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Fantastic, JJ!! Love the pics, love the way you write, love the additional info (like on the mine)... really good stuff. Thanks so much!! Keep it coming too!
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Man, that place looks awesome. I swear, Colorado must have some of the best riding I've seen. Roads look just a little bit too sketchy for me to want to solo, let alone fully loaded tho. Oh well. Someday!

It's great to see more posts from you!
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Man I have got to get out west jim.... fantastic as always bud. what the hell is that damn filthy nomad up to anyway?? As always....(and I have no idea why anyone would want to) if you ever find yourself crossing northern indiana stop on by for a nice meal and some cold brews.
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Talking Thank you.......

Originally Posted by woodsatyr View Post
Fantastic, JJ!! Love the pics, love the way you write, love the additional info (like on the mine)... really good stuff. Thanks so much!! Keep it coming too!
Thank you Cynthia... Will be right back to it as soon as I return from the Briggs Farm Festival this weekend!^)-
Info here: WoooHooo Taking Desiree' and camping out in the woooods.

Originally Posted by Feyala View Post
Man, that place looks awesome. I swear, Colorado must have some of the best riding I've seen. Roads look just a little bit too sketchy for me to want to solo, let alone fully loaded tho. Oh well. Someday!

It's great to see more posts from you!
Hey Fey... YES it REALLY is that gooooood!!! Come ride it with me! Glad to be back.....

Originally Posted by Minus1 View Post
Man I have got to get out west jim.... fantastic as always bud. what the hell is that damn filthy nomad up to anyway?? As always....(and I have no idea why anyone would want to) if you ever find yourself crossing northern indiana stop on by for a nice meal and some cold brews.
Dude, Eric... yes you DO! ANd thanx again for the offer my brother!!! I WILL stop in the next time thru Northern Indiana.... YES!

Al is in San Diego work'n with FadingFast and DaxxRuckus.. Link to his RR and a leeeetle info here:

Hoping to get him back on here, since this section of the RR is theeee last two weeks we ride together in the Beyond Insanity Ride.

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Sunday in Silverton.........

Sooo we wake up to frost on our seats as has been the case up here at 9,318ft... Yup low 30's when you wake and mid 80's in the afternoon. Noooot tooo bad if ya ask me! With the clockwork like, midday rains to keep the humidity where it needs to be, I like it.

We head into town...

And head to the Kendall Mtn Cafe where Alex had stumbled in a few days earlier and seen the place just packed and shorthanded!!! Sooo our hero starts to bus tables for the owner and his cute Mexican American mom:) this creates a bond between them all and I get to go and experience it. Breakfast is HUGE!^)- and she was a darling (forget her name and wasn't keeping up on my notes. Hope AL will chime in)

We head back to Red Mountain Motel, Cabins and RV Park where the Rally was headquartered. And do some bike inspection...
I'm getting ahead of myself here...
I had been in a bit of a funk since leaving Waynes up in Lewiston.... Sena's vibes had me riled up and as I said earlier in the report my back seized up etc... Moab and Accupuncture had helped a load, but I had to get my head straight soon. Soooo as I lay in the tent reading this morning, I must've caught onto/remebered something... because it all went Bing!!! I was seeing things clearly again and was HAPPY!!!

Everywhere we went I saw happy loving people and they got the same from me... I was creating my own reality as we do at every moment, and it was again a goood one! I love it when that happens, and feel puuurty stupid when I forget and go the otherway:/
Eh such is living and interacting with all types of people living in random states of consciousness...
I soooometimes let myself get drawn into there Dream... but prefer to and usually do, just stay in mine.
Where I can do the most good for my fellow man, woman, planet etc...

I had a bit of slow start with Jim the RV Park owner when I had first rolled in, and the next day due to my original bad joojoo, but now we were old buddies! He told Al and I MANY a long tail of his rise from a SoCal teen to an Eastcoast lead welder, to working the high Steel all across the U.S. and the stories just went up and on from there! AWESOME stuff was being shared....

So was a good thing we had jelled, bonded, felt like brothers... cuz Alex was gonna need a friend!!! A friend with a WELDER and one who could WELD! I had done a couple welds for him up at Waynes aand he'd stopped somewhere in Wyoming or Utah on the way and had welding he needed more. Like 11 MORE! WHOA dude what the heck?!?!?

Yeeaaa he had ridden Black Bear and Imogene passes with a bike that was no...t completely intact... muuuch like himself I might add!

