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Jettn Jim OP
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Originally Posted by woodsatyr View Post
No!! I don't want it to end!!
Hahaha I know such an awesome trip starting back in May riding with Esther then meeting up with Alex in Moab, then all the fellow inmates there all the way up and down the west coast and then across to seeing Feike and Phillbilly in the Meritimes, and ending up on the shores of Newfoundland... etc... etc.

A long fuuuun time it's been!

Originally Posted by Motomedic View Post
The Adventure will never end, my friend.....

When are you heading back out here?
That's RIGHT Feike!

Not sure on my exaaaact plans yet... I've been cooking up a few ideas.

First thing is to ride back up to Newfie and Lab, maybe in May.



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Jettn Jim OP
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The little Chevy v-6 pulls the mostly empty van westward at a pretty good clip... it's limited to 75mph by the ecm but fast enough for this part of the journey anyways.

There are lots of thoughts skipping through my mind of the friends left behind, and of the life ahead of me with/or without Sherri Lynn in it and in what capacity...? Where will our new paths lead us... what shall we do...

Time will tell if I just learn to quite my mind.

A sentence appears in my thoughts; When your mind is too noisy... you can't hear the silent voice of your awareness.

Hmmm ok.

Heading off into the sunset is such a beautiful way to be...

Soon I'm back in Channel-Port aux Basque for the second time this week and loaded into the belly of the MV Atlantic Vision. Total cost for the little box van is $146.41 About 3 times what the bike had cost if I remember right.

It's a bit overcast out but the trees in full autumn colors are still spectacular to see. I head down Rt 223 the Grand Narrows Hwy around the Bras d'Ore Lakes across a peninsula onto the Trabs-Can for a bit toward Baddeck to catch the Cabot Trail. Backtracking the way I'd come a month ago so I could drive from Inverness down the west coast and see some new things.

There are a lot of neat, colorful homemade garbage containers along the roads to keep critters out of the trash. I don't know why I hadn't taken some pictures when I passed going north? Not many now either but I thought I'd throw up one or two. Bright colors everywhere.

I like how the road signs are in English as well as Gaelic... I look forward to staying over longer in the future and hearing some of the famous music from this place.

I pass a very merry post office...

My namesake town...

Old farms...

More signs and many more trees in their best colors...

As I round a turn I see another spilled bag of trash like I'd found up near Twillingate...

I find a small spot to pull over and dig out a trash bag of my own... after maybe 15minutes I pick up all but the compostable lettuce and such leaving it all better... on we roll.

Soon I come to another smaller and locally important ferry crossing at the little narrows. This old store sets there but do to it getting late I passed on going inside for a snack... it's another "another day" moment:/

They drop the ramp and load about 3 of us vehicles onboard as well as a couple walkers.

About $140- cheaper than the last ferry and about 120miles shorter:)

A week earlier and on a sunny day this would have been quite the rainbow of color...

At the start of the Cabot Trail I see the Red Barn Restaurant and gift shop... just what the doctor ordered! Inside I make more friends and chat calmly since it's the end of their season and I'm the only one in the restaurant. Good food and local lore then I'm off.
Looking over the backyard with mini-golf course I see more vibrant colors...

As I'm passing somewhere near Middle River on the Cabot Trail I see a guy walking along the road. I pull over and ask if he needs a lift. Yup it's Ernie and he's heading to Inverness. We talk as usual of things life and as we hit the coast line he tells me of a famous new golf course recently built here.

Cabot Links Canada's first true links style golf course. After only 2 yrs it made the Golf Digest top 100 coming in at #42.

I copied this image off a site...

He tells of Charlie Sheen being here and Tiger Woods coming... etc. When he get's out of the van he hands me a piece of the local CB Kind, tips his hat and walks off. Coool dude glad I picked him up.

Now it's a roll on Hwy 19 The Ceilidh Trail on down to Port Hastings and across the Canso causeway.

The Mobil Oil horse Canada style...

As I roll across the land taking in all the colors I listen in on the local music on a French or Gaelic speaking station while taping a short video.

Before I know it I'm through Nova Scotia and halfway across New Brunswick. I spot the Split Crow Pub and decide it's time to refuel the body again...

