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Originally Posted by Jettn Jim View Post

Gonna go ahead and finish the RR and then start another with a whole new twist!

Looking forward to posting up the Newfoundland part of the ride as it WAS A life changing detour!

The People and Scenery just off the map....
Good to hear you have lots of irons in the fire.
And I am looking forward to the yarns you spin around your time here.
If I still had every dollar I spent on motorbikes I would be a richer man but a poorer person.
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Jettn Jim OP
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Talking Glad there are still some of you sticking around!

Sorry for the delay guy's and gal's, but on the positive side the RR will now coincide (Nearly) perfectly with the actual time I was in Newfy last year.

Ok where were we...

Yes yes Al's bike had locked up and we were about to dig into it after securing a shop and some tools for the night.
I see he has posted up most of details... yup we'd had a great week down in Silverton and a good time on Schofield Pass now we we're broke down here in Marble.
Alex pulled the side cover and we see the broken balancer chain! SHIT! We've got nooo rotor holding wrenches but make do with a big ass wrench and a pry bar...

I wedge the bar into the frame and Al uses a big breaker to back off the 130ftlb rotor bolt... cool but now to pull the actual rotor! He actually does it some how... I've tried this before and found mine to be locked right on, but the Angel's must've been smil'n on him because off it comes! WoooHooo

What we find is NOT pretty...

Chain is all balled up and the culprit laying near by...

Yup while distracted by Bob, Al musta forgot the Loctite!^(-
We straighten the chain and start to look around for a drill bit or another pc of hardened steel to make a new chain pin out of...

We strike out, it gets late, we get tired'r and figure in the morning Matt would be able to dig something out since it was his shop and all.

Janis resting for the night...

Al climbs up on the flatbed and I go around to the front of the bar close to Desiree' and the woodpile to pitch my bedroll on the front porch... As the cute waitress is leaving she say's "DON'T let that damn Bear into the shop before you close up tonight!" Seems there are a LOT of Bears rummaging through the dumpsters of Marble at night.
I lay down and glance at a Full Moon and a couple Planets...

About 11:00 I start to hear dumpster lids a clanging... one to my North... then one to my East...
then another somewhere else.
I'm starting to think that there are MORE damn bears in Marble than people!!!!

As I lay there I remind myself that they're probably only black bears and no harm will come to me as I lay in the iron clad protection of my Down Hugger Super Spiral sleeping bag right next to the only damn restaurant in the village. Smells of food wafting through the night air.

At approx. 1:00a.m. I hear a CLANG and it IS close! I wake up fully and think to myself.. damn that sucker better not be thinking of rummaging through Desiree' tonight! I did have some smelly kind tucked into her somewhere. I then climbed outta the bag, grabbed my headlight and rounded the wood pile... Shined my light across the shop doors to the dumpster, and there on top of it hovers about a 400lb bear! Ok he/she is about 30yds from me as I shine the light on her/he hoping to persuade "it" to just mosy on.

What happens next is... well... I'll say interesting, the dang thing clambers off the dumpster, disappears around the corner, then reappears to my left. And then starts walking... directly at me!

What the shit!!! I watch it coming closer and closer, making a beeline toward me, wondering "really what in the hell is this thing thinking, that there is food at the end of this light or what!?!?" Then when his or her nose get's to about 45 feet from my damn nose I yell "Heya GEETTT OUTTA HERE!!!"
It turns to it's right, my left and scoots down next to the shop and outta sight!

Wellllll that's a relief...

I used to tell people that a cool way to go out of this world would be in a fight with a bear, adrenaline pumping, (adrenaline is kinda like the opposite of morphine but with the same feelings, ya feel no pain and everything is good!) not much thinking just raw reaction, aim for the soft tissue like the eyes and arteries/windpipe of the throat.... ignore the claws tearing into your muscles, hope to stop its attack before it stops yours... buuut alas I've mellowed a bit and don't wanna hurt too much of anything anymore, unless really, really provoked/attacked, avoid conflict.
Otherwise everyone gets hurt.

