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Old 05-19-2012, 12:23 PM   #16
Hegelian Scum
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Joined: Jul 2005
Location: Asheville NC
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My CB900F at 45,000ish miles began using about a quart every 1k miles, and making a light fog from the pipe at cruising speeds.
Wick it up and it would go through a quart in a tank of fuel.
Middle two cylinders were baked after too much time in traffic and were burning oil.
Outer bores weren't much better.

Generally, during bike week in the South I see a lot of cruiser big twin products in the median cooling down. I would post pics, but people will still swear this doesn't happen. I see it does.

BMW airheads I owned had a similar problem. While easier to fix than the Honda big four, It's still a pain in the ass.
My R100RS went about 80k miles and needed rings, pistons, and jugs, along with a valve job.

My quaint little CB450 Nighthawk would get HOT in traffic, enough to make the pipes cherry red at night, when it was bumper to bumper and at a crawl.

I went to water cooled and got my first bike that made it over 100k miles (K100). While being a pile of shit in nearly every other way, it stayed cool in traffic (while baking me when the rad fan clicked on) and is now in the hands of someone else who is pushing it to 200k.

Yes, I learned my lesson about air cooling. I still like the rough hewn feel of an air cooled Honda big four, and would probably throw rocks at you if you tried to give me an airhead BMW or Moto Guzzi. Riding them is now no longer a serious endeavor for me. They're now play bikes that I find neat and toy around with on the road, polish and tinker with in the winter, etc.

For serious traffic duty, FI and water cooling is my base standard since I don't have time for something to melt down anymore. I have stuff to do and have to be there to do it, no excuses.
So there I was walking into a biker bar in Chattanooga with liberty spikes on my head and a drag queen beside me... - bcurvin
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Old 05-19-2012, 12:45 PM   #17
Bill Harris
Confirmed Curmudgeon
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Location: backwoods Alabama
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Unless you end up with a class action lawsuit because of it (in an effort to meet emissions standards)....
These people seem like bottom-feeders. I got a chuckle out of one of their background images...

I've always had aircooled bikes and in all my years, I could count on one hand the number of times that I've gotten stuck in a traffic jam such that the engine could have overheated. In those situations, I've put Plan B into effect and dealt with it before problems happened. I don't expect an aircooled engine to like to idle or creep along for long periods.
'73 R60/5 Toaster
Luddite. Not just a philosophy, a way of life...

Bill Harris screwed with this post 05-19-2012 at 06:31 PM
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Old 05-19-2012, 01:25 PM   #18
baloneyskin daddy
Joined: Oct 2009
Location: southcentral PA.
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Igrew up riding Kawasaki triples and can still remember how crisp and fast they seemed on cool Spring and Fall evenings with the chambers singing and the intakes howling but on hot Summer days the pinging and rattling of the hot cylinders was annoying.Good thing was that back then most of my street riding was short trips,40-50 miles or so. I couldn't imagine being on one for 8-10 hours like I do now.However my brother rode his H2 from eastern PA. to Chicago only stopping for fuel. But it was totally stock.
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Old 05-19-2012, 01:39 PM   #19
Beastly Adventurer
Joined: Dec 2008
Location: Littleton, CO
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Originally Posted by rivercreep View Post
To clarify what this thread is SUPPOSED to be about....

Let's hear stories about bikes you've had that were air or air/oil cooled that actually over overheated and let you down in some way/shape/form....that swayed you towards liquid cooling.

You might have a hard time finding very many of those.
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Old 05-19-2012, 04:31 PM   #20
rivercreep OP
Joined: Feb 2007
Location: S.E. Pennsylvania (Reading)
Oddometer: 3,243
Originally Posted by tkent02 View Post
You might have a hard time finding very many of those.

I'm expecting that to be true.

My hunch is that Guys who have had heat related problems with air cooled bikes, have had those problems with older bikes that didn't benefit from todays NikaSil technology. (vs. old iron lined alloy jugs)
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Old 05-19-2012, 04:38 PM   #21
Beastly Adventurer
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Joined: Nov 2011
Location: Concord, CA
Oddometer: 1,998
I've had 3 Harley 'big twins' and the 1200GS
I ride and have ridden in temps up to about 120 (don't like it but I've done it and will do again)
Never been let down, but have thought I was going to be... just fear from people that talk about bikes overheating I guess.

Never pushed my bike because it got hot or sat on the side of the road. I did sit with a friend on his overheated wing though

I love aircooled and will hopefully continue to ride them for many years to come. I also never needed a stage 1 on my HD's for cooling, but I did do it to one for power and a whole lot more to another for even more power. I ran an 08 stock for 37k miles before it was totalled. (heat wasn't a factor)
2007 BMW GS Adventure / 2000 Ducati 900ss / 2010 Harley Ultra Limited / 1975 BMW R90/6 / 2006 DRZ400S
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Old 05-19-2012, 05:56 PM   #22
Don't Follow
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Joined: Oct 2009
Location: Amherst, NH
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I've had a few liquid cooled bikes and some air cooled bikes. By far, the hottest bike I've ever owned was a Honda ST1300 (Liquid cooled). That bike was uncomfortable to ride regardless of how warm or cold the outside temp was. It was flat out awful. I had a BMW RT1200 that I never felt any heat from the engine (Air cooled).

