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Jettn Jim OP
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Originally Posted by 8lives View Post
Always a big thanks from me,you post some epic stuff,thanks for taking us along!
Your welcome and thank you!

Originally Posted by woodsatyr View Post
Haha! Yeah, like 2 dualsports passing in the... oh wait.
Yes... yes that's how it was.

Originally Posted by yamalama View Post
Thanks Jim.
Keep up the good work.
Thank you and will try...
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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Thumb First morning on the New Land!^)-

Ok I before I go off into this new day I'll go back in the story a bit...

As for gear selection on this ride I had decided to use the Badlands Pro jacket that I had received back in January. It's a super warm shell with a LOT of crash protection and ultra waterproof. I like to use mesh most of the time and just throw my packable rain jacket on over it, this gives me a lightweight rain jacket to wear off the bike as I run around in shorts and hikers. But since it was late September going into October I thought the BP would be fine as a camp piece as well as on the bike.
As for the pants I stuck with the Motoport mesh since I really feel bullet proof in them and like the full length leg zips. When it rains I just ride through unless it's pouring then I'll zip on rain pants. I could have worn the BP pants for their instant waterproofness keeping me rolling in the worst of rains but they would require that I wear crash shorts and knee/shin braces. Off-road sure... but touring I liked the convenience of a do it all pant.

As for my emotions at the time and the main relationship in my life... I have been on the road for at least half the year touring on a bike every since July 2008 when I got back into cycles again. This after many years of taking months off at a time to explore the country in my van. In those years Sherri had spent about a third to a quarter of the road time with me.

With the bike lifestyle in full swing that had ended. Sherri had loved Snowmobiling and on the trails could seriously outride 90% of the guys out there!!! She was that good and loved it immensely, I guess she had to ride like hell to keep up with our gang... The Never Been Passed Gang as we used to call our selves.

Anyhow back to the bike... she simply hated riding with me. She didn't ride herself, had no desire to... and on the back with me felt super scared all the time. I can take most of the blame for that, but truth be told, I think she would be afraid of riding with anyone. I felt that riding my enduro was kinda like snowmobiling in the summer... she didn't. This posed a bit of a problem.

For me to enjoy myself ripping all over the country on the bike meant I would be doing it alone and she likewise would be home alone... We met when we were 15 and 17 respectively and had always kind of did our own things.. let each other enjoy life however it unfolded. Then when it presented itself we would share in life, especially in the sanctuary of our home.

After these last five years we could both sense a shift in our relationship... we were growing apart.

I had expressed my desires and she hers... they were almost as different as oil and ice.

Will we come back together find continuity and live happily ever after...?
Will we each slowly walk off into the distance... our views of one another disappearing into the mist...?

Sooo as I take off for Labrador it's a lifetime ahead of me I have to figure out... a million thoughts, plans, dreams, and paths I have to choose from.

I am in a deeply contemplative state of mind...

I awake in one of Martins cabins feeling refreshed and reading to see how this day unfolds...

I ride back over to Joe's Café for some stomach fuel...

Where I run into Randy again the EMT from last night. He has his dear and beautiful daughter Miranda with him. Very shy I might add.

Anne cooks me up some stick to the ribs chow while Lorna hides Randy's keys... These folks are joyful as can be.

After another enjoyable conversation it's out onto the highway, across the Codroy Bay and off to see what this land is like. I take Hwy 1 the main and only highway that spans the Island top to bottom while sometimes taking spur roads that lead me off to the coastal views.

Having fished since I was 2yrs old and doing a short two month stint Long lining off the coast of Washington and up in Alaska on a 65ft 1948 Tuna Boat the St John II I was really going to enjoy all the boats on and around this Island...

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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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I have been waiting for this part.

Pronounced ang wheel. You are on the French Shore.
If I still had every dollar I spent on motorbikes I would be a richer man but a poorer person.
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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Originally Posted by damurph View Post
I have been waiting for this part.

Pronounced ang wheel. You are on the French Shore.
Thanx for the clarification sir!
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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Off into the the future...

