie, desolate scene. A huge signal fire sends up warming flames and sparks - a beacon to rescuers. One building only is intact. Tired men huddle inside. Twenty fellow workers are out there in the snow, probably dead in their shattered bunkhouse. The injured lie on the floor. Dr. Veasey from Stewart moves from one to the other doing his best under primitive conditions. There is no light. It's cold...

The snow piles up deeply in the coastal mountains - it's heavy snow, perfect for building glaciers, awful to work in. On the steep mountainsides above Portal Camp of the Granduc Mine, millions of tons of snow let loose at 10:16 AM, February 18, 1965. The survivors mostly remembered that it happened silently, with no warning.
Radio operator Innis Kelly managed to get a brief "Mayday" message out before his equipment faltered, and within hours, a massive rescue force from across Canada and the United States was battling storms to reach the scene, where 50-70 mile per hour winds were reported. While nearby helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft waited for the weather to ease, 4 cat trains ground through the drifts at top speed, the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Cape Romain got into position to move the injured to hospital as quickly as possible, the huge Alaska ferry Taku was equipped as a hospital and sailed for the harbour closest to the disaster, and a wide array of other military, police and civilian aircraft and boats from both countries sped to the area. Virtually the entire camp was wiped out by the avalanche. Some of the survivors were missed when the slide split into two forks, and many were able to dig themselves out when they were buried. Bertram Owen-Jones, a 20-year-old cook, was holding a knife when the cookhouse was blown apart - caught under a portion of wall, he was able to use the knife to cut himself free after 3 hours. The tunnel had only been driven 28 feet when the avalanche struck, and several men were protected inside it.

Help came from every direction. Ketchikan, Stewart, Annette Island and Prince Rupert shared the work of dispatching crews with a wide range of duties to perform, from locating mountain rescue experts to feeding the survivors. As always in disasters there were heroes everywhere. The aircrews, and the rescuers who flew with them, stand out in all of the newspaper reports. Day after day, they risked their lives in terrible storms, in one case having to land on a glacier for the night and then chip ice off the rotors to get going again in the morning. But there were also some scoundrels - while most men were digging to find fellow workers, someone robbed the commissary.

As the details filtered slowly out, it became apparent that many of the victims of the slide were new to mining, drawn by the high wages, and probably the excitement offered at this high-profile project. Brothers Blake and Rod Rose came from a mining family, but had heeded their mother's wishes to stay away from mining until a few days previously. Unable to find work in Vancouver, though, the boys hired on as labourers and, along with janitor Craig Anderson, arrived at Portal Camp 4 days before the slide hit - all 3 were killed.
One of the real miracles of the disaster was the story of Eino Myllyla, a carpenter who was buried for 79 hours, while huge rescue helicopters landed on the snow directly above him. He was uncovered by a bulldozer which dislodged a cap of ice covering him. Suffering from frostbite, dehydration and oxygen deprivation, he was rushed to hospital in Ketchikan, where he remained for months.
Winter harrassed the rescue crews right until the second they left - extreme danger from more slides forced the emergency evacuation of the last 54 rescuers, with helicopter pilots braving a wild snowstorm to bring them out, navigating to the camp using the smoke from still-burning fuel tanks. The following day, the DC-3 carrying the 19 bodies recovered to that point skidded on the runway at Stewart and plowed into a snowbank, forcing a C-46 to come in to retrieve the bodies.
Victims of the Granduc Mine Disaster
Portal Camp was never reopened. No technology available could protect men working in that location against another avalanche. The options for extracting the ore were few - an open-pit mine would be impossible due to the snowfall, so engineers had to find a way to cut the tunnel using only the camp at Tide Lake, 10.3 miles from the main ore body. The huge extra expense involved nearly forced the mine into receivership, but on the basis of reserves of 32,500,000 tons of 1.93% copper ore, refinancing was arranged.
Once work restarted, progress was amazing - several world records were set by the tunnelling crews:
Best single-day advance - 155 feet
Best six-day advance - 601 feet
Best month's advance - 2,320 feet
Fastest one-mile advance - 73 working days
Tide Lake Camp, Granduc Mine
The view from the main concentrator door

While the tunnel crews were at work, a permanent camp and a massive concentrator were also being constructed at Tide Lake. To get supplies in and concentrate out, a 32-mile all-weather road was built to reach Stewart, where a large dock was built to berth ore freighters as large as 50,000 tons. The town of Stewart quadrupled in size, with the modern "Granduc Subdivision" extending to the north of town. By November 1970, everything was completed - the final bill came to $115,000,000, over twice the original budget. Only 3 months later, however, the first shipload of copper concentrates were on their way to Japan.
Over the following years, Granduc had its ups and downs as most mines do. Copper is one of the metals that is the most sensitive to world market demands, and the massive cost over-runs in developing the mine led to a crippling debt load when interest rates climbed. The ore reserves at Granduc, though massive, were not rich, and the severe drop in copper prices in the 1980s led to layoffs, then short closures, then indefinite closure of the mine. A skeleton crew attempted to maintain the Tide Lake Camp and Granduc Subdivision through several winters, but expenses were enormous. Maintenance was scaled down further and further, and the decision was finally made to dismantle the camp and concentrator and shut down permanently.
Visiting Stewart now, it's clear that Granduc will never be forgotten. Although it may not be clear when you first enter town why all the now-empty homes and apartments were built, anybody in town will be able to tell you the story. And if you take the drive to see the Salmon Glacier, you'll get an up-close look at the conditions that were faced to construct the Granduc Mine, and that miners and engineers still regularly face in the North."