I've had a second generation Kawasaki Concours (Liquid cooled) that would get warm, but not uncomfortably so. Currently, I ride a 2012 Harley Electra Glide. Despite what I've read and what the salesman told me, heat just isn't an issue. Although, I will say that I don't spend anytime stuck in traffic. I have a harder time keeping warm on this bike that trying to cool off. And I run this bike completely stock.

Overall, I have found the air cooled bikes that I have owned to be cooler than the liquid cooled bikes I have owned. Therefore, that is what I prefer. This kind of sounds like the wet clutch versus dry clutch debate. For the record, I prefer a wet clutch. Liquid cooled, air cooled, wet clutch, dry clutch, if designed well, either way is really fine.
I'm wasted and I can't find my way home....
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Old 05-19-2012, 06:53 PM   #23
Beastly Adventurer
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Joined: Feb 2008
Location: Kent, Washington State
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The majority of the bikes I have owned have been air cooled. The only time I can recall ever having a problem is when I had a Ducati 450 scrambler.

I was stuck in really bad traffic approaching the Lincoln tunnel heading into NYC on a hot July day. I finally had to get over and ride on the shoulder to cool it some. I quickly encountered a traffic cop waiting to catch someone using the shoulder.
After checking my license he asked me why I thought it was ok to ride on the shoulder, I told him I didn't think it was ok but was doing it because my air cooled bike was getting extremely hot idling in the barely moving traffic.

He went back to his car and got on the radio, figured I was getting to get a ticket, but he came back empty handed, told me to carry on, and a toll booth person would let me through a closed toll gate. Turns out the cop was a rider, and my being active duty Coast Guard probably didn't hurt either.

Still prefer air cooled bikes as they are less trouble in the long run.
"Take care, sir," cried Sancho. "Those over there are not giants but windmills".
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Old 05-19-2012, 07:33 PM   #24
Beastly Adventurer
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Location: Annapolis, MD
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Personally, I am more about suspension and brakes. Either air or liquid cooled can make plenty of power. So I don't hate air cooled or liquid cooled. I don't actually care how the motor is cooled. But these days all the dual sports with top shelf suspension are also liquid cooled. So the choice was made for me.
525EXC, 640 Enduro, XT200
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Old 05-19-2012, 08:02 PM   #25
Crunch Nugget
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Honda never made a XL650 (for the US market), maybe that is why you had a bad experience.
I staired a whole thru the breaks until I remembered the carb prolly has a problem to.
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Old 05-19-2012, 09:01 PM   #26
Joined: Sep 2010
Location: Southern New Jersey
Oddometer: 6,443
Well, I have a couple of stories about old bikes and heat.
First was a brand new 1979 Triumph, far from a plated bore, it had cast iron cylinders.
When I got it, it ran hot as hell, knocked, pinged on premium, did not like to idle when hot, but after it broke in (6000 miles) it ran cool as a cucumber, and even crossed the deserts out west where it was over 120F in the shade.
Once it was well worn in, I had a hard time getting the oil temp over 180F.

The second story is about a 1969 Triumph Daytona. I had a hard time getting that to run hot, even running in thick sand 2 up on a 100F day.
The problem with that bike was the carbs being bolted directly to the head, and they would get hot and have the mixture change.

I really do not like the look of radiators on a bike.
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Old 05-19-2012, 11:47 PM   #27
Beastly Adventurer
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Joined: Mar 2007
Location: OR
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Originally Posted by Red9 View Post
In my humble opinion, a consumer should not have to buy accessories (stage one etc) to be able to enjoy their purchase or to extend the life of their purchase.
Blame the government.

Originally Posted by Red9 View Post
"Dakez has Harley asked you to inform potential clients of the lawsuit and the additional costs incurred to make the bike rideable or are the sales staff just keeping mum about it? Grab the commision and let the customer find out about it later kind of deal?"
There in nothing to inform about. The lawsuits are bullshit. There is nothing wrong with the bikes... Sales are up 25%

Again there is NOTHING to be deceptive about. It is environmentalist nut jobs and leach attorneys that are behind the stupidity and the MoCo is doing fine.
“Watch out for everything bigger than you, they have the "right of weight"
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Old 05-20-2012, 03:55 AM   #28
rivercreep OP
Joined: Feb 2007
Location: S.E. Pennsylvania (Reading)
Oddometer: 3,243
Originally Posted by Onederer View Post
Honda never made a XL650 (for the US market), maybe that is why you had a bad experience.
Ok smarty pants....XR650L.
It's AMAZING what you fail to remember correctly from when you were in your 20's , now pushing 50 and have had a bit much Rum while relaxing on the internet.
Thankfully I wasn't trying to remember a Harley Alphabet soup model....I'd have really fucked that up.

...yes!...but why is the Rum gone?...
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Old 05-20-2012, 05:25 AM   #29
cool hands adv
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Joined: May 2009
Location: South of Chicago
Oddometer: 297
I haven't owned a WET bike but my 08 ulysses heat is annoying. From the fuel boiling in the frame (that leads to a really smelly garage!), to extreme heat underseat in hot weather. The right side gets damn hot in 90deg weather either riding or stopped. I couldn't imagine riding in anything other than atgatt.

In concousion it has never left me stranded, or gone into skip spark because of heat.
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Old 05-20-2012, 05:26 AM   #30
SS Blowhard
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Joined: Oct 2008
Location: Gold Coast
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I haven't made the transition.
My bike is slow but the earth is patient.
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