The day appears to be staying clear as the road moves steadily northeastward. Although you find yourself cruising a bit inland on the Trans Canada, one thing you'll notice is that there is NEVER a lack of water!! Ponds, Bays, Brooks, Rivers, Inlets, Arms, Harbours... and then of course the mighty Atlantic Ocean. This "Rock" is covered in beautiful H2O!
No wonder there has been a healthy Moose population here for so long... lots of aquatic vegetation for them to mow down on. They can also dive down to feed under water, the only deer that does this! Not to mention all this water gives them a place to cool off in the summer and escape the black flies! (not a bad idea) Turns out they were introduced here from New Brunswick in 1904 and now Newfoundland has the densest moose population in North America somewhere between 120,000 and 150,000 animals... other than man they have no predators here.

As we talked at the Café this morning it had turned to many topics... one of which was food! No wonder eh.. we were in a restaurant and it being the Codroy Valley (one of the limited areas of agriculture on the Island) The girls had mentioned that only 7-8% of the food consumed in Newfoundland was grown here now... it was mostly imported.

On this day, on my notepad in bold letters I have scribbled "Turn This Bus Around."

Back out on the highway...

I'm not sure if these are old anchor buoys or channel marking buoys maybe?
But I do know someone was making a kid happy...

Near Stephenville I see the Route 480 sign and realize that though I'm not going that way today... I must go check it out sometime! It's one of two roads crossing over to the east side of the Island. This one going to Burgeo and the Sandbanks Provincial Park.

Somewhere between Stephenville and Corner Brook I see something I've never seen...

It reminds me of the I-90 Turnpike going through Indiana where there are solar powered warning signs that glare at you if a deer is on the road.
Every mile or so there is an opening/ shoot that would help to direct a moose back off the road if it were to get over the fence.

I ponder the way our species interact with others as I pass this fence... a part of me wounded at the thought of disrupting the migration of this creature. Another part sensitive to the fears of humans who do not want to meet a half a ton of critter doing 70 mph in there auto.

If it were to me to lay down the final rule.... it would be tear the fence down and enter back into the wildness of your existence!
Cast your fears aside, keep your eyes open, and proceed accordingly.

Nearing Corner Brook and looking off to my west is The Humber Arm coming in off the Bay of Islands and the Blow Me Down Provincial Park.... not to mention some more rain.

Passing northeast of town riding along the flow where Deer Lake pours into the Humber I reenter the rains...

And then off to my right see some ski slopes...

I remember talking to a younger kid as I fueled up a few miles back and he told me this was Marble Mountain. We talked about skiing and snowboarding and he had said some of the best in Canada was right up the road! I had said what?!?! Thinking of Whistler and other B.C. resorts.... turns out Marble gets A LOT OF SNOW! Like 16ft annually!

[B]"Marble Mountain is a Ski Resort located in the town of Steady Brook, on the west coast of Newfoundland in the Long Range Mountains.
The resort is located on a series of steep ridges forming part of the southern side of the Humber River, approximately 7 km (4 mi) east of Corner Brook. The peak is named in honour of Sir Anthony Musgrave, a colonial governor of Newfoundland.
Marble Mountain is the site of the largest alpine ski resort in Atlantic Canada. Canada's weather radar station "XME", part of the weather radar network is located near the resort at the summit of Mount Musgrave.
The Marble Mountain Ski Resort is known to have some of the best skiing east of the Rockies with an average of 5 m (16 ft) of snow each year, compared to Mont Tremblant's 3.65 m (12 ft). The resort was a key venue for the 1999 Canada Winter Games hosted by Corner Brook.
Marble Mountain boasts the only detachable high speed quad lift in Atlantic Canada, the Governor's Express. It is 1,660 m (5,446 ft) in length and has a ride time of approximately 8 minutes."

The kid wasn't kidding.

Up the road a piece after riding along a large body of water (Deer Lake) I pass a small hydro station...

The Deer Lake Power Company. Started in 1922 the dam controls the water level of Grand Lake as it pours through into Deer Lake. Grand Lake is indeed grand being 130k long and 6k at its widest point.
Depths are to 300m and its shoreline
ranges from sandy beaches to vertical cliffs towering 550m above normal lake level. Man, horse, and steam
power were the means of excavating and removing approximately four million cubic meters of earth to build the canal.