So we mosey on over to Jim's shop and Alex starts dismantling Janis...

And now that I remember, this is when I actually swapped the tires on Des'... 6,700mi outta the T-63 and 3,500 outta the 606. With a good bit left on the T-63 I might add (I have since gotten 8,000mi outta the one I'm running now)

Hahaha heeeere we go AGAIN>>>

Nooo doubt about it weeee are happy dudes thrashing on our bikes...

Jim gets suited up and looks over the cracked up KLR, while it's cracked up owner looks on:)

You can tell by his smile he's a gooood dude!!! That's his son Levi's Jeep in the back undergoing it's remake!^)- A coool cat himself is Levi.

Just like your watching TV right...

Yes Al had went across the street to the only grocery in town a convenient 50yds away and brought back alotta BERR to apease the welding gods.

Inspection... some beer... and more welding.

While I watched the surgery..

More inspection... test fit the shock.... coool beans NO more cracks!

WoooHooo all done now we can ride!!!

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Jettn Jim OP
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While milling around the Rally late the night before last swilling beers, I had met "Road Damage" a real cool dude... he gave Al and I a couple of his road sign looking, Road Damage stickers!) I also mentioned to him that I had struggled a bit with the rally's this summer and sharing the experience on the RR. He pretty much said just tell it like it is maan, it's all goood. Was a goood chat we had and a part of the regained HAPPY I had when I woke up the next day.

I also wandered over to the KLIM booth to visit my buddy Mark and his wonderful wife Rose... (if ya need some quality riding gear give him a shout: )
I saw these cool reused innertube bags on the "Gear Mojo" table that Rose sells... layed two of my old warn out ones next to them to check the size and ended up getting all three of the smaller ones.

I use one for my mini shaving kit, one for quick access tools in the tank pannier, and one for the chain breaker and misc materlinks / chain links. She also had a cool dog leash and collar made outta the same tubes with colored fabric outter and a beer bottle opener on each!!! I had to get the set for my buddy Jen and her Boxer Chella!^)- Chella wears the collar and Jen drinks da beers!
Roses Gear Mojo website here:

And check out this ol' Ford Snowmobile Jim had bought... just way cooool.

Ok back to the bike... the reason Al had brought Janis to the shop was to swap a stator... the welding was just a side effect of him seeing some more broken shit as he tore into her. Sooo now that the welding is done we'll take a break for some chow then get back to the stator.

We wander down Greene st to Handlebnars Restaurant and Saloon. There we meet the sweetest ladies and enjoy some FINE food!!!
A sticker with Sheri the owner, two waitresses signatures, Handlebar Hollie and Yazmin from Mexico. Her daughters Maryna (youngest) then Jessica (middle) will sign a bit later.)

Group pic with Sheri's arms around daughters... probably to protect them from us!^)- lol and Handlebar Hollie.

It's a cool ol' mining bar and seriously the food is GREAT! Lots of good reviews on trip advisor... not to mention the excellent humor / love coming from all the girls:)

Sheri and Jessica highjacking my dessert...

Handlebar Hollie...

Handlebar mustaches on everyone... Alex must have spent $5.00 trying to get one in his color... I end up with lotsa blonde ones left over. My helmet still has the Handlebar mustache on it today, prob 20,000 mile and a ton of rain later.

I do up a 5 spot for the HighAdventureTour: and hang it from the wall...

With full bellies, minds, hearts, everything... we head back to the shop to burn the midnight oil.

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Talking More Thrashing..........

Back at the shop Al is in pure bliss opening up Janis's sidecover for the Stator swap...

Out of the Blue walks (I should say rides) in Bob...

He's looking for the Hostel and as I give him directions he just gets absolutely into this thrash and takes up residence!!!

He claims this stuff is WAY better than the Olympics (still airing live on the tube) and would rather stay in the shop with us... he's just plain intrigued with the whole affair.

He and Al get to talking and he basically strokes Alex's ego pretty hard...

This WILL come back to bight us in the ASS in the near future...

I'm just enjoying the whole scene.. drinking a beer or two, watching Al doing what he loves best, and Bob enthralled by it all. It really is the highlight day of my 3 month ride sofar!!!
Funny how this is working out and the future we're creating at the very moment

Here's some video of the night scene and a quick run down of all the welding we did earlier today...

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Thumb Now we ride....

Next day dawns clear and BEAUTIFUL!!!

Al finishes closing Janis back up and Jim wanders into the shop...

