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Good stuff JJ thanks for sharing
If you can't fix it with a hammer, you've got an electrical problem!
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Originally Posted by Jettn Jim View Post
Then it's in to Bridgeport to find a camp... Reason I wanna stay here is that I was raised in Bridgeport... Bridgeport Washington that is. I must have driven by this place many times as a kid taking Hwy 395 South to see relatives, but I can't remember this town??
I just started reading your RR and I'm trying to catch up. I was raised in Wenatchee, WA which is south of Bridgeport. I haven't been back there for a while but it's nice to see the area again through your pictures!
There is no greater honor in this world than leading U.S. Soldiers at home and abroad. 'nuff said.
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Originally Posted by woodly1069 View Post
Good stuff JJ thanks for sharing
Hey man your welcome... that was a wild night!

Originally Posted by OneZero View Post
I just started reading your RR and I'm trying to catch up. I was raised in Wenatchee, WA which is south of Bridgeport. I haven't been back there for a while but it's nice to see the area again through your pictures!
Glad to be able to bring back some memories for ya... Yup Wenatchee was the only place I could get to a Micky-Dee's in the 70's (80mi) for those delicious deep fried cherry pies haha! I haven't been in a fast food joint in a couple decades lately but as a kid...Slurp!
Also bought a couple guns at Adam's old Pawn shop, do ya remember that? A couple Kawasaki's right downtown, (don't remember their old name though?) Also bought our Yamaha's and a couple boats from over in East Wenatchee, still have relatives on my BIL's side there. Awesome all the way from Levenworth down to Chelan and heck all over I think!

There'll be more riding in the PNW before you get through the report... thanx for checking it out!


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Glad you "found" yourself here.
If I still had every dollar I spent on motorbikes I would be a richer man but a poorer person.
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Originally Posted by damurph View Post
Glad you "found" yourself here.
Yes funny how that can "happen"...

This awareness has happened at different times as I've ridden across the continent, usually out in the sticks camped under the stars. And actually it has started to be a state of being while around people and busy places. It is getting to where the lapses "between" being "awake" so to speak are getting shorter and shorter. A very gooood thing since it seems that "humans" are the ones carrying most if not all the baggage around with them. It is helpful to be in a better/gooder/upper/ let's just say "clearer" state of mind as much as I can, so as to be as helpful as I can to anyone who might need me.

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Finding out where my engine is...

I awaken to the sounds of waves rolling onto the rocks.. and a sun rising into a view I've never quite seen before...

I decide to walk around barefoot for a while to absorb as much of the earths energy as I can. The Mosses multi colored features look and feel great to my eyes and feet.

The windswept vegetation looks like it has withstood countless assaults yet I don't hear a complaint...

I decide to walk back down the little cove where I spent most of last night and listen to the sea again, and to also look for those horse and walrus shaped rocks. I find some beautiful shells, driftwood and some more rocks that want to take a little tour with me. Also some pieces of old crab and lobster pots.

I notice how my finger prints and the shells lines share a pattern...

Down in the cove I see that sure enough the animal rocks do indeed exist...

The horse and colt in the foreground, the walruses or seals in the background...

I know these pictures probably don't relay the feelings I was getting but it's the best I can do.

It was a truly magical night and morning, the presence of this omnipresent green blue northern sea hit me as hard as a stiff breeze blowing off a furnace hot desert. It's majesty is inexplicable... to feel it in your bones makes you want to die... just so you can somehow be closer to it.

With these feelings flowing I pack up the tent and head for some breakfast. I had heard of Twillingate a town in a place called "New World Island". I decided it sounded like my kind of place and I'd try to find food over there.
More quaint little fishing villages dotting the shore...

I cross Gander bay and continue to explore. More cool sounding place names showing up on the signs...

I find a nice restaurant in Twillingate, get some great food, chat with the locals, "g'day m'love". and then keep rolling.
Just outside of town I see where a trash bag has blown out of a rig and always carrying a spare or two I pull over to do some clean up.