This area is where Rt 430 splits off north through the wonderful Gros Morne National Park and World Heritage site on its way toward the L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic site. The area the Vikings landed 1,100yrs ago. I look forward to going through these areas on my way up to the St Barbe Ferry later in the ride.

As I near Springdale I notice Desiree' is making a good bit of racket... I pull in by this sign that reminds of my buddy Johnny O'.

Get back in the saddle and up the road a bit more. The noise ever increasing I pull off near a lake and take a breather...

Things aren't sounding at all too peachy in the boiler room down below...

I mount up and ride some more... passing many many more BEAUTIFUL lakes! At a point east of Badger Des' locks up!!! I pull in the clutch and coast off to the side of the road.

I strip off my jacket, helmet and gloves... I nave some cell signal so I fire up the laptop and send out an sos via the forum and ponder tearing into her along side the road! Hmmmmm naaaa I'll wait until I get somewhere with some cover. I'll just start pushing... hmmm I'm "Exactly" half way between Badger and Grand Falls Windsor... ok I'm already headed that away sooo that's the way I'm pushing her.

Push I do... going a mile and a quarter before I make eye contact with anyone. I had seen a few rigs zip by and wondered to myself where that Newfie hospitality I'd heard so much of and already experienced a bit of myself... was?!?

Well I simply realized that I wasn't making contact with anyone... I was just pushing my bike along. So as the Chevy truck was approaching from GFW I made it a point to look him in the eye... this got his attention and soon he pulled up along side.

"What a ya need!!!"

"A trailer or a pick up and a set of ramps, she's blown up!"

I'll be right back!! I was heading to Badger to pick up and winterize my RV but I'll take care of you!"

"Naaa go ahead and get your trailer, I'll be here when ya get back"

"NO I'm getting ya off this road before dark!!!"

"Yup yup see ya in a bit then.. THANX!!!"

Off he goes.... in the big picture I wasn't suppose to get a ride with anybody else... Harvey was my destiny and I his. This adventure just took a shift in direction! Looks like I'm spending the night in Grand Falls Windsor NL!^)-

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JJ, I always enjoy your updates. Sorry you are having some engine issues, hope it's not as bad as it sounds. But from reading in your rr, you can sling a pretty mean wrench. Sounds like good karma always comes to find you, and there will be a blessing come out this some way.
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The Sandsman cometh and so he goeth too.......
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I got a real good feeling something bad is about to happen,
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Jettn Jim OP
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Time Sloooooooooooow Down!!!

I remember posting this about the night Harvey took me in... back during the ride itself.

"He, his Beautiful wife and I talk and share Rum for 4hrs laaaate into the night... now I'm camped out in the garage next to my beloved Desiree'. Will open her up tomorrow and see if it's catastrophic/fatal....
Interesting twist to this final chapter in my ADVtouring career... I love how the universe works.... probably the best night of the ride soo far!"

And so it was!
Harvey had offered me the spare bedroom but I felt lucky to just have Des' in a shop, and said I'd just sleep in the garage... He then brought out an old Army cot, sooo I put my bedroll down on that and went into lala land.

Next mourning (pun intended for Des") I pulled the oil filter and drained the oil...

Not looking toooooo goooood!

Knowing that it's definitely catastrophic I tell him that I'll need to call home and get Sherri and/or Jenny to ship me the kickstart engine. At this point I surrender to the idea of just giving him the bike and hitchhiking the rest of the Trans-Lab... seriously if that's what it takes that's what I'll do. Des' and I have had a good run!

Meet Harvey... happy dude if there ever was one. I don't know which is more screwed up... my bike or Harvey!^)- Juuuust kidd'n Harvey.

After studying the situation Harv' says hell lets go fishing... I have some time off! Ooookay sounds like a plan!!! Damn... not a bad way to start your day after your bike blows up 2,000mi from home!
We hook up to the "Happy Days" and head for Triton to catch some Cod...