He's holding a new electric powered drain cleaning snake... he had mentioned a tough clog in one of the motel rooms that his regulare snake wasn't clearing and that he once used one from a comapny that was THEEE BOMB! He meant to buy one but never had... Since he has been sooo good to us these last few days we decide that to show our appreciation, we had him order the majic drain tool and we'd pay the bill!

The lesson is that money is just a representation of energy... and by sharing it, you / we keep it flowing all around and back to us. This was energy that my wonderful girl Sherri had generated, shared it with Al and I and we were now letting it flow to Jim.

Perfect music for the extra ride energy we had stored up!

So after getting suited up and asking Jim for some good trails we head out later in the afternoon... it's gonna turn into a high elevation LATE night ride!

Plan is to head for Stony Pass, Pole Creek, West Lost Creek to Lost Creek, some forest roads and more technical singletrack. The tracks are pretty dry over on this side...

We get a wave from the little one:) All the ATV's we passed were already heading back into town and to their lodges. Within an hour we would be alone on the trails all night long.

Al pulls off at the top of Stony pass to soak in the ride aaaah...

Pretty nice info and I like the quote "It is called a wagon road, but the only means of using it, is to take your wagon to peices and let it down severall steep places by rope!"


After a few looong miles the track starts to get very moist and the traction is gooood!!! Perfect for ripping:)

The views spectacular...

You can see the GoPro on my helmet... yeeeat I still haven't learned to edit soo I can share it here :/

A break to look things over a bit after the thrash... and plan a route.
Pole Creek was a MUD BATH as we rode up into it to look around! Fresh rains moments before had it looking... NOT sooo fun. So now we were going to take a Loooong ride out and around things circling back to town a gooood bit LATER than we'd suspect.

Nice rock formations and look at that sticky track were riding... WoooHooo.

We ride along the Rio Grande River and then its namesake Reservoir...

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Thumb Aaaaaaaaaaah...............

Mellower sounds to reflect the night coming on...

We start to settle into the ride as day slooowly fades into night....

The dusk is breathtaking... and I can only hope to capture a bit of it to share with you.

We get near Hwy 149 but head north coming into the Wilderness Ranch and a dead end... we then find some tracks to bypass that roadblock. After waiting a while there is no Alex.... I circle back and find he'd blown a sharp left hander! He was fine tho and he can fill in the details later. For some reason I have no pics of this portion, probably due to it just getting full dark and my readjustment to the ride.

We end up riding some KNARLY KNALRY stuff waaaay after midnight tired and it's COLD again. Feels great riding but sends a sweaty chill up our spines when we stop. We get well above 13,000ft again on some single track that even the GPS doesn't show!
I pull out my rain jacket to loan Al so he can seal up his mesh jacket and I throw on all my layers... needless to say we were traveling LIGHT! Shooting Stars seem to fly by everytime we stop and the night sky up at this altitude is juust breathtaking. (not to mention the altitude being breathtaking to us AND the bikes too... we were all down a bit on power.)
We end up riding over Cinnamon Pass, Engineer Pass, California Pass, Hurricane Pass (Easy Peasy stuff compared to most of the night) riding down through Poughkeepsie Gulch (this was FUN!!!) Corkscrew Gulch and wandering around Animas Forks, Lost Creek,Trail 516 & 518 just to name a few.

Here's Info on Poughkeepsie, notice the Duration... "FULL DAY" Haha lol... yea well we just added it to the nights Adventure!^)- WooHooo

Poughkeepsie Gulch 4x4 Trail

One of the most difficult trails in the area, still amazing views & great fun!

Difficulty: Difficult
Length: 4.1 miles / 6.6 km
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly • Dog Friendly

Overview: Scenic, remote valley offers variety of challenges for hard-core enthusiast. Snow is usually not plowed, so trail opens later in the season. Fun but difficult trail for ATVs and UTVs. Skilled dirt bikers only. Stay off trail during wet periods. Connects to California Gulch and Corkscrew Gulch. Located in Uncompahgre National Forest. For current conditions call Ouray Ranger District (9709) 240-5300

Rating: Difficult. Uphill direction described here. Easier going downhill. Can be muddy at the bottom during wet periods. One long, steep climb of loose rock is challenging without lockers. Other rocky climbs may require winching. Not recommended for stock SUVs going uphill, although, many manage it.