On the southeastern side of NWI I see a town named Bridgeport (my home towns name) soo I have to go check it out.

It has a small harbour and in it a new fishing boat being built...

I take a little tour around (it's very short I can tell you) and head backtoward Harvey's place to make some calls to UPS, hoping to hear some good news. I think it's been close to two weeks and still no engine.

On the way back I spot the "Newfie Bullet" or one of them if there are multiple engines. A pretty girl is taking a picture as well.

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Jettn Jim OP
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Talking Getting ready for the new engine... or not?!?

Back at Harvey's I call Joseph the supervisor for international shipping to find out that the engine after being held up in Kentucky... has now been held up in in North Bay Ontario?!?! Hmm really... it went the WRONG direction!

I then call tech support.. you can see where this is going? No where! Call back at 11:30 please.
I speak to Don, then Teirra.. another note into the resolution dept.

Ok I'll just go swap some tires on the bike and be ready...

Apply the new stickers form Gunny and the NL one...

The Heidi K-60 with about 3,000mi on it..

Pull the old engine out in anticipation of getting my backup...

Some of my crank bearings after "changing form"!

While I still have the rental I look around town a bit and find a bar/restaurant. It has a Thai place below (I'll check this out later) and a place called "Barney's" above. I choose the up and have a couple drinks and meet some pretty bartenders:)

Harvey says that Michael has a hockey game... would I like to go? Heck yea! I've never ever been to one, no Ice Hockey in my ol' school.

Harvey is gonna run the clock so we get into the booth and I get to enjoy my first "live" hockey match/practice.. cooool!
First the 10-11yr olds have their practice... Michael and his team mates.

After his practice the 15-16yr olds come in for their practice and one team is missing a goalie. Oooh this is good, Michael gets to fill that position and play with the older kids really speeding up his learning skills! Harvey says he has gotten to play with older kids a few times and indeed Michael is becoming quite the standout in the league. You could see the older kids working with him helping him to grow, it was nice to see.
Here he is defending against the bigger kids...

A couple videos:

Over the next couple of days I realize that the engine is gonna.... be a while!

I finally get to speak with Tim a UPS rep from near my home town and he is like a bird dog on the trail and starts to get things moving ASAP (of course he still has to wade through the mud that all the other folks making mistakes had left).

This slooowly soaks in and once again I realize I need to surrender to the moment, you know fight the urge to be in control and do your thing. I just kick back to see what Harvey has planned.

Weeelllll... turns out he's off a couple weeks and has a garage chock full of cabinets... (hmmm now I know why Florence was parking her Jeep out in the drive!) He had bought a complete kitchen from his neighbor across the street and had hopes of getting the cabin remodeled!

Hmmm ok Harv' now I know why you picked up a guy pushing his bike along the road... buddy's trapped on an island and will work for room and board! Got me for sure!

First we haul out an enclosed trailer full of the tools and some of the cabinets and then set off to load up a whole open trailer full of new vinyl windows, more cabinets, lumber, nails, compressor, guns you know the deal.

Yup I'm play'n carpenter for a while... aaah ok, bike pressures off let's just be in the moment.

But before we get anymore carried away it's time for some fresh Shrimp from up near Triton, some of Ted's fresh Moose and some more Lambs rum of course!
Harvey digs into the preparations.. he really is quite the damn cook I gotta tell ya!

A pile of shrimp... their a bit of the smaller variety but moist and very succulent!

It's always the same.. either Ted lures Harvey down to his cabin... or Harvey lures Ted down to his. In this case Ted has been lured over and we all sit down to some serious eating, drinking and bullshiiting.
Harvey's buddy (we'll call him Bob) from the Army base over in Gander also joins us so many "extra" stories get told...

This particular night goes well past 3a.m. as usual it would seem... what a way to start our first day of remodeling the cabin eh... whoooeeee!

In my notes I had written...
"Hanging out with these people... Always laughing & joking!^) Whether txting or talking almost always a smile & happiness... Wonderful!
The engine down time has given me Alot of Time to Reflect.... Reflect... Reflect..."