So I wander back to the porch... crawl into the bag and look up at the moon... wow dude this is another experience for the books. I have to put my little brains worries of a cold nose sneeking back around the building and pushing up against my cheek, well outta my mind.
I must say it was fun laying there for about 15min. hearing more dumpster lids clanging...contemplating outcomes... until I drifted back into sleep.

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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Dawn in Marble...

So after that interesting night, morning dawns bright and we get to thinking of what to do with Janis... ebay? Call local shops? Yada yada yada... after lotsa brainstorming, Al just tells me to go on and he'll figure something out. I feel a little funny about this as I like to try to help everyone out... and especially Alex, he's one of my close friends, a true riding Pardner as Monk would say.

Well it seems that the Universe has other plans for us and we part ways, it's Friday Aug. 10th.. looks like the last Rally in this summers series has again thrown a wrench (or in this case chain and stator pc's) into the gears.

Here's where Des' spent the night...

I slept on this porch to the right of the ice machine in front of the black chair, the bear was rummaging in a dumpster behind the Jeep in front of that ol' building. As I stood next to Desiree' it walked up to about the right front fender before turning off. (Jeep of course wasn't there then)

As Al posted up in his update, he ends up walking outta Marble and then running into a friend of Lee's, Thad who's a contractor, and spends an incredible couple weeks working and fixing Janis in and around Aspen/ Snowmass... it's just a great story in itself!

Here's the link to Al's thread (4 pages) on that little breakdown that covers that whole deal!^)-

So long my brother... I ride into the sunrise...

Some ride music...

Marble disappears over my shoulder and thoughts wander to wondering what Alex will find himself up to in the coming weeks.

I blend onto Hwy 133 and near Redstone I see these ovens up ahead...

The Redstone Coke Oven Historic District is located at the intersection of Colorado State Highway 133 and Chair Mountain Stables Road outside Redstone, Colorado, United States. It consists of the remaining coke ovens built at the end of the 19th century by the Colorado Fuel and Iron. In 1990 it was recognized as a historic district and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Two hundred were built because the coal in the surrounding mountains was ideal for refining into coke. At their peak they were producing almost 6 million tons a year. The development was the beginning of the modern settlement of Redstone. There are very few coke ovens of their type remaining in the West;[1] the ovens are themselves the only remnant of the sizable coking operation in the area, the largest at the time in Colorado.
Within ten years of their construction the ovens fell into disuse when the mines closed. Their support steel was removed during the scrap metal drives of World War II, and later they were used as living space by hippies who moved into Redstone.[2] The possibility that some might be demolished to build a gas station eventually led Pitkin County to acquire the land in the mid-2000s,[3] and since then some have been restored.[4]

Although they made a top-quality fuel, coking poisoned the surrounding landscape. After 1900, the serious environmental damage of beehive coking attracted national notice, even though the damage had plagued the district for decades. “The smoke and gas from some ovens destroy all vegetation around the small mining communities,” noted W. J. Lauck of the U.S. Immigration Commission in 1911. [15] Passing through the region on train, University of Wisconsin president Charles van Hise saw “long rows of beehive ovens from which flame is bursting and dense clouds of smoke issuing, making the sky dark. By night the scene is rendered indescribably vivid by these numerous burning pits. The beehive ovens make the entire region of coke manufacture one of dulled sky: cheerless and unhealthful."

Was interesting to see them as I rarely do and a reminder of our past, a good idea for heating and working Iron, a bad idea for us and our environment.

I plan to ride toward Glenwood Springs, Rifle, Meeker, Craig and the remote NW portion of CO. eventually getting to Lander and the Rally.

The hot springs (used to stop back in the 80's and early 90's)...

Feeling like some Bfast I find the perfect place... The 19th Street Diner "Food so good you'll think we stole your Mom!"
It's awesome, the food and the folks inside, the exterior is mirror covered...

