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Old 05-31-2012, 12:32 PM   #16
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I've been drooling over the Tourshell for a few weeks now. I love everything about it except for one little thing... the colors. The choices are black (and not the Cool Black that reflects heat) or pavement color. Really? No red or blue? How about gray with dayglo green? How about anything except super-hot or urban camo?
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Old 11-01-2012, 08:02 AM   #17
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Seabiker, you might ask a dealer whether the Tourshell pants zip to the Comfortshell jacket. Ride West? I would hesitate to buy onlne though. I found that the fit for Comfort shell jacket and pants took some swapping around. I bought both finally and am very happy with them. The Tourshell is slightly heavier fabric apparently.
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Old 12-10-2012, 08:33 AM   #18
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I bought the Tourshell jacket in Seattle in July and rode across US to my home in DC. Sales guy explained that the special fabric is temperature sensitive and would allow venting in hot weather and close up the pores in the cold and rain. Temps in Montana and South Dakota were in 95 - 105 degree range when I rode through and jacket did pretty well providing adequate ventilation to keep me cool. I was impressed. Fast forward, I rode to Knoxville TN and back 3 weeks ago in 32- 45 degree range with subfreezing windchill during the night on return trip, the jacket did a fantastic job of blocking out any cold air. I was pretty warm with my Gerbing heated jacket liner inside the Tourshell. I did not purchase the Tourshell pants as I wasn't sure what occasions I would wear it or how comfortable they would be, but I'm considering a purchase now. Either BMW Tourshell or Klim Bandlands. Need to do some more reading up on them, but would appreciate any comments from folks that have these pants.
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Old 03-20-2013, 10:56 PM   #19
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BMW Tourshell Review

First, I bought this off eBay for $320!! THIS JACKET IS NOT WORTH THE FULL PRICE, EVEN AT $320 IT'S QUESTIONABLE!!!

I'll give the succinct version first:

Good- Fit, Looks, Beathability/Ventilation, Protection, Collar height, Scarf, Waterproofness, Room for layers

Bad- Velcro at neck, Velcro at wrists, Price, FRONT ZIPPER, Insulation

Elaborating on the Good:
-Fit-I usually wear a 44L and bought the Tourshell in a 42R. It fits me nicely, sleeves are long enough, room for layers but not baggy. I can cinch it up nicely at the bottom and it stays put. I like the height of the collar, it's semi tall but doesn't interfere when I look down.
-Looks- mine is black and looks sleek IMO. there are no big logos or other colors, just some reflective material on the lower deltoid area.
-Ventiliation- The ventilation zippers are large (on chest and back) and a good amount of air runs through the jacket to cool you. I've been in the 90 s and was not hot riding around town. The arms open up wide at the front to effectively "scoop" air through your sleeves, works well.
-Protection- The armor flexes well in the heat, conforms to your body. Even in cold weather (<45F) your body heat will warm it enough for it to become malleable. The armor on the back is huge, but doesn't interfere with my helmet (I have a long neck though). The wrist and forearm protection has good coverage. All the armor is removable.
-Scarf- I saw this and laughed! it's even labeled "SCARF" on the collar where it tucks into the back protector for storage, it even is zipped in ( about 2 inches of zipper). It works! it doesn't insulate but keeps the cold air off my neck and chin. it's basically a tube of elastic wind breaker material that functions well and stays snug. when tucked away its unnoticeable.
-Waterproof- I wasn't riding in a tsunami, but enough rain to prove that at 80 mph the jacket sheds water. take into account I'm behind a GS Adveture windshield and touratech extension.
-Room for Layers- Very important to me cuz I ride year round. I can comfortably ride with a long sleeve Smartwool shirt and a Canada Goose "Lodge" Down Hoody under my Tourshell. With all these layers I still have adequate range of motion. I don't use the supplied Thinsulate liner in the winter cuz it just takes up space that the down hoody utilizes more effectively.