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Hard at work...

Whoa that hurt... hurt a lot!
So after a late wake up it's out to the kitchen to see just what is going on? Harvey cooks us up some good vittles and we start to rip out windows and cabinets.
Luckily he has a small single pouch tool belt to loan me so instead of standing around I can rip and tear.

Soon a pile starts to form over by the box trailer...

All the cabinets out, we start closing off old window openings, removing some siding and installing some new glass...

About now it's later in the afternoon so we take a ride over across the pond to where Ted's brother is building a new cabin...

About a 1/4 mil will get you a nice place in the bush! Actually a lot less would do.. depending on how fancy you wanna get.
Pete Boy's place across the way.. I met him my second night out here.

Beautiful location for the new cabin...

Then we load up onto the quads and take a ride waaaay out into the bush... this ride lasted waaay into the night! (Again!!! ) I don't have any pictures but this one of an old Schooner that a friend of his had built out in cabin number?..... I can't even begin to remember but I'd throw a guess as to it being cabin #4.

Long story short... I got Screeched in! Woohoo ya gotta try this stuff... In the 4-step process you’ll eat a little food, drink some rum, recite a few words of Olde English, and kiss a cod fish on the lips.

"From the waters of the Avalon, to the shores of Labrador, We've always stuck together, with a Rant and with a Roar.
To those who've never been, soon they'll understand, From coast to coast, we raise a toast, We love thee Newfoundland!"

I am now an Honourary Newfinnnnlander!^)

We stopped at about four cabins or was that ten!?!... we drank WAAAAY too much rum... I drank waaay toooo much beeer.... I inhaled waaayy tooo much smoke... I stumbled onto some folks that make their own oil and inhaled waaay too much of that smoke too.
At some point at the fifth cabin if I can remember through the haze, Harvey and a friend who had joined up from somewhere out in this muddy, swampy, alcohol laden hell went into this cabin.
Me... well I looked up at the sky... saw some stars... got Veeeerrry DIZZY crawled onto the ground, somehow scooted around to the front of my quad and sat there.
Ok this isn't feeling really good I better scoot on over there a bit (imagine a little poodle dragging it's azz across the carpet) and I threw up most of the poison I had injested!!!

Harvey comes back out... I can't vouch for how much he was stumbling because my vision didn't really exist! Oh but I know you were Harv' don't bullshiitt me Brudder!

We then head back to his cabin (does this count as either 6 or 11?) And all I can do is ride with one eye open at a time! Yup it has been MANY years since I've pulled this maneuver... both eyes open I can only see a blurry dimly lit greenish blurrr to my sides... a blurry brown down below... and a bouncing leeetle red light like on a Christmas tree zig zagging somewhere off into the distance.

I go right eye... then it gets to looking like the "both eyes open" explained above, so I switch to the left eye... then right, back to the left and sooo on. It's about a 30-45min ride back to a bed.

We make it back alive and here I am to recount the story.

Good night!

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Ok let's get back to work shall we..

Whoa that hurt... it hurt A lot!
Man this is starting to be familiar to the ol' days!

Ok we survive and back to work we go...

I know none of you FF's believe I work.. so here's proof!

After ripping the old cabinets out and moving windows around we also had to remove and fill in the tongue and groove pine wall covering.

After a decent amount of progress...Harvey's on the phone and Ted lures us over to his and cup's cabin for some fresh dinner. Turns out it's the second Monday in October... do you know what that means?
It's Canadian Thanksgiving... we get to celebrate the harvest and all the good fortune we all shared during the previous year.

Instead of moose and cod, we're eating turkey and potatoes... some things are the same I guess.

I start to wonder if it will turn into the 3rd whoa that hurt night in a row... but it doesn't, good!
We get rested for more carpentry in the morning. G'nite.
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Gonna look like something after today....

We dig in without hangovers and get a lot done on the 3rd day...

Yup by sundown we have a new kitchen Houston...