We backtrack past Badger where Harvey's RV is STILL parked... (sorry Harvey), then near the "Johnny O's" sign from last night turn north through Roberts arm (awesome Spring Water coming out of the hillside here) and then into Jim's Cove just shy of Triton. Jim's Cove eh..... damn that's a coincidence isn't it!

On the way we get to know each other... it's like we're long lost brothers! Seriously! Harvey says "ya know THIS doesn't just happen! I mean I go out of my way to pick you up and here we are fishing!!"
I say "yup yup ol' buddy it is a special situation for sure... but I've seen the universe work this way before, it's not normal for most people but it's NOT so un-normal for me."

We laugh and shake our heads... soon launching the boat and heading out into the Notre Dame Bay rounding the bend near Brighton.

I like the feel of this place a lot already...

Some lobster Pots stuck along the cliffs...

We cruise out a few miles and hit a couple of Harv's favorite spots...

We're vertical jigging a lot like I do when Walleye fishing up in Quebec, just using heavier jigs and poles here.

After hitting a couple spots we get onto the bite and limit out in no time. They're running a bit small but will make some good eaters!

Incidently we catch some Flounder and a couple Sculpin... the largest Sculpin I have ever caught! They are native to the Columbia River system and much smaller there, we try to mimic them using small plastic swim baits.
A beautiful little fish anyhow...

Darkness closing in and a cooler full of fish we head for shore, where it's a quick fish cleaning session then off to Harvey's cabin to eat some of these things.

Fish cleaned we head for Harvey's cabin about 50mi away from his home...

A little video to give you a feel of things and to show a bit of the Newfoundland shore line.

At the cabin, a very fine place I might add! (Off the grid using solar power and Propane gas for the stove and fridge. I can't wait to see the views in the morning) We batter up the Cod, open a couple bottles of beer, mix up some rum and enjoy the day!

Soon Harv's talking to someone on the cell and off we go up the road a couple miles to his buddy Ted Pelley's place.
Well let me tell you... Ted is AWESOME! His "Cabin" is a completely off the grid "Home" utilizing solar and wind power ans some propane... including being able to run 220V saws without firing up the backup generator.
Teds son in law is there with his little girl and they having been Moose hunting all week... he too is a happy friendly guy! Aaand just our luck they has scored on a bull early in the week, sooo Ted just had to fry up some fresh venison for us even though we had all eaten.

Ted's girl "Cup" stays out of the fray and enjoys her internet... as we pour more and more rum!

A plate of fresh warm moose after fresh cod at Harvey's and I'm wondering if I've died and gone to HEAVEN!!!

WOW what a way to end the day... we stay up until 3a.m. enjoying each others company, then call it a day and pack it in.
Here's a little video out on Ted's deck. G'nite.

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Jettn Jim OP
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After all the food and spirits from last night get settled, in we pack up camp and head back to Harvey's place in town.
Turns out he has a couple weeks off from his busy schedule, (he runs a carrier service and also manages a store in Badger) so I am truly one lucky man! I had to let this sink in a bit first though...

I was chomping at the bit to tear into the bike and to keep moving... the universe... it had other plans for me!

Harvey says he needs to haul some stone out to the cabin. Do I wanna ride along.... sure... I'm in your world now brudda. He swings by a friends to borrow a dump truck (the first 4-wheel steer truck I've been in) and we head for the quarry. On the way stopping by his store to pick up food and rum.

Harvey seems to know everyone and chats away with the bucket operator... then it's back out to the cabin.

Turns out that's why he has a few weeks off right now... he has planned some remodeling at the cabin, including an addition and other work. Ted is also adding a room and needs some stone so we head back over there where I'll get to see the cabin in the daylight.

Ted's place is off Dawe's Pond a beautiful quite place...

Harvey suggest we go for a 4-wheeler ride before sunset... cool beans that's alright by me!

The sun does set... over the Topsails. Made up of the Gaff Topsail, Mizzen Topsail, Main Topsail etc... I was going to ride the ol' Newfie Rail bed through there at some point. Harvey and many others snowmobile there a lot in the winter.