We stop in one of the Gulches after all the Passes and just about collapse... We can't believe were riding this stuff after being so SPENT!!! Late nights and a LOOONG day!!!

Al's almost asleep on his bike...

We get down the trail a few more miles and I run out of fuel... oh yea forgot to mention that I'd been on reserve a WHILE now
We manuever the bikes around so Janis is up on the bank above Desiree' and connect the extra fuel line I always carry with me, to Al's fuel line using a pen (Al's idea)

Now his fuel level is at the OH SHIT! level too...

We jokingly think of crashing in this old cabin...

We're juuust hoping we can make it back to camp on fumes... On with the Adventure!^)-
Here's a video after I stopped at somewhere above 13,000ft off to the side of a sheer muddy, rocky, crazy incline climb, on an unmarked track in the blackness of night. FUN! Near the end of the vid Alex tells me there is a sheer cliff off to our left! Whoa...

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Wow shit what a ride that was,thanks fer doin such a good job and bringing us along,Im pretty stoked at the moment!!
What would you do if you weren't afraid?
Bobcat Goldthwait is my mentor.
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Thumb Ooooh Yea........... Fun Times!!!

Originally Posted by 8lives View Post
Wow shit what a ride that was,thanks fer doin such a good job and bringing us along,Im pretty stoked at the moment!!
Yea buddy.... was a highlight night FOR SURE!!! WoooHaaa thanx for riding along with us!
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Heading outta dodge....

Well we roll back into town in the predawn and head straight for the tents... WHAT A NIGHT of RIDING one I'll never forget... WOW!
After some amount of shuteye we gather up our gear and prepare to head north to the Big Dog in Lander WY.

I run my used tires outta town to the transfer station...

Then we gather up the chairs a couple ADVer's had given us and add our sig's then hand 'em off to Jim...
Again if your ever near Silverton ya gotta stop in and pitch camp here (whether tent, cabin, room or motorhome) with him, his wonderful wife Amy and their cool kid Levi! Jim went above and beyond for us and a lifelong friendship was made!!!
Link to their spread is here:

Yup riding fast and breaking shit... he was and may still be!?!?!?!?!

Somehow while in or near the shop Al notices... ANOTHER pair of fractures in his frame! That's 11 total for the weekend LOL.
I believe he lets me stitch these up... So after another late afternoon start were off!

We hit up Handlebars for one last meal and to say goodbye to the girls... then peal outta town. All the while sporting new Handlebar staches on our helmets!

See ya later BEAUTIFUL San Juans...

Another short twistfest on the Million Dollar Hwy over Red Mountain Pass (as you can see from the pics) and were northbound... tonights destination?

The lighting isn't great but I was snapping pics with reckless abandon... this just a small sample.

The feeling is strong even though the images are week..

A rough plan forms that we'll take 550 up to Montrose, then cut East on Hwy 50. This all came about at a pull off somewhere along the way.

Then as light is fading we decide last second, to shoot off South onto a dirt road called the Little Cimarron rd. it follows the Beautiful Little Cimarron River.

About 15mi in we break out our headlamps after spotting a Meadow off to our right, and end up with Alex putting his bedroll down near an old fire pit, I pull Des' under a Pine right next to the river, then throw down my roll next to her.

An AMAZING nights sleep follows.... even though Silverton is a quaint little town, this is soo much more peaceful.
Morning is surreal as I look out of my sleeping bag, laying under the tree canopy, listening to the river whispering it's siren song to me...

While Al is still sleeping I wander around a bit..

Whata place for a cabin...

Soon we're all packed up again and heading for???? Gunnison maybe, Crested Butte? I need an oil change and for some reason hadn't done it at Jim's. We'll look for a shop or wally world that will let us dispose of the oil.

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Cry Rededication of RR to Mick aaand Dan aka "Rust"...

A few of you had PM'd me asking where Alex aka... "Parepin" TheFilthyNomad" was.
And I needed to reach him to see if he could jump in on the Report since this was the last two weeks we'd be riding together on the HAT 2012 FIB...
So I txt him over the weekend and he tells me some Sad news...

He's just flown back over to Phoenix where he'd landed a few months ago... Dan aka"Rust" and Cindy had been storing Janis all winter and Al had become very close to them last year while bumming around. When he restarted his touring around a couple months ago he'd flown in and hung out there for a week or two fixing on their neighbors house and just plain sharing good times, before heading to San Diego for work with "FadingFast" and "DaxxRuckus".

Well Dan passed onto the next level last week....