Then we cross over to BlackBear...

Just beautiful...

We start to see more high altitude sheep....

And Alex befriends / gets the once over from a sheep dog.

Just above his right hand in this pic near the snow we see a little highmark and decide to try and highmark it ourselves.... without tearing up the terra firma unneccesarily.

It's a good bit looser than we expected but we get to the top!^)-
Whata view........

Desiree' and Janis both well over 13,000ft for their first times... as the pass itself below is at 12,840

Very Craggy above us.. we both wanted to take a while and go hike it.

Back down and onward...

Hey Brotha...

And Sista...

Beautiful high altitude flowers.... had to get a pic or two, then Des' wanted to pose.

The step downs heading down the backside toward Telluride are a BLAST!!! The road is one way only here, but since it was late in the day and I figured no one else would be coming along, I turned around several times to ride back up the steps then back down!)
After fooling around a good while I finally ride down and what do I see......

YeeeeHaaaa Suuuweeeet!!!! Alex has found us a play toy!^)-
An old cable running across the canyon with a heavy single strand cable/wire hanging down. We would've liked to see a multi strand cable for a better chance at not having the wire bend back and forth back and forth... then snap... your on a nice fall 40ft to the rocks!
But it was all we had. So we swung...

A bit later a dude and his cute gal come hiking down off the ridge and so we sweet talk them into trying it with us!^)- "Here just use my gloves and hang on TIGHT to the loop"!
She was more apprehensive than he, but eventually went for it too...

Now her turn... my gloves have never looked soo good on me!

Whata great day it's turned into... must say... I like it better than a group ride. I'm just gonna have to start leading groups I guess? :)

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Old 07-11-2013, 07:49 AM   #255
Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Might as well play some more America... this song sums up alot of why I take off into the Wild a few times a year... as much as the ride is about meeting people, I'm still drawn to this feeling.... "Cause there ain't no one for to give ya no pain"

C.W. McCall sang a song back in 1975 helping make this road famous too...

After all the fun swinging on the cable we head off down the last set of steps overlooking Telluride and the second highest waterfall in CO, Bridal Veil Falls. The steps are kinda close to the cliff edge and give you a nice feeling of life at its best in the pit of your stomach:)

Down below to the left what do I see.....

Whoa... looks like a Castle from one of my velvet black light posters in the 70's (if your too young to know you can look it up here:) they used to glow and be pretty Funky
Here's an example...

OK sooo on our left is this awesome coool (to me) black light poster castle, with a face in it's lower wall...

Just cool as hell.....

I just had to find out who, what, where this thing came from...
Turns out it is the Bridal Veil Hydroelectric plant, sitting atop the 365ft falls. The second oldest A.C. plant in the world (using one of Nikola Teslas generators, a great inventor ya may wanna check out too) built in 1895, to power the Smuggler-Union Mine.

The oldest plant being not far away, in the next valley near Ophir.

"June, 21st 1891: Telluride Power Station Online

L.L. Nunn, a Colorado lawyer and manager of the Gold King Mine, signed a contract with Westinghouse to install the Tesla A.C. power system. The plan was to harness a river below the mine and replace the costly coal powered steam generators. This facility became known as the Ames Power Plant and was the first power station in the world to transmit alternating current at high voltage for power purposes, for a long distance."

And the scoop on the original builder of this Castle and his interesting if not socially sordid lifestyle:

Aaand it is / was / may be again the most difficult Ice Climbing in North America!
"The falls were opened briefly in the 1990s to ice climbers, but the area is private property so climbing has been legally prohibited since.[3] Referred to as a "mega classic" and "the most difficult waterfall ice climb in North America" some climbers have trespassed to take a crack at the imposing and dangerous climb, but a land purchase proposal and an insurance deal may change the situation.[3] Climbers were excited by the proposal in 2008 that would reopen the falls to climbers.[3] Legendary climbers Jeff Lowe (climber) and Mike Wiess were known to have been the first to summit the falls in 1978, the effort having been broadcast on ABC’s Wide World of Sports.[3]"

After marveling at the spectacle we mosy on down into town, passing lots of old mining debris...

It's a BEAUTIFUL box canyon... what a spectacle for the miners at the turn of the last century, let alone the Natives that used to inhabit it.

Though it's a popular town... we make no time for the hustle and bustle, instead taking back streets to the other dirt road outta town. The Imogene Pass road... it will take us back up to 13,000ft and over to Ouray then the fun twisty Million Dollar Hwy back to the Rally.
You can just see Alex rounding the turn up ahead of me...

And again he's on the far wall... imagine the men with their picks carving these roads into the sheer rock walls!

The road we had came down moments before and past the falls...

More of mans marks left from the past...

Our road leads to those peaks over there..

I was taking the jetting down even further at this point.
A moon like setting...

Back at the Rally we see some more company has joined us.... Gnite.

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