Score, I grab a cool bumper sticker for the bike.. "I live with Fear and Danger everyday... and sometimes I take her to the 19th Street Diner in Glenwood Springs!" It's now on Des's left rear corner.

On we roll...

For some reason I'm compelled to stop at this park in Rifle where I see a guy who looks down on his luck...

He was sleeping on a picnic table and looked to be pretty hung over... I walked up anyway and asked what was up? He had been left in town without his wheels for some reason and couldn't contact any family for help. I handed him my phone to get that help, then $20- to hold him over till whenever!^)-
Good deed done for the day... on we roll.

In the distance something looks pretty cool...

Yup pretty cool... and on we roll. I go through some barren lands stopping for fuel and some convo, pass Meeker and Craig, cross into Wyoming, then midday come to Interstate 80. I'm on hwy789 and can either go East to Rawlings then up a main hwy or West toward Rock Springs and 23/ Wamsutter-Crooks Gap rd... Naa I see that the Old Continental Divide Road just happens to go off North not far from where I'm parked, sooo that's where we'll venture!
This is close to the route I take, except I don't get on 220 before Lander I stay dirt almost all the way..

Nice and barren...

Though I don't feeeel today is my day to move on from this Physical existence, I take these self portraits to offer a photo history of me enjoying my last day, for my friends and loved ones!^)- because if it were to be my last I want to share that I indeed was having a BLAST and hope to inspire others to live that way too.

For a bit Des' and I parallel I-80 to my South, and then we're gone Northbound...

Lotsa snow fence near the Interstate...

For a bit the Ol' CDR is used by Gas companies and is a wide graded gravel road..

Then it gets more rustic...

A few old buildings telling their stories...

As you can see... it's one of those PERFECT Cloud days!

We enter an Alkali bed of sorts..

There's a sign pointing to that Crooks Gap Road...

I see several of the Pronghorn just BURNING across the prairie!!! Not actually an Antelope but referred to as them a lot.
The pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) is a species of artiodactyl mammal endemic to interior western and central North America. Though not an antelope, it is often known colloquially in North America as the prong buck, pronghorn antelope, or simply antelope,[3] as it closely resembles the true antelopes of the Old World and fills a similar ecological niche due to convergent evolution.[4] It is the only surviving member of the family Antilocapridae.[5] During the Pleistocene period, 12 antilocaprid species existed in North America.[6] About five existed when humans entered North America[citation needed] and all but A. americana are now extinct.[5]

I see several LARGE bucks that are sporting impressive horns! Aaaand not waisting any time standing around as Des' and I approach!
Now you see him...

Now you don't...

Vast high speed roads at times and then soft sandy double track... I'm hauling ass as fast as I can and feeling like I'm in the Baja Rally:)

Yup still noticing the clouds though...

Another speedster...

Joined by some more...

At this point I'm on one of those soft sandy barely doubletrack sections... and REALLY enjoying the solitude... wondering what the rally attendees are up to today? Are they having this much fun? Is this actually funner than the rally itself?
Thought seeing Atlantic City waaay out here was funny... Must say I like it better than the NJ one nowadays!^)-

We start to drop into a more grassy/moist basin...

The track turns to more cross country for a while...

Then on a road again, at this Y I take the right...

Down in the basin I find some cattle and the first water to cross in a looong while...

More remnants of the past...

Another main road as I near Lander...

Things turning really red the closer we get...

Late afternoon early evening Desiree' and I pull into Lander, find the Rally Motel (Yup another motel) and Get together with a group for dinner. Overall a pretty dang cool ride!

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Hmmm not really feeling the Rally...

The rally motel is across from the oldest Kawasaki dealer in the USA Lander Marine, which is pretty cool...

About sundown, off to the Thai place up the street we walk, and I sit with about 8-9 guys trying to get a feel for things... Not sure I can be around a lot of people right now.