Dan was/is the one who gave birth to the idea, we all chip in and get a donation box posted up for Al... on his Rootbeer Run RR, to keep the damn antics going for us all to enjoy at Al's expense. Rust was that kind of guy!!! He had taken the time to email me.. then call me until I got the ball rolling.

This was the plan he hatched up and I just acted as the mouthpiece:

"Ok it has come to my attention that a few of us inmates here would like to shoot some... Money, Dineros, Greenbacks, Clams, Cabbage, Bread, Loot, Mula, Scratch, Dough... (you get my point) over to Alex aka"Parepin" to keep his MISSadventure rolling. (NOTE: The kid would never ask for a penny and sooo... some of us have decided to sing on the street corner -so to speak- for him) He can't turn down a gift.. that would be rude dude!

Rust and DaFoole as well as others via PM, have been in cohorts with me (pressuring me with threats of bodily/mental harm if I don't get something posted up... as they'd like to chip in!!!

Sooo here it is........ We have already got him a new IMS tank and a new lid to protect his... Bean? You know that thing he seems to use every once n' a while to put the camera up to and report on his adventures. I'm working with a manufacturer now (KLIM) to get him some new riding gear at a discount, also.

So I spose if ya wanna... contribute to the cause, feel good about yourself , help a kid out, keep the energy flowing ooor just offload some of that extra $$$$ that's is Nooo doubt weighing you down.
You can PM me for a PayPal addy and we'll put it in the Jar. I'll post up where it's all going and keep everyone up to speed on the sitchiation. We were gonna have Janis's engine freshened up for him while he was healing from surgery, buuut ran outta time, (thought of it too late) as he seems to be ready to ride again and the time frame/window wasn't going to line up.

Thanx for... anything!

I found out through Alex over the winter that he had terminal Cancer for a few years now (Alex TFN can fill in the details) but when I spoke to him this past winter and said aaah your thaaat dude... he was as chipper as any man could be! A happy, goofy it's all gonna be fucken ok kinda happy... he wasn't too concerned about much left here in this Dream! He has lived it up and was ready to move on to greener pastures. This of course as best I can describe it never having met him face to face.

I'm sure Al will post up his feelings on his RR when He's feeling up to it...
He said Cindy was taking it real hard as he and Rust knew she would So that is probably nagging at him a good bit... this whole dealing with friends passing from this reality into another can/is DAMN hard on a guy .

I'll cross post a few pics from Al's thread in HONOR of DAN "RUST"

"The flight was rough. Five and a half hours in a center seat in coach, but was greeted at touch down with Rust's toothy smirk and a beer in hand. I spent the next week wrenching, riding, and unwinding. I'm a big fan of Dan's little gang he's got out there in the valley. I find nothing more relaxing and entertaining than tipping back a few and partaking in this little slice of shade, a converted carport."

Dan and Cindy sitting...

"I was given a couple of contributions by the Rust clan that I really like. It took a good couple of hours and a bright pink BIC to figure it all out, but I'm damn proud to display Mrs. Rust's hand made leather belt from grade school. They even signed it. It goes well with the scraps of leather woven into the tank rope."

"Every time I'm out here with my desert family, we tend to spend entirely too much time sketching out half baked ideas, elaborating concepts, trash talking chrome, and admiring a great many shapes and sizes of steel and octane."

"So now I'm on my last day in Phoenix. I've got a budget truck loaded up with three motorcycles, one of which will be parted out ASAP to recoup my expenses. All of my things are in boxes, there's a cold beer in my hand, and a knot in my throat rivaled only to that of my last day in New York. Good people, good times. I don't know that I've really gotten this close with another couple in all of my travels. I truly think of them as an extension of my family, the best of friends, despite being regularly reminded of our age gap."

"They don't know this photo exists, but considering it's such poor quality (cell), they can eat me. I love this image, though. I've always thought that, regardless of what's going on in their lives, I saw a smile on their faces and heard laughter each and every day that I was there. It's a beautiful thing."

Originally Posted by rust
Alex is starting to feel uncomfortable probably about now. He started another chapter this morning (leaving AZ for the coast) in a rental van and his knees hit the dashboard in this thing (seriously) (what a POS).
And he really does appreciate all of our support,in fact he shakes his head sometimes not believing it's all happening. I'll let Alex explain the rental etc. It was great having ya again Alex!!! Also folks,you would never know that he was ever in a crash,he's doing great.