Elaborating on Bad: (also I would not recommend buying this jacket and here is where I'll explain)

-Velcro at Neck- Quite simply, it doesn't stay connected when riding. when the jacket is zipped open the male end of the Velcro sticks straight out and often scrapes your face. I modified mine by gluing a female square of Velcro inside the collar to fold away the angry male end. YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE TO MODIFY A $700 JACKET!!!
-Velcro at Wrists- Quite simply, again, they don't stay connected when riding. A very poor design. The female Velcro is in patches stitched around the wrists, it should be just a solid piece of female Velcro, allowing more contact opportunities. the elastic band (that wraps around the wrist) with the male Velcro doesn't have enough Velcro area to grab the female counterpart and hold on. IT'S ANNOYING!!!!!!
-Price- With tax, new, it's north of $700! bahahahaha. DON'T BUY IT FOR THIS PRICE!!!!
-ZIPPER- in the first two weeks it detached from the bottom and unzipped the wrong way multiple times. The zipper is small and was a PITA to correct. In result the zipper is fairly trashed by now from all the reverse unzipping. I got fairly frustrated when it regularly was doing this . SERIOUSLY BMW?!?! YOU CAN'T PUT A FUNCTIONAL ZIPPER ON YOUR GROSSLY PRICED APPAREL?!?!
-Insulation- it's ok. It buttons in nicely but wasn't very warm. I rode in sub freezing temps (down to the high teens) and had to remove it for a down layer, perhaps this is understandable. Warning, the Thinsulate sweater is thin. Maybe good for weather above 50F.

I think I covered it all, hope this helps
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Old 10-18-2013, 07:24 PM   #20
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Location: Idaho, a.k.a. Mountain Paradise
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Tourshell pants

I just posted my review of the Tourshell pants an hour ago. I don't own the jacket. I like jackets with more visibility than black. But, after using the pants for a few weeks in the fall weather here in Idaho, I am getting more interested in the Tourshell jacket. One thing that does concern me is just how much of the Tourshell product is actually polyamide. Is it just the reinforced areas, or is it woven into the whole shell, with polyamide reinforced areas as well? I am assuming the latter based on the BMW desription in its catalog and the fact that BMW has never been a fan of polyester (one reason I buy BMW gear).

Very substantial pants, though, with a terrific fit, great knee and hip protection, and simply beautiful looks. I mean really nice. Personally, I find the CARE membrane no more or less breathable than any type of Gore-tex gear I've worn. I have it in my GS Dry Jacket also. Event material is what they should all be using. Amazingly breathable, while still being waterproof.

If the jacket is like the pants, I would buy it and wear a lightweight, high-viz vest over it in traffic. I am paranoid about being seen. Just this morning, a cager blew right through a four-way stop as I was ready to take off. Didn't even slow down. If I had assumed she would stop, I would not be here to write this now. Never underestimate the narcissism of a cager.
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Old 10-19-2013, 02:36 PM   #21
Wants more time off
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Thanks for all the info. My comfortshell pants have been good in all conditions and weather (except really hot sun, not enough air), but the fabric is wearing through on the inner knees and delaminating where it is always flexed. Looking forward to finding a pair of tourshells to replace them after reading all the comment.
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Old 10-25-2013, 09:41 PM   #22
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Tourshell pants

I can't speak for the jacket, but the Tourshell pants are extremely nice pants, and I can wear them around the office all day without feeling hot or clammy. The waist is fairly high, more so than the Santiagos or even the Streetguard pants. But, I like that, especially in cold weather. I would consider the Tourshell jacket if it came in a color besides run-me-over black, or at least had some high-viz accents. But, I like to ride my motorcycle, not be buried with it.
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Old 05-04-2014, 10:37 AM   #23
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Tour Shell Jacket reviews?

Trying to revive an old thread here...

I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on a tour shell jacket, and this thread seems to be the only one with reviews of this jacket.

Anyone else out there riding with a tour shell and have good/bad experience with it?