I end up buying the whole gang dinner, just to keep the energy flowing and go check out Johns cool Dirty Sportster.

It's an AWESOME looking beast...

He had done an excellent build on the machine and I just loved seeing it up close!
The next day he has a bit of a footpeg problem and we team up to re-tap it and install a new bolt, in the thrash for the new build he had subbed out the peg brackets and I believe they weren't quite up to his specs or rough riding style.
Here Is Johns new World Record for a ride across Ophir Pass On A Victory Vision running street tires:
Congrats John my man!

After propping Des' up on one of Steve's Trailstands, on goes a 14t counter sprocket, then a get together with a group for a Sunday ride. Offroad permits at Lander Marine are purchased... and off we go.

After the group gets turned around a couple times and I see a lot of dust and slow riding coming my way, I tell the last rider that I'm turning back... this juuust isn't feeling right. I'm up to my elbows in rally's at this point and need to just be alone.
Back to the motel I re-swap the sprocket, eat lunch with John and pack up to leave.

Somewhere in this afternoon of rethinking along comes a puuurty girl with a dog in the back of her truck!)
Now we're having fun... me and the ol' dog play catch with a tennis ball for at least 30min.

He would toss the ball outta the back of the truck to me bouncing it along and I would pick it up and toss it back up so he could catch it.
Dropping the ball for me...

Throwing it back to him...

Awesome fun!!!

On and on and on... he didn't wanna stop and I didn't wanna let him down. Finally I had to say goodbye and suited up.
See ya buddy...

I head up past the Boysen Reservoir and toward Thermopolis...

I end up blowing two nights stay in the motel (only stayed the one, figured I'd leave the other for the owner as a tip and for my own good luck) and two entry fee's (No one seemed to offer to refund Al's entry fee or donate it back to him for repairs after he had blown his bike up down in Marble) So I just kept quite and moseyed on up the road. Just not feeling any of it at the time. Ya can't put a price on happiness and at this point getting outta dodge to me was priceless!^)-

And afterall getting a chance to play ball with the old dog... who knows how long either of us have to play, was worth every cent:)

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Thanks for the update Jim...... Always worth the wait.

Great pics too
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Heading Northeast..

Originally Posted by Minus1 View Post
Thanks for the update Jim...... Always worth the wait.

Great pics too
Thank you...

So as I leave Lander.... where to go?!? Hmmm well I'll definitely want to stay north all the way back to PA. I'll just meander thataway and see what I feel like as the miles pile on.
Montana is always sweet to me, so that's my first official heading.

The Canyons along the Popo Agie River are beautiful... and filled with long ago hammered and blasted out tunnels to make it easier for us to speed through, with our motorized horses.

I find myself chasing the sun again...

I buzz up through Riverton (which as it's name suggest has several rivers flowing through it) then through Thermopolis (I really need to stop and soak here sometime) then on into Cody. Now Cody is having a Rodeo and the town seems to be bulging... as much as I like the company of pretty cowgirls, there's nooo way I'm sticking around any crowds.

So Northbound I stay, soon coming up on The Chief Joseph Scenic Byway. Since I'm from Bridgeport which sits below the Chief Joseph Dam, it's only fitting that I go this way. Not to mention this is the Route the Nez Perce took when they went on their last flight to avoid war and escape up into Canada back in 1877. I've been along their escape route in Many places such as along the Snake over near Dug Bar in Oregon. If I've ever been through here?... It was long ago... It will take me back out to the Beartooth Hwy and down into Red Lodge MT, as scenic a ride as about any.

So come along and I'll try to show you what I saw...

Can you see the Old ones faces in the rocks to the left?....

The snaggly Beartooths are starting to appear...

These pics are from near the Clay Butte Lookout Tower in the Shoshone National Forest.

Big ass Snowblower/Auger up on 212 The Beartooth Hwy...

Daylights fading fast and soo is the picture quality, I hadn't stopped to adjust the camera settings. The final sunset was spectacular but these are a poor representation...