"The rental van wasn't THAT bad. The cab was small, no doubt, but it was a solid rig. I think that Rust just forgot that metal in most parts of the country do, in fact, rust out. The diagram of the truck that the rental agent gave me did, however, have nearly every panel on all sides of the truck marked off for dings, scratches, rust, and graffiti. So... whatever.

And yes, there have been several times where I've had to stand back and just shake my head. I really can't believe that this is all happening, that you guys have gotten together to set me up nice for whatever may come. I feel unworthy, but VERY grateful. You can trust me when I've said that this couldn't have gone down at a better time. I've been kept afloat on contributions over the past few weeks. Things should pick up from here."

As you can tell by reading this Al had been adopted by these folks as one of their own... a true extended family.
I'm VERY VERY VERY VERY sorry my Brother and Sister, for your loss... no words good enough to help your pain, so I'll just send love to you and Cindy.

Peace and understanding,

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very sad news indeed Jim. Please give Cindy and Alex my best. Will keep them in my thoughts and prayers.
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Thanx Eric I'll pass that on to Al... Cindy I have not met or spoken to, but I'm sure he'll tell her that she's in our prayers.
With a final toast to Rust... Peace Brother Dan!

I'll get back to the RR.
We left the solitude of he Little Cimarron River and sped east on Hwy 50 crossing the Blue Mesa Reservoir and passing through the Curecanti National Rec Area... The roads got a few corners here and there :)

In the distance a flotilla?

Don't know if it was a party day or what?...

I source some oil and we find Gunnison Motorsports... a cool shop dealing in Arctic Cat's and Husabergs.
They let me do a quick oil change and recycle it in their 50gal drum. While tooling around we meet the Owner one puurty gal Name of Vicky With her help John (who hooked us up with oil disposal) another cool dude. THANK YOU Gunnison Motorsports!

Turns out her Hubby is an 8 Time ISDE Champion and she was a Champion Dessert racer as well.. sporting the #1 Dessert Plate until she had kids... COOL!

To quote A Dual Sporting in CO segment in another forum: "The owner is Fritz Kadlec, a multi-time ISDE gold medalist and off road champion. For those who don't follow the International Six Days Enduro, this would be sort of like dropping by a Honda shop and finding Freddie Spencer working the parts counter."

That's the second time on this Tour I've met an ISDE rider... pretty cool.
Al and I have a good time talking with the pretty Vicky and congradulate her on her former racing prowess... as well as her amazing condition / beauty now :)

After this suprising meeting we... wait a minute. There waaaas also an interesting CHARACTER out in the parking lot as I was dumping Desiree's oil!!! I hope Parepin can chime in and remebers more than I!?!?! Since I don't have any pics to jog my memory. He WAS interesting trust me.

Ok now we roll up toward Crested Butte...

A Night and Dragon Schulpture greets you entering town...

We do a last fuel up before the Washington Gulch to Gothic to Lost Trail roads and over Schofield Pass ...
There's a more "Main" route along Coal creek that is also closed in winter making Crested Butte a nice little box canyon most of the year, but we have only eyes for Schofield!

"Schofield Pass, elevation 10,722 ft (3,268 m), is a mountain pass in the Sawatch Range of Colorado. The pass is the high point on Gothic Road, which connects the towns of Marble and Crested Butte. The road to the summit is suitable for a passenger car if traveling from the east; however, after this it is rated 4-wheel drive only as it switchbacks down the west side through the Devil's Punchbowl Canyon and becomes a narrow, rocky shelf road.
The pass is closed for most of the year due to snow or mud, and is open only for one or two months in late summer. Parking is available in the town of Crystal, and 4WD high-clearance trucks can continue two miles to the hiking trailhead at 9,700 feet. The road is accessible only by high-clearance 4-wheel-drive trucks from this side. Two miles from the trailhead lies Geneva Lake.
The pass has claimed 12 lives to date."

Right at the pumps is a groovy little coffee shop so we get some eats and caffeine where Al befriends a cute lady... (again he'll have to fill in because I got nuth'n) we share our vibes and outlooks on life before heading back into the dust. It really was another special moment.

We stay west of Mnt Crested Butte and hug the Gulch a ways until climbing some switchbacks into the hgh country...

Rain looks possible but never materializes but a few light showers...

The roads are typical fast forest roads for a good ways...

We take turns leading as we head into the unknown...

Sooomewhere in this area I get ahead of him and then pull off to wait, just taking in the beauty and silence around me...