- PB "JackpotDuc"
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Old 05-10-2014, 07:05 AM   #24
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Originally Posted by JackpotDuc View Post
Trying to revive an old thread here...

I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on a tour shell jacket, and this thread seems to be the only one with reviews of this jacket.

Anyone else out there riding with a tour shell and have good/bad experience with it?

Hello there,

I have this suit, and think the previous comments by chewnaut and komakon, and accurate and helpful. I like the suit a lot, here are some comments:

1. It has excellent armor protection, with respect to the areas of coverage, the size of the pads, and the composition/density of the armor padding. I assume the abrasion resistence is good, because it's a BMW touring product.

2. The material is uniform (unlike the Comfort Shell suit, which had sections of kevlar and sections of nylon), and it has a sheen to it.

The suit is very 'sexed up' in the regards to the cut of the jacket, the casual fit, the subtlty of the padding, and the gloss of the material. This suit does not fit like the comfort shell, but has a much more subtle look (the jacket is cut somewhat like a sport coat, and it's not obvious the wearer has knee pads, etc). Also, the way the reflective material is applied more subtle than on the Comfort Shell; in the Comformt Shell there is a plastic-like surface over the reflective sections.

In regards to look and materials, this suit is 'next generation.'

3. The waterproofing is excellent, and I have gone for three hours/200 miles of rainy rides. On at least one occassion, the crotch leaked, but this was in atypically heavy rain, and while backed up in a near standstil for about one hour (out of a total ride time of four rainy hours). -That was an extreme example, and does not reflect my usual experience with the suit water resiliance. (Also, BMW sells a textile water proofing kit if you ever need to retreat your garments, but I haven't needed this).

4. As previously mentioned, the pants sit high on my waist. (I got the long size pants, though).

5. As previous user noted, I had problems with the velcro collar and the velcro piece at the bottom of the zipper. -Specifically, the male components in thse areas were too shallow to be able to hook with the female component.

I showed this to the dealer, and when we went to compare the suits in stock, he saw that some had this problem, and some did not. The dealer considered this a warranty issue and had the velcro sections replaced for me.

Now on the lower of the velcro sections, the female patch has become pulled up from the jacket (I think this is due to the replaced make side being so strong). I am just going to go to the dry cleaner and have them resew this for maybe $10.

Also, on the right hand cuff, a tiny bit of the nylon which covers the elastic material has begun to fray. I will also ask the dry cleaner tailor about this, but that will probably be more than $10. I don't know what caused that.

6. The jacket and pants connect together via a connecting zipper.

7. The jacket includes a removable (buttoned-in) synthetic liner, which is very warm. I usually use a heated liner, instead, but this liner is nice.

8. The interior mesh liner of the jacket is of nicer quality (and seems sturdier) than the Comfort Shell. Also, unlike the Comfort Shell, the interior mesh between you and the back armor is padded, which is a nice touch.

9. You get two interior pockets on the jacket, one is labeled something like 'media player/phone' and has a transparent window, and a pass through hole for the headphones.

Except for th main jacket zipper, the external zippers (two jacket pockets, two pants pockets, and four jacket vents), all have a gripping botton, attached by string to the zipper handle. This makes it easy to open the pockets.

10. As mentioned, the jacket has a built in scarf (I've never used it).

11. Unlike the Comfort Shell, there is only one main zipper for the jacket. The Comfort SHell had two, and they made it so the interior pucket was accessible between the two zippers (so you opened the outer zipper and could access the inner pocket, without opening the inner zipper) -that does not exist here.

12. For men, the pants are in black only, and the jacket can be either black or grey. For men, the lineris either grey or blue. The women's version has different colors, and the zipper on the fron is diagonal, instead of going straight down.

13. As noted, the reflective sections on this jacket are limited -there is no reflective section across the back).

I like the suit a lot, and have experience using it in hot, wet, and cold weather conditions. Please let us know if you have additional questions, or want to see photos, etc.
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Lining of my CS has some holes.
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