After another epic twist fest on the Tooth, I get down into Red Lodge, looking for food. Though I loved the Snag Bar on last years ride they don't have any food... I park out front anyhow and saunter across the street to find the Bridge Creek Backcountry Kitchen and Wine Bar. It's perfect! Quite... since it's late and the food is suuuperb!!!

I ride out into the blackness and along East Rosebud Creek, one of pair of short 4mi creek forks that feed into the Stillwater River,actually larger than some rivers in MT. There I pitch my bedroll and call it another day. I remember this place from last year and can't wait until morning to see it again.
The only pic I capture in town is one on the wall of the Backcountry... seems fitting for the night though.

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Talking Aaah waking up in Paradise....

I had spotted Jimmy Joe campground last night and figured it was as fitting named a place as any to pitch my tent.

The creek is flowing a good bit less than last year when I was through in the end of June. It's now 6weeks later and we had a bit less snow pack this winter.

Flowing a good bit more in these pics from last year...

As I admire the trees across the creek I see I have some company...

Still some dew clinging to these Showy Fleabanes which have just flowered in the last month.

Pack up, a quick glance back to the teeth and then I head'r Noreast toward some breakfast...

Once again it's E Rosebud to W Rosebud/Ingersoll Creek rd for my morning dirt rip then Des leads me into Fishtail...

Since meeting the owner Jackie a few years back and sampling the food, I always pop in when I'm in the area... luckily that has happened a lot in the last 5 yrs.
I order the Steak and Eggs which is ALWAYS a good idea in this beefy country, and as I'm eating I notice an article on the wall about the place.

It's true this little place is worth the trip from just about anywhere.. of course it is so nice to find these little places still dotting the countryside all over North America, they give off such a sense of community/togetherness...

I head mostly North and wander through the sleepy little town of Columbus... though it's just off I90 it's still quite.

I pass over/under 90 and keep heading off into the open, on 306/Rapelje rd. Just north of town I come across this sight.

Makes want to go check the lock on the fence, strip the luggage off and give it a shot!!! I pull up and contemplate the idea.

I imagine guys and chicks scrambling all over then flying up and off the top lip when they clear it.

I figure I shouldn't piss anyone off and head up the road...

Checking out the old farms and ranches along the way... always feeling out the energies of all the generations that lived out their dreams here.

I find out where the namesake road leads... and get a poor shot of the old general store. It's a Ghost town now with all the old streets still visible, just west of the Halfbreed Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

Makes me think of... a railroad track at some point.

Somewhere out here in Oz, I see that I can take dirt again (as I knew I would at some point)

It feels good to be free of all the commitments again.. just Desiree', me and the earth.

From the flat prairie the road and land drop away into another valley... Like an elevator taking us down to another floor.

I see a rocky point all alone, sticking out into the valley below and ride down through the grass and out onto it. (I should have taken a pic from the road but did not)

It's an amazing feeling place, hard to explain really. I stand in awe of the trees growing up out of the rock...

I take this time to meditate and take some medicine.. just let it all soak in... all the hurrying and months of thrashing slowly fade away!!!

No sound just filming/feeling....

Rested up, it's back to the ride...

Can you here the laughter...

Beautiful Gambrel roof barn in the distance..

All metal covered now...

Not soo old, yet unlived in now... you see a lot of these around, the farm now swallowed up by a larger and the buildings left to decay.

Quite the spread someone built here...

Down the road a piece... a much more conservative spread.

More and more stock starts to appear...

And the young wanna race and play with Desiree' :)

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Fantastic Jim!

Whenever I see that you have added an update I know that I have to get a cup of coffee or cold beer and sit down prepared to be taken away

Your words and pictures are like none other man...
If you can't fix it with a hammer, you've got an electrical problem!
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Originally Posted by woodly1069 View Post
Fantastic Jim!