"Gaff Topsail is an abandoned railway settlement located in the interior of Newfoundland, Canada, between the communities of Millertown Junction to the east and Kitty's Brook to the west. The population was entirely composed of railway workers and their families that worked on the Newfoundland Railway.
The Topsails takes its name from the surrounding landscape which includes Main Topsail, Mizzen Topsail, Gaff Topsail and Fore Topsail which taken as a whole is geologically classified as a drumlin. The Topsails rise 61 metres — 122 metres above the general surface of the central plateau of Newfoundland. It is a barren land, rocky and wind swept and in winter is renowned for its tremendous snow drifts. The area is known for its spectacular scenery and in winter the huge snow drifts that played havoc with the railway"

With a full moon rising we head back to camp...

On the way that will find us back over to Ted's place... aaand more Lambs Rum!!! Here I meet "Pete Boy" Harvey's buddy who owns the dump truck which is Exploits Valley Paving and also the Quarry too. He takes a little while to warm up to me, as it is pretty funny to him or anyone for that matter that I an American would be sitting out here in the sticks, arrriving out of the blue, at a table with Harvey and Ted... like we were long lost pals! Like Harvey said "this just doesn't happen!"

The main reason I captured this ironic moment is because here we are... completely off the power grid in the Newfoundland bush, and the guys are pecking away on their smart phones! Lol too funny. :Hap1:

After a couple drinks he warms up to me and we all become friends... I will end up drinking with him again before the trip is through.
Ted pulls out some dry snacks to go with our drinks...

They are Dried Caplin... a pretty strong flavor, and I thought they went damn good with our drinks!

Caplin: " A small, smelt-like fish which migrates inshore during June and July to spawn along the beaches and on shoals (followed by hungry cod). It was and is fished for by various means and used as bait, as manure for gardens, and eaten in salted, dried, smoked or frozen forms. In different communities in years gone by, they were used as food for dogs."

This ends my 3rd night on the Rock... another spectacular one. Tomorrow I'll be calling UPS to see where my engine might be, and find out what the day brings us.

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just keeps getting better and better JJ.....
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Knee deep

You sir, are one of the chosen individuals who can wade knee deep into the shit, fall over backwards & come out smelling like roses, plus end up w/ life long friendships and stories to tell .

I envy you my friend, not only for the adventure your having but also the way about you. Keep on trucking

"Only A Peasant Puts Beans In Chili "

Arizona OHV Ambassador
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That is just fabulous!!

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Originally Posted by Minus1 View Post
just keeps getting better and better JJ.....
Thank you sir... Yup yup it sure seems to be doesn't it!

Originally Posted by BELSTAFF View Post
You sir, are one of the chosen individuals who can wade knee deep into the shit, fall over backwards & come out smelling like roses, plus end up w/ life long friendships and stories to tell .

I envy you my friend, not only for the adventure your having but also the way about you. Keep on trucking
Thank you very much... I am truly GRATEFUL for everything in the Universe. Just have to remind myself sometimes... "remember to enjoy the whole ride!"

Originally Posted by woodsatyr View Post
That is just fabulous!!

Yes a very fortunate soul it would seem!^)-

I'm gonna go to the local Café now and upload more pics to Smugmug so I can keep this going.

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In the morning we get our gear around and I notice a hawk and a neat clock up on the cabin wall.

He tells me it's an American Gyr Falcon... I don't remember how it came to be on the cabin wall now tho?

The clock a gift to his late Father from Abitbi Price, a pulp and paper company, when he retired as Superintendant. I wish I could remember the type of stone used.

The views looking out over the docks are AWESOME!

We return back to his house in town and he, his wife Florence along with son Michael make me super WELCOME in my own room on the 3rd floor!
I get to use Harvey's truck a couple days to run around town and even to pick Michael up from hockey practice one day... whoa this is great! Never having had any kids this is tooo cool as I get to play hockey dad/soccer mom for the first time! Pretty trusting relationship we have developed in a short time.