Some of the best wings, calamari and seafood chowder I've ever had! This one isn't to be confused with the famous 250 year old Split Crow near Halifax, NS. But the simple food I ordered was never the less Superb!

As night falls I find my way into Maine via a little backroad route, let the border guards see in the back of the van and roll toward Lincoln to find a bed.

WooHoo successfully back into the states...
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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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The end of the Insanity....

Well folks... for all and any of you who have hung around and stayed subscribed to this thread or any who have happened upon it, it is now time (yup yup two years after setting off on this HighAdventure) to end this portion of the DREAM! Thank you for riding along and my sincerest love toward you all....

After the extended stay on the Island of Newfoundland with the wonderful Day family of Harvey, Florence, and Michael, and experiencing the love of the people there on the Rock, I was thrown full circle into an ideal of staying put for a while in my lower 48 life and seeing if Sherri and I (The LOVE of my life for the last 31yrs) could come to a middle ground of some sorts and envision a dream that we could both be passionate about. That we could perhaps join hands again and skip merrily through every isle of this world that is nothing less and nothing more than a magnificent carnival ride.? Let the everlasting glow of the infinite divine matrix that is within us all, flow through and inspire us...

If you remember right, I had in the beginning of this ride mentioned that we had been slooowly drifting apart.... well I'm getting ahaead of behind myself, so let's just go to the moment. The day after arriving back in the states.

I sneak into a nice quiet B&B late in the night in town of Lincoln, Maine. Which lies in the shadows of the majestic Mt Katahdin, the highest mountain in Maine at 5,269 feet. Named Katahdin by the Penobscot Natives, it means "Greatest Mountain". It's also the terminus and or beginning of the Appalachian Trail depending on which way your hiking.

After a few hours to revive I head out to look for a restaurant to refuel the body. I find the Log Cabin a few blocks down the road and shuffle up to the bar. 1) To be closer to the kitchen and 2) To be near all the waitresses and the action so that I can interact with the folks working there and be as "natural" as I can be.

I'll let the video share the tail.

Then it's down the road to remeet Phil on "The Isle of Pine" for lunch and some good camaraderie between bike riding, plant loving, what the hell is the world coming to, it's all going to be ok friends.
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Bug Sister
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How's the project in Washington working out?
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Jettn Jim OP
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Originally Posted by TonsOfFun View Post
How's the project in Washington working out?
Spent last fall into winter there and will be heading back out in a couple months... sooo nootttt quite sure where that is going quite yet!?!

It's all apart of this new dream that I'm currently shaping...
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Jettn Jim OP
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Question Re-Entering the Dream...

Yup as I roll on down the highway driving the ol' U-haul south I wonder to myself what really awaits me in this life, or was it the former vision of my dream... that I will come to rest upon in a few short days.

I'll add some typeset here (my thoughts actually between video's) to fill in the vibe I'm realizing at the time of the trip back "home".
I had really been contemplating the life Sherri and I had been sharing for all these years... we were in some ways, the perfect couple... (depending on your views of course) allowing each other ultimate freedom in our experiences just as true friends will do.
Not controlling one another and/or being needy... just living life in our own ways and also sharing our fun and dreams with each other when that time would present itself. We would Snowmobile 5 months a year in the Daks, camp out, fish, and play throughout the summer months...

Sit around the house naked as innocent children and make love while at home, then go off to work our jobs. She in corporate America, me a self employed jack of all trades, with at least half of my time in a hobby/profession that gave me a thrilling way to enjoy this earthly experience.

As I look back I believe my dear angel Sherri seemed to have given up any dreams she might have had, any passions or visions, to align herself thoroughly with my dreams. She seemed to do whatever I had an interest in just to share life with me. What an amazingly unselfish way of being!!! I will forever be in her honor, bowing to her and look upon her with tears of admiration and LOVE for all she gave... while in doing that she of course gave ALL of HERSELF to the cause, which in turn created in me a strength and confidence that any and everything was possible! A man with nothing to lose and only victory to gain... and so it came to pass that that was how life unfolded. With her at my side I succeeded in everything I put my heart into...

With her by my side I never felt any self doubts or questioned my abilities to take on any challenge...