Whenever I see that you have added an update I know that I have to get a cup of coffee or cold beer and sit down prepared to be taken away

Your words and pictures are like none other man...
Thank you very much!
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Entering Golden Valley....

Open spaces in front of me.... (except this little car?)

And lots behind me...

I see another large Pronghorn haulin' the mail to get away from any threats I may pose...

And then an oasis of sorts...

As I pass this side road I notice an old school and another building, so I decide to spook around a bit, and learn what I can about it all.

Again my imagination goes into time warp mode as I start to see kids running all around the yard.. the prairie with its back against the looming mountains.

I believe the school got its name from some Scottish settlers... more thoughts of the past haunt the moment.

Then I meander next door... an old community gathering hall, an enlarged school house?

The his and hers outhouse has me thinking school...

I park Desiree' and start to walk around the building...

A shorn up wall here...

An old doorway there...

Lets see if we can find a door and go inside...

No dirt on my lense but again I see the floating energy...

I'll keep the narration quite now, just show you the pictures as I walked around, you can just pretend it's you as you look about.

I remember snow to the eaves this winter in my home town too...

After that history lesson I go outside, sit down on a bench, PPP and just soak in some more of the past. A lot goes through your mind when you try to absorb the history of a place... and right now I was trying to let Golden Valley soak in.

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Hmmmm... Ok, after feeling refreshed and no doubt changed a bit... it's back to motoring.

I see rain looming off to the east, so cut north to try to miss it.

This leads me onto National Forest and some trails...

Some of them foot or pedal only...

It's a refreshing change to be climbing up into the trees again...

Now even though it is BEAUTIFUL... I'm snapping a lot of pictures and taking it all in, I'm still cruising at 65-70mph through here.

As I pass this trail head to my left, a bird comes out of nowhere and flies across my bow, dipping his/her wings to the right showing me it's belly... I'm amazed we don't collide!!! I have learned in the past few years that this is a sign.

I get to thinking... this road just dips up and down, up and down, up and down... an awesome feeling I must say cresting these hills at 70 miles an hour as your stomach does a flooopy whoa when you turn your head to the side as to try and surprise yourself at the crest:)

But whaaaat if... what if when I crest one of these hills and start down into the dip, what if a car is sitting there with a flat tire and with no shoulder another is coming along or parked there chatting with the car.

Well I'd be preetttty screwed to say the least, all this speed and no where to go.... but down!

Sooo I thank the little bird for the tip/warning and back off the speed... to about 50mph I'd say.

About a 1/4mi after that trail head on my left, on a very slight left hander, Desiree' lofts me off another crest at a slower 50ish and what do I see?!?

A mini backhoe sitting almost halfway across the road...! And his wife blocking the other half with her UTV!!! She's pointing her left side at me, her nose at about a 7:30 angle. The roads is completely blocked.

They're only sitting about 50yds out in front of me!

Oooooh SHIT. I stand up instantly and start to brake HARD.... the front end dives deep, the ass end starts to lock slide and roll to my right.... I scrub off maybe 25-30mph down to a still hot 20-25 when at the last second she seems to wake up and pulls ahead!

Holy Shit Fuk lady!!! I squeeze by my adrenaline POUNDING! I think holy shit, your in a dip on a blind turn and your blocking the road!!! Fauuuuuuuck! What if I were a horse trailer from that trailhead?!?! I couldn't have gotten slowed down!

I coast to a stop... turn around... and plan to go back to instill some common sense in these two. I want to tell them they should put some damn warning cones in the road up on the crest/turn.. give people a warning, a damn chance to slow down.
This is looking back at them as she starts to come back into position after turning around. You can see it's nearly only a single lane road at this point, and not to far from the turn. Can you imagine me still doing 70 and coming into this scene!?!?! Quite a bank off to the side to boot! Damn...

I sit there my adrenaline pumping... and just look at them. I shake my head and just turn around... ride on...
The bird gave me the warning, I got my chance... I was paying enough attention to the universe that the lady didn't need too:/ My near miss may have been all the lesson she and her husband needed?