I must add that every morning Harvey would cook breakfast for us all... choose eggs and meat or a cereal whatever you would like!?! Awesome... then every night Florence would cook us a SUPER dinner! With Harvey helping her. Depending on who got home first... they would always work together to make the house a HOME! Their love toward Michael and each other was INSPIRING! Always asking the little boy how his day was... his practice... everything, and also each other. It was always in such a loving, authentic manner that I was in awe! I am fortunate enough to come from a pretty loving life of my own. This was as if I was in my own families and/or friends presence! Just the best possible scenario I could find myself in.

Also as I ran around town the people I met everywhere.... total strangers... working in everything from the supermarkets to auto supply stores were KIND! "How are you doing today my love!?!" "Did you find everything you needed my love?!?" "Is there anything I can do to help you my love?!?" over and over everywhere I went! The "My Love" was used in what seemed like every sentence... it took me a little over two weeks to finally get used to it. I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven!^)-

In the midst of all of this I had still been struggling a bit at times, getting pissed off at the fact my engine was tied up somewhere in customs between Louisville, KY and maaaybe Toronto, Ontario. Off and on the phone with one UPS rep then another, from both stateside and on this side of the border as well.... noooo luck it was a big ? $800.- out the window for EXPRESS shipping and that was becoming a joke or to put it milder/kinder slightly unrealistic lol... (granted I realized that I was indeed "a world away"... from our easy lower 48 coast to coast shipping,) being that an invisible barrier seemed to be blocking my shipping crate from getting to me. Like an invisible force field... and actually when you think about it... it was a force field. It just took me a while to let that little secret sink in!

That certain part of me... an older part, a belief of how things "should be" had crept in...

Yet this constant love coming from Harvey, Florence, Michael and all the people I met everywhere that I went, had caused me to slooow down and to surrender to the moment... to the universe... to my path. To the reality that we all had come together in a grand play to learn and experience this bit of time. Choose any word or words you want, that will allow you to relate to this scenario now playing out. Because I'm sure everyone has had similar experiences. In any event those sneaky little thoughts/voices in my head seemed to be vanishing.

Back to the scene in GFW... after several days of Harvey using one of his company cars I decide to rent one of my own a litle Ford Fusion and take a ride up to St Johns to pick up a rear tire I had had pre- ordered at The Toy Box. I would need one for the Trans Lab especially since we were now into October and snowfall was becoming a reality of this trip. And most importantly I was excited to explore this "New to me" Island.

I had heard of a Memorial to a downed flight of U.S. Soldiers in Gander, a town with a Royal Canadian Air Force Station.
Link to the station here:

It had peaked my interest since almost all of my uncles, (Wildman Uncle Ray serving on Seal Team #1) my dad and quite a few friends had served our democracy... I also wanted to go there and give my peace to any who still needed it. Here and into thereafter...

I'll post the pictures and placards so that you can read them and learn what might have happened as I did.

Teared up I just walk around feeling the place and sending all the peace and love I can muster to all involved in any and all ways. From the past well into the future generations...

You could really sense the sadness in the impact zone here.

Down below is the Cross of Sacrifice.

With a very somber heart I walk back to the Fusion picking up some litter on the way. Picking up the usual paper, cans and plastic, as I near the car I find a piece of cable... actually an ipod cord that will let me play my own music in the car hmmm ok thank you for the gift.
I have no choice but to cry as I leave with a heavy sense of gratitude for all those who have sacrificed their lives for the lives of others... And a renewed sense of gratitude for every second I get to share in this world.

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A moment to reflect...

This is another one of those coincidences....

After I had posted up that last piece which included a teary heartfelt afternoon at the Airborne Memorial to a Peace Keeping Flight gone... Sad.
I start going through my notes and scrap papers from the ride... I come onto a little card that the beautiful girl who ran over to the bike and gave me a pack of skittles during the video of the Home Coming Parade in Central Square, NY had given me.
Talk about perfect timing...

It says...

we are
the change
be the change you want to see in the world
`Mahatma Gandi

It has a peace sign in the circle of the a, and a link to a video the school had done on youtube from their channel.
It's called: The Change and it's by The4Laceys.
Here it is:

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