That is the amazing thing about a good relationship... it gives us strength and lets the true US show through.

It lets the divine, infinitely wise and loving being within us all to shine through... in short the perfect person "for you" lets YOU shine through.

And that person "YOU" has infinite potential and power... it's not on your own as a spec of matter (a physical image of the hologram) alone in the cosmos but a power you realize you posses and are a PEICE OF when you connect with the entirety of all that is divine!
As this being the true YOU, YOU can DO ANYTHING you TRULY want to DO! Just trust your gut feeling, add it to your thoughts on the matter and then believe it with and in your heart and send that vibration from your heart (now a belief) out into the Matrix/Universe/God and you will create whatever you desire... you don't just attract things - you CREATE them! Cool huh.
This I promise you!

In my little story, through synchronicity, or you may want to say fate ( though not really- a pre planning of this ride/life really while still in spirit/soul , and then a compilation of events that mirror cause and effect, and/or the consequences of our actions/choices etc...) Sherri had came into my life as soon as I had landed on the Eastern seaboard back in 1983 at the ripe old age of 17yrs.

We then teamed up to live the life we now do and co-created the person who is now typing this post to you all.

Ok I'm getting ahead of the story again, back to coming out of the Insanity in the fall of 2012...

Another video of my thoughts while I was driving down Interstate 95 in the ol' U-Haul, with my faithful steed Desiree' tied down in the back...
I've come to a much broader understanding since then but it all fits together, as I remember what's really going on here...

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Dharma Bum
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I do enjoy the philosophy,we too(she's my wife but I dislike calling her "MY wife"we are 2 vessels traveling) have been together 31 years also and we have been fortunate to currently be acting like a couple of teenagers chasing each other around and laughing like we haven't in a few years,so I will continue to follow and enjoy your ramblings.BTW if you get a chance search out a lady named Carolyn Casey she has a thing called Coyote Network News,she has a take on things you might enjoy.
What would you do if you weren't afraid?
Bobcat Goldthwait is my mentor.
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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Thanx 8Lives much appreciated.. I will give her a listen.
You may enjoy Maureen Moss's Radio show "Thrive" I especially like her talks with Simran Singh, here:

Peace, Love and Motorcycle Grease,
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Dharma Bum
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Thanks back at ya!
What would you do if you weren't afraid?
Bobcat Goldthwait is my mentor.
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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Talking Almost to the end...............

I am thoroughly enjoying the ride today as the blue sky contrasts nicely with the white/grey of the Clouds, the golden brightness of the Sun and the green/brown of the Trees and Earth, which in no time at all has me almost back back at Phil's place.

As I pass near Bangor I pass a War memorial which gets me to thinking again...

Now almost two years later I realize that there are many many many dreams going on all at once. Each of us living out our own individual dreams in our own little worlds, which flow into a larger dream that encompasses all of humanity. That dream flows into the dreams of other creatures and all together these dreams create the greater Dream of the Planet.
Our actions don't just affect our own lives with the "consequences of our actions" analogy, but our every action affects EVERYTHING on the planet... and in the entire Universe!
Our thoughts and feelings are sending out signals into the cosmos which in turn bring about effects here in the material plane of things you can see and touch.

We are thought and intelligence physically localized and appearing to be individual people places and things... but in the invisible realm of thought, spirit, and energy we are all encompassing and connected to everything that exist EVERYWHERE!^)

Sooo when I had seen that war memorial and thought about the consequences of our collective actions I didn't realize at the time that my reactions to the sign and my resistance to the wars that have waged on throughout the last several millennium, were what were causing the actual wars themselves!
I was putting out a negative energy into the matrix one that was a mirror image of the wars themselves. That magnetic field, that energetic language actually comes out of my heart.. all out hearts. So when we have feelings and then blend them with out thoughts on the subject we send out these signals... and these signals create our physical world.

We are all actually powerful little creators and are all collectively creating this "Dream of the Planet". Sooo when I go about the country side smiling and sharing my happiness with all I meet I am actually "creating" a happier planet. Not just "perceiving" it as such.

It isn't that we delude ourselves into pretending everything is alright and we are living in an individual state of bliss... We actually do live in a state of bliss and are creating that same bliss and bringing it into the world all about us.