Anyhow something told me to just ride on... it's a beautiful day.

Newest building I've seen in a while...

As I start to come down into the dry again near Lewistown, I see some beautiful old stone work and an old home back in the trees...

Wait a minute...

There it is...

Some more family perhaps... of course.

Just look at those rocks...

Near Hilger I see this line truck down...

Chat with the flagger... then motor on... lots of ground to cover between here and PA.

This is the last picture I take...

Turns out that as I lift the camera to take the next one, the wind from cruising at 70-75 swipes it out of my hand and it bounces down the road. I've done that a lot with the previous one, taking till the 5th time bouncing down the road to self destruct... not so with this one,
It catches the corner just right and the battery/card door get's ripped off.

That will be it for the rest of the trip, I use the Montana for a few hours but can't seem to find the pics...
I do stumble into Shireys Pub in Hilger MT, a Rancher/Socializing type of place where surrounding families come to share life... I get my dinner and I meet Kirby and Sam his Puuurrty girlfriend acting as the team bartenders, Gooood People they are! We share a good hour together, swapping stories. Just two weeks ago they were in Red Lodge, Nye, Fishtail, Roscoe hiking, camping and fishing, I tell them I camped there a night or two ago, we bond, share more laughs and then I ride off again.
Awesome. Oh and I buy a 10- ticket from the Shirey's Pub Moped Scooter Raffle... seems fuel saving is catching on here too. haha

I ride across the country, finding Wolford North Dakota population 39 (my last name, spelling is a bit different but I'm interested all the same) stop in at the Corrigidor Bar, a guy from the last big fight in the Pacific with General McArthur named it after the Island. A slow easy speaking Darell Foster owns it now.

Ride into Daluth MN and Riders Wearhouse for a tire swap, hit up Sir Benedicts for the Tues. night bike night, see an electric bike from the same cool dude who built the Kohler Honda from last years ride!^)- Ron I believe, Also some guy's riding the world were filming there. Spoke with Terry the founder of the bike night 30 odd years ago.
Back to Pizza Luce for their amazing Spinach salad-bruschetta, gluten free bread and brownies:)
Wash it all down with tea served by the Extraordinary Nikita Nichole... WOW!!
Her mom named her after USSR girl in the Elton John song out of the 80's that he'll never see again.

Back to Luce for Bfast where I meet an 11yr veteran waitress Melissa... Puurrty girl too, we must have talked 1-1/12 hrs.

A laundromat is found, I throw the clothes in the wash... ask the wonderful mother I meet name of Nancy if she'll throw it in the dryer for me? As I saw a service station with air back down the road and I wanna swap the front tire around and intall a new rear.
As I'm about finishing up the tires up pulls Nancy with all my clothes neatly folded!!! WoW not only are these Midwest girls amazingly beautiful, they ARE amazingly kind!!! She wouldn't take any money, just a hug.

Desiree' then hauls me across the UP of Michigan once more, I stop into Ironwood hoping to see Jillian, Kayla and Becky from last year... Jillian is there with a new special waitress name of Jade wow vavavooom ! We we seem to click, as I sit there, I re- realize I haven't put a whole lot of puuurrty girl pics in this years RR. Things have changed a bit...