And wait... after quite a while I turn back. Hoping he hasn't blown a turn and banged himself or Janis up!!!

Nope... BUT Remember the guy Bob in Silverton the night Al was putting Janis back together, doing the Stator?!?!?!?! Kinda distracting him...

Janis has developed a RATTLE and ALOT of VIBRATION... aaah shit this isn't good at all!^(-
We mull over ideas and decide to ride on but at a good bit slower pace... maaaybe me should have started tearing into Janis along the trail?

It's at this point the road turns more into a Jeep trail...

We had just crossed a creek and came upon a parking area of sorts and some puurttty girls and their dudes on lightweight trail bikes just coming up out of the Devils Punchbowl... this is where it starts to get FUN! I wondered what they thought of us as we rocked on bye on our hefty ol' girls, sporting out tents and tons a gear.
The trail drops down a series of rocky shelves and onto a steel grate bridge near the waterfall above.

This description is coming from Marble, the opposite we did it:

"This trail connects the loop of Crystal City and Lead King Basin to the loop made by Paradise Divide. It is quite a bit more difficult than the other trails because of the Devil's Punchbowl, a large section of trail about 3/4 of a mile long where passing another vehicle is nearly impossible and a mistake will send you into the Crystal River far below you in the canyon. There are rocky sections in the Devil's Punchbowl, and these pose the greatest challenges. If you start from the north end the obstacles are climbed, and if you start from the south end the trip is almost all downhill. These instructions start at the end of the Crystal City and Lead King Basin trails.

The trailhead is at a three-way intersection. One way points to Marble along the Crystal City trail. The other way points to Lead King Basin. Take the other way up the hill of bumps. The trail is nice as it climbs in the trees. There are a few places to pull off to let someone by, but the trail is usually too narrow.

The bottom of the Devil's Punchbowl comes at a place where you round a corner and see the trail ahead of you on an exposed shelf. You can see a short distance to see oncoming vehicles, but you can never see all the way to the top of the climb. The trail gets a bit more difficult from this point on. You can see Crystal Mountain on the right as you climb up Crystal Canyon, the crack that contains Devil's Punchbowl.

Midway through Devil's Punchbowl you can pull a few vehicles into a wide spot just before a metal bridge covered in dirt and small rocks. Walk a short distance along the creek here to see a nice waterfall with blue water below it. There are lots of photo opportunities here.

Before crossing the bridge, look up the canyon to see if there is any oncoming traffic. You can't see the entire way to the top from here but it's worth it to check before proceeding. Carefully cross the metal bridge -- this part may be intimidating for wider vehicles.

The rest of the Devil's Punchbowl is a fun and rocky climb on a shelf road. Many years are not warm enough to melt all of the snow here in the shade, and we do not recommend continuing if there is snow here. This portion is almost always in the shade. The old, rocky obstacle used to be in this stretch but it has been removed and flattened so it is not much of a concern anymore. Still, 4-wheel drive is recommended.

Once you get to the top of the Devil's Punchbowl there is a lot of parking just before a shallow creek crossing."

This all made for more FUN!^)- as we were there just 2-3 days pryor to these pics...

"Rock Slide Passable on Schofield Pass"
Thursday, July 12, 2012
By Schofielder
Members of the Colorado Book Cliff Cruisers recently organized a day trip originating in Marble with the intent to travel through the Schofield Pass area onward to Crested Butte and back through Lead King Basin finishing in Marble.
Recently the Forest Service reported a rock slide past the infamous Punch Bowl area. We at Schofield Pass can say thanks to the members of the Book Cliff Cruisers the rock slide area is passable.

The rock slide encountered heading to Crested Butte. Scree is still settling and winching maybe required. Photo courtesy of Jonathan Harris.

Rock slide continues for three vehicle lengths. Note this 100 series Landcruiser is 77 inches wide. Photo courtesy of Matt Burmaster.

Rock slide area heading to Crystal from Crested Butte. Photo courtesy of Ace Brown.
Tags: 4x4, colorado, pass, schofield

Looking down the Crystal River Canyon near the bottom of the Punch Bowl...

Janis still doing a GREAT job of hauling Alex's ass around to this point...

Beautiful Canyon...

Looking back over my shoulder as I ride down following Al...

At the base we have more falls.. aaand I find my pardner walking along the river bottom.. Hmmmm something feels off, ooohboy!

I'll tell ya the story in this video...

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