Ok I got ahead of myself again...back to the ride taa Phil's place.

Soon the cozy little house sitting on the Isle of Pine appears...

Phil is out walking about with his faithful companion Trinity... his best friend in the entire world!

Trinity has passed on... went back into the matrix, back into the invisible (only to most of us most of the time but not really) world of spirit since these photo's were taken. Phil misses her tremendously! She was a most AMAZING creature and had taught everyone who met her ALOT. Peace to you Trinity as you go off and frolic elswhere for a while..

We catch up a bit then he mentions his "Real house" which he has been working on a few miles away. We decide to load up and go check it out.
It's got a man cave of man caves on the first floor which takes up the whole footprint of the house.

He had just built a rugged set of kick ass steps and a deck which he was proud to show me... I love the thickness of those steps maaan!

He was proud to show me the insulation which is Roxul...

It's a stone wool insulation made from natural stone and recycled slag. Very COOL!!! This company understand my thoughts above about us all and everything being connected and had built a business model on Global Sustainability.
This stuff has these attributes:
Easily cut
Excellent sound absorbency
Does not rot
Does not promote growth of fungi or mildew
Low moisture sorption
Chemically inert; non-corrosive
Water resistant
CFC - and - HCFC free, product and process
Made from natural & recycled materials
Earns LEE

Pretty damn cool Phil! Thank you for adding your two cents into making this a better world.

Soon after we find ourselves partaking of the "Happy Kind" and a bit hungry it being soo long since breakfast and all.
So we swing into a KFC and proceed to have a few laughs with our server and end up leaving a $20 illegal tip for the pretty gal. LOL The first thing to itch our funny bones was the bullet proof bank like glass.. hahaha
Anyway if ya wanna laugh too here ya go...

Video here...

Peace, Love and Grease to ya all till the next installment. I will try to post the last couple pieces to wrap up this Insanity ending ride within this week, as I am riding out in a few minutes on the next HighAdventurTour!!!!! WooHooo back to Labrador and Newfoundland with NomadGal "Esther" I'll post up on her RR until I name and start one of my own! Link to her RR here:

And a last video of Phil Strumming away musically sharing his and my afternnon vibe with you all... What a DAY!!!

The screen is blacked out for the first :35 seconds since I wasn't sure he'd be comfortable being filmed... he was!

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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Thumb It's a WRAP!!!!!

Soon I leave Phil's and head for home... the last leg of the Journey. Across Vermont and New Hampshire into the Adirondacks again, all very pretty country, littered with nice quaint farms.

One last stretch and I'm back in town with Jenny's help unloading Des and having a beer.
What A ride it's BEEN!

At this very moment 8.10.2014 I'm laying in a conference room in Mont-Laurire QC with Esther "NomadGal" (they had no rooms available so we talked them into letting us stay in the conference room, using the sink for our baths lol) as I finish this RR up!^)
How fitting to be on the road again and onto the next chapter of this Adventurous life!

I have decided to dedicate this Ride Report to the the most amazing personI have ever met, one who exists in that magical circle where my mother and father reside... my girlfriend, my partner, my playmate, my mouth, my ear, my wife, my best friend.. Sherri Lynn Kile Wohlford.

In living with you these past decades you have led me to have remembered sooo much of who and what I really am... pure light and yes it does cast a shadow at times, taught me so much of how others might be feeing and how their living their own wonderous lives.

Lived a life of love and joy... sharing it with you has been the greatest life I could have ever dreamt of living.

Words of course cannot express how I feel... From the top to the bottom of my Heart and Being... I THANK YOU!!!!!

I had about 7 different ending songs for the report picked out... I had decided to use this one, just using Sherri's name instead of Sara every time I heard it sung.

Then there was You and me... frolicky happy song.

But the one that really grabbed at me was this one... Where are you going.

" I am no superman...I have no answerrrs for you.
I am no hero... aah that's for sure,
But I do know one thing... where ever you are... is where I belong.
I do know... where you go... is where I wanna be."

As she and I have seemed to drift apart over these past few years this song had always resonated with me...