Were waiting on a couple small windows but it's looking pretty good! Harvey whips us up a couple thick T-bones and we swill some more rum. Good day.

Tomorrow we tackle the big bow window in the living room and Harvey has just told me that there will be a 14'x21' addition going onto the far wall behind the wood stove... ooh ok, looks like we'll be moving that thing too.

I walk outside look up at the moon and get the feeling of satisfaction that comes with a good day of work and a job well done.

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Next day we're into the living room section...

Some blocks and more lumber have showed up to build the addition, Harvey has a guy and helpers that do work for him coming from Badger to throw it up. We'll do our thing in the kitchen, move the woodstove, hang windows, put up new siding and help them as much as they need.

This ride has turned into quite thee adventure!

Night falls we take it easy and in the morning go at it again. Over night the first frost of many to come sets in, and I go down to the brook for a couple pics. The sun is just rising and the warmer water sets mist off into the air.

The guys from Badger show up and we help them hoist a couple walls...

Climb under the cabin to reroute the plumbing, get it hooked up and do some final touches.

Another day passes and this time Ted is lured down... so we drink into the night.

Rum and canned moose are just the ticket for a good round of story telling and sharing the love. It's all good, three brothers from different mothers having a great time!^)

This will be the last night at the cabin for a while since Harvey needs to get back to his courier business again. I'll use this time to take the Viking Trail and head up through Gros Morne National Park for a week or so. By then maybe my engine will be onto the rock?!?
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I forgot to add a couple videos that I had taken during that work week. A couple bulls had been spotted and though Ted had already harvested his moose for the season and Harvey was going to be hunting with his brother in a few weeks, we decided to try to capture one on camera.

We head out near the Gaff Topsails to set up and wait.

What I found pretty funny was that though we were out here totally off the grid in these cabins, instead of using a tree bark moose call, we were using a digital Bluetooth speaker being operated by an I-phone app! LOL!
During the last two you can tell how much fun these guys are... and how much fun we're having!

Then on the way back to Ted's he shows us a shortcut using his Mule...

Then on Thanksgiving Day we come out onto the deck and Ted shows me how well his Jays are trained to eat bread out of his hands. near the end of the vid they start eating them out of my mouth!

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The Viking Trail...

One last breakfast in the cabin... using the "new kitchen" to boot. Harvey has contacted a shipper in Cornerbrook and made some headway as to the engines whereabouts. Do to Harv's being a courier and knowing everyone who does "Anything shipping" on the rock, has given me a slight advantage! Yes without Harv' I may have been up here until Spring LOL! The engines now in North Sydney over on Cape Breton... buuut the wind is keeping it there so it cannot cross. Yeeey it's in the Atlantic Provinces FINALLY!!!
A video summing it up:

Back in the big city Harvey drops me off again at Enterprise rent a car where Terra O'Dea and Andrew (excellent people to deal with) hook me up with a killer deal. 5 days of driving all over the place for a total of $120.40 That's pretty cheap if you ask me.
I point it north and look forward to seeing Gros Morne Park.

A Newfie gal out trying to burn off some of the carbs their diet depends on...

The Trans-Can onto Hwy 430 at Deer Lake and away we go...

Since I had a late start out of GFW I stopped at a little Motel called the Thickwood Inn near Cormack. It was attached to the folks house so it was very cozy ringing the woman's doorbell and petting her dogs as she charged my card. Next morning it's off through the park and onto Norris Point and Rocky Harbour for some breakfast.

I start to see some snow on the distant peaks and realize that my Labrador section may get fun! I had just ordered up 200 tire studs from Aerostich/Riders Warehouse a few days ago anticipating that this might now happen.

Yup a preview of things to come...

It's pretty overcast and the wind is howling yet the views are still amazing!

Before finding a restaurant I go out to Norris Point to look out over the bay...

Winds are howling and the waves are pounding...

Which gives the gulls a good chance to find some food getting washed up onto shore.line..