On a dark rainy night I stop into the town of Paradise... fitting name for this region. It's sits on the nearest point to where the Edmund Fitzgerald sank... the locals in an old wooden bar welcome me. Seems I am in between berry festivals, so just enjoy the quite.
Paradise is an unincorporated community in Whitefish Township, Chippewa County in the U.S. state of Michigan.
Paradise is on the northeastern portion of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, on the western side of Whitefish Bay, Lake Superior, about 60 miles (97 km) by road from Sault Ste. Marie and about 55 miles (89 km) north of the Mackinac Bridge. Its zip code is 49768, and the area code and telephone prefix are (906) and 492 respectively. Founded in 1925, Paradise is surrounded by state and national forests and its main business is tourism. It is considered one of two gateways to the Tahquamenon Falls area and Tahquamenon Falls State Park. (The other gateway is Newberry, about 40 miles (64 km) to the southwest.) The area draws hunters, fishers, campers, backpackers, snowmobilers and birdwatchers. The region harvests blueberries and cranberries in season. Lake Superior shipping lanes are several miles off shore. The Paradise post office opened May 1, 1947.[3]
Whitefish Point with the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, beach, Whitefish Point Lighthouse and prime birding area, is 11 miles (18 km) north. Whitefish Point is a designated Important Bird Area. The Whitefish Point Bird Observatory, an affiliate of the Michigan Audubon Society, operates a research and education facility at Whitefish Point.
Whitefish Point is the nearest navigation mark to the wreckage of the ore freighter SS Edmund Fitzgerald, which sank in 1975. Every vessel entering or leaving Lake Superior must pass Whitefish Point. Whitefish Point remains one of the most dangerous shipping areas in the Great Lakes. [4] More vessels have been lost in the Whitefish Point area than any other part of Lake Superior. The Whitefish Point Underwater Preserve protects the shipwrecks in a portion of the bay for future generations of sports divers.
John Dreves, known as the "Can Man" from Michigan's Upper Peninsula, is from Paradise. Dreves collects, sorts and redeems cans to help fund local athletics. In the past six years, he has contributed more than $20,000 to Whitefish Township Community School and its 50 K-12 students. Providing new uniforms, equipment and transportation, Dreves has also been named the "Paradise Angel." John was featured on ESPN's Outside the Lines.

At a little restaurant named Coco's in and about Marquette MI, as I skirt the coastline of the harbour I meet the fabulous owner Jackie along with my waitress Cycily and Chef Cassie... then Kenna, Lynda and Michelle... all these girls workout and think/live healthy!^)- It's a pleasure to hang out there a bit and absorb their feminine beauty. Awesome really...
If your nearby ya might wanna stop in.

A day or two later finds me back in Northeast PA where I buy a new camera and do the fun preparations on Des' for the ride to Newfoundland.... A ride I've been waiting to take for 5yrs!
See ya in a few weeks!

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Sure do enjoy your reporting. It's great how you listen to the little birds and mother earth who are taking care of you.

When are you going to tell us where the property is that you bought and just what that new business is going to be? I'm not very patient.
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Thumb WoooHooo!^)-

Originally Posted by Ladybug0048 View Post
Sure do enjoy your reporting. It's great how you listen to the little birds and mother earth who are taking care of you.

When are you going to tell us where the property is that you bought and just what that new business is going to be? I'm not very patient.
Hey LB thanx for the kind words... and as for the land, it's a 60 acre pc with an adjacent 40. Views, Trees, breezes, National Forest within 2.5mi and no cell signal!^)- roughly 20mi south of BC, 2hrs east of the Cascades, 2hrs from the Columbia... just plain AWESOME!

Not bought quite yet. Hoping to close on or about the 28th. Planning to roll outta here in PA this next Wed. pulling a new to me/used 28ft toyhauler. Most of my tools and shop equipment in the back. Will take another trip or two to get it all.
Will live in the front of the hauler (can you say -40 and in a camper haha wooohooo) this winter getting used to the lay of the land, way the snow piles up planning a place to build this> then hopefully save enough to build a nice shop/office living quarters in the summer.

Have a pretty exciting plan to offer all kinds of Adventures to a wide variety of folks from Water, to Dirt, to Snow, to meditation and awareness circles to just chilling out in a Yurt
Will keep ya posted on things as they progress... will be working on the Website over the winter.

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Looks like a ride north needs to happen early Nov to d̶e̶f̶i̶l̶e̶ I mean have a land(?)-warming party


I don't have to agree with you to like you or respect you. -Anthony Bourdain
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