I realize today that a part of "The Insanity" is clinging to things... a dream that seems out of reach, a person, a place or a thing. Feeling out of control and wishing for a different outcome, yet still making basically the same choices... thinking the same thoughts. In reality no dream is out of reach, you just let go of trying to control other peoples dreams and start controlling your own.

Instead of getting caught up in the mess, the drama, the rat race, you step aside and observe it, watch life around you unfold... the way people act, why they may be doing what it is their doing, what they may be feeling at this time and you accept it... you accept it all and quit stressing, complaining, judging, taking it personally, wishing for things to be different. You watch a butterfly floating along the thermals, a trout in a stream looking for a meal, a bunch of kids laughing in a playground, an argument in a parking lot, a couple disagreeing about how to raise their child... everything, everyone is just experiencing this life in their own ways, doing the best they can at the time (when they really do start to do the best they really can, life will become a dance) ... you accept it ALL and just enjoy it. If it bores you then focus on another thing... still bored? Then quit paying attention to other dreams, which when watched too long without action can turn into mental gossip. Jump in and get busy creating your OWN Dream... remember who you are and what you are on Earth to do!

When I began to do this... to let go of it all, surrender control of the dream using mostly my thoughts streaming from my head and started to listen to my heart. I then started to see, hear and feel things much differently I started to become aware of the signs I had left myself, like a bread crumb trailI, I began to realize who I was, what I am and what the hell I am really doing here on this greatest of rides in the universe. Planet Earth the only ride like it in the cosmic carnival!

I let go of the hurt I thought I felt... seeing the love of my life and myself drifting apart, and instead started loving her even MORE. I began to accept that we are still remembering, learning, playing... I let her go... let her go off and rediscover herself, while still holding her dearly in my heart. The pain went away and a sense of complete peace enveloped me... everything is unfolding just as it should, as it is, and everything is juuust fine.

We are closer now than we have ever been in all these 31yrs and are flowing in and out of each others lives in a way that is soo much more natural than I could have envisioned in a traditional marriage.
We will each be traveling onward in this life and how much time we spend with one another and where we'll meet up again is to the untrained eye a mystery... yet in my hearts/minds eye I see it ever so clearly.

We're walking hand in hand again, enjoying this ride to its fullest.

We just have to be patient and let it all unfold.

The Me, the It, the "I Am" of my being knows exactly what's going on in this life and has no worries... lives in the track of love where fear doesn't get a foothold. When I reconnected to my heart I reconnected to all that exist and my true self... that's where the power comes from. I don't need anyone or anything to recharge my battery... to feel loved or happy. I get it from the source, which is actually within us all, and then I just pour it out onto Sherri, my friends, my family and whoever needs it.

I wish I had a short sweet explanation to this... but it's a way of being that really has to be felt. I can put words down on this screen hoping you may get it, but to really get it you'll have to join me and tap into your own love, live in your heart, let all fear and excuses fall away. There are no victims in this world... we all are interconnected in the play and are leading our own lives based on the choices we make. I'll go further into that in the next RR with NomadGal... in the meantime Just be yourself and in doing that you'll be the happiest you can be and affect others in a way that is in the greater good for all of creation and everything in it.

I also thank my Sponsors:
Britannia Composites:Motorcycle Lighting-Fairings
Highway DirtBikes: Hand Guards- Billet protectors-Clamps-Risers
Wolfman Luggage:Motorcycle Luggage-Bags-Gear
KLIM:Motorcycle & Snowmobile Clothing-Helmets-Gloves-Backpacks
Moto-Heaven: Hel Brake Lines-Motorcycle Parts-Gear
Trail Tech: Lighting-Gauges-Electrical-Instruments

And I must thank God and the Angels as well as all the wise men and women whom have written down the sacred knowledge for us all to remember... and I want to thank you all for sharing this life with me!
We are all in this Cosmic Carnival together and I truly enjoy playing with you all!

Peace, Love, Motorcycle Grease and Eternal Joy to you all... WooooHooooo,
Jettn Jim

One last song for the road... Dream girl.
This is really all a Grand Dream... enjoy yours if you will.

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Ive enjoyed following along!
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Fantastic, Jim. Loved every bit, and looking forward to the next one. You're an inspiration in my own life.
- Jonathan
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Take care, Jim.
Been great taggin' along.
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