The waves are running eight to sometimes ten feet high just rooooll'n in and as I film them they remind me of a story.
Sherri and I had been up in the Thousand Islands of NY and the 25-30 knot westerly winds had us pinned down up in the Saint Lawrence for a week. We finally made a break for it on a Tuesday morning coming around the Clayton Point Lighthouse into 10ft seas! We had 75 miles to cover and were on a 26' fly bridge... it WAS HAIRY. We saw only two vesels out that day... a 300'freighter and a 75' sailboat. We would duck behind islands and anything to break the wind and give us a chance. We would grind up over the waves at a slight angle so as to not "drop off" the wave, then woosh down the back side into the valley. It was like riding a 20 foot wall from tip to valley. Poor Sherri was sooo scared that she didn't even get seasick! She always got seasick in rough seas... anyhow fun times I gotta tell ya!^)

Here's the video with short story, sorry about the wind noise:

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Skipped over to Rocky Harbour and found Jackie's Restaurant. A quiet not too busy little place do to it now being the off season. Perfect! I had a simple breakfast and enjoyed talking with a few pretty ladies then it was off toward Cow Head, Port au Choix and St Barbe to see more coastline.

The clouds have been letting up adding to the nice contrasts...

Off to my right as I near Jerry's Pond things are starting to get interesting...

These are looking back into Western Brook Pond cut at the trailhead. very Fiord like. I hope to walk back in on my next tour as soon as I can make it happen!

One last look and then back to the coastal views...

The seafoam has been blowing across both lanes of the road and causing me to use the windshield washers quite a bit...

I pull off again to get a view from the shore... that pays off and I spot a picturesque ship wreck.

I pull into the St Barbe Ferry terminal looking for some..? food. I find it at the Dockside Motel. The chow was great and he people friendly. I had a notion to hop onto the ferry and go touch Labrador since I was soo close. It would be the completion of an all the states and provinces tour, one that I hadn't set out to do, but it had turned into just that.... In the case being that for some reason I couldn't make it with the bike. But the same winds that had my engine held up down in North Sydney had truckers and other people held up her for two going onto three days!

Some tempers were short and there was no way I wanted to stick around and crowd someone else who needed to get across more than I did. So I just sat down for a meal. I overheard a kind of upset guy with his sons talking and interjected some humor into the situation... he loosened up and we began to talk. Peter Robinson, he was a bike rider too and a RCMP from Manitoba now stationed in Goose Bay with his two boys, bikes etc.... He needed to return home after teaching some training courses down in St Johns. He invited me up whenever I get my bike over there and talking with them all made the afternoon end on a fun note.

From there I head towards St Anthony. Its history dates back to the early 16th century, with Basque and French fisherman using it's sheltered harbor as a seasonal fishing station. A Dr Grenfell was later influential in it's population growth. A salt fish plant in the 1930's and 40's was a boon to the economy, it later became an outpost for the U.S. Military and in 1951 a radar site was built. As of 1962 250 servicemen were stationed here. Tourism is now the main industry since the fishing has dwindled, they come to see the Viking settlement at L'Anse aux Meadows and to do nature watching.

I see more of the community gardens like I'd seen over on the Bonavista Peninsula...

I like the artistic slightly comical way the moose look on the warning signs...

By the time I reach the old Viking settlement it's getting pretty dark so there aren't going to be any pictures of the sod houses.
L'Anse aux Meadows is an archaeological site discovered on the northern most tip of Newfie in 1960. It's the most famous site of a Norse or Viking settlement in North America outside of Greenland. Dating back to near 1000 A.D. it is the only site widely accepted as evidence of pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact. It is notable for it's possible connection with the attempted colony of Vinland established by Leif Ericson around the same time. The Norse exploration of the Americas. Named a World Heritage site in 1978. A pretty cool place that warrants more exploring when I can get back here.

I go check things out the best I can see, then follow the coastline along taking as many pictures of the setting sun as possible.

It really starts to flame up...

First Caribou sign I have seen on the whole ride...

That ends the days tour.. I find a beach road to slip down and sleep out in the wild another night.

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